Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Level Up

Previously on Raising Kanan
This is it. This is the spot.
The Van Wyck expressway
is packed with white folks.
Only time you ever see them in
the hood is when they fuelin' up.
Kanan Stark's the motherfucking
prince of the South Side.
Sometimes, when you want
to get to the queen
You gotta go through the prince.
I know your secrets, Juke. I
suggest you watch your fucking mouth.
You think I'm fucking
scared of you, nigga?
You a boy playing in a
man's world right now.
I'm excited to see your
moms. We go way back.
Here for Kanan. He
called me to pick him up.
Is there any way you don't
tell my moms about this?
If she asks me, I'm coming clean.
Yo, I'm 'bout to go to
stu, put some flows down.
- Gon' be a producer there.
- Fuck it.
- What's it cost me?
- 'Nique's re-up. Where and when.
Nicole? You're fucking
repellent. Disgusting!
Worrell saying you think about
flipping over to this team.
Fuck Raq and that bitch-ass Kanan.
Kanan is my son.
Stay the fuck away from my son.
Ha ha. That's right.
Elevator don't work, baby.
I've been telling the
city, but they don't care.
Been here five times in the last week,
and I still keep forgetting.
Been here 40 years, and I wish I could.
Can't stand in one place for long.
Gotta keep moving, keep hustling.
You gotta keep climbin', keep goin' up.
The hustle don't stop,
so neither can you.
Always strivin'. Always pushin'.
Remember where you been,
know where you are, and
see where you're going.
'Cause if you ain't going
up, you slidin' down,
and it's a long way
to the bottom, nigga.
I told you the inspector wasn't
gonna have none of this shit.
- I could lose my job behind this.
- You be a'ight.
You the new tenant?
I am.
Clearly, you've never lived
in public housing before.
You don't own this unit, Miss.
The city does. You're just borrowing it.
You can't put a nail in a wall,
a hook in the ceiling, or a
damn magnet on the refrigerator
without prior approval
of the New York City
Housing Authority and myself.
And you are certainly not permitted
to put a hole in the kitchen floor.
What the hell you think
you're doin' in there anyway?
I'm a cook.
Just upgrading the kitchen.
Bringing in a new stove.
Well, this needs to be repaired
and returned to its prior condition,
or you will be facing not
only immediate eviction,
but also a trip to housing court,
where you'll be looking at
hefty fines and penalties.
So how we make this
right for the both of us?
I'm just a single mother
trying to make a home for me and my son.
Well, I got a busy day ahead of me.
But what I can do for you Miss,
I'll meet with you
and you alone,
later this evening to have a more
specific conversation about this, uh,
situation and how best to address it.
Just let me know when.
Eight o'clock this evening.
And when I say alone, I mean just
you and me.
Well, what other kind of alone is there?
My crew's comin' through
later to finish this work.
- Stay out their way.
- But the inspector just said
Fuck him. We workin'.
Yo. You said you was gonna help me
hang some of these joints up, man.
Nigga, I'm here supporting
you and your rap dreams.
If you wanna support,
- take some flyers, nigga.
- Sh
Yo, you hear my shit?
Even you gonna wanna be on this dick.
Nigga, what?
My rhymes so hot ♪
My shit's flambéed ♪
Money so long I'm goin' all day ♪
Sound so fresh ♪
Turnin' straight boys gay ♪
You's a clown-ass muhfucka, man.
Matter of fact, you
supposed to be helpin'.
- Question for you, Doc.
- Oh, jeez.
Startled me, Detective Howard.
My bad; didn't mean to
creep up on you like that.
Well, I'm available by phone,
or you can schedule an office visit.
I have an appointment
with a patient right now,
- so this is not a good time.
- What if I had a kid, Doc?
What if I had a son?
You said you have no immediate family.
But what if I did?
Would my son be able to give me
that bone marrow you say I need?
Well, this hypothetical son
would be a half match for you,
and we would do what's called
a haploidentical transplant.
It's not optimal, but
it certainly gives you
a much better prognosis
than no transplant at all,
which is what you're facing right now.
Uh, how old is this hypothetical child?
