Pluto (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[ethereal music playing]
[TV static playing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells, fades]
[indistinct chattering]
[man 1] Excuse me, sir!
Feast your eyes on these!
For you, the best of prices!
Look at the quality of my rugs.
You'd think robots made them,
but it's all human, I assure you.
Hello, my friend!
If you're in need of robotic parts,
I'm your man.
All of them from the battlefield!
[man 2] Enough already, Gesicht.
Come back home.
We'll handle whatever fallout there is
from Darius XIV trying to kill himself.
I'm not a fan of Thracia
throwing its weight around anyway.
We're fine to push back on this.
Their president just does
whatever the hell he wants.
I'm beyond fed up with it.
That aside,
we're concerned about your condition.
Hoffman's worried that the cannon blast
may have weakened the structural integrity
of your Zeronium frame.
Thank you for your concern, sir.
However, I think I'm on the edge
of breaking this case wide open.
Really? You're that close?
So you must have an idea
who's behind all this.
I do. But if I had to couch it in terms of
the human experience, it's just a hunch.
A hunch? Can robots even have those?
Huh? Hey, Gesicht! You still there?
- [robot grunts]
- [Gesicht] Hmm?
[robot groaning]
Hey, are you all right?
Can you stand? Here, let's get you up.
[robot] Thank you, mister.
I've been clumsy ever since
I got damaged in the war.
I see. Well, good luck to you.
Hey, wait! Wanna buy some flowers?
Actually, I think I'll pass.
I'm kind of in a hurry.
I take credit cards if that helps!
Look, I even got a reader!
I'm only here for a little while.
I don't even have a room
to put them in. I'm sorry.
[robot] Um, mister
I did not mean to keep you waiting.
Please, by my accounting,
you are right on time.
Inspector Gesicht with Europol.
Head of the Persian Republic's
Science Ministry. Call me Abullah.
Something on your mind?
I'm fine.
Oh. Coffee, please.
[Abullah] You can relax around me.
I am a man of science.
They do sell energy catalyst drinks here.
Thank you. I'm okay.
The look on your face tells me
you're wondering if I'd prefer
an energy catalyst drink myself.
Unless I'm mistaken.
Worry not. Your identification system
didn't malfunction.
Most of my organic body was
yet another casualty of the war, you see.
Sorry to stare. That was rude.
Please. I am sorry you had to journey
all the way here to meet with me.
But I'm glad you came to Persia.
You can see how this country is starting
to rise from the ashes of war,
like the phoenix.
Persia was reduced to dust,
but now the bazaars
are teeming with commerce once again.
A friend of yours?
[Gesicht] No.
I met him in the bazaar.
Kids like that
are the ones I pity most of all.
Our economy is lumbering to its feet,
but the forgotten children still suffer.
It is incumbent upon
this new republic of Persia
that we ease the sorrows of those
who have lost so much already.
I'm sure you understand.
[Abullah] So what is it
you wanted to ask of me?
[Gesicht] Yes.
I'll get right to the point.
I know our time is short.
Your relationship with Darius XIV.
What was it like?
We always got along fine.
To those who had proven
they would not betray his trust,
he could be a very kind man.
He had ambitions
of turning this desert land
into a country of verdant greenery.
[Gesicht] A "field of flowers," I believe.
What was your involvement
with a man by the name of Goji?
I never met him.
[Gesicht] You lead
the Persian Ministry of Science,
and you never crossed paths?
By every account, your construction
of such an advanced army of robots
was only possible thanks to Goji's genius.
An empty rumor.
But of course, much was made of Goji
by the Bora Fact-Finding Mission.
Alas, they were never able
to confirm his existence.
I wish that they had, honestly.
I would have liked
to meet this mythical genius.
Fine. What about the Tenma model AI chip
that found its way here to Persia?
The Tenma model chip?
Speaking of rumors.
I have a story I feel like
you would be keen to hear.
They say that Tenma
and your mysterious Goji
toiled to create
the ultimate robot intelligence.
A perfect AI, in other words.
But the robot's artificial mind
was so advanced,
it never actually deigned to wake up.
Rumors say it's still asleep somewhere
in the ruins of Darius's old palace.
Inspector, you could try
to track down this marionette yourself.
I fear our time is up. My apologies.
[Gesicht] Thank you for fitting me in.
One last question, if I may.
I would like you
to take a look at this image.
This young man.
Have you ever seen him before?
No. Never met him.
Thank you, sir.
Know that I appreciate your cooperation.
I hope you can bring
the killer to justice.
Sorry again for thinking
you were a robot earlier.
I hope I didn't offend you.
Course not. Quite all right.
I got it wrong one time before.
It was when I met Atom.
He truly must have been
the flower of robotics
to fool you like that.
