Power Book II: Ghost (2020) s04e02 Episode Script

To Thine Own Self

[MONET] Previously on Ghost
We gotta cover our tracks
if we gonna do this.
Then we do exactly
what Monet did to Papi.
[TARIQ] D, what are you
asking me right now?
[DIANA] Put two through
the window and drive off.
- Ma.
- [DRU] If Monet wakes up
asking questions, we're fuckin' dead.
Someone else fucked up the plan, Dru.
Tell Tommy this is a gift
from Monet Tejada.
That fuckin' letter had
my mom's address on it.
You get your trust and then you get out.
[TARIQ] I lost it in a Ponzi scheme.
Perhaps you've flown too
close to the sun, luv.
[TARIQ] Yo, what the fuck, Effie?
I told Noma that you were
threatening her daughter.
So what, that's it? We're fucked?
I didn't plan for a fucking war, B.
[NOMA] These little shits
are starting to annoy me.
Put $100,000 on Tariq
and Brayden's heads. Spread the word.
Those thugs came here looking for you.
Don't ever come back.
[DAVIS] Bad news. I got a
letter today from the bar.
I'm no longer your lawyer.
- You need to fuckin' run.
- [TARIQ] Just imagine us just living
like two normal college kids for once.
[CANE] That 200k is ours.
Tariq St. Patrick.
I have a few questions about green cards
for the Okeke family.
[OBI] We have a problem.
If you wanna stay off the
federal fucking radar,
this motherfucker has to go.
You can live for the time being, Tariq.
But I never wanna hear
of you moving product.
- That's the price for this truce.
- [YOUNG] What are you gonna do,
- kill a federal agent?
We gotta find a way to
clean this shit up, B.
I wanna report someone
with a weapon on campus.
I couldn't make out their
face, but send police.
[DRU] Stand down, Cane.
It wasn't Tariq who shot Monet.
- Who did this shit?
- We don't know.
Find out.
[PAZ] Detective Carter.
- What's wrong?
- Angel.
[TEARFULLY] They killed him.
I will nail whoever took your son.
I promise you.
[SINGER] They say
this is a big, rich town ♪
I just come from the poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life ♪
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
I just happen to come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby ♪
I gotta make it ♪
[50 CENT] I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪
Life's full of twists and turns ♪
Bumps and bruises ♪
I live, I learn ♪
I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪
It's hard to get a start in
these parts without paper ♪
Homie, I grew up in hell ♪
A block away from heaven ♪
That corner, every 15 minutes ♪
They movin' seven ♪
Pure snow ♪
Bag it then watch it go ♪
Occupational options ♪
Get some blow or some hos ♪
Shoot the ball or the strap ♪
Learn to rap or to jack ♪
Fuck it, man, in the meantime ♪
Go ahead and pump a pack ♪
This my regal royal flow ♪
My James Bond bounce ♪
That 007 ♪
That's 62 on my count ♪
I'm a undercover liar ♪
I lie under the covers ♪
Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her, "Baby, I love you" ♪
"You're my inspiration ♪
You're my motivation" ♪
"You're the reason that I'm
moving with no hesitation" ♪
[SINGER] They say
this is a big, rich town ♪
Yeah ♪
I just come from the poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life ♪
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
- Ohh, yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
I just happen to come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby ♪
I gotta make it ♪
[OFFICER] Let's load this guy up.
That's gonna hurt the Russians.
What d'you think they're
gonna do with no product?
Get the fuck out of our country maybe?
Here's the investigation
Agent Young was working
when he was shot.
Wait, isn't that the
RICO case that blew up
in everyone's face last month?
That's why he was on campus
talking to Tariq St. Patrick.
I guess they were together when
the shooter came up on them.
My thoughts exactly.
This "active shooter" kills the agent
who's investigating St. Patrick?
And then St. Patrick
shoots the active shooter
and comes off a hero.
Why are you finishing my sentences?
Because you talk so slow.
Pick up the fuckin' pace.
[CARTER] All right.
Yeah. It's a little too tidy
when 2 and 2 adds up to 4 like that.
You want us to bring in the kid
or poke around the school?
I got this.
Just make sure all the
teams crossing their Ts.
All right. You got it, boss.

Riq, your fuckin' alarm, bro!
- Yo, what the fuck, bro?
- It's hot as shit in here.
My nuts are roasting.
Can you turn the heat down?
Bro, this is my fucking room.
All right? I don't give a fuck.
[BRAYDEN] Well, you
don't gotta be a dick.
Bro, this sucks.
[NIPSEY HUSSLE] All my life ♪
- Been grindin' all my life ♪
Sacrificed ♪
Hussle paid the price ♪
Want a slice? ♪
Got to roll the dice ♪
That's why all my life ♪
I been grindin' all my life ♪
Look, all my life ♪
Hey, Tariq! Didn't think
you'd be back this semester.
Neither did our parents.
Uh, I just wanted to say
I think what you did was really brave.
The whole school should be grateful.
- It was nothing.
- Nothing?
If I saw a crazy person kill a cop,
no way I'd grab the dead
cop's gun and shoot the dude.
