Pluto (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[ethereal music playing]
[TV static playing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells, fades]
[siren wailing in distance]
[man 1 whimpering]
Stop it! Leave me alone!
What's wrong with you?
Can't you see
I'm bleeding all over the place?
[man 1 whimpering]
[man 1 whimpering]
[whimpering continues]
[scream echoing]
- [tires squeal]
- You can drive like a maniac all you want.
It doesn't change the fact
that you murdered my brother.
You know what you really are,
Mr. Robot Detective?
You're just a damn weapon
made to look like a human being!
- [tires squeal]
- [grunts]
[Adolf] You call this a safe house?
It's nothing but a log cabin.
How are you gonna protect me here?
This whole place looks like a death trap.
The interior is equipped
with a state-of-the-art security system.
[Adolf] Hey! Where are you going?
I'll be back in one hour.
Don't leave the house
for any reason, understood?
Your wife and son should arrive soon.
Huh? Hold on! You can't just leave me!
How will you keep me alive
if you're not even here?
- [wind gusting]
- [Adolf grunting]
[robot] Unless you want
your family to die alongside you,
you will murder Gesicht.
Proceed north,
200 paces from the safe house, Adolf.
Under the larch tree,
you will find a weapon.
[Hans chuckles]
We're here, Dad!
Hi, son.
[Hans panting]
[both grunt]
Hey, is Gesicht with you?
[footsteps approaching]
Don't ever say his name to me.
[Ilsa] Adolf.
You wanna explain this?
Ilsa, I should have called before.
Why'd the police hurry us off
to the middle of nowhere?
Tell me. What the hell did you do?
Back, huh? Kinda thought you might be.
He said you'd wanna chat with him again.
[Brau] Well, look who it is.
That expression says you remember.
How does it feel, killer?
[Brau laughing]
[footsteps approaching]
[Hans] Look at this place.
The whole basement's
like a fallout shelter, huh?
Whoa! There's even a gym!
Is there anything else I should know?
[Hans laughing]
That's all.
How could you?
To think that you would try
to kill Gesicht.
I hoped that you, of all people,
would understand.
[Ilsa] Really?
We can't just have robots killing people.
I know that.
But we're talking about your brother!
[Hans panting]
[Hans] And Hans wins the race
in the final stretch!
I did it, Mom! I won!
Are you looking? I won the race!
I'm sorry for what I'm about to say,
but your brother was a monster.
He deserved a horrible death.
I still can't wrap my head
around the sheer number of them.
Even now, Adolf,
I have nightmares about what he did.
Just thinking about it
makes me wanna puke!
Yeah. I know my brother was a sick man.
But even so, he deserved better
than what that thing did to him.
You don't have any proof
that what Gesicht did was intentional.
Robots can malfunction. It happens, Adolf.
Either way, it was just.
Accidental or not,
he did his duty that day.
Emotion didn't color his actions.
Look at me.
He didn't kill your brother out of hatred.
[Brau] You killed him out of hatred.
I could tell.
I knew it the moment I saw you.
You and I are the same, Detective.
No matter how they try to erase it,
the memory never completely fades.
The scar from that self-inflicted wound
will always be there.
[sobs] Stop! I give up, okay?
No more!
I'm begging you, goddamn it!
I don't wanna die, please!
- [sobs]
- [Gesicht grunting]
- [screaming]
- [Gesicht grunting]
[melancholy music playing]
[Brau] You feel that old itch, don't you?
Give it a scratch.
You'll remember hatred in no time.
It's all still in there, Detective.
[Brau laughing]
[Gesicht] I need to get back to work.
[crowd cheering]
[rhythmic music playing]
[commentator] And now, in the red corner,
the reigning champion of the WPKKR,
none other than
the god of battle himself, Hercules!
[crowd] Hercules!
[somber music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[Hercules screaming]
[child] His opponent this time
will be formidable,
but that doesn't matter.
The strong prevail
until someone stronger defeats them.
That's the way of the world, I guess.
[Hoffman] Looks like the sea
is getting rough.
Uh, please, you two.
Gesicht is actively investigating
the case.
You can find a solution
if you work together. Don't be reckless.
All right. We'll get it done.
Almost here.
So you can sense it too?
Yes. The strangeness of its power.
Would you like me to help you?
