Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Reaping and Sowing

Previously on Raising Kanan
The secret language you talk
with Uncle Marv and Lou-Lou?
Ma, I'm telling you, I know stuff.
How long you been
trying to get with her?
- Since second grade.
- Maybe you should move on.
We met at the choir competition
at City Center last week.
This bitch doesn't know
who she's fucking with.
Who you calling a bitch?
I'm in a specific line of work.
If it's not a problem for you,
it's not a problem for me.
I'm sorry. I got to go.
Kanan's not in this.
Kanan's you and Def Con's boy, Raq.
That nigga been in this shit
before he was even in this shit.
Unique trying to muscle his way
into our corners again.
We need to push back.
He need to feel us.
Saw Buck on your Mum's
corner on the way over.
Y'all lay back. Me and D will do this.
Who shot him? You or me?
You and your friends killed that boy
for a corner I already gave up.
- I didn't know you gave it up.
- Exactly!
You don't know, but you think you do.
- Kanan!
- I'm good, I'm good.
Him and his boys, they got
prices on their heads.
My son don't got nothing to say to you.
Watch your back Raquel.
You wanted to be in it, you in it.
They teach you about
this nigga Isaac Newton.
This noise on every action
has an opposite reaction
that's Newton shit.
He said that.
And that's real in the lab
and on these streets.
Everything you done come back at you.
And sometimes that shit come at you
while you're taking out your
garbage in front of your crib.
Kanan, hurry up!
First day back at school since
all that went down.
Look, it's only been a few days.
It's gonna still be hot out there.
You need to watch yourself.
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
You're not good, Kanan.
Not even close to good.
I'm not good, then.
Wait, you're hearing me, but
you're not listening to me.
That boy's people in a pain
that's never gonna end.
The only thing that
they living for right now
is finding out who took him from them
and figuring out how they
gonna kill them when they do.
Fuck it.
Maybe you should just stay home,
let shit rest another minute.
So you gonna keep me locked up in here
for the rest of high school?
It crossed my mind.
Ma, I'm good, all right?
I'm missed, but I got to go.
Eyes open, Kanan
at all times.
- What?
- I'm gonna drive you.
Ma, when are you bringing me in?
When we were on that
beach, buckin' off those guns.
You said you was gonna get me involved,
get me started in the business.
You been started, Kanan.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
You pull that trigger, you in it.
Ain't no going back now.
People are talking, pointing fingers,
and you can be damn sure
that some of those fingers
gonna be pointed at
you and your friends.
I'm scared, Kanan.
And I need you to be here with me
because that fear keeps
us alert and awake.
It keeps us alive.
So be scared.
Scared of them or scared
of me, but be scared.
I'm scared.
Clear the way.
- Hey, let go of her hair!
- Get off!
Let go. Let
Yo, Buck wasn't shit, and
he didn't love you anyhow.
He was with me the night before.
Oh, bitch!
Take them to my office right now!
You all have somewhere
to be, so get there, now!
Davina got heart.
Fighting over a dead nigga.
It don't get much stupider than that.
I told you not to slide
them corners to Unique,
but you did it anyway.
Now he got our spots,
and Kanan's still a mark.
In other words, we gave up
all that shit for nothing.
You seen my house recently, Marvin?
It's got slugs in it. 'Nique's slugs.
That shit with him needed to be deaded.
That's why I gave up those
corners, and I'd do it again.
It was the right call.
- Fighting one battle at a time.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, as far as these
stray niggas out here
still talking about Kanan and
his crew dropping Buck Twenty,
that's another problem altogether.
You gonna pick up Kanan from school
and bring him to the stash.
He gonna post up there for a while.
Speaking of the stash, it won't be long
before ConEd realises
we stealing they power.
Been in that spot way too long.
I seen a few empty
houses closer to Linden.
Houses got us too exposed,
too out in the open.
We need cover, a front.
Early Tyler talkin' about opening, uh,
an exotic fish store,
you know, with like piranhas and shit.
We could keep our business in the back
with the aquariums and food or whatnot.
What the fuck do Early
Tyler know about fish?
