Power (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

Happy Birthday

1 MAN: Previously on Power SAXE: The witness picked out a photograph of Tommy Egan.
And we already have a tracker on his car.
We could just turn it on.
ANGELA: I'm conducting an investigation.
It's not that I won't answer your questions, Sergeant.
It's that I can't.
ANGELA: Her investigation's gone too far.
Shut it down.
We'd like your assistance in gathering all the files associated with the Raymond Jones murder.
Do you think Egan suspects anything? He thinks that I wanna get close to the son I never knew.
PROCTOR: Him getting out looks legit.
TOMMY: So he ain't a snitch or nothing? Not as far as I could see.
Tommy won't turn on the Italians.
So we gotta make them shut the door on him.
I got a plan, K, but nobody can get hurt.
What the fuck are we 'posed to do with those? Fuck this blank shit.
- [GUNFIRE] - [GROANING] - You hit? - Yeah.
What? So you didn't recognize any of them? They're the dope boys.
Trying to even the score.
That was for Tommy.
You understand? You swore to me that shit was over.
Your dad and I, we didn't want you to know what the streets were like.
We thought we were protecting you.
James, we've asked Andre to be an additional face for the QCP.
I can't deal with the loss of my daughter the way you want me to.
That's just it, Ghost, you're not dealing with it at all.
Hey, Angie, I'm not doing that good.
JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hos Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it, man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation JOE: They say this is a big, rich town Yeah, I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it [OMINOUS MUSIC] Any idea why Vincent called to see you today? Well, whatever it is, I'm not covering your ass again, you understand? Hey, there they are.
There they are.
Hey, what's up? Come here.
- Give me some love.
- I know, I know.
VINCENT: So I've been thinking about the shootout from the other day.
And it just doesn't add up.
Anything you two wanna tell me? Well, I mean, I think it was this guy Dre.
Was he the guy you said you handled? You lied to me about it? Yeah.
You could've told me about it before.
I could've helped you handle it.
Get your fucking hands off.
- SAMMY: Don't you - MAN: Fucking man up.
- Come on.
- Don't Vince, Vince.
- Hold up.
- There's been a mistake here.
Tony, these are your boys.
They're your responsibility.
[GUN COCKS] Pick one.
Come on, Vincent.
Come on, you're really gonna do this? He told you the truth.
Nobody died.
TERESI: Cut him some fucking slack.
You're a stand-up guy, Tony.
I respect you.
But if you don't point this gun and pull the trigger, all three of you are fucking dead.
I'm sorry.
[GUN CLICKS] We'll always be family.
But that's all we'll be.
Tommy, it goes without saying, I won't be needing a re-up.
You fucking mutt.
You fucking mutt.
It's been chaos since you came around.
- You understand that? - Sammy! - Get the fuck out of here.
- Take take take off, kid.
I'll deal with this guy.
Go on.
You were gonna shoot me? You don't even know him.
Why did I have to come home for my birthday dinner? Couldn't you all just call me or something? No, your mother needs you here.
Son, you've never been away on your birthday, and this ain't the year to start.
She told me about your conversation.
I would've told you.
I just didn't know how to About my past our past, back in Queens.
The truth.
Well, that's your mother's version of the truth, son.
She's hurting right now, so she's saying things she don't really mean.
She's not really herself, so you gotta take it with a grain of salt, whatever she says.
One day when you're older, I'll give you my version.
You never talk about where you come from.
It's complicated.
Really irrelevant.
What's important is that I want to give you the life I never had, son, the childhood I never had.
I want to protect you from the things that nobody protected me from.
All right? All right.
TASHA: Thank you so much for coming to the hotel last night.
You have no idea how much I needed that.
It's good to just get away.
To just be.
I told you before, Tasha, you don't have to be at a hotel.
You know I have Yas.
Well, bring Yas.
Bring your stuff to my apartment.
Well, I can't tonight.
Tariq is, um, coming home for his birthday.
Mama is planning this big dinner.
And I haven't even told Tariq that I've moved out yet.
I get it.
Do what you need to do.
But you need to stay away from James, and out from under his influence.
[CHUCKLES] You're funny.
If anybody has me under their influence, it's you.
[CHUCKLES] As soon as Tariq goes back to school, I'm out of there.
Hey, Mrs.
BAKER: It's that time of the year again? The usual for the twins? One strawberry cake and one chocolate? Uh, I only need one this year.
BAKER: Okay.
What's this? The GPS tracker placed on Egan's car during the St.
Patrick trial.
Mak and Saxe recently reactivated it.