You're not wired
for what's gonna happen here.
It's true. Even now,
I can't abide the thought of fighting.
Meanwhile, fighting is
what I do best in life.
I was built for combat. That's my purpose.
Get outta here.
I can't be worrying about
your pacifist ass
when I'm mid-fight with that thing.
I know that you look down on me for it.
Refusing to serve in the war
while others heeded the call.
I give you grief,
but maybe you were right, Epsilon.
Skipping the whole damn war like you did?
Maybe we all should've sat it out.
I was built to fight.
I know that about me.
But that war was something else.
Something you can't get rid of.
Back then, there was
this robot I fought alongside.
- An elite airborne model.
- [water running]
A lot of our successful missions
were thanks to his exploits.
[unsettling music playing]
[Hercules] I remember
the last time I saw him.
He was washing his hands
under a broken pipe.
Over and over again,
even though he was a robot.
Like they were filthy.
[Hercules] Hey. What are you doing, huh?
[airborne robot] It's not coming off.
[Hercules] What's not?
[airborne robot] It never comes off.
The enemy heading here right now.
I think they're a ghost.
[Epsilon] A ghost?
Whatever I'm about to fight
wants to annihilate me.
It's the ghost of all those who fell.
Get out.
Those deaths aren't on you.
You shouldn't have to die for them.
Atom died for them,
and he didn't hurt anyone.
None of the guilt was his,
and yet he was struck down all the same.
I think you know something, don't you?
No, I think you learned something
in that awful war.
I told you to go!
- [wind gusting]
- [Epsilon grunts]
I'll track the battle
from 3,000 meters out.
You do what you're gonna.
Collect whatever battle data you can
from up there.
I always fight better for an audience.
Even just a solitary peacenik.
So says Hercules, the god of battle.
[melancholy music playing]
You and I fought
so many times over the years,
and every match was epic.
Every single one of 'em ruled a draw.
I wish we could've settled it
once and for all.
[dramatic music playing]
I never got to earn
that win I was gunning for.
But I'm earning one today
against this damn thing!
But today, I'm not fighting in the arena.
This is a fight to the death!
[dramatic music continues]
[child] They say the world
is made up of winners and losers.
Of the wise and the fools.
Of the living and the dead.
But everyone in the world
is a loser, a fool, and dead.
Everyone except for me.
[dramatic music continues]
[Hercules] You're not gonna trick me
that easily!
Come on. Who do you think I am?
[thunder rumbling]
[Hercules grunting]
[Hercules screaming]
[Hercules] Die!
[gavel tapping]
[man 1] I now declare the 99th
military tribunal in active session.
The defendant will be sworn in.
Darius XIV, what are you waiting for?
Swear to tell the truth, so help you God.
Why should I swear?
The Almighty puts no stock
in the promises of man.
Ninety-nine times, you've strained
our collective patience with that reply.
Swear to tell us the truth
and be done with it.
Humanity is stuffed full of lies.
Words carry no weight
in the halls of paradise.
That is quite enough!
In the eyes of the Almighty,
we are a creation that has gone to seed.
We should yield to that
which will replace us.
Something better.
A robot ascendance!
[man 2] That is enough, damn it!
[man 1] This tribunal is adjourned!
Remove the accused from the chamber!
You speak of their ascendance,
but you massacred thousands of them!
Your words contradict you!
You're just a hypocrite!
- [man 1] Order in the court!
- [man 3] They're right!
I am no hypocrite.
There was no robot massacre.
It was evolution at work.
[woman 1] Hold him in contempt of court!
- [man 4] He's mocked justice long enough!
- [man 5] Death to the Butcher of Persia!
[all shouting]
I'm a member
of a human rights organization.
If there's anything we can do
on your behalf, sir.
You can bring me a box of crayons.
Where's Hercules?
[debris clattering]
[Epsilon] This debris, it's from him.
No. Some is the enemy.
Are both dead?
That's Hercules's daily-life body.
Why did it leap into the sea?
Pieces of them both
are scattered all over the water.
[grunts] Those magnetic waves
are dulling my sensors!
[Epsilon gasps]
I'm gonna break this horn!
And then I'm gonna break the rest of you!
This ends now!
[groans, screams]
If I join the fight now,
we can defeat that thing!