Nigga had a barbershop for four minutes,
and the Board of Health shut
it down because of scabies
or some nasty-ass shit.
Wait, what is you talking about?
I know, but wait, okay?
Well, first, it was it was lice.
And it wasn't Early's fault.
Somebody brought their
weave in there all infested.
Them shits got all into
the walls and to the floors.
That bodega off Sutphin near Shore
it's owned by some Colombians,
a husband and a wife.
She stepped to me a while back.
Said they're looking
for other opportunities.
So she know what we do?
Well, I heard she got a cousin
in Washington Heights,
fuck with the Nariños.
She know hustle when she see it.
And I think she been checking
us out for a minute.
And by the way, I'm putting together
a little somethin'-somethin'
at Lanes tomorrow night.
Let heads know we still
out there swingin'.
Wine, women, and song type shit.
A party?
He talking about throwing a party.
To let the streets know we
still out here making moves.
I'm building the business,
and you throwing parties?
If that shit don't say
it all right there,
I don't know what does.
Both y'all can come.
Spanish Club will meet
today in Room 117.
The East Side Book Club
will meet Fridays
from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.
You all right?
Just waiting on my mum.
I ain't see you around in a little bit.
I've been out a few days.
I had to watch my little sister.
My Mums
I've been out, too.
I got strep or something, you know.
I'm sorry about Buck.
Look, I know you two
weren't really friends
but Buck was a good guy
at least to me.
And I don't care if he was with Tiffany.
I just think it's mad fucked up
to talk about somebody who died.
Like I ain't got shit else to do.
Like I ain't got a life of my own.
I got to get called down here,
disrupt my whole damn day.
why don't you and Davina
come inside my office
where we can talk?
I am a single mother, Dr. West.
I'm raising two girls on my own.
Ain't no man around to help me.
Let's you, Davina, and I talk about it.
Come on, Patricia.
And you, Kanan, go to class, now.
Too savage for your average thug ♪
Black Sun, one shot at love and one ♪
Shit, when you said no security,
I was figuring this shit for a hit, man.
Spent the last 30 minutes
circling this motherfucker,
making sure you wasn't
setting my ass up, Raq.
Yeah well, you won't
see me coming, 'Nique.
Still a lot of chatter
about who put down
this kid, Buck Twenty.
Well, ain't nobody ever
died from talk, Raq.
At least not yet.
Well, that's a short stop from
niggas wagging they tongues
to guns getting' warm.
Look, I called all my people off, Raq.
Not much more I could do.
Like I said before,
Buck's folks is angry.
And I can't be held
accountable for civilians
exercising they God-given
right to hit the fuck back.
You know how this shit work.
You know what time it is.
Streets need a body.
Some shit's starting to
bubble up about Buck.
My sister said she heard
them talkin' about it
while she was getting her nails done.
Until it gets to the barbershop,
no one listening.
When you do what me and D did,
it feels like every nigga clocking you,
every nigga know.
Some shooters like that feeling.
Not me. Not back then.
How you feelin'?
Kanan's all good because
he knows I was the one
that put that nigga down.
Yo, you want him? You can have him, D.
And you ain't doin' nobody no favour
speaking on that shit out loud.
All right nigga, calm down.
Oh, oh, there go the champ!
Weighing in at 110 pounds even,
straight from the Southside,
Davina "Don't Get No Meana" Harrison!
Man, the finest girl in school,
and she can throw them hands.
Man, I'm about to be in love.
Yo, Buck just died a few days ago,
and you already pushing up on her?
She's single.
Let me down, let me down ♪
You ragamuffin girl ♪
You give me fever ♪
But I don't want no healer ♪
Come down slow come down slow ♪
You didn't touch nothing
while I was gone, did you?
Oh, no. No way.
My Grandpa Walt's about as old as you,
and I know you guys get real confused
if you don't find your stuff
just the way you left it.
Burke bringing jokes.
So, uh, we should
talk to the-the mother, right?
See what she can tell
us about this, uh
Donyell Worley.
Buck Twenty.
That's what they call
him around the way.