I think they're up to something I'm not privy to but should be, as Head of Criminal.
You're absolutely right.
Let me handle them.
I want to congratulate you all, especially you, Angela, for getting closer to the Jimenez than any other district in the decade-long pursuit of the cartel.
But it's time to move on.
We shouldn't give up.
Let's build an airtight trafficking case DOJ can't deny.
Now that we know the Jimenez have been in town, I have requested all CCTV footage of them from the past three months.
If we can track their movements, piece together their New York syndicate, pin down their distro Our orders from Agent Tampio are clear.
We've been asked to leave it alone.
Steve Tampio is compromised.
He's backed by the DOJ.
Your job as Head of Criminal is as much about politics as it is about justice.
And I've assured the attorney general that we will be moving on.
Is that understood? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to have a word with John and Cooper.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] If I don't get something solid from this stunt you've pulled with Teresi by the end of the week, I'm pulling the plug.
Angela knows about that tracker.
Jesus, she's gonna blow our whole case now, isn't she? This is not about her, it's about you all not getting it done.
No offense, Tameika, but you got her all wrong.
We'll get you something.
End of day.
Is what he says true? Do I have Angela all wrong? There's something I should tell you.
Angela asked me to take evidence away from a cop named Blanca Rodriguez.
I could feel the gun was light.
I never would've pointed at you if it wasn't.
I'm more concerned with how I'm gonna fucking eat now that Vincent's cut us out of the business.
We got Tommy, okay? He's good for it.
Where we at with the kid? They're hassling me for more on Tommy's moolie.
Which one? "Which one?" Listen to that.
No, they want the one I met inside.
You think Tommy will crack? I think he better.
Almost killed my best friend for him.
He fucking owes me.
And then, he fucking shot Sammy.
TOMMY: But there was no bullets in the gun.
It was a fake-out.
Like some twisted, fucking lesson.
Anyway, the Italians are out.
TOMMY: I mean, they're done with me.
I'm fucking fucked.
And I ain't even 100% sure it was Dre.
Oh, it was Dre.
It was definitely that nigga.
Good thing that Vincent only got shot in the arm.
TOMMY: I'd be dick-deep in dirt right now if Dre's boys killed anybody.
Your Italians is lucky I'm a punctual nigga, 'cause they could've got got.
All of 'em.
I dropped them niggas.
K saved the motherfucking day.
Why were you all meeting? We was gonna talk Jimenez shit.
But fuck them, and fuck the La Araña card.
The motherfuckers making overtures.
Dre's ass gets dropped today.
GHOST: Nah, we gotta hold on Dre.
No, negative.
The motherfucker weaseled his way into working with me on the Queens Child Project.
Tate knows I don't want him on it.
So if we kill Dre, he'll know it was me.
They'll know it was the three of us.
You pretty motherfuckers stay trying to be on TV, man.
Well, I gotta do something to make this up to Teresi.
He chose me over his best fucking friend.
Well, that's the other shit I don't get.
Why would he do that? 'Cause I'm his son, Ghost.
You know, I had eyes on the Jimenez.
But I couldn't do nothing about it 'cause you were still on this Teresi shit.
TOMMY: See the forest for the trees, motherfucker.
We get rid of the Jimenez, you ain't never gotta worry about Teresi ever again.
And we don't ever have to associate again.
You don't believe that bullshit.
Here's your check, Tommy.
Clean money.
When you're around him, forget you know me, okay? Be like a dream come true.
I'll see you at 'Riq's birthday, right? I wouldn't miss it.
Later, K.
All right.
[TENSE MUSIC] Ghost is like that little bitch from Charlie Brown.
Always moving the ball.
Maybe the best way to get Dre is to push him out of his own organization.
Word is there's been trouble with Cristobal, head of the Tainos.
He been outshining Dre to the Jimenez.
Maybe we help that beef along? Nah.
Even if we did, now we need Ghost to get the drop on Dre.
Man, Ghost got you believing you can't do nothing without him.
Look, hit me up when you wanna talk about the Jimenez or expansion.
I got shit to do today.
Did you find out what Mak and Saxe were up to? I didn't, because I already know what they're up to.
Have a seat.
Mak and Saxe came to me because they suspected Egan was still trafficking drugs.
I gave permission for surveillance.
I kept you out of the loop because I can't trust that you'd remain objective.
What do they have on Egan? Dick.
We don't even know his supplier.
I'll have them turn off the tracker.
So you knew they were running an investigation behind my back? That undermines my authority, Tameika.
