Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Paid in Full

Previously on Raising Kanan
Little late to be asking
God for forgiveness
for all the shit you done.
I'm not asking for
forgiveness for what I've done.
Asking for forgiveness
for what I'm about to do.
Sorry about your friend.
Laverne, come on.
I ain't answering shit.
Maybe she could help us
trace it back to Kanan Stark.
I'm telling you to
leave this shit alone.
I need you to pick up that dry cleaning
up in Harlem I mentioned a while back.
Tell Marvin that Toni can't be trusted.
So, what, you some kind of girl faggot?
When they come for my
baby brother like they did,
motherfuckers gon' hear me.
Anybody down with Raq gotta go.
This motherfucker 'Nique
got to go right now.
I want all Raq's people fucking dead.
Fucking dead!
Your ma told me to pull
out the best gat for you.
- We at war, Kanan.
- I need to talk to my son, Raq.
I wanna help you.
Just let me know what I gotta do, Ma.
I'ma put the word out on the
block that he's a cop's kid.
I never wanted to bring
you into this, Kanan.
Hit a nigga twice
where his heart beat at
- and one where he used to think.
- That jacket
that ain't yours.
What's next?
Revolution, nigga.
Damn, they shootin'!
This shit a cash business.
Ain't no discounts.
Ain't no shorts.
Ain't no returns.
One way or the other
your ass paying full price.
Yo, get the fuck in, nigga.
Where's my Uncle Marvin?
They told me to scoop you,
so that's what I'm doing.
Didn't ask about nobody else's schedule.
Shit get real fast, don't it?
Different when you
look a nigga in the eye.
- Do you know who that was?
- Don't know.
Don't wanna know.
That's your work, not mines.
Got your shit back there.
Change of clothes and whatnot.
You need to take off
that fucking jacket.
Well, it's about time we
had a Raquel Thomas sighting.
My baby's come home
to renew her faith.
How's that boy of yours?
- I forget his name.
- Kanan.
That's right. Kanan.
- Mm-hmm.
- Genesis ten.
The land of Canaan was
named after Noah's grandson.
That boy must be a young man by now.
- He getting there.
- None of them ever get all the way there.
Am I right, Joyce?
You know you are.
Meet you at the front.
You think all that's about me?
What you think?
How we do?
Yo, I thought you was picking me up.
Your ma got me on something
that need two eyes.
- Peripheral vision and shit.
- Fuck you, Marvin.
Yo, five-O don't play when
one of they own gets put down.
It's like that?
Yo, man, streets getting
wild. Gotta make these moves.
You niggas get to where you going to,
and stay your ass there.
They flooding the giddy-up right now.
Fuck, man! What the
hell we gon' do, man?
I'm supposed to be with my
grandmother right now. Shit!
That shit ain't happening, nigga!
We need to get off
these fucking streets.
Your moms was talking about
a plan B if it get too hot.
Shit's looking mad heated
out here right about now.
Sit tight.
Right here.
- Come on, he's upstairs.
- Stay with us, Detective.
Detective Howard, can you hear me?
Detective Howard?
Oh, shit. That's that cop.
I'm sorry, sir. You
have to wait in here.
You have to go over there.
Yes. Now, go in there.
We gotta get to Lou-Lou. Come on.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry, sir, you're
gonna have to go this way.
- Stay with us, Detective.
- Watch your back.
- Coming through.
- Hang on. He's holding!
What he look like?
A young boy.
About my height, maybe taller.
Could have been shorter too.
- What was he wearing?
- Jacket.
One of them white joints with
the words and shit in the back.
What did the words say?
Fuck I'm 'posed to know, Officer?
Case you ain't notice,
I'm high as a motherfucking
Georgia pine right now.
Bring him in and hold him
until he starts making sense.
You shouldn't be up.
Fuck happening?
- Cop got popped.
Dude who was always
fucking with us. Um, Howard.
- Detective Howard got shot?
Yes! They brought him in all bloodied
and stretched out like a motherfucker,
looking like he about to die and shit.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck are you doing, Lou?
Raq must be out her goddamn mind.
Lou, you cannot leave.
Your lungs are all fucked up and shit.
