Playful Kiss (2010) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 PLAYFUL KISS Episode 11 This is so frustrating.
This is real, right? I slept on the same bed with Seung Jo last night.
I will be able to see Seung Jo the moment I open my eyes.
Seung Jo.
It is time for you to wake up.
Did you sleep well? Good morning.
I didn't sleep well last night.
Why? It is all because of your incredible sleeping postures.
What are you talking about? I am very still when I'm asleep.
This is really amusing.
- Wear this.
- I don't want to.
Are you going to continue staring at me like this? Sorry.
You really act as if this is your house.
Really? There is only Seung Jo and I here.
This is a different feeling from being in Seung Jo's house.
This feels so much like we are living together alone.
What are you imagining again? Don't get anyone misunderstand again.
The number you are calling is currently unavailable.
He has never been late before.
Did something happen? [Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni spent a sweet night together.]
[Oh Ha Ni must be wearing the same clothing as yesterday.]
Did they really spent the night together? Who are they? Aren't they the one from the Tennis Club? - It is him.
- Yeah.
Baek Seung Jo, when did the two of you start dating? It must be very good.
Tell me more about it in details, what happened? Say it with more details.
What are you talking about? Who is your mother? Mother, you Why are your eyes so sharp? This is because the way you dress up looks very unusual from the first look.
I hope you will not do things like that again.
What are you doing here, in school? Ha Ni.
How is your illness? I am feeling much better now.
Is that so? That is really great.
How did it go? Huh? How exactly was it? You are a little too loud.
Nothing, as it was expected.
Oh God, really? Is Seung Jo still a man? This is unbelievable.
Ha Ni, have you given him your chocolates? Ah, the chocolates, chocolates I forgot about it.
You forgot? That is your love confession.
Where did it go? What should I do? I am supposed to give the chocolates to Seung Jo.
Did you see how your hair changes just now? This is really amazing.
Unni's hair is really too good.
Bong Joon Gu.
What? First night? Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni? My feet just brought me here on its own.
She didn't say anything just now when we are on the phone.
But that should not come from you anyway.
Did you hear the wrong thing again? Just like what you did that day running in the rain for nothing.
From kiss on the first night, this is really some great news.
Everything ended, everything ended.
Joon Gu, Bong Joon Gu.
Nothing happened? Yes.
The both of you are in the same room and even on the same bed.
How come nothing happened? Nothing happened.
[Jung Ju Ri.]
Can I tell him? You are so early.
The school is a little noisy.
Nothing happened, didn't you know about it? That's right.
That is definitely impossible.
Seung Jo, let's have lunch together after class.
I even have the heart to die just because of the examinations.
Min Ah, aren't you worried about the examinations? I think it's too hard for me to finish revising some of my subjects.
If even you think that it is hard, won't it be even harder for Ha Ni? Okay, I have decided.
I shall only study English.
Only study English? Why? This is the only common subject that I take with Seung Jo.
If even this subject fails to pass, I will not have any other chances.
I don't care about the other subjects, but I have to pass English.
Oh Ha Ni, shall start studying hard from today onwards.
I have no time for talking, I shall leave first.
It's raining.
Why is it still raining? Aren'y you the guy from the canteen? Why are you here for? Are you waiting for someone? You seem to be a little down.
I'm not in the mood but, I have to give up my love.
Now I just feel as if my heart has been torn into countless pieces.
What are you saying? Give up your love? Love should not be given up.
This will not do, this will definitely not work.
I am always the one following her around.
But I have never been on a date with her before.
The problem seems rather serious.
Have you done things like a confession? Confession? Confession, it seems like you do not know about it yet.
Look at this.
This is a confession.
Grab onto the the girl's wrist like this, and drag her along with you.
Then you suddenly stop and place you hand like this.
She will definitely raise her head to look at you.
At this time, you just say "Try forget me if you can" and just kiss her.
If you do it like this, the female's heart will be yours when they feel lost at that moment.
This is how confession is done.
That's right, a confession.
That is the only thing I can do now anyway, I shall just give it a try.
Hyung, thank you very much.
