Pluto (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[ethereal music playing]
[TV static playing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music swells, fades]
[pensive music playing]
[woman 1] Many centuries ago,
in the land of Manu Katche,
there lived a tribe known as the Nanabu.
The Nanabu were a peaceful people
who put no stock in warfare.
One fateful day,
the ships of a strange tribe
made landfall upon Manu Katche.
Showing the Nanabu their gold,
they swore to them
that whosoever
possessed the shiny yellow metal
would feel a happiness
as bright as the sun.
The Nanabu traded a few of their horses
for some of the wondrous stuff.
Gold fever spread through
Manu Katche like wildfire.
Before long, the Nanabu had traded
every last horse they possessed.
Worse yet, they even parted
with their homes and then the land itself,
goaded on by these strangers from afar
with their gleaming gifts.
The Nanabu had lost everything.
They were a people adrift in the world.
They made the trek up the side of
Mt. Manabonzo with great solemnity
and threw themselves
into its volcanic heart one by one.
The spirits of the immolated tribe
gathered into the form of a giant.
One said to slumber
deep inside the earth even now.
Legend has it the giant will emerge
from its fiery slumber someday
right here in Eden National Park
to reclaim what was taken.
All righty! We'll be making a stop
at the local native reservation next.
Now, when In doubt,
just follow my banner, folks!
[lava burbling]
[metallic clanking]
[child] We got 'em all. It's done.
All seven robots are dead.
Yes. Everything went according to plan.
Anyone who could pose a threat
to our nation
has been removed from the board.
The glorious country of Thracia
will prosper for all time!
[indistinct chattering]
[woman 1] The tribal elder, Tse Tse Mar.
It would be up to him
to keep evil spirits at bay.
[indistinct chattering]
What's he mumbling about, I wonder?
You think maybe
you can translate it for us?
Well, let's see.
[indistinct chattering]
[woman 1] "Beneath the earth,
there lurks a great darkness."
"The anger within
shall destroy everything."
[brooding music plays]
[man 1] We've completed the transfer.
[man 2] Security here
is set to the maximum.
[man 1] No matter what happens,
we'll be ready.
"No matter what happens," huh?
What exactly do you think
the boy is going to do?
[Ochanomizu] Atom has returned to us.
How will he use this second chance?
Any word on where Tenma went?
No clue as of yet, sir.
What did you do to him?
Dr. Tenma.
What changes did you make to his mind?
He told me
that he installed extraneous data.
Like a program?
Did he go into any detail?
[Uran] Nuh-uh.
But I I felt something
in the moment that Atom woke up.
Somewhere on Earth right then,
a huge sadness went booming outward.
[footsteps approaching]
- [man 1] Professor Ochanomizu!
- Hmm?
We have a problem, sir!
You should see this!
Atom said he wanted a pen,
so we gave him one. But look!
- [Ochanomizu] Mercy!
- [Uran] Back off!
- [men grunting]
- Let me go! I'm here, Atom!
[Uran panting]
[dramatic music plays]
[music fades]
Take the girl outside. Quickly now!
- [man 3] Yes, sir.
- [gasps]
[Uran] Huh? No!
I need to see him! Atom, talk to me!
What are you writing, Atom?
Tell me what! Tell me what it is!
That equation on the walls.
What is it used for?
It's the formula for an Antiproton Bomb.
[gasps] An Antiproton Bomb?
[Ochanomizu] That's a how-to guide
for the end of the world.
[pensive music playing]
[Ochanomizu] That dear lad.
He just recreated the formula
for the worst weapon known to man.
One that could blow the earth to bits.
[Brau1589] Do my eyes deceive me?
I'm honored to play host
to such an esteemed roboticist.
Then again, I knew you'd drop in.
Atom's awake, isn't he?
Did he wish Daddy Dearest a good morning?
[Brau1589 laughing]
You already knew, then. That's impressive.
When an AI like Atom initializes,
robots of similar caliber
the world over can sense it.
There are no more robots
of similar caliber to Atom
except for you, Brau.
[Brau1589] You old flirt.
But I doubt you're here
to put me back together, are you?
I want to ask you a question.
I'll be more inclined to answer
if you repair me first.
[scanner beeping]
What you did to the boy's mind
is inexcusable, Dr. Tenma!
I'll restore him to who he was.
Alone if I have to!
[man 1] Professor, sir! We've got trouble!
What is it this time?
Just now, Atom escaped
from his confinement!
[tense music plays]
[man 1] I still can't believe it.
