Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

The More Things Change

Previously on Raising Kanan
I never wanted to bring
you into this Kanan.
You was in this shit
before you was even in it.
I need two units,
one on top of the other.
So Famous gets free studio time,
and your niece gets nothing.
You think I wouldn't get you
studio time if I could?
Yo, do y'all hear this?
Yo, they playing my shit, yo!
What is with you and that kid?
The children are our future, Burke.
That's who you got? Toni your big CI?
You're a fucking pig, Marvin!
Fucking pig!
Our shit was never real, Symphony.
This thing between you and me
We were on some make-believe shit.
White girl got what she deserves.
World better for her
not being in it no more.
All this money and work
I got on these streets,
and niggas think I'm gonna shoot a cop?
Fucking Raq.
She's gonna die or go to prison,
and you're gonna be
right there with her.
You got the label,
so just bounce on this drug shit.
Shut the fuck up and drive, Jess.
I'm done waiting, Raquel.
So I'm getting a warrant for Kanan.
I need to talk to my son,
and you gonna make that happen.
I need you to squeeze
that fucking trigger tonight
and save me, baby.
He's coding!
I know you don't want to hear from me,
but I wouldn't reach out if
I had anywhere else to turn.
Ha ha. That's right.
Nobody from the
hood never took no vacation.
No nigga I ever knew
had a damn summer home
'cause there ain't
no time off from this shit.
Ain't no breaks, ain't no sick days.
Not for me or nobody who come
from where I come from.
Don't matter whether you on a corner
or on a fucking beach.
No matter where the fuck you go
there the fuck you are.
Deborah told me you were out here.
I'm just taking a last look is all.
I remember spending the summer
on this same beach
with your grandmother
and uncles back in the day.
Even had my own little
summertime boyfriend
Rodney Dunn.
Ooh, that boy was fine.
Turned out Rodney had, like,
seven other girls
he was talking to.
Of course, all of us thought
we was the only one.
Can't trust none of you boys.
It's time to go, baby.
I'm so damn happy to see you.
Detective Howard.
Please, Detective Howard,
I really need you to sit here
so I can prepare you to be discharged.
I came to this hospital three months ago
with a ring on my finger,
and I ain't leaving without it.
I'm sure someone from your family
collected it for you.
I ain't got no family.
I ain't leaving until I find my ring.
All I can tell you
is that Detective Howard's
memory loss is surprising
but not altogether unexpected.
The human brain is a fascinating,
mysterious machine.
It will repress trauma,
bury unpleasant memories
to protect itself.
So you believe him when he says
he doesn't remember anything
from the night he was shot?
Why wouldn't I?
Look, I-I think you're missing
the real story here.
The memory loss is a triviality.
Your partner is a medical marvel.
Yeah, I know. I know.
If he hadn't been shot,
we wouldn't have found that cop
from the Four-Four
who donated that bone marrow.
Detective Howard came in here
with a hole in his chest
and cancer in his blood.
He leaves here in remission
with both of his lungs intact.
That's about as close to a miracle
as we touch in this building.
All right.
Player one wins.
Oh, yeah, check that.
Let's go. Come on, you see that.
You think you'll come back
next summer, Kanan?
Now, why would he want
to come back here?
This slow-ass town
He live in New York City.
Actually, it's not that bad here.
New York ain't all that.
Man, fuck that.
As soon as I raise up
out of here, I'm gone.
- Where you gonna go, Eric?
- Wherever I want.
Mama ain't gonna just let you do that.
Ain't gonna be Mama decision
Everything her decision.
If it was my decision
I'd probably stay here with y'all
and win at that shit.
See? Kanan has said it's better here,
and he live in New York.
When I was out on the beach with Kanan,
I was reminiscing on Rodney Dunn.
Remember him?
Ain't a girl our age
from here to North Carolina
- don't remember Rodney.
- Mm.
Last I heard, he was a manager
at some health club in Missouri
or Mississippi or something.
Yeah, well, he always did love
lifting them weights.
Mm, boy's six-pack had a six-pack.
Look, like I said on the phone,
I could enroll Kanan
in high school here, Raquel.
He could live with us.
You know, the boys love
having him around.
And like I told you before,
Kanan stays with me, okay?
He go where I go.