In general, bone marrow
donors should be over 18,
but in certain situations,
exceptions can be made.
Provided the child's legal guardian
consents, of course.
You don't look well, Detective Howard.
That's 'cause I'm fuckin' dyin', Doc.
As somebody that's
jokin', yes, I'm spunky ♪
I'm cracking every lyrical skills ♪
Just like a crack junkie ♪
Taking over your
block and we don't care ♪
He's in the house you best be aware ♪
Coming from a land of 120 degrees ♪
This wouldn't be
poppin' off without you.
Hey, you need to remember that.
You made this happen. You.
Just the money man
right now. That's all.
Ain't no such thing
as just the money man.
The guy with the loot calls the shots.
- And that's you.
- Hmm.
You 'bout to run this shit, baby.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Say, uh, you Lou?
Crown said to talk to
you about the money.
Hey, look, man, nothin's
comin' off that truck
until this is taken care of in advance.
Discount if I pay in cash?
Yeah, yeah, 10%.
That works.
Give me a minute with my sister.
I'll come find you after.
Looks like you found an even
faster way to spend our money.
It's my money, Raq.
Well, your money is
my money, baby brother.
So you got a crew together yet
to move product during the show?
It ain't that kind of party.
Every party is that kind of party.
Excuse me? Lou?
Dale Cook, Premier Lighting.
Crown told me to talk to
you about gettin' paid.
Hey, I'm talking to my sister, man.
- Give me a minute.
- Oh. Yeah.
Shit needs to be clean
tonight. No hustlin', no drama.
Tyin' this to our other business
just opens us up to the
same problems we already got.
Yeah, well, those problems,
they're payin' for these problems.
If we get this right,
keep shit separate,
we start makin' different
type of money at the same time.
No, we need all the customers
that we can get right now.
Not here.
Well, what about Unique?
'Cause you can be damn
sure some of his peoples
- gon' be coming through.
- 'Nique not dealin' here either.
Got some past-due shit
with the lighting guy
that need to be dealt with.
You just payin' all the bills, huh?
We done?
Go on, Lou.
Go spend our money.
I'll just go make more of it
for the next lighting guy
that needs to get paid.
I ain't seen Raq in a minute.
She all shapely and shit.
Hey, Burke.
So what'd you do to Howard?
Guy's been on the job for 25 years,
never called in sick, until today.
Steady diet of menthols
and General Tso's chicken
will do that to you.
Well, we're short right now,
so you're either on a desk for the day,
or you can go out alone,
which feels ambitious to me.
Look, I'm just doing a follow-up out
there on the street; I'll be fine.
I promised your father
that I'd look out for you
- for the first couple of months.
- I can look out for myself.
Don't fuck it up out there.
I'll try not to.
Silk two-piece through the door!
You either lost, crazy, or both.
- I need to talk to 'Nique.
- About what?
I don't talk to the door nigga.
Wait here.
My deejay is dope,
def, real death-defyin' ♪
- Competitors, get with ♪
- Her baby brother here.
The number one candidate ♪
His hands'll make dancers dance ♪
He possess the hands of fate ♪
He'll scratch a
record that will stand ♪
Out from the rest ♪
Lou Thomas, behind enemy
lines like a muhfucka.
It's kinda crazy how this
shit work, right? I mean,
our crews beefin', yet here you are.
Here I am.
And nobody's shootin'.
Nobody's dyin'.
You know, it makes one
to start to wonder, right?
I mean, is this shit
in here right now real,
you and me 'bout to speak
like regular ol' citizens,
or is the wild shit out there real?
is nothing real at all?
I need this show to be clean, 'Nique.
No slingin', no trouble.
Raq send you here?
I'm here on my own.
What's in it for me?
You may need a favor someday.
I like when niggas owe me favors, Lou.
Especially you.
I'll tell you what.
- If Raq's down, I'm down.
- She down.
Heard that, fellas?
Showcase on peace tonight, a'ight?
You know, Raq's lucky to have a
little brother like you, Lou-Lou.
You a reasonable muhfucka, man.
She needs that reason
in her life right now.
She needs that levelheadedness
that you bring to the table.
'Cause I'll tell you what.