They said you'll be here for
at least another five days.
You ain't got shit to
do with none of this.
You been in the hospital.
I got to get to my sister,
understand what the fuck going on.
- Get my shit.
- I don't
I don't think you should whoa, whoa.
Oh, my God.
Why are we here, man?
Because your mom said so.
Whole hood's on lockdown.
No way out right now.
We need to get you washed
up and out of sight.
Hang tight.
Yo, I need to get this car
scrubbed clean of your boy
and get my ass off these streets.
- Ten minutes.
- Look.
You know I'm always down for whatever.
But this, this is
some other, other shit.
Kanan could have tracked in
all sorts of evidence and whatnot.
You don't want this to link back to me.
We need my shit
All right, fuck it. Go
do what you gotta do,
and then I want you to go home.
I don't want none of
our peoples out tonight.
Got you.
Hey, yo, Scrap. Thanks, man.
You one of the realest niggas out here.
I ain't get that back at the stash.
But I do now.
Don't matter who your mama is, my nigga.
You a straight soldier all on your own.
What we doing at Uncle Lou's?
Well, with everything
that happened tonight,
ain't nobody checking for a crime
scene they already wrote off.
Wait, wait. Where's the clothes
and the money I gave you?
Left it in the damn car.
Well, you gon' wear some
of your uncle's shit, then.
Come on. Inside. Now.
- Ah!
- What happened to your hand?
I fell on the way out of there.
It's good. I'm fine.
You do everything I told you to do?
Broke it down, scruffed up the barrel,
- threw it in the pond.
- And?
Hoodie on as I walked past
the security camera at the bodega.
- So they seen the jacket.
- Yeah.
How many you give him?
Or two. Uh
Okay, well, which one was
it, Kanan, two or three?
'Cause there's a big difference.
Um, I can't remember right
now, Ma. I don't know.
I said two to the
chest, one to the head.
- How you gon' forget that?
- Ma, does it matter?
Two, three, he gone.
I put him on his back,
and he gone for good.
Excuse me.
- Detective Burke.
- Where's Howard?
- Slow down.
- Who the fuck are you?
Captain Louie Baptiste.
I just took over the
117 from Captain Peralta.
What the fuck happened
to Captain Peralta?
The thinking downtown
is that a heavier hand
is needed here in South Jamaica.
I'm that heavy hand.
So where'd it go down?
Detective Howard was
alone in Baisley Park
when he got shot, and if the
first question you have is,
"What the fuck was
he doing there alone?"
then you're asking the right question.
I'm assuming he didn't mention
anything to you about any meeting.
No, Howard doesn't tell me
shit. That's the fucking problem.
That's what I kept
saying to Captain Peralta,
- but he wasn't listening.
- Well, I'm here now,
and I can assure you I'm all
fucking ears, Detective Burke.
- So who's taking blood?
- No one.
Unless you're AB negative
like Detective Howard.
It's rare.
And that's not all.
Howard's fucked up in
ways no one even knew.
He's got leukemia.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
If the brass finds out,
it puts him off the job.
He goes down from a bullet,
whoever he leaves behind
gets a line of duty pension,
not a cancer pension.
- Big difference.
- Yeah, he doesn't have anyone anyway.
- But he's not dead yet, right?
- Not yet.
So let's stop talking
about him being dead.
So no one saw anything?
Some junkie from the
neighborhood said he saw a kid.
But he was so high, at first,
he thought he was in
Central Park, not Baisley.
Either way, Tactical Narcotics
is circling the wagons.
I know those streets better than TNT.
Let TNT do what they do.
And have 'em crack a few heads
and see what they come up with.
I can crack heads too, Captain.
Give me Detective Garcia over there.
Let me run these blocks.
My partner got shot tonight, Captain,
and you and I both know that
gets me a long fucking leash.
Long leashes can get tangled
up in all sorts of shit.
You get anything,
you call it in.
Garcia. Let's go.
What the fuck, niggas? It's me.
'Bout time, nigga.
It's Howard. Got hit in the park.
A fucking NYPD detective?
Niggas done lost they
minds out here, man.
Southside gon' burn like
a motherfucker tonight.
Any word on who pulled that trigger?
Just talk right now.
