Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Stay in Your Lane



[GROWN KANAN] Previously
on Raising Kanan
[RAQ] It's getting to a point
where I can't even keep track
of all your secrets and lies.
Scrappy one of the most
loyal soldiers your moms got.
He's a fucking rat.
I'm here for Kanan.
A family friend's not a
legal guardian, brother.
If she asks me, I'm coming
clean. I won't lie to her.
I need to know what
that cop said to you.
Some wildness about how you
used to love him back in the day.
Would my son be able to give me
that bone marrow you say I need?
You said you have no immediate family.
Don't ever forget that
this business right here,
is what keeps you fed.

They come off the Van
Wyck to get their gas.
Pay them white people prices.
Just think about it, all right?
[RAQ] I need to talk
to your cousin, Juliana.
And I need you to make
that happen for me.
And the turncoat nigga here
is gon' light that nigga up tonight.
Fuck four quarters and two dimes ♪
The shotty and a vest with two nines ♪
Is how I dispute mines ♪
Same ol' soup reheated ♪
Fuckin' money, I need it ♪
'Nique knew you was just Raq's snitch.
Fuck my mom.
Fuck my parents. Fuck everything. I
- I just want to be with you.
- Hit this.
Your son asked me to
keep a secret, and I did.
You don't make decisions
for my child, Symphony.

[RAQ] We about to go on offense.
We ain't going to war, but
we ain't laying down, neither.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby ♪
- I'm a hustler, baby ♪
- [50 CENT] Yeah ♪
I know heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me ♪
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke
man or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit ♪
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide ♪
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money ♪
Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan ♪
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot at the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break you're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it ♪
Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up ♪
G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
there'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
we do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it on this side ♪
I know heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me ♪
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke
man or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure,
man I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit ♪
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide ♪
It's nothin' to play with ♪
- Hey, hey ♪

- You see anything?
- No.


I'm here.
- Batter up.
- [LOU-LOU] I do this,
we into something
altogether different, Raq.
We at war.
We been at war, Lou.
All we doing is opening a new
front up in this motherfucker.

[GROWN KANAN] Ain't no such
thing as peace in this game.
First time you step out on that corner,
somebody already want what you got.
Someone planning to take what's yours.
That's the way it works everywhere.
At a certain point,
every motherfucker in the world
wants what they don't have.
Problem is, only so much to go around.
Only so many corners in the hood.
So you look at the nigga next to you,
see what they're holding,
and decide you want
that shit for your own.
But you gotta take it.
And it ain't gonna come easy, nigga.
- You gotta be willing to die for it.
Don't matter if you in
South Jamaica or South Iraq.
We all born at war.
So fuck peace.

You puny protozoa ♪
You're so minute you didn't know ♪
The gang has been watchin' you ♪
But instead of just squashin' you ♪
I'm scoopin' you up ♪
Out of the muck you wallow in ♪
Like a chief chemist ♪
Other scientists are followin' ♪
Plannin' to examine
you on a Petri dish ♪
Stickin' you and frickin' you ♪
Just a teeny bit ♪
I'm clever with science ♪
But never relyin' ♪
On false words from cowards ♪
Who forever be tryin' ♪
Insistin' they come off ♪
I let 'em get some off ♪
Then come back with drum tracks ♪
Their ears could get numb off ♪
Blockbustin' like makin' love ♪
I'll never stop
thrustin' into your system ♪
So just listen ♪
I'm like a neurosurgeon ♪
Operatin' with a purer version ♪
I write prescriptions
of words that fit in ♪
The thought gets
prescribed as I kick it live ♪
'Cause it's more than a style ♪
It's conceptual genius ♪
My effect on the scene is
to project that I mean this ♪
You deadbeat, wait until
you see my next feat ♪
I get respect for
the rep when I speak ♪
Check the technique ♪
Check the technique ♪
Check the technique ♪
Check the technique ♪
Check the technique ♪
I'm rushing you like a defensive end ♪
As I recommend that you comprehend ♪
I could stomp you in
a battle, contest, or war ♪
What will occur will
be the forfeiture ♪
Of your immature ♪
Insecure, for sure ♪
Meek, weak visions of grandeur ♪
To rudely awaken you
I then'll be breakin' you ♪
Taxin' without askin' ♪
Extractin' and snakin' you ♪
Makin' you succumb to
the drums of Gang Starr ♪
By far, we are truly
gifted ones, son ♪
But if you were to speculate ♪
Or estimate us
losin' you'll be dyin' ♪
Tryin' to face the
fate of your delusions ♪
'Cause miscalculation
is all you're statin' ♪
So I'm chumpin' ♪
Puntin' punks just like footballs ♪
'Cause I want to put
y'all back in the mess hall ♪
To clean up the slop and
stop all the bullcrap ♪
You put in that good work, baby.