Yeah, if you believe that's
what really happened.
I sure as fuck don't.
Care to make a comment for my podcast?
Yeah, you mean your right-wing
conspiracy bullshit?
Relax over there, Alex Jones.
Why? 'Cause you got somethin' to hide?
Get the fuck outta my face, all right?
It's gonna be a really
weird semester for you.
I feel it.
Could be worse.
- Could be a Weston.
- Hey, uh, you're Brayden Weston.
Fuck you, man.
My mom lost her pension
'cause of your family.
You know I'm 20 years old?
I had nothing to do
with that shit, right?
Not to be an asshole, but
- my life was ruined too.
- Man, fuck you.
All right, your rich-ass cousin got
you a nice job in real estate.
- You'll be fine.
- The job sucks.
With all the hours I'm working,
I'm barely making minimum wage.
Plus I gotta wear this bullshit.
Man, that money we was making
from moving them products,
I took it for granted, bro.
Hey, you know Noma will
kill us ten different ways
if we try to deal again.
I mean, even if we wanted
to, bro, we couldn't.
We have no product, we have no connect,
we have no distribution
network. We're done.
- We don't got shit.
- Bro, your cover story worked.
You're not in prison,
they let you back in,
and they gave you student loans.
Yeah, beautiful. More debt.
And I have no fucking
money to pay it off.
So what?
Can't believe I ain't seen
this shit coming, bro. Like
That's kinda how betrayal works.
Yeah, but I'm supposed to
be smarter than everybody.
These motherfuckers blindsided me
like I'm some dumbass civilian.
You know, maybe I don't deserve
to be in the game no more.
Bro, weren't we just talking
about how nice it'd be
to just be a normal college student?
Now you actually get to live that.
Yeah, I mean, maybe
we overrated that shit.
Fire ♪
Tariq St. Patrick?
Guess the limelight
doesn't pay the bills.
To meet the substantial
student contribution portion
of your financial aid package,
we have assigned you three jobs:
gym laundry, library, candy shop.
If you miss more than two shifts,
it can affect your award.
And yes, you have to wear them.
- Thank you.
- Next.
Dropped Disgrace ♪
Didn't feel so great ♪
So I went dark ♪
Really had to find my way ♪
Change of flow ♪
Been so devoted ♪
Really had a change of motive ♪
Brand-new focus ♪
How's that arm treating you, Felipe?
Look, I asked around. Nobody knows shit
about who took those shots at Monet.
[CANE] That's the wrong answer, man.
I guess I ain't give you
enough fuckin' inspiration.
Inspiration? You broke my arm, man.
- Dru.
- Huh?
- Dru.
- Sorry.
- Come on, man.
- Listen. It didn't have to be like this.
What, you want me to fucking lie?
I want you to give me
some fucking answers.
Fuck you, man. There
ain't nothin' to find.
We'll be back.
- Stupid.
- Fuck you, man.
- Fuck!
- Now what?
Nigga, I don't understand why
I gotta keep breaking arms
when Diana already said it was Tariq.
Because she was wrong.
So let's find out who actually did it.
All right. Lead the way, big man.
- I just want my revenge ♪
You're interested in the
engineering coterm at Stanford.
I didn't know they had any openings.
That's a lot of work and
extremely competitive.
And super expensive.
It's an investment in your future.
There's one more interview spot left.
You should go for it.
6:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Thank you, Professor Chen.
I really appreciate it.
Really 'bout to show
'em when I blow up ♪
I don't mean to be the one
to talk about getting paid up ♪
Thank you. Thank you.
Been blessed with my set ♪
I'm slashing the rest ♪
[JANET] You gotta ease up, Monet.
Lord blessed you with two kidneys
and you've already lost one.
I know what I gotta do, J.
Damn. You this annoying
when we was kids?
Girl, please. You dressed like me,
talked like me, damn
near wanted to be me.
Until you didn't.
Well, our lives took
different directions.
Ain't that the truth.
Sorry about that.
You're never gonna see me fail ♪
- [NOMA] Obi, come here.
I may have come upon a solution
to our surplus problem.
How kind of this Detective Carter
to open a new market for us.
I know this network.
They supplied the Russians.
High volume, steady demand.
Oh, just what we need to replace
our lost business in Europe
while we're laying low over there.
The Tejadas won't like it.
Who cares what they won't like.
Tell our little trio
they're just gonna have
to go along with this one.
Yes, ma'am.
Set up a meeting with the Russians.
- Immediately.
- I'll do my best.
About that.
I've been wondering if your best
hasn't already been given away.
Maybe to whoever got
you those green cards
you been begging me for.
We obtained those through
the embassy, ma'am.
- Hm.
- Official channels.
I hope so.
Because it will take some time
before we set up operations
here in the States,
and I'd like for our stay
here to be pleasant.
You have nothing to worry about.
Um, aren't we supposed to be doing prep
for the suspension hearing?
Just got a couple more sets.
So what are all
the associates saying?
Fuckin' ingrates.
Everyone's fine to work
from here or from home.
I think they
we just want to know if we're
gonna get paid next month.
Well, that depends on you, right?
