Playful Kiss (2010) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

PLAYFUL KISS Episode 15 I I have something to tell everyone.
Next Wednesday, you all keep that day free.
Wednesday? I agreed to play golf with President Yoon on that day.
My restaurant employees and I are going on an excursion too.
I can't too.
I have a birthday party to attend.
- Me too.
- Okay.
Cancel all of it.
- What? Why? - What's special on that day? Your wedding ceremony.
- What? - Wedding ceremony?! Mom, please! Stop interfering with my life as and when you wish.
Who's interfering? You were the one who wanted to get married.
- But I said after we graduate.
- But when will that happen? You have to be a trainee doctor and attend army, so why keep dragging it? Do it right away while you both are still young and pretty.
But why of all days - My birthday party! - STOP! Don't say anything anymore.
You must know how hard it was for me to book this date.
That day, everyone has to clear their schedules and from tomorrow onwards, we'll get busy with the preparations.
You're not resting yet? Yeah.
Why? Was I being too overboard? It's not like that.
Since they're already living under one roof, they might as well just live a married life as soon as possible.
This way, others will think of them better as well.
Truthfully, I do worry about that sometimes.
Thank you for solving it.
Why? Your expression doesn't look very good.
No, I do feel good.
I just don't really know what to do.
What's there to do? Since they're living together, we won't have to get new furniture.
The ceremony venue has been confirmed as well.
All we need to do is to get them rings and the wedding gown.
- Next Wednesday?! - Yeah There's finally something good happening with Baek Seung Jo.
Seems like it.
Hey Did something happen between you two? Hey! What accident?! Does Bong Joon Gu know? Yeah Dad told him already.
No wonder he seems so down, he didn't even say 'hi' to us.
Have you bought your gown? As well as your ring? Of course we'll have to prepare that.
I'll be busy.
Welcome - There - President! This seems delicious.
Eat more! You too.
President! Look! A foreigner came! A foreigner! Quick! Quick! Ha Ni, quick attend to her! Me? I don't know English.
Still, you're a university student now.
Quick! How are you? I want to eat noodles.
Can I have some Handmade noodles please? Her Korean is really good.
What is this? Mushroom.
Pine mushroom! Ah pine strip! It smells really good.
(strip: Strip and mushroom sounds alike) She said pine strip.
what's there to strip? Does she want to strip the cluster? That's good for the body too.
This is an oyster.
Ah, oyster! I don't usually eat it but this tastes really good.
Why is your Korean so well-said? My mom is a Korean and my dad is from Britain.
I came to Korea to visit my mom's hometown, I'll be going back home in 10 days.
Oh Delicious! This is really delicious! This is a smoked gourd.
That fellow there did it.
It's delicious! That guy He's from Busan so he can be a little dim.
Oh How was the previous one? - It was too luxurious.
- Really? How about this one? It's pretty.
No way, it's too bright.
Then you choose.
Hey, do we really have to get rings? What do you mean by that? Isn't it a proof of love? A proof of love.
Hey, how can a ring be a proof of love.
- I don't like it, I won't get it.
- No way! You have to do it! No matter what, you still have to show that you are married.
So, it's not a proof of love, but shackles.
Forget it! It's just a day, what's there to buy? I already have a suit.
Even if that's the case, let's just go in.
I want to buy one too.
Then go buy it, I'll wait for you somewhere else.
Okay, then let's go to a studio.
Studio? Why? What why? Aren't we taking album shots? Album shots? No way.
Groom, please look this way.
Bride, please look this way.
Comical things like this, I'll never do! Never ever.
You're too much.
You said you didn't want to get rings, now you don't want to take album shots too.
Then why did you come out? Did you think I came out because I wanted to? It was because of the nagging at home that I came out.
No matter what, since you're already here then just give in to me, is that so hard? You keep throwing a tantrum and complaining, you're not at all composed.
What's wrong with you? In the middle of the streets, it's really embarrassing Embarrassing? It's embarrassing for me too! How would the staff in the jewelry shop think of me? Why do I always have to see you get annoyed and give way? - Then don't.
- If I don't, even you don't.
No wonder they say that some couples break up before their marriage because of things like this.
What? I told you before, even if we get married, the only thing I can't do, is to give in to you.
When have you ever given in to me? Ah, really.
Because of mother, what have you become? It's not because of mom.
Since it's like this, why did you even bother say you wanted to get married? Yeah.