I hired you knowing your weaknesses, and I have to manage them.
And what's the status with this NYPD dirty cop case Donovan told me about? [TENSE MUSIC] I apologize for the secrecy.
I didn't wanna bring you in on it until I was sure it had legs.
You know I like you, Angela.
You have all the qualities I look for in a prosecutor.
Your drive to win being the most important.
But it's important to remember that how we win matters just as much as the win itself.
You flexed a lot of muscle with the evidence seizure.
You're sure that's all this case is about? Dirty cops? As far as I know, it's about dirty cops.
Andre's a kid from the street who lost his way.
But got back on track by becoming an overnight success as the manager of the Bassett Hotel Group's first nightclub.
And he's generously offered to host tonight's final fundraiser.
TATE: What do you think, Simon? We already have a Black on the team who's boot-strapped his way to the top of the industry.
Andre seems so redundant.
He is, uh, reminiscent of James, yes.
But Andre is much closer in age to the kids in the community, and considering James' personal trials of late Rashad, I'm financially and morally invested in this project, with a true commitment to the community I was raised in.
I'm irreplaceable.
I'd also like to remind you of my contribution to your community.
I respect and appreciate each of your contributions to the project.
But quite frankly, this little meeting is a formality.
TATE: I get to decide who represents me - on a community level - Wait a minute.
And that person is Andre.
Y you're right, Rashad.
You should decide how you're represented.
Thank you for notifying us.
It's my pleasure.
Andre, allow me to show you the project grounds.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Nice to meet you, Mr.
Simon, you're just gonna let Tate walk all over us? I go to Berlin to find myself, and I come back to this mess.
For as long as I've known you, James, you have found a way to wriggle out from under every one of my impediments with aplomb.
Wriggle away, my good man.
[DOOR CHIMES] [TENSE MUSIC] My nigga, my nigga, my nigga, my nigga.
LACES: Hey, Lucky.
That's a nice jacket you got on, papi.
Cowhide leather, right? You know the neocortex is a phenomenon that support the process of the brain? LACES: It's responsible for heightening the human senses within the last century.
That's how I knew it was cowhide leather.
I smelled it from when you walked around the corner.
But fuck all that, papi, look.
I got these gift cards.
Give 'em to you, dirt cheap.
Matter of fact, give 'em to you just for a loosey.
I scratched some of the decorations off because I didn't like the way the shit looked.
But this shit's still good.
Get the fuck out of here, man.
Well, fuck you, mamahuevo.
LACES: Didn't like your jacket anyway, ugly mother Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, papi.
Look, what about this bike? What about this bike? I even throw in the gift cards with it, papi.
I gotta eat just like you, papi.
These Spanish don't want nobody to have nothin', just like you.
Spanish? I'll take the bike.
- Not today, Laces.
Wait, let me get at you for a second.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Got some good gift cards for you this time, papi.
All the barcodes are good and everything, I swear.
And if not, they scarred So they will never forget me [BELL RINGS] I'm fallin' and I can't turn back Until my death [BELL RINGS] PRODIGY: Survival of the fit Only the strong survive HAVOC: We livin' this till the day that we die Survival of the fit, only the strong survive We livin' this till the day that we die Survival of the fit, only the strong survive We livin' this till the day that we die Survival of the fit, only the strong survive I can take his wallet too, right? I don't give a fuck.
Take his shoes too.
HAVOC: I'm trapped in between two worlds Trying to get dough, you know when the dough get low - Bye-bye.
Thanks for meeting me, Angie.
It was nice to see you the other night.
I thought that was a one-time thing.
Oh, I just wanted to buy some sneakers for Tariq's birthday.
I thought you could help.
You need help with sneakers? [CHUCKLES] Well, I mean, I, you know, wanted to give him something he wants.
Maybe you have an opinion about what a teenage kid wants.
He's a Choate man now, you know.
Thank you.
He's doing good, Angie.
He's making the grades.
I'm really proud of him.
If you have any advice to give him, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
Are you still working with Andre Coleman? No.
I mean, yes, technically.
We're partnered together on the Queens Child Project by Councilman Tate.
But it's temporary.
I can't speak for Andre Coleman, but I'm not doing that anymore.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] First coffee, now this.
I can't get sucked back in, Jamie.
We can't keep making this a thing.
It's not gonna work.
I just thought with it being Raina's birthday and all that we could [GASPS] Shit.
I'm sorry.
I I didn't realize.
How are you doing? [PHONE VIBRATES] It's work.
I'm on thin ice right now.
I wanna stay and talk.