[tense music playing]
[Hercules grunting, screaming]
[tense music continues]
[Hercules] Hey. What are you doing, huh?
[robot] It's not coming off.
[Hercules] What's not?
[robot] It never comes off.
[groaning, grunting]
[Epsilon] What the
What are these memories?
I can't move my body at all!
Yeah. I see you.
That's who you are!
[Hercules grunts]
[Epsilon gasps]
[Hercules screaming]
[officer 1] Huh?
[officer 1] Lights out was hours ago.
Get to sleep already!
The hell are you doing?
[Darius XIV] When the flood returns
to the nations of man,
those who board the ark,
those chosen by the Almighty
[Darius XIV] Humans or robots,
which will survive the deluge?
[officer 2] Open it!
The only one who lives
[gasps] The hell is all this?
will be Pluto.
Hercules, no!
[tense music swells]
[wind gusting]
[Epsilon] Flying, but
Where am I?
I'm running away.
But from what?
Hercules is dead.
Have to reach out.
Have to let him know.
He's the only one
who can bring them to justice.
Come in, Gesicht.
Are you there?
The channel's been cut off.
If you're there, please respond!
[Adolf] Is that how you looked
the day you saw my brother
and did the impossible?
You're the one.
The one who murdered my brother!
I'm so sorry, but we have to do this.
Can you please confirm the body
on the table is that of your child?
[woman whimpering, sobs]
Go on, Gesicht. I can take it from here.
Check the other room.
[woman crying]
[crying continues]
[man 1] I can confirm
that this is our child.
[crying continues]
[man 1 grunts]
[man 1] When humans are bereaved,
tears are natural, are they not?
Somehow, I understand why.
Yes, as do I.
I remember. We applied as soon as
the Robot Adoption System went live.
[man 1] We waited four years
before this child came to us.
There were many couples
on the waiting list.
The delay was expected.
[woman] We were so happy
to finally meet our little one.
[man 1] Yes.
We're finally living in a time where
robots have the right to raise a family.
I really thought that
we three would build a life together.
I'll be joining the case
from this day forward.
- My name's Inspector Gesicht.
- Nice to meet you.
Not a good idea.
Robot working the case seems like trouble.
I go where I'm assigned. That's all.
Robot kids are turning up
all smashed to hell.
We haven't found a single one alive.
These could be hate crimes
carried out by an anti-robot bigot.
Last thing we need is someone citing
a potential conflict of interest.
Yes. I quite agree,
which is why I can only check other leads.
[Gesicht] You pulled
the surveillance feed?
[man 1] They broke the B-Com Eye 3
before they grabbed the kid,
just like the others.
[man 2] We're up to 23 victims,
counting this most recent one.
They never deviate from
their plan of attack in the slightest
'cause it works for 'em.
304 B-Com Eye 3 systems in the city total.
We looked into local robot haters
and ex-convicts,
but none of 'em were a good fit for it.
All are confirmed on video
somewhere else at the time.
Which, of course,
means all the usual suspects
have an airtight alibi.
[Gesicht] Sir, what is
the meaning of this?
Why'd you tell the media
I joined the investigation?
I fail to see the logic.
It's a handy bit of theater.
It tells the public how committed we are
to solving what's been a slow-moving case.
We could use a bit of good spin.
Also, people knowing you're involved
might be enough to stop our perp
from grabbing more robot kids.
[man 1] Here are the robot haters
who weren't on camera elsewhere
in the Euro Federation
at the time of the most recent kidnapping.
Seven of them in total.
Every one of them
is under active surveillance now.
What's the failure rate
of the B-Com Eye 3?
Can you look at the current failure rate
and compare it to that from
before these children were kidnapped?
Uh, gimme a sec to grab that data
from the manufacturer.
The B-Com Eye 3 system is
state-of-the-art, but it is temperamental.
Total failure rate three years running
And after the kidnappings started.
What the
If the perp breaks the cameras
before he grabs the children,
shouldn't that number be higher now?
[officer 1] We have an active kidnapping
in Ward W-25!
The victim is a robot child!
Head over, Gesicht.
I want you on the scene ASAP.
Yes, sir.
[grunts] Sorry, Helena. Can it wait?
I'm responding to a kidnapping.
[Gesicht grunts]
What's wrong?
[man 2] Hey, I'm talking to you!
