Postcards (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

A Tree Does Not Make a Forest

[bright music playing]
[Olumide] Dear Rekha,
if you ever need anything,
[sentimental music playing]
I am here.
I pray for your wellbeing
and wish you happiness, always.
Good morning.
How are you?
[sentimental music continues]
Listen, I [sighs]
I would like to see you.
I know you're supposed to leave today but,
I would like to see you. I
I'll have my PA reschedule your flight
and pick you up
and bring you here if it's okay by you.
No, nothing is happening. I
I've just been thinking
about what you said.
You know, me making peace with God.
Nothing is happening. I
I'm not dying! [chuckles]
Alright, he will pick you up
and I'll see you shortly. [chuckles]
Aryan! Good morning.
- Good morning sir.
- You're early.
I thought you'd be out for jogging.
I can just start
with your itinerary right away.
No, it's all right.
My sister was meant
to travel back to Lagos today.
Um, I need you to change her flight,
and pick her up from her hotel.
[auspicious music playing]
And there is a card
on my table in the study,
I want you to pick it up
and deliver it
to the address on that card,
that is there, okay?
I need you to deliver it
personally, no drop-offs.
Uh, where do I take her to from the hotel?
Oh, bring her here.
- She's spending a few weeks with us.
- [auspicious music fading]
Is there a problem?
No sir. But
it's just the guest room thing.
Oh! Well, then get the cleaning service to
look into it and let me know
what else you need, okay?
I have to run, literally.
- [inhales] Lighten up, Aryan.
- [auspicious music continues]
And speaking of lightening up,
have you ever planned a dinner party?
- What sir?
- Dinner.
Have you ever planned one?
- You want to have dinner sir?
- Well not just me. Um
I'm thinking of a small family dinner.
And I'm also
hoping that I can use
my favorite restaurant.
You think you can
lock that down for the 7th?
You're not dying sir, are you?
Of course not. I'm not dying!
Why does everybody keep asking me that?
[puzzled music plays]
It's okay.
[splutters] When you come back,
we'll discuss the details
for the dinner, alright?
- [mumurs] Sure sir.
- Run along.
- Okay?
- [swing chains jingle]
[sentimental instrumental music playing]
[Olamide groans happily]
[Olumide exhales loudly]
Mrs. Pradhan.
Back already? [gasps]
[splutters] I just started
- [breathy] It's okay, I haven't gone.
- Okay.
I'm just about to go. [inhales]
Ah, do you think it's okay if
I tasted some of your poha
for breakfast this morning?
So poha it is. [chuckles]
- Yes!
- Okay!
[auspicious music playing]
[auspicious music crescendos]
[theme music playing]
[clicks tongue]
[in Yoruba] Okay, so mom,
once you get back,
I'll first take you out to lunch.
[in English] Or maybe dinner,
depending on the time you land.
[in Pidgin] Lagos is fine.
I miss you so much.
I'm happy I'll see you soon.
[in English] Okay, bye.
What? You haven't told her, have you?
I'll figure it out.
Whoa bro! You're
in the same city as your mom.
You're a terrible son.
- [in Pidgin] Who's your bro? [hisses]
- [chuckles]
- Please go away.
- [laughs]
[in English] Anyway,
we're running late. Let's go.
[phone chimes]
- Hmm?
- [Aunty Bunmi] Hah,
I forgot to call you yesterday.
Yes, I shifted my journey.
It's your uncle,
he wants to celebrate his 60th birthday.
I know, wonders will never end.
It's like, he almost died
or something because
he's been acting funny.
[scoffs] I might be here
for another two to three weeks,
but let's keep watching.
I will call you later
to speak to your uncle.
[troubled music]
[Aryan] Hi, my name is Aryan,
I work for your uncle.
Please let me know when I can call
to work out details for a trip to India.
It's for a family event
and it's also a surprise for your mom so
- Turns out I'm coming to India, bro.