My brilliant counsel. So
am I gonna lose?
These allegations by Jenny
Sullivan are pretty serious.
Possessing a stolen police file?
I didn't steal it.
Bribing a parole officer?
I didn't bribe him.
Violating conflict of interest
by representing a client for murder
while also working with
the murder victim's mother?
Yeah, that mighta happened.
But when it comes to
attorney misconduct,
I've seen worse.
You've got a shot.
You like?
You're my boss.
Am I though?
I mean, maybe this is, uh, one
of the perks of being suspended.
Good ♪
you're also my client.
I'm representing you.
So you wanna be on top.
Look at me ♪
I'm star-studded ♪
- Let's find out.
- Star-studded ♪
All them niggas hate it ♪
But them bitches love it ♪
Look at me ♪
I'm star-studded ♪
I'm shinin' in the night ♪
It's like 3:00 in the morning ♪
And I'm shining so bright ♪
When I pull up on 'em ♪
They treat me like the king ♪
Bitches, they feel the fur ♪
Niggas, they kiss the ring ♪
Good ♪
- You all right?
Got some wings for my queens.
- How you doin'?
- [DIANA] Hey, Auntie.
- Hey, baby girl.
- Hi, Ma. How you doin'?
- You look good.
- [MONET] Thank you, baby.
Y'all know y'all takin'
real good care of me.
Well, you've been a pretty easy patient.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Hey, Auntie, can we just
talk with just the family?
Our family.
Your family?
Oh, okay, so I guess cousins
don't make the cut, huh?
- You know what I mean, Auntie.
- No, I do. I do.
Besides, I have no desire to be
buried in y'all's family dirt.
All right, Monet, I'm gonna go
get you some blankets, okay?
Take care of her.
Listen, Ma.
Streets don't know who came for you.
Well, y'all ain't lookin' hard enough.
Yeah, 'cause we're not lookin' at Tariq.
- [MONET] Diana said it wasn't Tariq.
- [CANE] After she said it was.
Look, we all hate the nigga,
but that don't mean he did it.
And Noma said anyone who
touches him gets a bullet.
Right. So enough about Tariq.
Nah. See, this shit not addin' up.
Bobby and fucking Whitney over
here keep protecting this nigga.
Why the fuck would we protect him?
- Nigga, I don't fucking know.
- Use your fuckin' head, Cane.
Diana was in the car wit' me.
So what's happenin' with the business?
- You adding new corners?
- Yeah, it's taken care of.
Did y'all switch warehouses yet?
Noma knows what she's doin', Ma.
Noma wants to supply the Russians.
The fuckin' Russians?
No fuckin' way, Cane.
If the Russians get in with Noma,
they gonna push us out
and that shit is gonna be bloody.
That truce I negotiated with
'em was fucking fragile. Nah.
Yeah, Ma, we said all that.
And guess what?
- She don't give a shit.
- Fuck that.
That bitch need to hear it from me.
Wait, Ma, no. The doctor
says you need to rest
I don't know what's
going on here, but no.
Nothing's going on here, Janet.
Okay, well, Monet, you need to
be sitting down. Sit her down.
Sit down. Please, get her down.
- Come on.
- Watch her.
Hold up, hold up, hold on.
Here. Put the pillow behind her.
You need to prop her up.
Prop her up. Wait, hold on.
[DISTORTED] Keep her elevated.
Gotta keep her up.
Everybody, stop with the
fucking pillows already!
Get the fuck outta here, please!
Welcome to the Banality
of Evil in Leadership,
a political and
psychological exploration
of whether evil is a necessary component
of successful leadership.
Now I know from your application essays
you're here because you mean business.
So let's jump right in.
What type of person decides
that they are worthy of leading?
And what makes someone want to govern
the lives of others?
Greed. They want power,
wealth, and fame.
They're basically narcissists.
Yeah. Same thing driving most
human behavior, unfortunately.
Sometimes, sure.
But there are also leaders who
actually do wanna do social good
and they believe they have the
best ideas of achieving that.
Like Gandhi, Martin Luther
King, Malcolm X.
Yeah, but what's actually behind that?
- Self-aggrandizement.
- [WOMAN] I agree.
No matter what their goal is,
they think they're the
best person to do it.
[EFFIE] Not necessarily.
Maybe some just want
it more than others.
So where does that "want" come from?
- Defeat.
- What do you mean?
Shattered dreams.
There's no better motivator.
Out of the ashes may rise the phoenix.
Or not.
I think history shows that
most successful leaders win
and they use that success
to breed more success.
[PROFESSOR] Well, it'll be
an interesting semester
investigating whether
that is indeed true.
[MAN] Mr. MacLean.
After reviewing the allegations
and the statement made by
your counsel, Ms. Tanaka,
we've concluded that your
license to practice law
will be temporarily suspended,
- pending your disbarment hearing.
- Okay, if I may
We have to take these
allegations seriously,
but you will have a chance
to defend yourself.
You'll get a hearing date in the mail.
Davis, I'm so sorry.
Hey, can we talk?
Effie, what do you want, bro?
I was fucking angry and my back
was up against the wall. Okay?