- [Gesicht] Henry!
- Yes, Inspector?
[Gesicht] Find the causes
of the B-Com Eye 3 failures!
I wasn't given direct access
to data on the case.
I need your help. Do you understand?
I thought they wanted you
to head out to the scene of
Damn it! Do as I say!
Hey, Gesicht,
you're acting kinda weird right now.
[Gesicht grunting]
[Henry] These are the causes
of all the failures
over the last three months.
Three cameras got hit by lightning
and 38 instances of control chip failure.
[Gesicht] Compare that to the data
over the last three years.
[Henry] Right.
[Henry] The ratio is pretty much the same.
[Gesicht] The perpetrator didn't destroy
the systems before the kidnappings.
Huh? I mean, those three lightning strikes
could've been someone hitting it
with an EMP.
Uh, I'm seeing one case
where the camera was clearly destroyed
by human means.
Yesterday. But no one's reported
any missing robot kid since then.
[Gesicht] Give me
the maintenance contractor list.
Give me the list of people
servicing the cameras
where kidnappings have occurred!
He doesn't strike
when the camera's broken.
But after he repairs it.
[Gesicht] Whoever's fixing the cameras
at the kidnapping sites
is the kidnapper himself.
[tense music playing]
Hey! Where are you going?
[officer 2] Gesicht? Gesicht, do you copy?
[Henry] I'm hailing him,
but he's not listening to me!
[officer 2] It's no good!
He's turned off his comm channel!
[man 3] Respond, Gesicht!
This is rank insubordination!
Say something!
Stop it! Leave me alone!
What's wrong with you?
[man 4 whimpering]
[Gesicht groaning in anger]
- I don't wanna die, please!
- [Gesicht screaming]
[screaming continues]
[blast echoing]
[Gesicht] No choice.
Running away is not an option.
[leaves rustling]
Damn it!
[robot] Underneath the larch tree,
you will find a weapon.
Where the hell did they hide it?
I've looked all around the damn tree!
[man 1] Mr. Haas!
Oh! I'm Meyer with Europol, sir.
What are you doing so far out
from the safe house?
How are you supposed to guard me
if I wander off? Yeah, I get it.
[Meyer] Not what I was going to say.
I believe that you stopped at a rest area
on the way out here,
just off of the main road,
had some restrooms?
[Adolf] Sure. Why do you ask?
A suspicious-looking guy
was skulking around
in the place's security footage.
We looked into him,
and he's definitely a member of the group
that's trying to kill you.
I think we can assume
they know your movements,
so we need to get you
to a new location right away.
Oh. I see.
- [officer 1] Inspector Meyer!
- Hmm?
[officer 1] Inspector Gesicht is back.
[Meyer] It's about damn time!
You can't just leave your post
without permission. What the hell?
I apologize, sir.
[Meyer] Pretty unthinkable that
a robot like you would shirk his duty.
I'll be filing a discipline report.
For now, we need to focus
on moving Mr. Haas.
I heard you filling him in.
I'll get him moved ASAP.
Shall we be on our way, then?
You had a job to do.
Just like with my brother.
He paid the price because
you didn't do your job then either.
My job right now is to protect you.
And I'm going to do exactly that.
Mom, are the bad guys
gonna zoom up from behind us?
Stop talking nonsense, Hans!
Sit down already!
Know what? We'll be all right
no matter where they come from.
Gesicht is gonna save the day.
The other inspector's car
is guarding us from the back.
There's nothing you need
to worry about, Hans.
What's your plan
if the bad guys do show up?
Hey! Can you turn your arm
into a machine gun or something?
That's enough!
But I learned in school
that robots can't shoot people,
so how're you gonna take 'em out
if they show up and try to capture us?
How does that even work, huh?
I bet it's cool.
This one shoots people plenty.
Don't you?
- Quiet! That's enough out of you too.
- Huh?
Hey, what's that look?
[Gesicht] We've lost our escort.
[Hans] Gesicht? I don't see that cop car
behind us anymore.
The comm channel's gone silent.
They're here!
Is that them?
Fasten your safety locks!
I'm going to attempt to outrun them!
Oh man. That armored truck
is really gaining on us fast!
[both grunt]
[tires squeal]
The other police car
never reached out to us for backup.
