Power (2014) s05e06 Episode Script

A Changed Man?

1 GHOST: Previously on Power You know any Tainos? [GUNSHOT] VINCENT: Pick one.
[GUN CLICKS] - What does Teresi know? - He don't know nothing.
Well, please keep it that way.
Tommy's laundering his money in James' club.
Fuck yes.
A house in Suffolk County was raided after the neighbors made a complaint.
ANGELA: One particular weapon stood out from the rest.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Are you the one who stole my gold gun and planted it - in Long Island? - TOMMY: You want the Jimenez, right? Give me that tracker you took off my car.
You never told Karen you signed a non-compete clause when you were at Truth? QUINN: Your dismissal is effective immediately.
I will never let you have joint custody.
I'm sorry, aren't you the one who's about to get disbarred on ethics? Tariq shot him, with my gun.
Where's your gun right now? It's gone.
We're gonna need you to surrender your registered firearm.
That gun was stolen.
You're lying to the police.
I watched you put that gun in the safe.
You're losing it and you need to take a break.
- [GRUNTING] - Come here.
STERN: James.
- I want the truth.
- Oh, it don't matter.
It matters to me! - Come here.
- TASHA: Stop it.
- Tasha, get off me.
- No, you need to go.
What are the choices that led you to this moment? Milan.
Know your home, family.
- Angela.
- We can't be together, Angie.
It's the right decision.
[SOBBING] What would you do differently? JOE: They say this is a big, rich town I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it 50 CENT: I never took a straight path nowhere Life's full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises I live, I learn I'm from that city full of yellow cabs and skyscrapers It's hard to get a start in these parts without paper Homey, I grew up in hell, a block away from heaven That corner every 15 minutes, they moving seven Pure snow, bag it, then watch it go Occupational options, get some blow or some hos Shoot the ball or the strap, learn to rap or to jack Fuck it, man, in the meantime Go head and pump a pack This my regal, royal flow, my James Bond bounce That 007, that's 62 on my count I'm an undercover liar, I lie under the covers Look a bitch in the eyes and tell her, baby, I love ya You're my inspiration, you're my motivation You're the reason that I'm moving with no hesitation JOE: They say this is a big, rich town Yeah, I just come from the poorest part Bright lights, city life I gotta make it, this is where it goes down Oh, yeah, yeah I just happen to come up hard Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it I thought with Raina being gone, it would kill me.
I thought there's no getting lower than that.
But the pain, it just keeps getting worse.
Things just keep getting taken away from me.
[SCOFFS] Everything went wrong went I went inside.
Jamie GHOST: And I don't expect an apology from you, Angie.
I mean, you didn't know the truth because I chose to not tell you the truth.
You know me, I thought I had everything under control.
[SNAPS FINGERS] I thought I was making all the right decisions.
What do you want me to say? GHOST: Tonight I was asked about my first mistakes, my lies.
I told the biggest ones to you.
At the end I didn't leave you because I didn't love you anymore.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I didn't leave you because of Tasha or because of my kids.
A man threatened my life, so I left you to save yours.
Why didn't you tell me this? GHOST: It worked.
He left you alone.
He never came near you.
I think that's the last lie.
I gotta go to bed, Jamie.
Listen, you can stay.
I'll make up the couch.
[JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW'S "SURREAL" PLAYING] JAMES: So why can we never say the things we mean There's a toothbrush underneath the sink.
Before it's too late I've got some secrets I intend to keep Down to my grave I'll be enough To behold ALL: Show me something Something Your new lover On fire In the night In the night Night GHOST: Good morning.
How'd you sleep? GHOST: Didn't.
Look, Angie, I didn't get to There's something I need to say first.
You're not the only one that hasn't been completely honest.
- At least not recently.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] GHOST: Ignore it.
I can't.
Angela, we need to talk.
Tasha, I just need to explain something.
TASHA: What're you doing here? What is he doing here? - You kicked me out.
- You kicked him out? - That's what happened? - Tasha, why are you here? Detective Leary came to the penthouse looking for my gun last night.
TASHA: He said that they're getting close to finding Raina's killer.
Now, I told him it was stolen.
But does that mean that they connected us to Ray Ray? - Tasha, Tasha, Tasha, we can - She knows, Ghost.
She knows? How much? - TASHA: Everything.
- I know Tariq killed Raymond Jones.
Why would you tell Angela this? Because I needed to save our family.