He was. Yes.
Also, my system finally pinged you
as a human just now.
Because of the lie you told me.
You said you'd never met
that man in the field of flowers.
According to my analytics,
that statement was a lie.
A robot would have told
the truth, Professor.
[Gesicht] Hmm?
[robot] Hi again! Please buy some flowers!
What, have you been waiting for me?
[robot] Even a single flower.
Pretty please?
I don't want your boss
getting mad at you for this.
If it's not a sale, then move on.
Need a good luck charm?
I've got all sorts here.
Keep it in your pocket,
and this little wonder
will help you find the answers
to all of life's conundrums.
This one is Goji,
the wise sage of the sands.
Indeed. The Almighty fashioned the man
from the desert itself.
They say he went
to the ancient Uzbek king,
who wondered about the truth of this life.
And as soon as that king
had been enlightened,
Goji turned back to sand.
"The sage of the sands."
The robot's artificial mind
was so advanced,
it never actually deigned to wake up.
[unsettling music playing]
[robot] Just one is fine. Please, mister.
Okay, then. But like you said, just one.
[robot] Really? Thanks!
What's your name, anyway?
[robot] Muhammad Ali.
[laughs] That's a lot of name.
[Ali] They say he was the greatest.
Can I live up to that?
Yeah. Of course you can.
[Ali] That's good.
'Cause I want to be a scholar!
You're going to have to study a lot,
but I know you can do it.
[Ali] Do you think I can be like Sahad?
[Ali] Yeah. You showed that man
in the café a photo of him.
[Gesicht grunts]
This is who you mean, right?
[Ali] Uh-huh. He went all the way
to the Netherlands to study
so he can turn this land
into a field of flowers.
He's my hero, mister.
Do you think I can be like Sahad
if I try hard?
[mysterious music playing]
[Ali] What's wrong?
You can do it.
Don't ever lose hope, all right?
[Ali] "Hope"?
Yeah. Hope's important.
[Ali] Whoa!
Will I see you around?
[Gesicht] Yes. I'm sure we'll meet again.
[mysterious music continues]
[woman] But of course.
I remember dear Sahad very well.
He used to be one of my lodgers.
There. That room up on the third floor.
See those beautiful flowers
in all the windowsills?
Sahad planted every one of them. His idea.
They're gorgeous, ma'am.
Ah, so even a robot like you can tell.
The boy studied botany,
so I guess he knew what he was doing.
It's been years
since he planted those for me,
but you'd never know it to look at them.
They're all still going strong.
This one time,
I asked him if there are any flowers
that bloom nonstop and don't wither away.
Those would be easy
to take care of, right?
And what did he tell you?
[woman] According to him,
once they've made their seeds,
flowers ought to wither away.
Can't argue with that, I guess.
[Gesicht] "Flowers ought
to wither away." Huh.
You don't happen to have
a picture of Sahad, do you?
Hmm. I'm sure I did have one,
but it's probably in an old computer now.
Ah, I remember where I packed it away.
- Check in with me later on?
- Thank you.
But if a man from Europol
is asking about him,
does that mean
Sahad's in some kind of trouble?
Huh? No, ma'am.
Glad to hear it.
I don't think that young man
had a single lawbreaking bone in his body.
Sahad was a perfect
little gentleman, truly.
You'd have never known he was a robot
if he didn't tell you himself.
[man] He was an excellent student,
that one.
No, excellent doesn't capture
the breadth of it.
As if it was his whole reason for living.
Can you explain?
Yes. Sahad's home country of Persia
was exceedingly dear to him.
His dream was to see the desert in bloom
and never you mind the odds.
His research was as novel
as it was driven.
One day, I remember he said to me,
"Doctor, look how healthy and strong
dear Igor has become."
Who's Igor?
Another time, he talked
about Janus getting sick.
Then it was Ishtar getting better
after a rough spell.
[Gesicht] Hmm?
[professor] They were
Sahad's tulips, Inspector.
Sahad insisted on naming every tulip
that was part of his research.
Said they grew better that way,
and I never had the data
to contradict him.
No offense, but the boy was a robot.
He was the best one Persia had ever made,
using the newest tech.
But he made a habit of giving voice
to the most unscientific thoughts.
In what sense?
[professor] As in things devoid
of empirical evidence.
May I show you something, Inspector?
Over here.
[device beeping]
[Gesicht] A tulip.
[professor] This one,
Sahad was cultivating in particular.
Always in bloom. I've never seen it fade.
Not ever? For how long?
[professor] Three years straight.
He asked that I not plant it in the ground
until he returned
to the university someday.
If he never returns,
we'll study it as it is now,
wrapped in its cocoon of science.
You know, it feels as if this tulip
awaits his return too.
