Pluto (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[ethereal music playing]
[TV static playing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells, fades]
[Ochanomizu] Hey there, friend.
[officer] Yes, sir?
You've been standing
a goodly amount of time.
Why not take yourself a little break?
[officer] I couldn't, Professor.
Not while I'm on duty.
Protecting you
is of the utmost importance.
No one's coming after me. I swear.
This is too pleasant of a Sunday
for a homicide.
[officer] But if I should lower my guard
and something were to happen to you, sir
I know the Bora Fact-Finding Mission
may have lost a few old members recently,
but it doesn't mean the sky is falling.
Really. I don't see why anyone would go to
the trouble of killing me to begin with.
Most of all,
I can't enjoy this rare day off
with you stuck to me
like very diligent glue.
[officer] Forgive the intrusion, sir.
[chuckles] Oh, no. Don't apologize.
You're fine.
I'm just being a bit of a pill is all.
By the by, what's your name, son?
[officer] Sir. I am PPB-4988-1327.
[Ochanomizu] A fine registration number,
but not what I meant.
You have a name, do you not?
I'd love to hear it.
Yes, sir. I'm called Yujiro.
Quite the moniker. That's the sort of name
that will open doors for you.
[Yujiro] Sir?
[Ochanomizu] Maybe you'll lead
the department someday.
[Yujiro] Uh, Professor! That seems unsafe!
[Ochanomizu grunting]
[motors whirring]
Well, I'll be!
[motors whirring]
[footsteps approaching]
It's a little robot dog.
Someone must have thrown it away.
[Yujiro] Please step back.
There could be a bomb inside.
[motor whirring]
I'm sure it's fine.
[Yujiro] It doesn't seem to be explosive.
[Ochanomizu] You've seen some hard living.
Let's take this little fella back home.
[Yujiro] Excuse me.
But the robot dog.
What are your plans for it, sir?
Fix it up, of course.
[Yujiro] Fix it?
Not for nothing that I'm the head of
the Ministry of Science.
[electrical crackling]
[electrical crackling]
Hang on, little guy.
You'll be back on your feet soon.
Your actuator
has weathered a lot of damage,
but the circuits in your brain
are the real issue here.
- [phone ringing]
- [Ochanomizu] Hmm?
- [ringing stops]
- [device chirps]
Ochanomizu here.
Professor. Good afternoon.
I'm sorry to call you on your day off.
Not the Ministry of Defense again.
I really do apologize
for bothering you so much.
But the committee meeting is next week,
and they're demanding an answer.
They wanna send more troops
to the Kingdom of Persia.
As you know, Professor,
we can't move forward on this
without your permission,
and time is growing short.
You can pester me as often as you want,
but I've made up my mind!
Please, sir.
Robot or human, I don't give a damn!
No more killing each other!
The United States of Thracia
insists on the matter.
Well, it's not their decision to make!
No self-respecting scientist
will create robotic weaponry!
- [loud thud]
- [man gasps]
Without fail.
[phone ringing]
- [device chirps]
- Don't you know when to take a hint? Oh?
What you yelling about, Grandpa?
Oh, goodness. Hello there, Takashi.
Been a while, yeah?
Uh, I can call back if you're busy.
I've always got the time for you.
Something you'd like to talk about?
Mm-hmm. There was a tornado offshore
that showed up out of nowhere today.
Oh! [laughing]
Now me and Bobby are playing together!
So the two of you are getting along?
Oh, you bet!
Did you know you gave him to me
two whole years ago now?
Some of the kids have robot dogs
that are newer,
but Bobby is better
than all of their dogs put together.
He plays with me every single day.
What a pal.
What are you doing today, Grandpa?
Something fun?
I'm fixing up a robot dog I found.
This fella's much older than Bobby there.
Older than Bobby?
Are you sure you can fix it?
Course I can.
Just kidding, Grandpa.
You can fix anything.
That's right. You can count on it.
Talk to you later?
You betcha.
[device chirps]
Back to it, then.
[Ochanomizu] I know it's a long shot,
but I'm looking for a KD-8083 booster
and an RSC-2969 router.
[man] They're practically museum pieces.
I called a bunch of suppliers,
but I'm not having any luck.
Ah. Says here
that they've both been discontinued.
Nakamine Trading might stock a few of 'em.
Not in this case.
There's just no demand anymore.
So I see.
It looks like they completely overhauled
the specs for these things
about four years ago.
Should I keep up the search?
No, it's okay. Thanks for your help.
[device chips]
I betcha we changed those parts you need
in the name of so-called "progress."
[electrical crackling]
Let's see if I'm still any good
doing this barehanded.
[electrical crackling]
[emotional music playing]
[electrical crackling]
- [monitor beeping]
- [electrical crackling]
[emotional music continues]
[monitor beeping]
Sorry, little guy.
I tried my best to help you,
but it wasn't enough.
Not your fault. You tried your best too.
Whoever you belonged to,
they must have taken top-notch care of you
your whole life. Yes, they did.
That's the reason you've lasted
as long as you have. I'm sure of it.
It's plain as day
that somebody really loved you.
[Ochanomizu gasps]
[dog barks faintly]
Even now,
you're still trying
to get up to play with me?
[Ochanomizu] Just rest.
You've done enough.
