Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Loyal to the End

Previously on Raising Kanan
She loved your daughter, you know.
Third body we've found in the last day.
- He was holding one of these.
- Blue caps.
- It was this Southside nigga Kanan.
- Kanan Stark?
He cooked 'em and put
'em out on the block.
That's what killed Nicole.
All you've done so far is give me mess
after mess to clean up.
Buck Twenty, D-Wiz
- D-Wiz?
- I killed him.
This is your stop. Get out.
What's the unit underneath looking like?
Add a little stucco ah!
I don't ever wanna talk to
you or ever see you again.
I need you to walk me through
Unique pressing up on you.
- May I help you, sir?
- My boy's ride, I left something in it.
Can I get in?
This is a motherfucking message.
Make sure that shit is loud and clear.
Come on, Lou. Come on, man.
Call an ambulance! Somebody help me!
You all alone up in this motherfucker.
You might have a crew next to you.
You might have some
peoples you run with,
some niggas saying they got your back.
But when shit goes down,
it's every nigga for himself.
Ain't nobody checking for you but you.
Not even that motherfucker by your side.
Because in this shit,
blood is everything.
As wild as the game is,
it can't never take away your
family if you don't let it.
Family's the only thing you born with,
the only thing worth dying for.
Well, okay, I guess
you, uh, would be like
what, we stop at
McDonald's or something?
Hop in there.
Get out of here, man.
I was going to go home to
take a shower and change,
but I wanna be here
for when he wakes up.
If he wakes up.
He gon' wake up.
He gon' be fine.
I know my little brother.
He's just resting up.
But he'll come back.
Now, go take care of yourself.
I'll hold it down
here while you're gone.
You need anything while I'm out?
What the fuck they did
to you, baby brother?
They forgot who the fuck I am, Lou,
where the fuck I come from.
But they 'bout to remember me.
They 'bout to know me.
Kanan told me you were here.
Of course he did.
Two of you chatty motherfuckers
can't stop talking.
If I needed you here, I
would have called you myself.
- I couldn't find you. I got scared.
- Hmm, you got scared.
Yeah. That's how normal people feel
when someone they care
about up and disappears
and doesn't return
their calls for two days.
Yeah, and I guess I
ain't normal people, then.
I want you to be able to talk
to me about all of this, Raq.
Let me be here with you,
for you.
Our shit was never real, Symphony,
this thing between you and me.
I mean, you know it just like I do.
We were on some make-believe shit,
some bullshit we dreamed
up when our eyes was closed.
I forgot who I was.
But seeing my baby brother like that,
I ain't forgetting who I am ever again.
I know who you are, Raq.
I love who you are.
Don't worry.
You'll find some college
hos to fuck soon enough.
Fuck you.
Finally, some heart on this nigga.
I ain't even know you had it in you.
Tell Marvin that Toni can't be trusted.
You know that nigga's
shit was bulletproof, man?
Heard some chatter.
It's like that?
You know how this shit works.
Them them cops is
putting murder on me, Marvin.
And Kanan just a fucking kid.
That little nigga
wouldn't do no real time.
They ain't even grab him up
anyway. He's still out here.
Come come on. I was doing
this to protect you, man.
You know I'd never give you up.
That shit don't move me, brother.
- Not at all.
- I I hear what you saying.
Here she come.
Don't even breathe, motherfuckers.
Guns on the bed.
I can't share any details
about any cases that might
involve a juvenile offender.
The police in Manhattan said
that you told them to let her go,
- that you ordered them to release her.
- Linda.
Laverne murdered our daughter.
It's my understanding
that your daughter died
- from a drug overdose.
- She got the drugs from Laverne Thomas.
Well, we don't know that to be true.
She had never done drugs
before she met Laverne.
- We don't know that either.
- Who's fucking side are you on, James?
My only child is dead,
and the person who
killed her is still free.
Nicole wasn't some junkie ghetto addict.
She was beautiful and kind and generous,
and this girl introduced her to a world
she would have never known about.
Okay, Linda, this isn't
gonna bring Nicole back.
You think I don't know that?
You think I don't know that
my daughter is gone forever?
Okay, just stop, okay?
Stop making things worse.
- Ma-ma-making it worse?
- Yes. Would you
Nicole is dead.
It can't get any worse than that.