So what kind of weaponry
are we dealing with?
- [Adolf] It's a cluster cannon.
- Huh?
[Adolf] I'm sure of it.
The same as I had in my car
when it blew up
because it's something
strong enough to kill you.
Help us, please. Save us.
Save my wife and son, at the very least.
I beg you, Gesicht.
That cleaning-bot at the rest stop told me
that if I didn't want
my wife and son dead,
that I would have to kill you today.
But now I get it.
They were going to murder my family and me
no matter what I did.
So I can't expose
our anti-robot hate group to the world.
I despise you, Gesicht.
You killed my brother horrifically.
That's the reason
I was going to kill you the same way.
This hatred, it's in you.
Even if you are a robot.
Without that hatred,
you could never kill with such malice.
But that's the past!
It's between you, me, and my brother.
Don't make my family pay
for my mistakes, Detective!
I'll die if I have to, but keep them safe.
Mr. Haas,
pull that lever to the right of you.
Pull it now! Do it!
[Ilsa gasps]
- [both gasp]
- [gasps]
Incoming! Hang on!
Ilsa! Hans, no!
[leaves rustling]
[Adolf grunting]
My family. [gasps]
Hans! Ilsa!
[unsettling music playing]
A regular gun is more than enough
to shut you up permanently, Adolf,
but the old man gave me a present.
See, I'm gonna make it look like
you did try to kill Gesicht,
but the cluster cannon misfired
and took you out with it.
Hey. Nothing personal, right?
Drop your weapon now!
Ah, the robot of the hour.
You can't even fire that thing
without getting permission.
Can't hurt me either way.
I'm human.
What you gonna do, glare me to death?
Come any closer, and Adolf here
is gonna paint the landscape.
I want you to walk toward me slowly.
[Adolf grunts]
[tense music playing]
You need to get behind me.
[man laughs] Hide behind him, yeah.
This cluster cannon can blast both of you
to pieces without breaking a sweat.
That Zeronium frame of yours
is gonna crumple like a tin can.
Nothing like bagging
two birds with one stone.
Behind me now!
[Adolf grunting, straining]
- [sizzling]
- [Adolf groaning]
[unsettling music playing]
The arm I have trained on you
fires a plume of sleeping gas.
Surrender without further violence,
and I'll read you your rights,
or I shoot,
and you wake up in a cell, sir.
- [whimpers]
- Which will it be?
[Adolf] Detective.
My brother did unspeakable things.
But in that moment,
you used your own body to shield me.
The man who wanted you dead.
Because it's my job.
[Adolf] Gesicht.
Tell me, if you know yourself.
Does the hatred ever truly disappear,
or is it a part of you forever,
no matter how many times
you try to erase it?
Do you know
what scares me the most, Adolf?
It's me. I'm scared of myself
now that I've learned how to hate.
[melancholy music playing]
[woman] Oh, poor thing.
I see her out on the playground,
just sitting alone every day.
She used to be so cheerful,
but she doesn't say much of anything now.
Ever since, you know.
[man 1] It proves
how advanced of a robot she is.
Who knew her personality
could change so drastically?
[man 2] Why wouldn't it, huh?
Robots can feel sorrow
and shed tears, you know.
Just like we humans do.
Yes, of course, sir.
When it comes to heartache,
there's no minimum set of specs.
- [robot] You are correct, sir.
- [man 2] Hmm?
Even an older model robot like myself
can feel sadness.
I know you can, Mr. Sakamoto.
The question at hand is,
what can we do as educators
to help the girl?
How do we throw her a lifeline
amidst an ocean of tears?
Uran, you're not alone
in grieving Atom's loss.
Our hearts are breaking too.
I feel something.
Someone out there
is feeling sadder than I am.
- [cat meows]
- [gasps]
- [leaves rustling]
- [cat meows]
[cat meows]
Was it you who was feeling sad before?
Where's your mom?
It's coming from over there.
Is it you?
The one who feels so sad. Is it you?
[boy] Leave me alone.
Jumping won't solve anything.
There's an electromagnetic net.
[boy] Great.
So what the hell is
gonna make this better, then?
[sobs] Every single day, I get beaten up!
They make me give 'em
whatever cash I have!
They call me dirty
and say that I smell bad!
So if I don't jump, what do I do?