I wasn't thinking when I told
Noma about us finding Anya.
didn't think she was gonna
try to fucking kill you.
Effie, what the fuck did
you think she was gonna do
after hearing some shit like that, huh?
I made it up to you.
I texted you that Cane
was out to kill you, so
Are we good?
Fuck no.
- What was that about?
- We need to talk.
Okay. So come by the candy shop later.
Your appointment's here.

Whoever the fuck you are,
you can get the fuck out.
Detective Don Carter, NYPD.
Where's your warrant?
I have a, uh proposal.
I'm sure there's nothing
you can offer me
I'd be interested in, Detective.
How about the opportunity
to practice law again?
I know. I know. You look at
us cops as simple people.
I got some fancy friends.
In fact, you might have
seen a couple of 'em
at your hearing this morning.
You need to find a faster way to say
whatever the fuck you're saying.
Davis, I could use your help
in getting some really dangerous
people off the streets.
People like my clients?
Nobody would have to know.
Just like they don't know I got
friends at the bar association.
Here's a proposal.
You fuck wit' my life
and I'll fuck yours up.
We clear?
You seem stressed.
Maybe downsizing is good for you.
Somewhere private.
So what's up?
What's up is we got
a shit ton of product
we gotta move at the Ivies for Noma.
We gotta get on it.
What's wrong with the
way you been moving it?
You want me to sit around
and do all the work
while you play sorority girl?
Look, Effie, I'm a little
overwhelmed right now.
Yeah, welcome to my world.
This shit is mad hard, ain't it?
You think I don't want
more time to study?
Okay. I just need a week
or two to get caught up.
Just get that shit together, okay?
'Cause with Noma, you're either in
or you're out with a bullet.
Your choice.

[OBI] Tejadas.
[NOMA] Well, Vadim doesn't decide
Wait here.
[NOMA] I thought they had a truce.
[OBI] Yes, to not kill each other.
But when it comes to working together,
until they're out,
he won't even talk to us.
[NOMA] Well, you said the
Russians need product,
so what's the problem?
Obi, this doesn't bode well for you.
- I didn't want to fly Ahmed
- [MAN] Ma'am.
The girl's here.
So what is it you want to discuss?
I'd like to request a bigger cut.
You increased the amount of weight
you wanted moved through the campuses
and I have met that week after week.
Practically doing this on my own.
I think that deserves a bigger cut.
What's that American
word I love so much?
Moxie. Yeah.
Well, luv, you do have a lot of that.
You also have a dangerous
about how this all works.
See, all you've done
is exactly what I've asked of you.
Now if you're unhappy with your
terms, there is a way out.
But I don't think you'd
like it very much.
What if I brought you more business?
- What business?
- The Russians.
Yeah, I couldn't help but overhear.
Little girl,
what do you think you
can do that I can't?
Sometimes the right man for the job
is a woman with a whole lot of moxie.
I'll give you 24 hours.
Hope they don't kill you.
[JANET SIGHS] Hey, girl.
Remember you used to visit me
in that sixth floor walkup?
Woo, child. Yes. That one
with them big ol' rats?
Lord knows you were young.
You were so patient with that baby.
That was my Cane.
There was a calmness to you.
Like there was no other place
you wanted to be but with him.
But [SIGHS] things change.
That's what things do, J. They change.
Yeah, I know you wanted to
give your baby everything,
but from where I was standing
he had everything he
could have ever needed.
Oh, so I'm a monster
because I didn't want my kids
to grow up with fuckin' rats?
Monet, that's not what I'm saying.
I did not say that.
I'm saying that we all make choices.
And fuckin' Lorenzo was making all mine.
- I had one question for you ♪
Really, baby boy?
You wanna play this game again?
[LAUGHS] You throwin'
everything on the floor?
All right. What do you
wanna throw next, huh?
You wanna give Mama some Cheerios?
Can I have that?
- Ahh. Thank you.
Hey, baby. How's our
little hurricane doing?
Lorenzo, we gotta get outta here.
This place is a shithole.
I'm doing what I can, Momo.
I gotta prove myself first,
then I can ask for more product.
I'm gonna give you everything
you want, baby.
You just gotta hang in
there a little longer.
Monet. Hey.
- You okay?
- I gotta go out, J.
Where you think you're
going this time of night?
You need to stay home and rest.
Last time I checked, you're my
nurse, not my fuckin' mother.
And last time I checked, you
had a second chance at life.
- Don't ruin it.
- Just open this, please.
I don't know where you
think you're going.
- And these are strong.
- So?
Just one, okay?
- Thank you.
- Really?
[RUSSIAN ACCENT] This new guy
in the kitchen, I don't like him.
We'll replace him next week.
He takes too long to make the food.
Ah, who is this?
We're closed.
I just want a drink.
And then I'll go.
I'll do 50 grams of your best vodka.
Make it cold.
You should have another.
You look like you could use it.
We'll all join you.
It's bad luck to drink alone.
Yeah, I don't believe in luck.
Oh. You must live a very fortunate life.
- Not have a need for luck.
- I make my own.
- How?
- Tell us.