These walls
are supposed to be indestructible,
but he smashed right through.
- [Ochanomizu] So where'd he go?
- Uh, we can track him through his GPS.
- [man 2] Should we loop in the military?
- None of that.
I'll take care of this myself.
He's in Kudanshita at the present moment.
I can make it there in no time.
Damn it all, Tenma.
What sort of switch did you flip
in the boy's head?
That said, I knew how
to expedite the process.
Break its sense of equilibrium
with anger and sorrow and hate.
Infuse its consciousness
with emotional imbalance.
He told me
that he installed extraneous data.
He couldn't have.
[Brau1589] You installed
Gesicht's memory chip in Atom
to wake him up, didn't you?
Yes. You loaded him
with Gesicht's painful last moments.
What if the final thought
etched into that dying memory chip
was full of intense hatred?
Listen up.
I wouldn't even think about
pissing me off.
[tense music plays]
[child gasps]
Huh? Something wrong?
[child] Atom is alive again.
What? But you told me
all seven of them had been destroyed!
[child] He's alive and filled
with an incredible amount of hatred.
Oh, come on.
Stop being dramatic.
A robot isn't capable of hatred.
[child] Is that what you think?
[child] You think
robots can't feel anger, then?
You think robots can't cry or be sad?
[man] Uh
[child] You think robots can't feel hatred
down to their very cores.
- [rain pattering]
- [Ochanomizu panting]
There you are.
[Gesicht] Ah, found a snail, did you?
- [gasps]
- [static playing]
[officer 1] Squads B and C,
move around to the south!
[man 1] Please!
That boy means everything to me!
[woman] Help us! I just want my Kurt back!
You need to calm down!
You hear me? Both of you!
- We need those reinforcements now!
- [woman sobs]
I'm Inspector Gesicht, Europol.
Lead the way.
The perp doesn't seem to care
about negotiating a surrender.
He's holed up back there pretty well.
- [Gesicht] What is he armed with?
- [man 2] A recoilless MMG. Military grade.
Be careful, sir.
You're entering his line of sight.
[all exclaim]
[tense music playing]
[boy crying, screaming]
Shut up already, ya little shit!
[boy whimpering]
Drop your weapon!
No! Not gonna happen!
One more step,
and I'll blow him away! I mean it!
You're Kurt, are you not?
[Kurt] Huh?
[Gesicht] I'm a robot policeman
here to help you.
This electromagnetic gun
on the end of my arm
will only hit the bad guy.
I promise that I won't hit you with it.
- [gunman] Hey! Don't ignore me!
- [Kurt screams]
But, Kurt, to keep my promise,
I need you to stay perfectly still.
[Gesicht] Look at me!
I want you to think about
the people you love the most of all.
People I love the most?
[Gesicht] The thought of them
will give you courage.
Shut up already!
I will blow this brat's head off!
I love Mommy the most.
And my daddy.
That's it.
[Kurt] Mommy. Daddy. Mommy! Daddy!
Good. Focus on them. Keep it up.
Mommy. Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!
- Mommy!
- [screaming]
[gunman grunts]
[grunts, groans]
We got him!
Good job, Kurt. Thank you.
- [Kurt's father] Kurt! Kurt!
- [Kurt] Hmm?
- [Kurt's mother] Kurt, baby!
- [Kurt's father] Kurt!
[Kurt's mother] Kurt!
Mommy! Daddy!
[mother, father crying]
[Kurt's mother] Thank goodness
you're safe! We were so scared!
[Kurt's father] I love you, son!
The world could be ending,
but still, I'll never let you go.
[all crying]
Why did the father say what he did
about never letting the boy go?
[vehicle approaching]
Hey! You wanna get out of the damn road?
[Gesicht] Oh. Sorry.
[man 1] Just my luck some guy would get
into a standoff with the cops out here.
Lost a whole day of business to that mess.
[motor whirring]
[man 1] Gonna dig through this stuff
for recyclable parts
before I start crushing it down,
of course.
Might get lucky and find something
I can sell to a robot hospital.
Excuse me, sir!
Hold on a second!
[motor whirring]
- See? It's moving.
- Hmm?
[Gesicht] This robot is still alive.
Nah, just the last few twitches
of a failed AI.
This one's so out of date,
I wouldn't even open it up for parts.
Nothing to do but crush it down for scrap.
Back it goes.
[melancholy music playing]
Please, sir.
This child
may I have him?
Hmm. No skin off my teeth.
It's nothing but junk at this point.
