Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Choose Your Battles


[GROWN KANAN] Previously on
Raising Kanan
Your parents are cool.
Yeah, about some things. Not everything.
I told you that if you didn't
get your books right,
things were gonna change.
I found you a class at City College
that meets two days a week
and every other Saturday.
[SYMPHONY] Glad you
could make it, Kanan.
Welcome to History of
New York City Architecture.
- Take a seat.
- [FAMOUS] We all about to get up ♪
Came out the Maserati blastin' ♪
[CROWN] Look, I got
a showcase comin' up.
Famous sign with me, it's
a opportunity just to get
in a room and perform
for some industry heads.
Hey, baby.
Let me holler at you outside.
We need to test your family members
to see if there's a match.
That's a short-ass list.
You need to understand that this
is a life-threatening illness.
[MARVIN] Yo, we gotta move everything
from the stash house to the new spot.
- I ain't goin' nowhere.
- [KANAN] Where Scrappy at?
[MARVIN] Shittin' himself
back at the crib.
Start packin', nigga.
I'll be back in 20.
Make sure you don't fuckin'
open the door for no one.
Yo, you hit?
[KANAN] Once my mom find out, I'm dead.
[MARVIN] Yo, that's why
she ain't gon' find out.
You gon' clean this shit up.
Get you home. She'll
never know you were here.

[RILEYY] I'm a hustler,
baby I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me it's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
it's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
we'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot at the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break you're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up g'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
there'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
we do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it on this side ♪
I know heartbreaks setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me it's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
it's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
[BRAND NUBIAN] Hey, baby
your hips was gettin' big ♪
Now you're gettin' thin ♪
You don't care about your wig ♪
Now Woolie Willie got
a pair of my sneakers ♪
Wonder where he got 'em ♪
'Cause I hid 'em behind my speakers ♪
The object of your affection
is the treetop connection ♪
Where basically you love
to smoke the wools ♪
The crackheads and crack men
they come up to my door ♪
I don't smoke jums so
what they knockin' for? ♪
Kids love to feel on you
feds got a seal on you ♪
Street time is limited to days ♪
On your crack card
you're gettin' only ♪
"A"s and "C"s for comeback ♪
Damn, it's a shame ♪
You're the mighty queen of vials ♪
With a wide-eyed look and
a rotten-toothed smile ♪
Used to walk with a swagger
now you simply stagger ♪
From one spot on to the next spot ♪
On to the next spot on to the next ♪
Bitch get a job from
me, you won't rob ♪
'Cause I'll smack you with
a hose filled with sand ♪
Now, give that to the crack man ♪
- You was fly once, now you're losin' all your fronts ♪
- Damn.
Started off light on the tip ♪
[GROWN KANAN] Every day, we fightin'.
With the streets. With the world.
With yourself.
Slow down, down ♪
- Slow-slow down, down ♪
- What I am ♪
Slow-slow down ♪

I came across it a few days ago
but left it where I found it.
Seein' if maybe you would
tell me what happened
without me havin' to step to you.
But you didn't.

I forgot I left it there.
Based on that shirt, looks
like either you got shot,
or someone standin'
real close to you did.
But here you are, up for breakfast.
So I guess we should just pour some out
for the brother who was next to you.
You were there with your Uncle Marvin.
Yeah, the stash house, Kanan.
He told me what happened,
but somehow forgot to mention
that you were there.
I wonderful why.
I was just goin' to get some
money Scrap owed me.
Saw Uncle Marvin there
loadin' up his car.
He said he ain't need help,
but I wasn't gon' let him do that alone.
Right. Because you like that.
You always wantin' to
lend a helpin' hand.
Like when I ask you to help me
with the dishes every damn night
and you don't do shit.
Ma, I'm tellin' the truth.
You're not.
But I'm not about to
get into it with you,
because I'm not even sure what
I wanna say to you right now.
Don't even know where to start.
Just sit down and eat.

I told you to stay away
from that stash house.
I couldn't have been clearer.
I said you were done.