Angela's the one who told me where to find Tariq that night.
I was gonna turn you all in.
I thought you did it and set me up to help.
So Tasha told me and convinced me that we're all better off if no one ever knows that Tariq was involved.
I'm on your side, Jamie.
We're gonna make sure Tariq stays out of jail.
[TENSE MUSIC] Tasha, why wouldn't you tell me this? Because I didn't trust you.
I didn't trust that you wouldn't make things worse.
And I knew you wouldn't trust us to handle it.
Look, I know you don't understand, but I No, actually, I do understand.
What I don't understand is you two working together.
[SCOFFS] We have it under control.
You sure? What about Tasha's gun? The ballistics reports are gone.
There's no way for them to trace the bullet back to you without the gun.
They're gonna bring you in for questioning on that.
- I'll have to prep you.
- So we need to call Proctor.
No, he's not a lawyer.
And she can't take him.
It'll look suspicious.
We're gonna be a while.
Everyone, this is Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez from NYPD Internal Affairs.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
I'm heading up the murder investigation of an NYPD undercover detective, Raymond Jones.
We don't have a body, but we recovered a bullet that we'd like to match to match to a .
380 registered to Mrs.
Please offer your assistance where requested, while also maintaining discretion.
BLANCA: This office confiscated and tested Mrs.
Patrick's weapon, but the ballistics report mysteriously went missing, possibly at the hand of someone in your office.
Diego thinks I planted some gun in Long Island? The shit wasn't me.
I didn't even know about the spot.
Relax, Dre.
My brother can be a bit careless about his belongings.
But I know you didn't set him up.
All right, good.
But we have a bigger problem.
Diego thinks Tommy and Ghost told the FBI where to find us.
Now, why would he think that? [OMINOUS MUSIC] Uh, I don't know.
I said no war.
And if Diego goes after Tommy, who's backed by the Serbians, what do you think will happen? I know how you think.
You play both sides against the middle.
Find someone else to blame.
What would you do? Hypothetical scenario.
Someone commits a murder, Joe, with your registered gun, cops call you in for questioning.
[SNICKERS] Jesus Christ.
Proctor, I just said "hypothetical," man.
The best defense is an airtight alibi, but "some other dude did it" works in this case as well.
Even if it's a frame job.
But I would highly suggest that you stay away from it.
You got no worries on that.
I told somebody else they could handle it.
Oh, yeah, fucking who? Tommy? Tasha and Angela.
Well, how the fuck does that even happen? - After the situation - Yeah, you know, you know what? I don't even wanna know, okay? Better I don't.
Yeah, maybe it's an advantage, them shutting you out.
If you can keep your hands clean.
Think about yourself.
You know how to do that.
Send me a text.
Hey, son, it's your father.
Listen, man, I'm sorry that you had to see me that way last night.
Particularly with it being your birthday.
And those things I said Well, we've all done things we're not very proud of, so I just wanna say that I swear my intentions were good, and, uh I hope you can forgive me.
What's up, dude? Practice sucked.
TARIQ: Coach had you all running suicides? - Yeah, he's a dick.
Dude, I love this shit.
My sister uses this.
Can I have some? Nah.
Come on, man, I'll pay you for it.
How much you want? Like, $20 a pill, yeah? Not for sale, bro.
All right, that's fucked up.
[PHONE DINGS] - - Mm, oh, my God.
You know what? These taste exactly the way they did before I went inside.
Yeah, why mess with greatness? TERESI: How do they do that? It's a very nice alley.
But what're we doing here? I just need you as a lookout.
TOMMY: Your baby blues still work, don't they, old man? Yeah, my eyes do.
Fuck you.
Fuck your mother.
I did fuck your mother.
- [LAUGHS] - You're disgusting.
- What, no - Are you out of your mind? Come on, she was beautiful.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, look.
If anybody pulls up, anybody comes out, you see anything suspicious, just give me a call and I'm out of there, all right? All right.
Whose whose car is that, anyway? - This motherfucker Dre.
- Hmm? Don't worry about it.
Get that phone on and ready.
I got you.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] They're probably gonna call you in today or tomorrow.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] He's not gonna stay out of it, is he? It's not Jamie.
It's work.
I'm not sleeping with him, Tasha.
I know you have no reason to believe me, but it's true.
Like I said before, I don't care about that anymore.
I'm being honest.
I'm being honest too.
I don't care.