I don't know how it became like this, I really regret it.
Even now, I still feel that it would be better if we re-consider it.
Really? So you still haven't chosen a bridal gown? He doesn't talk to me at home and if we bump into each other, he'll avoid me.
What's this there's only a few days left.
He said he regretted mentioning marriage and wants us to re-consider.
It's not like that, isn't Baek Seung Jo always picky? He might have said that but he wouldn't do it.
We're closed already.
Oh, Seung Jo, come in.
Sit down.
Are you reading? Yeah, books about what fathers want to do for their daughters etc.
- But why are you here at this time? - I have something to say.
Isn't this pretty? The both of you, drinking coffee from this, isn't that great? Yeah, it's pretty.
Why is the expression of a going-to-be-bride like this? - Did Seung Jo anger you? - No Ah, this is really pretty.
- Yes, dad? - Ha Ni, what are you doing? Ah, I see.
- Then come out for a little while.
- Now? - Why? Did something happen? - Date? Okay, I'll go over now.
Mm - Dad.
- Ah, you're here.
Where are we going? It seems a little far.
You'll know when we get there.
Seung Jo said he wanted to greet grandma and mom.
I was too busy and never thought about it.
It's our first time meeting, mother.
Grandmother, your grandson-in-law is here, are you satisfied? Our Ha Ni is starting to be disobedient, it's becoming a huge problem.
Even so, please don't worry.
I'll take good care of her.
Hmph, I don't like you.
You don't like me? I like you.
Mom, grandma.
I'm going to get married.
As our host, we'll have Kyung Soo sunbae.
As for an officiator, let's not have any.
And What about our honeymoon? Do we have to? We don't even have that much time.
There you go again! Okay, okay.
Where? Is there a place you want to go? Yeah, Italy? If not, Rome? Rome? Rome, you can continue dreaming.
I was joking.
If we can't go overseas, it would be great if we could go to an island.
An island? All right then.
What about Yeo Eui Island? Yeo Eui Island? Why? Yeo Eui Island was an island once.
If not Bam Island.
Ah, Ddook Island.
- Ddook Island?! - How bothersome.
Let's decide with this.
If the same pictures come out for all 3, we'll go to where you want.
Isn't there just a small possibility? No.
Jeju Island, Jeju Island, Jeju Island, - Yeo Eui Island.
- Jeju Island! It's Jeju island! Yay! I win! I won! Jeju Island it is! All right! Yay! How do you feel? It's tomorrow.
I still don't know, I haven't felt it.
- Have you packed your bag? - Yeah, all the basics.
Jjang! - What is this? - Quick open it! Just rip it open! Hey! What do you mean by that? We surfed the Internet and they mentioned that underwear and nightwear are important items for the first night on a honeymoon! As well as fragrance! You take a shower first, Seung Jo oppa! Then, you wear the sexy underwear, like this.
Next, you spray some of the perfume.
Put on light make up too! Most importantly, when you take a shower - What's that? - You cannot hum to yourself.
Why? Men get scared if you're too powerful.
Hey, does Baek Seung Jo kiss well? Hey - Tell us! - Does he kiss well? - Hey! - Was he good? Was he good? How did he do it? Stop! This What is this? It's silverware and a china set.
Hey! Why did you buy them? Even though I wasn't supposed to do anything, I thought I had to.
I bought a set of blankets too.
It's in the room and I don't know if you'll like it.
Oh you Sadon (In-law), please take care of us! Yeah! Please take care of me too, sadon! What do we do? - Hyung.
- Yes? - You asleep? - Nope.
It did happen, you and Oh Ha Ni.
Seems like it.
- Why? Don't like it? - Of course.
Oh Ha Ni isn't smart and is careless.
And she's stupider than anything else.
She tried to save me although she couldn't swim.
Even if you're mean towards her, she still smiles.
I'm going to marry a girl who is much smarter and prettier than Oh Ha Ni.
All right.
But, I approve of you marrying Oh Ha Ni.
Although I really like you, but to be honest, it is true that you have problems with your attitude.
That's why, I feel that you should get married with someone like Oh Ha Ni.
You did good, congratulations! Ha Ni, I'm very happy now.
Because you Ha Ni, are very happy now right? If you're happy, I'll be happy too.
Congratulations, Oh Ha Ni.
Have sweet dreams and I'll see you tomorrow.
What's this? What about having a midnight chat? Good night.
