Power Book II: Ghost (2020) s04e01 Episode Script

I Don't Die Easy

[TARIQ] Previously on Ghost
Mecca is dead.
His drugs belong to me.
It seems y'all can't keep Noma
happy so I'm your new boss now.
- Nah. No.
- [DIANA] Do you think
- Monet had Papi killed?
- When I brought it up to her,
she threatened to kill me.
What's stoppin' her from killin' us too?
I found out last night that
Saxe is working with the feds.
I'm sorry, but I can't ask
for protection for you now.
[DIANA] Tariq, what about Effie?
[TARIQ] We broke up.
Effie Morales, you are under arrest.
What the fuck? What fucking for?
[BLANCA] Attempted murder.
[JENNY] You stated that
Ms. Morales kidnapped you
and pushed you into an icy river?
That is what you told me to say.
[MAN] They played you.
I'm pullin' the plug.
This is done.
- Junior.
- Mom?
This, uh, came for you in the mail.
[YOUNG] It's from that lawyer,
Cooper Saxe.
It's time for Monet to go.
D, what are you asking me right now?
[DIANA] Put two through
the window and drive off.
I'll tell Dru and Cane
I never saw the killer's face.
You tried to kill our mother.
- You almost killed me too.
- Anya Covington.
Your daughter.
I got people with eyes on her.
Perhaps you've flown
too close to the sun, luv.
[TARIQ] Yo, what the fuck did you do?
I told Noma that you were
threatening her daughter.
This bitch.
Been wanting to do this for a long time.

[BRAYDEN] I think I took
one of those fuckers out.
[TARIQ] Yo, B, what the fuck?
How did you know?
[BRAYDEN] Obi called me.
Something about green cards.
What do we do now?
Man, I don't know.
I think we just started
a fucking war though.
[SINGER] They say this is
A big, rich town ♪
I just come from The poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
I just happen To come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪
[50 CENT] I never took
A straight path nowhere ♪
Life's full Of twists and turns ♪
Bumps and bruises I live, I learn ♪
I'm from that city full of
Yellow Cabs and skyscrapers ♪
It's hard to get a start
In these parts without paper ♪
Homie, I grew up in hell ♪
A block away from heaven ♪
That corner every 15 minutes
They moving seven ♪
Pure snow Bag it then watch it go ♪
Occupational options
Get some blow or some hos ♪
Shoot the ball or the strap
Learn to rap or to jack ♪
Fuck it, man, in the meantie
Go ahead and pump a pack ♪
This my regal royal flow
My James Bond bounce ♪
That 007 That's 62 on my count ♪
I'm a undercover liar
I lie under the covers ♪
Look a bitch in the eyes and
Tell her, "Baby, I love you" ♪
"You're my inspiration
You're my motivation" ♪
"You're the reason that I'm
Moving with no hesitation" ♪
[SINGER] They say this is
A big, rich town ♪
Yeah ♪
I just come from The poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
- Ohh ♪
- Yeah ♪
I just happen To come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪

They got away.
Your incompetence will anger Noma.
That'll be overshadowed
by your disloyalty.
- My what?
- I know about the green cards.
That's why you allowed that kid
- What the fuck happened here?
- They let Brayden in
and allowed Ebony and Ivory to get away.
Fuck. These little shits
are starting to annoy me.
- I'm hanging with killers ♪
Don't respond to shit With Von ♪
[CANE] Fuck!
- Here. Let me help you.
- Get the fuck off me!
Where's my fuckin' gun at?
Cane, you're bleeding really bad.
This nigga Tariq shot my mom.
The motherfucker's dead.
"He talking about me
In 'Pissed Me Off'" ♪
And I'm like, "Yes"
If you feel some type of way ♪
You better slide and get revenge ♪
Killer man, switches on me
All face shots ♪
We changing dental plans
All fast cars ♪
Make it skrrt
We don't do rental vans ♪
I cannot fucking believe we got away.
- So what's the plan?
- These motherfuckers, man.
These motherfuckers
set me up, man. Fuck!
Noma. Cane.
Fucking Dru, Diana.
That snake bitch Effie.
And I know they're all lookin'
out for their fuckin' selves.
Hey, you're not hearing me, Riq.
We need somewhere to go, okay?
I planned this as far
as getting us outta here.
Yeah, well, I hadn't planned
for a fucking war, B.
So what, that's it? We're fucked?
Listen. I need everyone to be
crystal clear about this.
My Tariq problem gets solved today.
He knows too much about me.
Diana, Dru, you should know
a weak point to exploit.
