Power Book II: Ghost (2020) s04e03 Episode Script


[TARIQ] Previously on Ghost
Okay, that was fire.
I think we should add that to our set.
- Yeah.
- What's up? I'm Brayden.
Weston. I know who you are.
- I'm your guy.
- [SCOFFS] Bullshit.
[DIANA] Look, Effie, I'm a
little overwhelmed right now.
[DOCTOR] The home test was accurate.
- So I'm pregnant.
- [MAN] We have concluded
that your license to practice law
will be temporarily suspended.
Tariq St. Patrick.
My gut says you killed Agent Young.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I know who you fucking are
and I'm gonna put you where you belong.
[TARIQ] We can sell
- without Noma knowing.
- You're serious about this?
[TARIQ] In order to protect our
families, we need real money.
Noma's gonna lose her shit on
you if you don't deliver, right?
[CANE] Somethin' like that.
[EFFIE] Well, I don't want that
to happen to you.
[NOMA] You extended
an offer on my behalf.
You seem to be awfully confused
about who's in charge here, luv.
You know what? Head out.
Cane can explain to me
why he thinks it's a good idea.
I've been wondering if your best
hasn't already been given away.
Maybe to whoever
got you those green cards.
I have no connection to any people
Hold on now. Hold on.
What about your connection
to whoever pushed through that
green card for your brother.
You're coming with me.
Hands on the car.
Who the fuck is Kate Egan?
[TARIQ] She's Tommy Egan's mother.
She told me that you gave Tommy
Tasha's address.
Question is,
who put her up to this shit?
Tell Tommy this is a gift
from Monet Tejada.
[SINGER] They say this is
A big, rich town ♪
I just come from The poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
I just happen To come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪
[50 CENT] I never took
A straight path nowhere ♪
Life's full of twists And turns ♪
Bumps and bruises I live, I learn ♪
I'm from that city full of
Yellow Cabs and skyscrapers ♪
It's hard to get a start
In these parts without paper ♪
Homie, I grew up in hell
A block away from heaven ♪
That corner, every 15 minutes
They movin' seven ♪
Pure snow Bag it then watch it go ♪
Occupational options
Get some blow or some hos ♪
Shoot the ball or the strap
Learn to rap or to jack ♪
Fuck it, man, in the meantime
Go ahead and pump a pack ♪
This my regal royal flow
My James Bond bounce ♪
That 007 That's 62 on my count ♪
I'm a undercover liar
I lie under the covers ♪
Look a bitch in the eyes and
Tell her, "Baby, I love you" ♪
"You're my inspiration
You're my motivation" ♪
"You're the reason that I'm
Moving with no hesitation" ♪
[SINGER] They say this is
A big, rich town ♪
Yeah ♪
I just come from The poorest part ♪
Bright lights, city life
I gotta make it ♪
This is where it goes down ♪
- Ohh, yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
I just happen To come up hard ♪
Legal or illegal, baby
I gotta make it ♪
[BRAYDEN] Bro, I am fucking exhausted.
[TARIQ] I know.
[SIGHS] Spent all night taking
fucking 2-Bit's shit outta my car, man.
You sure we're doin' this?
I mean, we got no choice, bro.
We all in, right?

Tariq. Brayden.
Two rich boys looking
to piss away Daddy's fortune?
Already did that.
Yeah. We need the money for school.
All right.
I'm docking ten percent
for dents and scratches.
- Wait, dents and scratches?
- It's good, B.
Bro, she didn't even look at it.
It's good, B.
Get 'em on the ship.
- Tell Pinky I'll be in touch.
- [TARIQ] Yeah.
Oh, wait, Riq. Wait.
Goodbye, baby.
Thank you for everything.
Good luck in school.
[TARIQ] Cash problem solved.
[BRAYDEN] They say, "Mo' money, mo'"
[TARIQ] Don't finish that, please.
Yeah, you're right. Bad timing.
What are we thinking?
What's bigger than Wall Street?
Not just bigger.
But what we do needs to be
- Any word on a connect yet?
Hold on. I'm figuring it out.
Look, bro,
if we're gonna do this,
it needs to be a partnership.
What the fuck else do you
think it's gonna be?
Meaning I want to be kept
in the loop about everything.
No more fuckin' secrets.
All right, fine. No secrets.
But that means it gotta go both ways.
Yeah, obviously. Where are you going?
Go to the dorm, transfer
that money into a duffel.
I'll call you in a little bit, a'ight?
- The fuck took you so long?
- My bad. My car was tweaking.
A'ight, he's here. Let's get to it.
So what did Kate Egan
have to say for herself?
House is empty.
No sign anyone's been there in a while.
Pretty fuckin' convenient, huh?
Fuck am I supposed to do now?
If she's gone, I'm at a dead end.
