Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Stick and Move


[GROWN KANAN] Previously on
Raising Kanan
How you feeling?
Kanan's all good because
he knows I was the one
that put that nigga down.
[RAQ] You pull that trigger, you in it.
People are talking, pointing fingers.
And I can't be held accountable
for civilians exercising
they God-given right
to hit the fuck back.
Streets need a body.
I'm sorry about Buck.
Buck was a good guy, at least to me.
- [KANAN] Where are we?
- That's your new office, nigga.
Just 'cause I got a life outside all you
trifling-ass motherfuckers
doesn't mean I got secrets.
- I like what you like.
- I like you.
I was thinking that maybe
we should take it slow.
[RAQ] Yeah.
Fuck that noise.
Might be the time to get
your Reggie Jackson on.
About to have the best
night of your life, kid.
[LOU-LOU] Home run.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me it's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
it's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
we'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot at the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Big bags of bread
boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break you're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up g'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' 'round this bitch
still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
there'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
we do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it on this side ♪
I know heartbreaks setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me it's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
it's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
Let's get it, let's get it.
- No shorts.
- Nah, you good.
- [MAN] Yo, what you need?
- No shorts.
No yo, cop and go!
You think I'm bullshitting out here?
[GROWN KANAN] This ain't
no fucking office job.
No two days the same.
Just when you think you got
your rhythm and routine
all figured out,
something fucks you all up.
[OFFICER] Don't move! Don't move!
[GROWN KANAN] That's why
there ain't no old heads
on these corners.
[OFFICER] Up against the wall.
- [HOWARD] Don't move!
[GROWN KANAN] This young man's business.
[MAN] Hey, hey, hey!
be fast on these streets.
Got to be sharp.
And your head got to be
as quick as your feet.
[RAPPER] You're steppin' with 007 ♪
Better make it snappy ♪
Grab the wall!
"Grab the wall!" [LAUGHS]
Hey, yo, this bitch balls just dropped!
- Shut the fuck up!
Fucking rookie cop.
[RAPPER] Penetrate at a crazy rate ♪
This ain't no .38 ♪
Hit 'em at point-blank range
and watch 'em radiate ♪
Runnin' out of ammunition
I'm done with 'em ♪
You ask me how I did 'em
I let the rhythm hit 'em ♪

[GROWN KANAN] The drug game
same as the fight game.
There's always someone coming for you,
so you always on your toes.
Always throwing, stepping,
commanding that motherfucking ring.
[RAPPER] Tonight if
the R's on the mic ♪
There's a slight chance ♪
The crowd is crucial ♪
MC's grounds are neutral ♪
Now that you're here
let me introduce you ♪
Get ready, I'm hard
to read like graffiti ♪
But steady science
I drop is real heavy ♪
Radiant energy
that'll be the penalty ♪
Touch the third rail
on the pain of remedy ♪
The prescription's one
every hour, now it's a habit ♪
Ya need another hit from
the freestyle fanatic ♪
Attention, follow
directions real close ♪
Keep out of reach of children ♪
Beware of overdose ♪

[GROWN KANAN] Stick and move, baby.
That's how we do.
Stick and move.
[SINGER] I really want to meet you ♪
But I'm kind of scared ♪
'Cause you're the kind of lady ♪
With so much class ♪
I get my thoughts together ♪
For the very next day ♪
- But when I see you, lady ♪
[SINGER] I forget what to say ♪
Your eyes and hair ♪
Such a beautiful tone ♪
The way you dress and walk ♪
It really turns me on oh, yeah ♪
You may still be in college,
but there's some shit you
could be teaching, professor.
I graduated college.
I'm getting my master's.
Mm, yeah, you are.
[SINGER] Come and talk to me ♪
I really want to meet you ♪
So it's like that?
You just have your way
with your girl, then bounce?
Oh, I got to type up a paper
on the computer at the library.
- History of concrete.
- [RAQ] Mm.
I love hearing that shit.
Tell me about that concrete, boy.
Well, in 1824,
Joseph Aspdin invented cement
by burning finely ground chalk and clay
until the carbon dioxide was removed.
That's it?
There is more to it,
but it gets a little technical
and boring and shit.
It gets more boring than
"this dude was fuckin'
with chalk and clay and carbon dioxide"?
It actually does.
You know
I got one of those Macintosh joints
collecting dust up in
my office up in here.
You got a computer?
You think we still counting
on our fingers and toes
out here on the Southside?
- I don't know.
- You tell me.