If not, find one. Cane
Listen, lady, I don't need
a fuckin' pep talk, okay?
Agreed. You need a fucking doctor.
One will be at your penthouse shortly.
I need the casualties
on their end, not mine.
- I'll drive him.
- Do that.
Afterwards, I want you out
on the streets as well.
You were fucking Tariq, right?
- Um
- Then yeah,
you should be able to find him.
- Noma, our mother
- I know Monet is of concern,
but this has to be your priority.
Got some bread stashed in here?
I guess that's the next best thing.
Yeah. I got a play for us.
I'm listening.
I wasn't bluffing when I said I had eyes
on Noma's daughter Anya.
Well, you think Noma was bluffing?
I bet she had an army take her away.
It couldn't happen that fast.
Okay, well, then she has an army
waiting to take her away.
- Fuck that idea.
- Listen, man. An hour ago,
I had everything set for me. All right?
Life, school, my family was always safe.
I'm not lettin' nobody
take that shit from me, B.
Now, if Anya's the only thing
that Noma gives a fuck about,
we take her and we take
the upper hand, that's it.
Wait, what?
You know that sounds
fucking crazy, right?
You asked for a plan, B!
That's my fucking plan.
What, you have anywhere to go?
You have anyone in your
family that can help us?
I thought so.

Fuck it. Where's Anya at?
[TARIQ] Hey, yo, Pinky.
You still got eyes on Anya?
Yeah, they're on the move.
She has luggage.
I'll keep following, but you
better hurry before she's gone.

We just got publicly curb stomped
and you wanna ask for more?
You out your damn mind?
- We can't give up.
- Who gave up?
St. Patrick beat us at every turn,
the bosses wanna cut their losses,
and Jenny abandoned ship
to go chase mob guys.
It's over, Agent Young.
I found a new way in
with Saxe's jump drive.
Tariq St. Patrick and Councilman Tate
are connected to expedited
green cards for an Obi Okeke.
If the jump drive
from crooked-ass Saxe was solid,
it woulda worked already.
Some work that I did on my own
that I'm still doing
could reveal a bigger drug conspiracy.
Agent Young!
Do you think I'm happy we're
letting a fucking killer walk?
It goes against every fiber of my being.
But this office is done with this case.
a career that's worth a damn,
you'll be done with it too.
Fuck it.

Yo, you drivin' slow as shit.
Make this left.
Can you calm the fuck down?
Just hurry up and drop me off
so you can [GROANS]
you can do whatever it is
you do, like you always do.
Wow. Whatever, bro.
You are always on bullshit.
'Cause Effie always gonna
look out for Effie, right?
I know it was you that
sent me that phone
to warn me when I was locked up.
Yeah, you're fuckin' welcome.
I'm just not used to people
lookin' out for me, okay?
You were tryin' to help me
and I pushed you away.
Is this you saying sorry?
Make this right up here.
This isn't the way to your place.
'Cause we're goin' to
the fuckin' Westons'.
Yo, what the fuck is you doing?
Are you fucking crazy?
- The Westons'?
- Listen,
these motherfuckers is gonna tell me
where Dumb and Dumber's at, all right?
Is you comin' or what?
Fuck no.
Just what I thought. I'll fuckin' walk.
[NURSE] Multiple gunshot wounds
to the abdomen and legs.
[DOCTOR] Bullet fragments
lodged in the femoral artery
have to be extracted.
[NURSE] Yes, doctor.
Nah. Hell no.
Hell no!
I ain't goin' out like this.
How the fuck did this happen?
'Cause you're slipping, Nay-Nay.
Well, hey, you're not dead. Yet.
But I don't know
what you're fighting it for.
I mean, your whole life has just been
one fucked-up decision after the next,
starting with leaving me.
Where the fuck am I?
You didn't tell her yet, did you?
No. Figured we'd do that together.
You're dying, Mo.
And we get a front-row seat.
Now that's some bullshit.
Fuck you, and fuck you.
I didn't want life wit' your asses
and I damn sure don't want
hell wit' you either.
[LAUGHS] This bitch.
No fuckin' remorse.
Yeah, I don't know if that
attitude is gonna help you, Mo.
[LORENZO] Can you give us
one reason, just one,
why you should live?
Okay. Uh, yeah, thank you.
Ma's in surgery.
They're gonna keep us updated.
If Monet wakes up
and starts asking questions,
we're fucking dead.
It's either her or us.
Maybe we were wrong, Dru.
I knew some bullshit
was goin' on wit' you.
Ma is in the hospital
fighting for her life
because she sacrificed herself
to save me.