Another thing to take note, timing is very important too, timing.
To make sureto be without a doubt.
You came, Ha Ni.
You don't look very good.
The both of you still look very good even though it is examination period.
Examinations are used to test our usual ability in the first place.
What is the use of taking the exam just because we have to take it? It is to test on our memory.
Isn't that the case, Seung Jo? How about the other examinations? As usual.
I have to study very hard, so that I can attend the same lessons as yours on the next term.
What should you do? English tests are known to be very difficult.
Didn't you have a hard time on the last examination too? Ha Ni, you should re-attend the Year One lessons, it will benefit you better.
You should have seen it not long ago.
The student named Ji Hyun that Seung Jo and I were tutoring is going to be a student here as well, What do you think about attending the lessons together? Ha Ni, why are you staring at me like that? You are staring a little too hard.
This is the first time I am taking the same examination as Seung Jo.
Seung Jo looks the best when he is answering the questions.
Why are you leaving like this during examination? I finished my paper.
You still have 40 minutes left, you are really fast.
Seung Jo, wait for me, let's leave together.
It is very easy, right? You have not even started writing.
What should you do? I came because I have something I want to tell you.
Okay, speak up.
Although you did not say anything, but I understand it all.
You don't know how much pain my heart felt that day.
But no matter how you think, that is not what happened.
To tell the truth, I have also thought about giving you up.
But as a man, since I have started it, isn't it only right for me to continue on this path? I understand.
I have thought about giving you up, but this is not something my heart can choose to do.
You don't have to blame yourself.
Is this your fault? Baek Seung Jo is the one seducing you.
I have been observing for a while, and Baek Seung Jo is really not a good person.
So, you should just forget about him totally and start anew.
Ha Ni.
Ha Ni.
Ha Ni, you fell asleep? Hey.
Hey, Bong Joon Gu.
What's wrong? Hey Bong Joon Gu, what do you mean by starting anew? Nothing happened between the two of them that night.
He did not even touch her a single bit.
Really? Yes, really.
You are really great, Baek Seung Jo.
Bong Joon Gu, you can actually praise Baek Seung Jo.
- Hey, hey.
- Ha Ni.
Ha Ni.
Let's go.
I am so tired.
Oh Ha Ni, please go out with me.
Hey Gi Tae, when did you get here? You returned to school? What are you looking at? Go back to your practice.
What nonsense are you saying to Ha Ni? She's already taken.
I am not kidding.
I am a friend of Kyung Soo.
I'm Kim Gi Tae, and I'll be attending school with you starting from next semester.
Nice to meet you.
Ah, really.
Say hi to him too.
Say hi to him, he is your sunbae in our tennis club.
His name is Kim Gi Tae.
Nice to meet you.
Go back to your practice now, go.
You are really amusing.
When did you get to know Ha Ni? Why did you appear suddenly and ask her to go out with you.
Haven't you heard about it? Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo.
I know about it.
Ha Ni likes Baek Seung Jo.
I started noticing the two of you back when we were high school students.
Huh? Butwhy? The two of you did not announce openly that you are dating each other.
This means that I still have my chance.
Huh? But, this is so sudden.
Am I rushing too much? Okay, fine.
Let's go out on a date this weekend then.
You should get to know more about me too.
Let's leave things like that.
Goodbye then, I shall go off first.
You should have some tennis practice with me before leaving.
Next time.
You are so inexperienced in this.
Ha Ni, don't you think he looks handsome? When Gi Tae and I first came to this school, the female seniors went crazy because of us.
He use his looks while I use my charm.
But the fact that the same Gi Tae likes you, Ha Ni Why aren't you people going back to your practice.
I feel weird.
I got a great shock.
This is the first time someone confess to me, it feels so scary.
Is it real? Is it real? About someone confessing to you in public? This is the first time in history someone actually confessed to you.
I heard he is a senior from our high school.
Senior Who exactly is he? I am so curious.
How does he look? Is he tall? How about his look? Is he handsome? A little.
What are you shy about? I heard he is rather handsome.
Does Baek Seung Jo knows about it too? That's right.