Just fucking talk.
Shit's crazy.
Including some about you.
Fuck out of here. Who
the fuck talking 'bout me?
All this money and work
I got on these streets,
and niggas think I'm gon' shoot a cop?
Whoever talking obviously don't know me
or what the fuck it is I
got going on out here, man.
Don't make no sense.
I'm trying to protect these cops
more than they trying
to protect theyself.
I'm the last nigga on the Southside
who wanna see a cop got.
Dead cops dead my work.
Which might be the fucking point.
Fucking Raq.
You know, bitch told
me when the time came,
I wouldn't see it coming.
She was right.
I see her ass now, though.
Yo, I want anybody who's still
out off them streets, man.
And I want y'all to lay
low, keep y'all heads down.
And listen, 'til y'all hear from me,
keep y'all doors locked and y'all
mouths motherfucking shut, a'ight?
Yo, I need you to spin the car around.
I need to get to my peoples ASAP.
Fuck! Shit!
You know what to say
if anybody shows up.
I saw the man in the jacket.
And don't give up the
tape unless they ask.
Can't be overeager or too ready to talk.
Make these cops work for a minute,
feel like they doing they job.
Feel like they finding
shit on their own.
As soon as your Uncle Marvin
done with this other shit,
I'ma have him come get you
and take you out of town
- until shit cool down.
- Huh?
Ma, I handled that. I'm good. He's gone.
Well, until I know shit playing
out the way I want it to,
we not taking no chances.
I need you out of sight and out of mind.
Grateful to you for what
you did tonight, Kanan.
It was a lot to ask,
and you ain't hesitate.
I did it for us.
You did.
Love you.
Love you too.
Got something in your pockets?
You all hear things, man.
I wanna hear what you hear.
- I don't know nothing!
- He didn't ask what you know, homeboy.
- He asked what you heard.
- Where's Unique at tonight?
Who's Unique?
Thank you.
Someone smelled gas on 14.
No one called me about it,
and I'd be the first to know.
All good, then.
Just need you to sign here
saying that you told me
there was no problem, in
case some shit explodes
or someone dies from inhaling the fumes.
Whoa, whoa, hold on. No one
said nothing about explosions.
We talking 'bout gas,
brother. Gas explodes.
Make up your mind, man,
because I got better shit to do.
Want me to go up and check or not?
What are you gonna do, exactly?
Go on 14, sniff around,
you know, uh, knock on
doors if I smell a leak.
Or not.
I mean, you sign this paper,
I can keep on stepping.
I mean, as long as no one
on 14 lights a cigarette
or sparks up they stove, you good.
Elevator's there. How long?
Ten minutes.
Unless I find something.
They should call me first.
I should be kept in the loop.
That's not on me, my brother.
So far, it's just rumors right now.
Nothing solid. In the
meantime, we are taking down
everyone and everything.
If they're out on the
block, they're coming in.
Don't matter if they from Jersey
and they stopped to use
the Burger King bathroom.
Their ass is being pulled into
the precinct for questioning.
Give me a minute.
We're looking at least five
or six more hours of surgery.
It's likely we're gonna have
to remove one of his lungs,
his spleen, and a
decent part of his liver.
And the low platelet
count from the leukemia
is a further complication.
- He's lost a lot of blood.
- Is he gonna make it?
I have a team of surgeons in there
determined to answer that
question in the affirmative.
Come on, sweetheart.
Sweetheart, when we go upstairs,
you take a shower and you
get right in bed, okay?
Worrell, ten.
I'ma talk your dad for
just one second, all right?
- 'Nique?
- Hey, what's up, baby? Come on.
'Nique, sweetheart, what is this?
- Uh, just a little vacation, baby.
- What is this? What's going on?
- That's bullshit. 'Nique.
- Come on.
When we met, what did I tell you, huh?
What's the one thing
you don't ever, ever do?
- Huh?
- Don't ask questions.
A'ight, don't sweat me
right now, Pernessa, a'ight?
I need you right now,
okay? Come on. Come on.
Jerome, what's up, man? Come on.
Come on, Marvin, where you at?
Look, we're just gonna
throw some shit in a bag
and be out, a'ight?