Shit's gettin' heated
on these streets, man.
Real fuckin' heated.
Appreciate you hearing me out, 'Nique.
Straight blade^are my rhyme skills ♪
They attack with the
impact of a minefield ♪
And I ain't even
started to get loose yet ♪
Turn up your Alpine EQ ♪
Your gooseneck ♪
Ladies say Aw ♪
Fellas say Ho ♪
Prepare to undergo lyrical surgery ♪
You're gonna get hit ♪
Slayed ♪
Rhymes'll crack your spine ♪
And bust your rib cage ♪
Nigga's just like his sister, man.
Comin' here after killing my people,
now want to ask me for favors and shit.
That's called fucking
audacity, my niggas.
Give it to the nigga.
Jews call that type of shit chutzpah.
That nigga got some chutzpah.
So how we playin' this showcase then?
What you think?
You and the turncoat nigga here
You're gonna light that
muhfucka up tonight.
- Nobody showed?
- Uh-uh.
So how's Symphony's class?
It's good.
Y'know, Symphony keep it real.
He teaching us stuff that matter.
All right. Let me see.
So when was you gon' tell me
that you got scooped up by police?
It's gettin' to a point
where I can't even keep track
of all your secrets and lies.
I didn't lie to you though.
You just didn't tell me.
- How did you even find out?
- Scrap told me.
- Scrappy suspect.
- Nah, you suspect.
I need to know what
that cop said to you.
He just took down my name and birthday.
Nothin' more?
He said he knew you.
Some wildness about how you
used to love him back in the day.
That's it?
Scrappy said it wasn't
neither your uncles
who picked you up from the precinct.
He said it was somebody else.
I asked him to do it.
I asked him not to say nothin' neither.
- Symphony.
- It's on me, Ma.
I-I called him and
I begged him not to
Symphony is a grown-ass man.
He make his own decisions.
I just said I asked him not to tell you.
- He did it for me.
- Stop hidin' shit from me, Kanan.
And stop acting like a dumb-ass kid.
You wanna step up, you
gotta show me that you ready,
'cause this shit right
here, it's not it.
It ain't it at all.
Nine million terrorists in the world,
and I gotta kill one with
feet smaller than my sister.
Oh, my God.
Told you I wanted to see your house.
Come here.
Been fuckin' with Deen for five years,
and he never missed a re-up.
So he just cut us off
with no word at all?
Some shit is goin' down.
And as usual, we the last to know.
We already runnin' on
fumes after the stash house.
We can't stretch our shit any
harder than we have already.
We almost out.
Man, that shit is the
story of our lives.
We always almost out.
Look, we're gonna
piece together some work
until I can figure
this shit out with Deen.
You step to Greezy uptown.
- See what he got.
- I gotta get back to this venue.
But first I'll hit up Greezy.
And you step to Prime. He in the
Boogie down now. Buy his ass out.
Look, we gotta keep up these corners
until we can build out Baisley.
Y'know, it must be nice to have
me puttin' out all these fires
while y'all muhfuckas just keep
your hands warm by the flames.
Yo, I'm always down
to get involved, Raq.
You just got me on Baisley
kickin' in walls wastin' my talents.
Don't ever forget that
this business right here
is what keeps you fed.
Yo, fuck you and your
bullshit showcase, Lou.
You know, Jukebox is performing
at my bullshit showcase.
Oh, you didn't know.
Can't see past that nose
on your fucking face, huh?
Try being a father to your daughter.
Three people asked me if I was
lost walking here from the bus.
That's the difference between your
neighborhood and my neighborhood.
You come here, they ask if you lost.
I go there, they chase
me with baseball bats.
Nobody chased you with a baseball bat.
Your mom would've if she had one.
She would've had the same reaction
to us if you were white, you know.
"You're a guest in my home.
Fucking repellent. Disgusting."
Yeah, she ain't sayin' that
shit to a white girl, Nicole.
Fuck my mom.
Fuck my parents. Fuck everything. I
I just want to be with you.
So you coming tonight?
I've been lying about going
to my friend Risa's stupid party
for a week and a half
so I can see you sing.
I'll be there.