I'm just saying that
when you sent him down here,
you said there was some wildness
you wanted to get him away from.
- Is it safe for him back there?
- Look, things quiet now.
Just some summertime bullshit
Too many knuckleheads out in the street.
You know how it is.
You know, your mom talked
about moving you all down here
before Marvin went to high school.
But then that thing happened
with your mom and dad and
There he is.
I want you to know that
you can come back down here
anytime you want, okay, baby?
Same goes for Jukebox.
And tell her I said so.
- And tell her we miss her.
- I will.
We loved having you here, Kanan.
I loved being here.
It's like I keep saying
Famous needs beats to fuck with, Lou.
He can't just come up
with rhymes out the air.
Well, Phife does,
same with Q, and Guru do the same shit.
Emcees write whether they got
to beat or not, Jess.
It's called being an artist,
being a creative.
I'm so tired of fighting with you
- about this shit.
- Then stop fighting.
It's my job to push
for my brother's career.
Then take a day off.
I mean, you're Famous' manager
all the time.
When are you just gonna be my girl?
I can be both.
It's a singles-driven business, right?
You don't get two bites at the apple,
Fame's track was all right.
It didn't move.
No, you didn't market it right.
The market spoke. It said, "Fuck Fame."
Now all the little nigga do is get high,
when he should be trying
to put in that work.
It's because he thinks
that you don't care
about him or his career anymore.
I don't! I don't give a fuck.
You don't care?
If you don't care about his
career, why the fuck should I?
It's what you said, right?
It's your job to give a fuck
about his career, not mine.
So maybe you should take care
of his ass.
Sure as hell ain't taking care of me.
Where you going, Lou?
You know what?
You wonder why we always fight.
No, I don't.
[SINGER] I know that
You can't get enough of me ♪
I'm turning heads
Like I'm 'posed to be ♪
Sexy all over my body ♪
Who better than me? Nobody ♪
[SINGING ALONG] I know that
You can't get enough of me ♪
I'm turning heads
Like I'm 'posed to be ♪
Sexy all over my body ♪
Who better than me? Nobody ♪
Hey, yo!
Let them say what they gonna say ♪
- Never close enough ♪
- To really know about me ♪
- Yo!
I'm shy 'cause I'm here to stay ♪
I got my ♪
Yo, what the fuck? Stay away from me.
Hey, relax. Hey, hey, hey, relax.
I got mace.
Look, it ain't even
like that, sweetheart.
Who's on the song?
That's why you almost fucking killed me?
Me. I'm singing
For real?
I mean, that's my shit.
You singing on my beats.
So sue me.
I'd rather sign you.
Look, My name is Lou Thomas.
You ever heard
of Bulletproof Records before?
Don't fucking do that shit!
You got a really dope voice.
Can I go?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a good day.
You ever shoot somebody?
You ever shoot somebody and miss?
'Cause I did.
And I can't lie.
Looking that nigga in the eye
and squeezing that trigger
had me shook.
And when it comes to that shit
you stay shook
until you do it enough times
that you ain't shook no more.
And once that happens,
you done turned into
something else altogether.
He getting' out the hospital.
The cop.
He don't remember nothing
from that night, Kanan.
Amnesia or some shit,
brain all twisted up.
I got people in the hospital
who say he barely remember
his own name, so you good.
I wouldn't be bringing
you home otherwise.
Look, if he did remember anything,
the police would be looking
for you, but they not.
He ain't got to remember.
What if he see me around the way
and it knocks something
loose in his head
and then he remember, Ma?
The ship's already sailed.
It's too late.
Ain't nobody gonna believe
anything that come out his mouth now?
It's been way too long.
I'll never let anything happen to you.
I got you.
You know I got you.
Hey, brother.
That, uh, girlfriend of yours
skipped town and
Yo, Toni wasn't my girlfriend, man.
Call her whatever you want.
Snitch-ass white bitch,
that's what I'll call her.
Point is that without her testimony,
they have no case.
You got no idea where she posted up?
They're offering 100 hours
of community service
or court-mandated class
on substance abuse diversion
or anger management.
You just said they ain't got no case.
How it go from no case
to pick up fucking trash
in Times Square?
They still have you on
the simple possessions charge.
Reefer, they got me
on motherfucking reefer.
Shouldn't even be a fucking crime.
And yet it is.