Don't nobody know no Donyell Worley,
but they know Buck Twenty for sure.
And his mom, she don't know shit.
There's nothing for us there.
Well, Captain was clear about
putting this murder down.
Our investigation should
start with the family.
Captain don't give a fuck
about Buck or his Mum.
Buck's gone. There's nothing
we could do for him now.
Cap just wants us to make
sure there ain't no more
Buck Twenties dying on
the Southside anytime soon.
We're going to the tailor.
Hey, move down over there.
You the one hittin'
skins with my sister.
No, I think you got
the wrong guy, brother.
Raquel Thomas, that's my little sister.
My baby brother Lou-Lou told
me, uh, you all up in that.
I'm not all up in anything, man.
You goddamn right about that, nigga,
'cause I'll fuck you up.
I bet you won't.
Yo, man, that was real dark
skin of you back there, man.
Listen, I'm just fucking with you, kid.
I'm just making sure your intentions
with my sister are honorable and shit.
Well, when it comes to your sister,
you don't need to worry
about my intentions.
Like that name, baby.
Yo, uh, where Toni at?
In the back.
Uh-huh, yeah, that's
that's that good shit.
Uh, I'm I'm straight. Thanks.
Suit yourself.
You know, tomorrow night's short notice.
Why don't you just do it
in some club in Queens?
Yeah, I mean, but niggas love
these downtown vibes here.
It's gonna be small,
you know, just a little
get-together amongst friends.
Maybe you give us a little
corner in the spot.
I mean, you won't even
notice that we're here.
Won't take up no space at all.
Yo, you good?
I'm not sure if you're aware,
but I'm in mourning.
The dog, right?
Yeah, yo, I heard about that.
Microwave and little nigga got radiated.
Yo, that's a fucked-up way to go out.
Do you have pets, Marvin?
I don't believe in cleaning up
nobody's shit but my own.
You're funny.
Your sister's a straight bitch, though.
You know, for a second I thought
maybe she was the one who killed my dog.
Yo, Raq loves animals
and likes you, too.
Says you a tough-ass white girl,
which is real praise coming from her,
'cause Raq don't like
white girls on principle.
What time tomorrow night, Marvin?
Um, jump off around, like, nine, ten.
You have to pay my DJ.
But you got to save a dance for me.
I'm not very good at dancing.
Ah, don't matter.
Yo, I'm good enough for the both of us.
Im'a need you to wait in the car.
Look, I didn't go through
the academy and walk a beat
for three fucking years to
keep this car running for you.
See, I figured with your
old man, his brothers
and their dads being cops,
you didn't even have to
go to the academy at all.
Fuck you.
Now you're learning.
Don't take shit, not even from me.
But your ass still
gonna wait in the car.
Houndstooth 'bout to be hemmed!
You motherfuckers must
be really confused
about who I am or who the fuck you are.
Hey, let him through, man.
He good.
You know, I would offer you
your own jacket, detective,
but this must be the only one
in the world right here, man.
The world is better for it.
Buck Twenty, he was one of yours.
Well, if by one of mine,
you mean he was a friend,
then, yeah, Buck Twenty
was one of mine, man.
Rest in peace to my nigga Buck.
Can't have no more bodies
dropping up here, 'Nique,
especially kids.
Need to talk to your girl Raq, man.
Can we step away from the
fucking boys choir of crack?
Hold this.
It's still a little tight
in the chest, man.
Look, 'Nique
you and I,
we both know one of the
worst things ever to happen
to Southside was Raquel Thomas
taking over for High Post.
There's rules.
And she either don't know them,
or she don't give a fuck.
Only one king could
rule a kingdom, 'Nique.
One king,
one code, one crew.
I'm betting on you.
Smart money, Detective. Smart money.
You make sure ain't no more bodies.
I'm gonna make sure you
sittin' on that throne.
Davina fucked her ass up.
Girls be crazy. Shit.
Yo, we making moves
on this pizza or what?
- Let's do it.
- Hell, yeah.
- Got shit to do.
- Damn!
Juke and all her
top-secret plans and shit.
