Pluto (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[ethereal music playing]
[TV static playing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells, fades]
[eerie music playing]
[woman 1] Is it me?
[man 1] No way. It's gotta be me.
[man 2] Me, no doubt about it.
[man 3] Who knows? Maybe it's me.
[woman 2] Ought to be me.
[man 4] What about me, huh?
[man 5] It's me.
[woman 3] Ooh! Me, me, me!
[girl 1] I think it's me.
[man 6] Me, of course.
[overlapping voices chattering]
[chattering stops]
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approaching]
[Abullah] So, how goes it?
[Tenma] If he were a human, I'd classify
his neural activity as "dreaming."
But so far, there's nothing to indicate
that he's ever going to wake up.
Duly noted.
I don't think you're going to like
what you see.
All 9.9 billion of the potential
personalities in his AI
are being simulated across his face.
He's cycling through them
with incredible speed.
While in such a state of flux,
his face would be hideous.
Creation of the ultimate robot.
Perhaps it is a goal
beyond the capabilities of man.
What are we going to do?
Can we ever hope
to rouse him from his slumber?
There's a way to cut through
his endless sea of choices.
But it may be a mistake.
When he does wake up, he may be the devil.
[Tenma] The devil, huh?
[Ochanomizu] Dr. Tenma.
She left for home.
I thought you should know.
She who?
Gesicht's widow, Helena.
She was in Japan for a bit.
[Ochanomizu] I wish you could have met her
while she was here.
Even with her own loss to grieve,
she was very sad about Atom.
It pains me to admit it,
but we scientists focus
on the strength of a thing.
Power is the sole coin of the realm.
But Helena's sense of empathy is so keen
it would be wise to study it.
In a way,
she's as advanced as Atom himself.
By the by,
The National Diet has set the date
for Atom's state funeral,
despite my request.
[Helena] I need to know
that it meant something.
That he didn't die for nothing.
As far as anyone has a soul,
your husband's is on this memory chip.
I will safeguard it
as the precious thing it is.
[automated voice] You are now entering
a Class-A restricted zone.
Please prepare for retinal scan.
You may proceed now.
[Abullah] Devil or not, I don't care!
Wake him! Nothing matters unless you do.
Tell me how!
Introduce volatile emotions into him.
What do you mean by "volatile"?
[Tenma] Primal.
Like anger, sorrow, hatred
Upheaval will sweep aside the chaos
of the billions of personas within him.
[pensive music playing]
If I can bring you back to life
by doing this,
I'll gladly become the devil myself.
[thud echoes]
[Epsilon gasps]
I could feel his hatred
as he died
in that final moment.
Who was his hatred directed at?
[rain pattering]
Rain. It's been pouring outside
for three days straight now.
I may join in Gesicht's fate
if nothing changes soon.
[robot] Epsilon, you have a guest.
He looks really strong.
[man 1] It sure rains a lot here.
I'm Hogan with the Ministry of Science's
defense squad.
I've been instructed
to serve as your bodyguard, sir.
With the death of Detective Gesicht,
you are almost certain to be
the killer's next target, I'm afraid.
That is not to suggest I'm stronger.
Your power is in a league of its own,
especially compared with mine.
But with all this rain
and with the sun being your energy source
we should get you to the safe house ASAP.
ASAP? But what about the children?
The sooner you and I leave this orphanage,
the safer they are.
It's my birthday today, believe it or not.
The kids are intending to throw me
a surprise party for the occasion.
Isn't that adorable of them?
I know about it, of course,
but I'll act very surprised.
[Hogan] We can wait around
but do try to make it quick.
[Epsilon] Thank you, Hogan.
[children singing]
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday dear Epsilon ♪
What a surprise!
Happy birthday to you ♪
- [popping]
- [children clamoring]
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you so much! This is just wonderful!
You gotta open your gifts, Epsilon!
Ah, I get presents too?
You kids are the best!
[girl 1] We wrapped up this one all fancy.
[Epsilon] What a beautiful necklace.
Did you make this yourself and everything?
Oh, and this hat is lovely too.
We have another surprise set up.
It's something we know
you love a whole bunch.
[gasps] You made me the sun.