Now, are you gonna tell me what to say or what? So you're ready to take a punch if he sees me in here? [SNICKERS] No need to sweat that.
When I said I needed to see him, he asked me to bring you.
How did you and James actually meet? DRE: Oh, I was working with an associate of his.
That job was no longer desirable and I sought employment with James.
Andre, James told me you sell drugs.
[SCOFFS] And what kind of business was he in that you wanted to work for him? Nightclubs.
Which he shut me out of, thanks to this bullshit non-compete.
But look, Rashad, if he asked you to bring me here just to throw this shit in my face, I'm not staying to watch him wild out again, you understand? I have every intention on speaking to James about his rage issue - and the scene he caused last night.
- All right.
- Shit was unacceptable.
- Yeah.
GHOST: What seems to be the emergency? It seems the Queens Child Project and its donors are being audited by the IRS.
What? Why? Random audits like these happen a lot with minority businesses.
It's pretty standard.
There's nothing to be worried about, if there's nothing to be worried about.
Thanks for letting us know.
Cooperate with them and don't make any changes in the meantime.
TATE: Now, if you'll excuse me, James, I'm about to get an onslaught of angry calls from New York's elite, and their less-than-happy accountants.
I'll be in touch.
Andre, can we rap for a second? I'm not gonna shoot you, man.
Listen, I'd like for you and I to work together going forward.
GHOST: Just hear me out.
To make sure that the Queens Child Project is carried out to its fullest extent.
For Raina.
Look, Ghost, I had nothing to do with that.
And I didn't ask Tate to bring me into any of this.
So, I'm good.
Thank you.
Look, this ain't about Tate, Dre.
This is about us, okay? - I wanna call a truce.
- A truce? I think we can accomplish more working together than working against each other.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Nah, no offense, man, but it's not the smartest thing for me to trust you.
What do you say I make a gesture of good faith? Say, call the Bassetts, get your job back.
But what about the non-compete? Those things are negotiable.
You let me worry about it.
- WOMAN: Have a good one.
Lindsay Proctor? Who the fuck are you? My name is John Mak.
And I know you're trying to regain custody of your daughter.
And I also know you're a cokehead.
Recovering cokehead.
Now, you've been in and out of rehab for the past eight years.
There's no fucking way you're gonna get her back.
Not unless I help you.
'Cause I'm a federal prosecutor.
What did Joey do now? He had a censure hearing recently.
And under oath, he said that he no longer associates with the criminal side of his family.
And I'm wondering if you have any knowledge otherwise.
[TENSE MUSIC] Or you can keep protecting your ex-husband who's never done shit for you, go to family court and never see your daughter again.
And I could walk away right now.
Hey, uh Don't tell me.
Can you do me a huge favor? [HIP-HOP MUSIC] A bunch of Tainos got hit up last night.
- Damn.
- Word.
What the fuck happened? Who gives a fuck? The fuck you mean "who gives a fuck"? First of all, it's our organization.
So whatever happens to any of us happens to all of us, man.
I don't see it like that, but a'ight.
They need some extra niggas to move weight or some shit? Where were you last night, 2-Bit? [CHUCKLES] Look, if I wanted to shoot fucking Tainos, I would've shot your boy.
Cris ain't my fucking boy, man.
I told you to stop saying that shit to me about that Boy, not your boy.
Would you all kiss and make up already? Damn.
Y'all know I hate it when y'all be fighting.
SPANKY: Come on, now.
The love.
- You love - Yo, Cris.
Dre was just saying you I mean, we got a problem.
I'd say we got more than one.
CRISTOBAL: My guys are dropping in the streets and our connect just got popped.
So, the Jimenez got locked up the other night.
- 2-BIT: Shit.
- Yeah.
And, uh, they out now, so The fuck? Already? Yeah, I found out when Diego pulled up on me and accused me of setting him up, man.
Did you know anything about that, Cris? Nah, man.
Well, you never know who you could trust.
Power makes people do some crazy shit.
Yeah, well, Diego ain't people.
Your boy's crazy as fuck.
And I'm about done with him.
Hear me? Look, man, he ain't my fucking boy just because we speak the same language.
Maldito paraguayo.
See? That shit right there, man.
Come on, man, you wanted to run the streets so bad you should've learned fucking Spanish.
CRISTOBAL: I'll talk to you when you calm down.
DRE: Get the fuck out of my face.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] [CHUCKLES] - - [INHALES DEEPLY] That motherfucker's trying to set me up.