Forget about the fact she kept
you in the fuckin' life
and that's why that shit
happened in the first place.
Forget about the fact
she made me kill Gordo.
Forget all that shit.
She killed Papi.
I know, Dru.
Wasn't it you who said
she can't get away with that?
Tariq is the only one
who knows what we did.
We take him out. That's it.
We have to get to him first.
I can't believe we're doing this.
She doesn't need to know she's
getting kidnapped, all right?
If Brayden wants his sister
back, then he'll come to us,
and then we take out Tariq.
Hey, Diana. Dru.
Becca, um
I'm sorry to tell you this, but
Brayden's in trouble.
What do you mean? What happened?
He owes some money to some bad people
so he reached out
to my brothers for help.
And now we're gonna go help him.
You should roll with us.
- I-I better call my parents.
- No.
It's better we fix this for Brayden
before we get your family involved.
Yeah. Come on. I'm just parked outside.
There's no way we're getting to her.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
And be on the run for the rest
of our fuckin' lives, B?
Look, we're outmanned
and we're outgunned.
So that's why we gotta outthink 'em.
Hop in the truck right there.
- This is fuckin' crazy.
- Come the fuck on!
Ms. Covington.
There better be a manicurist onboard
or I'm losing my shit.
Well, u-unfortunately, your
mother requested the jet last minute.
Hey, if you could just not
Look, I just need
Who in here tryin' to start a riot? ♪
[MAN] There's a car comin' at us!
Who in here tryin' to start a riot? ♪
Tryin' to start a riot? ♪
So high up I can see the flow ♪
- Down he go ♪
- Down ♪
It's a plane, it's a UFO ♪
Find the flow, let me know ♪
If you bump that action
It don't matter ♪
Just let me know-ow, know ♪
Make way ♪
I'm comin' through with
My crew to make 'em pay ♪
[MUTED] I don't need no super suit ♪
[UNMUTED] I'm feelin' brave ♪
Don't be a hero
Turn around and walk away ♪
Who in here tryin' to starta Bang ♪
[BRAYDEN] Fuck! They got away with her.
At least that's a few less
motherfuckers after us.
Come on.

Who in here tryin' to start a ♪
What the fuck was that?
Huh? They almost got her.
Get out.
Everyone! Get the fuck out of my house!
Hurry up!
Anya'll be here any fucking minute.
Did you not fucking hear me?
This bloodshed has risked
everything we've built.
Don't fucking lecture me
on what I've built.
What I'm saying
is that the situation has escalated.
I don't want you exposed.
What, you think I do? Huh?
You think I wanna be exposed?
Mecca was supposed to be on
the frontlines for me.
But he's no longer available now, is he?
What, you think I wanna be here?
Huh? You think I want Anya
in the middle of this shit?
I can't have those pissants
running around freely.
They've been privy to too much.
[SIGHS] Fuck!
Let me take care of this for you.
You don't need to carry
these burdens alone.
Mecca is long gone, but
I'm here. Hm?
Let me help you.
Think with the head that's useful!
They went after my fucking daughter.
Put $100,000 on Tariq
and Brayden's heads.
Spread the word.
Fuckin' idiot.
Darling. Sweetheart, you're here.
Yeah. First, you say I have
to get out of the city.
Then I get pulled off the runway
and brought here.
Like, what the fuck, Mom?
- Anya, some in this world
- Wish us harm.
They envy us. Danger.
Blah, blah, blah. Like
So you didn't see anything amiss today?
No. They just kept rushing me around.
Well, that's for the best, darlin'.
Ma, what the hell is up?
Anya, you know what happened
to your father.
Yeah. How could I forget?
I can't get that image of his dead body
lying there alone
with a bullet in his head
- Anya, don't be gruesome.
- Mom, Daddy would not want me
to live my life
like some scared little rabbit,
surrounded by your
monosyllabic bodyguards.
That is your choice. Not mine.
I-I-I want a new start.
- Dad wanted that for me.
- Yeah.
Your father's trust fund.
You wanna blow millions.
- It's my money.
- Not until you turn 21, dear.
Look, NYU was to be your focus.
Now, if the choice is money or school,
I say focus on your studies.
Okay, so maybe don't pull me out
of school
and ship me off somewhere for no reason.
Anya, there was a credible threat.
Who? What? Why?
Why can't you just listen to me?
Look, I hear what you're saying
but I wonder what you're not telling me.
[GRUNTS] Oh, fuck.
What the fuck, man?
What the hell are you doing here?
- Now that's just fuckin' rude.
- What the fuck?
- Stop! Stop. Please, stop.