What are you doing out here and not sleeping? I can't sleep.
What about you? Me too.
- Dad.
- Yeah? Thank you for raising me this well.
You can't cry or your eyes will be swollen tomorrow and everyone will be laughing at the bride for not being pretty.
I told you not to cry.
Why are you crying? I'll smile.
Tomorrow, you have to smile too.
A single dad raising a daughter.
It'll be ugly if we cry tomorrow.
Ok, I'll smile.
That's right.
- Dad.
- Yeah? Should we practice? Yeah, sure.
Let's start.
- Ah, you're here.
- Congratulations.
- Ah, you're here.
- Congratulations.
- It's been a while - Your daughter-in-law is really pretty.
- You've over-praised - Congratulations.
- This is my son - Congratulations.
Thank you.
I heard your child is going to get married next month too.
- Yeah.
- Director.
- Congratulations.
You have to visit no matter how busy you are.
- Of course, thank you.
- 1, 2, 3! Good good.
Min Ah, come over here.
Me and Min Ah are a set.
Mm, really pretty.
I'm going to take it.
Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Congratulations, Ha Ni! Teacher! You're pregnant? That's great! This is really embarrassing.
Ha Ni, really congratulations! To be able to get married with Baek Seung Jo, you're awesome! You've succeeded! Succeeded! Ha Ni, we'll meet later.
Yeah, thank you.
Ha Ni, congratulations! - We'll leave first! - See you later.
Our teacher's really awesome too right? Did you see? You should get pregnant soon too.
Ah, Oh Ha Ni! You're pretty.
You too.
- It's great, that it's you.
- Why? Luckily Baek Seung Jo chose you and not me.
Yeah, it's because of this, that I like him.
Have you thought about it? It's hard.
What's hard about it? What I'm trying to say is that Baek Seung Jo knows how to choose a good woman.
Hae Ra You have to be happy and you better make me jealous.
I really want to get married too.
Yeah, I'll work hard.
Hey, don't work hard.
Once I hear you'll work hard, I'll feel afraid.
Oh Ha Ni's determination and patience and if you add on her hard work - Everyone will lose! - Yeah.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
See you later.
You're here? Wow, you're so happy that your mouth is going to crack soon.
You look pretty cool.
Of course, so you have to be careful.
Ha Ni might see me and change her mind.
Who knows, I'll hold Ha Ni's hand and we'll run out together.
Sorry for the interruption.
We'll be soon starting the wedding of groom, Baek Seung Jo, and bride, Oh Ha Ni.
What do I do now? It's going to start soon.
- Are you nervous? - Yeah.
Aigoo, will you make a mistake again? Like dropping the ring on the floor or stepping on your own gown.
Hey, don't say stuff like that.
Do you want me to send you a wedding present? Present? Yeah, what? Your ear.
What? In today's wedding ceremony, as you can see, there is no officiator, and that is why they will say their vows themselves.
Please start.
I, Baek Seung Jo, vow to my bride, Oh Ha Ni that I will love and honor her, in good times and bad times.
I also vow to respect my elders and be a devoted husband.
I, Oh Ha Ni, vow to my groom, Baek Seung Jo that I will love and honor him, in good times and bad times.
I also vow to respect my elders and be a devoted wife.
The bride's father and I have been best friends since we were kids.
During middle school, I would often go over to his house.
I owe him a great deal.
It has been like this in the past, and it will be the same in the future as well.
There isn't anyone in this world who is as kind and warm as he is.
This is how I've always felt.
Now this wonderful friend will become my in-law.
My friend, I am extremely grateful that you're letting your precious daughter marry into my family.
As I thought about what I want to say, I recalled my own short married life.
I remember it was snowing hard on our wedding day.
On Christmas night, we ate noodles.
We wished each other "Merry Christmas" and this was how we spent our Christmas.
After we had our Ha Ni, my wife passed away.
I wept while I carried Ha Ni.
I can recall all these memories.
Although they may not be of any great importance, but these memories make me happy.
Perhaps because they are the trials that we experience together.
My mother-in-law used to say that Ha Ni resembles Noah's snail.
She knows the path that she has to take.
Furthermore, she is always wearing a smile on her face.
As I watch her grow up, I've always felt apologetic towards her.
From today onwards, she has a protective and handsome husband who will be by her side.
My heart is finally at ease.
Seung Jo, thank you.