- What's up with Scrap?
They fucked him up pretty.
Lost a eye and a kidney,
but he gon' be okay.
I messed up, Ma.
I shouldn't have said all that
stuff about Scrap and the stash.
Scrappy live the game.
He know how it work.
They took his eye.
[RAQ] Scrap a solider, Kanan.
Battle-tested, built on these
streets. He gon' be a'ight.
I just I don't know,
I feel like we shouldn't
be here doing all this,
with everything that happened
and him in the hospital.
[RAQ] I ain't about wrong or right.
Life keeps moving, Kanan.
Can't stop, won't stop.
Not for us, not for Scrap.
Tell me her name again.
Well, does Miss Davina know
that ain't no girl
good enough for my son?
- Come on, now.

Now I know why Kanan been
walking around the house
all dumb-looking and dreamy-eyed.
You are beautiful.
- [CHUCKLES] So nice to meet you, Ms. Thomas.
- You too.
Come on. Let's go sit down.
Your seat right here, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Of course.
Now, I know you not
super big on surprises
or nothing like that, but, uh
[KANAN] Surprise.

- [RAQ] Hell no.
I'll be right back. Ma.

[SYMPHONY] I love Hall & Oates, Raq.
Hall & Oates, the band.
White boys.
"Kiss on My List."
"Sara Smile."
"Sara Smile's" my
shit. I know every word.
I've never told that
to anyone until now.
I'm not keeping secrets
from you ever again, Raq.
Turns out, there may be some shit
you should keep to yourself.
Like Hall & Oates.
Yeah, no question.
Look, I put myself
between you and your son,
the one thing you told me never to do.
It was wrong. I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I don't ever want to hurt you.
I miss you.
A hell of a lot.
Baby hair ♪
With a woman's eyes ♪
I can feel you watching ♪
In the night ♪
All alone with me ♪
And we're waiting ♪
For the sunlight ♪
You're a horrible singer.
I'm an even worse dancer.
Now I just feel sorry for you.
I could be all right with
you feeling sorry for me
especially if it means
you'll come back inside
and have dinner with me,
your son, and his girl.
"His girl." [SCOFFS]
That shit sounds even
worse than it feels.
I'm right here with you.
We gon' figure this out.

You're beautiful. You know that?
Why would he stop?
He right.

[SERVER] Here you go, sir.
- I got this, brother.
- Nah, man.
Hold on to your money.
Save it for that college tuition.
No doubt.
Let's do this.
- Let me get that for you.
- Here's your jacket.
[SYMPHONY] Check it out, y'all.
That building is The Dakota.
Been here 100 years.
A lot of history here.
Ah, jeez, here we go. Class in session.
- Leave him alone.
I love it when he gets to teaching.
Thank you.
It was built in 1884
for Edward Cabot Clark,
the head of the Singer
Manufacturing Company.
They called it The Dakota
because at the time,
this part of the city
was so remote and wild
that no one lived here, well,
like the Dakota Territory.
That Beatle guy got shot down
right in front of the building.
Yeah, John Lennon.
- Crazy-ass fan shot him.
Rich folks getting shot right
here on Central Park West.
- Just like the Southside.
- Ain't nowhere safe.
Hey, we gon' get out of here.
I'll take you.
Nah. No, it's-it's good, for real.
We can find our way home.
Y'all just stay here.
Go, uh, listen to some
jazz music or something.
- Bird-watching.
Matter of fact, go see
a black-and-white movie.
Black-and-white movie.
- That.
- Black-and-white movie?
Just go have fun.
You know, do your
little old folks thing.
- We gon' be good.
- Uh, may I remind you
that I'm what they call a young mother?
Just 'cause you a young
mother don't mean you young.
- Ooh-hoo-hoo!
- Boy!
'Member when I said
that nobody was gon' get
- between my son and me?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, you better get between us,
- 'cause I'm about to beat this boy's ass.
- [KANAN] Davina, help me!
It was nice meeting the both of you.
- [RAQ] You too, baby.
- Get out of here 'fore she kill me.
Nice to meet you, Davina.
Hey. Mm.
- What's up?
- I'm a young mom.
Don't make me no young grandma.
- Later, Symphony.
- Mm.
[SYMPHONY] Good night.
Block is hot.
So should we go
listen to some jazz music?
as long as we naked and up in your bed,
I'll even listen to
your broke-ass singin'.
- Come on.
- [NICOLE] It's cool, right?
So what do I wear
to this thing again?
Uh, well, most girls wear, like, a gown
or a nice dress.
Just wear whatever feels comfortable.
- So Tims and a sweatshirt?
Yeah, if that's what works for you,
then Tims and a sweatshirt.
I don't care what you're wearing.
Just want you to be there with me.
I'm not wearing work boots and a hoodie
to my girlfriend's big dance
That's the first time you've
ever called me your girlfriend.
Well, that's what you are, right?
I'm your girlfriend.

