Postcards (2024) s01e04 Episode Script


[bright music plays]
[birds chirping]
[objects clanking]
- [banging cabinets]
- [utensil clanging]
- Did I wake you up?
- [tense music plays]
[Siddharth] No.
Are you still upset?
[Zainab] Have you changed your mind?
Zainab, why are you so against kids?
Why are you against the idea of kids?
We were so against it until you left me.
And now I'm looking bad
for sticking to my guns?
No Siddharth.
So I'm the bad one then?
[soft music continues]
Have you even thought about it?
- Thought about what?
- Have you really thought about it?
Have you even considered what
life would like for a mixed-race child?
Oh come on.
Come on?
Whose career will be
on hold to take care of the baby?
Definitely not mine.
[stutters] And have you even thought about
the mental, financial,
and emotional implications
- of having a child?!
- We are not poor Zainab.
Yeah! But we aren't Elon Musk either.
We have saved
for everything except for a child
because it was never in the plan.
Yeah, so we can
always include it in the plan.
So why don't you stop fighting
and listen to me for a minute?
- No.
- No?
What does that mean?
[in Hindi] You want kids, not me. Okay?
- [in English] And what does that make us?
- [grumbles] Wow.
What does it make us?
You know, we need to sit down,
talk about it like matured individuals do.
'Cause you're not
the only one having a baby here!
Am I gonna leave you?
[in Hindi] Have I ever left you alone?
[in English] You need to think,
why you're doing this?
At the moment it just seems
that you're being stubborn.
- That's it!
- No!
You are trying
to impose what you want on me!
You're being selfish.
I'm being selfish?
You know this statement
holds for the both of us.
The only difference
is that I'm willing to accept the truth
and talk about it.
Can you say the same thing about yourself?
Can you?!
You can't.
I'm going to the office then.
Hopefully will be back
for the family lunch.
- [utensils clinking]
- [woman laughing]
[girl] Cheers! Come on.
Down boy.
Down boy.
[suspenseful music playing]
That's a good boy.
[drily] Good boy.
[in Hindi] Idiot.
[in English] Ronny,
you're nothing but a bully.
- [in Pidgin] What did he say?
- [in English] What?
Did he insult me?
- Yemi just ignore him.
- [crunching loudly]
You know what?
When you're done with her,
you can help me with my leftovers.
[yells in Pidgin] Guy,
what's the meaning of this?!
- [Aarti in English] Yemi don't.
- [apprehensive music plays]
[in Pidgin] I've been watching you,
you've been picking on me since I arrived.
What did I do to you?
What did I do to you?
[in Yoruba] Piss off, fool.
- [in English] None wants you here anyway.
- [Aarti] Stop it.
[In Pidgin] Look at this guy,
he's learned some Yoruba
and he insults me with it.
- If you have the guts
- [Aarti in English] Stop it! Yemi!
- [Aarti] Stop it!
- [in Pidgin]if you're man enough,
repeat what you said. Call me that again.
[in Yoruba] Fool.
[Aarti in English] Stop! Stop it! Stop!
[girl screams]
[producer] Yemi, Ronny,
what the hell is happening?!
[apprehensive music continues]
What is happening here?
It was him.
[apprehensive music plunges]
[theme music playing]
[panting] Ah!
- What are you doing? [panting]
- We have to do the surgery.
Ma'am, we're gonna take good care of you.
Rest assured we have
the best that science has to offer here,
and you are in the most
capable hands of Dr. Kapoor.
Please relax.
I came here,
I thought you wanted to give me
I was request for medicine,
not for you to cut me open.
What is going on here?!
Okay, with the surgery,
this is a very small surgery,
nothing will happen.
- Why do you want to cut me?
- Ma'am, we have
Ma'am, we have done
this surgery hundreds of times.
- Trust us, you will be perfectly fine.
- [Aunty Bunmi panting]
I don't know you!
I don't know you!