No, you should go.
Thank you for understanding.
I'm sorry.
MAN: Can I help you with anything? [CLEARS THROAT] We gotta make this quick.
Connie gets cranky if she doesn't get her Nutter Butters during chemo.
What you got for us? Tommy's got a beef with a kid named Dre.
Pulled some kind of drive-by.
Andre Coleman? How many fucking Dre's could there be? Come on.
Sandoval interviewed him during the St.
Patrick trial.
MAK: He was an employee of St.
Patrick at the time.
We need something more concrete for a RICO.
Who's Tommy's supplier? Who's in his crew? We need something on St.
Patrick directly too.
And soon.
Like today.
It's that or make Connie a snitch's widow on her deathbed.
Yeah, yeah, I get the stakes, all right? Don't worry about it.
I plan on delivering 'em both up on a silver fucking platter.
Or maybe a nice piece of China.
Uh, he's Korean.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] So Mak's got you on me now too? ANGELA: I'm Mak's boss, remember? Would you like to be a lawyer again? Of fucking course I would.
Then I need you to do something for me.
Hey, Quinn, I got your text.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] What's going on? And what the hell is he doing here in my office? You never told Karen you signed a non-compete clause when you were at Truth? It just slipped my mind, though.
It didn't slip James'.
QUINN: And he's gonna sue our balls off if I do not fire you immediately.
Look, there's something we can definitely do about it.
I can just call Karen right now I'm sorry, Andre, but the Bassett corporate policy is not to fuck with non-competes.
Now, the only way around it is if James would rip up the contract.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
QUINN: Then your dismissal is effective immediately.
Which also means that the charity event you have planned tonight has been cancelled.
GHOST: Andre, I don't want you to worry about the Queens Child Project, all right? It's all good.
I made arrangements to host the event at my club, Truth.
Quinn, I wanna thank you for your cooperation.
Uh, I almost forgot.
Please tell Karen I said hi.
QUINN: Andre, I need your key card.
How are things with Teresi? Terrible.
I know I said everything with his release checks out, but you still gotta be careful.
Who told you to say that? Ghost? No.
Who the fuck are we meeting with anyway? What the fuck? Hi, Tommy.
It's a motherfucking setup! I have reason to believe you're the New York distributor for the Jimenez cartel.
[TENSE MUSIC] The people in these photos are much of Lobos' last known organization with the Jimenez in front of the Ridgebury Hotel.
Tommy's not in any of these.
I know you were there, Tommy.
And you were also at the airport with the Jimenez just the other day before I arrested them.
You think that I'm the distributor for the Jimenez? Tommy, don't say anything.
I know you are.
I'm gonna wrap up their entire organization including you and Jamie if you don't play ball.
Oh, this ain't even about me.
It's about your boyfriend.
I'm sorry, your ex-boyfriend.
Well, I ain't working with that motherfucker no more, so you could take your bullshit and bounce.
Okay, that may be true.
But you still work for the Jimenez, and you can't deny that.
The DOJ is coming for you, Tommy.
This is your chance to get away with everything.
If you had anything on me worth having, you'd be arresting me right now.
Not calling for a meet-up.
How do I know anything you say is for real? What the fuck is that? That's illegal, Angela.
There's a warrant for this.
TOMMY: You think I'm supposed to trust you now after you pulled some bullshit like that? You conniving bitch.
You don't need to trust me to work with me.
You just need to not wanna go to prison.
I can give you immunity.
You can walk away from all of this, clean.
Think about it.
Tommy, you could use blanket immunity.
What if they find out about Markham? As long as you keep your mouth shut, they won't.
[JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING] It was a good time.
GHOST: Reverend.
- Congratulations, James.
- Thank you.
Our community is thrilled for the changes you'll bring.
Well, Simon and I have worked very hard James, you should know that Andre is here.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
[OVERLAPPING CHATTER] What the fuck is he doing here? Andre told me about his unfortunate dismissal.
That doesn't mean he's not valuable to the cause.
In fact, there are several donors here tonight that could be Andre's next employer.
I'd like to get back to work as soon as possible.
I'd like you to get out of the club as soon as possible.
Easy, James.
We've discussed the situation, haven't we? Ah, I see Eric Ellis made it.
TATE: He's recently purchased an up-and-coming lifestyle brand.
He might need a new man on board.
I'll introduce you.
Excuse us.
Ellis is a dilettante.
Valiant effort, James.
I had him dead to rights, Simon.
Be patient.
You created that young man, didn't you? Fighting yourself is a bit more difficult.