- I hack into shit.
Think about it.
Your online identity is everything.
Credit score.
Your rap sheet. Employment records.
You control that, you control life, no?
Well, if I ever need that kind of help,
now I know who to ask, right? [LAUGHS]
Yeah, but it's not just for you, though.
Do you have kids?
I once changed a boy's 400-meter time
and got him into Yale.
Why exactly are you here?
To help your daughter Oksana's
time in the 200-meter backstroke.
And why would you do this?
It's an incentive.
I need you to meet with my boss, Noma.
I already told Noma
it's not gonna happen!
I know. I also know how bad Oksana
wants to be on the Princeton swim team.
Leave my daughter the fuck alone.
I only looked up what I needed to
to be able to give you what you want.
If I wanted it, I'm sure
I could find someone to do it.
Yeah, but you couldn't trust
them not to sell you out
and use it as blackmail, now could you?
If I tried that, Noma
would fucking kill me.
Just talk to her. That's it.
You don't like what she has
to say, then you leave.
And for that
you change Oksana's backstroke time.
And her butterfly.
All of it.
9:00 p.m. tonight.
We go together. She'll be waiting.
[WOMAN] I get so weak in the knees ♪
I can hardly speak ♪
I lose all control ♪
And something takes over me ♪
In a daze, yeah ♪
It's so amazing ♪
It's not a phase that I want
you to stay here with me ♪
By my side ♪
I'll swallow my pride ♪
Your love is so sweet ♪
That it knocks me
right off of my feet ♪
Bro, this is your job?
Yep. One outta three.
Don't even know when the fuck
I'ma have the time to study.
You study?
Can't explain why your
lovin' makes me weak ♪
- Appreciate y'all. Peace.
- Yeah!
- [MAN] We love it!
Come help me with this shit real quick.
Bro, I'm off the clock.
- Elle, you killed that song.
Okay? That was fire.
I think we should add that to our set.
- Yeah.
- What's up? I'm Brayden.
Weston. I know who you are.
Yeah, you know, the dude
that got suspended,
but is always still on campus.
No. That dude with good eyebrows,
perfectly sculpted abs,
and a career path towards a
financially secure future.
I can contribute to that future.
My dealer just moved.
I'm in a different line of work now.
But if you're looking
for 20,000 square feet
of commercial storefront in Midtown,
- I'm your guy.
- Bullshit.
That did not work.
I can do better. I
- Sure.
- Do it.
Pesos, pesos ♪
Money in my pocket ♪
When I say so ♪
[CARTER] Tariq St. Patrick.
Pesos, money in my pocket ♪
When I say so ♪
We need to talk.
You guys get any new information
on the shooter yet, sir?
You ain't gotta act with me, Tariq.
I'm just not buying this bullshit
about you being a hero.
Well, I don't think I'm the hero.
That's just how everything happened.
Tariq St. Patrick.
Son of James St. Patrick,
one of New York City's
biggest pieces of shit.
No code, no loyalty.
Just shit, really.
You smell just like him.
Sir, I don't know what you have
in your mind about my father,
but whatever that is, that
has nothing to do with me.
Really? My gut says
you killed Agent Young.
- And my gut is rarely wrong.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
But I do know that your gut
isn't admissible evidence.
I see. Keeping that
that heart rate down.
Keeping your breathing nice and slow.
Oh, you're a good fuckin' liar.
This is gonna be fun.
May I get back to work, please, sir?
Yeah. This uniform is real cute.
You can keep pretending
that you're just some college kid,
but I know the truth.
I know who you fucking are
and I'm gonna put you where you belong.
That's the least I can do for
Agent Young and his mother.
I hope that you can find
justice for both of them, sir.
By the way
talk to your moms lately?
I can't speak to my mom
and I'm sure you know that.
That's right. She's in WITSEC.
So let let me be the
first one to break it to you.
They're about to bounce her ass out.
Think of that.
Tasha St. Patrick, your mother.
Back on the streets where
everybody's gunnin' for her.
That would keep me up at night.
There's no reason for
you to be here, Monet.
- You should go home.
- I am home.
And this is my city, Noma.
I'm not gon' let you
greedy motherfuckers
Monet, you're making a fucking scene.
You goddamn right I'm making a scene.
You ready to sacrifice my kids
after they been out here
- busting their ass for you?
- That's him.
- Monet.
- She needs to go now.
Don't let me tell you again.
Get the fuck outta here.
- Or what, Noma?
- Noma!
The fuck is this? Some kind of setup?
What the fuck is she doing here?
Ms. Tejada was just leaving, Vadim.
The fuck you were!
If I see any of you again,
I blow your fucking head off.
Yeah, you fucking try it,
bitch-ass nigga.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you!
[VADIM, ECHOING] Fuck you.
[NOMA] Fuck you. Fuck. Fuck.
Yo, Davis.
You know of this NYPD
detective named Don Carter?
All right, let me guess.
[GRAVELLY VOICE] He did his big,
bad cop routine on you too.
Yeah, I guess so.
Somebody to worry about?
Well, from what I looked up,
I think you might.
He's a cop on a fuckin' mission, Tariq.