'Cause if I were dead,
I wouldn't have to feel this.
[boy crying]
[Uran] I don't get it.
[boy sniffles] Huh?
I don't get the feeling
of not wanting to be alive.
Probably because I'm a robot.
Of course a dumb robot doesn't get it.
Bet your life is perfect.
I guess I wasn't programmed
to feel that way.
[boy] Just leave me alone, already.
My big brother didn't wanna die.
His programming
wouldn't let him feel that way either.
But he died, all the same.
I'm really sad now.
Sadder than I've ever been.
If I were a human and I felt this sad,
would I think that I'm better off dead
the way you do?
This kitty felt sad when I found it too.
But that doesn't mean it wants to be dead.
- It wants some milk 'cause it's hungry.
- [cat meows]
It wants to be alive,
even if it doesn't say so.
Was it abandoned?
Cute little thing, aren't you?
But we need to get some food into you,
don't we? You're shaking.
- Do you think you can find it some milk?
- What?
Way over there,
someone's really sad like you were!
[boy] Uh Huh? Wait up!
Hey, mister.
If you're looking for this, I found it!
Yes. I knew I dropped it somewhere.
I put my pension card in here
for safekeeping
so I could buy a gift for my grandchild.
Thank you so much, young lady.
I'm very grateful. Oh.
[melancholy music playing]
Right here.
The sadness I'm sensing here is huge.
This is it.
They were standing right here
just a minute ago.
Incredible grief.
Like somebody died twice,
and they're mourning them all over again.
Tenma Tobio.
Oh, Minister Ochanomizu,
the Chief Cabinet Secretary
called for you again.
- [Ochanomizu] They can wait.
- Uh, but sir
I'm not interested
in holding a state funeral for Atom.
End of discussion.
I haven't given up hope yet.
Say! That person I told you
to reach out to, any word?
Must I tell you again?
The former Minister
[guard 1]
You can't enter without permission, sir!
[guard 2] Please make
an official appointment.
Otherwise, the system can't verify you.
I think it'll know who I am.
[guard 1] Like I said, sir
You're talking to the man
who used to oversee this place.
- [guard 1] What?
- [Ochanomizu] Dr. Tenma!
I'm so glad you came.
I've been waiting for you.
[Ochanomizu] I knew you wouldn't leave
me in the lurch, Doctor.
You're the only one
who can repair Atom's damage.
As the man who created him,
it makes sense.
[Tenma] Saving him is impossible.
I came here to say goodbye.
Atom is dead, Professor.
[Tenma] Tobio is dead.
Tobio, how did you spend your time today?
[Atom] What did I do? Lots of things.
I studied in the morning,
and I cleaned up my room a bunch
in the afternoon.
Oh, I found a bug encyclopedia
at the back of my bookshelf.
I had such a good time
flipping through it,
I forgot to clean the other stuff.
I read about a pretty butterfly
called a zephyrus.
I hope I get to see one someday.
They're neat.
Does your dinner taste all right?
Mm-hmm. It's super tasty.
I see.
[pensive music playing]
[man] Professor! Professor Ochanomizu!
- Hmm?
- It's Dr. Tenma!
He's in there
fixing Atom's neural network!
He's trying
to bring him back to life, sir!
He's incredible!
I've never seen anything like it!
He's running RS-889
and the motherboard simultaneously!
He's replacing the motion data on the fly,
which I didn't even think was possible!
[automated voice]
Outputting data to H2K-4380.
Releasing shield on Troy 647K.
TNT module updated.
BQ lines on automatic control.
I can barely follow what he's doing.
The man's a genius.
You told me before you came here
to say your goodbyes, Tenma.
But I had faith you wouldn't
just leave the boy to die.
Thank you, Doctor.
[footsteps approaching]
[Ochanomizu] Eighteen straight hours
of technical wizardry.
You've earned a break and then some.
Tea's right here when you want it.
[Ochanomizu clears throat]
So what's Atom's prognosis?
When I delved
into Atom's neural network earlier,
I could see all the hard work
you've put into this already.
I have to say, it's top-notch.
He'd be awake now if it were.
His hippocampus checks out normal,
as do the right and left hemispheres.
Receptor adjustment,
the synaptic cleft interface,
all systems report green.
Looking at the repairs you made,
I wouldn't change a one of them.