Good. That's what I thought.
No, no, no. No tickling. No tickling.
Uncle Marv.
Let me holler at you right quick.
First one up is O69.
N34. N34.
58 is G.
Who's got B1?
Where Smurf at?
Greener pastures.
Often, it's the
longest-serving employees
that get too comfortable,
too complacent.
They take liberties, shortcuts.
They speak out of school.
- B15.
- Our business relationship,
as it were, has concluded, Raquel.
Going forward,
- I wish you the best of luck.
- Why?
Two reasons.
First, a competitor of yours
has agreed to pay a 20% premium
to secure both his and your supply.
Unique is paying you 20% on top
to buy my shit out from under me.
In addition, I need
partners I can trust, Raquel.
I don't trust you.
Nobody trust nobody in all this.
But there are orders of
magnitude of said distrust.
And your deceit is beyond the pale.
Smurf would be the
first to attest to this.
If he could attest to anything, that is.
- B
- Bingo!
- Yeah!
- Bingo!
We got a winner. Hey, Grandma won.
We're done here.
Wow. Look, let me see that.
- That's right. Right in a row. You sure did win.
- Yes, yes.
Come down here and pay my grandma.
That's right. Yeah, you a winner.
Look at it. Give me some sugar.
Mwah. Lucky today.
Yo, um, fuck am I lookin' at?
Somethin' better than a corner.
It's a damn drive-thru.
They come off the Van
Wyck to get their gas.
We serve 'em while
they're there, they gone.
And it's far enough away from the block
we not steppin' on nobody territory.
And they gon' pay them
white people prices.
These fools like that blow, though.
That powder.
I mean, and the margin on
that shit ain't as good.
Well, see that's why
we gon' educate 'em.
Come on. White people always talkin'
'bout bein' down with the hood.
Fuck is more down than crack?
Raq said you kryptonite to me.
Superman s'posed to stay the fuck away.
I can't fucks with you, Kanan.
I mean, I like the
initiative. I-I really do.
Just think about it, a'ight?
Gabriel no está aquí.
I had a fall.
Yeah, had a fall into
your husband's fist.
I need to talk to your cousin
up in Washington Heights.
I have many cousins.
Well, I know about your
family back in Nariño.
And I know who your cousin is.
And you know I know.
Talk to Gabriel,
but know that my
husband hates my cousin.
Fuck Gabriel. I'm talking to you.
If we only moved our lips
when our men wanted us to,
we'd just have a mouthful
of dick and nothin' to say.
I need to talk to your cousin, Julia.
And I need you to make
that happen for me.
You promise you're coming?
Obviously, I'm coming. I told you.
- You know girls can be flaky sometimes.
- Shut the fuck up.
I'll see you later.
- I'm so fucking excited.
- Call me when you get home.
- I will.
- Okay.
Your friend didn't look like
she's from the neighborhood.
Neither do you, Five-O.
She likes you a lot. I could tell.
And she's really pretty, by the way.
I'm investigating your
friend D-Wiz's murder.
- If you ever want to talk.
- I don't.
Doesn't even have to be
about D-Wiz. Could be about
Y'know I'm a good listener.
And I know about things,
things not everyone knows about.
I'ma meet you there.
Got some'n I need to handle
beforehand right quick.
- Ah?
- A tie?
I ain't realize this thing
was all formal like that.
We on our "Boyz II Men" tip tonight.
- Okay.
- Come on. You know we gotta
represent for Juke.
- I like it.
- Ah!
But, um, I don't know how to tie it.
This is one of those times I wish I
had a man around to help me with you.
What were the other times?
Really just once.
When I took you to get your first shots
when you were a newborn.
Man, you was crying so hard,
I just knew you was gonna
blame me for that shit forever.
Def Con don't sound
like the type of dude
who would've taken me to get my shots.
- You ever miss having a father around?
- Nah.
Can't miss what you never had.
Besides, I don't need that.
That's what I got you for.
Ma, I should I should have
called you from the precinct.
You should've.
I don't want you to be mad
at Symphony, though, a'ight?
Y'all got a good thing going,
and I actually kinda like this brother.
Mm-hmm. Of course you do.