[motors whirring]
[long beep]
[doorbell rings]
Who could it be so early?
[Yujiro] Professor.
Ah, good morning, Yujiro.
I tried my best to save
that robot dog, but
[Yujiro] Actually, sir,
I have a gentleman here
who claims to be the dog's owner.
I'll check his identification
and do a full body scan before
There's no need for all that.
Just show him in.
[Yujiro] But, sir?
It'll be fine.
[footsteps approaching]
[man] Thank you for trying, sir.
I'm sure you did all you could.
In the end, I just wasn't able to fix him.
Please don't blame yourself.
I was able to use his onboard GPS
to track him before it failed.
Who would've guessed
the search would bring me
to the great Professor Ochanomizu himself?
[Ochanomizu] Here, I made us some tea.
[man sighs] Thank you, but, no.
Because you're a robot? Unless I'm wrong.
[man] Tell me. Were you sad?
The dog.
When it died because you failed it,
did that make you feel sad?
How sad were you during the war?
A lot of robots died then.
Who are you?
Out with it!
You want to know who I am?
You may refer to me as Goji.
[unsettling music playing]
Can it be? The very man responsible
for the Kingdom of Persia's robot army.
It would be a very easy thing
for me to kill you, Professor,
which is why you're going to summon Atom.
I know someone who's eager to battle him.
You really think I'm gonna summon the boy
because I fear for my life?
I'm not calling Atom here to fight,
and there's nothing you can do about it!
Ah, I should've explained it more clearly.
Atom's opponent
does not lie in wait for him here.
He waits within a tornado
striking elsewhere in Japan.
[Takashi] Hey, Mom, are we okay?
It's getting closer.
[Goji] A tornado
within sight of your grandson.
You can make
whatever kind of threats you want.
No matter what happens,
I'll never let Atom
do battle with another robot!
You said before that your name is Goji.
So the Kingdom of Persia's
genius robot-maker was one himself, then!
Genius might be
something of an exaggeration.
- But at the very least
- [snarling]
I made a robot
that can generate tornadoes.
- [rapid beeping]
- Mmm, what is it, Bobby?
[Goji] A robot that murders
with absolute impunity.
Robots cannot kill human beings.
Why is that?
Because we don't even
give them the option to.
Article 13
of the International Robot Laws.
AI was developed with built-in systems
to keep humans safe.
We left none of it to chance.
I can promise you that.
Simply wonderful.
Professor Ochanomizu,
you really are a titan
within the field of robotics.
Your creations are some of
the most advanced to walk the earth.
The divide between robot and man
is shrinking.
What do you think will happen
when robots get really close to human?
Even when they're almost us,
robots will never kill humans!
What is it that lets you cling
to such a blinkered view?
I have to wonder.
Maybe you're an optimist.
Or just a raging hypocrite.
[unsettling music continues]
[Goji] Shall we test your hypothesis
right here and now?
Can I kill you? Yes or no.
What's your endgame, Goji?
Who are you even?
The 39th Central Asian War started
because of rumors that were swirling
around you and your work.
They said you built
an army of advanced robots
for the Kingdom of Persia,
as well as other robots that were intended
for use as weapons of mass destruction.
All those rumors,
where did they come from?
The United States of Thracia.
And does Thracia have
a perfect record of telling the truth?
No. That's why we sent over
the fact-finding mission.
And did you find what they said?
We did not.
There was a huge pile of junked robots
but no weaponry.
[Goji] You found nothing.
And the Kingdom of Persia burned anyway.
[Ochanomizu] Is this your vengeance, then?
You're picking off the former members of
the Bora Fact-Finding Mission one by one.
Is that your game, Goji?
Is that what this is?
You're trying to destroy Atom
and the robots like him
because they aided the peacekeeping force
one way or another.
[Goji laughs]
There, you see?
Your theory is without merit.
[Ochanomizu] Huh?
If I can seek revenge, why not murder?
[Goji laughing]
[phone beeps]
Oh. Hey, Grandpa. I have a question.
Do tornadoes ever stay
in one place for a while?
[Goji laughs]
And Bobby's eyes,
they started to glow, and they won't stop.
You're going to send in Atom
any minute now, Professor.
Bobby's a smart dog.
Follow his lead, Takashi.
I'll call you back a little bit later.
[Goji laughs]
About time they arrived.
The police, I mean.
You killed Yujiro out there, didn't you?
[man 1] Squad B, circle to the back.
They'd only rush over here
under one scenario.
If Yujiro's signal went dead.
[man 1] Squad C, below the veranda.
Professor Ochanomizu.
Were you just running down the clock?
[man 1] Squad A has secured
the property's entrance.
[tense music playing]
Here, Professor!
[grunts] How on earth
[eerie music playing]
Come back!
- No!
- Let him go, Atom!
Take him out!
[man 2] Hurry up! Don't let him get away!
Oh no! He didn't hurt you, did he?
I'm fine, my boy.
But how did you know to come here?
It was because of Bobby.
Takashi's dog sent out
an emergency transmission.
When I heard it,
I called the police immediately.
I wasn't sure, but I thought
something bad might be happening.
Clever lad. Thank the stars.
So that's why you rushed over.
What do you mean,
"Thank the stars?" I don't get it.
No need.