- Stop. Please stop.
- "Please"?
At least someone in this
fucked-up family got some manners.
Get over here. Get the fuck over here!
- Where's Brayden?
- I don't know.
- You don't fuckin' know?
Leave us out of whatever mess he's in.
I called the police.
They're on their way.
Listen. Figure out where he is
before I kill your other fuckin' son.
You hear me? You fuckin' hear me?
No! Fuck!
I'd tell you if I knew where he was,
but I don't. That's the truth.
Please! Brayden's life
has nothing to do with us.
Just leave us alone. Get off my son!
Killing them won't do shit because
they don't know where the fuck they are.
- Do you?
- No.
We don't.
Please. Just go.
We won't tell the police anything.
We gotta get the fuck outta here.
- We gotta get outta here.
[CANE] Fine.
- Fuck it.
Man, that shit didn't fuckin' work.
We gotta figure out our next plan, B.
Got enough bread to get outta town?
[SIGHS] Nah.
- You think Davis could help?
- I mean, possibly.
Motherfucker probably deals with
shit like this all the time.
- Hello?
- [BECCA] He tell you why?
- [DIANA] He didn't say.
- I just know he told my bro
- My family's been through enough
and now Brayden's in trouble?
I mean, I don't really know
how much more
I know you hear that.
I got your sister.
We'll be at Pier 90.
You and Tariq show up,
you get Becca back.
If not I'm killin' her.
- Dru!
- What the fuck is going on?
- Dru has Becca!
Wait. Think this shit through.
All right? This could be
a fuckin' setup, B.
- I gotta get my sister, Riq.
- Let's call Davis
and see what he would do, Brayden.
They're at Pier 90.
You gettin' in or not?
Come the fuck on, bro.
Think about this shit. Brayden!
Davis, answer the fuckin' phone,
man. Please.
Hey, been waitin' on you
to get this party started.
All right, no phones.
I need all hands on deck.
- Told you he was fun.
- Your phone's buzzing.
Not more than you, baby.
All right. Let me wrap this up
and then I'll wrap you two up.
Davis, I need some fuckin' help.
All right? Noma, Effie.
Even the fuckin' Tejadas
are all workin' against me.
- They turned on me.
- Let me stop you right there,
my troubled young brother,
with some bad news.
- I'm no longer your lawyer.
- What the fuck, Davis?
I got a letter today from the bar.
Apparently I'm in some trouble.
Just a side step.
But representation is on hold
- till I can clear it up.
- Listen, Davis,
I don't need a fuckin' lawyer
right now, all right?
You don't understand.
My attorney-client privileges
have been suspended.
So, uh, anything you say right now is
Davis, I just need some fuckin' help!
I just need you to have my back!
This is me havin' your back, Tariq.
Be safe, little brother.
About fuckin' time.
Blame the bullet, not me.
This'll make your arm numb
for about an hour.
You won't be able to use it.
I'm concerned about your blood loss.
You need to stay in and rest.
Yeah, I'll make sure I do that.
I'm not supposed to say too much
under these circumstances but
you're lucky to be alive.
You know what happens
to most gunshot victims?
I mean, the odds of survival
Hey man, I know what fuckin' bullets do.
All right. Thank you, doctor.
Appreciate it.
Your mom is tough as fuck.
- She's gonna make it.
- Yeah, and how you know that?
Because I know how stubborn
you Tejadas are.
The bullets don't stand a chance.
Hm. Yeah, right.
You know, your lies
don't match your face.
You sayin' that like being
real's a bad fucking thing.
I'm not even gonna go there with you.
Thank you.
For, you know, getting me back here.
Don't read too deep into it.
I'm not.
I'm just
What's wrong?
What is it?
It's my face matching with my lies.
- Yeah.
- You dumbass.
Why you actin' like you
don't care about me, huh?
What the fuck was that?
This is stupid.
Yeah, so fuckin' stupid.
You tryin' to distract me?
You know we gotta dead Tariq, right?
I know.
So let's go.

- [DIANA] Hello?
Yes, yes. I'll head to the hospital now.
Dru, Ma's surgery had
some complications.
We gotta get over there.
We can't. Not with her.
[DIANA] Dru, it's our mother.
You wanna go to the hospital so bad?
Take a fucking cab.
You're a fucking asshole, you know that?
Uh, what's going on?
My mom's in the hospital.
I have to Uber to go see her.
You You'll be fine. Dru's got you.
Don't worry. I'll make sure
you get to Brayden.
You know what?
I'm just figuring this shit out.
Y'all are here to tell me
lies about myself.