Does Seung Jo knows about it? All in all, a very handsome guy confessed to Ha Ni.
Really? So? Then, you are not going to do anything about it? Ha Ni might agree to the guy in the end.
Aren't you worried at all? Why are you so excited about this? Is this the reason you came looking for me? I am not a single bit worried at all.
What, really? Ha Ni.
He say he wants to go out with you? It's not that big of a deal.
Then why are you so happy over it? Why are the two of them so alike? The thing that I am most worried about still came.
Such a cute girl like Ha Ni I should have known that there will be such a day when she is snatch away by someone.
Everything turns out like this because Seung Jo is too careless about it.
Okay okay Honey, don't get so agitated.
This is all her freedom.
What kind of person is he exactly? He is a senior who is older than me by a year, but he will be studying with us.
Senior? Oh my.
The scariest thing on earth are male seniors.
But I don't remember his face very clearly.
Ha Ni, don't tell me you caught the attention of a playboy.
Did you treat everyone so nicely since you are so simple? That is not the case, dad, I did not.
No matter what method I use, I cannot leave this matter alone.
The thing turned out more serious than I expected.
No matter what, today is still a very special day.
Also, he confessed to me even though he knows that l like Seung Jo.
He is really brave too.
How does he look like? I did not even take a close look at him.
How exactly does he look? Hey Gi Tae! Let's chat some other time.
Oh Ha Ni.
Do you have any problem? I cannot let you forget about me.
That is why I came here.
I heard that Baek Seung Jo is working at a restaurant.
Huh? Yes.
Why were you there too the last time I went there? I heard that you report there everyday.
Report? Actually, I am rather clever too.
It is because Baek Seung Jo is so perfect that people always overlook my existence.
So you are doing this to me because of Seung Jo? No, regardless whether is it study or tennis, such an outstanding Baek Seung Jo motivated me.
I admit I have been taking note of Baek Seung Jo.
Then I realize that you are the one following Baek Seung Jo.
However, as I discover it slowly, I start to notice you more.
Is that so? The you, that do not give up on every time Seung Jo rejects you, makes me feel very touched.
To me, you are very attractive.
Just go out with me.
Don't waste your youth on Baek Seung Jo who does not know how to treasure you.
Isn't it better to go out with me and enjoy a happy university life? How does it sound? For that, I also I had a feeling it was you, Gi Tae sunbae! Yes, Yoon Hae Ra.
The two of you know each other? We meet occasionally during tennis competitions.
But the two of you know each other too? I plan to go out with Oh Ha Ni.
I did not agree to that.
Are you finally giving up on Seung Jo, Oh Ha Ni? Of course.
Stop speaking nonsense.
First, it was Kyung Soo sunbae and now Gi Tae sunbae as well? You really have a lot of charm, Oh Ha Ni.
Looking at this, the two of you look very compatible together.
Let's meet up some other time.
Let's meet again some other time Continue what you are doing, Sunbae.
Speed up the progress a little too.
Then, I shall leave too, see you again.
I am going to faint.
Just looking at how he looks, he is about 85 marks.
He has a very cheerful personality and he is very positive too.
Studying the law, he might become a politician or even a lawyer.
- Mother.
- Oh, my.
This did you went to the school to see him? He is Seung Jo's opponent.
I have to study him in detail before I can think of any strategy.
From what I see, this guy is much cuter than Seung Jo.
What should I do? Ha Ni's heart will be turning towards this guy.
What should I do? Mother, you don't have to worry.
My heart will always be towards Seung Jo.
Ha Ni.
I will go reject him right now.
Ha Ni, I am really touched.
Wait, you can't.
Ha Ni, you cannot reject him.
What? You have to provoke Seung Jo a little, making him jealous.
He won't.
He will.
He is always acting cool.
Let's see how long he can continue like that for.
Seung Jo will definitely be swayed by you.
It is because Ha Ni is always beside him that is why he feels safe and does not know how to treasure you.
At time like this, you should show him the other side of you, so that he will be able to see his heart.
Will it be alright for me to use such a dangerous method? Will it really be fine? Will Seung Jo really get jealous? You don't have to think too much.