Neighbors said that there was
some sort of car crash outside
and they heard multiple
shots fired, but
no one saw anything.
No one sees anything.
And then bodies start turnin' up.
Looks like somebody
didn't have the stomach
for whatever happened here.
That ain't original construction,
that's for fuckin' sure.
Can you say dope spot?
Stash house?
Maybe a robbery?
Who the fuck knows?
We ain't got a victim,
we ain't got a crime.
Our work here is done.
So you left out some
of them finer details
when you told us about the
stash house gettin' hit.
Yo, I mean
I did?
I mean, shit happened fast, you know.
I mean, I was cappin'-cappin' one nigga.
Bow. Bow.
Then another nigga this way. Bow. Bow.
Yo, I was like a Black Rambo out there.
I might have left out, you
know, some-some shit.
But yo, you got the basics.
No, my son was there, Marvin.
Is Kanan not a part of the basics?
[RAQ] I don't even wanna hear
your bullshit version of what went down.
I got all that from Kanan.
I been sittin' on this for a few days,
just waitin' to see if one
of you would come clean.
It's a test that both of you failed.
And he ain't snitch on you, by the way.
He took it all on himself.
Boy's got heart.
Too much heart.
And too much trust in his dumbass uncle.
Look, what had happened was
Shut the fuck up.
I just was
See, this is our older brother's
problem right here.
He don't listen.
So focused on tellin' a new lie
to cover up the old lie
that he don't hear what I'm sayin',
which is shut the fuck up.
And I can't tell if it's 'cause
he thinks he knows better than me
or that he just he don't
care what I have to say.
What you think, Lou?
Can't call it, sis.
[RAQ] I said Kanan was on ice.
I said he was to be kept
away from the business.
But you ain't hear me, though,
so my son almost got killed.
And we lost half our shit.
Even for you, that's a busy
day of fuckin' up, Marvin.
I saved Kanan.
You're missin' the point.
But just like I told Kanan this mornin',
I don't have the time or the energy
to explain it to you right
now, so we movin' on.
We about to go on offense.
I wanna know what 'Nique's
doin' before he do it.
I wanna get in that nigga's head.
We ain't goin' to war, but
we ain't layin' down, neither.
What about that rat
we need to smoke out?
Someone gave up the stash.
We need to find out who.
[LOU-LOU] Could have been anybody.
We been posted up there
way too long anyway.
Yeah, and it don't even matter.
What matters is, we know
it was 'Nique that hit us.
We handle that nigga,
we handle everything.
And I'm on that, so don't
do nothin' else stupid.
Remember we got that meetin'
over at Baisley later.
And pick up all that shit.
I'm gettin' too tired of cleanin' up
after your sloppy ass.
This nigga.
Had Kanan up in the stash house
with a gun to his head.
Damn, nigga.
You just can't help
but fuck up, can you?

[SYMPHONY] Projects are
due a week from Monday.
So don't wait 'til
Sunday night to start.
That attention to detail says
a lot about you, Kanan.
You notice the little things.
Nothing gets past you.
You care.
That's gonna serve you well
in everything you do for
the rest of your life.
It's actually kind of cool.
I mean, this whole class has been
Wasn't as bad as I thought.
Well, that means something,
coming from you.
I can't lie.
I gave my moms a hard time
when she put me in here with you.
[CHUCKLES] I heard.
Especially this whole
Saturday school thing.
Come on, man, it's wack,
and you know it.
Learnin' don't take weekends
off, young brother.
It's been cool, though. For real.
I appreciate that.
Did you know that that bridge was built
so middle-class white folks
could get around us?
[GROWN KANAN] Here he go again.
This nigga Symphony never stop teachin'.
Class was always in
session with this nigga.
But on the real, I liked it about him.
Black families were
movin' into Brooklyn,
so the white people moved out.
But they built them a bridge
so they could still get into the city.
The Van Wyck Expressway near
you is the same damn thing.
They put up that highway,
tore down whole neighborhoods,
so people going to the airport
could avoid drivin' through the hood.
Only time they stop is
to fill up they cars.
That's why the gas station
near the Van Wyck
is packed with white folks
doin' the mad dash.
Only time you ever see them in the hood
is when they fuelin' up.
Racism is built right into this city.
It's been set up to keep us
right where they want us.
It's like that.
Look, I'm not tryin' to do the whole
"I wanna be your friend"
thing or anything like that,
but if you ever need anything
or just wanna kick it,
I'm around, man.
Hit me up anytime.
You really like my mom.
I do.
That's cool.
[MARVIN] Rockin' all this secret shit.
Fuck is Baisley about, anyway?
Niggas spend they whole life
tryin' to get out the projects.
She movin' us in.
Marvin, you ever think that maybe
if you kept better secrets
back in the day,
you wouldn't have done
that whole bid in Elmira?
I got set up.
No, you did it to yourself,
nigga, like you always do.
And you doin' the same shit here.
Only it ain't just you anymore.
It's all us, and I ain't dyin'
or goin' to prison over
your stupid shit, nigga.
You on Raq's dick, nigga.
Always steppin' and fetchin'.
No, I handle my business.
You should try it sometime.
Your business ain't about shit, nigga.
Fake-ass Quincy Jones up in here.
I know all about you and Crown Camacho.
Heard Juke on the phone
talkin' to Famous.
Sound to me like the only
song you gon' be singin'
is "That Puerto Rock Record
Nigga Fucked My Bitch".
Oh, but you got a song too, Marvin.
Only yours goes,
"That New York Knick Nigga
Fucked My Baby Mama
and Then Turned Her Out to
the Whole Goddamn League".