Well, now I'm the one giving voice
to unscientific thoughts, aren't I?
Did Sahad ever give this tulip a name?
Uh, I'm sure he did.
Though I couldn't tell you what.
[robot] As always,
thank you for your business.
Anton, hey.
You think you can deliver these
to Van Dyke's shop for me?
Okey dokey!
A hard worker, that one.
Yeah. Having him around
has been such a help.
Right before I came here,
I met a little robot
peddling flowers in Persia.
But his circumstances
weren't as happy as Anton's.
Uh, Sahad was from there.
[Gesicht] I understand
he came here pretty often?
Yes, every day.
When he was off from school,
he would even help me around the shop.
I think he didn't have
many friends to speak of.
Maybe that's why
he always loved to talk my ear off.
Like wanting to fill Persia
with fields of flowers.
Hearing Sahad talk about his dreams
made me happy.
Especially knowing he was a robot.
But one day, something was different
when I saw him.
And all of a sudden,
he tells me he's going back to his country
to enlist in the army.
I tried to convince him to just stay here.
He was way too gentle of a soul
to go fight,
no matter how long the war went on.
That was when
he told me his father died in the war.
I see.
[woman] I didn't know what to say.
He looked at me, and there was
such heartbreak in his eyes.
That's when he said,
"I might end up just like him."
"Like him"?
What was the name of it again?
That tulip of his.
Ah, yes. I had been told that Sahad was
in the habit of naming all of them.
He ran many cultivation experiments,
trying to develop a strain of flower
that could survive the punishing heat
of a desert biome.
Stronger and more resilient.
He worked so hard for it.
But this one time, when Sahad went
to the field to check his flowers,
he saw something that made no sense.
[eerie sound plays]
[woman] One single, perfect tulip.
It had caused all the rest to die.
[unsettling music playing]
The name of that tulip.
It was
[eerie music playing]
I found you his picture, like I said.
[Gesicht] Thank you, ma'am.
I hope it wasn't much trouble.
Not at all. Do you mind?
It's been a minute since I've used it.
- This should do it.
- [device beeps]
[woman] Yes, thank you.
When lodgers apply,
I always ask for a photo.
Oh, there he is.
See? What a sweet smile.
I just wanted to pinch him.
The photograph appears
to have been cropped.
Ah, yes.
I believe Sahad told me the man
in the picture with him was his father.
[Gesicht] His father?
Well, since he's a robot, I think he meant
the man who created him.
- But I'm not one to split hairs.
- His father is
Professor Abullah?
Why'd he say that he's dead?
[unsettling music playing]
[child] Gesicht is getting closer
with every step.
I find it very impressive.
Don't you think so?
His investigative skills are amazing,
but that's not the half of it.
His sense of initiative, his weaponry
Not to mention his Zeronium skin.
In terms of potential,
Gesicht is the most powerful robot
of mass destruction I've ever seen.
Pluto might not emerge
from this in one piece.
It's the truth!
But you know what?
There's one good way to kill Gesicht.
It's kind of perfect.
Do you want me to tell you?
Here's what you do.
[Brau1589] From Persia
straight to the Netherlands?
Way to rub my confinement
in my face, globetrotter.
It's rather gauche of you.
But with this ruined body,
I'd be stuck in place
even if they freed me tomorrow.
[Brau1589 laughing]
So you know who's behind the murders now?
Professor Abullah.
[man] If any one man lived for science,
it was Dr. Ronald Newton-Howard.
The Photon Energy he discovered
has proven such a boon already,
and there's no doubt it will continue
to brighten the path to our future.
His achievements will never be forgotten.
[grass rustling]
[Abullah] Epsilon. Or so I assume.
Not how I hoped we would meet.
Ah, forgive me. I am Abullah.
You came all the way from Persia
for the funeral?
I regret his passing.
I wish I could have met Dr. Newton-Howard
while he was still of this world.
His work discovering Photon Energy
will go down in history.
Part of the Bora Fact-Finding Mission,
he helped to end the tyranny in my country
and helped Persia to find peace again.
To lose such a luminary like this.
We are lucky indeed you survive him.
The level of your perfection
amazes even me.
You amaze as well, Professor Abullah.
I've heard about what befell you.
How you lost most of your body
in the Central Asian War.
[Abullah] What is flesh
compared to the loss of a loved one?
They, you cannot replace.
[Brau1589] Interesting.
So it's Abullah, huh?
Not that you have any hard evidence,
but you've always been a rule-breaker.
Well? I don't think you came
all this way just to share gossip.
What if a scientist loaded
every personality on Earth into one AI?
If a robot were equipped with that brain,
so far beyond
what any one of us could handle,
what do you think would happen?