He covered for your ass.
Ma, I asked him to,
though. That's the
I'ma see you at the show.
Hands out straight.
Yo, y'all ready to hear Bulletproof
Records' hottest new artists?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I said, y'all ready to hear
the sound of these streets?
'Cause we about to raise the
roof off this club tonight, y'all.
Queens is in the house!
Southside is in the house!
Bulletproof Records is in the house!
DJ, hit 'em with it.
Get back in line.
Wait your turn.
It's on and poppin'.
This'll make you feel better.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Yo, we 'bout to turn this
motherfucker out, Juke.
Laverne's nervous.
Laverne. Who's Laverne? You mean Juke?
That's who I mean. I'm Nicole.
Famous. Short for Puerto Rican Famous.
We all got street names out here.
Guess I gotta get one of those.
I got you. From here on
out, you White Girl Nic.
Love it.
You ever been romantic with
a Spanish nigga like myself,
- White Girl Nic?
- This dumb-ass boy.
We about to go out there
in front of all those people
without ever even rehearsing this shit.
Why are you trippin'? All you
got to do is sing the hook.
The shit is easy.
Girl, you know I've
been thinking lately ♪
That maybe we should settle down ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Can't tell if you are
feeling the same thing ♪
But I really need you ♪
I really need you around ♪
So girl ♪
I asked around.
Turns out,
you some kind of drug dealer.
I like that you dressed up for me.
Uh-uh. This is a straight cash deal.
I tell you what the deal is.
Just open the door.
Yo! Kanan Stark in the house!
Yo, you 'bout to see the
birth of a legend, kid.
- Yeah, uh-huh!
- You're Kanan?
Yo, Juke is straight buggin', K.
She locked herself in the bathroom.
She said she not goin' on stage.
She's freaking out.
You need to talk to her.
I can't have your cousin
fucking my shit up.
It's the most important
night of my damn life.
She not gonna listen to me.
We got in a fight over some dumb shit.
She'll listen to you. I know she will.
- We should let them talk alone.
- Oh.
Get Juke head right, K, a'ight?
This is an important
moment for both of us.
- For me, but for both of us.
- All right.
You, uh
you okay?
Make sure he feel that
shit on the way out.
Make a meal out this nigga.
- Juke.
- Leave me alone, Kanan.
A'ight, look.
I'm sorry for that
shit I said, for real.
I hated myself the minute
that bullet left my mouth.
That's just me being stupid.
Come kinda natural to me sometimes.
You think you only stupid sometime?
All the time then,
a'ight? Damn, I'm sorry.
For real. That won't
ever happen again though.
I can't go out there, Kanan. I can't.
You know this ain't the only bathroom
I had to talk you out of there
to get you to sing, right?
Coney Island.
I was ten. You was 11.
My dumb ass lost all our
money playing three-card-monte.
We ain't have enough
for the train ride home.
You always been a mark.
You were so mad at me when
you ran in that bathroom.
When you came out, though,
you hit that boardwalk,
and you just sang
until we had enough money
to get home and get hot dogs.
The only reason I came out
was 'cause you started
cryin' like a little bitch,
and that shit was mad embarrassing.
Juke, I will do it again, a'ight?
Don't make me start crying, man.
Now, come out here
and turn this shit out,
'cause for real, I
don't think I could deal
with Famous ass cryin'
for the next 50 years
that you the reason he ain't blow up.
He's not that bad.
Actually, he kinda dope.
You better not ever let
that nigga hear you say that.
'Cause we both know if he do,
he never gon' shut the fuck up again.
Nicole seem kinda cool, by the way.
I got you, Juke.
I always do.
Now come out here.
Show them what you about.
Show them who you are.
Show them where the fuck we from, girl.
All right.
Ain't like I'm saying a nigga perfect.
I make mistakes.
I'm human.
But everybody fuck up. Even Raq fuck up.
But it's always some shit when I do it.
My ass is straight undervalued in
this motherfucking organization.
But I'm about to show and prove.
You'll see.
Well, actually, you won't see.
But, you, you know what I'm sayin'.
I appreciate you hearin' a nigga out.
- Good?