That mean whoever shot me
is still out there breathing.
I'll find a workaround.
You shoulda thought about that shit
before you called me
down here for nothin'.
Next time I want a better update.
[SIGHS] Well
Jade looked out.
I don't really got much yet, but
once I see a turn on the profit,
I'll get you a cut.
I know where to find you.
[EFFIE] "If granted the opportunity
to enroll in your program,
you'll find that I am
a resolute, ambitious,
and driven woman,
and that my ultimate goal
is to chart a path in robotics that"
That's wild.
You sound like a whole different person.
Yeah. But it's good, right?
Hell yeah.
Shit. I can give you some
descriptive words about Effie Morales
if you want.
Mm, I'm sure you can. [GIGGLES]
Okay, settle down.
Don't leave me. Where you going?
I missed my interview making
sure you didn't die yesterday so
this application has to be perfect.
Well, why didn't you say something?
You needed help.
It's cool.
Well, good lookin' out.
I appreciate that.
Ah, are you getting soft on me?
Fuck. I gotta dip.
But maybe we can finish this later?
- I'll be here.
- Promise?
I will. [GIGGLES]
Monet was talking to Auntie J about us?
- Yep.
- And it was good?
Nah, Dru. Why you think she
really calling us to the house?
She knows she fucked us up, all right?
She might be changing for good.
So does that mean you're done
tryin' to kill her? 'Cause I am.
I'm just real focused
on the future right now.
I'm gettin' Noma
to make me her number two.
Why the fuck would she do that?
Wow. Thanks for the fuckin' support.
Bro, that bitch stay
threatenin' our lives
and you wanna keep workin' wit' her?
That's what you really want?
I'll tell you what I don't want.
I don't wanna spend
the rest of my damn life
workin' underneath dumbass Cane.
I'm better than him.
Papi knew it. He saw.
A'ight. Well, I want out.
And as soon as I find a window
to tell Noma, I'm doin' it.
You lost your monkey-ass mind?
Fuck you, Dru.
If it was that easy to get out,
you'd already be out.
Noma will kill you
for even thinkin' that.
Well, I can say the same about
you tryin' to be her number two.
We'll see who gets what they want.
- So you're disbarred.
- No. No, not at all.
My license is
under review.
And while that's happening,
I cannot represent you. But
What does this mean for my case, Davis?
Well, it means my associate will
be taking point on your case.
This is Perla Tanaka
and she'll be representing you
for the time being.
I promise I am fully briefed and
up to speed on all your issues.
I don't know about this, guys.
Come on, man.
You don't think I'd hire someone
who couldn't do the job, do you?
And she's a Hoya.
I went to Syracuse.
I'm sorry, Davis.
Let me know how this thing sorts out.
- That's more money out the door.
- I know.
It'll be a miracle if we survive.
[DAVIS] I know. [SIGHS]
I'm gonna go through our contacts,
see if we can't get in front of this
before they all decide to abandon ship.
I like that.
We can get into it later tonight.
- [PERLA] Hey, Tariq.
- [TARIQ] Davis around?
- [PERLA] Yeah, he's upstairs.
you downsizing?
What do you want, Tariq?
Uh I came to talk to you
about something.
I want back in.
Yeah, I need a connect without
Noma or Tejadas knowing.
And you're telling me
because? [SIGHS]
I mean, with all the time
you spend defending,
I figure you know a nigga or two.
I do. [SIGHS]
But he's not like the people
you're used to dealing with.
And he's not cheap.
Well, I got that covered.
Good. I'm taking 20 percent.
Hey, that's extortion. Are you crazy?
Right now, nigga
I might be.
This bitch Noma.
Gonna tell me I'm not needed
at work in a fuckin' text?
Any of y'all know anything about this?
I can't even fuckin' believe y'all.
Ma, she said you can come back
when you're a hundred percent.
Yeah, she just wants you to rest.
That bitch don't give a shit
if I'm rested or not.
And I'm startin' to think
y'all want me out the game too.
Yo, Ma, calm down.
Nah, I'm not fuckin' calmin' down, Dru.
You passed out the other day, remember?
And almost fucked up
our shit with the Russians.
What if it happens again
and nobody's around
- to help like last time?
- Please. I got shot up
and now I'm bein' treated
like a fuckin' dummy
that don't know how to handle myself?
- This is some bullshit.
Let me guess.
Fuckin' Noma.
Yeah, I gotta go handle
somethin' for her.
- Yeah.
- You ain't special, nigga.
- I gotta handle shit too.
- [DRU] Uh-huh.
[DIANA] Ma, are you okay?
Mr. Okeke.
You look like shit.
It's been ten hours.
Sure you don't want any caffeine?
You told me I wasn't under arrest.
You're not.
And yet you hold me here
all night. I want to go.
You can leave whenever
you want, Obi, and I mean that.