Make you a deal.
500 ZEUS a body. What do you say?
[Gesicht] Helena.
I'm finally on my way back home
to you, my dear.
I've got a surprise for you
when I get there.
Of course not.
You'll have to wait and see.
I know that you'll love it.
I can't wait to show you.
[melancholy music continues]
Look, he did it!
He's actually walking, Gesicht!
Yeah, he is!
That's right. You're doing great.
Come to Papa.
He's our child? We can keep him?
We can. Forever and always.
[Helena] They're alive.
This child is alive!
I watch this tiny miracle
walk towards me step by step,
and I finally know what that means.
[Helena gasps with emotion]
Having you with us
This is what it means to live.
[robot] Papa.
[Helena gasps with emotion]
We'll have to give this little one a name,
won't we?
Yes, naturally.
How do you feel about Robita?
[Helena] Robita.
What a beautiful name.
[Gesicht] The world could be ending,
but still, I'll never let you go.
[man 1 panting]
[man 1 grunts] Stop!
[man 1 whimpers]
I give up, okay?
No more!
Come back here, you! God damn it!
[man 1 crying]
What's wrong with you?
[man 1 whimpering]
I don't wanna die, please!
[energy thrumming]
[Gesicht screaming]
[Adolf] Gesicht.
[Gesicht] Tell me, if you know yourself.
Does the hatred you feel inside
ever truly disappear?
Or does it become a part of you
no matter how many times
you may struggle to wipe it away?
[Adolf] Hmm.
You know what scares me the most, Adolf,
more than anything?
I am afraid of myself
now that I've learned how to feel hatred.
[Adolf gulps, gasps]
Don't take him yet!
[Gesicht] Hmm?
I don't know if it ever goes away.
Maybe it stains us.
But I know that I
I don't want to hate you anymore.
[static playing]
[rain pattering]
There's no need to be scared, Ali.
You heard that shot go off just now,
didn't you?
It can be a rough neighborhood.
Here, I've got you.
You know, you remind me
so much of my own little one.
What's wrong, Ali? You have to
Nothing will be born of this.
Nothing comes from hatred
except for more hatred.
[Ochanomizu gasping]
[eerie music playing]
[music fades]
Atom, lad.
Is it you?
I'm feeling better now, Professor.
Sorry to make you worry.
Oh, I've missed you.
[Ochanomizu crying]
[Brau1589] The hatred is gone.
No sign of it.
[Tenma] Hatred and sorrow never leave
once they're in you.
Hence their power.
One may think
they have burned themselves out,
but the embers never truly grow cold.
[Brau1589 laughs]
Fair point, Doctor.
[Tenma] There's still something
I wanted to ask you.
It's the entire reason I came here.
[Brau1589] Hmm?
Where can I find Professor Abullah now?
I cannot let his plan come to fruition.
[Brau1589] You don't need
to beat the bushes for him.
I'm sure he's going to find you first.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
[man] Not at all.
Take me to the airport, please.
[man] Yes, sir.
[Tenma groans]
[Ochanomizu] All right, Atom.
Whenever you're ready.
As you know, Gesicht's memory chip
was introduced to my AI
while I was still out of commission.
It included all of his case notes.
I can tell you everything
his investigation brought to light.
When Darius XIV
ruled the Kingdom of Persia,
he came up with a plan
to vitalize the country's vast deserts
and to do it in record time.
And so, he asked Professor Abullah
to create a giant robot.
One strong enough to terraform the earth.
They called it the Bora Project.
So the robot wasn't
a weapon of mass destruction?
Right. It wasn't meant as one
in the beginning, at least.
But either way, the project
kept having things go wrong.
Professor Abullah made prototypes,
but they didn't work,
so he abandoned them all.
Professor Ochanomizu and the others
found them in a cellar.
Ah, that basement of dead robots.
That's when Professor Abullah
had a genius idea.
He realized he couldn't do it alone.
It would take the help of
an assistant better than any human
if Bora was going to get done.
"An assistant better than any human."
What the hell are you getting at?
[Atom] A robot
with the most advanced AI possible.
[both] Hmm.
To make it happen, the kingdom tried
to recruit one expert in particular.
[Tawashi] Which expert was it?
He's referring to Dr. Tenma.
[unsettling music playing]
[groans, grunts]
[Tenma] Where am I?
I hear Atom is back
in the land of the living.
Why am I not surprised
to see you, Abullah?
Apologies for my method of procuring you.
[Tenma] You're using me as bait
to lure in Atom. Is that what this is?