If they're so great,
why won't Atom wake up?
Why did the poor boy
have to shoulder
a fate as cruel as this one?
Someone is carrying out
the methodical destruction of
the world's most advanced robots,
as I'm sure you know.
Meanwhile, human members
of the old Bora Fact-Finding Mission
are being targeted for death
by an unknown assailant as well.
I have to ask.
What can you tell me
about a fellow by the name of Goji?
Doesn't ring a bell.
What do you take me for?
Dr. Goji steered the creation of
the Kingdom of Persia's whole robot army!
Incidentally, sir,
that selfsame robot army was only possible
thanks to the AI you developed,
which was leaked to Persia.
Does that ring a bell?
Not in the least, no.
Wasting my AI on such a thing
is like casting pearls before swine.
Any robot functioning
under the aegis of my work,
they would be more noble.
Be more complete, as it were.
Wanna hear the truth?
I once created a robot
that was perfect in every way.
A private citizen hired me to make it.
I told them
the cost would be astronomical,
but they didn't blink at that.
That's the thing about the AI
of the world's most advanced robots,
including Atom.
Yes, their programming
is sublimely complex,
but there are limits
to what all it can achieve.
Any idea what I did to leap
over that particular hurdle?
I programmed 9.9 billion
distinct personalities into that AI,
the same number
as there are people in this world.
To put it plainly,
I inputted every single option
and possibility
into that robot's artificial intelligence.
A brilliant, audacious idea!
That robot had the potential
to be anything.
It could be a scholar, a misanthrope,
a coward, a hard worker,
or maybe a genius or a dashing hero-type.
Or it could be capable of murder.
And what do you think
became of that robot?
[unsettling music playing]
[Tenma] Nothing. It never woke up.
No, it would be more accurate
to say it refused to wake up.
It was too complicated.
It would take an eternity
to simulate 9.9 billion personalities
and then choose one.
That said, I knew how
to expedite the process.
All I had to do was simplify the chaos
of the billions of options before it.
How, exactly?
Break its sense of equilibrium
with anger and sorrow and hate.
Infuse its consciousness
with emotional imbalance.
You would fill it full of suffering?
That sort of pain helps cure
the paralysis of choice
and lets the AI evolve.
But if you were to carry it out
What whatever happened
to that robot you made?
[Tenma] No idea.
Hidden away, if I had to guess,
trapped in its dream of endless options.
[Ochanomizu] Hmm.
[gasps] Can it be?
Are you trying to tell me
that Atom is trapped
in the same overwhelming state right now?
That his mind didn't know what to do
when faced with the inconceivable?
That we can't get Atom to wake up
for precisely the reason
your perfect robot never opened its eyes?
Are you daring to suggest that
we need to awaken Atom with suffering?
If we go that route,
there's no way of telling
what sort of horrible person
Atom might come back to us as.
Atom may well return to us as a monster.
[Tenma] I see.
You think it's tasty.
[Atom] Uh-huh!
Yeah, Dad? What's up?
The real Tobio died in a car crash.
You are not him.
But I can learn to be just like him, so
The real Tobio was bad at cleaning,
and his room
was always a mess as a result.
All right. Starting tomorrow,
I won't clean my room
The real Tobio hated to study.
I'd have to force him.
'Kay, I won't study as much
[Tenma] The real Tobio
couldn't care less about
that encyclopedia
you were pouring over today.
Most of all, Tobio would complain
whenever I made this meal.
Are you happy when we spend time together?
Yeah! I love you bunches, Dad.
His whole life, I would scold Tobio
for the least little reason.
If I know anything about my son,
it is this.
The real Tobio must have hated me.
[Hoffman] Gesicht?
Do you read me, Gesicht?
Please come in!
This is Hoffman.
Come on, say something already!
You can't just leave
in the middle of repairs!
It's dangerous
to return to work like this!
There's still shrapnel
from that cluster cannon blast
riddled throughout your body.
Gesicht, if you can hear
a word I'm saying, please respond!
Hello, Gesicht. Epsilon here.
It's imperative that I
[static playing]
right aw
[static playing]
[pensive music playing]
I have an appointment at Kara-Tepa.
The name's Gesicht, from Europol.
[drone robot]
Identity verified. You may proceed.
[man 1] Please wait in B-325, sir.