But what you do or don't tell me
before you leave,
well, that's gonna determine the
nature of our next conversation.
I told you already, I don't know
any drug organizations
or calls to "shooters."
I don't associate with such people.
Okay. So, why don't we talk
about something you do know.
Green cards.
Is there anything you wanna tell me?
I got them the way everyone does.
Hard work and dedication.
Okay, so, Congressman Tate,
he had nothin' to do with
speedin' up that process?
'Cause I ran down that paperwork
and it appears he was behind it.

I should be so lucky to know
a congressman at this point.
[CHUCKLES] I get it. I get it.
You know who does know him though?
Tariq St. Patrick.
Yeah, I bet that's how
you're connected to Tate.
'Cause I know you know Tariq.
I'm just wondering how is it
that Tariq St. Patrick,
an accused murderer and drug dealer,
has his friend, Congressman TaTe,
doin' favors for you?
Tariq St. Patrick. Hm.
I'm unfamiliar.

So how do you explain these photos
of you with St. Patrick?
I wish to make a phone call.
[SCOFFS] I'm just fuckin' wit' you.
You can make as many as you like.
You're not under arrest. Yet.
[TARIQ] Where the fuck we at?
[DAVIS] Fourth Circle.
[SIGHS] Named for the greedy
bastards who pay top dollar
to bet on the unsanctioned
street fighting you're about to see.
Wait, like a fight club?
Zion grew up in this ring.
I helped him beat a RICO charge
a while back and now, he owns it.
[TARIQ] Some Tyler Durden shit.
No weapons, motherfucker.
Yo, scratch this bitch off the list.
My bad, Zo. I shoulda caught him.
- What up, D?
- What up, Zo?
So no weapons in a fight club?
[DAVIS] Absolutely. There's
an honor system in place.
Think of it as a gangster's Switzerland.
- Neutral ground.
And the safest place to approach
this crazy motherfucker.
- And the winner is
our undefeated
champ of Queens.
Queens get the money, baby!
What the fuck?
What's up wit' your boy?
- See him or what?
- He should be in here somewhere.
Knowing him, he's probably
in the cut. Posted somewhere.
Ah. Oh. Look alive.
We in the field, my nigga
We in the field ♪
Hunt or be hunted Kill or be killed ♪
We in the field, my nigga
We in the field ♪
Hunt or be hunted ♪
Davis motherfuckin' MacLean.
Zion. Long time.
Never long enough.
Place a bet?
I'm here on business, remember?
Let's be 'bout business then.
[MAN IN CROWD] Let's go!
That's enough for 12 bricks.
A'ight, we'll take it.
You a cocky motherfucker.
I like that.
Yeah, but 15's the minimum.
And even if I did
wanna give you a break,
we full over here.
All my product's accounted for
and my men know better
than to pull up lackin'
like you just did.
Thought you would too.
Given who your father was.
Respectfully, you don't know
who my father was.
I know he knew how to solve a problem
before it became a problem.
What about you?
I find it funny you went and got
a white boy just like Ghost did.
Tell me something.
You as crazy as Tommy?
Hey. They eatin' this shit up
like some damn pigs, Z.
I'ma definitely need to re-up
before I dip today.
Who this?
Oh. Customers.
Grab a drink, get some food.
Wanna test the product? It's on me.
- Roman, take care of 'em.
- Bet.
- Always good to see you, D.
- Later, Zion.

The only reason this motherfucker
agreed to meet with us
is your last name.
Like it or not, like him or not,
it helps. And we both need this to work.
So do whatever it takes
to convince him
to give you that product.

- Hello?
- Kene.
What the hell are you doing
in my apartment?
Noma sent me.
We got business to handle,
so where are you?
You'll have to come get me
from the precinct
on 15th Street and 10th Avenue.
Why-why why are you there?
I'll tell you when you get here.
You'll say nothing to Kene.
[SIGHS] All right. I'm on my way.
So, turns out your brother
got caught up at work
and ended up staying overnight.
I'm gonna go meet him at the office.
Thank you for letting me in, Kene.
No, thank you.
If not for your company's kindness
in getting me a green card,
I would still be in Nigeria
praying for a miracle.
What When did you say
you got here again?
What do you mean he's in jail?
He hasn't been arrested,
but they held him all fuckin' night.
Can they do that?
I don't find it particularly helpful
to discuss what the NYPD
can and cannot do, Dru.
[DRU] Well, how soon can you get there?
I'm tied up at the moment. Um
Why the fuck is he in there?
Yo, I don't fuckin' know.
But what I do know is they won't
hand him over to me.
So what do you suggest?
I'm sending someone now.
I know you said don't bother you
but I'm about to go to class
and it's time for you
to take your pills.
When you spoke to Tariq,
did he tell you that I gave
Kate Egan Tasha's address?