[Brau1589] They'd never even wake up.
And why is that?
[Brau1589] Because the poor bastard
would never know who to become.
It would take an eternity to simulate
all 9.9 billion personalities on Earth
to where they could pick one.
No persona, no waking up.
Do you think anything
could force it to wake up?
[motor whirring]
[Brau1589] Introducing extreme emotions.
That would do the trick.
[Gesicht] Extreme emotions.
[unsettling music playing]
Like hatred.
[Brau1589] Good.
[Gesicht] And anger!
[Brau1589] Good.
And sorrow.
[Brau1589] Correct.
Hit it with those,
and it's sure to awaken.
But ask yourself
what kind of a robot will it be
when it opens its eyes?
[Brau1589 laughing]
[Abullah] It looks like
it's about to rain.
If I may ask,
do your powers weaken on such a day?
Well, one could say it barely matters
if you have them or not.
When called upon,
you refused to fight in the war.
That was a righteous act.
No war ever fought has been just.
Abullah, I know you lost your family
in the fighting.
My wife and children.
Those treasures beyond reckoning
were stolen from me.
[melancholy music playing]
You're crying.
[rain pattering]
[Abullah] The rain has come.
And the funeral is over now.
[Epsilon] Yes.
What would your treasure
beyond reckoning happen to be?
[children laughing]
[Abullah] Hmm?
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!
The funeral is over! Let's go home!
- [children] Okay, Epsilon!
- [boy 1] Epsilon!
- [Epsilon laughs]
- We saw a squirrel over there!
- [Epsilon] Really?
- I found an acorn!
- Wow!
- We made sure to grab you one!
How wonderful.
I knew you had adopted orphans
of the war, but not in such number.
Please, Epsilon,
keep taking good care of them all.
When I think of my own lost children,
I just want these kids to be loved.
I will be attending the European
Robotics Conference in short order.
To restore Persia to its former glory,
we will need to bring forth
many wonderful robots like you.
Hey. I don't see Wassily here.
[boy 3] Mm-hmm.
[children] Wassily, where'd you go?
Found him!
Wassily, it's time to go home now.
- [girl 1] Come on.
- [girl 2] Come on. Let's go!
What's the matter, Wassily?
You're all right.
This isn't your hometown. Nothing to fear.
[Brau1589] It will lie, of course.
Once this robot is awake,
it would tell lies.
To others, naturally, but also to itself.
You are so close to solving this case.
Where do you think Pluto is now?
I need to find him.
[Brau1589] Probably getting patched up
from all those licks Hercules got in
during their fight.
Just a guess.
Home, in other words.
So he's home?
Back in Sahad's home in Persia?
[Brau1589] Not his, Detective. Pluto's.
Don't forget the tulip.
[Gesicht grunts]
[man] Professor Abullah's whereabouts?
Yes. He needs to be taken
into custody immediately.
Are you out of your mind, Gesicht?
The man is a foreign VIP!
I don't care about the optics!
I just need to know
you can track him down!
While we deal with Abullah,
what do you intend to do?
Search Pluto's lair till I find him.
Wait, you know where he is?
[Gesicht] An agriculture research facility
in the Netherlands
that belonged to Persia pre-war.
On the outskirts of Amsterdam in Zaandam.
[pensive music playing]
[wind gusting]
[woman echoing] One single, perfect tulip.
It had caused all the rest to die.
The name of that tulip.
He's near.
[man] Seriously, that was one
hell of a speech just now.
You absolutely deserve
that standing ovation you got.
Good job, Hoffman.
Thank you for that, really.
We're very grateful you agreed
to attend in the first place.
No one would've blamed you
for skipping the conference,
given all you've been through lately.
I hope the security we provided
met with your satisfaction.
Indeed. Because of them, I was able
to carry out my scientific duty.
[man 2] Professor Hoffman,
your helicopter is here.
Case in point.
This pair of beefy bodyguards
is giving me door-to-door service.
I'll ascertain
the current status of the heliport, sir.
Uh, please don't worry about it.
I'm sure security up there is great.
I would let him.
You can never be too careful, right?
The world of robotic engineering
is depending on you
to stay out of harm's way.
Well, thank you. I'll try my best.
[man 3] Please, take care.
Oh. Need the bathroom.
Safe. Already checked it.
I'm gonna go this one alone, then.
[device whirring]
[device whirring]
[Abullah] A wonderful speech
you gave tonight. So inspiring.
[Hoffman] Hmm?
[Abullah] I was especially moved
by your remarks about
the potential for Zeronium
to accelerate world peace.
Do I know you?
No, but it is my pleasure to meet you now.
I am Abullah from the Republic of Persia.
[metallic clattering]
[pensive music playing]
[Gesicht] It looks like
an ordinary power plant.