We'll get him.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] So 'Riq, how do you like your new school? I mean, it's all right.
It's still new.
ESTELLE: Who are you talking to, Tasha? - Nobody, Mama.
What's your favorite class? Philosophy's pretty cool.
The only thing that I know is that I know nothing.
[CHUCKLING] Socrates.
[CHUCKLES] Great, baby.
I used that once on a biology test in high school.
I passed.
Is Ghost gonna come? Is he here? TOMMY: Damn, Tasha, I'm just asking.
TASHA: I'm sorry.
I got a present downstairs for Tariq.
Come on, 'Riq.
Grab your jacket.
[ENGINE REVVING] [LAUGHTER] Your old man never put you behind the wheel before? Nah, I'm too young to drive.
Ah, driver's licenses should be like roller coasters.
Once you're tall enough, you're in.
All right, a little ways up, pull up, uh, on the left-hand side, okay? All right.
All right, now just put it in park.
Put on the brake.
Keep it on the brake.
There you go.
Just like a video game.
But boring.
Here, give me the keys.
It was you who warned Dre that we was coming for him, wasn't it? [FOREBODING MUSIC] What're you talking about? At your sister's funeral.
You overheard me tell your dad about Dre.
Because you snitched, Tariq, your uncle Tommy almost got killed in a drive-by the other day.
I didn't I'm in some very deep shit now.
With some very scary people.
Dre might've missed, but I'm probably still gonna get got.
Or end up in prison if I don't figure out how to get out of this.
Why'd you want Dre dead? I mean, if you would've told me the truth maybe I He stole my entire business.
He tried to kill Kanan.
He killed my friend who was a priest.
And he sent you into a shootout with a cop is why.
Now, you didn't know all that.
But you did know that Dre was our enemy.
Why did you snitch, 'Riq? 'Cause he helped me get my enemy.
He gave me Ray Ray's location.
Loyal only to your own cause.
You sound exactly like Ghost.
I did the right thing, Uncle Tommy.
Remember Socrates, 'Riq.
You don't know nothin'.
Now drive us home.
[ENGINE STARTS, REVS] I'm telling you, they wanna make us a different race, man.
But we're the same.
I'm dark, you're light, but guess what.
They put is in a blender, we come out the same color.
Pink like pussy, I promise you.
Callin' me a pussy now, Laces? Yo, this fucking crackhead, man.
See, you're missing the whole point.
And you're sensitive too.
And please, get it correct, it's flakkahead.
Yo Me too, man.
Look, Taino, all I'm saying, man, is that Tower of Babel shit got us fucked up trying to figure each other out.
We working overtime.
Meanwhile I'm out here trying to tell you Spanish niggas the truth and none of you wanna listen.
Get the fuck off me, man.
I ain't Spanish, and I ain't a nigga.
So fuck you.
Fuck me, huh? Yeah, that's right.
Fuck me.
Fuck me, fuck you, fuck all of us.
We all Spanish.
We all niggas.
Think about it.
Don't think too hard, man, that shit'll blow your mind.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] He thought about it too hard, man.
Okay, I've got cake.
I've got candles.
Thank you.
[GIGGLES] Well, you're very well-dressed for a delivery man.
This is my friend, Terry Silver.
It's nice to meet you.
Terry, you wanna stick around for a slice? Tasha, your kids are here.
Hello, again, Mrs.
I'm sorry to interrupt your evening like this, but we've had a break in our investigation.
You know what? It's it's really not a good time.
Is this about Raina? LEARY: Yes, we have a new lead on a suspect.
And, well, I can't really comment about an ongoing investigation.
But Mrs.
Patrick, I think we're very close to finding the man who killed your daughter.
That's great.
- Praise the Lord.
- Yeah.
LEARY: However, there is something we need to do first.
It should've been done earlier.
It was an error on our part.
We're gonna need you to surrender your registered firearm a 380 Micro Eagle.
This way we can cross-check that against our ballistics report, and eliminate it from the investigation.
I'll take that.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but that gun was stolen.
I reported it with the NYPD as soon as I discovered it was missing.
Let's make sure.
Standard procedure.
- Call it in.
- Yes, sir.
You brought a seizure warrant for a routine evidence check against the victim's family? I'm sorry, who are you? Terry Silver.
I'm her lawyer.
LEARY: Okay, as I said, this is standard procedure.
No need to bring lawyers into this.
Is that suppression of representation I'm hearing? Oh, Mr.
Silver, please, let's not blow this out of proportion.
Her story checks out, Detective.