My only child was murdered by this girl,
and nobody cares but me.
And if you won't do something,
I will find someone who will.
Because I know powerful people,
people who will not
allow something like this
to happen to a family like ours.
Came to the hospital to
spit at you and your brother.
Next thing I know, I'm in the middle
of a fucking assassination attempt.
Yo, you lucky I still smoke.
'Nique's guys.
Won't be the last of 'em.
Look, I'm done waiting, Raquel.
I've asked.
I damn near begged.
I've threatened.
But you ain't taking me
serious. You not hearing me.
So I'm getting a warrant for Kanan.
Spofford's on notice he's on the way.
If you don't tell him who he is to me,
that's where he gon' end up.
If I do this for you, you
doing something for me.
You stay out my business
and leave my people alone.
Go fuck with the tailor
shop. Get him out my way.
I get a pass, Detective.
Within reason, yeah.
But if I need something else from you
as it relates to that kid,
you gon' come correct.
What does that mean?
Look, look, I I'll come
up with a date and time
to get back to you, but
I'ma make myself clear.
If I peep you, Marvin,
or anybody else but Kanan at the meet,
they gon' get wet the fuck up.
Ain't nothing more dangerous
than a desperate nigga.
And this cop had "nothing left to lose"
written all over his fucking face.
Sorry about your friend.
Those cops in Manhattan treat you okay?
They told me they were gonna let you go,
but they seemed like they
might have been assholes anyway.
I, uh
I heard about your uncle.
You're dealing with a lot right now.
I can't even imagine how you're hurting.
You know, people never take high
school relationships serious,
like because you're young, you
haven't really lived long enough
to really know what love feels like.
But I loved the hardest
when I was in high school.
That's when it felt the most real,
at least for me.
Meghan Crowley was my first girlfriend.
Both our dads liked to get shit-faced
at Larue's on Lafayette Avenue.
We met when our moms sent us
to roll our fathers home from the bar.
I never loved anyone as
much as I loved Meghan,
because she showed
me who I really was
who I really am.
Look, I was gonna go
get one of those, uh,
Italian ices they got in Corona.
Do you wanna come with me?
It's on me.
Why they move Uncle Lou room?
Guys came to the hospital to kill him,
finish what the fuck they started.
For real?
Police got in the middle
of it before it went down.
We safe for now.
He gon' wake up, right?
They was keeping him asleep
until his lungs cooled down.
They saying he should be up by now.
With everything that's going down,
you and I haven't had a chance
to speak on our last conversation.
I did what I did.
You ain't gotta say nothing else.
I get it.
I wanna help.
I wanna help Uncle Lou.
I wanna help you.
Just let me know what I gotta do, Ma.
I'm here.
I ain't going nowhere.
I can't believe you've never
had one of these before.
Why you following me?
I'm worried about you.
You know, my-my brother killed
himself when I was about your age.
Is this the part where we bond
over all the fucked-up
shit that happened to us?
Your dead brother, your drunk father.
I don't need to hear about
your fucked-up family.
I got one of my own already.
You know, my brother's
the reason I became a cop.
My father always wanted
my brother to be police,
so when he killed himself,
I felt like I had to
step in and fill those shoes,
like I was forced into it.
And I'm thinking that maybe you
might know what that feels like too?
I don't.
Look, the crack that
killed your girlfriend
also killed a bunch of
people on the Southside.
Do you know where she got 'em?
We spoke to a kid who pointed
at Kanan for the drugs.
That's bullshit.
Kanan had nothing to do with it.
Whoever said that's a fucking liar.
If you had shit on Kanan,
he'd be locked up already.
What about D-Wiz?
Any idea who might have killed him?
Because the operating
theory is that his murder
is connected to Buck
Twenty's, that it was payback.
Laverne. Laverne.
Come on, I got a job to do.
I gotta ask these questions.
I ain't answering shit.
Oh, and stop following me.
Little late to be asking God for
forgiveness for all the shit you done.
I'm not asking for
forgiveness for what I've done.
Asking for forgiveness
for what I'm about to do.
Turns out,
'Nique's shit really is bulletproof.
Lil' Rob's head ain't, though.
Told you to stand down, Marvin.
I ain't want you to
fuck with 'Nique yet.
And if you gon' take the
shot, you can't fucking miss.
You complicating shit
I already got in motion.