[MARVIN] What's up, nigga? What's up?
[LOU-LOU] Get the fuck

- [OFFICER] Hey!
[OFFICER] Don't make us
get out of this car.
[OFFICER] Have a nice day boys.
You lucky five-oh saved
your ass, baby bro.
You know what, Marvin?
You ain't never been shit.
Won't ever be shit.
There go Lou.
Gonna go nurse on
nurse on his sister's titty.
Hey, if I'm on the right,
your bitch ass is on the left, baby.
Fuck you.
You can't smoke in here,
Detective Howard.
My fault.
The hospital in Montgomery
called with your cousins' results.
Neither is a good match as
a potential donor for you.
They was gonna extort the hell out of me
for that shit anyway.
Since you don't have
any other relatives,
my office has contacted the
Bone Marrow Donor Registry.
But I don't want to get your hopes up.
It's a long shot.
And even if we were to
identify a partial match,
we're still operating on the fringes
of medical science here.
But given the paucity
of choices we're facing,
it's our best and only option.
Lifestyle changes can
often make a big difference
when it comes to
potential outcomes here.
Certainly, smoking is a bad idea.
[HOWARD] Shit. I'm a bad idea.
[DR. NICHOLS] But also,
modifications to your diet
and a regular exercise regimen
can help to improve your prognosis.
And there are holistic
and alternative treatments
that, uh, have shown promise.
"Alternative treatments".
So we throwin' Hail Marys now.
Just tell me this: am I on some
get-my-affairs-in-order type shit?
If we can't find a good
match for you soon,
we'll start to discuss palliative care.


Hello snow bunny.
Hey. No reading.
You read, you pay.

Ay-yi-yi. Sí, sí, sí, sí.
Put it back.
Yo, when I blow up,
this gonna be the worst
I do right here, yo.
That's a nine for other niggas.
This gonna be, like,
a-a three or four for me.
This the bottom right here.
These hos gonna know me.
My name ain't Famous for nothin'.
- Yeah, it is.
- Fuck you know, Juke?
I'm a girl.
On the strength of that alone,
I know more about girls than you
and any other nigga you know combined.
Your cousin talkin'
shit about us, Kanan.
Wastin' my damn breath, as usual.
A'ight, then, what you got, Juke?
Hit us with some of that
girl wisdom of yours.
I know what works and what doesn't.
I know what feels good.
And I know how to make
somebody else feel good.
Look, unlike you two suckers,
I've actually been with somebody.
[FAMOUS] What?
Since when?
You out here like that?
Like-like, for real?
What the fuck? Who you been with?
- I been tryin' to hit them skins since the fifth fuckin' grade.
- Hey.
You gonna let some random-ass nigga hit?
I'm supposed to be your first.
Uh, yeah, that was never gonna happen.
And you know that's my cousin
you speakin' on right now, right?
- Show a little respect, nigga.
- No.
I don't get no word
from either one of y'all.
Especially you, K?
I gotta find out about this shit
readin' over some random-ass
titties in Playboy.
Yeah, I been busy gettin'
shot at and robbed and shit.
So I'm the last nigga to know.
Yeah. You are.
Still no idea who ratted
out the spot, right?
Got my suspicions.
Yeah, me too.
Man, fuck all that.
Let's get back to Juke.
Who hit?
I know you might not wanna hear this,
but I can't help but think
maybe your girl had a hand.
[FAMOUS] Hold up. Davina?
You think Davina gave
up Raq's stash house?
Famous, shut the fuck up.
I'm sorry, Juke just said
Davina a fuckin' rat.
[FAMOUS] You fuckin' said it.