LEARY: Okay, thank you.
Well, sorry to have bothered you folks tonight.
[TENSE MUSIC] Scientists say chickens come from dinosaurs.
And dinosaurs is extinct.
So it's like I'm eating on some type of mythological creature or something, right? Which is why I ain't sweatin' this chicken, although veganism is close to my heart.
Now, if dinosaurs is extinct, and if I'm following that logic, this chicken ain't even real.
None of this is real.
None of it.
I promise you that.
You vegan? KANAN: I tried.
But they said I couldn't eat pussy, so I quit.
Fuck that.
[HIGH-PITCHED GIGGLING] Ooh, you're nasty.
Nasty, nasty, nasty nigga, papa.
[GIGGLING] You stopped eating pussy? You lyin'.
[GIGGLES] [GUN CLICKS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] Who the fuck are you? Nobody.
KANAN: Hold up.
Here, take this, and you sell it.
You don't have any friends, do you? You find it hard to make and maintain human connection, right? Are you sad? You're feeling empty? Hard to be there for people you love, ain't it? Cymbalta can help.
Cymbalta is a medication used to treat symptoms of depression.
Side effects may include stiffness, dizziness, butt bleeds, nut burns, and dick noise.
Get the fuck out of here, man.
[GIGGLING] You nasty, nasty nigga.
Stolen, Tasha? You're lying to the police.
I watched you put that gun in the safe.
I've kept my mouth shut long enough.
James used that gun to murder Raina's killer, didn't he? When I came to you that night, I told you the truth.
It was me.
After everything he has put you through, why are you still defending him? TASHA: You're not listening.
I killed Raina's killer.
Not James.
I pulled the trigger.
I did it alone.
And I would do it again.
Bullshit, Tasha.
That standard procedure ballistics check, that was a ruse.
They're suspicious of James.
He's going down, and you are going to go down with him, unless you tell me the truth.
You just don't want to believe me.
Either you are a victim of James' actions, or you're an accomplice.
Call me when you decide which one you are.
[JAZZ MUSIC] [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] TATE: May I have your attention, please? It is my distinct honor to announce that thanks to a very generous donation from Mr.
Eric Ellis, we have finally reached our fundraising goals for the Queens Child Project.
Give yourselves a round of applause for your generosity.
Before I leave, I wanna say, I haven't forgotten that the mood of all this celebrating is a tragedy.
Oh, I'm okay, Reverend.
I'm actually doing really good.
You see, we reached our fundraising goal.
GHOST: Thanks for being here.
Felt good to see you.
[VOICE ECHOING] I want to encourage you to counsel with me anytime.
Good night, son.
I ain't your son, nigga.
Well, we finally did it.
Congratulations, James.
I want Andre off the project and out of my motherfucking sight.
Why are you so angry? Listen, you still get all of your returns on your investment.
You still get to name it after Raina.
You get everything you want except the spotlight.
Is that all you care about? He don't deserve no credit.
That kid is trouble.
Rashad, he got a record.
He still slinging dope.
Fuck this shit.
I'm outta here.
He's not worthy of the opportunity, is all I'm saying.
James, listen to yourself.
You're losing it, and you need to take a break.
TATE: Time after time, you've proven to be nothing but trouble, James.
You are unworthy of this job.
You're the one that's unworthy of this relationship.
You're unworthy.
Come here.
[GROANING] I'll fucking kill you.
What kind of man would murder over a business dispute? You ain't got no idea who the fuck I am.
No, I think I do.
STERN: James! [TENSE MUSIC] You know you done fucked up, right? Excuse me.
Can you believe these pigs coming in here throwin' around accusations when we're the ones with a dead child? Mama, it's fine, all right? They made a mistake.
Let's just open up the cake.
- Happy birthday.
- All right? [SOLEMN MUSIC] ESTELLE: You ordered the wrong cake, Tasha.
I know! [SIGHS] [SOBBING] [SNIFFLES] It's all right about the cake.
I need a second, 'Riq.
I don't want you to take the blame.
Tell Mr.
Silver the truth about what I did.
The truth isn't gonna make things better.
Nobody's gonna believe you did it alone, okay? You're just a kid.
But I did do it.
I'm the one that killed him.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I don't want you to go to jail because of me.
TARIQ: It's not fair for Yas.
It's handled, Tariq.
Just let me confess.
That's what Raina would've done.
Raina would've done a lot of things differently, Tariq.
The decision is made.
If you wanna help me, just get the fuck out the way.
Do you wish it was me that died instead of Raina? TARIQ: Ma.