- [laughing]
- Let's go. [laughs]
- [laughing]
[upbeat music playing]
Ah, it smells good.
- It does smell good, right?
- Yeah.
- It's going inside now.
- Yes.
My brother will eat well.
[phone ringing]
[in Yoruba] Olumide,
look, I'm making fish stew,
dry fish stew.
Once I'm done,
I'll prepare gbegiri and amala.
Okay? Look when you get home, all this
fit-fam that you are doing
it's none of my business.
Just come home and eat. Did you hear me?
[Olumide in English] Sis,
I just want you to help choose the cake,
so this young man can let me go.
No problem, it's no problem.
Just send it. But, send my fees.
You like money too much.
You too you like money.
[laughing] Alright.
Okay, I'll send you the details.
my brother needs something.
- What?
- A good wife.
So it will just be me, my sister
and my nephew.
- He knows it's a surprise, right?
- Oh yes sir.
Oh by the way,
we need two more
plate settings for the dinner.
So, let the restaurant know.
My sister says she wants
to introduce me to the doctor.
But, who is the second one for?
Maybe the doctor's wife.
Just give her what she wants, okay?
Sure sir.
You're still taking the kids out tomorrow?
Oh yes. They are thrilled.
And thank you for the tickets boss.
You're welcome.
Just enjoy your holiday
and make sure they have fun.
But, first thing
on Monday morning, pictures.
Oh, sure sir.
[phone rings]
- Hey!
- [singing] Happy Birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
[Olumide] No, Please,
I'm begging you, don't ever sing.
I'll have you know that
was a Grammy winning performance.
Anyway, all set for tonight?
No, my sister sorted it all out.
So, how is it going?
Well, dismal at best.
Had a few hitches along the way,
the deal is not finalized,
so I'll have to be here for another day.
But this was all your big idea.
Ordinarily I wouldn't miss it. Hey,
your sister's gonna be there, right?
Send some pictures.
- You better behave yourself.
- [Kabir laughing]
Hey, don't worry.
You sound very nervous,
everything will be fine.
- I'm not nervous.
- Oh really?
- I could postpone if you want.
- Nope,
the show must go on.
No this is not a show Kabir, it's not.
Olu, it's a new beginning.
I know you're many things
but you're not a wimp.
Of course I'm smarter
and better looking than you.
But you've always been the braver one.
Okay buddy.
You take care, my friend.
Have fun.
How do I look?
- Aww, look at you. [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
- Alright.
- You know,
I still don't understand
how you accepted this dinner invitation.
I mean it's just so Feels so
- Random?
- [soft music plays]
- Hmm?
- Exactly.
Come on, it's okay.
[Zainab tuts]
I like those ones.
- Yeah.
- You do?
What do we do now?
- I don't want to go.
- Well we get a gift,
we smile politely and then eat.
And after that, we get out of there,
come back home early
- and uh Huh?
- [chuckles]
- Yeah?
- [laughs]
[positive music playing]
Okay. Come.
- Hello.
- How are you doing ma'am?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- Welcome.
And everything is set?
Everything is set
for your brother's birthday.
A private room
is exclusively yours for the night.
Thank you. This is so beautiful.
I'm glad you like it.
- Please enjoy.
- Oh thank you so much. Thank you.
[whispering] Oh wow.
Thank you.
[melodious music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- Bro, what are you doing here?
- [Olumide] I have a surprise
I have a surprise for you.
- What sur
- [in Yoruba] My mother!
- [Aunty Bunmi screaming]
- [Yemi chuckles]
- Mommy!
- [squealing]
Thank you!
- [in English] Yemi! Come here.
- [Yemi squealing]
- [Aunty Bunmi grumbling]
- [Yemi] Ouch!
How dare you?!
How can you neglect
your mother on her death bed?
Mommy I'm sorry. Mommy God forbid.
- [in Yoruba] Ah, mommy you will not die.
- Ah!
Come here. Big brother,
thank you so much. Thanks.