[Abullah] Not at all.
I prefer to think of you
as my honored guest.
Then why'd you bring me here?
You are about to know.
[metallic clank]
What the hell?
Is that Pluto?
[Abullah] It is Bora.
A masterpiece created
by the genius scientist Goji.
It is my will to transplant my brain
into the fearsome monolith
you see before you.
Thus, I shall create
the world's most powerful cyborg.
You are the only man I trust
with this task.
The only other scientist as skilled as me
in all of mankind.
[Atom] Professor Abullah
lost his wife to the war.
A son and daughter too.
He grieved for them
from the bottom of his heart,
and he began to hate the world.
"In all of mankind," you said?
You are no longer
a member of mankind, Abullah.
[Atom] Later,
the violence of war claimed
Professor Abullah's life as well.
Wait a minute, Atom.
The man can't be dead!
I had a whole damn conversation
with him not that long ago!
You haven't been a human being
since the war.
You split semantic hairs.
Because I lost so much of my organic body
to their bombs,
you could say I am already a cyborg
if that is your drift.
[Tenma] You're no cyborg, Abullah.
You're a robot.
Why do you say
this ridiculous thing to me?
I've known you for a long time.
Far better than you know yourself.
Because you are a robot
I brought to life with my own two hands.
[laughs] What lies you speak!
[Tenma] The real Abullah tasked me
with creating a robot for him.
He wanted it to be perfect.
But the artificial intelligence
of that robot was too advanced,
and it never woke up.
[Tenma grunting]
[door opens]
You have to get to the airport, Dr. Tenma!
We can't guarantee your safety here!
I'm aware of that!
[soldier 2] Dr. Tenma!
I come with bad news.
The Timur region was bombed extensively.
The casualties include Professor Abullah.
Huh? How good is your intel?
[soldier 2] He was still alive
when we pulled him from the rubble,
but soon after,
he succumbed to his wounds.
[Tenma] Hmm?
This message is for Dr. Tenma.
I've copied certain parts of my brain
onto this memory chip, you see.
Take it.
Dr. Tenma, you know what to
[soldier 2] He was adamant
that you get this.
[mysterious music playing]
This chip,
surely it contains Abullah's hatred.
So will you when I'm done.
- [rumbling]
- [Tenma grunts]
Every bomb is landing closer!
- [rumbling]
- [electrical crackling]
[Tenma] That face!
You mean to tell us
that the man we interviewed,
who said he was Professor Abullah
- [rumbling]
- [electrical crackling]
The robot that awoke was you.
[Abullah] Don't lie to me.
Lie to you, huh?
Funny that.
This may come as a shock.
With a strong enough AI,
a robot can lie to others.
It can even
tell a convincing lie to itself.
The reason you never met Goji
is because you are him, Abullah.
One and the same.
Abullah's the same person as Goji.
Two distinct personalities
operating out of a single robot.
So I am Goji?
That isn't right.
You lie to me. Why are you lying?
If I'm lying,
tell me where to find him, then.
You don't need me
to transplant your consciousness.
You've migrated
your own artificial intelligence
into a number of other robots
well before now.
[Abullah groaning]
You're lying! You're lying! You're lying!
It's time to end this.
The whole planet shouldn't have to suffer
on account of your vendetta.
[static playing]
[screaming, static continues]
[Atom] A man went
to the ancient Uzbek king,
who sought the truth of this life.
And as soon as
that king had been enlightened,
the man turned back into sand.
Goji. The wise sage of the sands.
I'm the only person who can save you,
Abullah, and you know that.
[Atom] Abullah created Pluto,
and Goji created Bora,
just as they had each planned.
Pluto inherited the hatred
which had consumed Abullah.
And that hatred drove him
to kill the seven of us, one by one.
Wait. So what about Bora?
[Tenma groans]
It's already gone?
[Atom] Bora was made
to help turn the desert green,
but that's not its mission anymore.
It's a weapon of mass destruction.
Let's call it what it is.
We have to let the world know
what we're up against!
[Atom] Even if you do,
there's nowhere to run.
[all] Huh?
Bora's powerful enough
to destroy the entire planet.
- [rumbling]
- [grunts]
[tense music playing]
[gavel tapping]
[judge] I now declare the 108th
Military Tribunal in active session.
The defendant will be sworn in.
- [rumbling]
- [gasps]
[people murmuring]
[Darius XIV] Why does a little tremor
inspire such fear in you?
[man 1] This data. What am I looking at?
