Playful Kiss (2010) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 12 Hey listen, since it's late, you should spend the night here.
No, there are some books I have to read so I'd better go home.
Child, it's time you moved back home.
I know you announced your independence in order to find your dream, but you know, my dream is to have a noisy and lively home, then what about my dream? And if you persist in doing this, you're too cruel to Ha Ni.
If you see it from Ha Ni's perspective, she will think you moved out because of her.
Isn't that right? So please try to treat her nicer, alright? Please let me decide how to live my own life.
I don't want my choices to be made for other people's sake.
Seung Jo! I didn't want to be manipulated that's why I left home.
Even Ha Ni, you brought her home without my consensus, didn't you? So mother, just do as you wish.
- Baek Seung Jo! - I'm sorry, I'll go now.
You should cut him some slack.
He said he didn't want to be back so I'm not forcing him.
He said he's looking for his own dream, he wanted a change so he moved out, but as you can see, nothing has changed, has it? I can't stand it anymore.
And he's so cold towards Ha Ni too.
You should have a good talk with him.
I'm sure he listens to you.
If I talked to him, will he listen? Let's just wait and see what he decides to do.
But has he been eating well on his own? Now that you mention, he seems to have lost weight.
Let's wait.
Before he decides on anything, I'm sure he'll discuss it with us.
Will he? - Enjoy the food.
- Thank you.
Ouch! What's wrong with your hand? I've got a callus growing.
You try shampooing hair for 50 people a day, your hand will become like this.
- Oh dear.
Doesn't it hurt? - It does.
It hurts, it's sore and itchy, I feel like I'm dying.
But I learnt a lot more than when I was going to school, I'm happy.
Oh yes, Min Ah.
How is it going for you on your web comic? Hmm I draw some characters and work part-time.
But what's wrong with you girls? I finally collected my pay and get to eat with you, why do you look like you have no appetite? I really can't this time.
I have to make up for what I skipped so far, I have to get that paper out.
You should do things better.
Girls, how is it? Delicious? - Yes, it's really good.
- I see.
Ahjussi, what kind of noodle is this? For young people who study hard and work hard like you, to replenish your nutrition, our shop's special new dish Samgye sauce noodle.
(chicken ginseng soup) This means to add chopped noodles to the best samgye soup.
Ahjussi, can I have another bowl of it? Dad, why isn't Joon Gu here? That kid is so crazy about cooking recently, he's out at the market now buying ingredients.
Oh, what a surprise, Bong Joon Gu.
Totally different from days in senior high.
Ah, did you get the invite already? - What invite? - Senior high reunion? - Reunion? - Yes, I heard there's a dress code too.
- School uniform.
- I heard about that too, but that's a big problem.
I've put on weight and can't get into the school uniform anymore.
Hey, I wonder whose idea it is but it's so cool.
Senior high school uniform Seung Jo looks very good in his school uniform.
- Especially the winter one.
- Baek Seung Jo again? - Have you heard? - What? Senior high reunion.
The dress code is school uniform.
Sounds like fun, right? Who came up with such a childish idea? - I heard but I'm not interested.
- That may be true.
But once I think of those who haven't met for so long, my heart's full of anticipation.
Aren't you curious to see how everyone's turned out? If you're curious, you go.
Oh, stubborn head.
I have no idea what you're thinking about.
You mean Seung Jo said he's not going? Yes, he said it's childish.
What's wrong with that kid? I still have such good memories of school life.
During that time, at the ddukbokki shop, I had a get-together.
Did you know? The ddukbokki at that shop was just too delicious.
Even from Seoul, so many people would go to that shop.
What were we talking about? Get-together! Ah yes, the get-together.
At the get-together, I'd already finished eating a whole bowl of ddukbokki, but that male student hadn't spoken even a word.
So I told him you eat too, then he started eating heartily, a totally opposite situation from earlier.
You had a boyfriend even in senior high? Kid, I was talking about your dad.
Student Baek Soo Chang.
He was so cute back then.
I haven't been able to forget that graduation day, the expression of Seung Jo when he went on stage to deliver his speech.
I am having fun while making others happy, that's the way I want to live.
No matter what's in store for everyone's future, he wished we'd all be happy.
Oh, Ha Ni! I have a great idea to get Seung Jo to go for the reunion.
Oh! Really? What's that smell? Oh! Ah! Oh dear! What's this? Ah! The leaf that brought Seung Jo to me in my dream.