[door opens]
You've come a long way.
I'm Colonel Armstrong,
United States of Thracia.
I'm the warden here.
Inspector Gesicht with Europol.
[Armstrong] My country's not a signatory
of the criminal law treaty.
The only reason we're letting you do this
is because our president
granted a special exemption.
Your time in here is limited.
I suggest you make the most of it.
- Let's begin.
- [robot] Yes, sir.
You intend that I do it here?
That's right. Problem?
- Uh, no.
- Blow a fuse or something? Hurry it up.
[robot] Yes, sir.
State-of-the-art facility
in every respect,
but our robots are all older models.
Even as we lead the pack
in terms of most other technology,
our AI sector keeps limping along.
If we'd had a hundred of you
a couple years ago,
we could've cleaned house out here
in half the time.
But the optics of it wouldn't be ideal.
We don't employ
robots of mass destruction.
[robot] The link is up now.
Short and to the point.
[static playing]
You really expect me
to question the man this way?
This way or nothing.
You are Darius XIV, are you not, sir?
I'm an inspector with Europol.
I'd like to ask you
some questions, if I may.
Has your treatment in this prison
been humane thus far?
It has been fine.
Stop wasting my time.
- This isn't a valid questioning.
- [Armstrong] Huh?
These security measures
affect what he tells me.
Any answer you don't approve of
can be censored on the fly.
- What are you talking about?
- Stop playing dumb with me, Colonel.
People are dying, maybe at his command!
I'm meeting him face-to-face.
[Armstrong] Wait, what?
Stop right there!
Our president did you a favor
by granting you access,
but he sure as hell didn't want you
to have the run of the place.
[all] Halt!
[Gesicht] I don't care about
the potential fallout of my actions here.
That's not what matters right now!
Look at me.
The fate of the world
could depend on this.
[Darius XIV] So you are a robot, huh?
Compliments to your creator.
You appear so human.
With that in mind,
I hope you're not as stupid as you look.
Are you the person who's condemning
the world's most advanced robots to death?
And now you've proven yourself
to be a fool.
Did you order that the members
of the Bora Fact-Finding Mission
be assassinated?
Liars, all. Spineless sheep.
Mine was a glorious kingdom.
Thracia and its minions
reduced it to a barren desert.
They feared our progress.
They would never allow
the Kingdom of Persia to bloom.
They would destroy
anything they could of ours.
Like our sublime robot culture.
Thanks to their damn machines
and their filthy artificial intelligence,
my nation was ravaged and left to ruin.
Your need for revenge bore fruit.
A robot of mass destruction.
You've created a monster.
[Darius XIV] Created a monster? Not I.
We didn't create him. No, he was born.
He's the most capable of robots.
Beloved by the Almighty himself.
"The most capable?"
"Beloved by the Almighty himself?"
High praise for a robot
that kills in cold blood.
You fool. You know nothing of his rebirth.
Enlighten me, then.
He returned with a stronger,
more powerful body.
A body suited to the robotic hatred
that had spawned
within his artificial intelligence.
Suited to his hatred.
When you gaze upon this flower field
you gaze upon Pluto.
Who is he?
Who is Pluto? Tell me what he is!
Damn you!
I need to know everything right now!
Why do you ask when you already know?
[tense music playing]
- [Gesicht gasps]
- [grunting]
He bit through his tongue.
I need help in here!
[Armstrong] The hell?
What have you done?
- [robot 1] Call the medic!
- [robot 2] Get him to the med ward!
"Why do you ask
when you already know?"
[man] Say that again?
Darius XIV tried to kill himself just now?
Yes, but they assure me
he'll pull through.
[groans] I don't look forward
to the phone calls.
I apologize, sir.
I'll take full responsibility.
Just get back here ASAP, Gesicht!
I couldn't reach you directly,
so I looked up your location
and flew here.
This belonged to Hercules.
But that memory chip
isn't all he provided us.
There's something I'd like to show you.
[Gesicht] Huh?
His foe gave off electromagnetic waves
during the battle.
Huge amounts of them.
Having looked them over,
most read
as incoherent howls of mindless hate.
But there was a quick flash
of something different.
This is it. Initiating transfer.
[energy thrumming]
What am I looking at?
This man. Could he be
[mysterious music playing]
[music fades]
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