Got no time to
no time to linger.
Come on, buddy.
We need to talk.
Who told you someone
was out hunting cops?
Don't fuck with me,
Laverne, not tonight.
- Why he going through my shit?
- Don't worry about him.
Focus on me and this conversation.
Look, I didn't want
nothing to happen to y'all,
so I told you to watch your back.
Turns out, I was right. You're welcome.
We're not friends, Laverne. I'm a cop.
And my partner got shot tonight,
and somehow, someway, you
knew it was gonna happen,
and I need you to tell me how.
You know what happen to
snitches on the Southside.
- We'll protect you.
- Right.
'Cause y'all so good at protecting us.
Look, like I said, Unique's been beefing
about a re-up y'all taxed a while back.
Yeah, you said that, but you didn't say
that he was gonna shoot a cop.
And I'm not saying that now.
I'm just saying what
people are talking about.
You can make up your own
mind about what that means.
What about your aunt? Your cousin?
Their names keep coming up
in almost every fucking
crime we got on the Southside.
Aunt Raq and Kanan ain't
got nothing to do with this.
Your aunt's a drug dealer.
Aunt Raq sells hair.
Where are they right now?
Shit, they probably hiding out
from all you wild-ass
cops with everybody else.
It's about to be open
season on niggas for y'all.
Well, she's got clothes,
guys' clothes, and a couple
hundred bucks in cash.
Why you got guys' clothes?
I wear whatever the fuck I wanna wear.
We're not worried about
her fucking wardrobe.
What else is in there?
That ain't got shit to do with you.
Should I open it?
We got what we need.
Go home, Laverne.
You're right. It's not
safe for you out here.
I'm taking you back to the hospital.
Fuck that. Keep driving.
Yo, do y'all hear this?
Y'all fucking hear this, right?
I'm too famous ♪
Hell yeah, I do.
Yo, they playing my fucking song!
They playing our shit, Lou.
Nah, this is crazy!
Yo, they playing my shit, y'all!
They must have copped
a tape or something.
Lou, they're playing our shit.
- Yo!
- Yeah, it is.
Get me to Baisley.
Streets need a body ♪
What's up, y'all?
We good?
- Yeah.
This is everything from the spot?
Police getting stupid out there.
Which is why we moving it tonight.
'Bout to toss the fuck
out of that bodega.
We needed our shit gone.
Five-O about to be tossing
up these projects tonight too.
When they show up, we
gotta do this okey-doke.
Sure you wanna be here for that?
Well, gotta make sure
our shit move right.
It's about to be the first
night of the rest of our lives.
- That dinner?
- Yeah.
Relax, nigga. It's me.
Nigga, I almost man.
Look. Yo.
I'ma stay with him 'til he out.
Your mom sent me
with some cash and some clothes.
You know what I did?
How you feeling?
I had to do it.
Dude was coming after me and my family.
He had to go.
- You know that's how we do.
- Shut the fuck up
with all that tough-guy
bullshit, Kanan.
I know you better than anybody.
You shook, nigga. I
can see it all over you.
And you should be shook, by the way.
You just a dumbass boy.
I mean, everything
you touch, you fuck up.
Dude, what?
But that's how it's supposed to be.
Look, you supposed to fuck up.
See, you supposed to fuck
up, dust your shit off,
and-and-and-and keep
being a dumbass kid.
Nobody's supposed to get hurt.
But that's not how it works for us.
We playing in this grown folks' world.
We can't just wipe our
fuckups off us like that.
We doing shit that's
gonna stay with us forever.
Look, we deciding who we gon'
be for the rest of our lives
without even knowing
who the fuck we are now.
I know who I am, Juke.
You don't, nigga.
You have no idea who the fuck you are.
And you think you do.
And that's what makes shit so scary.
You two go home.
Hey, what about you?
I'll be a'ight.
- Where's Raq?
- Eight.
Yo, what the hell, man?
License and registration.
- Just heading home.
- License.
Check him out.
Where you been tonight, Mr. Thomas?
Uh, visiting a friend uptown.
- Been there all night?
- Why does it matter, uh, where I been?
Sit tight.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Yo, man, I ain't-I
ain't- I ain't done shit.