Look, if you take one of the classes,
I could probably work it
so that all you have to do
is sign in each session
and then you could leave.
Put me down for the anger
management bullshit, then,
'cause them niggas gonna see
what angry look like.
We'll see if they can manage that shit.
Can't wait to go
through three months of bills
and bullshit.
You got to get some light in here.
I was gonna go get something to eat.
You want to join me?
Uh, I appreciate the offer.
I got to clean up all this shit
start trying to figure out my new life.
"New life"? That sounds ambitious.
I thought I was dead, Burke.
No joke.
For a minute there in that hospital,
I-I felt myself leave my body.
Turns out I wasn't dead at all, though.
I was being reborn,
given a second shot at all this shit.
And I'ma do it right this time.
I'ma be the best version
of me that I can be.
Unique's whereabouts are accounted for
the night of the shooting.
He wasn't there in the park with you.
I never said he was.
All the evidence pointed at him.
I don't even remember
what happened that night,
so you're talking to the wrong guy.
Howard, whoever shot you
is still out there,
and Homicide doesn't have
any suspects at all right now.
I'm concerned about that.
You should be, too.
I'm only concerned
with the shit I can control.
Look, when you stare death
in the face like I did,
you start getting
real philosophical about shit.
Like the song says,
"I think very deeply."
I'm gonna go.
I appreciate you picking me up.
I'll call you later,
see how you're doing.
All right, I'll be here.
Yo, kick the beat.
Turn around.
What the fuck?
Worrell still don't get it.
Them corners is dead.
We the only game in town now, Kanan.
It's just us, and we got shit on lock.
The beautiful thing is,
five-O can't see us
when we up in the buildings like this,
but we can see them from miles away.
When we going home?
Your uncle's gonna be
crazy happy to see you, baby.
[SINGER] I can't wait to see ♪
I'm hungry.
I'ma get you something right after this.
- Hey.
- What's up?
Why did nobody else get on?
Got to ask them.
You know, my moms had the spot humming
like a motherfucker.
She'd taken over the whole damn floor,
took care of the niggas
who lived in the building
to keep they mouth shut
paid off the housing cops and the supers
to stay out our way,
and was connecting
the whole building with drops
that went all the way down
to the basement.
And the whole thing was off
the street and out of sight.
So, as far as five-O was concerned,
this shit didn't even exist.
Moms done changed the fucking game.
Something I use.
Yo, look who back from the beach.
What, you a-a surfing-ass nigga
now or what?
Ain't no Black folk
surfing on the beach.
Well, let me be the
first nigga to ride them waves, then.
You know what I mean?
Damn Jackie Robinson of the Pacific
catching all 'em hos in bikinis.
It's the Atlantic, Uncle Marvin.
Yo, can you picture me out there, sis?
Out there on on my surfboard
showing 'em how us Queens niggas do.
You don't even know how to swim.
Yo, why I got to learn how
to swim when I got a surfboard?
Shut up, Marvin.
Open up five.
Couldn't believe my fucking ears
when I heard you might
be getting released soon.
'Cause I ain't done nothing, man.
Maybe you didn't shoot that cop,
but you and I both know you
guilty of all sorts of shit.
I mean, everybody guilty
of something, C.O.
[RAPPER] We got to wake up ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
Back in the day,
I would stay up all night ♪
Praying my life Would turn out right ♪
Seeing my brothers
And sisters struggling ♪
I knew I had to join The fight ♪
So I laced up my kicks
And hit the block ♪
'Cause I got a plan
To change the locks ♪
Locks on the brains
Breaking these chains ♪
Societal gains Know what I'm saying? ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
Know what I'm saying?
It's time to wake up ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
I want to buy a house
For my mom and my pops ♪
Make a lot of money
By investing in stocks ♪
Live like kings and queens
Like we supposed to ♪
You're royalty, don't forget
That he chose you ♪
So I laced up my kicks
And hit the block ♪
'Cause I got a plan
To change the locks ♪
Locks on the brains
Breaking these chains ♪
Societal gains Know what I'm saying? ♪
It's time to wake up ♪
Yo, things are going smoothly.
On track today to do that god power.
Business is up,
barely keeping up with demand.
I told you about this shit before.
They talking in code.
That's supreme mathematics.
God power is 7-5.