Yo, who are you?

Hey, yo.
Who are you? What are you doing?
Damn. Uh, my bad.
It's, uh, Kanan, right?
I'm sorry.
Your mum said you were at school.

I'm Symphony.
Why are you in my house,
and why are you on my shit?
[RAQ] My shit, you mean.
And he don't got to
answer your questions,
'cause I got one for you,
and it's the only one that matters.
Why are you still here?
School started an hour ago.
Needed some extra time.
I need you to apologise to
my friend Symphony here,
who I invited into my home.
[SYMPHONY] That's not necessary at all.
I get it.
I would've done the same thing
if I saw some half-dressed
fool sitting on my computer.
Hurry up. I'm taking you to school.

Listen, no kid wants to meet
the dude who's with his mum
half-naked sitting on his Macintosh.
You stick to concrete.
I'll handle my son.
So when you start letting dudes
sleep over at the house?
I'm an adult, Kanan.
You don't tell me who I can
have sleep over at my house.
I got a progress report yesterday.
It says you slipping.
Now, you start messing up your grades,
everything gonna change
for you real fast.
You a student first and foremost.
That's all that matters.
That is all I care about.
I know you sad about your friend.
And I'm sorry.
What happened to him was a tragedy,
but these streets don't play, Kanan.
That's what I keep trying to tell you,
but you don't want to hear me, though.
They're saying D-Wiz got hit
'cause he killed Buck Twenty.
Let 'em say that.
Let 'em talk.
The target's off of your back now.
Don't do nothing to put it back on.
How about you and I go pay
respects to D-Wiz's mum?
It's important at times like this
that she feels supported.
We all got to look out for each other.
This why I wanted you to
go to Stuyvesant, Kanan.
Fuck Stuyvesant.
Rolling corners does
not move the needle,
not here or at One PP,
especially when you got two bodies,
two juveniles no less,
and no suspects.
Did you know that one of 'em,
this, uh yeah, this
Derek "D-Wiz" Washington,
he played for one of
our basketball teams.
Yeah, Conroy over in Traffic
coached him for three years.
Said he had a nice little
jump shot on him.
Well, no more jumpers for Derek.
Like his life, his basketball
career is over,
and we don't have a
fucking clue who did it.
Same with this other kid, this, uh
Donyell Worley.
[PERALTA] Buck Twenty. Jesus.
These kids and their fucking names.
Also, no suspects.
And yet this morning, you bring me
the Macy's Day Parade of corner boys
who basically come around long enough
to get a soda and a Hershey bar,
then head the fuck
back out to the track?
We need wins
big wins.
"Dope on the table"
wins. Guns, shooters.
We need something or
someone we can show off.
Put me in front of the cameras.
Get me some good PR.
Now, if you two can't do that
well, Property Crimes
always has openings.

[LOU-LOU] They got this one, too, huh?
[MARVIN] Hit all our spots.
And what about 'Nique's corners?
Passed over.
Them niggas out there
getting that money.
Our money.
Laughing at our crews while
we got rounded the fuck up.
'Nique making deals and selling us out.
So long as we out in the
open, they can touch us.
'Nique, NYPD
they know where we at.
They know where to fuck with us.
Move everything to the bodega, then.
It's not ready yet.
Still putting in cameras.
And that's just a short-term answer
for a long-term problem anyways.
We need a bigger move,
some shit we can grow into.
Yo, niggas bled and
died for the corners.
We can't just step away.
And listen, that's that's a bad look.
Well, we not stepping away from shit.
In fact, we need to get back
out with the quickness.
Dust our shit off and
get back to business,
or 'Nique will take
our regulars for good.
We guided by vision, not sight.
We always looking ahead.
Azumadeen heard about this morning.
He ain't giving us no more work
until you and him sit down.
Yo, shit tight right now.
We running on fumes.
Now, we got enough to last us
maybe another day at most.
We lose the connect,
we ass out in this motherfucker.
B13. B-one-three.