- Yeah.
All right.
Vodka soda. Double it up.
That one's on me.
Hey, Raq.
Raq, hold up.
Let me explain.
I told you that there was nothing
more important to me than my son.
That nobody was ever
gon' get between us.
- I made that shit clear as day.
- He called me.
He asked for my help. He trusted me.
- I didn't know what to do.
- Just 'cause you fucking me don't mean
that all of a sudden,
my son is your son.
You don't make decisions
for my child, Symphony.
Do you know who I am? Huh?
You know what I do to
motherfuckers who betray me?
Betray you?
Your son asked me to
keep a secret, and I did.
He's a part of you, Raquel.
- Okay, I shouldn't have, but
- No, no, no,
you went behind my back.
I can't accept that from
nobody, but especially you.
So that's it.
That's it.
Yo, what the fuck, man? We're
just trying to go inside.
No one gets in strapped.
I don't care if your
name is Michael, Jermaine,
Tito, Jackie, or Marlon.
No weapons.
I told Crown you wasn't about shit.
Just another Queens nigga
trying to make a name
off Brooklyn's back.
You know you on the Southside, right?
It's a long way from Brooklyn.
Not everybody makes it home.
It's all good, brother. We
just here for some music.
It's all love.
No doubt.
Let them in, but check them still.
You doing your thing,
Lou. I'm proud of you.
For real.
So go on, have your night.
But when the sun comes
up tomorrow morning,
we back at it harder than ever.
Where your partner at?
Took a day for himself.
You tell Howard the most
dangerous place to be
is between a mother and her child.
I don't even know what that means.
He does.
Man, Queens ain't shit!
I know you Boricuas
fuck with Brooklyn niggas.
Gots to.
- I'm Lou's girl.
- So?
Step the fuck off.
Oh shit!
Hey, you and me,
we gon' make us a beautiful
Lisa-Bonet-looking baby, white girl.
Hey, go fuck with them hood
rats and leave her alone.
- You Jukebox's home girl, right?
- Yeah.
Well, then we family.
Ah, fuck that nigga. He's just loud.
- 'Sup?
- 'Sup?
- You want a drink?
- No, I'm good. Thank you.
Hey, Crown,
can you tell your peoples
to chill the fuck out?
'Cause they making the
guests uncomfortable.
They just talkin'.
But we about to feel
real unnecessary up here.
Hit this, Madonna.
Do what you want, baby.
- Fuck it.
- Yeah.
We ain't gettin' in
through the front door.
Come on.
You gon' tell me who we hittin'?
Queens, New York! Are we
having a good time tonight?
Check, check.
Southside's produced some
of the hottest lyricists
the streets have ever seen.
And this next act is gonna continue
in that proud tradition.
- Show some love
- Fuck!
and give it up for
Puerto Rican Famous!
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Yo, DJ, kill the beat. Kill the beat.
Look, I know we got people
in here from all over,
but let's make one thing clear:
Southside run this mothafucka!
'Cause this ain't shit
you can teach or learn.
You born into it.
Yo, that's-that's-that's my
kid. Yo, that's-that's my kid.
It's who you are.
These streets made us.
These street paid us.
And we all about this
street life! Let's go!
Say your good-bye ♪
You on the wrong side ♪
One day when we make the rules ♪
So don't play us for no fool ♪
Oh, street life ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
- Nobody warned ya ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
- They can talk like they want it ♪
But they don't really want ♪
- The street life ♪
- Sutphin bully double shotty ♪
Shootin' up your lobby ♪
These streets need a body ♪
I'm too famous ♪
Me and my niggas 'bout them triggas ♪
Puttin' bodies in rivers ♪
Robbin for major figures ♪
- Street life ♪
- I was born in the gutters of Southside ♪
And outside is where
I earned my stripes ♪
I'm bout mine ♪
Corner bodega ♪
Played a nigga like Sega ♪
Applied the pressure like mega ♪
- That's how we do Pretenders ♪
- Oh, street life ♪
So fuck four quarters and two dimes ♪
A shotty and a vest with two nines ♪
- Is how I dispute mines ♪
- And that's how these rappers do.