Step out of the car.
I don't know what the fuck this is,
but y'all got the wrong dude.
You got a brand-new fucking warrant
for felony drug possession
with intent to distribute.
- The fuck I do!
- Get the fuck out!
Relax. Relax, man.
Don't need to be pointing no guns.
You don't tell me what
to do, motherfucker!
I'm sure it's just a
big misunderstanding.
Let's not lose our
fucking heads, all right?
Only one here who's gonna
lose their fucking head is you!
Get the fuck out!
I'm-I'm-I'ma-I'ma-I'ma step out the car
r-r-real-real slow and shit.
We'll see about that. Get the fuck out.
Oh, sh
Here we go.
Raise our peoples down on seven.
Soon as the cops done with them,
they gonna give us a heads-up,
and we gon' hit this drop
with everything we got up in here.
Have you lost your damn mind?
Let me talk to my brother
alone for a minute.
It's gon' take them some time
before they get up to seven,
but as soon as you get that page,
you get in here, and you start loading.
Howard. For real, Raq?
When you get out the hospital?
Are you fucking crazy, Raq?
You know what you started out here?
Was it Marvin?
- Does it matter?
- It do.
Especially when they round
us up and start lying to us,
trying to get us to flip on each other.
Yeah, I think this shit fucking matters.
Oh, no.
I don't even know what
to say to you right now.
Well, then don't say nothing,
- 'cause I don't need to hear it right now.
- Yeah, you do.
You need to fucking hear it.
You had your only son
shoot a fucking cop.
It had to be done.
- They not gon' stop 'til they find him.
- Look, he's safe.
Marvin's gon' take him out of town,
soon as he answers my fucking page.
What the fuck are you doing, Raq?
I'm winning.
Well, I'm through with this shit.
I'm out the mix.
I'm out the business.
I can't do this shit no more.
I should have been done
when you had me put down young boy.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, but I stayed in it
'cause I thought we was in it together.
'Cause I love you.
But this is bigger than me.
It's bigger than us. I
can't do this shit no more.
I'm not doing it. I'm done.
Nah, ain't nobody ever done, nigga.
You in, you always in.
- You threatening me?
- I'd never threaten you.
Just like I ain't never
gon' let you walk away.
We a team, Lou.
In fact, we way more than a team.
We family.
We share everything and everyone.
Nothing that's mine ain't yours.
And it works the other way too.
Your shit is my shit.
For example, your recording studio,
yeah, that's my recording studio.
It's a record label.
It ain't a studio.
And it's clean, and
it's gon' stay that way.
Clean, right.
Where you get the money
to pay for it, Lou?
Nothing we touch is clean, nigga.
Just the fact your hands
on it make it dirty.
You can't scrub out what we do.
It stain everything.
And them stains, they
don't come out in the wash.
We can walk away.
Make legit bread.
Both of us.
We got enough we could buy
up whole blocks in the hood
and turn them into
whatever the fuck we want.
- Me and you.
- Look, we don't have enough yet, Lou.
But we will.
You gonna offer up your only son for it?
Ain't nobody offering up nothing.
This shit is an investment.
In Kanan, in you, in
Marvin, in all of our future.
I'm doing this for y'all.
But y'all don't see it,
'cause you don't want to.
Everybody, they want the reward,
but don't nobody wanna take on the risk.
So I take it.
I take it, I flip it,
and I turn the shit out.
I'm about to be the last bitch
standing up in this motherfucker.
- No?
- Nothing.
It's clean.
Keep moving, then.
Door-to-fucking-door. No one leaves.
No one gets past us.
Send the page upstairs.
You done rung a bell
you can't unring, Raq.
I ain't trying to unring nothing.
In fact, I'm trying to get
our shit to ring the fuck out.
Just got the page. They on their way up.
All right, move it.
All of it. Right now.
Look, yo, I know you got
your shit with Marvin,
but my mother don't want
nothing to happen to us.
A'ight, we good. She got us.
You know this.
She just had you hit a cop.
We need to know what
you saw or heard tonight.
A cop got shot. Talk to me.
People don't like it when
you talk to the police.
Police don't like it
when people don't talk.
So take your pick: us or them?