Fifty-seven, G.
[GROWN KANAN] Azumadeen Tippett.
But everyone called him Deen,
'cause niggas didn't have
time for all that other shit.
Deen had that Tijuana connect.
Had business all over the country.
But unlike most niggas in this spot,
Deen kept his head down
because the real kingpins,
the ones making that
long, long, long money,
they ain't making noise.
They just silent and violent.
B, as in bingo, one.
Next is G, another G.
[DEEN] Not an altogether
terrific morning for you.
Any morning I see the sun
come up is a good one, Deen.
If the police are knocking on your door,
it's not much of a reach to me.
Just a regular old roll-up.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Happens all the time.
Police just letting us know
they there, that's all.
And yet Unique's corners were untouched.
Wasn't his day today.
It will be soon enough.
I supply both yours
and Unique's operations.
I won't get in the middle
of any sort of disagreement between you.
Who said me and 'Nique
having a disagreement?
We good.
There's more than enough
corners on the Southside
to go around.
- [WOMAN] I18.
- [WOMAN 2] Bingo!
- Yeah!
- [WOMAN 3] Yeah!
[RAQ] I need you to
turn the faucet back on.
[WOMAN] Next card, guys. Next game.
Sloppiness is the enemy of stealthiness.
Nobody's sloppy over here.
Another morning like this,
we'll have to revisit our arrangement.
Enjoy your day.
[WOMAN] N39.
Three-nine, N as in Nancy.
I thought you moved to North Carolina
to be with your peoples down there.
South Carolina.
Nest egg ain't quite big enough yet.
At least a year away, I think.
Year's a long time.
Maybe you need to pick
up some part-time work.

myeloblastic leukemia.
[SCOFFS] Shit.
You said it all when you said that.
[DR. NICHOLS] The treatment here is
aggressive and immediate.
Bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy.
The longer we wait,
the more challenging your prognosis.
We need to test your family members
to see if there's a match.
[CHUCKLES] That's a short-ass list.
Both my parents are gone.
All I got is some cousins in Alabama.
Good. You should contact them.
Nah, they don't like me.
[DR. NICHOLS] I'm sure
they don't want you
to die, Detective.
We had a falling-out
over some family property.
People's feelings got hurt.
They ain't fucking with me.
You need to understand
that this is a life-threatening illness.
Left untreated, it will kill you.
You need to reach out
to any family you have.
I'll see what I can do.
Again, I don't think you fully grasp
the gravity of your situation.
Let's see what these fucking
'Bamas talking about.
Hey, at least I know
it's not the smoking
and drinking that's gonna kill me.

I want to see where you live.
I want to go to South Jamaica.
Because it's where you're from.
It's a part of who you are.
It's just where I live, Nicole.
It's not who I am.
Oh, shit.
You're doing that.
Hell, no.
You want to be a singer,
you're gonna sing!

Doc said I got the prostate
of a guy half my age.
[BURKE] Look, I'm done waiting on you.
I've been following your
lead on all this shit
because I'm new and you're a veteran,
and you act like you
know what you're doing,
but we got nothing.
And now the captain is
threatening our jobs,
and I'm not gonna let
you fuck up my shot.
You don't belong here
in this car with me.
You know it, I know it,
and so does every gangster,
hustler, and dope boy on the Southside.
You were born into some cop family,
but instead of being honest
with them and yourself
by being the fucking nurse
you were supposed to be,
you went into the family business.
God, you're a fucking asshole.
Every cop and criminal
in this city knows
that Malcolm Howard
holds it the fuck down.
Motherfuckers respect me.
They fear me.
I'm the motherfucking reckoning.
That's who I am.
Question is
who the fuck are you?
[SINGER] You should know ♪
Choose your song.
[SINGER] My love is so true ♪
This ain't me, Nicole.
Not at all.
[VENDOR] Hey, we
haven't got all day here.
I already paid.
And I already chose the background
clouds in the sky.
Pick a song.
- "Two Occasions".
The Deele.
[VENDOR] The lyrics are
there if you need them.
Stand right in front of the screen.
Don't move too much.