[Atom] So why is Bobby freaking out?
- Damn it!
- [tense music playing]
- [gasps]
- [man 3] We found him!
[tense music continues]
Ah! [splutters] Cockroaches!
[officers groaning]
I could swear
they carried something off with them.
- Hey, check it out.
- Huh?
[ominous music plays]
[man 4] His AI is missing.
Uran went to check on Takashi?
Uh-huh. When Bobby sent out
his emergency transmission.
I tried to stop her, but she took off
for their house at top speed.
[wind gusting]
[Takashi's mom] Takashi!
We have to go to the basement now!
Grandpa told you to be careful, right?
- [ominous music playing]
- [Bobby snarling]
[Takashi gasps]
Okay, Bobby. You don't have to pull.
[screams, grunts]
What is happening
at Takashi's house, Professor?
Please tell me what's going on.
I can't help if I don't know anything!
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[siren wailing]
[Abullah coughing]
Fatima, please!
Open your eyes, my love! Fatima!
[whimpers] Fatima, no!
Where are my children?
Murat! Lola!
[siren continues]
My son.
Murat! No!
[Abullah gasps]
[Abullah] Where is Pluto?
[man] His transmission cut off, sir.
[Abullah] So his system overloaded.
Very good.
Then every part of him
has been taken over by righteous hatred.
[wind gusting]
[Takashi screaming, grunting]
[groans, gasps]
Mom! Can you hear me? Please wake up!
You're not allowed to die.
- Mom! Just open your eyes!
- [barks]
[sobs] What am I supposed to do, Bobby?
[grunts] The basement.
We'll be safe in there.
[gasps] Hey, Mom.
Are you okay? I'm right here.
- [Bobby snarling]
- What's the matter?
- [Uran] Is anyone here?
- [Bobby grunts]
[Uran] Bobby?
I'm glad you're okay, boy.
Are Takashi and his mom nearby?
Easy, Bobby. You're all right.
There, see? Nice and quiet.
It's like we're
in the eye of the storm, isn't it?
Are Takashi and his mom in the basement?
What's wrong, Bobby?
Something out there?
[Nakamura] Any cops on the scene?
[officer 1] We can't reach
the local force. The signal's too weak.
Try not to worry
before you need to, Professor.
Keeping your people safe
is our top priority
- Contact Europol right now!
- Huh?
- I know who's at the bottom of this.
- Bottom of what?
The culprit who has been targeting
the world's most advanced robots
and murdering those human beings.
The mastermind is Goji!
And who's that?
He's the scientist who designed
the robot army for the Kingdom of Persia.
Rumors about his work there are
what set off the 39th Central Asian War.
Dr. Goji!
[officer] Detective Gesicht
is their agent on the case.
Did you say Gesicht?
Patch me in to the detective at once.
Maximum priority!
I need to tell him what I know right away!
Drive faster.
It's imperative we get there soon!
[Ochanomizu] Atom is already en route.
[pensive music playing]
[Atom] Uran!
Atom, is that you?
[crackling] I'm headed your way right now!
Say that again?
Your signal is coming in really messed up.
[crackling] I'm almost there, okay?
Can you hear me?
Uran, I can't
- [loud rumbling]
- [gasps]
[grunts] What was all that? Why did I
[Atom gasps]
[muffled] 500 Zeus a body.
What do you say?
[Atom] Gesicht?
[Uran] Atom!
Uran, I'm almost there!
[Uran] Turn around!
[Atom] Huh? No! I can help!
[Uran] Please! You have to stay away!
[wind gusting]
[tense music playing]
I'll save you, Uran!
Atom. No!
Run away! I'm begging you!
[water crashing]
[rumbling, crackling]
Get to safety!
No, Atom! What are you doing?
Take Bobby and get down
to the basement! You hear me?
- [Uran] Yeah! But what about you, huh?
- [Atom] Just go!
[Uran gasps]
[Atom gasps]
What is that? [gasps]
[creature growling]
[Uran] What is that thing? [gasps]
Stay behind me, Uran!
[Atom grunts]
[Atom screaming]
[shouts] Atom, no!
[lightning crackling]
[Uran gasps]
[water burbling]
- [wind gusting]
- [lightning crackling]
[Uran whimpers]
[Uran whimpers]
Can you hear me?
[Uran panting]
Hey. Wake up, Atom!
You're the best robot
in the whole world, Atom.
How are you dead?
[Gesicht screaming]
[Helena panting, grunts]
I'm here, Gesicht! What's wrong?
[breathing heavily]
[Helena] Another nightmare? A bad one?
[splutters] Yeah.
I'm okay now, Helena.
Please try not to worry about me.
- It's just that
- Hmm?
This was different than my usual dream.
[Helena] You should reach out
to Professor Hoffman in the morning.
It couldn't hurt.
Yeah. I'm sorry if I startled you, dear.
It's pretty late.
I'm surprised you were still awake.
Well, tomorrow's the start of our trip,
and there are a few sketches
I need to finish for work
before we leave the country.
I get it. Just don't exhaust yourself.
Want me to sit with you for a little bit?
Gesicht, what's going on in there?
Nothing. Just thinking, that's all.
I'm feeling better. I mean it.
[breathing nervously]
[Adolf] Damn it, Adolf. Stop shaking.