We did it so you can feel
all happy and warm,
even when it's rainy out
like today, Epsilon.
That is such a good idea.
It's working already.
[boy 1] See, you guys?
I told you he would love it!
'Cause it's sun-believable!
[children laughing]
These kids all lost their parents
in the Central Asian War.
Epsilon draws strength from the sun,
but he's the bright light
that nourishes them in turn.
[indistinct chattering]
Hey, Wassily.
You drew something for him, didn't ya?
Go on. Show him what you made.
[Epsilon] Is that true?
May I?
[Epsilon groans]
So this is Bora, then?
B Bora.
Then he ate up
Did you hear that? Wow!
Wassily said stuff other than "Bora"!
The giant went deep into the desert ♪
And made the South Pole ♪
Is that a song?
The giant released a river of fire ♪
And glaciers so cold ♪
The giant called rain
Out of the rain clouds ♪
And made a big flood ♪
The giant took fire and ice and rain ♪
And he ate it all up ♪
Then he ate up the whole ♪
Earth in one bite ♪
Then he ate up the whole ♪
Earth in one bite ♪
Amazing, Wassily!
It's neat, but it's weird too!
[children laughing]
We need to get to the safe house, sir.
Five more minutes.
Arnold, hello. It's been a while.
[Arnold] Ah, Epsilon. A while indeed.
I was hoping you could answer a question.
But of course.
Let Arnold, the best
weather forecasting robot
in the United States of Thracia,
put you at ease.
That rain you've been having
should stop before dawn tomorrow.
Patience, friend.
Uh, not the rain. Something else.
Huh? What is it, then?
Looking through the data,
were there any odd weather events
in Persia three years ago?
For example,
something like this?
And I'm looking at what?
[Epsilon] I'm not entirely sure.
- Three years ago in Persia, huh?
- [Arnold typing]
[Arnold] Hmm.
Nothing's popping up.
Aerial photographs of the region
show a lot of smoke
from exploded artillery shells.
Some of those war orphans you took in
originally came
from this part of Persia, right?
- [Epsilon] Yes.
- [Arnold] Huh?
There was something down
under the smoke. Something huge.
Can you tell what it is?
[Arnold] I can't make it out
any more clearly.
[Hogan] It's time, sir.
[Epsilon] I'll be back before you know it.
How come you have to leave
all of a sudden, Epsilon?
What about the rest of
your surprise birthday party?
- There's a work thing I have to deal with.
- [children] Huh?
[Epsilon] Be good while I'm gone, okay?
[children sadly groan]
[Epsilon] Wassily.
Uh, Wassily?
[man 1] Hey, look alive.
It's dark in here. Can't see for shit.
[energy thrumming]
You know, for a pacifist,
you're marginally more useful
than I thought you'd be.
I've brought him, sir.
Just as you ordered.
Jesus. Little much, don't ya think?
Turn it down a notch.
[thrumming subsides]
I'm Brigadier General Scott
of the UN Forces.
And you're the robot who thought
he was too good for active duty.
You're a dainty little thing
for being so top-drawer, ain't ya.
I'd be scared if I were your size too.
But at least you can help
with the post-war cleanup.
See that?
That's why we brought you down here.
[Epsilon gasps]
Wha what is this?
You're gonna melt 'em all down for us.
Should be a walk in the park
for a high-tech fella like yourself.
You want me to unleash my Photon Energy
on other robots?
It may be a pile of robots
in the technical sense,
but all of their AIs have been taken out.
Far as I'm concerned, they're scrap metal.
[Epsilon] I don't believe this.
I thought we had rights here.
Even under the former regime,
I thought robots were safe in Persia.
[grumbles] What happened to the AIs
that were taken out of them?
Hell if I know.
Anyway, just get it done quick, would ya?
I'll ping you
once we're out of the blast zone.
[helicopter whirring]
[eerie music playing]
[Scott] We're in position, Epsilon.
- I'm beginning the countdown.
- [Epsilon] Hold on!
We've got a schedule to keep.
Burn those robots already.
No, listen to me!
There's still a person nearby!
- What?
- Someone's here!
That isn't possible.
We've checked the area.
There's no one alive.
I'm picking up a life-form right now!