Just give me another chance, Quinn.
I'll take a demotion.
Whatever you want me to do just to be a part of the clubs.
I'm looking forward to your answer, all right? - What's up, man? - My men are dropping.
CRISTOBAL: Someone's taking on Tainos.
You think it's because of the Jimenez? Think word got out that they got locked up? I haven't heard nothin'.
I'm thinking it's an inside job.
Tommy and them? No, no, I'm thinking 2-Bit.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, shit.
You're thinking 2-Bit's the one fucking you up? Yeah, man, think about it.
I mean, I sat back and watched as you came for Julio.
You wanted his position, and you took it.
2-Bit wants mine.
History repeats itself.
I'm not gonna become history anytime soon.
So if 2-Bit dropped your guys, that means I ordered him to do so.
So you're accusing him; you're accusing me.
And if you think I'm behind it because I didn't like that you were made my My number two, right? - That's not what I said, Dre.
- No.
That's what the fuck it sounds like.
You're right, I don't like having a number two.
But I got one.
And killing your men wouldn't make my bosses happy, would it? So as my number two, handle your gang shit before I have to do it.
I missed the dinner.
GHOST: It was for a good cause, though, son.
We reached the fundraising goal.
Your sister's name is gonna be added to the building.
GHOST: I got you a gift.
Happy birthday.
I love you.
- GHOST: Ouf.
- Uh, thanks.
Why, 'cause I missed your party? I just told you, 'Riq Oh I was at work.
Drug dealing ain't work.
You're turning into a little punk, ain't you? I was at my club, Tariq.
Building a legacy.
For your sister.
Clubs you got with your dirty money, right? Ma told me who you are and what you used to do.
Don't you remember that? Hey, hey, hey, hey.
My past don't matter.
The only thing that matters, son, is all of this shit that I done given you.
I gave you everything I never had growing up.
I don't want none of this shit.
Quiet, kid.
[GRUNTS] I gave you everything.
You lied to me my entire life about who you are and where we come from.
You're gonna believe what your mama told you anyway, what do you want from me? - I want the truth! - Oh, it don't matter.
It matters to me! I'll tell you one thing, Raina appreciated all of this shit.
Yeah, she knew you was a drug dealer and a liar and a cheater too.
But she didn't care 'cause you got her nice stuff.
That ain't true.
Raina loved me.
Maybe she was the only one that did.
TARIQ: All you do is think about yourself.
Mom, Uncle Tommy, and Kanan think that too.
Maybe if Raina hated you, she would still be alive.
Come here.
Come here.
- Stop it.
- Tasha, get off me.
- No.
- Get off me! Go, Tariq.
I'm going back to Choate tonight.
How're you gonna get there? I ain't paying for it.
I don't fucking want your money, Ghost.
- Cut it out.
- Come here.
Tariq, go to your room right now.
Tasha, that's why we don't say shit to them, 'cause they don't fucking get it.
You need to go.
GHOST: Go where? This is my motherfucking house.
You left, remember? You can come back when we're gone! Go! Right now.
Goddamn, that's a lot of zeros.
What's this about? Huh? Nothing.
It's just some money that Ghost owed me.
Look, I'm really sorry that shit went left the way it did.
I hope you can forgive me.
Don't fucking worry about it.
Sammy will be all right too.
You think I could get back and good with the Italians? Oh, Jesus, kid.
You gotta hang it up, all right? They washed their hands of you.
They washed their hands of all of us.
We're all out of work.
I can't believe I did 25 in the can for these motherfuckers.
They didn't take care of Connie.
I missed out on all of this.
So what you sayin'? You regret not making a deal? I have always been a loyal guy.
But I was loyal to an idea of who I wanted to be based on old Jimmy Cagney movies.
I had tons of information on a bunch of fuckers who wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire.
And Vincent's dad was one of them.
After what they did to us today, what they did to you.
TERESI: You think he would've stood tall for me? You really would've ratted, Teresi? [SOMBER MUSIC] A rat is only a rat if he rats on somebody he should be loyal to.
If you inform on somebody that you don't give two shits about to advance your own cause, then it's just business.
Why the fuck were you not in the club tonight? I thought you were jammed up, Diego.
You thought I was jammed up.
Are you a Fed, motherfucker? I saw the whole shit when it went down after our meeting.
I was with your boy Cristobal.
If you don't believe me, ask him, ask him.
Are you the one who stole my gold gun and planted it in Long Island? Diego, I've only been to Jones Beach, man.