[Gesicht] Faint electromagnetic waves.
The same kind Epsilon picked up
while Hercules was fighting Pluto.
They're close.
[water burbling]
[eerie music playing]
Wait, who are you?
[high-pitched squeal]
[Abullah] I have always hoped
for the chance to speak with you.
After all, you are the man
who created the peerless Gesicht.
[Hoffman] My pleasure.
And if there's anything I can do to help
with the Persia restoration efforts.
Zeronium is invaluable, as you know.
Perhaps you can lift the embargo
that prevents Persia from having any?
[Hoffman] Uh
Whoever it is
who's been going around destroying
the most advanced robots on the planet,
even they would lose to Gesicht.
I hope so.
[Abullah] That said, I did hear a rumor.
That Gesicht was recently damaged
by a cluster cannon?
Uh, you are very well-informed,
but there's nothing to worry about.
The damage was superficial.
What a relief.
So he is immune
even to that sort of weapon?
- [Hoffman] Mmm, basically.
- Very good.
So then, Gesicht has
no weaknesses whatsoever.
Not at all. He's got his flaws.
However, I made sure
to include layer upon layer
of advanced control systems within him.
I see. Those prevent him going astray?
Yeah, I guess.
He has his struggles and doubts,
just like any of us.
If struggles and doubts
are what you count as his flaws,
I'd say your fail-safes
are the source of both.
Given his superiority,
what would you do if your robot were
to make an irreparable mistake?
For example
if Gesicht were to murder a human.
[tense music playing]
- [grunts]
- [snarls]
More of you, huh?
What are you guarding down here?
[energy thrumming]
A robot that kills humans.
Such a robot was said to exist once,
was it not, Professor?
He described what he did
as an "execution." His choice of word.
The same word humans use
to justify our killings.
What are you trying to say to me?
Well, is that not
what the world did to Persia
after your fact-finding?
Was the war you forced upon the innocent
not an execution writ large?
I was wrong to say that.
After all, democracy has taken root
in Persia thanks to that dark time.
But if another robot
did happen to kill a human being,
I believe that robot should be destroyed
without hesitation.
If your Gesicht
ever indulged in such a vile act,
what would you do to him, I wonder?
That would never happen, all right?
I wonder if a robot as advanced as Gesicht
would try to atone by killing himself?
[Abullah] Or perhaps his masters
would erase such memories
without telling Gesicht.
[Hoffman gasps]
If you took valid memories from his AI
and replaced them with events that never
All you need to do is
see to his maintenance! That is your job!
[Hoffman] I need to know!
What did you do to his memory, Director?
Robots' memories can be deleted.
Were that it worked on us,
I would delete mine in a heartbeat.
- [dramatic music playing]
- [explosion]
[man] Gesicht!
This is Europol HQ! Do you copy?
Affirmative, loud and clear.
We've located Abullah.
He's in Düsseldorf right now,
attending the European
Robotics Conference.
Understood. Take him into custody ASAP!
We will, but there's a complication.
Professor Hoffman is also in attendance.
[Gesicht] What?
Hoffman is there with him?
- [Hoffman] Thank you for waiting.
- We should get going, sir.
Is there a problem, Professor?
Hmm? Oh, I'm fine. Uh, just tired.
It is the same logic.
[Hoffman] Huh?
It is the same
as the nations of the world did to Persia.
They must be executed.
[dramatic music playing]
[Hoffman gasping]
Please confirm Professor Hoffman's safety.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
[music fades]
This is Europol!
As of now, the building's on lockdown!
[man 1] Huh? What's the meaning of this?
Nobody in or out, understood?
Stay where you are for the moment!
We're doing this for your own safety!
- [man 2] Excuse me!
- Hmm?
You're gonna wanna take a look
at the elevator monitor right now!
Professor Hoffman!
They're going up.
All the way to the rooftop heliport,
I assume.
Damn! Get up there and intercept them!
The other elevators aren't working, sir.
They've all been disabled.
What the hell is that thing?
Uh, I was under the impression
that you were supposed to keep me safe!
Did someone hijack
your artificial intelligence?
How did we get here exactly?
[man] Professor Hoffman, can you hear me?
Try to stay calm, and do not
[breathing heavily]
You're the one behind all the robot
scientist murders, aren't you?
[robot] You should be executed
for your crimes.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [whimpering]
Becker here. Gesicht, do you copy?
Professor Hoffman is being abducted.
We need you!
I hear you.
I'll head over there as soon as I can.
But right now,
the one I'm after is here.
Why are you doing this to me?
Is it because our report led to the war?
That's on us. I know that.
But killing me now
doesn't fix what happened!
[elevator dings]
- [banging at door]
- [man 1] Open up! Open the door at once!