That I did this, that, and the third.
Y'all don't know shit about my life.
Yo' ass was in jail
when I was holding it down
and yo' ass was a mistake
that made me a survivor.
Now I'm about to tune
both of y'all dumb asses out.
I ain't dying today.
Stubborn-ass bitch
right to the end, huh?
- Same problem I had.
- Mm.
But your life is gonna get cut short
before you can right your wrongs.
Motherfucker, you killed Zeke!
That shit is unforgivable!
And you did what you always do.
Added hurt on hurt.
You took away your children's father.
Well now, to be fair, Zo, she has
been hurting her kids since birth.
Got 'em losing their souls
to these streets.
Look, I didn't get us
in this street shit.
But I damn sure made us survive it.
You been telling yourself
that lie for so long
you're beginning to believe
in your own bullshit.
- Hmm.
- Think about it.
I wasn't there when this drug operation
really took off, now was I?
This is all you.
But you wanted it all for yourself.
And you didn't give a fuck
about your kids, now did you?
Everything I did, I did for our family!
Killing me? That was for our family?
Oh, and abandoning Zeke,
that was totally for family.
[GASPS] I'm not dying today.
- [NURSE] BP is dropping.
- Fuck that. I'm not dying today!
You know what I'm gonna
love the most about this?
Is that you don't get to hurt
our kids anymore.
Looks like you're finally getting
what you fuckin' deserve.
So, yeah, I'm trying to get
this case off the ground,
this case so complicated?
I I can loop all the players
into a conspiracy
- but my bosses won't touch it.
- Hm.
But I have a plan to convince
one of the targets
that his only hope of avoiding
prison is to cooperate.
Isn't that a lie?
I can make the lie true if he flips.
It's a Hail Mary, but
it's it's worth a shot to take our
run at Tariq St. Patrick.
St. Patrick? Are you serious?
Ma, I know what you're thinking
No, you know what
that family did to your aunt.
That's exactly why I won't let this go.
Please, baby. You're all I have left.
I'm not gonna do anything dangerous
like Titi Angela did, okay?
Brayden isn't far.
I'm just gonna call my dad then.
What? No. No, uh Nah.
Brayden didn't want that.
Well, then I'll just call Brayden.
Becca, don't don't fuckin' do that.
- What the fuck are you doing?!
- Stop, okay?
- What the fuck?
- Give me the fucking phone.
- Give me the fucking phone!
- Get off me!
- Get
Get away from me!
- Fuck!
Fuckin' bitch!
- What the fuck?
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Where's Dru?
I-I don't know.
What the fuck is Monet gonna do
when she figures out
your little plan, huh?
What the fuck is Cane gonna do?
[BRAYDEN] Riq, get in the fuckin' car!
We're losing her.
Do something. This is some bullshit.
Oh, my baby.
You broke my heart, Monet.
I can't do this.
Not with you, Zeke. I can't.
You never made it right between us.
Maybe I would have, but
you died.
Before that.
It hurt like hell giving you away.
But it was the right thing
to do. I was so young.
"I, I, I, I."
It's all about you.
You used me.
I was your escape plan.
You you shoulda just
left me in North Carolina.
[CRIES] Baby, I'm
I got you caught up in
all this shit and I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. You know that, right?
What's that matter to me?
It matters to me.
It matters to me. Please.
Give me a second chance.
To do right by Cane, Dru,
and Diana. Please. Please.
You really think you deserve
a second chance?
But I want one anyway.
Please let me do right by my kids.
It ain't up to me.
Well, can you forgive me?
Can you forgive me, Zeke?
I'm I'm so sorry.

"Multiple conflicts of interest"?
That amounts to being
a damn fucking good lawyer.
And I am.
They can't take away
my license for that.
Saxe was a snake in my grass,
you know that.
And if he were alive, he'd be disbarred.
[SIGHS] Oh, no.
No, I'm not letting anyone
take away the license
my brother sacrificed
his fuckin' life for.
Not happening!
Uh, look here.
Somethin' just popped up. I gotta go.
I see you know why I'm here.
You ain't the first motherfucker
to run up in here with a gun.
Why don't you make a profit for yourself
by giving up Tariq St. Patrick?
- I don't give up my clients.
- Hm. How refreshing.
- A lawyer with a conscience.
- Hm.
You know, if my arm gets tired,
I'm just gonna shoot you
to end this shit.
You're being shortsighted here, luv.
I could be your ally.
I'm really good to my friends.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
Just give up the little guys?
Well, there's a $100,000 bounty
on each of their heads.