Was a rising star on the path
to some city hall kinda stuff
when his wife was killed.
Gunned down outside
the ER where she worked
as some dealers were finishing
off the dude on the gurney.
[TARIQ] Hm. So he's out for blood then.
- [DAVIS] Seems like it.
After bereavement leave,
he decided to get back in the streets.
Started this narcotics task force
and since then he's been going hard
on every drug-related
motherfucker in New York.
Is he dangerous?
He ain't like the cops
you been dealing with,
so watch your fucking back.
All right, bet.
- Thank you, Davis. Good lookin'.
- No worries.
Thanks for taking Junior
for a few hours, J.
- We are in the ghetto ♪
- I needed a break.
Girl, you deserve to get your nails done
every once in a while.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
There's a gun in the glovebox.
Give it to me, quick.
- A gun? What are you doing
- Fucking now, Janet.
My taste is expensive ♪
But take me on dates ♪
- Monet, don't you dare.
- Shut up, J.
- I mean it.
Was I speeding, Officer?
I got a hungry little guy in the back.
Why the fuck did you have a gun
in the car with Lorenzo Jr.?
Wow. So Janet's a snitch for reals.
Monet, tell me what's going on.
All right, please don't be mad.
But I went to talk to Carlos.
To get this.
Look, I'm sorry, baby.
I just wanna get us out this shithole.
You went behind my fucking
back to get more product?
I asked you to do it ten times.
- It wasn't fucking time!
- Then how come I got it?
Don't fucking mix our
kid with business, Mo.
That shit will not end well.

Hm. My baby.
What the fuck was you thinking, Monet?
We told you we had it covered, right?
I was protecting you.
- I was protecting all y'all.
- No, you out here lookin' stupid
and that shit coulda got us all killed.
Cane, enough. All right?
She's just trying to help
us get this situated.
No, Diana, she's trying to take
over like she always does.
Well, listen, Ma.
The game ain't what it used to be.
All right? It's different now.
You out your league.
It's time for you to just accept that.
Get the fuck outta my room, Cane.
"Get the fuck outta my room, Cane."
"I don't know how to communicate, Cane."
Come here, Dru.
You know I raised you three
to be really smart in this life.
But it takes time.
And right now your brother's
out here feeling himself,
making all the decisions while
I been out on the sidelines.
You know Cane.
- He's always wanted to be in charge.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, and he took a lot of interest
in them bullets taking me out.
What? No, Ma.
No way. That's crazy.
Yeah, Cane would never.
Not in a million years.
I'm not so sure.
Y'all ain't got no other leads.
We'll find out who did it.
We got you. We promise.
Tariq, what are you doing?
- You were supposed to call tonight.
- I mean, I went by the house
and Yasmine said this
is where you worked.
Yeah, well, WITSEC wasn't too thrilled
when they had to relocate us.
So yeah, here we are.
In this cheap-ass town
where this is the only damn job.
- Ma, what the fuck?
- I know.
But look, it's better than nothing.
Okay? Look, we're outta the game now.
Your trust fund is gone.
I gotta make this work so Yas
can have some sort of a future.
- Listen
- And at least we're safe.
This detective told me that
WITSEC is about to kick you out.
Is that true?
They didn't appreciate that I went MIA
so they told me I got one
more time to fuck up.
- Fuck, Ma.
- Which is why you need to go.
No one can see you here.
Yeah, but, Ma, listen,
that same detective
is asking questions about me.
Questions about you too.
- I covered my tracks.
- I'm sure of that.
But I know you, Ma. I know you
wanna finish what you started.
I need you to stay here and
not come back to New York.
- Please.
- What's goin' on, sweetheart?
- Are you safe?
- Ma, I'm fine.
But I need you to promise me
that you'll not come back.
- It's dangerous, Ma.
- Okay, baby. I promise.
- All right.
- Rachel? Everything okay?
Uh, yes. I was just showing
this young man where
the electronics are.
Sweetie, we don't bring
our personal life to work.
I'm gonna need you
back at the registers.
Chris, we've talked about this.
I'll be back over there when I'm done.
Okay, sweetie?
- Ma, what the fuck was that?
- Tariq, please, let it go.
Since when would you ever let
anyone talk to you like that?
- What the fuck is going on?
- All right. Listen to me.
I don't have a lot of options.
Do you understand that?
I'm doin' my best.
And that man ain't
nothin' I can't handle.
Listen to me, you need to leave now.
All right.
I love you, Tariq.
I love you too, Ma.
Your mother has caused
quite a problem for me.
Oh, yeah, the arm's doing
nice. Thanks for asking.
And all the cash I been
bringing off the street?
- You're welcome.
- Oh, you wanna talk about money?
Monet just lost me an enormous
opportunity to expand.
But worse, what she did
was stupid and dangerous
and could've exposed everything.
Including you.
Yeah, well, I can't control
what the fuck Monet does.
Well, too bad, 'cause
now you have to fix it.
Wait, you want me to bring the
Russians back to the table?
By day's end.
You know as soon as they see my face,
- they'll kill me, right?
- Well, you're a clever boy.