If these readings are accurate,
the entire planet is done for.
[Darius XIV] We stand upon the threshold
of the end of everything.
- [gavel tapping]
- [judge] The accused will remain silent!
This is not a platform for your lunacy.
[Darius XIV] I am not to blame
for this coming destruction.
Do you think me so powerful?
[judge] That is enough!
[Darius XIV] The catalyst is hatred.
[melancholy music playing]
[gun cocks]
[Abullah] Please don't, Your Majesty.
[man groans]
Now is not the time for martyring oneself.
Why live on in defeat?
[Abullah] Might I presume
to show you something first?
[man] Huh?
[man] Hmm.
Pluto! It's complete!
Use this to kill them all!
Wipe all seven of those robots
from the face of the earth!
As you decree, sire.
I will strike down
the Bora Fact-Finding Mission as well.
The true villain here is
the land of Thracia itself.
Unfortunately, there's nothing
you can do to them.
Forgive me, but you are wrong.
[man] Hmm?
As it turns out,
much can be done to them indeed.
[judge] Silence! Silence, I say!
[Darius XIV] Hatred has tossed us
into the abyss.
All will bear the coming judgment.
Hmm? Like a volcano?
[man 1] Yes, sir, Mr. President.
An eruption
is almost certain at this point.
Where at? And how big?
This weather robot
can give you all the details.
I'm Arnold, sir.
Well, a robot
who can predict active volcanoes.
Now I've seen everything.
We're gonna save a lot of Thracian lives
thanks to your vigilance.
[Arnold] Respectfully,
I don't think my warning you
is going to save many lives at all, sir.
[Arnold] The eruption will occur
within Eden National Park.
[indistinct chattering]
[Arnold] While it's technically true
there are no volcanoes
in Eden National Park,
there is a huge reservoir of magma
some eight kilometers below the surface.
It contains
3,000 cubic kilometers of magma,
all of which rises and recedes
on a known cycle.
What's it doing now?
[Arnold] Rising, sir.
How often does it erupt?
[Arnold] Roughly once every 5,000 years.
And how long
since the last time it happened?
[Arnold] Fifty-two hundred years ago.
What what are we looking at
when it does go off?
[Arnold] One hundred million tons
of cinder and ash
spewed into the atmosphere per hour.
Pyroclastic flow
has the potential to take out anything
within a several-hundred-mile radius.
That flow will be
about 700 degrees Celsius,
and its speed
can top 300 kilometers an hour.
The ejected volcanic ash
will immediately rise 50 kilometers
into the stratosphere,
soon covering the entire planet.
The several hundred million tons
of airborne ash
will block out the sun itself.
Plant life will die off.
After an extended bout
of nonstop acid rain,
the planet will enter a new ice age.
Most of the biological life on Earth
will be extinct within a few months' time.
And in your opinion, we'll be up against
this doomsday scenario soon?
[Arnold] Not unless something changes, no.
- What?
- What?
[Arnold] The magma
is definitely on an upswing,
but the caldera above
shows no sign of imminent breach.
As it is, nothing there
should trigger an eruption.
[all sigh]
You know, you could have led
with that part of it.
All that extinction talk
had me sweating pretty hard.
[Arnold] However
if something were
to introduce enough force
to that point below Eden National Park
What am I looking at?
[Arnold] There's something man-made
passing through the magma.
It's a good thing
that blip's not an Antiproton Bomb.
[president] An Antiproton Bomb.
We have a situation, Mr. President!
At the tribunal a moment ago
[Darius XIV] A huge bomb will soon explode
right beneath the unthinking colossus
the world knows as Thracia.
[child] Hey there. You look grumpy.
You knew about this, didn't you?
[child] Silly. Of course I did.
Why the hell would you keep me in the dark
about something so important?
[child] That weather robot
laid it on thick.
[child] He didn't have to pretend
like it would be the end of the world.
[child] He said, and I quote,
"Most of the biological life on earth
will be extinct."
[president gasps]
[child] We robots
will survive the change just fine.
[president gasps]
[child] Oh, calm down.
About 10% of the Earth's humans
will survive into the ice age.
Think of them as my gift to you,
Mr. President.
Generous, aren't I?
[unsettling music playing]
[Arnold] It's looking pretty dire,
Professor Ochanomizu.
An eruption such as
would drive man extinct.
Is that what you meant
about Bora destroying the planet?
Hold on a damn second!
This huge explosion,
when is it gonna happen?