My uncle's saying they doing
75,000 in sales for the day up in here.
That's some real shit right there.
Some of the neighbors
downstairs is starting to beef,
saying too many people in the halls,
that the stairs stink of piss,
and we too loud up here.
It's the fucking projects, man.
Stairs been stinking of piss
since they put these shits up.
Right, from here on out,
we gonna mop these stairs twice a day
and get some air freshener up in there
and spread around
some more money to the tenants.
Make sure they got
their groceries taken care of.
If any of these old heads
need their medications
or their prescriptions filled, you know,
get one of our guys to make
that shit happen for them.
Marvin gonna be calling
the shots over here.
Since Kanan home, I'm gonna
Sorry I'm late.
Late once, you're sorry.
Late twice, you're sloppy.
You late all the time like you,
you just don't give a fuck.
What I was saying is that now
that we got this spot
on autopilot a little bit,
I'm looking to build, expand.
And that means that we got to
keep our shit clean and quiet.
Got to pay attention to the little shit.
Ain't no problem
that's too small not to notice.
Like, on the way over here,
I saw Worrell up the block slinging,
catching that heat I'm talking about.
And that shit ain't good for business,
especially when it's
that close to us here.
Look, we need a clean
perimeter around our shit.
We can't have five-O
sniffing around the vicinity.
I'll take Worrell out.
I owe that motherfucker.
- Easy work.
- The best kind of work.
Mm, dropping bodies
is exactly what I don't want to do.
And I got other thoughts for Worrell.
Bring his ass in for a conversation.
And, Scrap
I need you to ease up
on throwing them dice.
I don't want you fucking with
your mom's card game no more.
Leave all that shit alone.
Look, we all on the low-profile tip.
See, Scrap had that gambling bug.
Got passed down from his parents.
His dad was a bookie,
and his moms had a card game
in her basement every Wednesday night.
Wasn't shit Scrap wouldn't bet on.
46, 47, 47 1/2
Come on, ain't no such thing
as half a fry, motherfucker.
One time, he took $500 off Marvin
over how many fries
are in a large order.
The over/under was 50.
Scrap took the over.
Pay up, nigga.
Oh, he got you there.
He got you. That's
Look, the most successful motherfuckers
are the motherfuckers
you ain't even hear about.
That's what we're doing.
Heads down, guns on safety.
- Are we good?
- Long as you show up
where and when you supposed to
and handle your business,
yeah, we good.
I'ma go say what's up
to my nephew over there.
Your younger brother's steady slipping.
[JUKEBOX] Mm, mm ♪
Mm, mm ♪
Mm, mm-mm ♪
Hmm, mm ♪
Mm, mm, mm ♪
Hmm, mm, mm ♪
Mm, mm, mm ♪
I heard you was looking
for a backup singer.
I don't know, man.
I don't think I'd let you
sing me to sleep
with that wack-ass voice of yours.
Wow, I just got back,
and you are already being mean, man.
I should've stayed my ass
in Virginia for this.
- That's really crazy.
- Yo, come here, man.
What's up?
how was it?
It was cool. You know, good to be gone.
Clear my head,
see what else is out there.
Realize sometimes it feel like
shit, that this is all there is.
I'm not sure it's enough.
I don't know. I'm
I'm not sure
if this shit is for me, man.
You know what I mean?
- Yo, Aunt Deb
- Oh.
Man, Pat, Eric, everybody,
they all was asking about you,
wondering why you didn't come down.
I told them it's 'cause
you had some shit up here
you was trying to figure out,
so you good.
It just didn't feel going down
to the beach after all that.
Truth is
it's not like staying here
made nothing better neither.
I missed the hell out you, kid.
Of course you did.
You didn't have nobody
to listen to your whiny-ass bullshit.
Nigga, I just got ba
I don't miss you.
I didn't miss you, then.
Whatever, fine, cool.
- I'm just here. Look.
- No, man
Yo, these niggas is carrying
buckets of water,
arms all out and shit
and not spilling a damn drop.
Yo, that shit'll turn you
into a straight warrior.
You could use some time
in that Shaolin Temple, Lou.
Toughen your bitch ass up.
Why I need to do all that
when I already got you
to carry my water for me, Marvin?
Yo, fuck you, Lou.
Oh, that shit funny, huh?