Figure something out.
Let's go.
No fucking way, Cane.
Listen, I wouldn't be calling
if I had another option.
I have an interview for school.
I don't know what to tell you.
I did my part. I'm done.
You know what? You're right.
I'll figure something else out.
[SIGHS] Wait.
Noma's gonna lose her shit on
you if you don't deliver, right?
[CANE] Something like that.
Well, I something like don't
want that to happen to you.
Hold up, is this my phone being hacked?
Is this Josefina Morales actually
saying some real shit?
Okay, first of all, never call
me Josefina ever again.
And shut up before I change my mind.
- Hurry up.
- I fucking know.
[CANE] Bye, Josie.
Listen, you lay a fuckin'
finger on Rachel again,
I promise, next time it's gonna be
your fucking throat, you hear me?
- Do you understand?
- Yes, yes, I understand!
Now, report this shit,
I'm sending people to your house
to burn that shit down
while you layin' there.
You hear me?
- There you go.
- Thank you, baby.
- I'll get your pills.
- Dru, Dru, come here.
I know you're upset with me
about your father and Gordo.
I really wish I didn't have
to do the things that I do.
But I couldn't be the
mother that you needed,
the mother that this family needed
if I didn't do them.
You understand?
Are you fucking serious right now?
I'm here thinking you about to apologize
and instead you're
justifying what you did.
But, Dru, um, listen, I'm trying to
I can't hear another
word outta your mouth.
I'm gettin' the pills.
Uh-uh. Don't fucking do that.
- She's She's poison.
- I know.
But look, if you do this,
if you switch her pills,
- there's no going back.
- I'm already there.
Dru, no you're not.
I am here trying to act
like everything's okay.
Because we have to.
- So she doesn't get suspicious.
- Well, I can't do it anymore.
I can't fuckin' do it anymore.
Listen to me.
I know it's been a hard year.
You've done things you
never thought you could do.
We both have.
Because of her.
And despite everything
Monet's done to fuck us up,
Dru, we ain't like her.
And we don't have to be. You hear me?
We don't have to be. Look at me.
We can be better than her.
I know we can.
No. No!
Bro, you gotta be fucking kidding me.
Come the fuck on.
Yo, yo, yo, this is Brayden.
You know what to do.
- Yo, B.
Where you at, bro? I need
a fuckin' favor, man.
- [CANE] Hm.
After you, hot stuff.
shoot you right the fuck now.
Clean. Untraceable. Military grade.
You won't find better in the
U.S. As many as you want.
Proof of Noma's good faith.
I mean, you wouldn't arm anybody
you was trying to make an enemy.
One condition.
From now on I only talk to the girl.
[TARIQ] Thank God.
Can't even order a fuckin'
Uber right now, bro.
You good?
I mean, with the shit that
my mom's going through,
I can't even do nothing about it.
I'm making $11 an hour
washing jock straps.
Shit is crazy, bro.
Facts. I mean, I don't
even like my family.
But seeing them lose everything?
I mean, they're selling the house.
It's crazy how much I
actually wanna help.
You know, what if we get back in?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Listen, B.
I don't know what the
fuck you on right now,
but we need real money.
We need to make real money
in order to protect our families.
Do you not remember what
just happened to Becca?
To Trace?
The only way to protect our
families is to not sell drugs.
And do what, bro? We don't have shit.
- That's better than being dead.
- Fuck that shit, bro.
Listen, we can sell
without Noma knowing.
Bro, she knows everything.
Remember she popped up on us in Italy
like some fucking British Catwoman?
Listen, yes. I'm not saying this
shit is not a risk, all right?
Okay, y-you're right. It's not a risk.
It's a fucking death wish.
Not if you do it smart.
Weren't you just telling me how
unsmart your dumb ass just was?
- Yes.
- Okay.
But outta the ashes
rise the phoenix, okay?
What is this, fuckin' Harry Potter?
- You're serious about this.
Yes, I'm fucking serious, B.
You think I like being broke?
Worrying about what the fuck is
gonna happen to my mother next?
I don't know.
What I do know is I'm definitely
not cut out for a 9-to-5.
Which actually turns out to be
more like a 7-to-9 on a good day.
Exactly my point.
Especially while these
motherfuckers livin' large
off of an organization that
we built from the ground up.
Okay, hypothetically speaking,
if we were to do this again,
if we were to do this again,
what would happen with
Effie, the Tejadas?
- Everyone that fucked us over.
- Fuck Effie. Fuck the Tejadas.
They'll get what the
fuck is comin' to them.
You understand me?
Yeah, I do. Fuck it, I'm in.
Let's do this shit.
So what do we do now, split a tuna melt?
I got a plan. Come on.
Put the vacuum down, Janet.
Monet, I don't see nobody
else cleanin' this house.
You always have an opinion.
So tell me, did I ruin my kids?
Monet, stop.
I was always so sure I was
teaching them how to survive.
Doin' what was best for them.
Maybe I was just doing
what was best for me.
We do the best with what
the good Lord has given us.
No, fuck that. When I woke
up in that hospital bed,
I promised myself that I
would do better by my kids.