What did he say?
He just said Tommy
got the address from you.
He never mentioned a Kate Egan.
[CASSIDY] I'm a hustla ♪
This is for all my niggas
that's goin' through the struggle,
- that's on the grind.
- Yeah ♪
I know what time it is, nigga.
It'll get done.
[CASSIDY] Personality changed, man.
[SOFTLY] Shit.
[CASSIDY] This for the hood.
I'm a hustla
I'm a, I'm a hustla, homie ♪
I got the product, narcotics
For the customers, homie ♪
Make sure you don't cheat that scale.
If you a hustla, I could
I could fuck wit' ya, homie ♪
I wanna go draw.
You can after this one, baby. I promise.
I get 20 a k, I got 20 strips
All doing 20 a day, ay ♪
I get cake from buds
And haze, I'm making dubs ♪
They hatin' 'cause I'm on the
Grind like I'm makin' love ♪
All right. It's good.
Like Jamaican clubs ♪
Cop weight Wait for a drought ♪
There's something else
I need to teach you.
Look, if if anybody at school
or in the neighborhood
asks you questions about
what goes on in this house,
you can't tell them.
Do you understand?
Lock up your posture.
And look at me.
Right in the eyes.
You say whatever you gotta say
to keep this family safe.
- What'd you do today?
- I colored.
Diana, what'd you do today?
I played with my toys.
- Say it louder.
- I played with my toys.
Stop fidgeting.
- [DIANA] Ma.
Who's Kate Egan?
You need anything else?
We gotta figure out how we gonna
get in with this nigga Zion, B.
Wait, you wanna move weight
for mr. Def Jam: Fight for NY?
I mean, unless you have
a whole entire list
of suppliers that we can work with,
sounds like this is our only option.
Davis doesn't know anybody else?
Davis knows the entire
fuckin' city for the right price
but we don't have that right now.
That means we need to get rid
of Zion's men so we can sell.
Bro, we don't even know how
we're gonna move the product yet
and you wanna lock in
on a supplier that deals in bulk
and has a fight club
for fuckin' shits and giggles?
I don't know, Riq. I kinda like my face.
I kinda got a young George Clooney thing
- going on right now.
- B, B, B, listen, please.
Where we start is not gonna
be where we finish, all right?
But we need to start.
And that means not having Noma
and the Tejadas for insulation
means we have to take risks, bro.
- That's the only way.
- Okay, listen.
- We gotta take risks.
- I know. I totally hear you.
But I'm saying we just gotta
be smart right now, okay?
And taking someone out for that spot
doesn't really keep us in the clear.
Why the fuck you sound
so damn scary, bro?
Bro, I'm not scared! I'm just saying,
- we gotta make the right moves.
- Okay, mastermind.
Come up with
a fuckin' plan right now then.
Shit! Becca needs me.
Bro, I'll hit you later, all right?
This interrogation was a violation
of my client's due process, detective.
Do you really want us to hit the
NYPD with a discrimination suit?
Do you even know who you're protecting?
We'll see how you feel when I file
a motion for you to appear in court.
File it. By the time it's processed,
I'll have cells ready
for the entire organization.
Good luck explaining to CNN
how you detained a Nigerian immigrant,
against his will, with no charges.
That's cute.
They're all so cute.
Mr. Okeke, enjoy your freedom.
While you still have it.
Let's get you outta here.
I'll leave you to it.
Thirsty-ass nigga, man.
How the fuck did you even get arrested?
No wahala. It doesn't matter.
The hell it doesn't. We gotta warn Noma.
You will say nothing of this.
Oh, my nigga, I'm not about
to lie to her, all right?
She has to know the cops are lookin'
Listen to me.
The detective is as perceptive
as he is Black.
He thinks I run a drug empire.
So we will let him think so.
He knows nothing of who she is.
I think that if each of them
knows nothing of the other one,
it works in both our favor.
But no more using me like
I'm some kind of corner boy,
makin' me do the shit
that you don't wanna do.
My word.
And I wanna move up.
Becca, what the fuck?
You did realize that our name
isn't on the building anymore, right?
Because everybody else did.
And now the idiots down at Housing
say I have to find a new place to live
so the next rich fucks with their
name on the building can move in.
- Are you high?
- Yeah, no shit.
Not that it matters,
but it's just a little coke.
Becca! I'm really sorry
about what's going on
but do you think you could turn
the music
- It's not quiet hours!
- Okay, we're on our way out.
What the fuck are you doing?
Look, maybe maybe
it's not such a bad idea
to get out of here, right?
Wouldn't wanna get kidnapped
by my psycho roommate again.
I told you I was sorry about that.
Whatever. Look, do you have any cash?
I don't feel like getting
the third degree from Dad.
I'm a little strapped right now
but I could
- What?