He got you there. I was
You know what else is funny?
You getting stung by some
jellyfish down in Virginia.
Oh, man.
Yeah, crying like a little
bitch for a day and a half.
Your aunt Deborah called up here,
told your moms all about it.
Fuckin' fish had your eyes leaking.
That's a bad look for the family.
When you out there, you reppin'
all of us. You remember that.
Wasn't nobody crying, man.
It hurt, all right?
It did, but the doctor said
getting stung by a jellyfish
is like getting stung
by, like, 50 hornets.
50 hornets ain't shit, nigga.
Toughen the fuck up.
You been stung by a hornet?
All right, then.
How you doin' Juke?
I'm all right.
Smells good.
Haven't seen you
in damn near three months.
Mm, saw you at Grandma's for
that cookout three weeks back.
Oh, you you sure right about that.
I was thinking maybe, um,
we could talk sometime.
You know, just sit down
and catch up and shit.
I ain't got nothing to say to you.
- But I feel like
- Dinner's ready, y'all.
My baby's home where he belong,
with his mama.
I need you to know
that we wasn't having none
of these dinners
while you was gone, Kanan,
because if your seat's empty,
we not sittin' around
the table like this,
'cause this right here
is what it's all about
I know we got our differences.
And we disagree sometimes.
But at the end of the day, we blood.
And that's way more important
than any static
that's between us.
Family that's all that matters.
I don't get it.
I mean, you supposed
to be my manager, right?
Supposed to be makin' moves
for me, makin' my shit blow up.
I'm doing all I can, Fame.
I got your mixtape out.
I got you played on Stretch and Bobbito.
I can't make people buy your shit.
What about gettin' me
back in the studio?
What about you laying off the weed
and writing something?
Ever since you started
smoking that shit,
you've been sitting on your ass
instead of writing rhymes.
You told me that
you were gonna talk to Lou
about getting me beats to write to.
He says he wants you to write first,
and then he'll get you the beats, okay?
He says he wants you to be an artist,
a creator, like Phife.
Yo, fuck this.
I already knew I should've got
a real manager.
I just figured I'd go with you
'cause, you know, Lou
was giving you that dick, so
How the fuck you gonna talk
to your sister that way?
Figured if Lou was hittin' it,
it might help my career
in a way, but, you know,
I guess what you givin' up
ain't gettin' it done.
- Fuck you, Famous.
- Fuck you, too.
You ain't gonna get
a real manager anyway.
So, um, what classes
you taking in school this year, Juke?
School hasn't started yet.
I mean when it does start.
Thanks for dinner, Aunt Raq.
It was great.
Of course, baby. I'm glad you liked it.
Seem like you and Juke
really connecting.
Kiss my ass, Kanan.
Look, uh
I know I been fucking up, all right?
I'ma do better.
Heard that shit before.
This label is more work than I thought.
I mean, anybody can do it,
but to do that shit right
is some other shit.
You know what I'm sayin', right?
How much you made so far
on that label, Lou?
It's a new business.
Well, if it ain't making money,
it ain't a business.
It's a hobby, nigga.
You sleepin' on our business
for your hobby.
What the fuck are you
doing smoking cigarettes, Juke?
The world didn't stop spinning
when you left, kid.
You ever gonna forgive Marvin?
Wasn't planning on it.
Nobody at dinner said nothin'
about what went down before I left.
What is there to say?
It is what it is, nigga.
Man, I don't know.
I was down there with Aunt Deb,
and I started thinking.
Oh. Uh-oh.
Kanan thinkin' ain't never a good idea.
Maybe I ain't cut out for this
family-business shit, Juke.
I mean, I only wanted to do it
to protect her,
make sure she a'ight.
Doing what I did that night
- and fucking it up.
- Mm-mm.
They should've never asked you
to do that shit, Kanan.
That shit was wrong.
You talked to your moms about it?
Feel like I'ma let her down
if I brought that to her,
especially after talking all that shit
about how ready I was.
You need to tell her
Look at this country-ass motherfucker.
Oh, shit.
He went to
Virginia Beach, Famous beach.
What the fuck part of "beach"
sound like cowboy boots to you?
Virginia sound country as hell to me.
Yo, I missed you kid.
It ain't been the same
without you around.
This nigga didn't have nobody
to borrow money from.