He's just a filthy robot!
[Adolf grunts]
[man 1] I've tailed him long enough
to say that his intentions are clear.
As soon as he works up the nerve,
Adolf's going to destroy Gesicht.
[man 2] Of course. That fool.
And just when we need Gesicht
in one piece more than ever.
Public opinion needs to be
what kills the robot.
[man 1] I agree with you completely, sir.
See that Adolf is dealt with.
Thanks for taking the time, Professor.
I know how busy you are,
and I didn't want to add to that.
No worries. That said,
we should discuss this dream of yours.
Of course. This was different
from the dream I've mentioned before.
Ah, so now you're having dreams, plural.
What's it about, this new one?
Uh, I've kind of been afraid
to go back over it while I'm awake.
I put it in my trash bin
and haven't looked at it since.
Probably better that you didn't, really.
Think so? I wasn't sure.
There's always the off-chance
it's a virus.
And besides
Oh. Excuse me.
I was just thinking about
how humans put unpleasant thoughts
in our emotional trash bins,
though it's not nearly as foolproof.
Please don't get hung up on it.
Can I ask you about something else
before you go?
[Hoffman] Hmm?
Someone's been tracking my movements
pretty consistently lately.
Tracking how?
He tails my car sometimes
and stakes out my home at night.
Think you've picked up a stalker?
Can't say.
Your line of work is rather volatile.
Serve as a detective long enough,
and you're bound to run afoul of someone.
But I very much doubt this shadow
you've picked up
will go to the trouble
of following you to Japan.
You and Helena leave this evening, right?
We do.
Relax and enjoy your time away.
If this whoever-they-are
is still sniffing around
once you're home again,
we'll get it figured out.
Until then
When you're back,
you'd better regale me with stories.
Their science and technology attractions
are top-notch.
[Hoffman] I know that.
But it doesn't answer my question!
If you took valid memories from his AI
and replaced them with events
Do you have the slightest idea
how much we've invested in Gesicht?
[Hoffman gasps]
All you need to do is
see to his maintenance. That is your job.
And only that.
[Adolf] Today.
I have to do it today.
Before he leaves on his trip.
Reroute away from my current destination.
Go to my brother's grave.
Lend me some of your resolve.
Help this coward
to see the matter through.
What in the hell?
[woman on speaker] All standby passengers,
please proceed
to the info kiosk at gate 68.
[Helena] How are you feeling?
[Gesicht] Hmm? Mmm.
Better now, thankfully.
Glad to hear it. You had me worried there.
Hard to believe we're doing this.
Haven't traveled in forever.
I know what you mean. Is something wrong?
[Gesicht] Sorry, it's an emergency call.
Yes, Detective Gesicht speaking.
What? Where'd the explosion occur?
[man on TV] Breaking news.
According to the UPB Network,
around 10:00 a.m. local time
in the south coast of Japan
- [gasps] I don't believe it.
- Tell me. What kind of bomb did they use?
Gesicht, look.
Huh? Uh, excuse me for a moment.
- [Gesicht grunts]
- [Helena gasps]
- What's the matter?
- The newsfeed. You have to see this.
I repeat, the robot Atom,
beloved by so many around the globe,
is confirmed dead.
- Atom, dead?
- [ominous music plays]
He can't be!
around 10:00 a.m. local time
in the south coast of Japan,
the world-famous robot Atom
was confirmed dead.
- [Gesicht gasping]
- [Helena] Gesicht?
[Gesicht] Was he [grunts]
Was he the one who killed Atom?
The killer. He didn't go down with Brando.
My dream last night!
I woke up right when Atom died!
I thought it was a nightmare,
but what if it was a message?
Unlock trash bin! Show contents!
What's going on?
[high-pitched eerie sound playing]
[static playing]
[Atom] Listen, Gesicht.
[Gesicht] Atom!
Listen to me.
You and Pluto are both the same.
Are you the one
who murdered me, Detective?
[Gesicht grunts]
[muffled] 500 Zeus a body.
What do you say?
[Helena gasps] Gesicht!
- [unsettling music playing]
- [Helena] Gesicht!
[train horn wailing]
[man] Oh my God!
Someone call an ambulance!
[eerie music playing]
[man 2] Yes, that's a good boy.
Try and walk to me. Come on.
I can't believe it! You're walking, Tobio!
Look, he did it.
He's actually walking, Gesicht!
[eerie music playing]
Do you want to know who was here?
My infant child!
[man 3] His AI keeps malfunctioning!
- [man 4] Artificial neuron overload!
- [man 3] There's no virus!
[Hoffman] Scan his memory.
Prepare to reformat on my command!
- [long beep]
- [grunts]
[beep stops]
[Hoffman] You gave us a scare, Gesicht.
Are you all right?
Uh I Yeah.
All systems are showing green.
His functions are back to normal.
Uh, how about you just
lie down and rest for a while?
I'm not kidding. You collapsed
in the middle of the airport.
[Gesicht] Can't. I have to go.
[Hoffman] Are you serious?
Sorry, Professor.
I got an emergency call from HQ.
You're okay. I'm so glad.
I hope you can forgive me.
I didn't mean to ruin our vacation
before we even took it.
- It's all right. Honestly.