It's a good thing he didn't give me an F.
You've grown prettier.
Where are you going? To the restroom, be right back.
Hurry back.
Seung Jo did he come? Ha Ni! Why were you so late? Yes, I wanted to come with you but you didn't answer your phone.
Auntie told me to leave my phone at home.
Your phone? Why? I don't know.
I think she wanted to try out an idea.
But wearing the school uniform makes me feel weird.
Isn't it? Why? We didn't get to do this during school days, isn't this fun? Hey, you mean you never wore your uniform? Yes, I never.
Hey, what about Joon Gu? Oh, there was a group booking at the shop so he can't come.
There would be lots of tips for him then.
I think so.
So, is Seung Jo here? Aigoo, I was wondering why you were not asking for Baek Seung Jo yet? Seung Jo's over there.
Hey, he's not in uniform, he came in casual clothes.
Oh, he's here.
So I'll go over for a little while and just say hello.
Just say hello? You said you weren't coming but you're here.
Why didn't you bring your phone out with you? - What? - Well Mum had to rush off to Busan suddenly.
She hid the keys at the front door, and told me to bring it to you.
What? She didn't mention Ah, sorry, it's my fault that you had to be troubled.
Thanks, if not for you, I won't be able to go home tonight.
Since you're here, - have some fun with your friends before you leave.
- Forget it.
Baek Seung Jo! Isn't that you? Sit down.
Long time no see.
Long time no see.
How have you been? You look bright as always.
You must think wearing the uniform is childish, right? - Indeed, Baek Seung Jo hasn't changed at all.
- Isn't this Seung Jo? How are you? Punk, it would have been better for you to be with us at DaeSan University.
We'd be classmates still.
I heard you're at Parang University and still known as the Genius there.
Hey, DaeSan's admission officer is still upset he didn't get you over there.
Oh, isn't that Oh Ha Ni? Is she your girlfriend now? Wow, Oh Ha Ni is finally successful.
She was chasing you so desperately.
You went to Parang so she managed to hitch up with you.
Seung Jo's great, it's not easy for him to accept that kind of girlfriend.
Sickening, who says she's my girl? I don't raise any of those.
That's true, she's not fit to be Seung Jo's girlfriend.
Moreover, she's not even smart.
But Baek Seung Jo, what are you majoring in? Nothing, I'm doing a general course.
Haven't you decided on your major yet? Yes, not yet.
Aren't you just taking over your father's role? The position of the boss, isn't that waiting for you? The best band, HongDae's indie band, Bye Bye Sea! My beating heart Unconsciously thinking only of you When I wanted to forget you Suddenly the familiar you stood in front of me Still as beautiful as ever I, for you sake, the whole of today For your sake, I sang I want to marry you I want to kiss you I want to know your heart I don't know how to tell you how I feel Seeing longtime friends, he should be happy, but he didn't talk much.
Maybe he is sick? Seung Jo, you know, I wish you would take over my game company.
Initially, you'd be a strong backing for me, later on, I hope you'll expand the company according to your abilities.
So long as you set your heart on it, you can become a doctor, right? Then you can heal kids like No Ri, and many other people in this world.
It'll be great if you were a doctor.
- You forgot your coat.
- Thanks.
- Can I sit down? - As you wish.
Is something bothering you? Tell me.
The saying goes, sharing worries, it will half, sharing happiness, it will double.
Let me help you.
You know, whether I have frustrations or delights, I will tell it to Min Ah and Joo Ri.
Then I will feel so much better.
Some things might be difficult to bring up, so that's a problem too.
I'm going to medical school.
I've decided to take up medicine.
I'm not sure if I'm cut out for it or not, but it's the first time that something interests me.
Seung Jo.
Don't tell anyone else about this yet.
Not even my parents.
Especially to the tennis club, don't you broadcast it.
Understand? Of course, why would I broadcast this? Oh, so this news is only shared with me alone? Now, all of us here in the tennis club, I have special and happy news to announce to everyone.
Next week, our club Top Spin will celebrate its 10th anniversary.
So, we will drop everything, and hold a real celebratory party.
Yes, what does everyone think? You must be happy, right? Next week is a holiday, will Hae Ra be here? Because it's a holiday so the rental is very cheap.
And it includes juniors and seniors? Even I don't feel like it.
Is that right? Then shall we exclude the juniors and seniors? I think if Seung Jo comes along, Hae Ra will definitely show up.