Come on.
You're my girlfriend.
I'm your girlfriend.
[DAVINA] Wait.
I've been meaning to tell you that
That I'm the best damn
boyfriend in New York?
I heard Famous' song.
His rhymes, the stuff he says
makes it seem like he was
there when Buck was shot.
Four quarters and two dimes
and the thing, uh, about 140th.
V, that's just Famous talking shit.
Come on, now. You
know that's what he do.
That's what all these niggas do.
These fake-ass gangstas
rapping about shit
they ain't never done
is how they sell records.
That's it. That's all.
[NEIGHBOR] Davina!
You need to come collect this baby.
I have to go to bed.
Your mama needs to come
home to you and Tonisha.
I know; she's just dealing
with family stuff down South.
You're not that child's mother, Davina.
You a child yourself.
[DAVINA] I know. I'm sorry.
Hey, Tonisha.
I gotta get her ready for bed.
- Well, shit, come on, I got you.
- No, It's fine. I'm good. Thanks.

[KANAN] That song was just
a story Famous was telling.
Shit's made up.
Famous ain't in that life.
Yeah, but you are.
I'll see you at school, Kanan.

Hold up.
Hey. Hey, look at me.
- [EXHALES HEAVILY] We got time.
Not this "let's take
it slow" bullshit again.
[SYMPHONY] I'm just saying.
You don't have to control everything.
I got you.
So what you gonna do,
then, Symphony, hmm?
I was thinking
- about singing.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
Mm. Please, don't.

[CHUCKLES] So it's like that.

I don't know, maybe your
eyes was closed or something.
Like, how you miss a
nigga in his bedroom?
[LOU-LOU] I never miss.
TEC-9s ain't shit.
Maybe you should've
used a different gun.
[MARVIN] Maybe if you
wasn't so busy trying to be
a bootleg Russell fucking Simmons,
your aim would've been better.
Fuck you.
Look, don't worry about your brother.
Worry about yourself instead.
You know, I could have
been there with Lou,
except you keeping me out the game.
Darius said we behind schedule.
I mean, we getting there. I mean,
won't take too much longer.
How we looking on them corners?
We ain't got enough work
to keep them all busy.
The corners we do got up
Yo, heads know our
shit is mad stepped on.
They buying from 'Nique.
[LOU-LOU] Heard 'Nique's
expanding to move his shit
near the highway now.
Heard he got a whole gas station crew.
Yo, I ain't heard shit about that.
I'm meeting with this
possible new connect tonight.
Bodega girl's cousin?
Yeah. You rolling with me.
Yo, um,
you know, 'Nique gonna
have to answer for Worrell.
Fuck 'Nique's answer.
We ain't done asking questions.
That is assuming that you can
take the music out your head
and straighten out your fucking aim.