Give it a try, Gi Tae sunbae is very clever and popular among girls too.
His preference are also very special to actually like girls of your style.
This is a very good idea.
Since there is someone throwing away something, there will be someone to pick it up What are you talking about? Although I seem to look like that but if it weren't for you, I am still quite popular among the guys.
They must be short-sighted or some freak.
You are suppose to be very unpopular.
He is just as smart as you and he is also as good looking as you.
The way he treats girls is so much better than you too.
I feel happy that Ha Ni is able to think like that.
You see it for yourself already, Baek Seung Jo.
How about letting me have Ha Ni instead? So you are the one.
It is not about letting you have her because Ha Ni does not belong to me in the first place.
It's all up to her.
What? This is so frustrating.
- Gi Tae sunbae.
- Yes, my princess.
Where are we going to date this coming Sunday? I can go anywhere, hill or sea.
Anywhere is fine with me.
Sunbae, I congratulate you with utmost sincerity.
Seung Jo! I am going all out, I should really cheat on him this time.
I wouldn't care even if I regret it later on.
What would you like? One cup of ice tea.
Are you going to have that cup till the shop closes again? I am not here to see you today.
I am meeting someone here.
I am sorry, Ha Ni.
There is a heavy traffic jam, you must have waited for a long time.
It is okay, I only just got here.
Hello, Baek Seung Jo.
I want ice coffee.
Okay, ice coffee and ice tea, right? Please wait a moment.
Today is a date that I have been looking forward to for a long time.
The weather today is really good.
What do you plan to do? I don't know, everything is fine with me.
I really have no idea.
Is today your first time on dating? Ah, what I went on dates before in the past.
With Baek Seung Jo? Yes.
What is that, you are acting just like a child.
Since you are a grown up now, you should enjoy all you can and have fun.
I will take you out more often in the future.
Where are we going? I heard there is a new roller coaster that runs really fast.
Should we go to the amusement park? That seems really fun.
Where are we going afterwards? We can go to the drive-in theatre to watch a movie before having a nice meal.
I really want to go to the drive-in theatre.
I have never been there before.
Sorry for interrupting.
So, shall we go to some nice scenic park first? Okay, okay, let's go there first.
After that, we can go to the amusement park and then the drive-in theatre.
Enjoy your drink.
Have you visited the Namsan Tower before? There are tablets there.
I heard that if you write your name and wish on the tablets, your wish will come true.
♫Try again, let's just try it out for today♫ ♫Try again, I see you.
♫ ♫The love in my heart have been place at the bottom of my heart.
♫ ♫I hope my love will be felt by your heart.
♫ ♫What should I do exactly?♫ ♫I love you, from the first time I saw you♫ ♫I love you, You're the only one in my eyes.
♫ ♫I can't do anything without you for a day.
♫ ♫You really don't understand my heart.
♫ ♫I am standing in front of you.
♫ ♫Can't you even see me?♫ ♫That I only have you in my eyes♫ He has been treating me so well, I really don't know what to do.
♫I only wish you will take a look at my heart.
♫ ♫I only beg you to accept my love.
♫ That's right, this is a date.
Normal girls have gone out for dates several times before they are even 19 years old.
Ha Ni.
- Is it fun? - Yes.
This is for you.
It's been a long time since I had so much fun.
Why is that so? Is it because you get very nervous when you are with Baek Seung Jo? For how many years have you like Baek Seung Jo? What? Almost 4 years Wowsince high school To me, that is a long term battle.
What? Since you have been loving him one-sidedly for almost 4 years, You will not be able to fall in love with me so easily now that I appeared so suddenly.
I will be contented as long as you think of me often.
He really is a totally different type from Seung Jo.
Although I already knew, but Seung Jo really did not show up here.
Ha Ni, let's go.
I cannot continue on like this.
This will only show that Seung Jo has no feelings toward me.
Furthermore, this seems like I am just using Gi Tae Sunbae if I continue this.
This makes my heart ache.
I should just end it like this.
What are you doing here? Sunbae What are you thinking about here? What are you looking at? Nothing in particular.