[Olumide in English] No, it's fine.
[Aunty Bunmi in Yoruba] Thank you.
[in English] I'll give you guys a moment.
[heaving] Thank you.
Mommy, look at your cheeks.
Mommy. [laughs]
- [Aunty Bunmi squeals]
- My mother!
- [Yemi] Ah!
- Oh my God.
[in English] Yemi, look at you!
Look at the hole!
If I put water, the water will stay.
Why are you so skinny?
[in Yoruba] Don't bother about that.
Mom, we have so much to talk about.
- Ah mom, you will not die.
- You this child.
- You will live and see your grandchildren.
- Thank you my boy. Amen.
- Amen. Wait.
- And even your great grandchildren.
[in English] Hello?
Oh, yes! Yes!
Yes, we have a place to set the cake.
We're coming out. Come with me.
I'm coming out now.
[street vehicle noises]
- Come in sir.
- [man] Thank you.
[in Hindi] Come, sweetheart.
[Siddharth] Huh.
[in English] Looks like we're early.
I told you.
But wow, this is something, huh?
They've spent a lot.
[crickets chirping]
I'll tell you what,
I'll just call Aunty
and tell her that you're not feeling well.
- No. Every Nigerian knows that
- Hm?
"My wife is not feeling too well"
is a code for she does not want to come.
Don't do that.
And then I'll look like I'm the bad person
who's controlling her poor husband.
Okay, sorry.
And besides,
why aren't you the one who's ill?
Because I'm not Nigerian, so I get a pass.
- [woman's voice] Oh-oh.
- [Zainab gasps]
Is it you?
Aunty B?
- [squealing] Zainab!
- Aunty B!
[squeals] My auntie.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Oh my God!
- How? [sighs]
Stand up!
- [Siddharth] Wow.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Ah!
Well clearly you guys
need no introductions, right?
Ooh. To be fair,
the only thing you said is,
"My Nigerian patient."
I mean, I used to call her when
my former boss would make me do transfers.
- Wow.
- She was always so kind to me!
Look at you!
- Oh! You are beautiful.
- [laughing]
More beautiful even in person.
- What is this?
- Thank you. Thank you, Aunty.
- [Zainab] Thank you.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Oh, look at you. Come here.
[Aunty Bunmi chuckles]
So wow. [chuckles]
Now we're going to gist.
Because we have a lot to catch up on.
- Yes!
- First of all,
I can't believe Mr. Adeleke
is setting up a family dinner.
- [chuckles]
- I would have never made that calculation.
[Aunty Bunmi sighs]
One changes.
He's just changing.
- Why?
- Is he dying?
No, he's not dying.
I was the one dying.
- Right?
- Not now.
- Not now.
- Everything is okay.
- I'm fine now.
- Yes.
He now knows
that a tree does not make a forest.
[upbeat music playing]
Oh, good, thank you. Come. Come this way.
This way.
Thank you very much.
Do you have any prawns there?
- Okay, you will put one there.
- This is okay.
- Yes, thank you very much.
- [waiter] Thank you. Yeah.
Thank you.
- Everything smells so good, isn't it?
- [Yemi] Ah!
- Yeah. I'm enjoying it.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Look at you.
Oh my brother!
- [Olumide] Oh!
- [Aunty Bunmi chuckles] Oh!
[Olumide] Please.
Looks like the party started without me.
It's good to see you.
- Thank you.
- Hello sir.
- Hi.
- I hope we're not too presumptuous?
- Not at
- This gift is for you.
- Not at all.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I cannot remember
the last time anybody gave me a gift.
- Sis
- Yes please.
you're right about this one.
I've known him for only five minutes
and he's already good for my heart.
[Aunty Bunmi sighs]
it's been ages.
It's good to see you.
You too sir, it's good to see you.
And you look well.
Thank you. Thank you for coming.
And thank you doc.
- Pleasure sir.
- Alright? For saving this woman's life.