- [elevator dings]
[elevator door opens]
Well then, I'll be back.
[elevator motor whirring]
It makes sense
that you'd be worried about him, Helena.
Jumping right back into the saddle
after what happened today?
I'll be fine.
Focusing on work will be
more of a comfort to him
than having us go to Japan
on the heels of Atom's death.
Poor Atom.
I still can't believe he's gone.
[man 1] Let's try this again, Mr. Haas.
You can't think of anybody
who might have a grudge against you?
Why do you insist on asking me
the same questions over and over?
What, did you forget the part where
your car went up in a giant ball of fire?
Whether you wanna admit it or not,
someone definitely tried to kill you.
I told you I have no idea, okay?
[Schelling] How'd the forensics pan out?
[man 2] Cleanly.
It supported our initial hunch.
We found fragments of an MZ-390
strewn among the wreckage of his car.
A compact missile launcher so inhumane
that all right-thinking people
have banned it.
What's Haas do for work?
- [man 2] Import-export business, he says.
- [Schelling] Illegal arms dealer, maybe?
His brother was a piece of shit.
Maybe it runs in the family.
We're all thinking it,
so I'm just gonna say it.
I mean no offense, of course,
but given who your older brother was
That is in violation of
the Blomberg Civil Rights Law!
Crimes committed by a person's relatives
cannot be referenced in their questioning.
That question was illegal. You know it.
As ordered, we'll keep him
under police protection.
Huh? Sir, we can't.
You know what happened to his brother.
Need I remind you
there's an MZ-390 mixed up in this case.
If I missed another option, tell me.
No, you're right.
Just having a hard time accepting
that we're gonna go out of our way
and try to guard this guy.
[Schelling] The prosecutors don't know.
The people involved are none the wiser.
We know, and that's it.
The burden is ours alone.
Ignorance is bliss, right?
[door opens]
Thank you for your time.
You're free to go, sir.
I think we've got what we need for today.
He's on a flight to Japan by now, damn it.
- [device chirps]
- [automated voice] Received at 8:23 p.m.
Adolf dear, you didn't come home again
last night either. Are you okay?
I know work keeps you busy,
but at least try to call.
I guess we'll talk later.
[Adolf groans]
[automated voice] Received at 12:13 p.m.
[distorted] I'm masking my image
so I can reach out safely.
[Adolf] Huh?
Adolf, consider this a warning.
You are in mortal danger.
Your actions have become a liability
to the health of the organization.
[Adolf splutters]
Our leader decided
you are to be disposed of.
[Adolf] The old man.
He wants me disposed of?
Hold on. Don't tell me
he was behind the car blast.
[automated voice] Received at 3:45 p.m.
Adolf, hello.
Why did he call?
I heard someone blew up your car today.
He called right after it happened,
but he couldn't have known about it yet.
You're not safe on the move.
You should stay right where you are.
[Adolf gasps]
Don't forget, we're all behind you.
[Adolf grunts]
Have to go! There could be another bomb!
[breathing heavily]
[footsteps approaching]
[tense music swells]
I'm Detective Gesicht with Europol.
[Adolf whimpers]
I've been assigned
to protect you until further notice.
[Hans] That's awesome!
And what happened
to the bad guy then? I gotta know!
I bet you caught him, huh?
How'd you get him?
Hey, did you shoot a rocket
out of your arm and blow him to bits?
Huh? Isn't he great, Dad?
This is the coolest thing ever.
How do you know this guy?
He's like a robot super detective
from a comic.
Oh, and he's nice too.
I'm like the president
of the Gesicht fan club now!
Good morning, Adolf.
[Hans] Huh?
Time for us to go.
[Gesicht] Yes.
All right, Mr. "Robot Super Detective."
You can stop
filling my kid's head full of lies.
Sorry. That wasn't my intention.
Tell me this. If you're really
such a cream-of-the-crop detective,
why'd they tap you
to be my glorified babysitter?
I'm just doing as they instructed.
They didn't share their reasons with me.
Even though it cost you your Japan trip?
I didn't realize you knew
about my canceled vacation.
Uh, your boss mentioned it
while he had me on the phone before.
Level with me.
Do you happen to hate my kind?
If that's the case,
then I'm sorry you ended up
with a robot for a bodyguard. Truly.
I'm going to check your desk
for explosives.
It's all clear.
There's nothing out of the ordinary.
[groans] Okay.
That was the final portion of your office
I had to inspect.
If you need me for anything,
I'll be one room over.
Please consider me at your disposal.
[Adolf] Forgive me, brother.
If only I had a way
to destroy that bastard here and now.
I have him in the palm of my hand!
[grunts] Damn it!
[footsteps approaching]
I know what you cops think.
You all figure I brought this on myself.
Would you care to elaborate?
Innocent people
don't get their cars blown up,
so I must have been involved
in something illegal, right?
You say you're here to protect me,
but I know you're really here
to help them make a case.
[scoffs] Good.
Investigate me all you want, Detective.
You don't mind the intrusion?
Do it. But the moment you're done,
I want you out of my hair.
Is that understood?
Your import-export business.
What sort of goods do you handle?
You have eyes. Read it yourself.
It looks like the bulk of your sales
are of computer parts and systems.
I see there's mention in here
of travel to Persia
right after the Central Asian War.