Yo, I been taking money
from my mom, like, every
Yeah, that sound like a real solid plan.
Wasn't no plan, really.
I was just doin' the shit,
few times here and there.
Like, every day on this
Baisley killin' it.
All we got to do Drop off the dope,
pick up the money.
So now what we gonna do
is we got to take
what we doin' over at Baisley,
and do that shit somewhere else.
- We about to franchise.
- Like McDonald's.
Always comes back to food
with this nigga.
Marvin right.
We need to be inside and up high.
Buildings, high-rises.
I'm thinkin' the 40s.
Yeah, that shit might fit
the bill just right.
We can get lookouts
on one of those tall buildings
over by 109,
and from there, we can see
the whole projects.
- Mm.
- And even if they did find out
we was posted up in there,
I mean, there's only a few ways
for five-O to come in and bum-rush us.
Now, we get the right units
and the right building,
we're protected,
even better than Baisley.
And I didn't want to say
nothing around Scrap,
'cause I didn't want him to feel like,
you know, he's getting
passed over or anything,
but thinkin' about puttin' on Worrell
and the rest of Unique's crew.
Yo, you really thinkin'
of puttin' 'Nique's people on right now?
I thought the whole point
was to run them niggas off.
Yeah, well, I'm thinkin'
we might need to do that
keep-your-enemies-close thing.
And, also, it's gonna keep 'em,
you know,
from bringing the cops
to the corners around Baisley.
Look, we gonna let Worrell
get down with the spot
we about to open over at the 40s.
Yo, we tried to kill that nigga.
He tried to kill me.
War is hell, niggas,
but we ain't at war no more.
I know who Worrell is.
I know what he did.
And I know what we did.
And I know Unique, too.
And I'm trying to make sure
that when 'Nique come home,
and I hear it's gonna be soon,
he ain't got shit to come home to
No people, no product, no possibilities.
And having 'Nique's
right hand down with us,
I mean, that shit could be useful.
Marvin got Baisley. You got the 40s.
And assuming Worrell gets down,
he gonna have to answer
to you over there.
Marvin's doin' good work at Baisley.
Give him the 40s, too.
So you turnin' down work now?
Why everything with you
got to be a struggle, Lou?
Why do I always have to be angry?
I'm giving you a spot to fuck with,
real money in your pocket,
and you still complainin'.
I ain't complainin'.
Is he complainin', Marvin?
Bitchin' more like it.
You're runnin' the 40s, Lou,
and that's how it's gonna go.
Hey, hey, hey.
Y'all better not be taking
Scrappy's money,
'cause my boy promised me a Fendi bag
for my birthday next week.
Ma, way these cards are playing
I'll be getting
you the whole luggage set.
Come on, man.
You kidding me, man?
- Mm.
- Come on.
Give me my money.
Police! Let me see your hands!
Get them up!
Hands up!
Everyone put their
hands where we can see them.
As much as Scrap was about his business,
he just couldn't stay away
from them cards.
And that's weakness.
When something got a hold
on you like that,
don't matter what it is
Cards or bitches or dope
You gonna slip.
Detective Peng know you here?
Where the fuck Peng at?
You know the drill.
Get your hands off my boy.
Get them fucking hands off of me!
Look who's back from the dead.
The prodigal son returns.
Please tell me you got better shit to do
than visit us in the middle
of the fucking night.
Hey, I was just
sittin' home, not doing shit,
thinkin', "Where can I find
some like-minded, useless,
godless motherfuckers?"
Look no further than the NYPD.
Crime's down since you been out, Howard.
I-in fact, we're starting to wonder
if you were the problem all along.
I got a C.I. bellyachin'
in Interrogation Two
that I got to go deal with.
It's good to see you
back up on your feet, Howard.
It's good to be back on my feet, Peng.
Let me go, uh, holler
at Burke right quick.
All right.
Good, great to see you.
What? You're not happy
to see me or somethin'?
Oh, I was gonna say hi
after you and the boys finished
measuring each other's dicks.
Shit, I know what I got.
No need to measure my shit.
Yeah, you'd need one of those
centimeter rulers, anyway.
I see somebody's been workin'
on their material.
What you got going?
That my shooting?
Homicide's overloaded.
I'm just pitching in a little bit.
Do they know that?