Ah So you are looking at Seung Jo.
Sunbae, I Oh Ha Ni, Forget about Seung Jo from now on.
Sunbae, I have something to say.
Come over here.
Ha Ni Sunbae - I don't want - What are you doing? Jerk! Sunbae! You look rather familiar, what are you doing to Ha Ni? Stop it, Joon Gu! There is always someone sneaking around Ha Ni secretly recently.
So you are the daring one.
You seemed to be the one sneaking around for a longer time.
What are you talking about? Do you know who I am? That's right, Bong Joon Gu.
Just give up already.
What? Joon Gu, stop behaving like thisthe both of you! What are you doing? What are you doing in the library? Don't tell me the two of you are fighting because of Oh Ha Ni.
Baek Seung Jo, this has nothing to do with you, so don't interfere.
Although it has nothing to do with me even if the both of you fight or bleed.
It doesn't matter to me anyway.
But, the only person Ha Ni likes is me.
You will be the one on the losing end after all even if the two of you fight.
Seung Jo Didn't my mother ask everyone to have a meal at my house today? Let's go.
Slow down a little.
You are so confident, Baek Seung Jo.
What? Ha Ni only likes me.
Don't you think I will change my heart one day? Never.
But you are still a little jealous, aren't you? Am I right? You are jealous.
Think of better ideas, if you want to continue the act.
I can see through what my mother and you are thinking.
So he knew everything.
I really don't have any idea against him.
How good is it to gather like this? Seung Jo, you are happy too, right? You must not have been eating nice food since you live alone now.
Home food is still the best no matter what.
That's right.
I have not eaten any food outside that is better than home-cook food.
Didn't you say before that spicy rice cake is the best? Idiot.
You don't seem to have much appetite today.
This is because he has been working overtime almost everyday because the new game will be released soon.
Is that so Ahjussi, I can help you get another serving of rice.
It is okay, the doctor says he cannot eat too much.
You should still take care of your health, no matter how much you like the work you are working on.
Health is the most important.
That is right.
You have to take care of your health too, Gi Dong.
That is for sure.
Health is definitely the most important.
I really finish three bowls of noodles at once.
- Who will believe that? - It is true.
I think I shall get going.
Just sleep at home today.
Seung Jo, I need to speak to you about something.
You are a grown up man already.
What do you plan to do in the future? You have left the the house for quite some time already.
It is time for you to sort out your thoughts.
No, not yet.
Seung Jo, This is what I think.
I hope you can be my personal secretary.
Starting from being my helper, and then taking over the company in the future.
What do you think about that? No matter what I think, haven't you made your decision already? What? In the end, you still set my future as what you want and hope it to be.
Isn't that so? No, that is not what I meant.
Since you are done with what you want to say, I shall take my leave.
Okay, you can go now.
I am going now.
Okay, take care.
Just as the sweet holidays arrive, Seung Jo suddenly disappeared.
He did not appear at the tennis court, neither did he appear at the restaurant he used to work in.
Where did Seung Jo go? I am going to take the picture.
1, 2, 3,.
The path nearby for leisure walk has been made better.
I will prepare the barbeque before you come back.
Thank you.
Hyung! We came.
The sticky Ha Ni found out Seung Jo's new working site.
Eun Jo, did you come alone, where is mother and father? Father has something to do so he cannot make it.
Mother also said that he cannot leave father alone.
Father really feel very regretful.
This is too fake.
The scenery here is really nice and famous.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni came.
You can call me if you need me, you can go take a rest now.
Yeah Why did you come so late? Is he Eun Jo? You are really a Sunbae, I suggest you can have a radio station.
What does that mean? You didn't tell anyone, did you? Seung Jo, how are you? Eun Jo is here too.
Seung Jo, are you doing fine? My house villa is just over there.
I want to invite you over tonight, can you make it? You will come, right? Hello, Eun Jo.
What did you say? What exclusive information did you get? I have something to tell you, come over here.
Ha Ni, Ha Ni This time, I will get rid of Hae Ra straight away.
Are you sure you can do that? That is why I say I need your help.