He's trying to set me up.
He sent the Feds to the Jimenez and told them it was me, man.
He's trying to take over my whole shit.
Cristobal? Nah, that nigga's a bitch.
Then tell me what the fuck he just said! 2, what the fuck did he say? You need, like, a translation app on your phone - or something, bruh.
- This ain't the time, Spank.
What about son from the Toros you fuck with? The one that killed Lorenzo.
Let's go talk to Arturo.
Be nice.
So how's business going? [SIGHS] I'm fucked is how it's going.
I got a connect breathing down my neck.
I got more product than I can move.
- Yeah? - [SIGHS] I just lost my goddamn network.
Hey, maybe you and me should get together and do something, what do you think? - Yeah, like what? - TERESI: I don't know.
I'll think of something.
[CHUCKLES] - [SNICKERS] - [KNOCK AT DOOR] What's up, Ghost? Come on in, brother.
Hey, Tommy.
I need to holler at you.
I gotta talk to you about a few What? - Hey, Ghost.
- Teresi.
What's going on? I'm gonna step outside.
No, no, no, this is all good.
Anything he has to say to me he can say in front of you.
What's up? We made an arrangement.
I was supposed to clean your money.
But listen, brother, I I can't clean your money anymore.
I gotta stop.
I'm fucking being audited.
And? Your books are clean as bleach.
He's right, Tommy.
You can't take chances if people are sniffing around.
I don't need backup, Teresi.
I'm cool.
All right.
Listen, I'm gonna give you guys some privacy, all right? - No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
I I should be with Connie anyway.
Catch you later.
TOMMY: Later.
I'm totally fucked now, Ghost.
You know I ain't got no network.
TOMMY: And now I ain't got nowhere to clean my money.
GHOST: I know that too.
Jason's gonna fucking eat me alive.
I'm sorry.
You sorry? Ghost, you always sorry when you change your mind.
Somos de la calle, calle Somos de la calle, calle Somos de la calle, calle There he is.
Hey, Dre, heh-hey.
I was gonna come find you if I didn't hear from you sooner.
Yo, uh, what're we gonna do now that the Jimenez are locked up? Hey, man, don't worry about that, all right? They out.
Got another job for you.
You're gonna be his translator.
Tell him everything these Spanish niggas be sayin'.
Yo, I don't know if I should do that.
Whoa, whoa, you don't know what? If Lorenzo should be standing here instead of you? I'm not asking you, motherfucker.
Someone's setting me up.
I got Diego all over my back talking about a gold gun he thinks I planted in Long Island, man.
If you got something to say, say that shit, motherfucker.
Uh If you got something to say, motherfucker, - say that shit.
- All right, look.
When Uriel was alive, he said that Diego would never come by the house.
But Alicia would stop by herself a few times.
She called it a "surprise visit.
" She would come in disguise dressed like a fucking maid.
He said she was hot and loquísima.
2-BIT: So Alicia was there? Alicia could've planted that shit.
You're on the job now, amigo.
- You hear me? - I hear you.
Be at the meet with Diego in an hour.
How did he know about the Jimenez getting locked up? You just told us.
So who told him? Guess I found someone to blame.
What the fuck are you doing with this audit? Are you trying to get me killed? They trace this back to me, I'm dead in one second.
Yeah, so we don't really care as long as we get our guy.
His books are clean as a whistle.
And the line from me to you, Mao, is pretty short.
Now, who do you think is next if I get called, huh? SAXE: You're not having second thoughts, are you, Teresi? It seems like every time we start to make a real move you got a reason to pull back.
I ain't never gonna earn their trust if you keep pouncing on every little thing.
Cool your fucking jets until I get you the big one.
Just remember, it's too late for you to change your mind.
I didn't fucking tell you you could call me.
Nothing's happening.
TOMMY: What's your little box say? It says that he's here.
I don't see the car.
It's inside.
Wait a second.
ANGELA: I see a van pulling up.
[TENSE MUSIC] It says "Wholesale Flowers.
" I'm gonna hang up now.
Don't fucking call me again.
ANGELA: Who's this? Ah, Diego Jimenez.
Bull's eye.
- The cops called.
I go in tomorrow.
And look, I know what you're gonna say, Ghost, but I had to protect our family, and Angela was my only GHOST: No, I understand why you did what you did.
I mean, I gave you every reason to not trust me.
We made a agreement when we got married and I've not upheld my side of it.