- She hasn't stopped talking about this
- [Siddharth laughs]
wonderful good looking doctor
that looks like a Bollywood star
that saved her life.
[Aunty Bunmi] Hey oh yes!
Come on, birthday guy sit down, please.
And let's start.
- [Siddharth] Yeah.
- [Olumide] Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Okay.
[Olumide] Oh my goodness!
Oh wow.
- Okay. Dig in. Dig in everyone.
- Hi.
- Please.
- [Siddharth] Yeah.
My sister insists
that you're practically family now.
I hope she wasn't
a very difficult patient to manage?
No, not at all.
In fact, she was a saint.
[Aunty Bunmi chuckles]
[soulful music playing]
- [Olumide] This one?
- [Aunty Bunmi gasps]
Yeah. A naughty saint, I would say.
She would crack jokes,
just be laughing around with the staff.
Even way before
she knew that she could survive.
I think the only time I saw her sad
was when she wasn't
able to get in touch with you.
That's it. Otherwise,
she was her usual self.
[in Yoruba] Ah!
It wasn't my fault, it was my NIN.
[in English] You know, in my country uh
National Identification Number,
if you don't have,
your phone, they block it.
You can't call or receive calls.
It doesn't just make sense.
I mean,
how can a mother not be able to reach
her child all this while
until the day of surgery?
[Aunty Bunmi in Yoruba] Big brother,
- [in English] leave him.
- [Olumide in English] No, let me tell him.
You should not
you should put your feet down,
but here you are,
you're just indulging him.
[spluttering] First of all,
[in Yoruba] I'm not a child. Ah-ah!
[splutters] Boss,
how does this concern you?
- [in English] Are you my father?
- [Yells] Hey!
[tense tune plays]
[in Yoruba] Shut your stinking mouth.
Who are you?
What are you?
Yemi, what is wrong with you?
[in English] Who are you?
What is the matter with you?
What is actually going wrong in your head?
Has he said anything that is a lie?
In Nigeria,
I'll call you,
call and call
and call, you never picked up your phone.
Listen to me,
[in Yoruba] look at me.
[in English] Because I tolerated you
doesn't make me a useless mother
[voice breaking] or a failed parent.
What's wrong with you?
Do you know?
[Yemi] Mommy uh
if you want to hear the truth,
I'll tell the truth now.
Now is not the time.
[Aunty Bunmi in Yoruba]
Please big brother, let him speak.
[in English] Let him talk, please.
[Yemi] See mommy, I'm really not lazy
but I don't want to go to school.
I don't want to go! Ah-ah!
You don't even care, you just want to tell
[in English] them that your son
is in this university,
he's in this level.
Do you care what I really want to do?
In the world of today, how many people
are using school to do anything?
See mommy, if I tell you,
you'll say "Is it your business?"
[Aunty Bunmi gasps]
[clicks] firstly,
I repeat,
nobody said anything about you to anybody.
That is one thing I want you to know.
Then number two,
what is even there to say?
Tell me what?
Every parent wants to be happy.
It is every parent's pride
to see their children successful.
Now have you made up your mind
of what you want to do in life?
Have you?
[Yemi] Uh mommy uh
Mommy, part of the truth
I'm telling you is that
- I've been in India since
- What?
Mommy see, I won a dancing competition
and they brought me here.
Listen, I'm dancing.
And very soon I will start to act.
[in Yoruba] And the truth is,
I can't go back to Lagos.
[in English] I have a contract here.
[Siddharth sighs]
I'm really sorry, I did not
mean to stir any trouble.
There's nothing to be sorry about.
You don't need to apologize.
There's nothing wrong
in a man finding his way.
It is who we are.
It is what our people are.
But what our people are not
is a man using finding his way
as an excuse to disrespect his elders.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
[in Yoruba] Do you hear what I'm saying?
[wistful music playing]
before I open my eyes
I want you to prostrate like a Yoruba man
that is well raised and trained.