Talking about shit
they ain't never done.
Shit they don't know.
Writing rhymes ain't
the same as doing crimes.
See what the fuck I did there?
Say your good-bye ♪
You on the wrong side ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
- One day when we make the rules ♪
So don't play us for no fool ♪
Oh, street life ♪
- The streets need a body ♪
- Nobody warned ya ♪
The streets need a body ♪
They can talk like they want it ♪
But they don't really want ♪
- The street life ♪
- Every fuckin' morning ♪
I'm lookin' to get the payout ♪
Before you rob the stash house ♪
Better know the layout ♪
Bullets spray out ♪
Niggas live or niggas die ♪
Should've been a double homi ♪
Two niggas survived ♪
That's Queens for ya ♪
Fiends on every corner ♪
Need a team of lawyers ♪
Dreams turn into schemes ♪
Triple beams and porterhouse steaks ♪
Baggin' the product ♪
The streets need a body ♪
I knew it before I got up ♪
Your block shot up ♪
100 and 40 reasons why
you no longer breathin' ♪
Bitch-ass, we even ♪
It's Famous ♪
Put niggas on the
news with my stainless ♪
Owe me, I'm comin for them payments ♪
In funeral arrangements ♪
I'm kissin yo' mama at the wake ♪
- With a bouquet of flowers ♪
- Lou-Lou last night breathing.
- We hittin' Lou?
- Southside Jamaica, Queens ♪
It's always a murder scene ♪
See what I mean? ♪
Rest in peace, D-Wiz ♪
Streets need a body ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
When I pull up on your block ♪
Streets need a body ♪
When I slide up in your spot ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Anybody want beef ♪
Streets need a body ♪
When I pull up on your block ♪
Streets need a body ♪
When I slide up in your spot ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Anybody want beef ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Streets need a body ♪
- Streets need a body ♪
- Fuck Brooklyn! Southside!
BK represent!
Turn the fuck around.
I was born at night,
but it wasn't last night, nigga.
'Nique knew you was just Raq's snitch,
that you was playin' us.
We know you would never hit Lou-Lou,
you bitch-ass muhfucka.
I'm telling you, she picked me up.
Telling you, we kissed.
Over there. That's Marvin.
Yo, what up, man?
Yo, you niggas ready
to put in this work?
Been ready, my nigga.
What we on, corners?
- Highway, nigga.
- Highway?
I was at this thing.
The whole time, all I was
thinking about was you.
Say your good-bye ♪
You on the wrong side ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Pull up to your hood they
be like streets need a body ♪
Laverne, I don't ever want
to be with anybody else.
I like a brother who
knows how to throw a punch.
There's a ladder
you gotta climb in this shit.
And the thing is that
there are niggas below you
and above you on that ladder,
and they're tryin' hard as they
can to pull you off that shit.
There go your boy, bitch!
Because as
long as you on that ladder,
you either a threat or a
problem to them other niggas.
Far as they're concerned,
either way, you gots to go.
But you keep climbing.
'Cause once you on it,
there's no way off.
Say your good-bye ♪
You on the wrong side ♪
From day one we made the rules ♪
So don't play us like no fool ♪
Oh, street life ♪
Nobody warned ya ♪
They can talk like they want it ♪
But they don't really want ♪
- The street life ♪
- Sutphin bully Double shotty ♪
Shootin' up your lobby ♪
These streets need a body

I'm too famous ♪
Me and my niggas 'bout them triggas ♪
Puttin' bodies in rivers ♪
Robbin for major figures ♪
Street life ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Body, streets, streets ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Oh, street life ♪
Streets need a body ♪
Body, streets, streets ♪
I'm comin' from the streets ♪
The streets need a body ♪
I wish a nigga would
say somethin' about me ♪
Bring out the whole hood ♪
Say somethin' about me ♪
The streets need a body ♪
The shotty is on me ♪
I'm comin' from the streets ♪
The streets need a body ♪
I wish a nigga would
say somethin' about me ♪
Bring out the whole hood ♪
Say somethin' about me ♪
The streets need a body ♪
The shotty is on me ♪
On me, on me ♪
Streets, streets ♪
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