- It's urgent. Please take care of her.
- [wailing]
- [in Yoruba] Where's my son?
- [Siddharth in English] Okay, listen.
- Ah! [blubbers]
- He is gone. Okay, listen to me.
- You'll be perfectly fine.
- [squeals]
You know me, right?
- You know me?
- Mm.
And it's a very small surgery.
After the surgery,
- you're gonna get to eat goat meat,
- [whimpers]
you're gonna get amala.
You'll get to meet your son.
And it'll be a fresh you, right?
- [somber music playing]
- [sobbing] Oh.
Just relax.
- Okay?
- [exclaims]
Calm down.
Everything is gonna be okay.
You're gonna be perfect.
Thank you.
Bolu do
[tuts] Boluwatife.
[Bolu spluttering] Ah mommy,
um, he's um [clears throat]
Where's my son?
You know his phone, the NIN the
Mommy he's in school,
- he's in school.
- Boluwatife,
look for my son for me.
Because I want to tell him I'm in India.
Mommy, India?
I'll be going
for an operation, Boluwatife.
[gasps] Ah-ah, operation?
[in Pidgin]
Ah mommy! Mommy this is serious.
And I need to tell him
before I enter the theater.
I have seven hours.
find him for me.
[stuttering] No, okay mommy, no problem.
I will go find him right now ma.
Right now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[melancholic music playing]
Nothing yet.
The good news is
Aarti spoke up for you
as well as other castmates.
You see what he's doing, is it good?
It's not fair. [panting]
My career has not even started,
[in Pidgin] Ronny wants to ruin it.
It's not fair.
Calm down, Yemi.
It's reactions like this
that make people like Ronny target you.
And there will
always be people like Ronny.
By the way,
there's no one person didn't enjoy seeing
Ronny getting his ass whipped. [laughs]
[auspicious music playing]
[solemn music playing]
There's a new rumor,
that they were trying to plug in
an African lead for the next story.
And Ronny probably thought it was you.
He saw something in you
that you don't see in yourself.
I'm sure they're going to sack me.
Who? Aarti or my boss?
[sucks teeth]
most probably.
Most definitely.
You're definitely gonna get fired.
After all,
you did assault your castmate
and you were the first one
to throw a physical punch.
But wait till you hear it from her.
She's not that unreasonable.
Oh, by the way,
I really enjoyed
seeing you be you for once.
That authentic Nigerian flavor
that I've heard so much about,
not that pseudo-American
crap you tried to pull.
[dramatic music playing]
- [Aanya] Mom?
- Hmm?
Can we get an ice cream for the dinner?
You have to finish
your dinner first, Baby.
Eat it.
I'm sure
Mommy will allow us to eat the ice cream.
[Zainab whispers] Shhh
That's our little secret.
- [whispers] I'm sorry.
- Shhh.
[woman's voice] Zainab,
your Biryani is delicious, huh?
- Just the right amount of spices.
- [chuckles]
Thanks Mama.
[in Hindi] I followed
your recipe. [chuckles]
But it can't match yours.
[in English] Yours is the best.
[in Hindi] I can
polish off the whole of it.
[in English] All of it.
[in Hindi] Yeah, so have it.
[in English] I mean, it's normal
when you're eating for two.
Oh my!
Are congratulations in order?
Hey, no. No congratulations, please.
- Yes, they are.
- [Rispa in Hindi] Isn't it?
You know I have a nose for these things.
It's gonna be a boy.
A beautiful boy.
Just like my Siddharth. [chuckles]
We're not going to have kids.
[tense music playing]
We have never planned
and we will never plan.
Come on kids, ice cream time.
Ice cream! Yay, yippee!
- [Mama in Hindi] Oh God!
- [Rispa] I'm gonna take this. Come.
Do y'all plan to send me to
my early grave without any grandchildren?
Mama please, relax.
[Mama] Zainab,
don't you dare speak such blasphemy.