Go prostrate before
your uncle and apologize to him.
Get up.
[crickets chirping]
[in English] You're going to
start taking courses as you work.
There're very good colleges here.
Okay? I'm sure that my friend,
my friend and brother, he can pull
a few strings and make sure he can get you
into one of these places
even late in this fall.
[in Yoruba] Yes sir. I'm sorry sir.
[in English] It is okay
to pursue your passion,
but passion can never replace education.
I'm thinking of
handing over some things to you.
I want to be sure
that they are in good hands.
And those hands
can also pass them further down.
- Do you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes sir.
[all singing] Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday happy birthday ♪
- Happy birthday to you ♪
- [applause]
[celebratory tune plays]
- Thank you. Please. Thank you.
- [Siddharth, Zainab] Happy birthday sir.
- Please sit down, sit down.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Like you all know, I have never been one
for social gatherings or parties.
And fun.
[Yemi chuckles]
It's true. I
I have never been
much of a brother or uncle.
Or a boss.
I was locked up in my own grief.
So much so that anybody
who came around was made to pay the price.
No one had to stick around.
[auspicious music playing]
And the fact that there are so
few of you here today is a testament
to the extent of which
I would be remembered.
[Olumide sighs]
I recently had a wake-up call,
or what my sister here
has privately referred to as
[chuckling] sense being
knocked into my coconut head.
You people call her Aunty Bunmi.
B, we have spoken,
from here on,
I promise that I will do right by you.
[mouths] Thank you.
And my nephew.
And you,
if you do decide
to give me a heart attack
- [Yemi gasps] Heart attack?
- [Olumide] Doc is here.
I hope you don't mind grouchy patients?
- Not at all sir.
- [Siddharth laughing]
Thank you.
I'm truly sorry.
Because I can't imagine how
it would have been for you to be
in a foreign land with another Nigerian
and to be made to feel unwelcome.
The truth of the matter
is that I saw in you
a story as myself.
While I hope that maybe some day
I'll be able to share that story,
I just wanna say
I am so sorry and thank you
for sitting through
dinner with me tonight.
Thank you Zainab.
My not being able to marry
the only woman
the only woman
that I have ever loved in my life
just incapacitated me. Left me
with the inability to pick up
the pieces of my life.
My one regret in life
is not giving myself a second chance
at life, love and family.
[Zainab cries]
- [Olumide] Zainab?
- [Siddharth in Hindi] Hey, sweetheart.
[in English] Can I use the washroom?
[in Yoruba] What did I do?
- [Olumide in English] Did I say some
- [Aunty Bunmi] Hey!
Doctor, please sit down.
I will go after her.
It's a woman thing.
- Are you sure?
- [in Yoruba] You too sit down.
My Zainab.
[sad music plays]
[whispers] Why?
Why are you crying?
[Aunty Bunmi] Ah!
What is it? What is going on?
did you tell him?
Don't look at me like that.
I'm a woman.
I was so sure I did not want a child.
[whimpers] And now
[auspicious music plays]
- [Aunty Bunmi] No.
- He's going to hate me.
He can't hate you.
Why are you stressing
yourself for nothing?
That man I see
he thinks that
the sun rises and settles.
He can never hate you.
He loves you.
Can't you see the way he looks at you?
- [Zainab sobs harder]
- Can't you see?
I don't know,
I don't know what I was thinking.
I don't know. [sniffles]
I was just so selfish.
I acted like it was
my decision alone to take.
[sniffs] And then now,
why would he even listen to me
when I acted
like his opinion does not matter?
Aunty, I'm such a horrible person.
- Hey, shh-shh.
- I hate myself. [whimpers]
You are a beautiful soul.
[Zainab continues sobbing]
You are not horrible,
you're not a bad person.
But let me tell you one thing
new chapters start
when you open new doors and let others in.
let me run in,
- let me go look for the men,
- [Zainab sniffles]
before they forget why they're here.