You forget I don't work
for you no more, Raq.
And even if I did,
no one tells me how to defend
my family, not even you.
Okay, well, while you
was defending your family,
'Nique sent a crew here
to finish what he started.
Fortunately, the police got
to 'em before they got to Lou.
Yo, this motherfucker
'Nique got to go right now.
He bringing in crews from outside.
Saw a gang of 'em up close
and personal this morning.
We ain't gon' survive
this shit alone, Marvin.
I want you back.
You know, in a gang of
ways, my life's a lot easier
where I am right now.
I don't answer to nobody but me.
I'm living my own damn
life, make up my own mind.
You don't know what it's like
to have your little sister
come in and take your spot.
I been doing this shit before you.
I'm your big brother, but
you got me answering to you,
taking your orders.
That don't feel good.
You got fucked up on
your own shit, Marvin.
I only stepped in
because you stepped off.
You're better at it than me, Raq.
- Marvin
- No, no, let let me say my piece.
Let me get my shit out.
You better at it than me.
You see shit I don't see.
You think shit I can't think.
But I'm still a man, Raq.
I still need my respect.
I need to be heard.
And when they come after my
baby brother like they did,
motherfuckers gon' hear me,
and nobody gon' get me
to quiet the fuck down.
I raised you and Lou-Lou myself
when Mom and Pop was on they shit.
- I know.
- And I'd die for you and Lou.
And I'd die for you too, Marvin.
I need you with me.
Can't do this shit without you.
Soldier up.
Get them boys strapped and
get back out on those corners.
We gon' need whatever loot we can
get to pay for what happen next.
What's next?
Revolution, nigga.
I'm I'm actually gonna, uh,
meet with him tonight
for the first time.
So we've moved beyond the hypothetical.
You actually have a son.
Yeah, I do.
But it's delicate. Um,
his mother, she's complicated as hell.
Well, as I mentioned to you before,
you do need to get his
legal guardian's permission
before we can draw any
bone marrow from a minor.
You need to do this as soon as possible.
Every day that passes
is a day you get sicker.
The doctors said he
should be awake by now.
And what does it mean
that he's not awake?
Means he's fucked up in ways
that they don't even know.
Hey, baby.
Jessica told me about your friend.
I'm so sorry.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Yeah. Come on.
Some white lady detective
came to talk to me today.
Said she heard that Kanan put
that bad crack on the street.
That shit's not going
nowhere. Don't worry.
She also thought there was a connect
between Buck Twenty and
D-Wiz both getting hit.
Why she stepping to you with all this?
She came to me once before.
Same shit.
Just hitting me with mad
questions and theories or whatever.
But I got outta there quick.
- Didn't say nothing.
- Mm. Course you didn't.
Sound like to me that
this police like you.
I ain't friends with no cop.
I'm not saying you are.
I'm just saying that
sometimes the police
are good friends to have.
All right ♪
Yeah ♪
Once you done with those numbers,
use that to scuff up
the inside of the barrel.
This cat named Mickey came
from out of town, yeah ♪
Look like your balls
about to drop, little man.
Your mom told me to pull
out the best gat for you.
In just a matter
of a few days, yeah ♪
She wanted me to have a gun?
Seem like you about to
get out on that corner.
For real?
'Nique flexing. Raq
said she needs soldiers.
Ain't many niggas out there, so I'm sure
she wants you to strap the fuck up.
We at war, Kanan. Everybody
on them front lines.
You Kanan Stark, Def Con kid.
Time to live up to that name.
Don't fuck it up.
Fuck it up like you fucking
up this music right now?
Watch your mouth, boy.
Smokey Black royalty.
That sound like Black history, honestly.
For real, man, you need to spin
something with some bass in it, a'ight?
I ain't trying to step out on
the corner for the first time
with this antique shit
playing in my head.
Jukebox, she got something in her room.
I know she do. I'll be right back.
You-you-you keep doing what you doing.
Whiny-ass nigga.
Whatever, man.
Lum de lum de li ♪
Lum de lum de li ♪
Lum de lum de li ♪
Oh, monkey see ♪
Monkey do ♪
Come on you can do the monkey too ♪
It just intensifies my wants ♪
To have a love that endures ♪
Oh ♪
'Cause every time
I close my eyes ♪
I think of you ♪
And no matter what the season is ♪
I still love you ♪
With all my heart ♪
And I wanna be with you ♪
Wherever you are ♪
- I only think of ♪
- Yo.