[SOFTLY] A summer love is beautiful ♪
But it's not enough ♪
To satisfy emotions ♪
are shared between us ♪
A winter love is cozy ♪
But I need so much more ♪
It just intensifies my wants ♪
To have a love that endures ♪
Whoa ♪

[BOTH] 'Cause every
time I close my eyes ♪
I think of you ♪
No matter what the season is ♪
I still love you [LAUGHS]
With all of my heart ♪
And I want to be with you ♪
Wherever you are ♪

- That's day ♪
- That's day ♪
- And night ♪
- And night ♪
I'd go for broke ♪
[BOTH] If I could be with you ♪
Only you can make it right ♪
Well, if it isn't my knight
in shining armor.
Who, me?
Yes, you, Marvin.
I say "knight in shining armor",
because last time we saw each other,
you kicked that guy's
ass for groping me.
Right, fuck that nigga.
I'm a knight in shining fucking armor.
You heard?
You gonna tell me who your friend is,
or do I have to ask him myself?
[MARVIN] Uh, um, dude
owed me some money,
so he gave me this dog
to cover his interest.
[TONI] Oh. Oh, he's so cute!
- What's his name?
- LT.
Named him after the baddest linebacker
in the history of the NFL,
because just like the real LT,
this mean motherfucker right here
taking all suckers out,
yo, real proper like.
And he's yours now.
Ah, I really miss having a dog.
Are you sure you want to give him to me?
Yo, the fuck I'ma do with him?
I don't know shit about dogs.
Just make sure you keep his ass
away from the microwave.
You act like you're such a tough guy,
but you're, like, thoughtful.
And you, like, like me.
I-I like you.
Uh, I like, um
I like I-I like
I like the club here.
I-I-I like everything.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
[TONI] You really like me.
[TONI] Mm.

I used to smoke niggas
on that 100-yard dash back in school.
Ain't miss a step.
Ran that old cop into
the motherfucking ground.
And most important of all,
I kept the new joints spotless!
You can't learn this shit, man.
I don't care who your mama is.
This is that street knowledge. [LAUGHS]
Yo, what you hear about D-Wiz?
I heard he was payback for Buck Twenty,
that he and Buck had beef over a girl,
and D-Wiz came gunning,
and then Buck's peoples
came back at him.
What you hear?
We're gonna watch this 20 years from now
and laugh our fucking asses off.
- You know that?
- You gonna laugh.
I'll be crying.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You were amazing.
- What?
- Shit.
I got to get with these guys.
The guys you steal stuff with?
What happens if you get caught, Laverne,
and you get arrested?
- I mean, what happens then?
- I'm not getting caught.
[NICOLE] How do you know?

I got to go.
But I had fun with you today.
I always have fun with you.
Then don't go.
I'll call you later.


There she go.
Ain't nobody outside the crew
supposed to know where
the stash rest at.
It ain't like I'm inviting her in, man.
Besides, she not in the game anyway.
Everyone in the game.
Yo, Davina!
Hey, what up?
Whose house is this?
It's nobody's.
It's just a spot we kick
it from time to time.
It's like a little clubhouse
or some shit.
Yeah, the electricity
and the water still on,
so it's got them creature comforts.
Look like a damn crack house.
You said you wanted to talk
to me about something
on the phone?
I want you to tell me the truth, Kanan.
And I'm not here to
judge you or nothing.
I live in this world.
I know how it works.
I just want to know.
Sounds serious.
Did you know that D-Wiz shot Buck?
And like I said, I'm I'm not here
to get angry at you or anything.
I I just want to know the truth.
I heard some shit.
I don't necessarily believe it.

Whoever it was that put D down,
they got the wrong dude.
Shit's fucked up.
I'm sorry about what happened to him.
I know he was your friend.