I hope that you'll always be alongside our Ha Ni.
Now it's time for the exchange of rings.
The bride and groom will exchange rings.
Where did it go? I found it.
Thank you.
You're a dimwit.
Don't laugh at me, Baek Seung Jo.
The truth is that you really like me, since a long time ago.
What? What are you talking about? Our second kiss was at the villa and not in the rain.
You stole a kiss from me whilst I was sleeping, didn't you? Why are you being shy all of a sudden? Hey, what? Everyone, the bride is very forward.
Great! Everyone, let's congratulate the happy couple and give them a round of applause.
Wow, it's beautiful.
Let's stop and enjoy the scenery.
Let's take a look before we continue with our journey, please? It's too beautiful.
Look at the color of the ocean.
Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't it feel like we've come to the South Pacific? How is it possible that ocean is so blue? What's the matter? Are you still sulking? If you're done, we should go.
Right now, we'll show you a video of the bride and groom when they were growing up.
Please enjoy the food while you're watching the film.
Oh, so cute.
Oh, absolutely adorable.
Hey, she was pretty even when she was a little girl.
This little child has gradually grown up and turned into the fine young man over there.
Huh? Is that Hyung? Yes, that's your Hyung.
Oh, I can finally lift this weight off my shoulders.
I dislike keeping secrets.
Hey Seung Jo, you should live a more carefree life too.
A more carefree life, okay? Well, Mother did go a little overboard.
She had to show those darn pictures.
Hey, hey, where are you going? Where are you going, Baek Seung Jo? When are you going to stop following me around? Well Hae Ra, aren't you feeling hungry? It looked like you didn't eat anything just now.
Can I buy you a meal? The hotel is different from what I imagined it to be.
It's gorgeous here.
Our room is that way.
Ugh! So irritating.
What sort of man are you to have so little strength in him? Sorry.
Oh my, what a coincidence.
Are you staying here too? You don't remember? We were seated next to you on the plane.
Yes, how are you? How are you? Go and get us checked-in.
We had such a hard time finding the main entrance to the hotel.
We had to go through the back way.
I'm going crazy.
Oh, I didn't get a good look when I was sitting next to you, but you're handsome.
I'm surprised that you aren't an actor.
Yes, we had better be leaving too.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Hey You seem to enjoy eating hot dogs.
Hae Ra, you don't like hot dogs? Then we should eat something else.
No, that's all right.
Let's eat.
Shall I tell you an interesting story? Oops, an eye booger.
What is this? What is this? It's a notice about a hot dog eating competition.
Eat thirty hot dogs in ten minutes, and you can enter the final competition in New York.
You can go to New York.
The rules are that you have to be between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.
I can enter the competition.
I'm 21 years old.
Right? This Hae Ra.
Hae Ra If I eat 30 hot dogs in ten minutes, then it means I eat one hot dog in 20 seconds.
It can be achieved, right? It looks like it's possible.
Do you want to enter the competition? Of course, I want to enter the contest.
Just think about it.
I get to eat as many hot dogs as I want, and I also get to go to New York.
Moreover, I could get a grand prize if I win.
If I win, I'll buy you lots of good food to eat.
How about we practice first? I'll eat this hot dog and you count from 1 until 20.
All right.
One, two Oh, you laughed.
Is your body all right after that day? You played tennis for a long time.
It didn't bother me at all.
What do you mean it didn't bother you at all? You played tennis for 4 whole hours.
Sunbae, did you wait there for 4 hours? Huh? Let's eat the hot dog.
It is lovely here.
The ocean is just in front of us.
It's too beautiful.
I will work hard.
Although I'm lacking in many areas, I'll work hard.
I'll become a good wife.
Oh, what to do? The mood is so romantic now.
Is this your room? Our room is over there.
It must be fate.
What kind of candlelight event is this? This candlelight dinner program is a favorite amongst the newlyweds staying at our hotel.
The dinner course alone is well-liked by our guests.
We have received many good comments.
Salmon, Roasted pork, lobster, and Caesar salad.
Live music and souvenir pictures.
Can we have this? Since today is a workday, we'll throw in a free bottle of red wine.
Really? A candlelight dinner topped with a free bottle of red wine sounds great.
What do you think? All right then, we'll do this for our dinner tonight.
Yes, I understand.
We will contact you once everything is ready.
Just come to the restaurant located next to the pond.