- I'm a little strapped right now
but I could help you carry some
of these things if you'd like.
Oh, thank you so much.
This is what you want ♪
[NOMA] And where have you been?
[OBI] I was
They held me and questioned my status.
- It was
- What, for 24 hours?
I've been calling you all day.
I decided to drop my burner phone
before I got in the van.
I figured it was better to not have
a way to track this back to you.
I'd like to say it won't happen again
but who knows in this god-awful country?
Dru, is this true?
I picked him up out of custody earlier.
After meeting his brother
and finding out
that we got him the green cards,
I just wanted to make sure
that Obi got here safely.
We got Obi here safely.
What do you mean "we" helped?
What the fuck are you doing?
What? Your brother had mentioned
that one of us reached out
to Rashad Tate.
About the green cards.
And it-it wasn't me
and I know it wasn't Cane.
Tariq and Tate are pretty close though.
Did Tariq help you and
your brother get green cards?
And did you return that kindness
by helping him escape execution?
You said it yourself,
the boy is brilliant.
What use is he to us if he's dead?
You make an excellent point.
I mean, as much as I hate Tariq,
we do have use for him.
You, on the other hand
It seems the only thing
that you've managed
to get right lately is betrayal.
You've lost focus.
See your life?
I never lose focus.
I've been your focus.
You have no idea what I've done
to protect you.
There is no us, sweetheart.
Clean this up.
Good work.
So lead for the people
or lead for yourself.
Actually a very complex idea.
I'd like you all to think about
the advantages
and disadvantages of autocracy
and be prepared to discuss
for our next class.
I have to leave now, but thank you.
Excellent. Excellent work.
[SIGHS] Yo, Effie?
What's up with this? You doing
some new marketing?
Fuck no.
Where'd you get that?
I mean, I seen a few around campus.
Saw these logos.
I didn't really recognize 'em.
I figured I'd holla at you,
see if this was you.
Tariq, you better not be
fucking wit' me.
Why the fuck would I be
fuckin' wit' you, huh?
Look, I'm just letting you know
that you might have
some new competition
around here. That's it.
So you have a lookout.
Yo! Really?
Come pick up my phone, dumbass.
Don't worry, girl. I got you now.
What the fu
- Girl, you're pregnant?
- Yeah, I am.
I mean do you wanna talk about it?
I honestly don't even know
what I'ma do yet.
Do you really think you're gonna
be able to balance
Stansfield and having a kid?
Graduating from here
is important to me, Bru.
Once I finish, I'll be able
to do whatever else I want
and I ain't never had
that choice before.
- I mean, I feel you.
- Look, Bru.
You are the only person
who knows, a'ight?
And I need to keep it that way.
Okay. I got you, for real.
Can I ask you something?
Ask wisely.
I don't do stupid questions.
What's up with you not letting
Monet come back to work?
You know, I'm starting to wonder
if there's some unnatural connection
between you and Monet.
And what is that supposed to mean?
Well, do you wanna work for
mummy your whole entire life?
Or can you let the tit go, hm?
I'm here helping you yet again
because your number two was grimy.
Now, if you ask me,
I think it's time for you
to make some fuckin' upgrades
around here.
And you think you're qualified
to step up?
Or are you asking
on behalf of Mommy dearest?
You wouldn't have half this shit
if it wasn't for me puttin' in work.
Excuse me. Don't get it twisted.
Hell nah.
Well? What is it?
I have something you should see.
The fuck you doin' in here, Janet?
[SIGHS] Girl
I would have to nurse an Obama
to be able to afford
something like this.
- Look at this.
- Yeah, yeah.
That shit is $30,000,
it's Louis Vuitton, and it's mink.
So take it off
before you fuck it up, please.
Come on.
We are long past the days
of us dressing alike, huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's beautiful.
Wait a minute. Are Are you serious?
Of course.
- You earned it.
- Monet.
- Puttin' up wit' me.
- I did earn it.
You know, God is good.
Yes, yeah, you talk too fuckin' much.
- Let's go. We We gotta go.
- Okay-kay-kay. But God is good!
[NOMA] And you're sure about this?
Found 'em on campus.
I know who these belong to.
His name's Roman
but he's no fuckin' threat.
Then why the fuck
is he selling on my territory?
I can't tolerate this disrespect.
Take him off the board.
And discreetly. We don't need
any unwanted attention.
[ANYA] Hello?!
Sweetheart, you're here.
You can't just send me away
every time you feel like it.
Like, I'm 19 now. I have a life.
Who are they?
[NOMA] Never mind that.
Let's have lunch.
Why don't you go and get cleaned up
and then we'll get the chef to
whip you up anything you like.
Oh, shit. Cane Tejada.
Bro, whatever it is,
I ain't do that shit.
Relax, nigga. Byrd, right?