I promised to handle certain things.
I promised to love and protect you - Wait a minute, Ghost.
I can't - Oh, no, come on.
I promised to protect this family.
And somehow I became the thing that you had to protect it from.
I'm sorry.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] [STAMMERS] Where is this coming from? Last night when I left here, I went to see Macedon.
I told him I wanted to be a better man.
It's been easy, Tasha, in my grief and in my anger to blame everyone else for what happened.
But the truth is, I can't help but feel like it was my finger on that trigger - that killed our baby girl.
- TASHA: No.
Don't do that.
See? - GHOST: See what? - It's typical Ghost.
It's always about you.
You're not saying any of this because you mean it.
You're saying it just to make yourself feel better.
Look, Tasha, I know it's gonna take time, and I understand it's gonna take time - for you to forgive me.
- TASHA: Forgive? Yeah, that's gonna take some time.
I can't I just I just can't right now.
Wait, Tasha, Tasha.
How'd you know that you could trust Angela with all of this? Because she still loves you.
She does.
So what if they don't reinstate you? It's about time to get into the family business anyways.
Benny, I told you, I'm not going that way.
Sure? Yeah.
But hey, listen.
The Feds did raid my place.
And they didn't find anything, though, by the way.
You're amazing.
Well, I'm really starting to enjoy the whole craft of it all.
You know, I'm going back to what they used to do in the old days.
They used to use this chicken wire, - and used to weigh the body down - Benny, Benny, the client that I was talking about, - the one who got me into this shit - Yeah.
He's covering up some bullshit, and now his wife is working with his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend.
I Sounds like fucking All My Children.
Which isn't a bad show.
I just I feel like someone's making an orange jumpsuit with my name on it right now.
Look, relax.
Prison ain't that bad.
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
It's funny.
I thought you didn't associate with the criminal element in your family anymore.
But here you are, at your cousin Benny Civello's regular spot.
Yeah, who sent you? Huh, was it Lindsay? - I told you not to marry that cunt.
- You did.
So now I got you on perjury.
And if that's not enough to get you to talk, I'm gonna go ahead and back your ex's custody case.
You know, someone needs to teach you some fucking manners.
No, no, Benny, he's a federal prosecutor, all right? He's not worth the nickel you'll get for assaulting him.
- Trust me.
- See? You still know how to give good advice.
You got 48 hours before I get an arrest warrant.
There has to be someone to blame, other than Tariq.
Some other dude did it.
That's what they call it.
You know, Angie, you just keep showing up for me.
For me, now my family.
With everything that's happened.
Why is that? I don't know.
Did you just come over here last night because Tasha kicked you out? No.
I came over because I owed you an apology.
I owed you the truth.
And that's the truth? About when you said it was the right decision to end things between us? That's the truth.
That night almost killed me.
How do I trust you? I don't know.
You still love me? I don't know.
Maybe you can trust me if I actually do change.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] What you got? Ta-da.
- Ramen? - Mm-hmm.
I'm more of a Grand Slam kind of guy before noon.
Go fuck yourself, you smart ass.
This right here is the solution to your problem.
- TOMMY: Word? - Let me show you something.
Check this out.
Look at this.
Huh? It's how we got contraband and burners inside.
And guess what pipeline is wide fucking open now that Sammy's on the outs with the Italians.
- Fuck out of here.
- [LAUGHS] But, yo, Sammy.
Is he gonna move my weight after everything that happened with Vincent? I just talked to him.
He's all set.
Hey, you need a network, you got one.
Don't say I never done nothing for you.
- What up, boy? Man, this ain't no school.
It's a resort.
Bunch of rich ass motherfuckers running around.
I mean, this market is prime for pills.
You like it here? I mean, it's cool.
The food is good.
I bet they got you eating organic unicorns and shit.
[CHUCKLES] It's just like Ghost to send you to a bougie space like this.
Man, fuck that nigga.
I don't wanna talk about him right now.
Are we getting out of here or what? Let's get out.
My family and I are going through an incredibly hard time.
But that's no excuse for the way I've acted.
I want you to know I appreciate your vision for the Queens Child Project.
And also, I now see the value that Dre brings, so, I'm glad you brought him onboard.
You know I ain't buying this shit, right? Mm.
Well, how about this? To again make up for any mistakes I've made, I would donate $50,000 to your gubernatorial war chest.
Do you buy that? Well, that's a, uh handsome offer, James.
