Postcards (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

A Life Well Lived

[opening theme tune playing]
[birds chirping]
[crows cawing]
[gentle music playing]
[phone ringing]
[message chime sound]
[tense music playing]
[in Hindi] Stupid bastard.
[in English] The jollof I cooked.
The jollof I cooked.
[heaves loudly]
Is that the patient
he's meant to be nursing?
This girl is about to meet me.
[inhales, tuts]
- Yes?
- [Ishioma] Finally.
Didn't you see my million missed calls?
- We have a bigger problem.
- [dramatic music playing]
What is it?
Let me read out a text to you.
[tuts] "Hey honey, lunch was fun.
Jollof rice was yummy."
Is that what you
want to send to Siddharth or
That's what his co-worker sent to him.
[in Pidgin] What?!
[in English] What?!
- Where are you?
- I'm on my way to the hospital.
[in Pidgin] Yes, that's good.
Go show that witch doctor
what you are made of.
[in English] You know already.
[theme music playing]
[cutlery clatter]
A man is always allowed
to change his schedule.
But he's always back by eight forty-five.
[in Hindi] Maybe
he found someone. Who knows?
[in English] It's high time,
if you ask me.
[in Hindi] I wish it were so.
But the boss is never late.
[in English] So,
what do you think, Mr. Olumide?
Is this the biggest you have?
Is it available immediately?
Yeah! Immediately, for sure.
- I'm a bit curious though.
- [expectant music playing]
The other day,
I saw a pregnant woman and her mother.
Her aunty maybe?
Pregnant, of course sir.
Mrs. Oberoi.
They're staying here on temporary basis
until their house is ready.
They have been here from um
last one year, I guess.
But her mom just came last month.
They say that she'll be here
until the baby comes.
You know it's
it's such a blessing
to see your grandchildren. [chuckles]
A bit
odd though.
Probably could be nothing but um,
you know sometimes it feels like
that young lady is um,
doing all the taking care of.
you know what sir,
you should go upstairs.
You will love it!
I mean, the study is beautiful, sir.
Please, have a look sir. Please.
- After you.
- [Arjun] Sure. This way sir.
Aryan? Mrs. Pradhan?
- Is he back yet?
- No sir.
What time does he get done with his run?
He walks in by eight forty-five,
not even eight forty-six.
- Good morning sir.
- [Mr. Kabir] Hello.
Thank you.
[gulps] It's only nine-thirty.
Uh, maybe he had a previous engagement,
which he forgot to mention.
In jogging clothes?
[inhales] You're right.
- Any chance he had something fun to do?
- [comical music plays]
A girl, perhaps?
I said the very same thing, sir.
Now is no time to joke, huh.
I read it through the WhatsApp.
Strange beings with claws have been seen.
Two eye witnesses say
- they're taking the people away.
- Really?
- [Poha] There's a pro
- Then there's nothing to worry about
cause the aliens will send
him back in five minutes, tops.
Sir, do you think I'm crazy?
No, you're not.
But I do have
a fair idea where to look for him.
Now don't worry.
I'll only stop worrying
when I see him walking through that door.
[in Hindi] He is tough on the outside,
but he has a very soft heart.
[in English] Sir, you don't get
to see many of them like that.
I agree.
I'll get him for you.
Don't worry.
[lively music playing]
- [in Hindi] Namaste.
- Namaste.
[in English] Yemi,
you need to sit this one out.
The producer wants
to see you in the vanity.
Ronny's already there,
I think you ought to go too.
- Now?
- Yes.
- [birds cawing, chirping]
- [Yemi sighs]
[gentle music playing]
Mr. Olumide,
this house is one of its kind.
And now,
let me show you this lavish garden.
- [Mr. Kabir] Hello.
- Mr. Kabir.
I did not know we were expecting you.
Slight calendar mix-up.
Uh, I hope everything is fine?
Everything going well?
If it went any better,
Mr. Olumide would be moving in. [laughs]
[Mr. Kabir] We will finalize this week
and thank you for being so flexible.
No problem sir.
It was really a pleasure meeting you.
- Have a great day.
- [tender music playing]
Have a great day sir.
[Leila] Hi, I'm good.
Where do you think you're going?
This is what you came for, isn't it?
Good morning.
Good morning. [chuckles]
Uh, we just wanted
to ask you a few questions.
- My name is
- We know who you are.
- Oh.
- [chuckles mildly] Arjun has been going on
about two potential buyers.
- Okay.
- I'm Leila.
Hi, I'm Kabir.
This is Mr. Olumide.
Uh, we just wanted to know
the living conditions of the house.
[Leila] It's pretty decent.
- We're actually very comfortable.
- [Mr. Kabir] Mm-hmm?
Neighborhood is safe and easy to navigate,
which is safe for mom,
- and great too.