Ah! Hey, your idea is great.
Seung Jo Hae Ra that's right.
I've got to get help from Ha Ni.
So this is the medical faculty that Seung Jo will be joining.
Seems like a really busy place.
Will Seung Jo be even busier than now? Ha Ni, I found you at last.
Sunbae, why are you here? Then what brings you here? I came to look for you.
I Seung Jo is joining medical Seung Jo? What about Seung Jo? So, sunbae, why did you come all the way here to look for me? Ah! It's this thing, next week, our Top Spin club will celebrate our 10th anniversary.
So I'm planning to hold a celebratory party Oh, celebratory party? But why are you telling to me? Listen up.
This party, you know, if Seung Jo doesn't come, there'll be a huge problem.
Sunbae, don't tell me it's because you're trying to get Hae Ra to come? That's why you're making use of Seung Jo, right? Don't resort to this ploy anymore.
If it doesn't work out, it'll have an adverse effect on you.
You mean for you? Anyway, always putting Seung Jo and Hae Ra together, that doesn't do us any good at all.
I know.
I know but if I don't do it, it's impossible to grab a confession timing with Hae Ra.
I need Seung Jo, that's why Ha Ni, you - It's Seung Jo! - It's Seung Jo.
Hey, Ha Ni.
This is really the last time.
You must help me, understand? Please! - You stalking me again? - No.
Fighting! Fighting! I was curious about the medical faulty, since this is the place where you will be.
But this is serious.
All the students here are going to become doctors, right? Some of them might not.
Ah! But what brings you here? You have yet to submit your application for specialization, right? I came to meet the professor.
Why? What did you say? If I told you, would you understand? Hey, don't belittle me.
Ah! Today, my dad and your dad went for health screening.
I wonder how it went.
Shall we go home and find out? What present will those two bring? Present? Cake? Is it your birthday today? Silly, I meant an illness.
Ah! - Coffee for me too.
- Not for you.
Now when I hear about the hospital, I get a headache.
So how did it go? What's the result? - Here it is.
- Let's have a look.
I don't know any of this.
Induced Blood sugar It's a check on the heart stress.
Tests for cardiac infarction or angina.
Let me have a look.
Your blood pressure is very high.
Your heart rate too, and a bit of heart stress.
Blood cholesterol reading is very high too.
Father, you need to watch the indicators related to your heart.
I heard the same things from the doctor.
Honey, you have to stay healthy.
Think of our family, will you? Hey, Seung Jo.
How did you get so smart? Those are all just numbers.
My son is really amazing.
Hyung can become a doctor, you know.
He's a genius.
Baek Eun Jo, it's not always great to be a genius.
Dear, from now on, all sweet and oily things must be banned.
Then what will I eat? - Dad.
- You're here.
What's up? Hey, everyday he's looking at you saying "Ha Ni!", that punk has changed.
Joon Gu? Why? What happened? Go have a look in the kitchen.
Today's the first day he's cooking for a customer.
Oh, so soon? So Joon Gu is a chef now? He needs more work in terms of presentation.
His cooking abilities aren't that bad and he tries really hard.
I can tell he's truly diligent.
Ha Ni I thought Joon Gu was just messing around, he's different now.
Hey, you don't know how hard he's worked.
It's a little too early but I told him to go ahead to try, and it turned out quite well.
He said he wanted you to be his first customer.
Isn't he a good kid? It's the first time I've seen such a serious Joon Gu.
He didn't even realize that I'm here.
This looks delicious.
Ha Ni, you try it.
Yes, I'll eat well.
How is it? Hey, it's superb.
It's really delicious, Joon Gu.
Really? This is extremely good.
I didn't expect you to be so pro.
Ha Ni, I've always been thinking, you must be the first person to try all my cooking.
Wait a minute, there's more.
Here, try this tri-colored mandoo.
(dumpling) Green, yellow, red mandoo, (dumpling) added to chewy noodles, it's really great.
I thought you might like it.
Joon Gu.
Eat slowly and eat a lot.
Now, I'm getting confident.
Ah, one more, one more.
Wait, alright? I see a different side of Joon Gu today.
I've always been ignoring him, I'm sorry, Joon Gu.
Waiting for someone? You want to sit? Are you going for the tennis club 10th anniversary this week? Why are you asking about this? Nothing, it's about the tennis club, I heard many sunbae will be coming, it'll be best if the turn-out rate is higher, isn't it? Coming together to talk about non-important things, I'm not interested in such gatherings.