Feels like you're a changed man after all.
[TENSE MUSIC] They're gonna ask for the last time you saw the gun, where, and who else had access to it.
Tell them.
Innocent people cooperate.
Are we waiting on her lawyer? BLANCA: Waived.
She's flying solo.
It's gonna be a fun day.
Ladies, let's go catch some criminals.
I like her.
[DOOR OPENS] Where's Detective Leary? Isn't this his case? BLANCA: Today's his day off.
I'm Sergeant Blanca Rodriguez.
Thank you for coming in.
- Have we met before? - No.
Have a seat.
Patrick, uh, you're the registered owner of a .
380 Micro Eagle that was reported stolen, um That's correct.
BLANCA: Just a few days before it was allegedly stolen, it was returned to you in a federal evidence box by your lawyer, Deleterious Silver.
Actually, um, I didn't even realize the gun was in there.
So I put the box in a closet, and and then when Raina was killed So many people were in and out of the house.
And it wasn't until things calmed down that I saw it was missing.
I understand.
Unfortunately, unless someone can corroborate that you put the box where you say, it doesn't mean much.
Terry Silver.
He saw me do it.
If that's true, Mrs.
Patrick, then Terry Silver is part of the chain of custody and a valuable witness in this case.
[CLEARS THROAT] [PHONE DINGS] [HIP-HOP MUSIC] - - You gotta go back? Nah, it's just my dad.
I wish he would leave me alone.
I hear you.
But you ain't never gonna be free from him as long as he paying for all your shit.
I know.
But what am I supposed to do? I mean, I had my own cash, but I fucked that up.
So un-fuck it up.
It's too late.
Everything's so different.
And Raina's gone.
At least your dad got Ray Ray.
He ain't do that shit.
I did.
I killed Ray Ray.
You did it? That's what's up, kid.
You did the right thing, little man.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Hey, sit up straight.
Zip your jacket up.
O open this so you could see the Choate.
Where are we going anyway? Just dropping something off for an old friend.
KANAN: Goddamn Double Deuce.
Who'd you steal this from, your mama? This is my sidekick right here.
: Choate man.
Went to Deerfield myself.
Ran quite a scam there.
Yeah? Seems like you still running it.
So listen, I know what we talked about on the phone, but my projected sales have changed.
That sound like a you problem to me.
I understand why you think that, coming from where you do, but some things fluctuate in an open market and that requires revisiting terms.
- I'm not revisiting shit.
: We're not in prison anymore, K.
Things work differently out here.
You know what don't work different? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You're not sorry yet, motherfucker.
[GRUNTS] Come on.
: [WHIMPERING] Get that.
I need a favor.
The usual.
I thought Lindsay was clean, man.
For now.
And now she's trying to get custody back.
But once she relapses and, and she will relapse that's all gonna go away.
I just I need her to relapse.
I was thinking maybe a gram or so would do it.
Yo, I can't.
What about Tommy? He got the same problem? He he grow a sense of civic duty overnight? [CHUCKLES] Tommy should be able to help you.
Do you know a Detective Raymond Jones? [TENSE MUSIC] No, I've never heard that name.
You see, I find that hard to believe, because we think he's the man who killed your daughter.
See if you can get them to tell you who they think killed Raina and why.
If we know their theory, then we'll know what to do next.
Why would a police officer kill Raina? I don't know yet.
But the day before Raina was murdered, Detective Jones went to Van Allen Academy looking for Tariq.
He spoke to Raina instead.
I didn't know that.
Detective Jones was killed just one night after Raina passed away with a .
380 bullet.
Wait a minute, I'm sorry.
Am I being accused of murder? Because if so, I'm gonna need my lawyer.
No, no, no.
Calm down.
We don't think you killed Detective Jones, Tasha.
We think you know who did.
Can you pull over to the side for me, please? Is there a problem? I got a noise complaint from one of the residents.
Where are you coming from? Sorry, sir, we're just coming from my teacher's house.
I had to drop off a paper that was due tomorrow.
- What class was it for? - Philosophy.
It was a comparison of Aristotle and Plato's theories.
What's your teacher's name? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GASPING] His name is, uh Mr.
GUARD: Uh, wait.
You okay, kid? My asthma.
I don't have my inhaler.
- All right, look, calm down.
- You're upsetting him.
You got a brown bag in there or something? Okay, just go.
KANAN: Man, what the fuck was that? Niggas get shot for panicking and shit like that.