It's a stray cat or something.
Just do your damn job!
[unsettling music playing]
[Epsilon] Hey, there.
You're okay.
Don't be afraid.
Let's get you out of there.
Take my hand.
[boy whimpers]
[boy whimpering]
[spluttering] Bora
[spluttering] Bora, Bora, Bora.
Do you get what almost happened? Do you?
I'd have burned this boy to ashes
if I'd listened to you!
Good thing you're such a gentle soul.
We don't have a lot of time.
Just get on with it already.
[Scott] Eight, seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one
[energy thrumming]
[wind gusting]
[Scott] Hey there, Epsilon. Been a minute.
Scott, from the UN Forces.
Brigadier General then. Full one now.
Hell of a job you did for us
in the sandbox.
I should've sold tickets
to that explosion.
Frankly, the thought of us
defending a robot as powerful as Epsilon
is pretty laughable,
given the destructive potential
he's packin'.
Not to mention, this place is
more of a fortress than a safe house.
Course, you are the last one standing
among you top-tier types.
If you get taken out,
it'd be a real shame for the planet.
I'm sure you already know this,
but as per the intel pulled
from the remains of Detective Gesicht,
the name of the enemy is
[Epsilon] Pluto.
[Scott] Mm-hmm.
[Epsilon] But in his brain,
there resides the AI of another robot.
One named Sahad.
You came prepared.
I'll give you that much.
- What is Bora, General Scott? Tell me.
- [Scott] Hmm?
Those robots you had me incinerate
after the war
They're linked to Bora,
but I don't know how.
That makes two of us.
What was the Bora Fact-Finding Mission
really trying to do back then?
They discovered that cellar of dead robots
in Persia years ago,
and now they're being murdered one by one.
This is no time for secrets, General!
Your life is in danger too!
Pluto's power terrifies
all who know about it.
But a greater power lies in wait for us.
What if he ushers in something worse?
Something that could
potentially "eat up the whole earth
in one bite."
Bit melodramatic, don't ya think?
It's part of the song
that one little boy was mumbling.
Sounds like they're gearing up
to sing it even now.
[music playing faintly]
How odd that it stuck with them.
[children singing]
The giant went deep into the desert ♪
And made the South Pole ♪
The giant released a river of fire ♪
And glaciers so cold ♪
The giant called rain
Out of the rain clouds ♪
And made a big flood ♪
The giant took fire and ice and rain ♪
And ate it all up ♪
Then he ate up the whole ♪
Earth in one bite ♪
Then he ate up the whole ♪
Earth in one bite ♪
Bora ♪
Bora ♪
Bora ♪
Bora ♪
Bora ♪
Hey, Wassily.
Everyone thinks your song is really neat.
Thanks for telling us the words.
[children laughing]
[girl 1] Do it again! Do it again!
The giant called rain
Out of the rain clouds ♪
And made a big flood ♪
The giant took fire and ice and rain ♪
And ate it all up ♪
Then he ate up the whole ♪
Earth in one bite ♪
Bora ♪
Bora ♪
Hey there, Deacon. What you looking at?
[children laughing]
What's going on out there?
The children are in danger back home!
They all need to evacuate!
- Evacuate who?
- What's going on?
I can't remain here!
I need to return to Australia right away!
[boy 1] Oh wow! What is that?
[tense music playing]
They have to get out of there!
There's something above us.
General, you need
to order your men to escape!
[Scott] Like hell.
The defense system is more than capable
of instantly responding
to any attack mounted against it.
Some of us aren't in the habit
of turning tail
at the first sign of conflict.
Get out of here!
[Hogan] Epsilon!
If you survived the blast, please reply!
[unsettling music playing]
- I have to save whoever's left.
- It's too late.
Everyone else there was vaporized.
All those people murdered because of me!
We don't know that!
Come on. They could've gone after you
plenty of times
over the last three months. So why now?
They might have been trying
to assassinate the general instead of you.
Another member of
the Fact-Finding Mission.
See the blast site?
[Hogan] Looks like a pair of horns, huh.
The children need me.
I have to return to them.
[Hogan] That attack split the mountain
like it was nothing.
What kind of weapon did they use?