The other bodyguard.
He's in cahoots with you, isn't he?
[man 1] Breaching the entrance!
Run, Professor! I'll try to distract him!
[gasps, coughs]
[man 1 breathing heavily]
[Hoffman] Horns.
You're going to do that to my body
after you murder me! I don't get it!
What are you?
[robot] Bora.
[robot] Bora!
[tense music playing]
[sniper 1] Squad A here!
Approaching the heliport!
What the hell are cockroaches doing here?
I have eyes on the target.
He has Professor Hoffman in tow
and is currently on the move.
Presence of the hostage means
no clear shot.
- [Becker] Take him out.
- What?
Take him out! Do it!
Uh, but, sir.
What about the Professor?
He's right there.
[Gesicht panting]
What's going on over there?
Tell me if Professor Hoffman is safe!
They manufactured my body
out of a cutting-edge Zeronium alloy.
Magnetic and thermal rays
won't incapacitate me.
[creature snarling]
[Gesicht] Stand down! I will fire!
Its combat readiness dropped
from one million plus
to fifty-eight hundred.
Buried itself alive, huh?
Gesicht here. Do you read?
I have found and caught the target.
Is Professor Hoffman out of harm's way?
What's the plan, Captain? Please advise.
[Becker groans]
Yes. He's fine.
Destroy the target, Gesicht.
- [whooshing]
- [explosion]
[screams, crying echoing]
My artificial intelligence is too advanced
to fall for these illusions. Give it up.
[wind gusting]
Field of flowers.
- [Sahad] Pluto.
- [Gesicht grunts]
[Sahad] Pluto.
- Pluto!
- No!
You are not Pluto!
That is not who you are!
Your name is Sahad!
[thud echoes]
[rock clattering]
That's right. Listen to me.
You are Sahad.
[Abullah] Sahad.
[emotional music playing]
But I thought
I I can't believe you're alive, Father.
But how?
I received word that you were killed
in the airstrike along with everyone else.
You lived.
Though life is a cold comfort to me now.
I am more machine than man.
Having lost most of my organic body
to the war.
But my real loss is this.
My wife, Fatima.
My daughter, Lola.
Murat, my son in all ways but flesh.
Murdering dogs!
They have ripped away from me
the people I hold most precious in life!
Our family was my treasure
beyond reckoning!
[Sahad] Oh, Father.
- [Abullah] You're all I have left.
- Huh?
[Abullah] You are all I have left
in this world, Sahad!
There is nothing else.
This emotion.
Do you understand it?
It's hatred, Father.
[Abullah] Grant me this one request.
Save this country, my son.
Do not let them kill any more Persians
on this crusade of theirs.
I beg of you,
do not let our people feel the sorrow
that threatens to eat me alive even now.
Take revenge.
But you know the war
will be over soon, Father!
And revenge only begets more revenge.
Listen to me!
The hatred would never fade away!
[Abullah] You're right.
About hatred. It will never fade.
[shuddered breathing]
[Abullah] Allow me to install your brain
within the strongest of bodies.
[Sahad] "Within the strongest of bodies?"
What would you have me do?
If you know nothing else,
please know this.
I love you, Sahad.
[Abullah] I love you.
[Sahad whimpers]
[Becker] Damn it, Gesicht!
What are you waiting for? Shoot it now!
You have authorization!
Destroy it!
- [Gesicht] No.
- [men] Huh?
What did you say?
I am not programmed to destroy a robot
that shows no signs of open hostility.
What the
Listen carefully, Gesicht.
You destroy that thing,
and we can wrap this whole case up.
Take the shot!
Do it!
I won't.
You won't, huh?
Look at you with morals all of a sudden.
Need I remind you that
[Becker grunts, groans]
Listen up, Gesicht.
I'm giving you a direct order.
Destroy that thing at once,
and we can forget about
I'm not changing my mind.
How dare you?
[Gesicht] Captain Becker.
Do I have the right
to resign from Europol?
Where are you getting this nonsense?
You were made to be a detective.
That's the point!
You don't get a damn choice in the matter!
Then I request
a one-year leave of absence.
[Becker] Excuse me?
I've had enough of all this.
[melancholy music playing]
Have you?
The professor is safe, you said?
[Becker] Correct. Hoffman's out of danger.
Yes. I tapped into a live camera feed
from the Science Forum's heliport.
Do we know anything about that robot?
Beyond the fact
it's kidnapping Professor Hoffman.
We we don't.
Captain Becker.
You ordered me
to fire on my assailant down here,
even though Professor Hoffman
was still in clear and immediate danger
from his unknown abductor.
- [Abullah] Gesicht.
- [Gesicht] Hmm?
[Abullah] I offer you a trade.