- [Mr. Kabir] Absolutely.
Mom, meet Mr. Olumide
and Mr. Kabir.
The two buyers
Arjun has been going on about.
The agent, mom.
Oh, it's a pleasure meeting you.
Uh, Arjun says you have big plans.
We do.
Dear, uh, my legs are hurting.
[in English] Okay.
You carry on, I'll go and rest.
- [Rekha] Excuse me.
- Nice meeting you.
[tender music continues]
She reminds me of somebody
that I used to know.
Maybe I'm mistaken.
- Excuse me.
- [melancholic music plays]
Maybe your friend is not mistaken.
Just last year, [sighs]
my mom started forgetting stuff
after dad passed away.
Last month,
I couldn't take the chance
of letting her stay by herself.
Didn't you go to the doctor's?
I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry but
It's alright,
I started it.
I'm sorry.
It's early onset Alzheimer's.
So the old memories
So even if she knew about your friend,
it would be from a lifetime ago.
[Mr. Kabir] It is.
[Leila] Were they close?
[Mr. Kabir] Sort of.
[somber music plays]
Hope you packed your sacks?
- Hmm!
- You're done here.
[in Pidgin] What's that smell?
[in English] You wanna say something?
[in Pidgin] So it's your
mouth that smells?
Better take a step back.
You think you are tough right? Look,
if I get hold of you
on the streets, I will deal with you.
[in English] Get in.
- Come in. Come on.
- [Ronny sighs]
[in Pidgin] I'll deal with you.
I'll deal with you.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [in English] You're fired.
- [tense sound effect]
Never have I seen such
a reckless display of unprofessionalism,
quite frankly, bullying,
Mr. Ronny Prakash.
[dramatic music playing]
You can't fire me.
Really? I can't?
Come on now.
Come on.
Thanks man.
Well, no need to thank me.
Well, I think
congratulations are in order my friend.
You might be getting a new contract.
- [chuckles]
- New contract?
Shh-shh. So, it's all hush-hush for now.
Supporting lead.
The new character is a friend
of the lead from his time in Africa,
who arrives just in time for his wedding
unexpectedly when
the best man falls into a coma.
Ronny's already been written out.
And if this goes well for you,
you might get your own
story arc in the next quarter.
- Me?
- Yes.
- [in Yoruba] Thank God you God!
- [in English] You know, it's so big,
she has been trying to make
this show global for audiences
all along and now she's it's just
- You're attempting a Nigerian move?
- [laughs]
[in Pidgin] Guy, please, don't try
to Indianize the Nigerian dance in public.
[exclaims] My guy!
[both laughing]
My God! So I'm staying in India?
Oh my mother's prayers.
[woman in English] Send the papers.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
Hi Aunty.
It's been so long.
- Yeah.
- How have you been?
Good. Uh, where's Siddharth?
Is he in the office?
I don't know, um
He should be coming.
[apprehensive music playing]
[indistinct chatters]
I know that.
[in Hindi] Sweetheart,
[in English] is everything fine?
Are you okay?
- [gasps softly]
- [gentle music playing]
Everything is fine.
If everything is fine,
then why are you here in the hospital?
I miss you.
I missed you too.
[Zainab sobbing]
Um Excuse me, can I get that file?
Your shift is over, no?
Yeah, I have
patients to attend to.
[gentle music continues]
You could have just called me.
Leave, now!
[Mr. Kabir] Hey, that's not your stuff.
Take it easy, it's not soda.
Your funeral.
[Mr. Kabir sighs]
[Olumide gulps, exhales]
[Olumide sighs]
[Mr. Kabir sighs] Ah.
- Shocking, isn't it?
- [gentle music plays]
How the world just
passes us by.
How can life dare to continue
after you've announced
eternal anger at it?
What the hell are you yapping about?
Did you even
notice that Leila was pregnant?
[Mr. Kabir exhales]
You know, for a couple
of years I thought uh,
give him time,
he'll go home,
find a nice girl of his
Of his own kind?
No. Of your own.
No struggles, no drama.
[Mr. Kabir exhales]
But you [sighs]
Me what?
Oh please, don't stop now Kabir.
Me what?
That I decided to stay back here
and make something out of my own life?
You just threw your life away
and two generations along with it.
Look at you [inhales]
no love,
no children,
and certainly, no grandchildren.
And all this for what, Olumide?
To pine for something that was lost
even before it started?
You have no idea
what it means to be in love.
[Mr. Kabir exhales]
I'm tired of bending
backwards every time you feel like
[inhales] getting into some
business venture with an Indian.
The great Olumide.
God forbids he loses
anything lost at love.
You know what, I'm done
watching you
just push people away
because you assume that being mean
can obstruct or hurt.
How's that working out
for you, by the way?
Kabir you need to leave. Now.