Oh, how about you go on my part too? That will solve the problem.
You have something else to tell me? Well, I'd like to ask you a question.
If it's about the celebratory party, forget it.
What is it? You're doing general course now, right? Have you decided on your major? You're acting weird today.
Why would you be interested in my major? Nothing.
Actually, you can take any major you wish, isn't that right? And so? I was wondering if you'd choose the same as Seung Jo.
Why were you wondering about that? You're so silly.
There's no need to change your career for the sake of your loved one, right? It's true I like Seung Jo but which the major he chooses doesn't affect me much.
I will choose what I like, 'cause it's my life, after all.
Oh, it's not like you must be together all the time in order to be in love.
What a cute kid.
I, the unni, am leaving now.
Why must she behave like this every time? Well, that's the way I think, I'll admit that.
What are you dreaming about? What are you doing? Go if you have to, otherwise sit down.
Joon Gu's still working hard to fulfill his dream of being a chef.
Hae Ra seems to have a goal of what she wants to do as well.
Joo Ri and Min Ah too, even Eun Jo seems to be thinking of the future too.
But look at me, I have nothing, is that it? Ah! Yes.
I'm envious, you have such serenity.
I have my dream too.
But it's just What? Doing this and that with me? Tell me, your dream or whatever.
I'll help you fulfill it.
You know, Seung Jo, you could be a small village doctor, then I'll be your assistant.
Since you're famous, there'll be many patients at the clinic every day.
Not as big as the university hospital, but I'll work extremely hard to assist in your job.
I'll be pacifying the crying kids, etc.
But there's a problem with that dream.
If your dream is to be a pilot, then I'll want to be a stewardess.
If you want to be a pro golfer then I'll be a caddy.
Just like this, my dreams are so simple and yet vexing.
(I love you) I keep making Baek Seung Jo the focus of my dreams, (If you allow me to love only you) my existence is only for you, nothing else matters.
(I want nothing else) You're really vexed.
But when I was deciding on being a doctor, (Shall I draw up my courage?) I struggled over it for a long time.
{\a6(Just you alone is enough) Anyway, what's wrong with having an unrealistic dream? (Now I want to know how you feel) A dream's just a dream, be yourself.
Well, is it really unrealistic? If I really become a doctor, you think I'd use you as my nurse? (I can't imagine being without you every day) Well, as for dreams, the harder to achieve makes it all the more meaningful, right? (I want nothing else) (I love only you) Am I right? Sit down here.
Today, the medical school professor was looking for you.
Oh, that.
You're entering medical school, is that true? Yes, I'm preparing to enter medical school next term.
What? But you decided on your future without any discussion with me? Have you been disregarding me all along? I think he's angry.
I thought about discussing it with you too, but I want to be like you or Ha Ni's father, to bet with my life on something I love to do.
Seung Jo, for me, my dream is I have decided to become a doctor.
Nothing you say will change my mind.
I have no intention of taking over your company.
Seung Jo, you're really Father! Father! Honey! Father! Father, what's wrong? Are you sick? Honey, honey, are you alright? Dad! His life is not in danger now, but the test results are not out yet.
What exactly is his condition called? - It's angina.
- Angina? (chest pain due to lack of blood) Then he should have felt some tightness or something abnormal, right? I think he has been bearing with the discomfort.
Recently, he's been having a hard time in the office.
For now, he needs absolute rest.
So he'll have to recuperate in the hospital for a while.
Yes, there are many good doctors here, but you'll have a hard time now.
Oh this man is really, he didn't mention his suffering at all, keeping a smiling front always, so I had no idea.
Auntie, auntie.
I think I should head home first.
Eun Jo's all alone at home too.
Ha Ni, thanks.
Auntie, try to get some rest too.
If you collapsed too, that won't do.
Ha Ni Seung Jo, you go home too.
Will you be alright? Yes, go on.
Alright then, I'll be back tomorrow.
Ahjussiwill he be alright? He'll have to take tests from tomorrow onwards, it'll be tough on him.
The company projects have to stop too.
I'd better plan to stop school too.
These are all important matters.
If only I can help, even if in a tiny way.
Sunbae, are you going to eat? Well Sunbae, let's eat together.
Hae Ra.
You didn't come to the 10th anniversary party.