Davina ain't had nothin'
to do with that, man.
She was with Buck, she
got connects to Unique,
and you said she
rolled through the spot.
Nigga, she ain't know
what the fuck it was.
It ain't like I invited her in there.
Whatever, man. I'm just sayin'.
Scrappy. That's who gave that shit up.
Nigga think I'm takin' his fuckin' spot.
He call in sick the same day we get hit
and he show up with some new Jordans?
He's a fuckin' rat.
I'ma handle that fool, though.
'Cause that's me.
Scrappy one of the most loyal
soldiers your mom's got.
He practically family.
Family? [SCOFFS]
What you know about my family, Juke?
I know your family's my family, nigga.
And there's shit about our
family that you don't know.
Secrets you don't wanna know.
I know your secrets, Juke.
I suggest you watch your fuckin' mouth.

You think I'm fuckin'
scared of you, nigga?
Yo, fuck you, Kanan.

Yo, I
Where's she goin'?
Don't know, don't care.
Y'all beefin'. Got it.

This is it.
This is the spot.
It's facin' the right way,
so we can see the street down below.
We'll take this one and
the one underneath it.
Like I said, though, it's occupied.
And the tenant's got, like,
eight months left on his lease, so
Figure that shit out, then.
Figure what shit out?
What the fuck y'all doin' in my spot?
Y'all must think I'm some other nigga,
'cause this Black man
ain't goin' nowhere.
But y'all motherfuckers
need to get to steppin'.
And who the fuck told you you could just
roll through here without
no heads-up, Darius?
He do what we say, just like you do.
You must got me confused
with some other fool, son.
I ain't goin' out like that.
Yo, I'll tell you how you goin' out.
I ain't just tellin' you.
I'm showin' you, nigga.
- Marvin.
Go get some air.
Take Darius with you.
You know who I am, right?
- I-I think so.
- [RAQ] Mm.
Then you know that one
way or the other, this
this apartment is about to be mine.
Only question left is how
you gon' end up in the deal.

[FAMOUS] Yo, Juke!
Yo, hold up. Damn.
You walk fast as shit.
So who got there before I did?
I can't do this with you
right now, Famous, okay?
I-I need to be on my own shit.
[LAUGHS] A'ight. Yo.
I'm 'bout to go to the stu',
put some flows down.
You wanna come through, see
what a real artist look like?
Oh, so you a real artist now?
[SCOFFS] Man, you know this.
Maybe you could slide through,
hop in the booth, show 'em what you got.
You know, there's-there's
gon' be a producer there.
I know you wanna be down.
Don't let this shit
with Kanan fuck it up.
That shit gon' be squashed.
Fuck it.
Ain't like I got shit to do anyway.
You about to me on my dick, girl.
- Yo, we out.
- Whatever man.
We're gonna clean it out, clean it up,
and get to this remodel.
Yo, uh, where homeboy with the mouth at?
Gettin' boxes to pack his shit up.
- You gon' help him move.
- Yo, fuck that.
That motherfucker be talk
He better not say shit else.
[DARIUS] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can't do any construction in here
without prior approval
from the building inspector.
We gon' be a'ight.
Look, I just need you to make sure
that we can get the unit
directly below this one.
Now, go figure that shit out,
and I'll hit you up later.
Bounce, motherfucker.
Yo, so, um, when you and
Kanan movin' in here?
Nigga, is you out your fuckin' mind?
You think that me and my
son, we movin' up in here?
[SCOFFS] Shit.
When I move, you gon'
be the last to know.
Look, we bringin' the
business up in here.
From up high like this,
we can see 'em comin' from a mile away.
No more bum rushes or
tusslin' over corners
or hidin' stash houses
or bodega bullshit.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Then why you need two?
We gon' connect this unit
to the one below it.
Put in a hidden drop between 'em.
So if the police, somebody
tries to fuck with us,
we can just throw our
shit down the chute
to the apartment below.
While 'Nique out on the street,
fightin' for tired corners,
we in the sky, lookin' down on him
and all the rest of these motherfuckers.
We 'bout to be on the mountaintop.
The mountaintop?