Apart from you, there is one other couple who also ordered this dinner course.
With only two couples, the atmosphere should be nice.
Another newlywed couple? Oh my! I heard the hotel has a program for couples on their honeymoon.
I thought it was going to be a bore, but this is rather romantic.
Our fate must be quite extraordinary.
Am I right? It would have been wonderful if we had arrived from the airport together.
We took half a day just to find this place.
We couldn't find the road.
It wasn't only the road you couldn't find.
But the both of you look young.
We're 21 years old.
We are about the same age.
This is definitely fate.
But you got married pretty early.
Yes, well Was it a shotgun wedding? We are 11 years apart.
But doesn't it seems as if our age difference is even wider? Would you like some more wine? Yes.
You're great at pouring wine as well.
Since we're of the same age, we can drop the formal language, right? It's up to you.
Do you think you are drinking rice wine now? I don't know the correct way to drink wine.
Please drive slowly.
Drive slowly.
I feel like throwing up.
Then why on earth did you drink so much wine? Are you okay? I'm all right.
Here are your chicken noodles.
Please give me a fork.
A fork? This is not spaghetti.
Every dish has its own way of eating it.
For this kind of noodles, you have to use chopsticks.
Only then will it taste good.
Here are the chopsticks.
But I don't know how to use chopsticks.
Isn't your mother a Korean? Didn't you learn how to use chopsticks? You need to learn the basics first.
Do you know what I mean by basics? Basics? You hold the chopsticks like this and at these two places, you have to apply pressure.
Then you hold the first chopstick in the original position.
You move the second one up and down like this.
Like this, okay? Are you paying attention while I'm explaining all this? Not this way but this way.
Like this.
That's correct.
Wow, this building is stunning.
They modeled it after the Grand Mosque at Djenne, Djenne? Yes.
The mosque is in West Africa.
They say the Grand Mosque is the largest mud brick building in the world.
Ah, they use mud bricks.
How do they maintain this replica mosque? They repair the mud walls once every year.
Do you see those projecting wooden stakes up there? They step on those when they climb up I see what you mean.
Seung Jo, you seem to have a wide knowledge.
Is it because you're a medical student? Going on a sightseeing tour with you will surely be fun.
I'm going to tag along with you.
Are you all right? You finished two bottles of wine by yourself last night.
Do you remember? Really? This is interesting, isn't it? Let's go over there.
It's beautiful.
Right? Sorry.
We should take a look over there.
This is exciting.
Look over there.
Excuse me.
As her husband, would you please take better care of your wife? I'm in this jam all because of your wife.
I'm sorry, Ha Ni Actually, I'm worried too.
I worried that Seung Jo is attracted to my wife.
What? Seung Jo!? My Seung Jo has no interest in that kind of women, especially those who are so thick-skinned.
What do you mean by that kind of women? What thick-skinned women? My Hyun Ah is lovely and kind-hearted, but she is often misunderstood.
Actually she is a warm and sweet girl.
Frankly speaking, she is too good for me.
Oh dear, those two are certainly hitting it off.
How about going to the other museum once we're finished here? I heard that it's a lot of fun there.
Let's go and take a look, all right? Come on.
I am sorry.
What the heck! Wow, this is cute.
How about getting this for Eun Jo? I don't think we need to buy it.
Put it down.
Did you not see what happened? Never mind.
Why aren't you dressed in a more fashionable manner? What is this? We went to many places today.
We must have visited several museums.
Aren't you tired? You had to drive too.
Do you want to take a shower first? Huh? All right.
Oh, what to do? The time has finally arrived.
What should I do? Who is it? It's us.
Please open the door.
What now? How about drinking champagne with us? This is really expensive.
How are you? Your lunchtime seems a little late.
Would you like to have a glass of wine? No, we're fine.
I hope you have an enjoyable time.
Today is our last day.
What is this? We didn't even take a single picture.
You don't have to worry about that.
Huh? Why? I haven't spent any alone time with you since we came here.
So could we just spend the day together, just the two of us.
How about it? Sure.
Really? Oh, I am pretty.
That is why Baek Seung Jo married me.
Seung Jo.
Seung Jo.
Who could it be? I don't know.
Seung Jo, please help me.
Can you tell me exactly where it hurts? I don't know.
It just hurts.
Hyun Ah.
Hang on.
Is it here? No.
I don't think it's there.
Then, is it here? Here? No, don't touch her.