What's this door back here
with all the locks on it?
Has that camera been on all night?
You saw something, didn't you?
- I don't want any trouble.
- What'd you see?
I'll arrest you for
obstruction right fucking now.
It was that man.
- The one with the jacket.
- What jacket?
The one he wears all the time,
with his name on its back.
Seems like he's a fucking
recurring theme tonight.
Was he running from the park?
And you got him on camera.
Gimme that tape.
Let's put it out on the Finest system
Kadeem Mathis, street name Unique.
We're gonna need to take an
official statement from you.
And when we come back,
we're gonna search the spot,
so make sure we don't
find anyone running numbers
or a card game in the back there.
We got nothing here, boss.
Ah, yeah, it's gon' be
about another 20 minutes.
Corn bread's worth the wait, fellas.
Ain't that right, Lou?
Whatever you say, sis.
Little late to be eating.
Well, it's a little late
to be kicking down doors.
Besides, my guys, they always hungry.
I was told you just moved in?
Recently, yeah.
What the fuck's up with him?
Car accident.
Lucky he's still here with us.
Yeah, all right.
You stay indoors.
It's not gonna be safe out there.
Thank you for the warning, Officer.
Yeah, fuck it. Let's go.
Hey, take it easy.
Slow down, Juliana.
Well, he was supposed
to be there by now.
I'll I'ma call you back in a minute.
Shit ain't going to plan, huh?
Got it handled.
Just getting Kanan out of town.
If you got it handled,
why Kanan need to go out of town?
Yo, my lawyer's gonna
have all your asses.
Our confidential
informant says otherwise.
Yo, who telling? Who you got?
They don't call it confidential
informants for nothing.
Someone's trying to really
get in contact with you.
Looks important.
Yo, fuck you, Five-O.
This nigga could fuck up a free lunch.
Answer my fucking page, Marvin.
I know you don't wanna hear from me.
But I wouldn't reach out if
I had anywhere else to turn.
'Nessa, come on.
Okay, come on. Get
the ones that you want.
You can't bring all of them, okay?
Come on. Hurry up.
The fuck?
Tricky-ass bitch.
Don't move! Don't move!
LAPD! Get on the ground!
- Move!
- Stay the fuck down!
- I'm down. I'm down.
- Search the rest of the apartment.
- Get off of him!
- Stay back!
Stop! Leave him alone!
Pernessa, don't move, all right?
- 'Rome, stay where you at.
- That looks like blood.
- Sure as hell does.
- You know, killing a cop,
it's a capital offense.
We are gonna set you on
fire for this one, homeboy.
Man, I ain't do it. I
got ten motherfuckers
- who can vouch for me, a'ight?
- Shut the fuck up!
Open it.
She sent me.
Come on.
It's clear.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Hey, man.
I love you.
Love you too, Juke.
Hey. Get in.
Go on.
That's who you got?
Toni your big CI?
Yo, Toni let you hit that ass
all night for an eight-ball.
Maybe less if you a brother.
You're a fucking pig, Marvin!
Fucking pig!
She's gonna die or go to prison,
and you're gonna be
right there with her.
You got the label.
It's all yours.
It's all you need.
So just go.
Bounce on this drug shit.
You don't need it.
Be done with your
sister and all of that.
Just like I told you
when I first met you,
you're better than that.
You're smarter than her,
and you're bigger than her, Lou.
Shut the fuck up and drive, Jess.
I spent all this time telling y'all
the rules to this shit,
the ways to the game.
How it works. How it don't work.
The truth is, though,
when the shit goes down,
ain't no rules.
End of the day,
it's every nigga for himself.
Um, I just saw his jacket.
That is all. I-I-I didn't see his face.
Holy shit, you're alive!
Captain! Captain!
D-don't move. Don't-don't
do anything at all.
What happened? Do you remember?
Can you talk? Talk to me.
Malcolm? Can you talk to me?
Talk to me, okay? Who did this to you?
Who shot you?
Malcolm, who shot you?
When it all goes wrong,
ain't nobody checkin' for you but you.
You on your own.
See, in this shit,
the only thing that you can trust
is that you can't trust.
Not nobody. Not ever.
Not even your own mama.
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