Yo, kiss my ass, Famous.
Just 'cause I got a life
outside of all you
trifling-ass motherfuckers
doesn't mean I got secrets.
It just means I don't want to kick it
with you tired-ass niggas all the time.
Ease up, Juke, all right?
I didn't mean nothing.
Yo, Fame, she just going to get
some extra loot for her demo.
- Ah.
- She gonna get her Whitney on,
and soon we gonna be
saying we knew her when.
Yo, Kanan!
I'm here to take you to
your after-school job.
Since when you got a job?
Since his mama said so.
Word. Working man now.
Got to bounce.
You, um, want to ride?
- I'm good.
- Yo, let's do this.
I know you good, girl.
I'm asking, you know,
if you want to ride.
Dad, I'm straight.
She was quick to get with you ♪
Daddy knocked the wind up
out you when he hit you ♪
Hey, man.
I hope you're ready, man.
- Where we going?
- Your man named employee of the month.
Im'a come back here
and kick that fucking cat.
Some dumb shit.
- Oh, hi, Ms. Thomas.
- What's up, Ms. Thomas?
Where y'all heading, fellas?
We're going to play some video
games, might eat some pizza.
It's on me.
- Word?
- Yeah, kid.
- Thanks, man.
- Thanks, Lou-Lou.
Just make sure you put
in a good word for me
with your sister.
I don't even really see
too much of Jess now.
S-she be busy with school and all that.
She live with you, right?
So when you're reaching for the same box
of cereal in the morning,
just tell her I said what's up.
J-Jess don't even like cereal like that,
'cause, you know, dairy
be messing with her.
I'm just asking you to tell her
that I said what's up.
I ain't ask about her fucking GI tract.
How's your Mum, Derek?
Kind of nervous right now.
Uh, my brother just
got back from Upstate.
Truth is I think she liked it
better when he locked up.
At least she know where to find him.
Let's do this.
Careful out there.
- We will.
- For sure.
Juliana, how you doin', mami?
Who are you?
How the fuck you know my wife?
I'm Raq Thomas, and this
is my brother Lou-Lou.
We wanna talk to you and your wife
about your business here
and the possibility of working together.
My wife doesn't talk business.
I talk business.
Follow me.
Where are we?
That's your new office, nigga.
I'd pay for the upgrades.
Reinforced door,
security cameras, all of it.
In exchange for you
letting us use your space,
we hit you off with some rent.
Hey, I want a percentage of your sales.
I'm taking a great risk letting you use
my store for this, huh?
I should be fairly compensated.
I don't know why you're talking to me.
She runs shit.
You may be taking a slight risk in here,
but we the ones risking
everything out there.
Unless you want to get your
ass out on that strip with us,
you don't get a piece of that.
Take it or leave it,
'cause we good either way.
I take it. Huh?
I'll take it. It's good.
From here on out,
you come here after school every day.
Your Mum said you need to
start doing your homework
while you're here.
Said you start fucking up the books,
your Black ass back on the bench.
Round one, fight!
What is this? What am I doing here?
You in the nerve center, baby.
HQ, you sitting on the stash, Black man.
You the dragon guarding the gold.
Ain't that right, Scrap?
Yeah, um, dragons on
the gold, that's us.
Look, Scrappy gonna hip you
to all the rules of the game,
so listen close.
Yeah, I'll be by to pick you up later.
- What
- You the dragon.
We got that Polo hotness!
Tees, sweaters, jackets!
Hey, man, how you doing?
Polo, brand-new sweaters, jackets.
- Twenty.
- Thirty.
Nuh uh, 20.
All right, whatever, man, 20.
Yo, you got to work on your
negotiation skills, Twin.
I got, like, six more of them
bum-ass sweaters in my bag.
Hey, yo, yo, how much for
this jacket right here?
Two fifty.
That's-that's too much.
Keep it steppin', then.
Yo, that's that Suicide.
Last one I got.
This shit's hotter than a pistol.
You know, I'm putting
my own life in my hands
just by having it out there.
Nigga, I could sell you
this shit for, like, 350.