[device chimes]
[Ochanomizu] If it continues to burrow
at its current rate of speed,
Bora will arrive at the magma pool
below Eden National Park
72 hours from now.
[Arnold] Impressive number-crunching,
But how do we know that it won't
speed up at some point? It could!
I think the Professor's prediction
is going to be accurate.
- [Ochanomizu] Based on what, my boy?
- [Arnold grunts]
[Arnold] Seventy-two hours from now,
it will be exactly four years
since the moment
Professor Abullah's family
died in the war.
The anniversary of the moment
Abullah's own world was destroyed.
[Nakamura] There has to be a way
to stop him, right?
[Arnold] Bora's traveling beneath
the Earth's crust through the magma.
Nothing else known to man
can descend that deep into the planet
or survive those temperatures.
We'll have one chance to stop Bora,
and it'll be
when it's reached Eden National Park
and nears the surface
to induce the eruption.
But when the time comes,
the only robot
who could even hope to prevail is
I can do it, Professor.
You shouldn't have to.
But first, I need to go somewhere.
I need to check in with a few people.
[Brau1589] Look who it is!
Feels like it's been forever now.
So happy to see you, my old friend.
I'm here today
because I have a favor to ask of you.
[Brau1589] Really?
Because I want to ask something too.
What are your plans
for that delicious bomb formula?
[Atom] So you know about it.
[Brau1589] I caught them right away,
the out-of-character brain waves
you were emitting
as you scribbled away on those walls.
I wish I'd never done it.
When I woke up in that lab,
it felt like all the hatred in the world
was pressing in on me,
and I welcomed it.
[Brau1589] Your enemy must have noticed.
I certainly did.
That's why I've come
to ask for your assistance.
[Brau1589] You speak of the other threat
in this equation.
[ethereal music playing]
[Brau1589] I will honor
your request, Atom. Consider it done.
Thank you. I am in your debt, Brau.
[Brau1589] Atom.
Would you touch my hand?
[pensive music playing]
[Brau1589] You have such warmth.
It it radiates from you, Atom.
I can feel your heart.
[woman] How gorgeous!
It feels like a whole new house!
We are so glad we picked you
to be our interior designer, Helena!
I'm just pleased you like it.
Thanks for the compliment though.
We've always dreamed of
living in a home this nice, haven't we?
Well then, let's go over
your landscaping options later on.
[woman] Sounds good.
[Helena] Gesicht.
[Helena gasps]
You're Atom.
And you're Helena, huh?
My Gesicht is within you
if Dr. Tenma's plan worked out.
He is. I never would've been able
to come back to life without him.
[gentle sigh]
[emotional music playing]
[Helena] Thank you, Atom.
Thank you for giving his death meaning.
- There's something you should know.
- Huh?
Work may have kept him away,
but you were always in Gesicht's thoughts.
Even at the very end,
all his thoughts were of home with you.
[Helena sobs]
The world could never
take him away from you.
Not in the way that matters.
[Helena crying]
That was sweet of you to say.
I appreciate you trying
to make me feel better.
But it's all the truth.
You know as well as I do
that robots can't lie.
You're right.
I almost forgot. [chuckles]
Is it odd to see
a fellow robot crying like I do?
No, ma'am.
May I ask you about something?
[Atom] Sure.
Gesicht and I both came to realize
that we were missing memories
from the same stretch of time
a few years ago.
I still have no idea what the contents
of those forgotten moments may have been.
I can't help but wonder, though,
if maybe Gesicht found out
what they were and never told me.
Do you know
what our missing memories are about, Atom?
Sorry. Gesicht never got
to the bottom of it.
Are you hiding something from me?
I can take it.
I'm not.
Whatever it is, I swear I can handle it,
no matter
how painful of a memory it may be!
Please, Atom, just tell me.
I'm sorry. He never did find out.
do you have to go now?
I do.
[Helena] Atom.
Will I see you again?
Yeah. Of course you will.
[energy thrumming]
Robots can't lie. That's what you told me.
But I think,
if it's possible,
you lied to me then.
Thank you.
Thank you for that, Atom.
[music fades]
[Atom] Well, Gesicht, I guess it's time.
I've said all of my goodbyes,
even if people didn't know
that's what I was doing.
[wind gusting]
[thunder rumbling]
[Atom] I think it's about to begin.
There's something I have to do.
Thank you, and goodbye.
[unsettling music playing]
[Pluto snarling]
[tense music playing]
You're going down, Pluto!