[LAUGHS] What's up, Tonisha?
How are things at the crib?
You know, Mum's wilin'.
Y'all building a house?
Nope. Just selling it.
Used to be my dad's drill.
But them Pampers ain't free, so
I'll see you around, Kanan.
- Here we go.

I know that move down
south is expensive.
Especially when you got a wife. [LAUGHS]
And a couple of girlfriends.
Enough to move you, the wife,
and least one of them
girlfriends down south.
What's it cost me?
'Nique's re-up.
Where and when.
Shit's beach money.
Swear to God, if I listen close,
I can hear that Carolina ocean, boy.

Who called this one?
When one of us makes the
call, we all got to answer.
Yeah, that's this
Lo-Life we living, Juke.


Hey, hey, hey!
Who you think you touching, faggot?
He's had enough, Rip.
That's why you don't send
a bitch to do a nigga job!
You ain't from where I'm from, Rip.
[HOWARD] They say life began out there,
that we come from the water.
I'm from the Southside.
Yeah, you are.
How 'Nique's dick taste, Detective?
Better than yours, Raquel.
I got something for you.
Real weight.
Quarter million uncut.
'Nique's re-up.
Or is 'Nique's meat so
far down your throat,
you can't talk to me no more?
Nah, I want to know everything.
But why you blessing me with this info?
I mean, you police, right?
You police, I'm reporting a crime.
Do your fucking job, Detective.
Small-ass life, ain't it, Raquel?
All your schemin' and
plottin', trying to get over,
while I do the same shit
trying to get you knocked.
We heading somewhere?
Or just runnin' in place?
'Cause I can't call it.
I don't run.
wait I can't escape ♪
The feelings that run
deep inside your mind ♪
Just let me inside of your heart ♪
And I will wait I can't escape ♪
The feelings that run
deep inside your mind ♪
Just let me come inside ♪

- [CROWN] That was dope.
You think he'll need backup on the hook?
Unless you want to double him up.
Can he handle harmony?
[CHUCKLES] I don't fucking know.
Yo, I'ma punch you in one
more time on the hook.
Do you think you can back up
your voice with a harmony or
I don't even know what
the fuck that means, nigga.
Never mind.
Ice cream man's here. [CHUCKLES]
Ah. My brother.
My guy.
Crown Camacho.
[GROWN KANAN] Muhfuckin' Crown Camacho.
Nigga real name was Antoine Washington.
But thought he'd get more
love from these hoes
if he was Puerto Rock.
Crown like a lot of music niggas:
Too soft for the street shit,
and can't do shit with no kinda ball.
I can't lie, nigga had
talent for hip hop.
But talent only gets you so far.
Jessica Figueroa.
Your first time coming through.
Welcome to Bulletproof Breakfast.
We are hip-hop.
Y'all got everything you need
to make a hit in here, huh?
That's what we do.
[LOU-LOU] What you
programing the drums with?
SP-1200 or MP-60?
Maxed out?
[MILO] Yes, sir.
So you know your way
around this motherfucker.
Yeah, my old man used to play the horn.
Did some recording back in the day.
Never turned into nothing,
but, uh, used to drag me
to the studio with him.
It was cool.
That's why I stay up on it,
read magazines and whatnot.
Oh, you got that new
Neve mic pres there.
[MILO LAUGHS] Eight channels, man.
[MILO] Oh, man, I don't know, uh,
what magazines you been reading,
but, uh, you should get
a subscription for Crown,
'cause he don't know jack
shit about any of this stuff.
I own all this shit, nigga.
And that means I know everything.
Show me how this shit work.
Are you sure you don't want to get down?
Has Lou told you
that my little brother
Famous is a rapper?
Have you told him?
It ain't come up.
Famous is crazy talented.
You got to hear him.
- I mean, he's dope as hell.
- Well, bring him by, then.
I'm all about talent, girl.
Talent is my business.
It's my lifeblood.
Got the ears for it and the eyes for it.
[SINGER] Shake your derriere
shake your derriere ♪
Yeah, we in there ♪
Yo, Jess, we out.
[SINGER] Like that ♪
Like that ♪
Shake your derriere just like that ♪
[KANAN] Yo, what are you
doing in Juke's room?
looking for my belt.
Jukebox always taking my shit.
The fuck you doing in my house?
I know I didn't leave
these doors unlocked.
Me and Juke share keys sometimes.
Not no more you don't.
This ain't a tree house, nigga.
Can't have heads climbing in and out
whenever the fuck they want.
Give me the keys.
The keys, nigga.
God damn.
[KANAN] Look, I know
Mums put me in the stash
to keep me off the street, Uncle Marv.
Sis said that's where you
go, that's where you go.
I need to make some real money, though,
something that ain't on the hourly.
Come on, I ain't gonna tell her.
Just break me off some work.
You not ready.
I was born ready.
You help me, I'll help you with my mums.
I know she always on you.
I'll put in the word
to tell her she should trust you more,
get you some more of that work.
And you know she listens to me.
Tell Raq she should have me grabbing
some more corners, then.
You help me, I'll help you.
Fuck it.
Uh, what are you, 13?
Shit, I was five years younger
than you when I got out.
Shit's left over from my
get-together downtown.
The one where you got in that fight?
About eight grams there.
A gram of powder going
for 25 on the street,
but since you family,
I'll sell you all eight at 100.
Nah, I'm not buying,
though. I'm selling.
No shit, nigga.
You buying this shit wholesale from me
so you can flip it into
retail for your customers.
- That's how shit works.
Look, man, it already been
stepped on kind of hard,
so you can't stretch it no more.
If you do it right, pay me back,
you probably make about
100 or so for your troubles.
About to be a real dope boy, Kanan.
[LAUGHS] Congratulations, nigga.