I spoke to your uncle.
And I told him the same
thing that I told you.
Look, I don't wanna know any more
than what I already know
about what happened.
But like I keep tellin' you,
I know shit that you don't.
Come on, why everybody always
tellin' me what I don't know?
You been playin' me, Ma.
One day, I'm in. Next day, I'm out.
One day, I'm on the stash.
Next day, I'm at
after-school with your man.
You told me you was gonna
show me how this works.
Teach me the game.
Instead, you just been
playin' with my head.
What you want, Kanan? Huh?
And don't tell me you want a corner,
'cause that's not happenin'.
Not anytime soon, that is.
Look, nobody start off in
this shit bein' Tony Montana.
All right, show me how to cook, then.
Cook? Cook what?
What you think?
I already know spaghetti and meatballs.
I wanna learn.
Damn, Kanan.
You my son, that's for sure.
You know what you want,
and you want it now,
and you not gon' wait on nobody.
Nope. Not even you.
I gotta think about this.
[KANAN] Think about it, Ma.
But I'm done gettin' played.
When I pulled up just now,
I saw you fly into the house
like the police was chasin' you.
What's goin' on?
I was just gettin'
quarters for Gerardi's.
- I'ma drop you off.
- A'ight.


What's lil' man up to?
[BURKE] I thought we
were tailin' Raquel.
You said she might connect back
to that stash house situation.
First off, that kid right there,
he was friends with D-Wiz.
Went to high school with Buck Twenty.
And his mom's a known drug trafficker.
He's got links to every
cold case we got goin' on.
And at the same time,
lil' motherfucker comes
from hustlin' royalty.
His father Rondell "Def Con" Stark,
whose face belongs on the
Mount Rushmore of kingpins,
right next to Nicky Barnes
and Frank Lucas.
Kanan Stark's the motherfuckin' prince
of the Southside.
And sometimes when you
wanna get to the queen
You gotta go through the prince.
[SCRAPPY] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, let's get it.
Come on, baby.
Money, money, money. Let's go!
Get that money. Get that money.
Come on boy!
Thought you were sick.
Why you thinkin' 'bout me at all, nigga?
'Bout to take all these suckers' money.
[MAN] Let's go, man.
Hey, you heard about what happened?
Don't you got errands
to run for your mama?
Go pick up that quart of milk
and a pack of Kools
on the corner, nigga.
I need to talk to you.
You out your fuckin' mind,
puttin' hands on me.
Stash house didn't get
hit by itself, Scrap.
Somebody inside the crew been talkin'.
Your ass wasn't there
the day we got hit.
I wonder why.
I swear, if you wasn't Raq's kid,
I'd fuck you up right
now for even thinkin'
about thinkin' that bullshit.
I ain't no snake-ass nigga.
Your moms know that better than anyone.
If this was comin' from Raq,
I'd be tore up already.
So I know she ain't put
your punk ass on me.
Nigga, this ain't got
nothin' to do with Raq.
I got my own eyes and ears.
[LAUGHS] You need to get
to your after-school class
or homeroom or whatever, nigga,
'cause you a boy playin'
in a man's world right now.
- Word?
- [KANAN] Yeah.
- Word?
- Come on.
Let's go, boy. I been waitin' for you.
You know that, right? Yeah.
What's up now? Oh.
Yeah, they call me Slappy.
Yeah. Huh?
[SCRAPPY] Get your ass up. Let's go.
Let 'em wear themselves
out for a minute.
[SCRAPPY] Let's go. Uh-huh.
Burn off some of that testosterone?
That's what I'm talkin' about.
[PUBLIC ENEMY] Come on ♪
All right ♪
- ♪