In order to keep our love, we have to help each other, isn't it? Firstly, you have to be around Seung Jo at all times.
Don't let Seung Jo be around Hae Ra, try to stop them.
Sunbae, is it Hae Ra that is sticking on to Seung Jo? When did Seung Jo ever bother with Hae Ra? The most important thing is to become a couple.
I shall ask them to join in the couple game and become a couple.
You and Seung Jo, me and Hae Ra.
How can things be that easy? I don't think that will work.
You don't have to worry.
I have everything planned out already.
Everything is settled.
Give me your hands.
Let us work hard for the sake of our love.
I felt a little uneasy as always.
What are you doing, I ask you to work hard together.
Let's start, hwaiting! We, the youth.
We are here in order to leave some good memories in a youthful season like this.
Can admiring the scenery alone leave good memories? The answer is No.
So, from now on, the couple game will start.
The rule of the game.
The map has markings from number 1 to 7.
The destination, after arriving at each destination.
The fastest couple who manage to collect all stamps and return back will be the winner This is what the stamp looks like.
It's not a normal treasure hunt buta stamp hunt! The short introduction will end here.
As for the partner, in order to ensure equality, we will use the 4 bridge game to decide the pairing.
Why isn't Seung Jo here yet? Also, there is really no choice.
For everyone's safety, this is unavoidable.
I have also decided to participate with all of you.
What is that? Eun Jo, have you seen Seung Jo? - Let's start the 4 bridge game now.
- I don't know.
You're no use.
Why are you even here? 4 bridge, 4 bridge Hae Ra, what number are you choosing? Number 3 I shall take number 8 then, choose your number people.
This is so tiring.
The holiday resort should be around here.
Let me see.
Is this place here? I don't know how to walk already.
I will only know if I take a look.
Ha Ni, Wait for me, I will protect you.
From today onwards, I will not let you walk on your own again.
Let's go.
Must you play this game, Oh Ha Ni? It is there, we found the stamp.
Come over quickly.
We might get first like this.
You are too noisy.
Have fun with a happier heart.
Why are you like this too? I cannot even stay with Seung Jo although I came all the way here.
Even elementary students don't play games like that Does your leg hurts? Come on, I can carry you.
Get up.
This is so frustrating.
Did you planned this game? You chose number 3 yourself, how can I plan that? There is a bug.
I am not playing this game, it is so pointless.
Isn't this is just for fun? The unbeatable Yoon Hae Ra can't be beaten by the likes of Oh Ha Ni.
I guess Seung Jo won't like it either.
We just have to find the other 6 stamps Let's start looking for it.
Where will it be? This is done by sunbae, isn't it? How can you not know where it is? All the trees look alike, how am I suppose to differentiate them? What is that? We have the stamps for all the ones around here already for now.
Did you here that? The sound just now? Is that the sound of a wolf? You're so thick.
Wolves have gone extinct in our country.
Then a bear?! I thought I heard Ha Ni's voice just now.
Luckily it did not chase us.
What do you mean by luckily? Where is this? Are you alright, Eun Jo? I will be fine, don't worry.
Are you alright? I am fine, Eun Jo.
But I lost my hat.
I like that hat very much.
Just stay there, I will come down.
Be careful, Eun Jo.
Which way should we walk? How come this place changed? There is no water here yesterday when I came.
This is really weird.
Hae Ra, let's walk together.
Hae Ra, let's walk together.
- I found it, the stamp! The stamp! - Where?! That Stamp! Get it quickly and get down the hill.
That is why I say that even if I want to try and like sunbae, you have to have a good point that I can like.
Forget about it, I will get it.
Hey, Hae Ra! After seeing this side of a man, don't you feel any motherly instinct at all? Isn't that Ha Ni's hat? Ha Ni, what exactly happen to you? Wait for me, I will come and save you now.
This will do, this will do.
Seung Jo, Seung Jo Seung Jo Seung Jo, give me some water.
What happened? All that brawn is good for nothing! Seung Jo, the hill road is too dangerous.
There are even creatures howling.
The whole journey is so tiring.