No weapon.
A robot.
[Hogan] What's Bora even supposed to be?
I'm not sure.
There's emotion but also a lack of it.
Is he nothing more than a puppet?
Who are you?
What a kidder, huh?
Like you don't know who I am.
The Walrus himself. Principal Ban.
Oh yeah. Of course I know you.
I wasn't asking who you were.
[Ban] Then who were you talking about?
We're the only folks here.
A moment ago,
I felt a pair of huge waves of sadness.
And both of them were happening
out there at the same time.
[Ban] Hmm?
Pinocchio, eh?
He had his share of trouble learning
about the human heart, Pinocchio did.
But, Uran,
you have more heart
than most of the flesh-and-blood people
I encounter in life.
What's the matter?
Why do you cry?
You can tell me.
Why do you weep
like you're going to break?
That storm cloud is weird.
And it's coming this way.
It looks pretty bad.
Do you think we should run?
I'm sure we'll be okay
as long as we stay inside the house.
[loud rumbling]
[wind whistling]
- [clattering]
- [children whimpering]
[children screaming]
[screaming continues]
Gather around me! I can protect you!
Do it now!
[children screaming]
[Hogan] Huddle closer!
Curl up as tight as you can!
Protect your heads, okay?
[loud rumbling continues]
[Hogan grunts]
[energy thrumming]
- [Hogan] Get down!
- [children screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
You're going to be okay now.
Please don't be afraid.
Let's get you out of there.
Take my hand.
[energy thrumming]
What power.
[children groan]
The sun finally came out.
Oh wow! Do you see that?
Not just one of 'em.
Two suns!
[children gasping]
[energy thrumming]
[children clamoring]
[children] Epsilon!
[boy 1] You're back!
[emotional music playing]
[girl 1] Thank goodness!
So you defeated it, then?
[shuddered breathing]
Are you all right?
Epsi Epsilon
Wassily, that that's the very first time
you've ever said my name.
Thank you, Epsilon.
[Epsilon chuckles]
Thank you, Epsilon.
[sobs] Thank you, Epsilon!
[music fades]
Hey, Uran.
Are you there?
Can you tell me what's happening?
It feels like he's Pinocchio.
[Ban] Huh?
The younger one's just like Pinocchio.
The one who was crying before,
is that who you're talking about?
He keeps looking, but he can't
find his heart.
[unsettling music playing]
[Uran] No matter where he goes,
it's darker than inside the whale's belly.
He doesn't wanna be a puppet.
Doesn't wanna be controlled.
He thinks he's acting on his own.
But the hatred inside pulls the strings.
Then again,
he isn't the only one
who's being controlled.
Geppetto is too.
His maker, Geppetto,
is a puppet, same as him.
I wanted to figure out
what he was feeling
but he's gone now.
[Tenma] Can you reach out
to your people in the government
and tell them to delay
Atom's state funeral for the time being?
I suppose I could make
some calls to that effect.
Thank you.
[children laughing]
[boy 1] Come on, I'll race ya!
You'd better run faster, Wassily!
If you don't, he's gonna get you,
and then you'll be the one chasing folks!
You're it!
[boy 2] Hmm. Uh Oh
[both laughing]
That was quite a tumble you took, Wassily!
[girl 1] Look! Someone's coming.
What's Mr. Simon doing here?
Good to see you again, ma'am.
Nice weather we're having, isn't it?
Yes, very.
Is Epsilon home right now?
He's away at the moment.
Oh, so I've missed him, then?
[woman] Yes, sir.
He's currently at a hearing.
[Simon] A hearing, you say.
[man 1] If you would state
for the record, Epsilon,
did you or did you not
defeat your adversary?
[Epsilon] I did.
[man 2] Are you sure about that?
[man 3] I thought your kind
were incapable of lying.
[Epsilon] I defeated
the other robot, gentlemen.
Was the victory complete?
I defeated the other robot, sir.
That's all well and good, of course,
but why did you fail
to protect General Scott?
He and the entire company of soldiers
stationed at the safe house
were gone in the blink of an eye.
I wouldn't compare the two.
That attack was made
with a different weapon.
Did you say a different weapon?