- Yeah, that's blood little man.
One, two, three, four ♪
Five, six, seven eight, nine ♪
What I use in the
battle for the mind ♪
Come on, boy.
- Come on!
- Come on.
- Come on.
- What's up, boy?
- Hey, I'm out.
- [HOWARD] All right. All right.
Rumble in the Jungle's over.
- Nah, we-we were just playin'.
- Yeah, that's my dog.
Yeah, well, your dog's
about to be on a leash.
Read the law ♪
Then become a victim of a lawyer ♪
Don't know ya never saw ya ♪
Tape cued, getting me sued ♪
Playing games with my
head what the judge said ♪
Put me in the red, got me thinkin' ♪
'Bout a trigger to the lead ♪
No, no my educated mind say ♪
Suckers gonna pay anyway
there gonna be a day ♪
'Cause the troop they roll in ♪
To posse up whole ♪
If the police see this, I am
the one who goes to prison.
And once again, I'm
payin' you for that risk.
That's how this shit works.
That's what the fuck you signed up for.
I need to be paid more.
We already negotiated a price.
Renegotiate, then.
We shake hands when we negotiate.
We throw hands when we renegotiate.
And you don't want that, papi.
You don't want that at all.
[HOWARD] Damn, you bleedin', son.
Mouth bleedin'.
Clean yourself up.
What the fuck am I
supposed to do with that?
[SCOFFS] I ain't sayin' nothin'
'til my legal guardian get here.
Look who knows a little bit.
Kanan Stark.
Date of birth?
I'm waitin' for my people.
I'm excited to see your moms.
Raq love me. She always has.
We go way back. She
ain't tell you about us?
Nah, we don't talk about police.
Look, I wasn't plannin' on chargin' you.
I could, but I'm not.
But if you make this harder
than it needs to be,
I'ma take you to a place
you don't wanna go.
August 15, 1975.
Thought you was older.
And why you care?
I'm here for Kanan. He
called me to pick him up.
You okay?
And who are you exactly?
Family friend.
Well, family friend is not
a legal guardian, brother.
Police grabbin' up Black boys
off the street for nothin'
but the melanin in their skin
isn't exactly legal either brother.
We got us another nigga
with a law degree
from I Don't Know Shit University.
I ain't a nigga, Officer.
Somebody got their feelings hurt.
Apologies, brother.
I ain't your brother, neither.
Stay out of trouble, B.
[SYMPHONY] Let's go.

Sucker bully, double shotty ♪
Shootin' up your lobby ♪
These streets need a body ♪
I'm too famous ♪
Me and my niggas 'bout the triggers ♪
Puttin' bodies in rivers ♪
Robbin' from major figures ♪

[CROWN] Yes, sir.
Yo, when's Retta gonna
come to lay the hook?
[JESSICA] You like me again?
Never stopped likin' you.
Good, don't ever stop.
[MILO] Retta said she's
not fuckin' with you
'til you pay what you owe.
A'ight, what about Sylvia?
Same thing.
For the record, I haven't seen
a check in, like, three weeks.
You talkin' family business
in front of the guests, Milo?
I don't give a shit.
They should know you
don't pay what you owe.
[CROWN] We talked about this.
Let me get through the showcase.
[MILO] Oh, now it's the showcase.
Because before, it was
the meeting at Polygram.
We all gotta eat, Crown.
My kid's mother is about
to take me to court
for missed child support.
How much you need?
You're payin' the bills now?
Lou's my boy.
He's here to help.
That's why he here.
How much you need to keep the lights on?
And to keep your baby moms quiet?
Couple Gs.
You good, then.
The guys down the hall
need to get paid as well.
Whoa, worry about yourself, Milo.
Get on the board.
And my niece singin'
on the song, by the way.
Uncle Lou, I
Now, you know this ain't no
Brady Bunch family fucking band.
We need a professional
vocalist in here, man.
Maybe we should let Crown
do what he does, baby.
Juke been makin' money on
her voice since she was five.
Everyone in the neighborhood
used to give her a quarter
to hear they favorite song.
That's why we call her Jukebox.
Get in there, Juke.
Uncle Lou, it's fine.
I just paid for your studio time.
Time is money, Lou.
No, nigga.
Money is money.
You can drop me right here.
Your house is still a few blocks up.
I can walk.
Yo, right here, right here.

Is there any way you don't
tell my moms about this?
Man, Kanan, that's-that's
complicated, brother.
I mean, it's not my place.
Cops were just messin' with me.
You said it yourself.
Wasn't even about nothin'.
Is that why you called me?
So your mom wouldn't find out?
You a guy. You know how mothers can be.
Foster kid.
Yeah, never really knew my moms.
- My bad.
- Nah.
Look, I can't get in the
middle of you and Raq.
- That's not my place.
- Symphony.
She finds out,
she lockin' me in my room
and tossin' the key.
You ain't even gon' see me in class.
[CHUCKLES] She won't
pull you from class.
Well, you still don't know her, then.
When she burn shit down,
she burn it all down.