Raq just called and said I need
to meet her and bring two gats.
- They on the coffee table.
- All right. Bet.
You wanna take the rest of
the guns out to the corner?
Don't worry about me, nigga. Just go.
Damn, a'ight!
But when the leaves are gone ♪
Does that love disappear ♪
I never underestimate
the true love of spring ♪
But I'm glad at least in my heart ♪
That my love is lasting ♪
Oh ♪
'Cause every time I close my eyes ♪
I think of you ♪
And no matter what the season is ♪
I still love you ♪
With all my heart ♪
And I wanna be with you ♪
Wherever you are ♪
Hey, Howard.
I was looking for you
earlier. Where you been?
I know I've been a shitty partner.
I had some personal
shit I was dealing with.
But I'm getting past it.
I was talking to Laverne Thomas,
Kanan Stark's cousin, earlier.
Why the fuck would you do that?
A friend of hers from
the Upper East Side
died from that same crack
we found in South Jamaica.
I thought maybe she could help
us trace it back to Kanan Stark.
I told you the Stark kid had
nothing to do with that shit.
It was heads from
outside the neighborhood.
Yeah, that's what you told me,
but I did a little
bit of my own digging.
I'm telling you to
leave this shit alone.
You know, you tell me a lot of things.
That's pretty much all you do.
But you don't listen.
You've been on the
job, what, ten minutes?
You already think you know better.
Leave this shit alone.
I don't get your thing with that family.
Who are they to you? Why do
you care about them so much?
Man, fuck this shit.
If I can't trust you,
I don't wanna have
nothing to do with you.
We can't be partners no more.
I'ma tell the captain myself.
So, what, you some kind of girl faggot?
Lebanese or some shit?
Shit comes from your moms.
Her family got all the
fuckups and heathens and shit.
And who the fuck is this white bitch,
and where the fuck she come from?
She's dead.
That's what God do to
bitches who violate His will.
So what does that mean
for you and God, then?
'Cause you ain't nothing
but a violation, Marvin.
White girl got what she deserves.
- World better for her not being in it no more.
- Mm-hmm.
Calm the fuck down. Shit.
Fuck off me.
Yeah, just 'cause you think you a nigga
don't mean you can fight like one.
Like I showed you before,
don't pull the trigger.
You gotta squeeze it.
Two hands. Strong hand on top.
Extend and fire.
That's a GLOCK 17.
Semiauto, nine-milli.
Clip holds 16, with one in the chamber.
Don't mess with .22s. They just BB guns.
And the .357 only good in the movies.
You buck that shit off, the
police in Jersey'll hear you.
All of them other guns,
like TEC-9, the Uzi,
the MAC-10, they bullshit.
They jam. They don't aim right.
The GLOCK's for real work,
for niggas who know what they gotta do.
When you put someone down,
you gotta make sure they stay down.
Hit a nigga twice
where his heart beat at
and once where he used to think.
I never wanted to bring
you into this game.
Not even that night
when we was on the beach,
looking at those stars.
I never wanted to have the conversation
I'm about to have with you.
Wish you went to that school.
I wish you wasn't here.
But wishes are just dreams.
Dreams ain't real.
We live in the real world, where we
fire real shots
with real gats
and real niggas die.
I'm 'bout to ask you
to walk up to a man,
look him dead in the eye, and
put him on his back for good.
I'm your mother.
And I'm asking you to kill a man.
All right, listen up.
Y'all know why y'all here, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
So I ain't gotta spell
it out for niggas.
But let me be motherfucking clear.
This is a motherfucking
war, you hear me?
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah!
- We at war with that other side.
- Yeah.
Now, I don't care how old they are,
who they with, or where you find 'em.
Anybody down with Raq gotta go.
The man you gon' have on
the other end of that barrel
is trying to take
everything from us, Kanan
everything we love,
everything we will love.
And this ain't some shit where
you running up on a corner
and you spraying some fool.
It's up close and
personal. It's gotta be.
And it's gotta be you
who pulls the trigger.
All that peace shit,
it's done.
Ain't no way back to peace.
I want the whole Southside to know.
You ain't with us, guess what.
You against us.
And they gotta go too.