[all murmuring]
[man 4] In any case, gentlemen,
you should look at these.
This is debris gathered
from the fight above Epsilon's orphanage.
It makes up the left arm
of a Persian-built robot.
It was constructed
for environmental development
but subsequently repurposed into a weapon.
[man 5] Only the left arm, huh?
So nothing else?
[man 4] Nothing as of yet. No.
[man 1] Epsilon, you've been
rather strident in terms of your pacifism.
I could imagine
you taking your enemy's arm
and letting him escape
to terrorize the world another day.
He could never be my enemy.
Even if we'd fought a thousand times.
[woman] I think we should wait until
Epsilon gets back to talk about this.
[Simon] Him not being here
is the whole point.
You're no fool, madam. Of that, I am sure.
You have to be aware of
what people say about this foster home.
They have their doubts
as to whether a robot can parent a human.
Please do allow me to impress upon you
my agency has no qualms
about your childcare capacities.
They're beyond reproach.
Epsilon's the problem here,
though it pains me to say it.
Epsilon cares for each one of these kids
more than any human could ever hope to!
[Simon] True as that may be,
it's less confusing for the children
when we can place them with human parents.
You know that.
[woman sighs]
Lucky for us, Mr. Johansen here is eager
to open his heart and home alike
to one of these unfortunates.
That I am.
Once you transfer the boy to my care,
I promise you,
I'll move mountains
to give him a good life.
[Simon] Mr. Johansen is one of the most
prominent citizens in Oslo, you see.
My wife and I have traveled
to this orphanage
on several occasions now, ma'am.
He's never far from our thoughts.
We have so much love
to give that boy if you'll let us.
But why?
Of all the kids here,
what is it about him in particular?
[knocking at door]
I brought him, as requested.
Well, hello!
Hey, Wassily. How would you like
to come home with me?
He's scared.
You're okay now. No need to be afraid.
Bet you've never seen snow before,
have you, Wassily?
Please, Mr. Johansen,
I don't think he wants to go.
Mr. Johansen is prepared to make
a substantial donation to the foster home.
It's only natural
that the boy would be afraid.
But as the adult here,
you know that fear is merely temporary.
This is what's best for him.
Let's go see the snow together.
You and me.
Look! Epsilon's home again!
[children clamoring]
[girl 1] Epsilon!
- [boy 1] Welcome home, Epsilon!
- [girl 2] Epsilon!
[Epsilon] Hey, now,
there's only one of me! Be gentle!
[woman 1] All right, kids.
I'm sure Epsilon's tired after a long day.
[woman 2] How did it go?
The hearing, I mean.
It was fine.
Well, who wants
to pick our game for today?
[children clamoring]
[Epsilon] Hmm?
Where's Wassily?
He went away with the smiley man.
I think he's got a lot of money
or something.
What's going on?
Uh [sighs]
Where's Wassily? You need to tell me!
Oslo, by now.
He went where?
Why am I finding out after the fact?
They were gonna take him no matter what.
[wind gusting]
[footsteps approaching]
Come on. I don't have all day.
How many times do you plan
to stop and stand there?
Mr. Johansen is prepared to make
a substantial donation to the foster home.
[grunts] Why the hell would I want
to hold onto your grubby little paw?
[Johansen] You see these doors?
Once you walk through them,
I'm outta here, kid.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll hurry it up.
I told you to hurry, brat!
[Hogan] I have the tracking results!
Wassily was taken to Vigeland Castle,
along the southern coast of Norway!
However, when I tried
to look up the man, Johansen,
who took the boy away, he doesn't exist.
[woman gasps] But but I
I've brought the kid as requested, sir.
[ominous music playing]
[Abullah] I hope you have been gentle
with our young guest.
[Johansen] But of course.
I treated him like he was made of glass.
If there's nothing more,
then I'll take my leave.
Bora. [gasps]
[Abullah] Don't be afraid.
Bora! Bora! Bora! Bora! Bora! Bora!
Don't you worry.
- Everything is fine.
- Bora!
I do not think I would shout that name
with such vigor if I were you!
- You are a bad boy. Did you know that?
- [muffled screaming]
Consider this your just reward.
Only a very bad boy
would peek at Bora back then.