But this is between us.
Raq can't know.
No doubt.

Aunt Raq?
My bad. I wasn't trying to scare you.
I just I was standing
here for a minute
waiting for you to look up, but
Could've been Kanan's face
on the front of this shit.
Bad enough it was D.
How many more Black boys
gonna die in these streets?
I know you not collecting cans.
'Cause I would kick Marvin's
ass up and down the block
if he got my niece out here
going through the trash.
It's just some clothes.
Um, if it's all right,
I was actually gonna leave
'em here for a little bit.
My dad's always going through my shit.
Look, my house is your house, baby.
You used to live here. Remember that?
When we'd just curl up on the couch
and talk all night.
Been a minute since we
had one of those talks.
I'm missing my girl.
I'm missing you, too.
What's been keeping you from me?
Who been taking up all your time?
Are you kickin' it with
somebody, Laverne Thomas?
Oh-ho, Juke got somebody.
I know everything, girl.
And I know exactly
what that smile means.
You in love.
Look, don't be embarrassed.
Shit's good.
Hell, it's great.
Please don't tell my dad.
When he gets up in my business, it's
Now, you really think I'ma
dime you out to Marvin?
I don't trust him with my business,
so why would I ever
trust him with my girl's?

I got somebody, too, you know.
- Hmm?
- Mm.
And he got me smiling
just like you right now
ear to ear.
You and me, we deserve to smile, baby.
Don't we deserve it?
We do.
Damn right we do.