Easiest retainer you'll ever have
If you knew me,
you'd know how much I hate to say this.
Fuck your money luv.
I hope this won't be a decision
that you come to regret,
Mr. MacLean.
I don't do regrets.
You all have a nice day.
Gotta change those fuckin' locks.
Becca! Oh my God, what happened?
Dad, I'm okay. I'm okay. Okay.
Dad, I'm sorry this happened.
Your drug dealing. Is that it?
Look, I-I just wanna go inside.
Can we figure this out later?
It's settled already.
- Don't ever come back.
- Hey, don't say that to him.
This is how and whom
he wants to live like.
- Then go be that.
- Hey, Dad, I need help.
- Tariq and I
- I don't think you get it.
Your brother was near beaten to death
because those thugs came here
looking for you.
- Wait, what? They came here?
- Look at your sister.
Those jungle bunnies turned you into
a fucking little white monkey.
You're not my son.
- Fuckin' racist piece of shit.
- Dad, that's your son.
Not anymore.
Okay, fuck this fuckin' family.
Get the fuck outta New York.
- Now you wanna talk.
- What can I say?
I got a soft spot for the underdog.
Noma put 100k on your head.
- 100k?
- Each.
Your problem got bigger.
- Fuck.
- You need to fuckin' run.
- You got any money stashed away?
I mean, I got a bag
at Stansfield I can go grab.
Good. Get it, get gone.
And call me when you're somewhere safe.
- All right. Good lookin', Davis.
- Stay alive, little brother.
This fuckin' bitch Noma put 100k
on our heads, bro.
I got a bag at Stansfield
we can go grab.
They could be there waiting for us.
Yes, that's possible, but
B, it's the only fucking chance we got.
We get the money, we get
the fuck outta here and
What? What?
Fuck, B. I'm sorry I got you into this.
- I came back for you.
- I'm talking about everything.
All this bullshit.
This fuckin' game, bro.
I mean, you was right.
You shouldn't wanna be me, bro.
- I didn't mean that, Riq.
- I mean,
just think about it
for one fucking second.
Just imagine life outside of this game
that we're fucking stuck in.
Just imagine us just living like
like two normal college kids for once.
What, like finals and fucking
would be our only worries?
Yeah, shit like that, bro.
Doesn't that sound
so fucking good right now?
[SIGHS] Facts.
You know what, Riq?
Fuck what happened before.
You're the only family
I got left, for real.
Where you go, I go. That's it.
I feel like if there was ever
a time for the handshake,
it'd be now. I mean,
I know you feel it too. Like
We're gonna get the fuck
outta this shit, man.
Fuckin' right, we are.
They got the bullets out,
but Monet is in a coma.
You know what to do if she wakes up.
Smother her ass with a fuckin' pillow.
We got to see it
all the way through, Diana.
Becca got away, Tariq got away.
He said he would tell Monet
everything when she wakes up.
If you kill her,
that solves half our fucking problem.
What's up, fellas?
Okay. Fuck you then too.
Hope y'all having a bad day.
- What's up with that shit?
- Excuse me? Hey, um
have you seen Tariq St. Patrick?
- Uh, yeah, I don't
- Uh, white girl,
don't point the police to a Black man.
What makes you think I'm a cop?
I mean, is there anything about
you that doesn't say cop?
All right, whatever you say.
- Mm-hm. Thought so.
- How'd you know?
You gotta learn how to read
these motherfuckers, girl.
[SCOFFS] Let's go.
Can you teach me?
Look at this. 100k each
for Tariq and Brayden.
Need the money for
your school shit, right?
Hey, Effie. Is, uh, Tariq
in trouble or something?
- I don't know.
- Hm.
Well, the cops was just asking about him
but I ain't tell 'em that he was here.
Tariq's here?
Yeah. Uh, you're Diana's brother, right?
Gotta go.
Why do I even bother being polite
to rude-ass motherfuckers?
Check this out. That 200k is ours.
I'ma let Noma know.
I got the sauce ♪
Trippy taking pictures
Then delete that ♪
When your nigga start
To ask or keep me in tags ♪
Shit still, pop pills
Piling up the beaker ♪
Till it's leaking Out the bag ♪
I ain't even gotta brag ♪
Blew 'em out the race again ♪
White boy back to snatching
Nigga's chains again ♪
Brrrrrdang ya main and swang
Back to playing the fence ♪
If I ain't hit it, then I hit
'Em with a change of plans ♪
My plane playing leap of faith ♪
Before I'm jumpingin the audience ♪
I bought a couple dutches
That'll suffice for tardiness ♪
My target turn to a toss up
When every broad I pick up ♪
Stirring up a ruckus cussing
Fussing in the arguments ♪
Uh, wash it down with Crown
Drowning town to town ♪
Counting down the miles
Boxing out your sound ♪
Pound for pound with loud
Shotgun ounces down ♪
Plow p-plow-p-plow ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪

I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪

I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
- You ready?