Where are you?
[Abullah] I offer my hostage for yours.
Release my beloved Pluto, and all is well.
[Gesicht grunts] Show yourself!
[Abullah] Leave that place
without harming him,
and I will release
your Professor Hoffman at once.
[Becker] Gesicht!
Don't you go over my head
on this, damn it!
What are you doing?
Your actions are in direct violation of
Article 1 Clause 3 and Article 15 Clause 2
of the International Robot Laws!
Your punishment will be severe!
You hear me?
Captain, we're moving in. The robot
in possession of Professor Hoffman
collapsed without warning.
We've secured the hostage safely.
[officers gasp]
If your father loved you,
he would never force you to do this.
[distant groaning]
Are you crying?
[distant groaning]
[melancholy music playing]
Gesicht, hello.
[Gesicht] Hello, Helena.
Working late tonight?
Mmm. But I'm about ready for a break.
- And you?
- Yeah.
It's over.
You mean it?
Yes. I mean it.
Sure. Until the next case
that demands all your attention.
Not this time.
If you're feeling lucky,
we could try for Japan again.
From now on,
nothing's going to pull me away.
You're talking like you're going
to leave police work altogether.
We could adopt if you still want to.
We tried before. You remember?
Of course I do.
They just didn't have any kids
who were a good match for us then.
It's not like it was years ago.
It's a better system all around now.
The approval rate is way up.
How do I know
if I'd even make a good mother?
Are you kidding?
You'll be the greatest.
And, also,
if we adopt, you wouldn't have
to feel so alone all the time.
How could I ever be lonely, dear?
I have you, don't I?
We can talk more once I'm home, Helena.
Hmm. Come home soon, Gesicht.
[device chirps]
[helicopter whirring]
[Gesicht] Professor Hoffman,
are you all right?
Yes. I'm okay, Gesicht. Just very tired.
To be perfectly frank,
I'm more worried about you.
I didn't take any damage.
And your foe? I was told
you had it cornered down there.
Correct. I'm sure
they'll capture it soon enough.
That's good.
Though I hope you don't feel like
you have to confront it again.
- Your body's not at 100% yet.
- Right.
Anyway, now we know
who's behind the whole thing.
- The genius scientist.
- Abullah.
[Hoffman] Yes.
He even hijacked
that bodyguard robot tonight
and attacked me with him.
The man is nothing if not driven.
[Gesicht] How does that work
with what Ochanomizu said?
He believes the true culprit is Dr. Goji.
[Hoffman] I met the one,
and he was enough.
For now, let the others wrap this up.
You absolutely need to rest.
I hate to keep harping on it,
but that cluster cannon blast
weakened the integrity
of your Zeronium frame.
One more blast of that strength
at close range, and you
Professor Hoffman.
[Hoffman] Hmm?
You know the dreams
I've been telling you about lately?
[Hoffman] Mm-hmm?
They might be gone.
I might not have to
contend with them anymore.
What makes you say that?
Nothing I can name. It's just a feeling.
That I finally figured out
the truth of it.
What? Hold on. Uh, so, your memory
Good night, Professor.
Uh But, Gesicht!
[sniper] Squad D has arrived
at the Zaandam
Agricultural Research Facility.
We're about to head underground.
[sniper 2] Squad F reporting in.
We're searching the tunnels.
We're almost at the spot
where Gesicht engaged the target.
[Becker] That thing's combat capabilities
have dropped like a stone,
but don't let your guard down,
understood? Destroy it on sight!
I repeat! When you see it, light it up!
- Uh, director.
- [Schelling] Where is he?
He's on his way
to Amsterdam at the moment.
I heard the report.
Get that robot on the line ASAP!
Uh, yes, sir!
Right after the Zaandam squads
[Schelling] Now, Becker!
[Schelling] Gesicht,
you've got a lot of explaining to do.
Not only are you disobeying orders,
but what's this I hear
about you wanting to resign?
And you put in for a one-year
leave of absence if you can't do that!
I won't allow either!
Your artificial intelligence
is on the fritz, clearly!
Come in for maintenance on the double,
and then you are getting
a thorough administrative review!
[grunts] Are you even listening to me?
[Gesicht] You and I both know there's
something we need to address first.
Why didn't you punish me three years ago?
[Gesicht] I committed a crime,
but I was never made to atone for it.
Why did you erase those memories?
I didn't even know I'd lost them!
[shuddered breathing]
You do not hang up on
Director Schelling, damn it!
- [Anton] Oh!
- You're such a hard worker, Anton.
It's getting pretty late, isn't it?
[Anton] Uh-huh.
One final delivery and I'm all done.
[woman] Evening, Inspector.
[Gesicht] Evening.
I'd like to buy a bouquet, please.