It's not a crime to travel.
Post-war reconstruction's
the easiest money out there.
Tens of thousands of businesses
rushed over for a piece of the pie.
Too bad for them.
Not many companies are cleared to handle
Class-A confidential projects like this,
but it's very good for me.
Thanks to our steady track record,
they know they can trust in my discretion.
[Adolf scoffs]
TV, on.
[woman on TV] The body
of Ronald Newton-Howard,
world-renowned robotics expert,
was found at dawn on the 5th
in the suburb of Canberra, Australia,
he had long made his residence.
Dr. Newton-Howard is known
for his discovery of Photon Energy
You see that?
Another dead robot scientist.
were driven into his head like horns
Wait, what did she just say about horns?
I received the report earlier.
I don't need to watch that.
I've heard of this Dr. Newton-Howard guy.
Yeah, he's the scientist
who made Epsilon, isn't he?
Epsilon, one of the world's
most powerful
Shouldn't you be
heading down to Australia?
The person who created one of your friends
just got murdered horribly.
[Gesicht] My mission is right here.
Thank you for your concern.
Huh. I wonder
if Epsilon's gonna mourn his death.
I'm sure that he will.
You think so, huh?
A mourning robot?
Then why don't you go
comfort him, Detective?
Go check on your friend! Robot to robot.
He needs you! Do it!
My mission is right here.
Thank you for your concern.
Don't be dense. This is obviously
the same killer as the other ones.
You were the designated agent
on the case, were you not?
We have logged
several "copycat murders" as of late.
There's been no evidence to suggest
they're the work of the Horns Killer.
Have I got something to show you, then.
They mentioned the Bora
Fact-Finding Mission on TV earlier.
You've heard of Kara-Tepa Prison,
I assume?
[Gesicht] It's a high-security prison
in Persia,
run by the United States of Thracia.
[Adolf] My company was tapped
to install their tech systems,
but then, one day, they report a problem.
Someone tried to erase the footage
from the solitary confinement cells.
So they called us in
to troubleshoot.
We all thought
it would be an easy fix initially,
but it was more complicated
than we'd planned on.
We ended up having to swap out
some of the prison's hard drives to do it.
This video is from one of them.
- [distorted dialogue]
- [Adolf] Piqued your interest yet?
[Gesicht] Yes.
That audio. It sounds like a voice.
Hold on.
I think I can clean up that signal a bit.
[static playing]
[distorted voice] Lanke.
Tazaki. Newton-Howard.
[distorted voice] Lanke.
Tazaki. Newton-Howard.
- This footage. I don't believe it!
- [Adolf grunts]
What do you think?
He's mumbling people's names to himself
like a mantra.
Or maybe it's more like a curse
since they're the names of people
who've been killed.
I think I can enhance the visuals
with my image stabilization functionality.
- [Gesicht typing]
- I told you, didn't I?
Why settle for guarding me
when you could be out there
solving these interconnected murders?
[Gesicht] Mr. Haas,
you know what type of inmates
Kara-Tepa Prison contains, don't you?
They use it to house war criminals.
Going by the specs, that is.
And only the most dangerous
of the bunch, at that.
Very good. The image is clearer now.
Tazaki. Newton-Howard. Ochanomizu.
- [Gesicht] Is isn't this?
- Huh?
Reinhardt. Lanke.
What were you thinking? Why did you keep
such important information to yourself?
It's just a grainy video
of some crazy inmate!
Why the hell should I care about it?
Do you have any idea
who that man in the cell is?
Dictator of the former Kingdom of Persia!
- [static playing]
- [Gesicht] That's Darius XIV!
[Adolf] Huh?
He's a shadow of his former self
from being locked away.
Ochanomizu. Hoffman.
[doorbell rings]
- [unsettling music playing]
- [Hoffman] Yes, coming!
Professor Hoffman is on the kill list!
He's in danger!
[Hoffman screaming]
Why did my laboratory just explode?
[air whooshing]
Wait a minute. You're Epsilon.
You're in danger, Professor.
I had to extract you with all due haste.
Getting you to safety is my top priority.
Aren't you supposed to be a pacifist?
I'm pretty sure
that's the common perception.
This has been rather rough so far.
The scientist who created me
was slaughtered.
Sorry if I'm not more gentle.
I'm on the verge
of losing all self-control.
So what happened?
Were you able to get a hold of Hoffman
and warn him he's on the list?
[Gesicht] No.
I'm not sure where he is at the moment.
I asked HQ for a team to find him.
Why not go and check
on the good professor yourself?
It's thanks to him
you even exist in the first place.
[Gesicht] At the moment,
I'm more worried about your video.
With this prison footage come to light,
Darius XIV may be
at the center of this web of murders,
which means that what you showed me
is a crucial piece of evidence.
But that's classified.
It could have something to do
with the attempt on your life.
- They can't afford to have you sharing it.
- Huh?
[Gesicht] Am I wrong?
[Adolf sighs]
- [glass shattering]
- [Gesicht] Hmm?
- [Adolf whimpering]
- [device beeping]
- Get down now!
- [Adolf groans]
[device thrumming]
[Gesicht straining]
[Adolf groans]
- [electrical crackling]
- [unsettling music playing]
A Photo-Thermal Smart Bomb.