If she asks me, I'm comin' clean.
I won't lie to her.
But won't offer it up, either.
Thanks, man.
Just so I know,
why didn't you call your
uncles instead of me?
I couldn't reach 'em.
Say your goodbye ♪
You're on the wrong side ♪
From day one we made the rule ♪
So don't play us for no fool, oh ♪
Street life ♪
Nobody wants ya ♪
They can talk like they want it ♪
But they don't really want ♪
The street life ♪
He rolled up on me. In
front of the whole block.
Don't care if he's your
boy. I gotta represent.
Get in the car, Scrap.
[JUKEBOX] From day one
we made the rule ♪
So don't play us like no fool, oh ♪
Street life ♪
Nobody wants ya ♪
They can talk like they want it ♪
But they don't really
want the street life ♪
[FAMOUS] Sucker bully
double shotty ♪
Fuck, I love this song. Or
at least the part you sing.
I don't know if this guy
rapping is any good.
He actually isn't that bad.
My mom's making spaghetti.
It's just, your parents
are so nice to me,
and they let me eat here all the time.
But something's wrong?
You guys make spaghetti
different than we do.
By "you guys", you mean
White people.
Shit. Okay.
And, um, how do Black
people make spaghetti?
Noodles and sauce in a pan.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cheese on top.
Throw all that shit in the oven.
Yeah, I think I still like
white people pasta better.
- That's 'cause you white.

[FAMOUS] Every fuckin' mornin' ♪
I'm lookin' to hit the payout ♪
Before you rob the stash house ♪
Better know the layout ♪
When bullets spray out ♪
Niggas live and niggas die ♪
Hey, guys, I
- James.
- What is it?
Get out.
Mom, it's not
Get out!
- [JAMES] What happened?
- Mom.
And to think that I
let you into my home.
You are fucking repellent!
- [JAMES] Linda.
- [LINDA] Disgusting!
You are not welcome here! Leave!
You are not to ever
see my daughter again!
- [JAMES] Linda.
- [LINDA] Don't you ever come back!
Linda, please, calm down.
- Tell me what happened.
- Calm down?
- It's not her fault.
- What's not her fault?
I was kissing her.

- Kissing?
- Laverne, please don't leave.
[LINDA] If I see you again,
I will call the police,
and I will have you arrested for rape!
- Honey.
- No! Just fucking stop!
[JAMES] Will somebody please tell me
what the fuck is going on here?
- ♪

- Oh, Jesus!
This might be the stupidest shit
I've ever done as your mother.
And Lord knows I've
done some stupid shit.
Ma, it's good. It's good.
Look, I'ma show you this,
but from here on out,
you're gonna do what I tell you to do.
My word gonna be the law.
You do what I say, and
you don't question me.
I got you. No doubt.
Look, the other reason
I'm doin' this is 'cause
if somethin' ever happens to me,
I want you to be good.
I want you to be able to survive.
But you already promised nothin'
was ever gonna happen to you.
Well, you know enough now to know that
that's-that's not a promise I can keep.

First thing you need to know
is, what we're doin' here
is a straight violation.
You don't never cook where you sleep.
But we only doin' a small batch,
and I'm not tryin' to
take you over to the lab.
So you don't inhale this shit.

Played my people ♪
Like puppets ♪
By plantin' fear in their heart ♪
Nowadays most of us
don't know where to start ♪
Go on in.
They love greed ♪
And this really bothers me ♪
Sit down, man.
Totally ignorant ♪
Walkin' around with
the [] mentality ♪
Five percent of us are ready
to die for the cause ♪
Worrell sayin' you thinkin' 'bout
flippin' over to this team.
Look, I'm all about
this business, 'Nique.
- It's about earnin' for me.
- [UNIQUE] Mm.
Nothin' more, nothin' less.
What about Raq?
You sellin' her out just like that?
Fuck Raq. And that bitch-ass Kanan.
Payin' my dues for five years,
and that nigga done jumped me in line.
All the sudden, he the next one.
[SCOFFS] I ain't workin'
for Raq kid, hell no.
Yeah, I heard you two
had a little tussle.
You let that little nigga
rough you up, man?
I'm lookin' for a crew
that appreciates me
and what the fuck I bring.