You know who I am?
I found your man Roman's shit
somewhere it don't belong.
So I'm trying to figure out
how that happened before I start
jumping to conclusions.
Bro, on my mama, I don't know
nothin' about that shit.
My girl just had her baby
and I ain't tryin' to fuck this shit up.
Congrats on the baby.
So you're tellin' me you don't know shit
about who dealing at Stansfield?
Bro, who is Stansfield?
Just tell me when and where
Roman's next re-up is.
I'll handle this shit myself.
- Back to reality ♪
Remember this?
Girl, we used to put on those
talent shows in the backyard
when we were kids.
[SIGHS] Monet!
We used to tear this song up!
Look, I wanna talk about somethin' else.
Of course you do.
I think I think
Diana lied to me today.
I just can't figure out why.
You serious?
Monet, you you can't figure out
why those kids you raised
would lie to you?
- Oh, come on, J.
- I'm just saying.
I taught them the importance of
loyalty to family, but I had to
and I just never thought this
shit would be used against me.
Monet, it doesn't matter
what you taught them.
All kids lie.
I remember you used to lie
to your parents all the time.
Or have you forgotten
how you got pregnant?
But before all the lies
and the choices,
I remember a girl who
liked to have fun.
A girl who had big dreams.
Who'd defend them to anybody
who had something to say about it.
Well, that girl died the minute
they took Zeke away from me.
She didn't die. She did not die.
No. She may be buried under
all of those hard life choices,
but she's in there.
And I bet yo' kids would like
to meet her.
- Yo' ass is lit.
Thought you was done with all this,
- Sister Mary Clarence.
- What?
First of all, God did not
turn water into wine
for them to just sit there
and look at it.
That's not what he intended.
Plus, after dealing
with your butt all week,
shit, I might drink
the whole damn bottle.
Can I get one more? And can you
look at my girl here, please?
And turn on some Prince!
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
Fuck around Gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
Rent's due And them bills coming ♪
Ops near And they still duckin' ♪
Wolves out And they still huntin' ♪
Emotionless I don't feel nothin' ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
In these streets I'm a hustler ♪
Play with me They gon' touch you ♪
Go Flipmode like Busta ♪
Then slide on 'em like Usher ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
- Kill something ♪
Fuck around They gon' kill something ♪
So Kamaal, cop to cop, what can
you tell us about St. Patrick
that's not in the original file?
Tariq has a way of manipulating
the people that are around him
into doing whatever he needs them to.
Manipulate people like your brother?
We know Congressman Tate
has ties to St. Patrick.
Listen, if my brother does
something for somebody,
trust and believe he's gon'
get something in return.
Did St. Patrick ask Tate
to get green cards
for a man named Obi Okeke?
I don't know anything about green cards.
Nothing? We think Okeke might be linked
to St. Patrick's supplier.
I'm not Councilman Tate.
I'd tell you if I knew.
Did your task force ever
find out who was supplying him?
- We never nailed that down.
- How hard did you try?
Why are you bein' so bitchy?
I'm tryin' to help here.
We got a hit on a van in the Bronx.
FD says it's drug transport.
Lot of product up in flames.
They think it might be intentional.
So there's a drug war poppin' off.
- You wanna check it out?
- Yeah, I'll be right there.
Hold up. You're tellin' me that
your task force has jurisdiction
over any drug activity in the city?
Dealers don't respect borough
boundaries, why should we?
Thanks for coming in, Detective Tate.
If we have any more
information or files
You-you know, I think I can
help you with this.
Eh, I think you got, uh,
too many personal ties to this.
You might be compromised or obsessive.
All due respect All due respect,
I just wanna finish what I started.
This guy. Look, I get the
feeling you're gonna follow me
- regardless of what I say.
- Pretty much.
So I'll do the driving.
We can talk further on the way.
Boss, you know we can't let
his dumb ass hang around.
I know. I know.
We'll get something from him.
What we got, Ed?
Somebody found the truck
after hearing gunshots nearby.
Whole shipment got fried.
Whoever's product this was
is gonna be pissed.
- This feels targeted.
- I actually agree with her.
Think we need to run the plates.
See if we get any hits.
Two steps ahead of you, brother.
All right. Text me that address.
We'll meet you there.
[ROMAN] Yo, what up?
Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.
Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.
Fuck you mean you didn't see who did it?
That's 300 Gs down the fuckin' drain.
I know you motherfuckers ain't got it.
Roman Price?
- Shit!
- Stop!
Get on the fuckin' ground!
Yo, yo, yo, yo. Get off me, man!
I ain't do nothin'!
Yeah? Then why the fuck did you run?
Let's start by talkin' about
your torched drug shipment.
[BRAYDEN] I don't know, bro.
I've never seen Becca like this before.
I mean, the sorority
she wanted to pledge
acts like she doesn't even
exist anymore.