Man, your trunk is riding low as fuck.
You want him to search it? Man, you ain't missing shit.
You got a good hustle going.
Just be patient, ride this shit out, man.
Play the long game.
Won't nobody be able to tell you shit.
I need you to do me a favor.
I knew this Bassett shit would come with strings attached, man.
No strings.
This will benefit you too.
I need you to take out Jason Micic.
[SNICKERS] Tommy's connect? [FOREBODING MUSIC] All right.
I'll do it for you.
If you do something for me.
Diego Jimenez.
- What the actual fuck? - Lindsay.
They publish these meetings in the fucking Law Review? Why would you tell the Feds where the fuck to find Benny and me, huh? Do you seriously think Elisa Marie would be better off if I went to prison? It's not illegal to have a drink with your cousin, Joey.
You shouldn't have lied under oath.
- WOMAN: You coming in, Lindsay? - Yeah, one sec.
The guy said he'd keep me from seeing Elisa Marie, so I gave you up.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] These things get any better since the last time? No, boring as shit, like always.
Some things never change, huh? [SIGHS] Well, got your alimony check.
In person? Fuck you.
I have almost 45 days, you piece of shit.
- Calm down.
- Now I want you to go to prison.
See you in court.
[SIGHS] They don't normally question somebody this long.
ANGELA: Jamie, you know their tactics.
Sometimes they wear you down with exhaustion.
GHOST: Tasha's built for it.
She won't crack.
Let's hope so.
If she holds up, they can't prove a thing.
But if she breaks we're all going down.
About the other night About the other night I don't know if we should try again, Angela.
Neither do I.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] But if we did try again, Tasha would have to know this time, which means I would have to be honest and so would you.
BLANCA: Do you have any contact with Angela Valdes? She sent us condolences.
BLANCA: Can you think of any reason she would've been looking into Raymond Jones' murder? No.
The morning Raymond Jones was killed, he logged into the NYPD system to read your son Tariq's witness statement from his sister's murder.
You know who else looked at it? Angela Valdes.
Well, she knew Raina.
She probably was trying to help.
BLANCA: She also went to your kids' school, visited Jones at home, and finally called his supervisor the night he was killed to have him report right around the same time he went missing.
I think Angela Valdes and your husband have been having an affair this whole time.
I'm not sleeping with him, Tasha.
I think your husband killed Raymond Jones, and now they're colluding to frame you for it.
[TENSE MUSIC] [CHUCKLES] - That's ridiculous.
- Is it? Who else would've had access to your gun? Even if, as you say, it was in the closet.
Did you know the CSUs missed the bullet in Jones' flop on their first pass? BLANCA: They might've missed it entirely if an enterprising AUSA, who just happened to be on the scene hadn't pointed it out.
I just came from the crime scene, Tasha.
The pulled a bullet from the wall.
- Wait, Angela found the bullet hole? - That's right.
Your criminal husband and the woman who ruined your life are conspiring against you.
So why are you protecting them? Just say he did it.
We're offering full immunity in exchange for turning in your husband and Angela Valdes.
Think about it.
Angela pointed out the bullet hole so we would find it and pin this all on you.
But all you have to say is "yes" and you can walk away.
My husband did not kill Raymond Jones.
- Hey.
TOMMY: Hey, Tony.
- You made it.
- How you doin'? I'm doing all right, man.
You showed up.
Ah, I wouldn't miss it.
- Hey.
- Sammy.
Thanks for putting this together.
I'm sorry with what went down with the Italians.
I just want you to know that is not how I do business.
And this ain't gonna be like that.
- At all.
- Hey, we're all good.
- We're all good, kid, okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Me and your old man, we sorted it out.
Listen, Vincent's an entitled fucking hothead.
SAMMY: You know, we're all lucky to be out from underneath him, right? Look at this.
I mean, who would've thought in a million years that I'd be shoveling stuff back in to the joint with my best friend in the world and my kid, huh? [CHUCKLES] All right.
Well, let's get moving.
I can't believe I let you talk me into this, man.
- You fucking son of a bitch.
- Shut up.
It's gonna be worth it.
Okay, we're gonna make a mint and we're gonna deliver him to the Feds just like we planned.
Yeah? TOMMY: Hey.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
Come on, let's get moving.
I got a strip club I wanna take you to.
- [LAUGHS] - SAMMY: [CHUCKLES] Do it my way, and we both walk out of here.