[muffled screaming]
But Epsilon will come flying
to the rescue, even for your sake.
Epsilon is nothing if not soft-hearted.
Wouldn't you agree?
[beast snarling]
[Wassily whimpering]
[beast snarling]
[Wassily whimpering]
I've gone to much trouble
to set the stage.
So failure is not an option.
Not this time.
[beast snarling]
[Abullah] Epsilon is
the final robot remaining.
Kill him now, and all this will be over.
You will taste victory.
With the use of but a single arm,
you will destroy our foe.
And when our righteous work is done
[beast snarling]
the world will sorely regret
the sins it has committed against us!
You hear me, Pluto?
[snarling continues]
Epsilon, isn't that the
It's the body armor that was issued to me
for use in the 39th Central Asian War.
I've never worn it
since I never reported for duty.
[Hogan] Please, just wait!
I can't let him hurt Wassily.
The military's gearing up
for a rescue right now.
I'm the one he's after.
Tell me something.
Why didn't you finish him off
when you had the chance to?
You ended up taking his arm off, Epsilon.
I'm sure you had the chance
to strike the deciding blow.
This would all be over by now, so why?
You don't need to accompany me.
I've gotten enough people killed as it is.
Sorry, but I'm coming with you.
Do you think you'll be able to protect me?
Hell no,
but I can protect Wassily, at least.
He will be here soon, Pluto.
Prepare yourself.
Destroy him by sunrise. No later.
[Wassily whimpering, grunting]
[Abullah] Hmm?
Bora! Bora! Bora! Bora!
That is enough!
[thud echoing]
[unsettling music playing]
[Abullah] What is the meaning of this?
You would disobey your father now?
[Pluto snarling]
To the man who created you out of nothing,
you would show this level of disrespect?
[Pluto snarling]
Once our battle is over,
you can go back to your original body,
or have you forgotten, my son?
[Pluto snarling]
You believe me. Right, Pluto?
[unsettling music continues]
I'm picking up Wassily's biosignature.
I'm heading in there!
I want you to hold back
at a safe distance!
You were designed
to run on Photon Energy, Epsilon!
You should wait till the sun's up.
[Epsilon] I can't leave Wassily
in their clutches for another moment!
[Hogan] Hold on!
I'll go stealth mode and join you!
[tense music playing]
Behind those doors.
[Hogan] Hang back while I blast them open.
- Epsilon!
- I'm all right! Save Wassily!
- I'm not gonna le
- Do it now!
[Hogan] Wassily!
Ah! [grunts]
[Epsilon screaming]
How does he have
that much energy left in him?
[Epsilon screaming]
Wassily! Are you all right? Wassily!
I'm running out of power.
[grunts] How long until
the sunrise?
[Pluto snarling]
Good. Now destroy him.
Squeeze until nothing is left, Pluto!
[Epsilon groaning]
[Pluto] The child
What are you saying?
Are you talking about Wassily?
I've got the boy, Epsilon!
I'm getting him to cover ASAP!
Did you wanna make sure that he was safe?
Deep inside,
I think you can still hear me!
Are you there, Sahad?
What happened to you?
This can't be what you want!
What is Abullah?
What is Bora?
The sun's up, Epsilon.
Finish him off now! The dead demand it!
Help me, please.
Begging you. Help me.
[Tenma] We finally meet.
You're the one
who's been leaving those flowers
at Tobio's grave, are you not?
Yes, Doctor.
When I'm here, I'm just a father.
Tell me, you wouldn't happen to be
My name is Uran.
[Tenma] You are Atom's little sister.
A robot paying respects at a grave.
I never thought I'd see the day.
You're Ochanomizu's finest work.
I have to wonder
if my son Tobio
has found any happiness in heaven.
I don't know about heaven
or anything like that.
But I
I do know that you're grieving his loss.
But how do you know it?
You understand the grief within my heart?
I've never had a heart of my own,
but I sense emotions.
Even now. Loud and clear.
They're very far away, but still,
I sense a pair in sorrow.
Two different people,
but the feeling inside of them
is the same.
[wind gusting]
It's sunrise!
You've got all your power, Epsilon!