I was just showing you some love
'cause I can respect
the the cookie, huh?
Shit ain't bootleg, right?
Fuck out of here with that shit, man.
We Lo-Life crew. Come on, recognise.
From top to bottom. We in it to win it.
Yo, go talk to them
Africans down the block.
They got that knock-off
shit you can afford.
- Huh?
- Ahh, man!
I knew you could appreciate
this life we livin', kid.
You right.
All right, break me off some change.
This is for you. I will
get you your change.
Why don't you try it on for us, huh?
I am gonna try it on.
I'm gonna wear this out.
You better wear it out.
Twenty, forty
Fifty for you sir.
Oh, man. Good looking out.
- Hey, appreciate it.
- Nice doing business with you.
- Real talk.
- All right.
- All right, y'all.
- All right.
It'd be easier. Take care of that.
Made my money, nigga.
Ooh, you about to get
up that studio time loot.
Yo, you know how we do.
How was after school?
We played video games, Ma.
When am I gonna get out on a corner?
Okay, you got to walk before you run.
Bumped into Famous and Derek today.
He said his big brother's
home from prison.
Yeah, he got back a couple weeks ago.
Derek got you the guns you
used on Buck Twenty, didn't he?
I know his brother's a wild boy.
Figure he must have gats
stashed up in the crib.
I'm not trying to get
D-Wiz in trouble, Kanan.
I'm just asking.
I want to make sure
that you guys are all
checking for each other
out there, that's all.
You only as good as your crew.
Yeah, Ma.
My crew's holding me down.
Go get washed up so we can eat.
What's today's mathematics?
I'm making the most of what we got.
Kanan stays on the stash
until further notice.
I don't want him anywhere
near the street.
Got your party tonight, right?
Oh, we about to turn
this motherfucker out.
Might be the time to get
your Reggie Jackson on.
Don't like it any more than you.
What my shit got to do
with Reggie Jackson?
What you-what you talking about?
What you looking for?
What's behind this door?
Nothing you need to worry about.
Raq put me in here to learn
how all this shit work.
You supposed to teach me what's what.
Raq, also known as your Mums,
put you in here to keep your
stupidness off the block.
You so dumb, you don't even get it.
I ain't your teacher, nigga.
I'm your fucking babysitter.
All right, I know you like
all that Ralph Lauren shit,
but you need to get some downtown style.
I'm serious.
You can't wear sweatshirts
to the Deb Ball.
You still think I'm going to
your white-people dance?
Okay, so it's not a white-people dance.
It's a white-people ball.
Ooh, I like that, by the way.
Face to face ♪
I can buy it for you.
Why would I need you to buy it for me?
Oh, I just thought you just maybe
You just thought maybe a
poor Black girl from Queens
needs you to buy her
a corny-ass T-shirt?
I'm not your ghetto
charity case, Nicole.
I got my own money, and
I can buy my own shit.
DJ spinnin', I said my, my ♪
Flash is bad ♪
I'm sorry.
I just thought
I don't know what I thought,
but I totally get why it
would hurt your feelings.
I'm just a dumb-ass girl
from the Upper East Side.
I mean, where I'm from,
the only way to show people
you like them is by buying them stuff.
By the way, that shirt was ugly.
So I wasn't gonna buy
it for you, anyway.
You said you liked it.
Ah, I like what you like.
I like you.
I remember the first time ♪
I danced with you baby ♪
It was a slow song ♪
The lights were so ♪
You threw me in the stash
to keep me off the street.
You put me on ice.
That's exactly what I did.
But before you all up and down me,
telling me how I lied to you or
how I'm not giving you a chance,
just know that I started
the same way, Kanan,
with Def Con, your daddy.
Def had me do the same thing.
Sitting on the stash,
watching TV all day long,
and it was boring as hell.
But he did it for two reasons.
First off, he did it 'cause
I was pregnant with you,
and he ain't want me out
there fighting off junkies.
But he also did it to see
if I would follow orders.
To see if I would do exactly
what he told me to do
without beefing, without
throwing up my hands.