Twice in two days, Dre.
I hope you're bringing me solutions.
This is the motherfucker that sold you to the Feds.
- DRE: Talk, motherfucker.
- ARTURO: [WHIMPERING] When my cousin Uriel was the head of the Toros Locos, he said you were the one who planted Diego's gun at our house.
DRE: And? And Diego knows you set him up.
Madre puta.
Dame un cigarro.
What the fuck's she saying? She wants a fucking cigarette.
[TENSE MUSIC] Is this everything? DRE: Yeah, that's everything.
ALICIA: Did you know about this? No, just today.
But I have a solution.
DRE: Diego is going to take revenge on you.
Unless he can't.
Of course, our hands are tied because nothing can trace back to you.
But what if I told you there's someone who's already planning to kill him? Is there? I can stop it if you want.
Or we can let it unfold.
Why don't we just see how it plays out? Done.
DRE: This guy fucked up.
He can't be trusted.
- - - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Sorry, bro.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, please.
[SCREAMING] Please, no.
[SCREAMING] Yo, you're still studying? Yep.
Luke just got the new "Call of Duty.
" You wanna come? Nah.
Hey, you still want them pills? Fuck yeah, dude.
[TENSE MUSIC] The whole bottle? Yeah.
That good? That should be enough.
Let me know if you need more.
Thanks, man.
I appreciate it.
I'm pulling the plug on St.
We're right there.
TAMEIKA: I told you I needed something solid.
Today was a nice Hail Mary, but it didn't pan out.
Audit got stopped before they got anything on St.
But it looks like something shady is going on with that Councilman Tate.
From the file clerk.
It doesn't matter.
She's shutting it down.
- But Valdes - Has made some bad decisions.
But I can't prove anything.
I can't waste any more of our resources on a witch-hunt.
Cooper, did you hear me? We are done.
What is it? SAXE: The bullet that killed Raymond Jones, matches the ballistics we ran on Tasha St.
Patrick's gun.
Blanca was right.
And Valdes fucking buried the report.
MAK: That's obstruction.
SAXE: It's more than that.
That is proof she's part of this organization.
[ELEVATOR CHIMES] Well, how did it go? All this time, I believed everything you said to me.
Tasha, I've been totally straight with you.
You were the one who pointed out the bullet hole at Ray Ray's.
We're only here because of you.
Angela, is this true? Never in a million years did I think the gun would trace back to Tasha.
Yes, I thought you did it, But never that you'd be that careless.
Well, they think you're both working together.
They think you stole my gun and killed Ray Ray.
And she's helping you to frame me for it.
Just tell me, Ghost, where were you when they came here and questioned me about the gun? The fundraiser, Tasha.
Getting drunk out of my mind in front of everyone, which you knew 'cause you saw me that way when I walked in here, remember? Tasha, they're playing you.
It's what cops do.
They make you paranoid.
- It's, it's ridiculous.
- TASHA: Is it? What, is it ridiculous that they offered me immunity - to flip on the both of you? - What the fuck? Immunity? Ugh.
[TENSE MUSIC] That means there's a high-level prosecutor involved.
Maybe Federal.
Tasha, who's questioning you? Some NYPD bitch named - BOTH: Blanca.
- TASHA: How did you know it was her? - She spotted me when - You.
This is about you.
They want you.
If you believe that, then why didn't you take the deal? Because my having immunity doesn't protect Tariq.
Look, Tasha, I don't want you to worry.
- I'll figure something out, all right? - I don't need you to figure it out.
I have a plan.
What? I'm gonna get Terry Silver to lie for me.
Terry Silver? Why would he do that? Because he loves me.
He loves me more than you ever did.
Maybe I should go.
No, no, you two should stay.
I'll go.
[50 CENT'S "CRAZY" PLAYING] PNB ROCK: I'm going crazy I'm going out of my head It feels like I'm going crazy Nothing can save me I'm going close to the edge Hey, hey I can't stop staring out my window Chopper and my pistol I'm going out of my head, he he head 50 CENT: Then I was in the second row The second time Em married Kim Looking at Proof like How much you think this gon' cost them? Feels like a setup, Shaniqua's being nice to me I rather a nigga just put a knife in me Than go through the emotions the confusion and commotions Never die down in my head, they keep going PNB ROCK: Feels like I'm going crazy Nothing can save me I'm going close to the edge Hey, hey I can't stop staring out my window Chopper and my pistol I'm going out of my head