Please stop.
How about here? Here, it hurts right here.
Don't touch another woman like that.
Oh Ha Ni, what are you saying? I don't like it.
I don't like it when you touch another woman.
Oh Ha Ni, you are married to a doctor in training.
Don't tell me you're upset because I'm touching a sick person's body? Aren't you embarrassed? If you don't like it, then you and I can't be together.
Do you understand? Ha Ni.
Run after her quickly.
Ha Ni.
We are alone at last.
Seung Jo, you don't like Ha Ni nor do you want to touch her, right? This is such a waste.
I wished you had met me before Ha Ni.
Then Then I would never have given you another glance.
- What? - It is because we met in this place, so I had no choice but to speak with you.
Don't you even dare compare yourself with Ha Ni.
I can't find her.
You said you wanted the two of us to spend time together.
So how come you ran off on your own? Are you still mad? Try putting yourself in my shoes.
It would be strange if I weren't mad.
But you're pretty when you smile.
I feel good when I see you smile.
That tickles Hey, that tickles.
It tickles.
No, stop it.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I feel like a fool.
I can't believe I was jealous over such a small matter.
Silly girl.
You're cute, sometimes.
Occasionally, you're pretty too.
But why do I like you so much? You're not really beautiful but you're cute sometimes.
Why is it that I think about you all the time? Girl, what kind of spell did you cast on me? Wait wait a moment.
I need to prepare What do you need to prepare? That is Stuff that a woman needs to prepare.
Forget it.
I can't wait any longer.
Good morning.
Why didn't you sleep a little more? You must be tired.
I'm sorry.
The alarm clock went off at 5 am this morning.
So what happened? I was anticipating a delicious breakfast made by you.
Hyung, you know there is still time to reconsider.
Ha Ni, have a seat.
Do you want to wash up before you eat? Yes.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Aren't you going to the library? I'll go wash up now and we can go together.
Are you preparing to get into the nursing course? Yes.
My son is going to be a doctor and my daughter-in-law is going to be a nurse.
Oh, this is too perfect.
I need to wait for a spot to open up before I can take the entrance exam.
Or else, I don't even have to chance to take the exam.
Ah, really? Even if you do take the entrance exam, it doesn't mean that you'll pass.
It's better if you don't take the exam at all.
Baek Eun Jo.
Watch what you say from now on.
She's your sister-in-law now.
Oh, that's right.
You need to register your marriage.
I'll think about it.
What on earth are you saying? I know you're busy, but no matter how busy you are, this matter has priority.
Ha Ni, later on you and Seung Jo should go and get Like I said.
Let me think about it.
What? What do you need to think about? That is putting her name on our family register.
I'll have to wait and see.
Is this something a man should say after coming back from his honeymoon? That's because you pushed this on us, Mom.
Baek Seung Jo, what in heaven's name are you saying? Thank goodness Ha Ni's father isn't around.
What do you need to think about? Well, it's hard for me to say but I just feel uncomfortable.
I feel like we're being forced into a lot of things.
It's not something you wished for too, right? Is that so? What should we do then? Yes.
Well, how about the transfer to the nursing course? If you managed to pass the exam, then we'll register our marriage.
What has that got to do with your marriage registration? That's not possible.
Why? Don't you have any confidence? You don't seem willing to make the effort to pass the entrance exam.
No, that's not what I mean.
If there are no vacancies in the program, then I can't even take the exam.
Sooner or later there will be a spot for you.
Main Translators: thesexy-orange, fluffybear Spot Translator: soluna413 Timers: KimT, benchmarkjoe Editor/QC: sayroo Coordinators: sayroo, cute girl What? He said I have to pass the entrance exam before registering our marriage.
We should just go ahead and get it done ourselves.
Marriage registration.
- I like Mr.
- What? It was love at first sight.
But Mr.
Bong says he has someone that he already likes.
Is that true? You must be happy.
A married woman who is now involved in a scandal.
- You're jealous.
- You are jealous, right? - No, I'm not.
- I think you are.
It won't be the same in the future without Chris.
What's wrong with you, Bong Joon Gu? Why did you come here? I must be insane.
I have already applied for a transfer.
If I do pass, then on Christmas day, you and I are going on a date.
Hey, what are you doing? Come here.
Eun Jo.
I want to go on a date with Oh Ha Ni badly.
I'm going crazy just thinking about it.
My goodness, I'm late already.
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