I didn't agree to be there.
Ah, I see.
I heard you and team leader sunbae were there, that's why the party was rather uninteresting.
Oh, maybe so.
Ah! I also heard that you're tight with money these days.
I wasn't there but I can help with some payments.
Take it.
Is that your lunch? Let's go, I'll give you a lunch treat.
No, I love hotdogs.
I'm a hotdog maniac.
Also, it's got beef and it tastes good, so one is enough for me.
Is that so? Alright then.
You mean it's not enigma? We can't rule that out but if the pain persists, there's a chance it will become myocardial infarction.
If that's the case, then there might be a need for surgery There's a way to switch the vein to avoid the congested areas, isn't it? Oh, you seem to be rather familiar.
Anyway, we're hoping that's not necessary, he should get complete rest and we'll treat him with medication first.
You're here.
Who's that? The Assistant Director from your father's company.
Don't you know he needs complete rest right now? He shouldn't be working.
It seems to be really important.
Even so.
How can he be working in his condition? Your father won't be at peace if he can't settle these matters.
He handles everything himself that's why he collapsed.
Director! Director! - Honey, what's wrong? - Father! Honey! We almost lost him.
The game was supposed to hit the market soon, but with your father out of action, the game developers somehow stopped their work.
When your father heard that, he collapsed again.
What are we going to do? Your father's lying down here, and things are piling up at the office.
I think I'll have to go in to the office.
Seung Jo.
I may be young and without any experience, but before father gets well, I'll help to manage the company matters.
Thanks, Seung Jo.
Seung Jo's going to the office? Yes, ahjussi is so happy to hear that.
His condition is slowly stabilizing and he's getting better.
That's great.
And with that happening, Seung Jo's decided to move back too.
No matter what you call it, it's a blessing in disguise.
Ha Ni, I'm going to the hospital now.
But is it alright for me to leave everything to you? Yes, don't worry.
Alright, counting on you.
Ha Ni, without any disturbances, this is your chance.
The newly-wed ambience, enjoy it.
Look at this.
Oh, you're here.
Get up.
Everyone, this man is here on behalf of the hospitalized Director.
Say hello.
Nice to meet you.
This is usually the feel at game companies.
I see.
That's good.
Over here, come this way.
Get up, get up.
Did you see him smile? So charming! He topped his school too? Gosh, will he fire the older employees first? You better be prepared.
These are the numbers for our employees and new game product.
After you have a look, how about having a meeting about 11 o'clock? There's quite a lot to go through.
Is that so? I'll do so quickly then.
Alright then.
- Manager.
- Yes? When it's just the two of us, please don't be formal.
No, aren't you here in the capacity as the in-lieu Director? If that's all Manager, did he mention firing anyone? Does he have a girlfriend? He's so handsome.
Aigoo, stop worrying about these things, get your work done.
What? You went through all of it in such a short time? These numbers are in comparison to last year's? Yes, that's right.
In short, export seems to have dropped.
The biggest factor could be foreign game trends.
In summary, it would be dangerous to continue as-is.
Moreover, the new game to be marketed has disappeared too, that's a big crisis.
If we continue as-is, it's a management crisis.
We might get acquired by others too.
Without a substantial investment, it's not going to work.
Eun Jo, you must be hungry.
Dinner will be ready soon.
We should have just ordered delivery.
What are you saying? Food out there has high calories.
Oil and salt are in excess too.
- Moreover, they give too little vegetable.
- I know, it's getting burnt.
From now on, you shouldn't pretend but go take cooking lessons instead.
Oh dear! What if both me and my hyung have to be hospitalized too? Oh, it's Seung Jo.
Welcome back.
You must be tired.
Do you want to eat first or shower first? What are you doing? Well, give me your bag and jacket.
What on earth are you doing? What else? She's getting a feel as a newly-wed.
What are you saying? Ahjussi's still in the hospital, how can I have such unhealthy thoughts? She's really full of unhealthy thoughts.
Go and wash up.
Dinner will be ready soon.
Now, tonight's menu is yam, fried fish, and bean paste soup.
Eun Jo, eat.
You said you were hungry, right? Here.
It's salty.
You put a whole pile of salt in there? Hyung, it's horrible, you'd better not eat it.
That sound is Yam.
Yam makes sound like that? It must still be uncooked, hyung.
Spit it out, quick.
Don't force yourself.
You swallowed it.