Here they come, yo here they come ♪
This or that? This or that? ♪
This or that? This or that? ♪
This or that? This or that? ♪
This or that? This or that? ♪
Who's the black sheep?
What's the black sheep? ♪
Know not who I am or when
I'm comin', so you sleep ♪
Wasn't in my realm or
wasn't in your sphere ♪
Knew not who I was but listen here ♪
Dres, D-R-E-S ♪
Yes, I guess I can start
if it's all right with you ♪
I'll rip this here joint apart ♪
Back, middle, to the
front don't front ♪
Want a good time gonna
give you want you want ♪
Can I hear a hey? Can I get a yo? ♪
You got a hat? It's for the hos ♪
The stylin' is creative
black sheep of the native ♪
Can't be violated
or even decepticated ♪
I got brothers in the jungle
cousins on the quest ♪
Dead, departed uncles ♪
In pea porridge may they rest ♪
Guess, which way what, when, how? ♪
Mista Lawnge, Dres
black sheep slam now ♪
Know you heard the others ♪
Phonies to the lovers ♪
Then of course the choice is yours ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I'll think I'll go with this
'cause this is where it's at ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I think I'll get with this
'cause this is kind of phat ♪
Where's the black sheep?
Here's the black sheep? ♪
Even if we wanted to the
flock could not be weak ♪
Watch me swing like this ♪
Why should I swing it like that? ♪
Because in fact on me
it might not attract ♪
Therefore I ignore
do as I feel inside ♪
I live with me I've
got my back tonight ♪
You know what I'm sayin'?
Yo, Black, I'm not playin' ♪
Need to go with this and
go with this with no delay ♪
And see in actuality
wonder can it be ♪
I made it look easy
because it is to me ♪
Anytime capacity was
filled tried to rock it ♪
Anytime a honey gave us
play tried to knock it ♪
Never was a fool so
we finished school ♪
Never see us sweat and
you'll never see us drool ♪
Out to rock the globe while
it's still here to rock ♪
Don't punch girls and
we don't punch a clock ♪
Gotta go, gotta go see
you later by the cat ♪
And you can't beat that with a bat ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I'll think I'll go with this
'cause this is where it's at ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I think I'll get with this
'cause this is kind of phat ♪
Engine, engine number nine
on the New York transit line ♪
If my train goes off the track ♪
Pick it up, pick it up pick it up ♪
Back on the scene crispy and clean ♪
You can try, but then why ♪
'Cause you can't intervene ♪
[GROWN KANAN] When people
who ain't from around the way
meet a hood nigga like me,
they always think the same shit:
of course he ended up a thug.
Look where he grew up.
Look at his family.
Look at his fucked-up life.
That sorry motherfucker
didn't have no choice.
No chance.
Because turnin' niggas
like me into an animal
who can't decide shit for himself
makes 'em feel better.
Because if I can't think for myself,
then they don't need to think about me.
But I did have a choice.
And this is what I chose.
You can get with this ♪
Or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I think I'll get with this
'cause this is kind of phat ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
You can get with this
or you can get with that ♪
I think I'll get with this
'cause this is where it's at ♪
This is where it's at ♪
Come on ♪
It turns out Kanan's 15.
What the fuck you doin' here?
[HOWARD] I thought he was 16.
I remember seein' you push
him in the stroller back then,
and I asked you how old he was,
'cause at the time, I did wonder.
Shit did cross my mind.
I don't know what the
fuck you talkin' about.
[HOWARD] Yeah, you do.
Of course you do.
I set out to track you today,
follow you around,
see what you got into,
but somethin' told me
to stick with the kid.
Must have felt somethin' about him.
Seen somethin' in him.
Truth is, I probably known all along.
Just didn't wanna know.
Def Con went away October
'74 and stayed there.
No conjugals, either. I
checked with Corrections.
Kanan told me he was
born on August 15, '75.
Kanan's off-limits to you.
Def Con can't be Kanan's daddy, Raq.
Stay the fuck away from my son.
You hid this shit from me.
You hid this shit, and you'll deny it,
but as sure as we standin' here
starin' each other in the fuckin' face,
we both know the truth.
Kanan is my son.

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