Def Con was smart as hell.
That was your father.
And he knew that to be a good leader,
you also have to know how to follow.
You have to know how
to listen, to learn,
to accept your role, put in that work.
I'm going out. You stayin' here.
If you want, you can have
a friend sleep over.
What about D-Wiz?
Sure he wouldn't mind getting
out the projects for a night.
I bought a bootleg of
New Jack City today.
You two can watch it.
Word, I'll hit him up.
What you all dressed up for?
I'm having a night out, that's all.
I love you more than anything
or anyone, Squeeze.
You know this.
Yo, D!
Headin' to this party downtown. Hop in.
I'm watching New Jack City
at the crib with Kanan.
Change of plans.
Kanan gonna be there. He ain't tell you?
Not at all.
Get in, man.
Step, yeah yeah I'm on top of it ♪
I, I have to get the styles
that you be seeking ♪
And the words that I be speaking ♪
Poor righteous teachers
posse teaching ♪
Anyone that lacks this
style that I be styling ♪
About to have the best
night of your life, kid.
I'm smooth with the roughness ♪
Just serving justice
suckers try to suck this ♪
But, but I be scoping ♪
I've got a question to ask you, baby ♪
Hey. Oh, hell, no.
Where the new guy at?
Oh, hi. Um, Symphony called in sick.
I've got someone to fill in for him,
but they won't be here for another hour,
and the doors will be
open by then. Okay.
Oh, somebody beautiful like you
shouldn't be doing all this ugly work.
Oh. Thank you, Marvin.
Oh, we're just going over here.
I like the black.
Like-like a sexy witch type.
Thank you. Yeah, I like the black, too.
Time with you is just
getting me hectic ♪
I need to know are we just friends ♪
Or is there more that
I'm allowed to feel? ♪
Let me go slow ♪
Yeah ♪
Yo, Davina.
What you doing, Kanan?
Me and D-Wiz gonna watch a movie.
Dude supposed to be here by now.
I called him, like, twice.
Is that your sister?
Yeah, Tanisha.
Only shuts her eyes
when she's out the house.
Already figured out that
she can't trust my Mums.
You see they got a article
in there today about Buck.
In the section where they write
about the people who died.
Four sentences.
That's all they got.
Buck's whole life in four sentences.
Wonder how many they'll write about me.
Hey, I've been hearing that
maybe you and your friends
had a beef with Buck?
Uh, don't listen to that, all right?
Shit's not real.
Okay. Got to go.
I'll, uh, I'll see you in school.
It'll be a minute.
They gave me a week for
the fight with Tiffany.
All right, well, I'll be
waiting on you, then.
Yo, they out here waiting.
Shit, Marvin.
You said it was just a
get-together amongst friends.
Yo, I mean, what can I say, man?
I got a bunch of friends.
Well, your friends
are gonna have to wait
'cause I have regular clientele,
and they are our number-one priority.
Hi, you two. Oh my God, Mr.
and Mrs. Fabulous, come in.
- Nice coat, sweetheart.
- I know.
Yo, listen, man, all my peoples
is on the express line.
Y'all gonna get in
real quick. I got you.
Have I let you down? I
got you, baby, come on.
Yo, my man.
I heard you looking for soldiers.
Where you from?
Down for whatever.
- Oh, good to know.
- What's up, man?
Let's get the express up in this spot.
You're gonna stand here and wait in line
like everybody else, nigga.
Ain't no shortcuts.
What the fuck's so funny?
He Black, and we Black, so
that means something to me.
Just 'cause Dinkins look like us
don't mean he actually give
a fuck about us, sweetheart.
Word up.
Yo, when's Kanan getting here?
Oh, uh, he on his way.
Actually, have you have
you met Amber yet, D?
Nice to meet you, Amber.
You too, baby.
You know what?
I think my boy D here
could learn something from somebody
who, uh, has your specific
kind of expertise.
I could?
Oh, most definitely.
Show him what's what, doc.
What is this, man?
Like I said, best night
of your life, baby.