Hyung, spit it out.
Baek Eun Jo, stop complaining.
Eat up.
Eat? Eat what? Use your chopsticks to check if it's cooked and eat those.
Dinner was like a nightmare.
Seung Jo ate it all up without a word of complaint.
Yes, Ha Ni.
Oh, is it Ha Ni? What? Doshirak? Why do you need a doshirak? (lunch box) Ha Ni wants to make a doshirak? How can she let her beautiful hands get wet? You punk, I'm on the line Yes, Seung Jo and Eun Jo's doshirak.
What? Egg roll? Egg roll! You can't manage even something simple like that? My Ha Ni is making Baek Seung Jo a doshirak? You're leaving early.
You got your handphone? Your wallet too? I have them.
Then, this is for you.
What's this? What else? A doshirak.
I will eat at the canteen so I won't need this.
No, don't eat at the canteen.
I got up early to prepare this.
I made my best egg roll so far.
You'll get a shock when you see it.
Come back early.
Come back early “Honey, honey” you wish to call him that, right? What are you saying? Ahjussi's not feeling well, that would be too ill-mannered.
Newly-wed Ha Ni, I'm leaving too.
That kid lets every nonsense out of his mouth.
Have a good day! Ha Ni! Give me a few minutes.
I still have classes.
Just a minute.
Seung Jo's father was hospitalized, is that true? Yes.
But no visitation allowed.
He needs complete rest so no visitation.
So what is Seung Jo doing? Don't tell me Seung Jo's not allowed to visit too, that can't be right? He went to ahjussi's company.
That's why I haven't seen him recently.
Yes? You eating your lunch? Yes, come join me.
No, no, you eat.
A doshirak? Your girlfriend made it? (lunch box) What? I'll come back after you eat.
Grilled eel special doshirak.
Hey! Punk, punk! You can't have this doshirak.
Bong Joon Gu, what are you doing? I can't let a guy like you eat the doshirak made by Ha Ni.
- Instead, you eat this.
- Grilled eel? From now on, all doshiraks made by Ha Ni will be confiscated by me.
You eat it and I won't forgive you.
Ha Ni's doshirak belongs to me.
I'm grateful, of course.
You wouldn't have poisoned this, would you? Rascal, food is sacred to me, I'd never do anything devious with it.
I'll eat well.
No leftovers, you must finish everything.
Now, let's see.
Not bad.
Looking at the heart Ha Ni made for Baek Seung Jo, my heart's about to be shredded.
But to be able to eat Ha Ni'a doshirak is not bad.
I'll eat now.
Ha Ni, I'll enjoy it.
Oh, Ha Ni, so you don't really like Baek Seung Jo, why would you feed him stuff like this? But Ha Ni made this so I must eat it.
I can hardly swallow it.
What are you doing? It's already so late at night, and the lights off too.
Just thinking.
What's up? Are you bothered about something? Anything I can help with None, right? Then I'll go back to sleep.
My father's not doing well.
What? He might need surgery.
Heart surgery? That's a major operation.
I'll have to manage the company in the interim, it's too impossible for my father to do so.
Then what about you going to medical school? There's no reason I have to go.
There is.
It's your first time, something you want to do, your dream.
A rather newly-minted dream, I was just mesmerized temporarily.
I don't know how it'd turn out even if I started on it.
Managing the company, is it fun? - No.
- Then how? You said you wanted fun in your life, right? At the graduation ceremony.
You declared that in front of so many people, didn't you? I may not find it fun, but if I stayed in the company, my father will be happy, won't he? Then that would mean I'd have achieved half of it.
I don't find it fun but others are happy.
What will happen to you, Seung Jo? Oh dear.
- Really? Baek Seung Jo? - Seems like it.
I saw him at the Student Affairs Dept.
Is Seung Jo taking over his father's company? Indeed.
I keep thinking that would be what Seung Jo would do.
Looks like his father's condition is more serious than imagined.
How did you know? Oh, why are you so surprised by that? Using a little bit of brains would have figured that out easily.
Especially what Seung Jo is feeling right now.
I see, he finally disrupted his studies.
I got it.
What? What is it you got about Seung Jo? I mean I'll have to think about how I can help Seung Jo.
How can you help? Oh Ha Ni, what help can you provide to the Seung Jo who's in crisis now? Making trouble by tagging along after him? Or keep telling him everything will be fine, consoling him like that? Alright, you go ahead and do that.