You know, I felt like shit
seeing her flame out like that
and not being able to do
anything about it.
Bro, are you even listening to me?
Yeah. I mean, look, I feel bad
for Becca and shit. I'm sorry.
But some rich girls not fucking
wit' her right now is
it's not the fuckin'
end of the world, B.
We gotta figure out how we can pay this
nigga Zion now that
he opened a slot for us.
Wait. When'd that happen?
Well, I faked a trail leading
back to that Roman kid
at the fight club.
Effie took care of the rest.
We're fucking with Effie now?
No, no. It's just
You know, I'm doing
what the fuck I gotta do.
- You know I am.
- Whatever. Fuck it.
The only problem we got
right now is we gotta figure out
how to get 50 more bands
so we can take Roman's spot.
Just figure out how the fuck
we gonna move this product
without Noma figuring it out.
Riq, what the fuck?
You "shh"!
I don't even go here anymore.
Never thought I'd be
saying this again but
let's go get these bricks.
Listen, I'm short 50k.
I'll front you the money.
Do you know how crazy you sound
saying that shit right now?
- Are you serious?
- Yeah. I'm dead serious.
My soon-to-be-ex-wife
is taking half my shit
and that bitch Jenny Sullivan,
she's taking the rest.
This is the only play
that makes sense right now.
Tell me something.
I know why I'm doing this
but why are you?
I just couldn't do it.
I cannot live that life
without the choice being mine.
- I can't.
- Makes sense.
Feels like these motherfuckers
made that decision for me.
Dru, Noma, Cane.
All of these motherfuckers,
they have to get it.
They gotta get what's comin' to them
and I'm not gonna rest
until that happens.
I'm tellin' you that.
Sounds like Detective Carter
couldn't make anything stick on
Noma's boy down at the station.
He's hungry as fuck, Tariq.
And it won't be long before
he finds another way in.
He was definitely hungry.
I could see it in his face
when I was speaking to him.
He's gonna be a problem, but
right now what I'm worried about
is making sure
Noma doesn't find out what
the fuck we have going on.
I think you could be a big help in that
and get paid while you at it.
I'm listening.
[CANE] Where did you say
you find this at again?
On campus.
I told you that.
But shit ain't really addin' up, Effie.
Where specifically?
Because my guy just got back to me
and he never heard of Roman
dealing at Stansfield.
What the fuck, Cane?
You don't hear me talking to you?
Can we table this until I'm
finished with my application?
Noma said take Roman off the table,
that's exactly what you did.
Job done.
You right.
You're right. I'm just saying.
I got a feeling. I mean, I feel like
How do I know you and Tariq
ain't tryin' to run a long game?
Because that makes no fucking sense.
Why would I mess up
my own exit strategy?
Especially when you out here
fuckin' on our boss
like that's a good idea.
What the fuck are you talkin' about?
Do you think I'm fucking stupid?
Nigga, I saw you.
[INHALES SHARPLY] What did it for you?
Was it when she threatened to kill us
or when she stood up to Monet?
I don't know. If you jealous,
just say that.
Nigga, you wish.
I just think it's funny
how you're accusing me of stuff
but you out here
fuckin' our bottom line.
Never shoulda missed
my interview helping you.
Look. I don't have robot shit
takin' me outta New York.
You know? I'm thinking about
my long game too.
Well, I have robot shit to do.
All right.

You have a visitor, miss.
Nice place.
Although, you didn't really strike me
as the throw pillow type.
How can I help you, Mr. MacLean?
Oh, right to it. Okay, well,
I've, uh, prepared documentation
regarding Obi and Kene Okeke.
- Documentation?
- Yes.
What is it you think you know about Obi?
I know my associate has been
unable to reach him
since he was questioned
by Detective Carter.
- Hm.
- Those documents,
those documents show
the brothers traveled to Dubai
where they run no risk of extradition.
You know, just in case
the authorities should ask.
Why are you telling me this?
It's my job to close loops like this
for people like you.
- People like me?
- Yeah.
Who am I, Mr. MacLean?
You're a businesswoman
with a target on her back.
And I can do other things
for you as well.
For a price, of course.
Which I'd be happy to discuss
over drinks.
You're a cheeky motherfucker,
aren't you?
You like cheeky motherfuckers?
Rain check.
But obviously I
I know where to find you.

[SOFTLY] Yeah.
When they worked it out And stayed ♪
And they really Were about it ♪
- And they never ran away ♪
- Never ran away!
That's that old-school love ♪
Come on. Yeah.
That old-school love ♪
Hey. One time.
That's that old-school love ♪
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Hold on. Hold on.
Yo, that was crazy!
Yeah, that sounded, like, really good.
This shit 'bout to go crazy.
- Yeah!
- Yeah, that was dope.