Those were used in the war, weren't they?
They could vaporize a person
in a single flash of super-heated energy.
[Gesicht] Where'd it come from?
Help me get out of here alive.
I'll tell you everything you wanna know.
I'll spill my damn guts!
Just get me and my family
into witness protection.
I'm actually a member of a radical
a radical anti-robot organization.
That's who tried to kill me
with the car bomb and just now.
They're certain I've betrayed them.
Are they usually this violent?
You know that robot judge
who just died in a blast in Berlin?
That bomb was their handiwork.
If you're a fellow member, what made them
suddenly decide you needed to die?
[Adolf] I'll testify. I swear to you.
Get us into witness protection,
and I'll tell them everything.
If we don't leave right now,
they're going to kill my wife and son.
Calm down. That's not going to happen.
It seems like
you're finally telling me the truth.
I'll make arrangements at once.
Your wife and son will be protected.
- Take courage in that.
- [Adolf sobs]
[Gesicht] For now,
step one is getting you out of here.
[man 1] Adolf Haas
is being protected by Gesicht.
[man 2 laughs] The irony of it is sublime.
Yes, sir.
But now that he's betrayed us
to the robot,
it'll only be a matter of time
before Adolf tells them
everything they need to bury us.
I trust you're not squeamish.
What is that thing?
[man 2] It's the same weapon
Adolf bought to try and kill Gesicht.
Death to the machines
and damnable traitors alike.
[Gesicht] We're almost there.
The safe house isn't far now.
I promise you'll be out of harm's way.
What about my wife and son?
We've secured them both already.
They're on their way here as we speak.
[Adolf sighs]
Any word on Professor Hoffman yet?
Our attempts to locate the professor
have come up empty.
[Hercules] Hell of a distance to fly
with some robot holding you by the scruff.
Have at it. I'm sure you're thirsty.
Oh, thank you for that.
[Epsilon] It was necessary.
It's safer for him out here.
You're not keen to fight,
so you're leaving him with me.
Is that the idea?
Do what you want.
I like your plan, actually.
This juicy of a target in plain sight's
gonna lure 'em into the open.
[Hoffman] Huh?
Besides, I don't put a lot of stock
in having you watch my back
when it's go-time, Epsilon.
Someone murders your creator,
and you run for the hills?
Professor Hoffman, there is something
I would like to ask you about.
The clandestine meeting
you and two other scientists
once had at Kimberley.
That doesn't ring a bell.
It was seven years ago.
If it helps to jog your memory,
you met Dr. Ronald Newton-Howard
for the first time.
Right. My getting to speak
with Dr. Newton-Howard face-to-face
was such a treat.
The man
who first discovered Photon Energy.
[Epsilon] These secret talks.
A third scientist took part in them,
did he not?
Uh, yes.
A Japanese scientist who had invented
the ultimate AI neural system.
- [ominous music plays]
- Dr. Tenma.
And what was the purpose
of this meeting, Professor?
We intended to share our research
with each other for the greater good.
How was that gonna work, huh?
By combining the sum
of our considerable knowledge,
we wanted to make a robot
who could help us end wars
and keep the planet safe.
[Epsilon] Professor Hoffman,
inventor of zeronium.
Dr. Newton-Howard,
who discovered Photon Energy.
And Dr. Tenma,
the leading authority on AI brains.
What happened
once the three of you were together?
Dr. Newton-Howard and I
were fully committed to our goal,
so we both put all of our cards
on the table.
We laid our findings bare.
But then
Spit it out.
When the time came,
Dr. Tenma refused
to share any research with us.
I still remember what he said.
[Tenma] The perfect robot brain.
It will be capable of suffering.
Hatred. Error. It cannot be avoided.
[Hoffman] He didn't reveal any particulars
of his own body of work,
but he absorbed my
and Dr. Newton-Howard's work at a glance.
He grabbed it and ran?
It wasn't a bunch of papers
he could throw into a case.
Our combined research should've defied
any attempt to understand it
without the years of scholarship it took.
But that's exactly
what Dr. Tenma did that day.
The word "genius" doesn't even begin
to cover the scope
of that man's intellect.
No. It's more accurate to say
that he was the one
with the perfect brain.
As he left the meeting,
he spoke one final time.
[Tenma] Let this be a warning.
- Be careful what you wish for.
- [both] Huh?
[Tenma] Stop trying
to make robots more human.
Give it up,
or something terrible will happen.
Though it might already be too late.
[waves crashing]
[Epsilon] Where is he now?
Tell us if you know, Professor, please.
Where do we find Atom's creator?
Place an outgoing call for me, please.
[automated voice]
Who should I connect you to?
[Ochanomizu] Dr. Tenma.
[Ochanomizu] Excuse me, Dr. Tenma.
My name is Ochanomizu,
and I've been put in charge of
the Ministry of Science as your successor.
Honestly, it's a shame to see you leave
the Ministry behind like this, Doctor.
As creator of the perfect AI brain,
you'll be missed around here.
[Tenma] Computerized brains are not
something a man creates, Ochanomizu.
When pushed, they grow.
The sting of frustration, profound sorrow.
These are the things
that push a robot's brain to improve.
Thanks to Article 13 of the Robot Laws,
all robots are equipped
with a control device
that dampens certain extreme emotions.