[Pluto growls]
[Atom grunts]
[Atom straining]
- [Pluto snarling]
- [Atom grunting]
I am going to destroy you!
You may be full of
borrowed hatred from your father
but the hatred inside of me
goes infinitely deeper.
[Uran] Atom.
Don't do it. Please, you can't.
Mont Blanc was gentle.
He was a friend of nature.
He tried to protect
the forests of Switzerland.
He didn't want to die.
North No.2 never wanted
to return to the battlefield.
He was finding such solace in music!
He didn't want to die either. But he did.
Because of you.
You murdered them.
Yes, that's right.
I killed them like they were nothing!
[Pluto grunting]
[both straining]
Brando had so much to give!
He adored his family.
He just wanted a future with them.
He and Hercules were rivals,
but they were friends too!
In a way, they understood each other
better than anyone else!
And I know that neither of them
neither of them wanted
to die like that! It wasn't fair!
[Atom] Epsilon hated fighting so much
that he refused to go to war.
People despised him.
One of the most powerful beings on Earth,
and all he wanted to do was
care for orphans!
I know Epsilon didn't wanna die!
[low groaning]
The last of them
I carry within me is Gesicht.
His love and his hatred too!
Stop it, Atom! Don't do this!
Pluto isn't using
his tornado attack anymore!
There's still a good person
deep inside somewhere!
I gotta go help him!
Not so fast, young lady!
How would you help if you were there?
Let me go!
If we don't do something, Atom will!
He'll be all right. I'm sure of it!
We all know how strong Atom is.
He's got so much power inside!
What if it's too much, huh?
Some of that power inside of him
shouldn't be there in the first place!
What if the hatred and the sorrow
are too much,
and Atom gets swept up in feeling them?
I don't want him to kill anyone!
[Uran sobbing]
Then we have to believe in him.
For better or worse,
that's all we can do right now.
Atom's a good boy.
You and I both know that.
[pilot] We're 75 kilometers
from Atom's signal.
We're coming, lad.
You'll pay for their lives with your own!
[Atom gasps]
[emotional music playing]
[Mont Blanc] Atom.
[North No.2] Atom.
[Brando] Atom.
[Hercules] Atom.
[Epsilon] Atom.
[Gesicht] Atom.
Nothing comes from hatred
except for more hatred.
Everyone, I could hear you all
in my heart.
[Pluto groaning]
[Atom gasps]
They're crying, aren't they?
[Pluto sobbing]
What's happening?
[Pluto] What's happening to me?
[Pluto crying]
You're crying, Pluto.
No, wait.
You're only Sahad now, aren't you?
I don't understand either.
How come my eyes
are welling up with tears?
What's setting them free?
[Pluto sobs]
[gasps] See the shooting star?
Humans say that if you make a wish
when you see a shooting star,
it'll surely come true.
Did you make a wish, then, Sahad?
I know I did.
[Pluto] What did you wish for?
Probably what you wished for too.
He's coming.
It's time.
I have to go now, Sahad.
But you're already at the park, Atom!
Where would you go?
[dramatic music playing]
[pilot] Be advised, Eden National Park is
extremely hostile to human life right now!
I don't care! We're landing!
But, Professor Ochanomizu,
the pilot just said
Where's Atom's GPS signal?
[pilot] He dropped out of sight
a minute ago.
You don't think that Pluto could have
killed him again, do you?
[Tenma] Atom is much stronger now than
he was during their first fatal encounter
as a result of the unbalanced emotions
I infused in him.
But strong enough to prevail?
The odds are good
that Atom has already slain Pluto.
Bora's the real threat, gentlemen.
Bora will end life on Earth
as we know it in minutes.
Even Atom cannot stop him.
[pilot] We've touched down.
Open up the hatch.
There's no time to waste!
Safety first, Professor.
[Tenma] The air outside your ship
is filled with malice.
Abullah's hatred
eats away at all other emotions,
and now it radiates off him
like never before.
Bora is that hatred made manifest.
The Earth is doomed,
no matter what you may try.
[Ochanomizu] That's only a theory, Doctor.
No offense, but you spend too much time
cloistered away in your lab.
You could stand to feel
the sun on your face more often.
Hypothetically, you are correct.
The Earth's doom is upon us.
And no matter what we may attempt,
we're all going to be dead soon.
But even now,
when faced with our own extinction,
fully aware
that it probably won't change a thing,
we're holding out hope until the very end
because that's what people do.
[Ochanomizu] Atom's the same way.
Dr. Tenma, you're a man
of such contradictions.