Wipe your tears.
[sad music fades]
[tense tune plays]
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
You should have told me.
I know you hate me.
Zainab, I'm angry, I'm
I'm happy.
I'm afraid, I'm
I'm sort of relieved also that
I don't know, this is
Is this why you were acting,
- acting as though
- Crazy?
And dear, no matter what
no matter what,
I can never hate you. Never!
Okay? I can never hate you.
[in Hindi] But
[in English] Okay listen.
Listen to me.
- Listen.
- [sniffles]
See, the whole point of a team is
that we're in this together.
When life gives us
an option of another teammate
we get to choose.
Not you, not I, we.
We choose. Okay?
I really want to keep this teammate.
My fear of having kids stems
from my own childhood.
I didn't realize how much
it clouded what I really wanted.
It took almost losing
something precious to understand.
I now realize strength comes with change.
[in Hindi] And sweetheart,
let's do this.
You're going to be an awesome dad.
I'm sure you're gonna be an awesome mom.
You know, just forgive me for
for thinking of all the weird things.
For the mood swings, the Nigerian pepper,
you breaking out into hives.
You know what, the past one month,
I've diagnosed you
with hundreds of things in my mind.
Except the most obvious.
Except the most obvious.
[sad music shifts to sentimental]
How could I have missed it?
[whimpers] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- [Zainab sobs]
[metal clinging]
Okay, guys, we have an announcement.
A special announcement.
I know this is a weird place
to make such an announcement but,
- We are having a baby.
- We are having a baby.
- [Siddharth laughs]
- [Yemi laughs]
- I'll drink to that.
- [Yemi clapping and gasping] Ah-ah!
Super striker. [laughs]
- congratulations. Oh
- [Zainab] Thank you.
- [Auntie Bunmi] Doc! [squeals]
- [Zainab laughing]
[Yemi splutters] [in Pidgin] Wait,
no foul play 'cause I asked first.
[in English] So you, um
I'm going to be his godfather.
[phone chimes]
Ah! Congratulations.
We'll drink to
[sentimental music continues]
- [Yemi] Mommy [chuckles]
- Yes?
take a look at the poster.
Indian movie. See, I told you.
Indian movie. See the poster.
[in Yoruba] I'm the one in the middle.
Mommy, I did not make it in Nollywood.
Mommy! [laughs]
Mommy, I didn't make it in Nigeria,
I came to India to make it.
[Yemi grunts happily]
- [Yemi in English] Bollywood superstar!
- [Siddharth] Oh wow!
- [Zainab] Nice.
- Congratulations.
[Yemi laughs]
- [Siddharth] You made it.
- [Yemi squeals]
- [Zainab[ Nice.
- [Aunty Bunmi] Olumide
Mommy, ah.
- See your boy is going to be like me.
- Olumide [chuckles]
- Actor. Actor like me. Superstar.
- [Auntie Bunmi squeals]
- [in Yoruba] Mommy what are you doing?
- [Auntie Bunmi breathing heavily]
Let me take a picture.
[Yemi] Mommy what are you
- [in Yoruba] Let me take a picture.
- Mommy, picture for what?
[Auntie Bunmi screams]
- Everyone one must know. Muri's mom
- Mommy no!
- must know. Everybody
- What's Muri's mom's business?
- [laughs] [In English] I'm telling
- Mommy,
- the whole world
- those are the village people.
- Mommy the movie has not been made yet.
- [In English] Nothing will happen.
- Let me do it before you post.
- Look, I've asked you to make me proud.
[Olumide] It's okay.
- I'll like to propose a toast.
- [Aunti Bunmi gasps]
- To Zainab.
- Oh.
And of course to Siddharth.
Uh, Shadrack like she calls you.
[Zainab and Doc] Yes.
And of course to the baby.
- Congratulations.
- Ah Uncle you did not add my
[in English] Oh. And of course
the emerging uh, Bollywood star.
[closing theme music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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