What are you doing? Finish him off, Pluto!
[Pluto] Why didn't you kill me
the last time we fought?
You could have ended this.
Why didn't you kill me
when you had the chance?
Because the wavelengths you emit told me
[ethereal music playing]
how sad you are.
[Pluto] If you know that,
then end my suffering!
[energy thrumming]
[Pluto] Yes, that's it! Photon Energy!
If you have any mercy,
you'll burn away
every trace of this cursed existence!
Do it, please!
Grant me the solace of death!
Come on! Do it, damn you!
[ethereal music continues]
[Epsilon whimpering]
[Epsilon] Y you
You're Sahad
Let's put you back where you belong, yeah?
We'll put your AI back
in your original body,
and the nightmare will come to an end.
Aren't you tired of this?
But you have to decide that you're done.
I can't.
[Sahad] He's on his way.
Who is, Sahad?
[Epsilon gasps]
Where's the sun?
It should have risen completely by now.
But it's gone.
[wind whistling]
[whimpers] Bora!
[Hogan grunting]
[Epsilon] What's happening?
[Hogan grunts] It's no good!
I can't hold on much longer!
I'm sending down my energy! Use it!
[energy thrumming]
[tense music playing]
Behold your brother, Uran.
Dr. Tenma? Where did you go?
Wassily! Are you all right?
Your hands are protecting me, Epsilon!
[tense music swells]
[children clamoring]
[Epsilon] Children, hello.
[children laughing]
[Epsilon] It's so good to be home.
Where are you going?
I see.
This is just a memory of mine.
I thought we were
all together in real life.
I even tried to give you a hug.
[melancholy music playing]
Give you a hug.
Where are my arms?
Where'd my body go?
Am I
[Uran gasps]
You recognize me, don't you?
It's Uran, your little sister!
So he's finally waking up.
[Uran] What's going on?
I installed a particular type
of extraneous data into him.
- [Uran] Huh?
- Emotional upheaval.
Something to cut
through the chaos of infinite possibility.
Now that he's done processing
all of the relevant information,
we merely had to wait for him
to regain conscious thought.
Now, the time is at hand.
[alarm beeping]
What are these brain waves I'm picking up?
These numbers don't make any sense.
What the hell is going on inside his head?
[Uran] Doctor, I felt something just now!
It happened right before
Atom opened his eyes.
It was like something landed on him.
Tell me what it was. Be exact.
It hit him like a humongous wave
of sadness.
[Epsilon] I understand all of it now.
Bora itself.
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[Wassily] Bora! Bora!
That giant in the shadows!
- [loud thud]
- Is that Bora?
Where did Epsilon go? I can't find him!
Don't look, Wassily!
He's become
the light itself now.
[music fades]
[Hogan] The morning sun
has broken through.
That giant shadow is gone.
No sign of Pluto either.
- [energy thrumming]
- Those are
Those are Epsilon's hands.
He protected us to the end and then some.
[Wassily whimpering]
[sobs] You saved me, Epsilon.
[Epsilon] Someone
[both gasp]
protect the earth.
Do what I can do no longer.
In my stead
[footsteps approaching]
[melancholy music playing]
forgive me.
You'd probably just shake your head
if you heard me saying this,
but I have to, okay?
People thought you were a coward
for skipping the war, but they're wrong.
[Wassily crying]
You saved your fight
for when it mattered the most.
[Wassily crying]
A humongous wave of sadness
landed on him, huh?
Uran, I imagine
that you're quite the little bookworm.
How come?
You were being evocative.
You didn't literally mean
something interacted with Atom.
Sensing emotion
is just a figure of speech.
But I I do sense emotions! All the time!
I know how sad you were feeling
when we talked to each other
at Tobio's grave!
It was so heavy!
Even now, you feel so empty
it's like you might blow away!
Dr. Tenma, please don't leave!
We need you here!
[melancholy music playing]
Atom, it's me.
It's your sister, Uran!
Can you understand me?
I understand you.
I'm so glad.
I still can't believe
that you actually came back to life again.
I understand you, Epsilon.
What are you talking about?
[Atom] I understand you,
A crack?
The earth is going to shatter.
[mysterious music playing]
[music fades]
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