It describes the kid on the mic ♪
I'm the TR-808, huh ♪
But just call me D-Nice ♪
Is everything all right
from the other night?
When you rushed out of the restaurant.
Yeah, just-just some drama
at my kid's school.
He straight.
We straight.
So I know them high-rises got a story.
- Let's hear it.
- Huh.
First ones to build a
high-rise were the Romans.
Called them insulae.
The higher up you were,
the cheaper the rent.
And then in 1743,
King Louis XV in France
invented the elevator.
It changed the whole game.
Rich people started to
buy up all the high-rises.
They felt safer up high,
away from all the poor
folks in the street.
And up here, you can see what's coming
before it gets there.
I'm boring you with all
my school shit again.
I asked about the buildings
'cause I want to know.
I love hearing you talk, Symphony.
Keep going. Teach me something.
By the time the public-housing boom hit
here in New York in the 1930s,
middle class wanted to be
up in them high-rises, too.
But Robert Moses,
that dude I told you
about the other day,
he got it all twisted.
He took high-rises and turned
them into projects, prisons,
where poor people pay rent.
Fucked it all up.
And here we are.
Come on, let's eat before
you freeze to death
and the food gets cold.
I've got the power ♪
Oh shit!
I've got the power ♪
I've got the power ♪
I've got the power ♪
All right, ladies.
Tell 'em you're Toni's girls.
You look fabulous.
- Yes, you do, of course.
- Thank you.
When are you gonna let me in?
You can wait your fucking turn.
No. When you gonna let me in?
Fuck off!
Come on, baby, I'm just jok
Hey yo, they jumpin' Marvin, man.
Hey, Marvin can handle his
own business, all right?
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
Come on. Let's get out
though. Excuse us.
I found out ♪
What I've been missing ♪
Always on the run ♪
I've been looking ♪
For someone ♪
Your brother Marvin got a lot to say.
Now you're here ♪
Most of it don't add up to shit.
And you know just what I need ♪
It took some time for me ♪
To see ♪
That you give good love ♪
To me, baby ♪
Oh, I was thinking that maybe
we should take it slow.
You give good love to me ♪
It's never ♪
Never too much ♪
Fuck that noise.
Baby, you give good love ♪
Never stopping ♪
I was always searching ♪
For that perfect love ♪
The kind that girls like me ♪
Dream of ♪
Now you're here ♪
Like you've been before ♪
- Up against the wall!
- Let me go, man!
- Marvin!
- Shit.
I'm so sorry about all of this.
No one's ever fought for me before.
Hey, ain't nobody disrespectin' my girl.
Some time for me to see ♪
That you give good love to me ♪
Baby ♪
So good ♪
Take this heart of mine ♪
Into your hands ♪
You give good love to me ♪
It's never ♪
Never too much ♪
Yo, forget Kanan, man.
Shit, he missed the best party ever!
Hey, Miss Washington.
Is Derek there?
Now I can't stop ♪
Word. Thanks.
Lookin' around ♪
That shit was bananas.
Amber was a dime, yo.
Yo, you got her number?
Our love is here to stay ♪
To stay ♪
So good ♪
Take this heart of mine ♪
You give good love ♪
It's never ♪
Too much ♪
You give good love ♪
No ♪
Never too much ♪
Baby ♪
Yeah, motherfuckers!
Southside represent!
You give good love ♪
Home run.
My son.
He's going to bed.
We all know when shit starts.
We can point to the jump-off,
figure out the beginning.
But what we don't always
know is when it ends
or how it ends.
That's because sometimes shit don't end.
At least not how we think.
We start things we can't stop.
We do shit we can't undo.
And the only way we know it's over
is when it circles back
when it comes all the way
around on us again.
And it's then we know,
you know shit only really stops
when it gets back to
where the fuck it started.
We know we're the beginning and the end.
We need a bigger move.
Some shit we can grow into.
You help me, I'll help you with my mom.
I want you to tell me the truth, Kanan.
Did you know that D was shot ?
What's been keeping you from me?
Please don't tell my dad.
Every cop and criminal
in this city knows
that Malcolm Howard
holds it the fuck down.
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