[Zainab] No Mama,
it's not blasphemy if it's true.
We don't want kids.
For some medical reason
or what? What is it?
No, we're perfectly fine.
We just don't want to have kids.
You're perfectly fine but refusing to try?
That makes no sense.
[Mama] So you're perfectly fine?
So you mean all these years
my prayers have been wasted just because
your problem was yours all along?
Mama please, that's enough.
are you fine with this?
[tense music continues]
- I am.
- [Zainab sighs]
And I suggest you keep your thoughts
and your opinions to yourselves,
before we say something
that we'll regret later.
[in Hindi] See, you can have your opinion.
[in English] Please,
respect my wife and my decision.
- Okay?
- [Mama sighs]
[somber music playing]
[in Pidgin] Hello, what's going on?
[Zainab] I don't deserve him, Isi.
I put him on the spot today.
- [sighs]
- [Zainab sobs]
What did he do?
[Zainab sobbing]
He stood up for me,
against his family.
Goals! Yes!
I'm really being unfair to him.
I can't give him what he wants,
and I am too selfish to let him go.
Listen, I don't like
the direction this conversation is going.
He hasn't asked for kids this instance,
and even at that, he'll never force
you to do anything you don't want to do.
[clicks tongue] He won't.
I know what I have to do.
Ah-uh, ah. Just
think about it and wait.
And whatever you do, think wisely.
Love you, girl.
[somber music continues]
Thank you for today.
You don't have to thank me.
I've always got your back.
["Home" by Johnny Drille
and The Cavemen playing]
["Home" by Johnny Drille
and The Cavemen continues]
["Home" by Johnny Drille
and The Cavemen continues]
[infant crying]
["Home" by Johnny Drille
and The Cavemen ends]
Is it time?
[monitor beeping]
Is any other thing wrong?
- No, everything is okay.
- [sighs]
You know Aunty,
- you're a very strong woman.
- [soft music plays]
- One of the strongest women I've met.
- [sighs]
Now, no matter what comes
in front of you, you face it head-on.
You're really strong.
[soft music playing]
Thank you.
- Can I tell you the truth?
- Hmm.
I am afraid.
I think about my life,
where I could have made better choices.
My health? [snickers]
I should have taken my health
more seriously.
Some relationships
I let go sour
over nothing.
And now,
Is the surgery worth it?
Do I deserve another chance?
Aunty everyone deserves a second chance.
[mild grunt, sucks teeth]
I feel I will disappear.
- Aunty, there's so
- I am drowning.
The only thing
keeping me going
is my son.
[Siddharth] You see?
- That's a reason
- Hmm.
your son.
You have to do this
for your son, for yourself.
There's so much fire inside you,
you don't even know about it.
And in no time
after the surgery, you will get fine,
you're gonna go back to
your family, to your friends, to Nigeria.
[male announcer] Siddharth,
please come to the cabin.
- That's me.
- Yeah.
And please,
don't worry.
You're gonna reach home safe.
[man's voice] Hello?
[auspicious music playing]
Is that you?
You, you, you?
Ah, not your secretary, real you?
Hello sister.
Good evening, Olumide.
Good evening.
Look, Olumide first of all,
I want to say a very big thank you,
for the honor
of picking my call.
That is one.
for paying for all my travels
to India
I say a very big thank you.
are you coming over?
[Olumide] My PA will continue
to bring all you need.
[Aunty Bunmi] Olumide,
after all these years
you still think money is the beginning
and end of everything.
[huffs] Ah! [scoffs]
[in Yoruba] What a pity.
[in English] After everything
mommy taught us,
you're the poorest man I know,
even with all your accomplishments.
I'm making peace
not because of you,
but because of my peace of mind.
I am having a surgery
in less than an hour.
And I don't know
where the end
will be.
But I know that
any way it goes,
I know
I have lived my life
and I have made my peace.
Till we meet again,
wherever you choose for that to be.
[tense instrumental plays]
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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