- Yeah.
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
I can't show you
What's up in my mind ♪
I can only tell you
What I'm talkin' about ♪
- Shit!
- What is it?
They're here and there's
fuckin' more on the way.
Okay, well, we make a run for it.
We don't know what
we're running into, B.
I mean, fuck it. It's them or us, right?
[SIGHS] Come on.
We should be good.
Tariq St. Patrick.
- Who's asking?
- Not asking. I know who you are.
And you're Brayden Weston.
Have a few questions about green cards
for the Okeke family.
Green cards?
I don't know shit about no green cards.
And we're actually late,
so if you'll excuse us.
- Very late.
- I've traced your connection
to Obi Okeke
and Okeke's connection to
a woman named Noma Asaju.
It's the piece we couldn't nail before.
I'm guessing she's your connect.
I really don't know what
the fuck you talkin' about.
- Hm.
- You readin' my rights?
Exactly. You think you smart and shit.
Take after my aunt.
Angela Valdez.
Angela Valdez was your aunt?
Yo, who the fuck is Angela Valdez?
Federal prosecutor.
She was my dad's bitch.
Saxe kept a file of everything.
And after I got into the green cards,
I was able to fill in the rest.
You leave now,
I get an arrest warrant for
the large quantities of drugs
you're moving
for Noma's criminal network, hm?
- I know
- Oh shit.
[YOUNG] Drop the weapon!
Hey. [GRUNTS] Hey!
Put that gun down.
You're in enough trouble.
- Tariq, what the fuck?!
- Calm the fuck down, B!
He's bluffing, a'ight?
He ain't got no fucking warrant.
The feds never roll alone.
But still, what are you
what are you gonna do,
kill a federal agent?
I got a plan.
Yeah? Well, I'd love to fuckin' hear it.
I'm taking this hard drive.
Go get the phone off Noma's guy.
- Take his fuckin' phone!
- Okay, okay.
- Come on, come on. Okay!
- Hurry the fuck up, man.
There's fucking blood everywhere!
Fuck. Okay, what's the plan?
We about to get some fuckin' leverage.
Call Noma!
We have a problem.
Yeah, well, that's typical
for today. What is it?
Hey, yo, Noma,
you see this fuck right here?
This the federal agent that's
been digging in your business.
Show her your badge. You
wanna flash your shit, right?
Show her your fuckin' badge!
No idea what you're talking about.
Well, I was bettin' on you
to play the cautious game.
'Cause if you wanna stay
off the federal fucking radar,
this motherfucker has to go.
I can make it happen for you, but
I need a truce between us
for that to happen.
I'm not entertaining
this bullshit. Fuck off.
Listen, I can have this
evidence uploaded to you ASAP
so you can see for yourself.
But I promise you, Noma,
if this fuck is alive,
you lose everything.
- I mean that shit.
- Tariq, I
Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!
Why isn't he dead?
We should accept his truce.
- Are you mad?
- If we don't
we kill a college student on his campus
while a federal agent
is either kidnapped or killed.
All of law enforcement will be after us.
How is this fucking possible?
I've been so careful.
With the authorities looking
into Lombardi's murder,
we can't risk going back
to Italy, now can we?
All we have is right here.
Can we risk it?
He went after my daughter.
Now that shit is unforgivable.
But this kid won't be my undoing.
And when the smoke settles,
I want him, and everything he loves,
You can live for the time being, Tariq.
But I never wanna hear
of you moving product.
Not as much as a fucking aspirin.
Now that's the price for this truce.
All right, it's done!
Listen, we gotta find a way
to clean this shit up, B.
Yeah. How? It's a fucking mess, Tariq.
Listen, I got this, all right?
Keep your gun on him. Come on.
I'll get my prints on the fed's gun
so it looks like I took out the shooter.
Call in a shooter, ditch the guns
and the money before this fucking place
is full of cops, all right?
Bet. I'll use a campus phone.
I'll take care of this motherfucker.
I'll meet you in the car. Go.
Please. Tariq, you don't wanna do this.
Now, you know your Aunt Angela
was the worst fucking thing
to ever happen to my dad.
And obviously he wasn't
too good for her either.
Or for you.
[OPERATOR] Campus security.