You unleashed Goji upon the world,
but you also gave us the gift of Atom.
What? I don't understand!
There's no sign of either of them!
- [gasps]
- [alarm beeping]
[man 1] Orchid City's gone dark!
No response!
[woman 1] Another huge quake
in Capital Town!
[man 2] Hold on.
Are we to believe this is all being caused
by the upheaval in Eden National Park?
[Arnold] Yes, and we're
one large shock away from annihilation.
What kind of large shock?
[Arnold] An Antiproton Bomb, for example.
One of those in the magma
would spell certain doom.
Mr. President, sir!
You have to declare a state of
[gasps] Where'd he go?
We're safe enough
in this chamber, aren't we?
If you tell me I'm protected in here,
I believe you.
[child] Yes.
I will keep you safe and sound.
And in exchange for that
you will be my slave
for the rest of your life.
[both panting]
He couldn't have gone in there, right?
He had to.
He's trying to stop Bora
from setting off the Antiproton Bomb.
[Nakamura] Can he do it?
Is he really strong enough?
- [Ochanomizu] Yes, but
- [Nakamura] Huh?
The boy's body will melt
before he's had enough time to do it.
[Bora snarls]
[Atom] Can you understand me?
Gesicht taught me something important.
Nothing good ever comes of hatred.
Just more of it!
We need to end this cycle of hate!
[Bora snarls]
[Atom gasps]
It's no use. Time for Plan B.
I'll need five minutes
to disable the Antiproton Bomb.
[Atom] But there's no way
my body can hold out that long.
I know it's impossible.
But still, I have to try!
[Pluto] I will protect your body.
Focus on your task.
[Pluto] Are you ready for this?
[Atom grunts]
[Pluto snarls]
[Pluto] Why can't you admit you are wrong?
Hatred gives nothing and takes everything!
[Pluto] Atom! Transfer the formula
for the Antiproton Bomb directly into me!
- [Atom] What?
- Trust me!
[energy thrumming]
[dramatic music playing]
[Pluto] Helping flowers to bloom
in the desert in another life,
that was my purpose.
But I know that I can
never be Sahad again.
Atom, please give Uran a message.
[Pluto] Tell her I'm glad
we got to paint pictures together!
It gave me such joy!
Sahad, wait!
[Atom] Sahad!
Shouldn't we evacuate?
It could go up any moment now, right?
There's no point running away.
If it does explode, the Earth is done for.
Wait. Is that
[both panting]
[Pluto] Atom, take care of
this beautiful world.
No, Sahad!
[Bora growls]
[Bora growls]
[melancholy music playing]
[both grunting]
[Ochanomizu gasping, groaning]
[dramatic music playing]
[both grunt]
[music fades]
[Nakamura gasps]
What what in the world?
[Ochanomizu] It's the Peltier effect.
Find the point
at which two separate metals
with differing properties meet.
If you apply high voltage,
you'll get rapid heat absorption
and ultra-low temperatures as a result.
Goodness. Look at the sky!
How brilliantly it shines!
Like a field bursting with wildflowers!
[sentimental music playing]
Pluto saved the Earth.
No, Pluto's body,
but Sahad in all the ways that mattered.
I only wanted to protect our citizens.
That's all.
To help ensure the prosperity of Thracia
That's why I did what I did.
[child] Huh.
- Something's wrong.
- Hmm?
[child] The magma is beginning to calm.
The eruption was halted.
[president] Huh?
[child] Is Atom to blame?
What a killjoy he is.
Oh, thank you, God.
Thank you for protecting us.
[child] I'll just need
to come up with another plan.
There are infinite options at my disposal.
Please, wait!
Why do you want
to destroy the human race so much?
Can't we find a way to coexist?
Who's out there?
[grunting, groaning]
[straining continues]
[child] Make yourself at home, Brau1589.
Now, let us begin our task.
We shall create this world anew.
[Brau1589] They are so warm
and so fragile.
But like Atom
they have heart.
[child] Aw!
This is quite the letdown, Brau.
I thought you'd come to realize
that you're a god among ants like I have.
[groans, coughs]
[sentimental music playing]
[Atom] We're safe for now,
but it won't last.
Until we find a way
to cure the world of its hatred,
this day will come again.
Professor, do you ever think
we'll see the end of hatred?
I don't know.
But we're going to work toward that day
all the same.
[Atom] Mont Blanc.
North No 2.
And Sahad.
In whatever way they're still with us,
I'm sure they're praying for that day.
All of them.
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
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