And we deserve to smile
every once in a while.
You didn't say much when we were eating.
'Cause we was eating.
You know what I mean.
You barely said anything
since we went to the studio
and I was talking to your friend.
Crown ain't my friend.
He's a customer, an associate.
And you was out there hustling.
It's all good.
I was just networking, Lou. That's it.
You gonna do what you gonna do, right?
You got nothing to worry about.
I know.
I know who you are.
Maybe even better
than you know yourself.
How you figure?
For example, I know
that you could be doing
what he's doing back there.
That music thing?
What? Crown doesn't know
nothing you don't know.
Yo, Crown Light Skin
has been doing this shit
since we were in high school.
DJ'd every party from
Far Rockaway to Flushing.
He know his way around this music.
Music is a product,
no different than the product
you selling around the way.
If you can sell red caps,
you can sell hot tracks.
Oh, you got flow now?
You got all this potential, Lou.
People like you.
They want to know you.
They want to get down with you.
I want to get down with you.
This shit with your
sister is small time.
You bigger than all that.
How you know all this
shit about me, Jess?
You barely know me.
I could be some regular old nigga
that's just gonna spend
the rest of his short life
kicking up dirt on some grimy-ass corner
on the Southside.
Because I know talent when I see it.
And you,
you talented, baby.
- You mad talented.
- I'm mad talented?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, yeah?
I can't call in Tactical Narcotics
if you can't tell me where
this information is coming from.
If it's bullshit, I'm
gonna look like a clown.
What do you think, new guy?
I trust Detective Howard, sir.
If he says he knows about
the time and location
of a major drug buy,
I'm there with bells on.
I'm not calling downtown on this.
That'll get us too much attention.
We'll use our guys.
Get a team together.
Your ass wouldn't know
how to sell a fucking life jacket
on the Titanic.
- Famous gonna help me.
- Oh!
Blind leading the stupid.
Suck a dick, Juke. I know
this slangin' hustle.
I don't mess with selling drugs
'cause I make it a point
not to fuck with anything Marvin's into.
So I'm only saying this shit once.
Listen up close.
- You got random niggas
- [JUKEBOX] college kids
- Hey, you guys. Sorry.
[JUKEBOX] bumskis, and
these skateboarding suckers.
Now, best bet for you
are these college fools.
They white, they got money,
and they like that powder.
Walk around real quiet
and tell 'em what's up.
Say what you selling,
but make it sloppy enough
that it could sound like
you talking crazy shit to yourself.
- I'm the number-one pick ♪
- [CREW] Ooh!
This shit ain't written ♪
These rhymes that I'm spittin' ♪
Came busting out my head
like an epileptic fit ♪
- Famous.
- [CREW] Ooh!
- [KANAN] Famous!
- Huh?
- You paying attention?
- You listening?
- Yes.
Yes, I was, but I'm about to go,
um, check these dudes out.
What are you doing, man?
We supposed to do this together.
You're good. You got it.
- Looks like you dolo.
Famous ain't built for this shit anyway.
[FAMOUS] Yo, let me get down!
This is the shit D-Wiz
was always down for.
No doubt.
How much you charging?
[FAMOUS] Where you niggas from?
[KANAN] Marvin sayin' 25 apiece.
That's how much you'd
get around the way.
You selling to white people here.
You got to charge 'em
white-people prices.
You could get 50 per piece
out of these suckers,
no question.
You sure? I don't I'm not
trying to get crazy paid off.
I just need to make a little bit.
Whatever, man.
Charge whatever the
fuck you want to, then.
All I'm saying is, these white fools
pay extra for everything.
That's how they are.
I'ma go do my thing.
You do you.
Don't fuck it up.
[SINGER] Is what I wanna do ♪
Yes ♪
Just can't seem to get enough ♪
Of your love ♪
Baby ♪
The way you do that thing you do ♪
What a rush ♪
Ooh, check you out, Symphony.
Got me all laid up on the floor in here.
If I'd known college dudes was this fun,
shit, I might've signed
up for that shit myself.
[SYMPHONY] You too smart for college.
Probably too smart for me.
I keep trying to figure out
what all this is for you.
What I am for you.
I mean I mean, I'm a fucking nerd
that talks about concrete, Robert Moses,
and the origins of the damn elevator.
I like that you know
things I don't know
that you live a life I don't live.