- Hi, yes.
- What's your emergency?
Yeah, I wanna report someone
with a weapon on campus.
Do you recognize the person?
Yeah, I couldn't make out
their face but they had a gun.
- Are you sure it was a gun?
- Yeah, I heard gunshots.
Please hurry. I'm scared. Send police.
- Okay.
- We're in the south lot.
All right. We'll send units now.
Thank you.
How Noma gonna let
this motherfucker off the hook?

Fuck that.
She musta had a good reason for
giving up the price on his head.
Fuck if I care.
I'ma act like I didn't get
the fuckin' text.
Cane, that's
Noma's fucking crazy, we don't even
There go the motherfucker right there.
- Hello?
- Noma just agreed on a truce
and this nigga Cane is following me.
If he gets too close,
I'ma tell him exactly what
y'all had planned for Monet.
You better fuckin' not!
All right, so if y'all don't want
him to know, stop the nigga.
I know you on campus. I'll be
at the south parking lot.
Is my mother gonna pull through?
[SIGHS] It's not my place to say.
It's best you spend some time with her.
I miss you, Ma.

Nurse! Nurse, I need help.
She's waking up.
[NURSE] On my way.
Ma, I'm right here. Please stay
right here. Stay with me.
[WOMAN] Y'all, this is crazy!
[TARIQ] So I saw him go down,
I grabbed the guy's gun
and did what I had to do
to stop the shooter.
[COP] So what you're saying is
you were able to get the
agent's gun after he went down
and then return fire on the gunman?
[TARIQ] Yeah, I mean,
it happened so fast
I just didn't even think about it.
I just know that guy had to be stopped.
Stand down, Cane.
Just spoke to Diana. She said it
wasn't Tariq who shot Monet.
How the f
Diana said she saw Tariq do it.
And what the fuck happened to your face?
She's saying she made a mistake.
Ask her when we get
to the hospital, all right?
- Monet just woke up.
- This is bullshit.
And you know it.
But don't worry about it.
I'ma get to the bottom of it.
Get Noma's message?
This shit's all over.
We got the message, Dru.
[BRAYDEN] Yeah, we just basically
We walked through there
and saw all the commotion.
We didn't really know
what was going on, so.
Gotta go to the hospital.
She's still sleeping. Doctor
thinks she's gonna make it.
- Perfect.
- It's better this way.
You know, I'm not gonna forget
you didn't go through on this.
Dru, it's done. Okay?
We all have to move on, as a family.
So some other skinny,
big-head-ass nigga shot Moms?
I made a mistake, Cane.
And I don't feel like fighting
while Monet's recovering.
- Yeah.
[MONET] What the fuck?
[SOFTLY] Oh, kids
I love y'all.
We love you too, Ma.
You gangsta though.
We knew you'd come through.
Yeah, we need you.
And you'll be back
to your old self in no time.
And everything'll be like it was before.
Who did this shit?
We don't know.
Find out.
What the fuck are we gonna do
now that we can't move product?
I don't know, bro.
Maybe it's a good thing.
What the fuck do you mean
a good thing, B?
You know Noma could just be
waiting for us, right?
Waiting for the right time
to fucking kill us, or my mom.
And look what just happened
to your family.
[SIGHS] Yeah. You're right.
And if Monet recovers,
who knows what kind of shit
that's gonna stir up.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
These motherfuckers killed us
and left us breathing, bro.
That means no money,
no get-back, nothing.
We're fucked, man.
What the fuck are we gonna do?
[MAN] Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
Like the book of Ephesians warns,
I'm filled with bitterness,
wrath, and anger.
[PRIEST] Have you acted on this anger?
No. I hold close to my faith.
[PRIEST] I know how much pain
you've been in since you lost your wife.
[MAN] Denise was not lost.
She was murdered.
[PRIEST] I'm sorry.
I know.
Have you given yourself
enough time to heal?
Did you go back to work too soon?
The task force keeps me busy.
It's the only thing
that makes me feel
I know that Denise
would like that I'm making
the streets safer.
[PRIEST] That's a lot to take on, son.
[MAN] He doesn't give us
more than we can handle.
Detective Carter.
What's wrong?
My son, Junior.
He was murdered.
[SIGHS] I'm I'm sorry.
He had just joined the DEA, right?
- What happened?
His office is buying some bullshit story
about a school shooter.
They're gonna close the case,
but I know they're wrong.
He was investigating Tariq St. Patrick
and other dealers.
[TEARFULLY] They killed him.
I know it.
I know it. Please help me.
I got you.
I will nail whoever took your son.
I promise you.
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