Hell no.
[ATTENDANT] Are you okay in there?
[BEDUK] Funk it up ♪
Funk it down ♪
Funk it up ♪
Didn't I tell you that
song was gon' be a problem?
Problem? Shit gon' be a hit.
Crown about to get me on
with Stretch and Bobbito.
Davina heard it, man.
I told you that shit was gon'
happen. I fuckin' told you.
All right. It's just a song.
It's just it's-it's-it's
words put to music.
- It don't mean shit, man.
- It mean shit to her.
Tell her I'm a artist.
Tell her I'm painting a picture
of the world we living in, 'kay?
"We," nigga?
It doesn't mean you did it.
It doesn't mean I did it.
It doesn't even mean it happened
the way I say it did on the track.
You think Eazy-E livin' all
the shit he rappin' about?
That was a stupid
that was a stupid example.
But you know what I'm sayin'.
You want to tell stories,
Famous, tell stories.
All right? Just don't tell my shit.
One thing about Kanan ♪
You know he ain't playing ♪
You know what I'm sayin'? ♪
Keep it real every day and ♪
They're gettin' paid in the a.m. ♪
Like, off the dome, nigga.
- Come on, man.
- Come on.
"From the a.m." Like-like-like-like,
can we work together now?
Give me a hug, my nigga.

Did you leave the clothes
in the dressing room?
They there.

Where my uncle at?
[LIL' ROB] I don't know, man. We
been paging him for, like, two hours.
We short on product.
[DAMON] We moved all
that other shit already.
Damn, the highway poppin'.
Shit, they don't call 'em
crackers for nothing, nigga.
These white folks love
this crack cocaine, baby.
- [KANAN] We gotta stretch that.
- [LIL' ROB] What you mean?
Shit's been stepped on mad hard already.
My boy from east New York
been cuttin' with this
here new shit out there.
Calls it Cynda Williams.
Said it makes your crack mo' better.
Said niggas lining up around the block
to get rock cut with this.
Shit sound good to me. Let's cook.
[LIL' ROB] Nah, nigga.
We're making sure Marvin
cool with this shit first.
If I'm cool, he cool, nigga.
[LIL' ROB] You a young-ass
high school nigga.
You ain't calling no fuckin' shots, man.
Motherfucker, you know who I am?
What I do?
This whole shit
Van Wyck, the gas station,
them candy bars y'all selling,
that's my idea.
You here 'cause of me.

I'm cooking.

- Where Gabriel at?
- With his puta.
At least you get a break.
I'd be happy if he never came back.
This is where my cousin
wants to meet you.
You said you picked me.
You picked this place because
you knew who my cousin was.
Well, I picked you too.
Because you are a woman.
Because you know how these men treat us.
How they see us.
How they hate us.

You're helping me, Juliana.
You let me know when I can help you.


[DAMON] A'ight, so what we doing?
We gon' drop the shit just
around the hood, as testers.
Make sure we got that hotness.
Then we drop it on Van Wyck.
Yo, you went heavy on that Cynda
Williams when you was cookin'.
Made it mo' better, nigga.
[ALL] Mo' better, mo'
better, mo' better.

Make money, money ♪
Make money, money, money ♪
Take money, money ♪
Take money, money, money-ey ♪
- Yo.
- What up?
- Check it out.
Nicole and I are going
to this ball tonight.
- I need somewhere to get ready.
- Ball?
Nigga, who is you, Southside Cinderella?
It's some bougie-ass shit.
But I need somewhere to get ready,
because if my dad clocks
it, he's gonna fuck with me.
Do your thing in the crib then.
Go ahead.
[HOWARD] Kanan Stark.
This nigga, man.
I'll get at you later.
Was it something I said?
She just don't like you.
I'm not really a fan either.
How you been?
My mom don't want me
messing with you, man.
You ask Raq about me yet?
I told you, we go way back.
I've known her since she was
a little bit older than you.
We got shared history, your moms and me.
I was just checking up on
you, making sure you good.
I'm good, man.
I don't need you checking up on me.
Ask your moms about me.
You might be surprised
by what you find out.
What is with you and that kid?
The children are our future, Burke.
[LIL' ROB] Yo, testers, testers.
Got these mo' better blues,
nigga, mo' better blues.
Testers. Mo' better blues,
y'all, mo' better blues.
Make that high mo' better.
These mo' better blues.
Go ahead, man. Yeah.
Chill out.
Mo' better blues. What's up?
Testers, testers. Come and get it, man.
Mo' better blues, mo' better blues.
Come on, man, get the
fuck out of here, yo.
Testers, testers.
Let's go. I got it if you need it.
If you need it, I got it.
[DISTORTED] Got these mo' better
blues, y'all, mo' better blues.