Damn, girl.
How you already got a groupie?
- Be careful.
- Y'all are too much.
All right, come on.
Yo. You know that's how
all groups break up, right?
- [KING] Yeah.
- Uh-huh,
but you still gotta pay, Walter White.
Relax, Destiny's Child.
Sorry for interrupting.
It's all good.
You okay?
Yeah. Just
a lot of shit's out of control
in my life right now
and I just
I feel like a fuck-up, you know?
Sounds like you could use it.
Mr. Fuck-up.
You feel better?
You can't be that persistent.
Why are you here so late?
Took care of that threat from earlier.
Didn't need to come here
to tell me that.
But, um
thought about what you said earlier.
About what I want.
I think we make a great team.
So we're a team now, hm?
Hell yeah.

I just don't get it
I can't fuck wit' it ♪
I'll keep on winnin' ♪
This just too bad Too bad ♪
I'm 'bout to get on your head
Like a muhfuckin' durag ♪
And shittin' on you Ain't enough ♪
I just pulled up to yo'
Shawty crib in a blue Jag ♪
Not empty-handed, of course ♪
She DM'd a year ago
Talkin' a new bag ♪
Gave her that with Kylie
Jenner little shit in it ♪
Why the fuck you starin' so hard?
Bro, I can't help it.
She's so fire. There's just
somethin' about her.
- How'd it go with Davis?
- It went a'ight.
We got product,
now we just gotta figure out
how we gon' move it.
That's why I told you to come here.
This, bro. This is how we move it.
You mean as a music groupie?
This is what you came up with?
Bro, look at that merch table
over there.
They've been selling all night.
People really fuck with them.
I mean, I'm sure the shit is movin'
but I don't think stockin'
a table full of product
in the middle of the school
makes sense, B.
If we can convince enough people
that this group is up next,
we can throw parties
all over the tristate area.
And lately I'm feedin' The fire ♪
Makes sense. Make it
the place to be every week.
Right. Product, entertainment.
Drives demand.
Only thing is, we gonna have to
filter this shit out.
We need a portal or some shit
like Course Correct,
like No Cap All Frap. You know?
Right. So maybe it's there
waiting for 'em
when they get there.
- Yeah, I don't know. Fuck.
All right, we'll chop it up
about this later.
- I gotta take this call.
- All right, bet.
Yo, Pinky.
[PINKY] I'm sending you a clip
from a Ring camera.
[MONET] Now look, I got
somethin' to say to y'all.
- What up? What up?
- Look good?
Where the fuck you been?
Puttin' in work.
Think that shit with Obi you did
made you look real big, huh?
Get off me. You don't know how
to take a fuckin' L, do you?
Yeah, I don't take no Ls,
and I never take orders
- from you, baby bro.
- Y'all, y'all, kill that noise.
Tonight is J's last night.
Yeah, I can't believe
you're leavin' already.
Well, I gotta get back to my life.
Plus, everything here
seems to be settling itself.
[CANE] Mm.
Thanks to Jehovah.
Cane, say grace.
This demon does not know
how to say grace.
- Fuckin' Get off my shoul
- All right, enough!
[PINKY] I found something in Kate Egan's
Ring camera footage.
Check your messages.
Yo, what the fuck? Did you
send this to Monet already?
So, Ma, come on, man.
What's up with this big news?
I'm gettin' ready to launch
my own business.
What kind of business?
What kind you think, boy?
But listen, I want y'all to
come back and work for me.
Not as soldiers
but as partners.
What do y'all have to say about that?
I got you.
Thanks, D.
But I'm out as soon as we turn a profit.
I can work with that.
Cane? Dru?
Yeah, I don't know, Ma.
Workin' for Noma hasn't been so bad.
Yeah, I'm I'm good over here.
- Noma been treatin' me good.
Ma, what's wrong?
what the fuck did you do?
What the hell you talkin' 'bout, Ma?
What the fuck is this?
That's your fuckin' stupid-ass sister
giving Tommy's mother Tasha's address.
Ain't it, Diana?
Wait, Ma. Please let me explain.
Explain how you fuckin'
lied about Kate Egan?
And how you told the bitch it was me?
What the fuck are you trying to do here?
- Ma, I tried to stop it.
- Diana. Come on.
I was never gonna let it happen. Look
You know what? Fuck y'all.
I shoulda never had y'all
little stupid motherfuckers.
- Ma, you took our father
- Stop!
Monet! Monet. Monet. Monet! Monet.
- Back. Back!
- Let's go.
- I'm sorry!
- Come on!
Stop! Stop!
- Dru, you knew about this shit?
- Dru!
- Fuck both of y'all.
- Dru!
These little motherfuckers set me up.
- [JANET] Cane, get back here!
- [DIANA] Go!
Go, Dru! Go.

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