Only the best. Who's it for?
My wife.
[woman laughs] Lucky woman.
Uh, what kind of flowers
should we give her?
He's not dead, you know.
Sahad. I met him myself.
You mean it?
Did he do something he shouldn't have?
He didn't want to.
It's not his fault.
[woman crying]
[rain pattering]
[Gesicht] Hey there, Anton. We meet again.
[eerie music playing]
I know you.
From the Persian bazaar. Ali.
How did you get to Amsterdam?
[unsettling music playing]
[muffled] 500 Zeus a body.
What do you say?
Look, he did it.
He's actually walking, Gesicht!
[unsettling music continues]
I remember.
[Gesicht] Come here. You're okay, Ali.
There's no need to be scared.
You heard that shot go off
just now, didn't you?
It can be a rough neighborhood.
Here. I've got you.
You know, you remind me so much
of my own little one.
[Gesicht grunts]
Ali! What's wrong, Ali? You have to
[music fades]
[electrical crackling]
[rapid beeping]
[beeping slows, stops]
[melancholy music playing]
[reporter] Last night,
in Amsterdam's Old Town,
an AI member of law enforcement
was killed in cold blood.
The victim has been identified as Gesicht,
one of the world's most advanced robots.
The apparent killer, a small D-class robot
armed with a cluster cannon,
was found deactivated at the scene.
We now know
that Detective Gesicht suffered damage
from the same type of weapon
a few weeks ago
and that he was involved
in what's only being described
by anonymous sources
as "an intense battle"
mere hours before his death.
[melancholy music continues]
Hello there.
It's been a long time, Professor Hoffman.
[Hoffman] Not since
the Fact-Finding Mission,
if I remember right.
But where are my manners?
I'm Helena, professor. Gesicht's wife.
Please know that
I'm so very sorry for your loss.
If there's anything
I can do to help, anything
Please. You inviting me out to Japan
was more than generous of you.
I know that my husband
was really looking forward
to coming back here with me.
He even talked about it
the last time I ever got to speak to him.
[man 1] Sir, we should get going
before the media finds us.
Yes, you're right.
She's brave. But I know it's difficult.
Do you think Gesicht
fell victim to the same perpetrator
who killed off the rest?
Yes, although Europol hasn't come
to an official conclusion.
Our own lives may be at risk as well.
It's hard to say at the moment.
[Helena] Professor Ochanomizu?
I thought he was kidding,
but he was right.
About what?
He said the air in Japan
had the faintest trace of soy sauce in it,
and he wasn't wrong about that.
[sentimental music playing]
[Ochanomizu] Acting like she's having fun
in a fruitless bid to forget.
There is nuance to that behavior.
Even though robot memories are permanent
unless you erase them,
she's trying her best.
Europol erased some of Gesicht's memories.
His subconscious
could tell they were gone.
[Ochanomizu] Erased them?
Did they frame it
as a matter of legal necessity?
No. This was outside the law.
That's pretty blatant of them.
I looked into it as best I could,
but I couldn't dig my way to the truth.
Just because robots work for us,
it doesn't mean
we can erase their memories
whenever we like.
But if she gave me permission?
I'd erase hers.
I did ask her, you know.
If she wanted me
to wipe out anything painful.
She looked at me, and she said,
"I don't want to lose
the least little bit of him ever."
[Ochanomizu sighs]
[music fades]
You'll be staying
in the Maple Room tonight.
I hope you like it.
You'll be staying in the Pine Room,
Miss Helena.
This is the room Gesicht booked
for our earlier trip.
Are you sure you'll be okay on your own?
- Yes.
- Well then, if you'll follow me.
[Helena] I think I can
find my own way from here.
[woman] Uh, yes, ma'am.
[Helena] You must be Dr. Tenma.
[Tenma] Yes.
So did you bring it?
Will this help to find the one
behind his murder?
But of course.
[Helena] Dr. Tenma.
[Tenma] Mm-hmm?
Please speak freely.
What if I can't process all of it?
[Tenma] All of what?
This overwhelming
mountain of grief inside of me.
I think of my husband,
and the thoughts get clearer day by day.
How do I how do I bear it?
Helena, go ahead and cry.
[Helena sobs]
In times of sorrow,
many humans react with tears.
[Helena sobs]
[Tenma] Yes.
Start by imitating what you've seen.
[Tenma] That's right.
Very good.
You're doing just fine, Helena.
It's imitation, but it'll become
the real thing eventually.
Like it became real for me.
- [Helena whimpers]
- You'll be able to truly cry for Gesicht.
Look at me.
[melancholy music playing]
These are my real tears.
My Atom is dead.
And I am heartbroken too.
[Helena crying]
[melancholy music continues]
[music fades]
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