Here we go.
Yeah. Ah-ah-ah.
This is my jam right here.
Whoo, I love this song.
[LAUGHS] Right here.
I love this song, man.
Man, pass that shit, man.

It's like that?

You a greedy-ass nigga, you know that?

Keep on whippin' on me ♪
Work it on me ♪
Yeah, whip all your
sweet, sweet loving ♪
On me, baby ♪
Keep on whipping on me ♪
Work it on me ♪
Whip all your sweet, sweet loving ♪
On me ♪

[JUKEBOX] Look at this puppy.
- [NICOLE] Aww, so cute.
- [JUKEBOX] So cute.
She's not as cute as you, though.
- [NICOLE] Come here.
Why won't you tell me
what your dress looks like?
Because you'll see it when you see it.
But I want to know now.
You can't always get what you want.
Bet you I will.
So are we doing this again?
Ah, okay, so I'm gonna
ditch this fucking dork
my parents are forcing me to go with,
and then I'm gonna
sneak out of the ball,
meet you at the bench across the street
from the hotel where it's happening.
Oh, and it's the Helmsley Palace Hotel
on 51st and Madison.
You sure we won't get caught?
Yeah. Girls sneak guys in every year.
Since when do you care
about getting caught?
I'm done boostin'.
Since when?
Since this crazy-ass white girl I know
shamed the hell out of me.
Damn, that crazy-ass white
girl must really like you.
Listen to this when
you get ready tonight.
It's a surprise.
[VENDOR] Pretzels here. Hot pretzels.
Oh, I love hot pretzels.
- You like 'em?
- Nah.
Want one?
I shouldn't.
You should.
Hey, I got you.
Ah, thank you.
It's later than I thought.
- I gotta get ready for tonight.
- Oh, shit, me too.
Oh, what color did you
say your dress was again?
I didn't.
Come on! Just the color.
What color's your dress?
She's crazy.

[MARVIN] Get in.
What's the word, man?
Just get in the fuckin' car.


[LIL' ROB] And these ain't
the only ones, neither.
There's about three more
bodies on a spot on 115th.
[MARVIN] This right here is the reason
you don't send no ducks to eagle school.
You niggas are ducks.
Just tell me this isn't what
we been selling to Van Wyck.
'Cause if white people start
falling out off our shit,
we all looking at the
fuckin' electric chair.
[LIL' ROB] We put some testers out, man.
Not that much, maybe about 20 vials,
just to see what the
feedback was looking like.
Feedback's real shitty,
niggas. Real shitty.
I mean, it's damn near impossible
to kill a motherfucker with crack.
That's the beauty of it.
Crack keeps niggas just alive enough
to steal everything and
anything that ain't nailed down
chasing that high.
But not your shit.
Your shit done broke all the rules.
[LIL' ROB] All right, man. Let me
tell you what the fuck happened.
We was short on product,
so we was gonna stretch it with some cut
that had niggas lining up
in Brooklyn. It was perfect.
But your fuckin' nephew,
man, this nigga thought
he was a fuckin' man, so
he did the fuckin' cooking.
Well, Chef Boyardee, you
got the secret recipe,
because these sorry
motherfuckers had to be
blowing rat poison or
some shit through that pipe
to go out like that.
We-we-we gotta say something.
Get this off the street.
That's the last shit we need to do.
What we need to do
is shut down Van Wyck,
burn whatever's left of them blue caps,
and not say a fucking word to nobody.
- You not even want to tell my mom?
- Are you out your fucking mind?
We don't ever tell her
about this. Not ever.
We tell her about this, they
gonna find two more bodies
behind this shit: me and you, nigga.