And I don't know what gold gun you're talking about, and even if I did, when have I been around you long enough to take it without you noticing? Come on, man, think.
And you thought because I was in jail you'd quit your job.
Is that what you thought? You're in over your fucking head, amigo.
I am in over my head, but it's not my fault.
It's the motherfucker Ghost and Tommy who came to you about the Cali ports.
They're dropping Cristobal's people.
I'm handling it, but it's gone too far.
They're probably the ones that got you arrested too.
I remember this Ghost.
And Tommy.
So we gotta fuck 'em up.
But this stays between you and me.
We tell Alicia nothing.
[BUTTONS BEEP] Did Proctor tell you where I lived? Did Jamie? Neither one.
What do you want? I got a problem.
The thing is, my problem is your problem.
I'm thinking maybe I could help you to help me.
Well, I told you that I could offer you full immunity, which means you can tell me everything you know about the Jimenez New York syndicate, and be charged with absolutely nothing.
It's a complete walk, Tommy.
All this time and you don't know me at all.
I'm not that fucking guy.
I never have been, I never will be.
Then what are you offering me? I'm confused.
Give me that tracker you took off my car.
That's federal property.
TOMMY: You want the Jimenez, right? Give me the tracker.
If you don't sign an immunity agreement, what's to keep me from wrapping you up with the Jimenez when I arrest them? The same fear that made you put that gun in your waistband.
Oh, and I liked it better when you had that plant over there by the window.
Get the fuck out of my apartment.
Relax, Angela.
I'll call you.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] Tommy's laundering his money in James' club.
Ah, what do you call it? Truth.
Fuck yes.
Big faces always Big faces, homey You want some? Nah, I'm good.
Thanks for the ride.
Why ain't you ask your mom? She moved out of Ghost's house.
She's on her own shit now.
Flip it, watch it dribble When you bring it back, I double Ain't nobody out there hustle harder But the government I'd wish you a happy birthday, but it seems fucked up with your sister and everything.
Now we here, let's get one thing clear I'm an alpha dog, haters disappear [ENGINE REVS] [OMINOUS MUSIC] MACEDON: James.
Glad you called.
MACEDON: Where is God? GHOST: What's he got to do with this? MACEDON: You stood up there and told a room full of your friends and family that He wants you to learn a lesson, that God is with you.
Your behavior tonight draws a different picture, son.
My daughter's dead.
Somebody's gotta pay for it.
"'Vengeance is mine, ' sayeth the Lord.
" Let God take care of her murderer.
It's God's fault.
You blame God? GHOST: God took my daughter, he took my friends, and my wife, my Look, no matter what I do, Reverend, I keep running into the same wall.
Then stop running.
I'm not that kind of man, Reverend Macedon, okay? When when I let go, bad things happen.
MACEDON: Well, with you holding on, good things aren't happening either, are they? [BREATHES DEEPLY] Tell me who else you blame for the way you feel tonight, James.
MACEDON: Tell me the truth.
I blame my son.
He should've been there for his sister.
He wasn't.
I blame his mother for not seeing that he was in trouble.
MACEDON: And where were you when all this happened? You know, I was in jail.
MACEDON: Why were you in jail? For something I didn't do.
Why were you arrested and not someone else? 'Cause I withheld the truth to protect someone and she hurt me as a result.
You held back the truth to protect her? Or to protect yourself? Reverend, you don't understand, okay? [SOMBER MUSIC] No, you don't understand.
God wants us to be happy, joyous, free.
When we take our will back, we become players in all the misery that befalls us.
What are the choices that led you to this moment? What would you do differently if you could? What would Raina do? What would Raina want you to do? She would want me to be different.
I can do that.
I can be different.
For her.
For you.
You have to want it.
For yourself.
I want it.
What do you want? I wanna be a better man.
Where did you lose your way? [6LACK'S "IN BETWEEN" PLAYING] [KNOCK ON DOOR] 6LACK: Stop trippin' over me, yeah Gave each other something to believe, yeah Instead of sellin' me a dream, yeah Just tell me what I need I've always tried to say That every something fades BANKS: Ask me for space I told you no You said to leave I said, Fine, I'll just go Why would you leave? You used to fight for me And I just wanted all your attention Already got me sayin' Baby, I got no patience Give me one conversation I can be soft, you can behave Already got me sayin' Baby, I got no patience Give me one conversation I can be soft You can behave I've always tried to say That every something Fades I'm living in between Already tried to leave 6LACK: I think I'ma need a minute No picking up, it's time to finish Think you wanna be replenished You hanging on to every sentence Yeah, you was all good