Having not known those deep emotions,
their brains are incomplete.
You can say they're not created,
but you yourself created Atom,
and he is an absolute masterpiece.
A masterpiece?
Is that what you think?
Atom is
an utter failure.
[phone ringing]
Hmm? Tenma?
[automated voice]
The person you want to reach
is not in our directory.
The person you want to reach
is not in our directory.
[Hoffman] Dr. Tenma had withdrawn
from the scientific world.
He'd vanished
into the underbelly of society.
When we were setting up
the conference at Kimberley,
our only option was
to try and reach him via the Internet.
Didn't know if he'd reply.
Looking back at the conference,
I'm surprised
he even took the trouble to show up.
From then on,
no one's had the slightest inkling
of where Dr. Tenma could be.
Do you believe he went there to warn you?
"Stop trying to make robots more human."
"Give it up,
or something terrible will happen." Right?
I wonder if he pulled it off.
His ideal robot.
Do you think Dr. Tenma finally
brought his theory to life?
[Hoffman] It frightens me,
but I think that he did.
[Gesicht] Detective Lieman,
I've confirmed that Professor Hoffman
escaped the lab explosion.
That's correct.
Hercules reached out to me
a few moments ago
to bring me up to speed on the situation.
Yes. I'm thankful he's all right.
That was too close of a call.
Have you been able to make any progress
analyzing the video data
provided by Mr. Haas?
Hey. I I wanna hear what they found out.
The results are conclusive.
That's definitely video footage
of Darius XIV shot in Kara-Tepa Prison.
The names he keeps repeating to himself
are all those of members
of the Bora Fact-Finding Mission in Persia
before the war, which is chilling,
given that three of those people
were murdered as of late.
But legally, we cannot prove that
this is a legitimate assassination order.
Darius XIV would have a compelling reason
to want revenge
upon the people involved with the mission.
[Lieman] Indeed.
The Kingdom of Persia was plunged into war
as soon as their team left the country.
But isn't it true that they never found
any robots of mass destruction?
And that had been the reason
to invade, hadn't it?
They didn't find anything,
and Persia was still attacked?
No wonder Darius XIV wants them dead.
[Lieman] They didn't come up empty-handed.
This is classified intel,
but here on a list of items
the mission discovered in Persia,
they included
"a special chip for the creation
of a highly advanced robot brain."
However, that isn't proof
they were trying to develop a robot weapon
in and of itself.
What is the model of the chip in question?
Hmm, let's see.
Says it's called the "Tenma chip."
The Tenma chip.
- By the way, Mr. Haas.
- [Adolf] Huh?
We are still investigating
the anti-robot organization
that's been trying to kill you.
But there's a chance
there are other parties entirely
who would like to see you dead.
People wouldn't blink at murder in a bid
to suppress the data you were sitting on.
[Adolf groans]
[Lieman] We'll question you
more formally later.
For now, head to the safe house
with Detective Gesicht right away.
You're in good hands.
What about my wife and son?
How are they doing? Tell me!
Your family is in protective custody
already, sir, so please try to relax.
Detective, I'm counting on you.
- [Adolf groans]
- Something wrong, Mr. Haas?
[Adolf] I I feel sick.
I can pull over at a rest stop.
Let me check to see if the bathroom
[motor whirring]
[Gesicht] No sign of weapons.
Inside the building,
we have an all-purpose sanitation bot
with no higher AI.
[Adolf retches, coughs]
[knocking at door]
Occupied. Go away.
[knocking at door]
This stall is occupied, damn it!
What in the hell?
Why was a cleaning robot
knocking on the door?
- [robot] I have a message.
- Huh?
Unless you want your family
to die alongside you
you will murder Gesicht.
[Adolf grunts, gasps]
- [robot] I repeat.
- [whimpers]
Unless you want your family
to die alongside you,
you will murder Gesicht.
- [Adolf screams]
- Hmm?
[Gesicht] Mr. Haas!
- [Adolf grunting]
- [metal clanking]
Mr. Haas! Stop it! Stop hitting it!
[Adolf screaming]
[both grunt]
I said stop!
[Adolf whimpers]
[Gesicht grunts]
[Adolf groans]
[Adolf grunts, pants]
[Adolf] There it is.
At last.
You've shown your true colors, Gesicht.
I wonder if you had that same
look in your eyes back then.
The same as back when?
Is that how you looked
the day you saw my brother
and did the impossible?
What are you talking about?
[Adolf] You're the one.
The one who murdered my brother!
A stinking robot!
[unsettling music playing]
[Ochanomizu] How can you
call him a failure?
- [tense music playing]
- Atom is a masterpiece.
The very pinnacle
of scientific achievement.
[Tenma] Professor Ochanomizu.
You've made it clear
you don't understand a thing
about computerized brains.
Frustration, intense hatred.
That seething hatred
that could lead someone to murder
under the right conditions.
Those are what
robotic brains need to grow.
You're wrong, Dr. Tenma.
You may be a genius, sir,
but you are gravely mistaken.
A brain capable of error.
That's what it means
to have reached perfection.
And that is what will finally give birth
[music swells, fades]
to the greatest robot
the world has ever seen.
[mysterious music playing]
[music fades]
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