You're like a vacation for me.
And when it comes to you,
I love me some sightseeing, baby.
[SINGER] The way you do ♪
But the better question
is, why you like me?
That's what I want to know.
[SINGER] What I have to do ♪
Mm, you been through some shit.
And that feels familiar to me.
And it's not damage or pain
or some bullshit like that.
No, it's it's experience.
It's strength.
It's wisdom.
It's also sexy as hell.
Just as long as you
not trying to save me
'cause I don't need to be saved.
[SINGER] Do me again ♪

Do me ♪
Man, I'm tight like
this nigga's fade ♪
And I'm clean like my name Cascade ♪
And my lyrics run through the hood ♪
Like this nigga's AIDS ♪
Come on, now! Come on.
That's fucking funny.
I know this stuff is stolen.
And what makes you
think that, Detective?
The fact that I'm selling a
brand-new Polo stadium jacket
out of my bag?
Get the fuck out of here, white boy.
[STUDENT] I'm calling the police.
Yeah, fuck you, too!
Bitch-ass motherfucker.
[SOFTLY] Hey, man, I got coke.
Got that blow, man, that powder.
Yo, man. How much?
Dude, come on, man. How much?
Shit, I don't know.
Thirty dollars a gram?
For real?
Look like I'm faking, nigga?
I mean, that's just, like,
a really good price.
Well, shit, I guess
today's your lucky day.
All right, make it two for $50.
Whatever, man. Just give
me the fucking money.
[GROWN KANAN] And that's how it happens.
Right there.
You wandering around,
pushing up on niggas
that don't want shit to do with you,
and then all of a sudden,
you make that first sale,
you grab that first money, you did it.
You're officially in the game.
And I won't lie, this shit felt great.
This shit felt right.
[SYMPHONY] You gonna fuck up my grades.
Well, you got a "A" today,
baby, no question.
Look, I I shouldn't have
said anything to you
about how to deal with
Kanan the other day.
He's your son, and it's
I shouldn't have snapped
on you like I did.
I had Kanan when I was 16.
And when you a baby with a baby,
everybody's always weighing in
telling you how to raise your kid,
telling you all the things
that you're doing wrong.
It's always been Kanan
and me versus everybody.
And that's the way it's always gonna be.
Ain't nobody ever gonna get
between my son and me.
I get it.

I know you do.
Nah, nah. Bring that back.
That's my shit.
I'm all about Paula Abdul
and that fine Egyptian ass of hers.
Paula on that Nubian,
cradle of civilization,
original man-type shit.
Paula Abdul ain't no
kind of Egyptian, nigga.
Nah, she's a Jew.
She from Cali.
Yo, fuck Paula Abdul.
When they gonna be here?
These people always
circle the block four times
before they get here.
They've been by two
times. Two more to go.
[WITH RADIO] What you do to me ♪
And all I want from
you is what you are ♪
And even if you're right next to me ♪
It's still too far away ♪
[MAN] Yo, shut the fuck up.
[PAULA] If I'm not inside your arms ♪
I get dramatic, baby ♪
Yes, I know ♪
But I need you, I want you ♪
Oh, man, I love you so ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
You're gonna see ♪
I'm gonna run I'm gonna try ♪
[HOWARD] Can't have the fucking windows
fogging up on a stakeout.
Turn on the AC.
That's the third time
that car's driven by.
Somebody's doing that recon
before making the drop.
Good looking out.
It's not bad for a nurse, huh?
- [DAVINA] Hey.
What's up?
Thought maybe you and Tonisha
could use a few things.
[CHUCKLES] You didn't
have to do all that.
Maybe now you could hold on
to some of your dad's
old tools and shit.
You never know when you might need
to hammer a nail or something.
Thank you, Kanan.



Five-O! Five-O!

[BURKE] Show us your hands!
Don't even fucking breathe.
[BURKE] Get a bus! Get a fucking bus!

We were wondering if we could
spend some time with you
and remember Derek together.
Yeah. Please.

Unique's corner's dead.
Nigga ain't got shit to sell.
[GROWN KANAN] First thing they tell you
when you step in that ring
is protect yourself at all times,
'cause nobody else is
looking out for you.
You in the hurt business.
Nobody taking no punches but you.
You got to be smart, aware.
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me down the
path of righteousness.

What the fuck?

These motherfuckers.

[GROWN KANAN] Because it ain't always
about being the biggest,
strongest, and fastest.
The best fighters are the niggas
who know how to counter.

Take your shit and turn it back on 'em.

See, in the ring, punches
are nothing but questions.
And the niggas holding their
fists in the air at the end
are the ones that got all the answers.

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