I've been lying to myself, Kanan.
You can't grow up around this shit
you can't be my son
without having it run
through your veins,
pump through your heart.
Somebody said it a while
back, but I ain't hear 'em.
You was in this shit
before you was even in it.
But I hear 'em now.
- All them old scores being settled today.
- Yeah!
All them old debts being collected,
repaid right the fuck now, you hear me?
- Yeah!
- Yeah, man!
Man, woman, child, I don't give a fuck!
They gotta go!
I want all Raq's people fucking dead.
Fucking dead! You hear me?
- Yeah!
- Fucking dead!
And I see you now,
maybe even clearer
than you see yourself,
and I know you right.
You been right.
I'm not gonna lie to you no more, Kanan.
You deserve the truth.
And this here is the uncut, raw shit.
It's all on you everything, everyone.
Our past, our present, our future,
it's in your hands,
and it's in your heart.
You my son.
And you the only one who can do this.
And I guess that's the
way it was always gon' be.
Shit was always in our stars.
I just wasn't looking,
'cause I ain't want to.
These our fucking streets.
- These our fucking corners!
- Yeah!
Go take them shits, man! Let's go!
You heard him. Let's go!
I need you to squeeze that
fucking trigger tonight
and save me, baby.
I need you to save all of us.
- Lou-Lou.
- Loud. Too loud.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
They said you were
gonna wake up yesterday.
And when you didn't, they
didn't know why, and then
Can I get you something?
Huh? What do you need, baby?
How you feeling?
Like deep-fried shit.
He's awake!
Where is everybody?
You could have come inside, you know.
You didn't have to wait out here.
Yeah, that's a good look.
Me kicking it with a bunch
of cops in a police station?
Hood loves that.
Might as well wear a
sticker on my forehead
that says I'm a fucking snitch.
What happened? Who did that to you?
I need to get off this block.
Let me get a car.
The storm is passing over ♪
The storm is passing over ♪
The storm is passing over ♪
Ha-ha-hallelujah ♪
- Halle-hallelujah ♪
- Hallelu-hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Hallelu ♪
- We are all born
- Hallelujah!
- into this earth
- Amen!
with the greatest gift
we could ever hope to receive
- God's love.
- Amen!
God's love is a light
that shines in all of us.
But, brothers and sisters,
where we choose to shine that light
will be the greatest,
most important choice
that we will ever make.
Once you choose to shine your light
in the dark depths of sin
- Shine it.
- Yes.
- there will be no guarantees
- No guarantees.
that there will
be enough light left
- Yes.
- to show you the way back to salvation.
Yes, sir.
The storm is passing over ♪
The storm is passing over ♪
The storm is passing over ♪
Ha-ha-hallelujah ♪
- Halle-hallelujah ♪
- Hallelu-hallelujah ♪
- Hallelujah ♪
- Hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪
The storm is passing over ♪
Ha-ha-hallelujah ♪
- Halle-hallelujah ♪
- Hallelu-hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Hallelujah, hallelujah ♪
So you gonna tell me what happened?
I'm a'ight.
But you in danger.
All you police are.
Five-O hit Unique's re-up.
Now he gon' hit you.
How do you know this?
Why are you telling me?
Just don't want nobody else to get hurt.
What's going on with you today, Raquel?
Nothing, Ma. Just living.
Been over a year since
you've come to church.
And I know you didn't stare into
some burning bush this morning.
Something's happened.
You ever think about how
I ended up the way I did?
Doing what I do?
You your own person.
Made your own decisions.
None of that is on me.
So don't try to put it on me.
I'm not trying to put
nothing on you, Ma.
Just asking a question.
You gave me a answer.
That's right, I did.
So stop asking me questions.
Your mama ain't your problem, Raquel.
You are.
What up, B?
I spent the whole day thinking
about what I was gonna say,
how I was gonna say it.
Now that we standing here face-to-face,
truth be told, I can't remember shit.
That jacket
that ain't yours.
You don't wanna do that, son.
Raq is setting you up.
Once heard someone say
that a friend will kill a nigga for you
but a best friend will help you
bury the fucking body.
And that makes sense to me.
'Cause the truth is,
killing a nigga ain't that hard.
But are you willing to take the weight
for a hit that ain't even yours?
Are you willing to fall for your
motherfucking flag in the street?
I am.
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