You watch fights?
My father fought 135
when I was real young.
Lightweight. Any good?
He had a hell of a lot of heart,
which is a dangerous thing
to have in the fight game.
I'm building up my business, Joaquin,
and I'm looking for a supplier
who not only understands
the opportunity I'm offering
but wants to grow with me.
South Jamaica's a competitive market.
I'm about to be the only game in town.
I like the song.
I was at the showcase.
My brother works in Latin music for BMG,
and he took me along.
"When I pull up on your
block, the streets need a body.
When I slide up in your spot,
the streets need a body."
It's good. I like it. It's good.
My cousin Juliana has vouched for you.
And even though I question her
judgment in husbands, well
her intuition is typically first-rate.
Let's talk numbers, then.
I've enjoyed this conversation, Raq.
We'll talk again soon.
[MAN] Ooh! Payback, bitches.
[WOMAN] Damn, boy!
- [WOMAN] You ain't got nothing left!
[LINDA] Branden's mother just called.
He's on his way over right now.
And don't forget that his
boutonnière's in the fridge.
You look so beautiful.
I just want to say that as your mother,
I would never condone
intercourse at your age,
but I know that it's not unusual.
I just want you to be safe.
You're forcing me to go with this kid.
I'm not even gonna let
him open a door for me.
- I just want to make sure that you're
- Mom, stop.
I just don't want you to get pregnant.
Lesbian sex doesn't
get you pregnant, Mom.
You are not a lesbian, Nicole.
And you know that because
you know me better than me.
Believe it or not, mothers
do know their children
better than they know themselves, yes.
You don't.
That girl took advantage of you, Nicole.
You didn't understand
what was happening.
- You were a victim.
- Oh, my God.
Well, that Branden is
one lucky son of a gun.
Mom just gave me permission
to have sex with him tonight.
- She what?
- I most certainly did not!
I need you both to leave me alone.
- Linda, she
- Please.
I hope she's fucking kidding.
- I didn't say what she said.
- Well, why would you even
- Oh, my God.
You brought the ruckus.
I deal with so much
bullshit all the time,
sometimes I just need
shit to be what it is.
No hidden agendas, nothing unspoken,
just straight fuckin'.
Oh, I'm glad I could help.
I was too hard on you.
Nah. It's all good.
I love me some violence
up in the bedroom.
I'm talking about all
that shit I said about
you and Kanan and
how you went behind my
back and betrayed me.
I'm sorry.
And I'm grateful that Kanan
had you to call right then.
He trusts you.
He ain't got a lot of men
in his life he can trust.

You'd be a great dad.
For real.
I mean, I see the way
you are with my kid.
Just imagine how yours would feel.

You want to have a kid?

It depends who the mother is.
What if it was me?

Maybe that could work.

I'm not saying I'm leaving the business.
Not yet.
Not anytime soon.
But I-I want to get it
to where I can just
give it over to Lou and
step back and collect checks.
But that's not gonna happen overnight.
There's a lot of shit I gotta do.
A lot I gotta put in motion.

I'm not gon' always be who
I am right now, Symphony.
I want you to know that.

[MAN] Club sandwich?
['NIQUE] I got this, boss.

This spot is DMZ, 'Nique.
Been that way for years.
Nobody gets hurt in Lamont's Diner.
You know this.
Ain't nobody getting hurt, Lou.
Just want to chop it up
with you for a minute.
You know, came to talk to me before.
Just want to continue the conversation.

She gon' lose, Lou.
Raq gon' fall.
No supply.
Losing corners.
Soldiers looking for other crews.
My shit getting soggy. You
mind if you get into it?
By all means, brother. Eat.
I'm giving Raq another couple months
before I'm mopping up her
and whoever's still standing with her.
You the best she got, Lou.
Your skills, capabilities.
You the truth out here, my nigga.
I don't eat that type of shit, B.
Thank you. No, thanks.
But it's exactly what I'm looking for
in my organization, to say the least.
The big thinker. True
visionary like yourself.
Yet someone who knows when
to throw the fuck down.
You see, I like my guys to have
side hustles and whatnot, Lou.
Like your music shit.
You know, the entrepreneurial spirit,
it looks good on you, brother.
Trying to get me to flip?
What I want you do, Lou,
is recognize the opportunity
that I'm offering.
Starting spot on the winning team, Lou.
But it's a one-time offer.
Pass up on it now, and
ain't no circling back,
know what I'm saying?
I'm flattered, 'Nique.
No, like, for real.
I mean, I think my only issue is
I mean, it's nice to hear
all this shit for once.
It's just there's this
one fact I can't get past.
I get it. She's your
sister. It's family.
- You know, I was expecting you to say that.
- It's not that.
I just don't get down
with bitch-ass niggas.
Like you.
And pussy eater over here.
Wait, that was you, mo

Appreciate you taking the
time to talk, brother Lou.
Listen, um, I'll say this. Um,
I'm gonna say sorry now
for what's gonna happen later, nigga.
Thanks for the sandwich.