Where did Eun Jo and Ha Ni go? They are the first to leave Aren't they back yet? Give me some water, give me some water.
The weather turned cold already.
I am feeling so hungry too.
But compared to this, losing our way is a serious problem.
There is still no signal.
It seems we can't use handphones in a place like this.
Take this, Baek Eun Jo, you are really incredible.
This is called preparation.
You'll be happy, if you are prepared.
Be prepared What is that? Be prepared Cover this quickly now.
Our Eun Jo seems just like a young adult.
I feel like I am being with a small Seung Jo.
We should first look for places with water.
If we follow the direction the water flows, perhaps we will find the way down the hill.
If we wait like this, maybe Seung Jo will come and find us.
You really are an idiot.
How will he know where we are? Are you cold? Hold on to me.
I feel so safe.
My legs hurts after such a long time.
What do I do? I still have to go there no matter what.
Ha Ni, I am really very sorry.
With my current state, I really cannot get up there.
This way this way I'm sure that- No way! No, this definitely cannot happen.
Ha Ni, I love you.
It is shouting again, what do I do? It might be just a dog the village people keep as pet.
Isn't this Ha Ni's voice? Ha Ni.
Ha Ni.
It seems to be coming this way, what do we do? Hide behind me.
- Hyung.
- Eun Jo.
Seung Jo.
No one will come and help? It will be good if someone comes Catch the rope! Isn't that Baek Seung Jo's voice? This is Grab it quickly! Hey! Why did you come here? Who wants your help? Go away! Is that so? Then I shall make a move first.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Where are you going now? We still have to save Ha Ni, save Ha Ni! Cool down, she is alright.
She went back to the hostel already.
Really? This is great, this is really great.
My heart is finally at ease.
Hey! Then can you help me now? This is so embarrassing.
Be quiet when you go in.
I cannot let anyone see me in this state.
Especially Ha Ni, you get it? No one knows you come here anyway.
You don't have to worry.
The way I look now is seriously unbearable.
I actually let Baek Seung Jo see me in this state.
Baek Seung Jo.
I will definitely pay back what I owe you.
♫Perhaps I did not realized you were there.
♫ ♫Perhaps I did not take a look at you seriously.
♫ ♫This does not makes me feel happy.
♫ ♫I only know how to treasure when I really lose you.
♫ Oh, Seung Jo! ♫We are actually so close to each other.
♫ You came out for a walk? Yeah.
♫Just like how you are right now.
♫ ♫I am sorry, for not able to notice the tears that you shed.
♫ Why didn't you come alone? ♫I am sorry, for coming to your side only now.
♫ What? You always said that you like me.
♫One more time, one more time.
♫ But don't you really understand my heart? Your heart Don't you always think that a person like me is not worth your notice? ♫Can you come to my side again.
♫ ♫I will continue to love only you.
♫ ♫Together with the last regrets, I will love you many times more.
♫ ♫One more time, one more time♫ ♫I love you, I love you.
♫ ♫Will you accept the current me again?♫ So it is all a dream.
That gave me a shock.
♫I will continue to do all I can to get back this love.
♫ No wonder How will things progress so smoothly? ♫Please allow me to do what I can to compensate for everything.
♫ If I know it is a dream, I wouldn't have open my eyes and continue the dream.
♫Please hold on to my hands.
♫ But why does my lips feel a little Main Translator: creamychoco1234 Spot Translators: thesexy-orange, soluna413 Timers: hitomi83, cute girl Editor/QC: mantra777 Coordinators: sayroo, cute girl I have something I want to do for the first time.
I have decided to do it.
I have my own dreams too.
Tell me your dreams.
Is it that you want something to happen between you and me? Let me listen to it.
Have you eaten your breakfast? This is the new wife, Ha Ni I should call you my husband, right? My life will be decided by me.
Baek Seung Jo I have decided to become a doctor.
I will not inherit father's company.
Father, father - what is happening? - Honey? Where are you feeling uncomfortable? Isn't there something you want to do for the first time? If I stay in the company Father will be happy, right? Although I find it very boring.
But at least someone will feel happy.
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