This is the only thing Oh Ha Ni can do for Baek Seung Jo anyway.
I'm off.
Playing 2-D games although living in the 21st century, makes one feel being left behind in this era.
But if you want to play another game, it's hard to find a good one.
They play but find it meaningless.
We will use this fatal flaw to our advantage and make it our strategy for success.
It will not lose amicability and through improvements like appealing graphics and 3-D, we will succeed.
Indeed he's got IQ of 200, you're a real genius.
It's not true.
People are used to being pushed into a set boundary, not ever thinking of breakthroughs, you can say the brain's getting rusty, since it's not used in a long time.
Now, shall we brainstorm for a name to the game? Rusty? Rusty? Rusty? Sounds good.
See? See? See? That's great.
Combining skill, publicity and action.
Add a bit more strength here.
That's right, we need to emphasize the main character's personality.
This image is a little How about doing this? What about this? This and this needs improvement.
This is where it gets fun.
Auntie, did something happen? Don't worry, nothing's wrong.
I just came back for a change of clothes.
I thought Ha Ni, thanks.
Thanks for taking my role in managing everything at home.
No, that's what I ought to do.
Even so, I feel that I'm very fortunate.
Seung Jo's taken over his father's game company, Ha Ni's taken over the household here, you don't know how secure I feel.
Seung Jo leaves very early and comes back very late, he's been working very hard.
Is that so? It must be tough on him.
Ha Ni, are you alright? There's school work and household chores too.
That's what I'm supposed to be doing.
You know, auntie What? You have something to say? I have something I need to discuss with you.
What? I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.
Where are you going? Seung Jo, can I take a ride from you today? Where are you headed? Same place as you.
Same? Don't tell me! For a period, I got ahjussi's approval to work part-time at his company.
Let's work together.
Oh Ha Ni, this is Manager Kim.
- Hello, I'm Oh Ha Ni.
- Hello.
Everyone, come say hello to our new hire.
Hello everyone, I'm Oh Ha Ni.
- I will work hard here.
- Let's applause.
Give me any instructions and I'll try my best to fulfill it.
Let's work well together.
President Yoon who's keen to invest in our company is waiting for you.
Baek Soo Chang has always been proud of his son, looking at you, I can understand why.
No, you're too kind with your compliment.
So how is your father's condition in the hospital? There's been some improvement but, I want him to use this opportunity to take a rest.
Yes, I think I need to render some help.
Thank you.
Very good.
President Yoon, Yes? This is the game development plan.
I've seen it.
- The name of the game is Rusty, correct? - Yes.
- The game idea is really refreshing.
- Thank you for the compliment.
With a successor like you, President Baek Soo Chang can rest secure.
In future, you must expand this office into a much bigger enterprise.
Once we get past this round of crisis, we'll think about what's ahead.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- 2 coffees, right? - Yes.
Seung Jo, how old are you now? I'm 20 years old.
Still very young.
Do you have a girlfriend? No.
Why? You should be very popular.
Yes, President Baek Seung Jo is truly very popular.
I see.
He ignores almost everyone, he only loves reading books and listening to classical music, he's good at tennis, enough to play at professional levels.
And his IQ is 200.
He cooks like a culinary chef, he's simply the perfect guy.
I can tell you're very outstanding.
- Ms.
Oh Ha Ni.
- Yes? You may leave us now.
Yes, President Baek Seung Jo.
- You're here.
- Yes.
Excuse me, can we talk? The other time when you met President Yoon, it went very well.
His employees came to us, and got a thorough understanding on the capital needed to develop the new game.
Can we proceed with the investment discussions then? Well The President seems to like you very much, Seung Jo.
Yesterday when he called me, he kept praising you.
Ah! And the President has a granddaughter.
He wanted me to find out if you have any intention of meeting her.
Does he mean a matchmaking of sorts? Yes.
He said his granddaughter is also an impressive talent no matter where she goes.
From our company's standpoint, now is the time we really need President Yoon's help.
But he suddenly mentioned something like that, so I was caught off-guard.
How should I respond to him? Oh, you're back early.
- What? - The stuff.
We're having bulgolgi today.
I'll have lots of garlic ready.
(grilled meat) You seem so tired recently, you need a nutritious replenishment.
After a good meal, you'll forget all the suffering at work.
Thanks! Oh, you're here, Seung Jo.
Hello, Baek Seung Jo.
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