Let him pass, Worrell.

He's a riddle wrapped up in a nigga.

I got this dance tonight,
and I needed somewhere to get dressed,
and-and Kanan said I could come here.
I-I should've asked you first.
Somebody gon' be real happy when
they see you come through the door.
Who you going with?
Her name's Nicole.
Nicole lucky.
I ain't Marvin, Juke.

I want you to be happy.
I want you to be you.
Thank you.

[LINDA] You look so handsome, Branden.
Oh, you and Nicole are gonna
take this ball by storm.
Nicole! Time to take pictures!
[JUKEBOX] This is for you and only you.

"Show me, show me, show me ♪
"How you do that trick ♪
The one that makes
me scream," she said ♪
"The one that makes
me laugh," she said ♪
And threw her arms around my neck ♪
"Show me how you do it ♪
And I promise you I promise ♪
That I'll run away with you ♪
I'll run away with you" ♪
- [LINDA] Nicole?
We need to take these photos.
I'll be out in a minute.
[JUKEBOX] " Trick ♪
The one that makes
me scream," she said ♪
"The one that makes
me laugh," she said ♪
And threw her arms around my neck ♪
"Show me how you do it ♪
And I promise you I promise ♪
That I'll run away with you ♪
I'll run away with you" ♪
Spinning on that dizzy edge ♪
Kissed her face and kissed her head ♪
Dreamed of all the different ways ♪
I had to make her glow ♪
"Why are you so far away?" She said ♪
"Why won't you ever know ♪
- That I'm in love ♪
- With you?" ♪
- [LINDA] Nicole, you're being rude.
[JUKEBOX] "That I'm
in love with you?" ♪
You, soft and only ♪
You, lost and lonely ♪
You, strange as angels ♪
Dancing in the deepest oceans ♪
Twisting in the water ♪
You're just like a dream ♪
You're just like a dream ♪
Daylight licked me into shape ♪
I must have been asleep for days ♪
And moving lips to breathe her name ♪
I opened up my eyes ♪
[DISTORTING] And found
myself alone, alone ♪
Alone above a raging sea ♪
That stole the only girl I loved ♪
And drowned her deep inside of me ♪
- You, soft and only ♪
- [THUD]
- You, lost and lonely ♪
- [LINDA] Nicole?
What was that?
Nicole? Nicole, open up.
Open up this fucking door right now!
- Nicole. Nicole!
You're just like heaven ♪
You, you're just like heaven ♪
You, you're just like heaven ♪

You're just like heaven ♪
See, what I want to know is,
if this thing goes to court,
where are they gonna
find a jury of his peers?
You missed your cousin looking fly.
That's my bad.
I saw Symphony today.
We were saying we wanted
to go on another double date
with you and Davina.
- That's cool.
- Let's do that again.
- [RAQ] Mm-hmm.
You know, I never thanked you
for offering to pay for that dinner.
No doubt, Ma.
Did have me wondering where
you got that money, though.
I been saving up for a little bit.
You know, some I had from the stash.
Juke been selling some
old clothes for me, so
Which clothes?
- I I don't know.
- Hmm.
You know, that cop
rolled up on me today.
Said I need to ask you something.
You got a surprise for me?
No, he just fucking
with you like they do.
Natural-born liars, all of 'em.
Fuck that cop.
From now on, you see him,
you head the other way.
Do you hear me?
Heard you.

[ARSENIO] Your Honor
[GROWN KANAN] Of all the
lies they tell you as a kid,
the biggest one is,
all them niggas lived
happily ever after.
That's the biggest lie,
because you want it the worst.
'Cause even though all them
stories is about fake shit
like princesses and
dragons and wizards

you believe it when they tell you
that they all lived happily ever after.

You believe it because
you want it for yourself.
You want to know that all
this shit's been worth it,
that there's a payoff.

Even when you're not a kid,
you're still thinking that
someday you gonna wake up
and it's gonna be that day.

Because just like them
dragons and princesses
that shit ain't even close to real.
Not for you.
Not for me.
Not for nobody.

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