So is that what all this
reminiscing has been about?
Look, I need to know, J.
Did I fuck up so bad that
I can't get 'em back?
Why don't you ask them?
Be honest, Dru.
I I guess the fact
that you're asking is
it's at least a start.
- I gotta go.
- Wait, Dru.
Did you get anything on who shot me?
I'm workin' on it, Ma.
Maybe Cane will find
something in the morning.
How? His head is all
the way up Noma's ass.
Ma get some rest.
Well, the home test was accurate.
So, I'm pregnant?
Look, I know what college is like.
You know, lots of parties.
You think you know who the father is?
Of course I do.
Okay, well, we'll go over
all of your options,
but I like to tell my younger
patients not to get lost
in the emotionality of
potential motherhood.
And what is that supposed to mean?
As wonderful as it can be to
imagine yourself with a baby,
you really have to ask yourself,
do you have the right
kind of environment
and family to bring a
new life into the world?
You don't know shit about me.
So you better watch yourself.
So let me get this straight.
You extended an offer on my behalf
without my knowledge or sign-off
and you expect me to be grateful?
It's a good deal.
You had mad product and
guns. Now you don't.
You seem to be awfully confused
about who's in charge here, luv.
"Perhaps this will help set
your mind straight, luv."
Excuse me?
That is what you was gonna say, right?
Listen, Noma. I wouldn't be here
if I didn't think I could
convince you that I was right.
Okay? So could you please get
your fucking guard dog off me?
The balls on you, huh?
You know what? Release him.
You want me to take over, ma'am?
Why don't you head out, Obi?
Head out.
Yeah. Cane can stay and explain to me
why he thinks it's a good idea
to sell automatic weapons
to the same people
his mother thinks want to kill him.
- Noma, are you sure you want
- Obi, please.
Please, Obi.
Can you have this
conversation over a scotch?

[TARIQ] Hey, 2-Bit, I'm back
for my baby, motherfucker.
The fuck is this motherfucker goin'?
[BRAYDEN] Vegan Korean barbecue.
- Think it's a front?
- What, the nigga can't be vegan?
[BRAYDEN] Save the world, 2-Bit.
We still taking the fucking ride.
That's a fact.
So long as my spare key
works, I'm outta there.

Oh, baby, I missed you.
Get the fuck outta my car!
Motherfucker, this is my shit.
Mr. Okeke.
You have a minute?
Of course.
- How may I help you, Officer
- Detective.
Carter. NYPD.
I tracked down some phone
calls between you and a man
who, uh, allegedly
shot a federal officer
on Stansfield's campus last month.
And I been thinking that the shooting
might not be as clear-cut
as everyone says it was.
You must be mistaken.
I have no connection
to any people like
Well, hold on now. Hold on.
What about your connection
to whoever pushed through that
green card for your brother?
'Cause that shit happened fast as fuck.
Easy come, easy go, yeah?
What do you mean?
Don't worry.
We're gonna talk more about it later.
You're comin' with me. Hands on the car.
- You clean?
- Fuck no.
And I ain't talkin' to you
without my piece, so
I'm keepin' mine. Get in the car.

All right. What's this about?
I'll come clean wit' you, Tariq.
I don't think my kids are looking
to find out who shot me.
What that gotta do with me?
- Diana said it wasn't you.
- 'Cause it wasn't.
But you're the one with the
biggest reason to want me dead.
Yeah, you also told me you
ain't have nothin' to do
with Tommy goin' after my mother.
And you believe that?
So why should I believe you wasn't
the one that took them shots?
Because it wasn't me. All right, Monet?
I don't know what the fuck
else you want me to tell you.
Why the fuck you think I
would come after Tasha?
'Cause that's what Kate Egan told me.
Who the fuck is Kate Egan?
Why the fuck are we here? Hm?
Yo, I'm deadass.
Who the fuck is this bitch
and what did she say?
She's Tommy Egan's mother.
She told me that you gave
Tommy Tasha's address.
Why the fuck would
Tommy's bitch-ass mother
say some shit like that?
Probably wanted you dead or something.
No shit.
Question is, who put
her up to this shit?
'Cause that motherfucker's gonna die.
We gon' get this paper
you can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
We gon' get this paper ♪
You can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
Just know we always keep it true ♪
You ain't, you ain't, ♪
You ain't crew ♪
Like a herd of stampeding bulls ♪
You better move ♪
Get up and get to runnin' ♪
'Cause we always into something ♪
Bring that drama ♪
Tell your mama ♪
Get that trauma unit comin' ♪
Maybe they can try and save ♪
No one's slowin' down our pay ♪
All gas, no brakes ♪
We breakin' through ♪
There's no way to contain it ♪
That's why so many gon' hate it ♪
They might as well ♪
Just embrace it ♪
Because they cannot
erase what we gettin' ♪
We gon' get this paper ♪
You can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
We gon' get this paper ♪
You can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
We gon' get this paper ♪
You can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
We gon' get this paper ♪
You can hate us ♪
It won't stop us ♪
We gon' pop it off ♪
Never stop at all
'til it's poppin' off ♪
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