[gentle music swells]
[Olumide breathing heavily]
Just as soon as you can tell me
that a fat bank account and a fat head
is a great exchange for a life well lived.
- What's your problem?
- [Mr. Kabir] Woah!
What's the problem with you?
What's your problem, huh?
What's your problem?
- Come on.
- [Olumide panting]
- [both groaning]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [comical music plays]
- [both laughing]
- Ooh man, my head. [panting]
- [Mr. Kabir grunts]
I told you it wasn't your jam.
I'll grab you some water.
[Olumide sniffs then grunts]
[Mr. Kabir] Here.
Thank you.
[Mr. Kabir sighs] Oh.
[scoffs] I'm sorry.
Nah, you should see the other guy.
[both laugh]
You know,
you could have been
choking me to death and
they just walked away.
[calm music plays]
If I had a boss,
that didn't have any appreciation
for great sweet meatballs,
I would leave him to die
at the hands
of a handsome Indian man as well.
[both laughing]
Olu [sniffs]
she's losing her memory.
It's been nearly a year
and I don't think she's faking it.
- [inhales] Aside from that
- [gentle music plays]
she's lived a full and happy life
and at best,
we will just be
very easily forgotten.
Leila is trying to maintain some [inhales]
but I know how destabilizing it can be.
What about her husband?
Leila's father.
He passed away.
I didn't ask
anymore questions beyond that.
- [Mr. Kabir sniffs]
- [gentle music continues]
Can I say something?
Can I stop you?
It's time to stop
all this, hardness.
[inhales] The thing that put you on the
course of anger
has been quite literally forgotten.
And the way you've lived your life,
you will be forgotten too.
[inhales] I know you feel cheated
because it happened to you first.
But, did you ever consider that
she could have been treated
as cruelly from your side of the divide?
These were
desperately different times.
[Olumide exhales]
[sighs] And tell me,
why for the love of God
aren't there
any emergency numbers for you?
When you were out of reach,
these people were worried sick about you.
[comical music playing]
And don't you dare say it's the paycheck.
[both exhale]
You should live a life
that people will remember, my friend.
Dying quietly was the plan, you know.
Make enough money and be rich
to the point where people
would not notice that you're different.
- People always notice.
- [Olumide exhales]
I wouldn't know where to start.
Maybe [sniffs]
It might sound kooky to you,
maybe we could start on your
60th birthday.
You haven't heard
of that lonely fool at 60?
But I'm sure you're about to tell me.
In two weeks. [laughing]
Anyway, you sleep off that headache,
try not to do anything today.
[sniffs] And
leave the heavy stuff
to the big boys.
Big boys? [scoffs]
[in Pidgin] Fuck you.
[in English] To you too.
[both continue laughing]
[vehicle hooting]
[Yemi laughs] Manager.
[in Pidgin] Do you
know what's going on now?
I'm about to make it big.
Things are looking up.
Things are going well.
Guy, today was
- [Bolu] Guy!
- Yes? What's going on?
[in English] Your mom is not feeling well.
I hear she's been in
and out of the hospital.
Something about getting surgery urgently,
I think it's really serious.
[in Pidgin] Yemi, I've been telling you,
[in English] call her,
call her!
[automated voice] The number you are
trying to call is currently not reachable.
- Please try again later.
- [hisses]
[in Pidgin] Her number
is not going through.
[mummurs repeatedly]
Her number is not going through.
- Ah!
- [bird cawing outside]
Ah mom! Mom nothing must happen to you.
Mom nothing must happen to you.
[in English] Uh Mommy
- Er [whines]
- [wistful music playing]
[in Yoruba] Mommy,
I just got a call, right now,
[in Pidgin] that you are in the hospital.
Mommy nothing must happen to you.
Mommy nothing must happen to you.
Mommy, don't worry, I
I will try to sort things out. I will try.
I will try. Mommy just be strong.
Just be strong. I'm working hard.
I just got a part-time job,
so I'll take care of everything.
Mommy just be strong please.
Nothing must happen to you, please.
Mommy if you get this message,
please reply, please.
[hisses, breathing shakily]
[in English] Surgery.
[wistful music continues]
- [gentle music playing]
- [in Hindi] Sweetheart
[in English] I love you
and I can't live without you.
I can't take it anymore,
you not being here.
I'm willing to wait
even if it means
it's gonna take a long time.
I'll wait.
- Hmm?
- [Siddharth] Hmm.
Who will take care of you
in your old age if I don't come around?
that's the reason I'm teaching you
how to make my day
exactly the way I like. [laughs]
You're terrible.
But you love me for that,
don't you?
I'm hopelessly in love with you,
Siddharth Kapoor.
And I'm hopelessly in love with you,
Mrs. Zainab Kapoor.
[car engine roaring]
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle Translation by: Regina Njoku
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