Not yet, but they will.
Look, I'm your partner.
If I'm not looking out for you, who is?
I appreciate that.
I really do.
Look, Burke, I can't have you
fucking up anything.
All due respect, shit like this
has to be done methodically,
damn near scientifically.
So far, all that methodical
and scientific shit
has gotten Homicide nowhere.
Their one suspect
had a rock-solid alibi,
and they're not looking at
anybody else at all right now.
Well, just make sure you're
on the same page as One PP.
Understood, Detective.
I'm tired. I'm gonna go home.
Yeah, you look like shit.
You should get some rest.
You're getting good.
Get your fucking hands off me!
You know who my father is? Look at me.
You know who I am? Huh?
You're the pretty-ass bitch
that's gonna suck all our dicks.
Watch where you going, G.
Keep walkin', coon.
Watch your fuckin' mouth, man.
What the fuck are you gonna do
about it, ape?
Don't let him get away with that.
- Handle that boy, 'Nique.
- Yeah, 'Nique.
What's up?
You should mind your own business.
This ain't business, bitch.
This is pleasure.
Break it up, break it up.
- Yo, chill.
- They jumped him!
I saw the whole fuckin' thing.
These cocksuckers jumped him.
Yeah, that's what the fuck
I'm saying, man.
They started it, C.O.
I just finished it.
Kanan and I just want to thank you again
for driving him
down to Virginia like that.
Haven't seen you since, and
we really just wanted to let
you know how grateful we are.
How grateful I am.
I'd do anything for you and Kanan, Raq.
You know that.
Somebody gonna have to pay me
back for all the Cheetos
this boy ate
on the way down to Virginia.
You ate way more than I did.
I couldn't even get my hand in the bag
'cause yours was always in there.
Nah nah, nah,
by the time we got down the VA,
your hand was so damn orange
from eating Cheetos
that Aunt Deborah
thought he was in there
with some safety gloves on,
so people outside
could see him at night.
- You ain't right, Kanan.
- Come on.
I'm all the way right, Symph.
We know this.
All right, switch to channel six.
Listen, we already had
this conversation, Jess.
Famous needs to write.
Famous been writing, okay?
But he just needs to know
that you're gonna get
behind him and his career.
Get him in the studio,
put some shit on wax.
I ain't throwin' good money behind bad.
We already put loot behind the single.
It didn't move.
Knowing when to cut your losses
is a big part of running a business.
Whoa, whoa, losses? Who's losin'?
It ain't me. It damn sure ain't me.
The mixtape's collecting dust, right?
We gonna have to start all over again.
We need to see that he's doin' the work.
Y'all didn't put any real
marketing behind Famous, okay?
No street teams, no push on radio.
I was the one that got him on KCR.
I was on that booked
all those gigs downtown.
Okay, I will say
that more could have been
done marketing-wise.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
To Lou's point, we just got
to be smart about our money.
We ain't got a whole lot left.
We got all the money we need.
Just need to make the right bet.
Speaking of the right bet
this my new girl right here.
I'd like to introduce y'all to Zisa.
Found her at a red light.
Now we about to go on green.
She can sing.
Let's do this.
Who the fuck is Zisa?
You don't need to wait.
There's a long line
outside the bathroom.
He gonna be a minute.
Look, I don't know how Kanan
and you were involved
in what happened
that night around your way
the night I took him down south
and I don't want to know.
But Kanan is a great kid, Raq,
and he's gonna do great things.
You just got to protect him
make sure he gets
the opportunities he deserves.
You still think you know my son
better than me, huh, Symphony?
Ah, you never learn.
I know who my son is, and
I know what he's capable of.
I don't need nobody to tell me that.
He's protected.
You can be damn sure of that.
Well, he said some shit to me
on the way down to Virginia.
Like I said, he didn't tell me
anything specific,
but he was scared, Raq
very scared.
He'd hate me for telling you that.
I thought you should know.
I care about him
about you.
Man, the white dude in front of me
blew that spot up
before I even got in there.
My eyes still stinging, God.
What's up, we movin'?
It was good to see you guys.
I guess I'll see you around, brother.
Maybe so.
Maybe so.
Take care of yourself, Raq.
You too, Symphony.
You still owe me
for those Cheetos, Kanan.
And I'm comin' for my money
if I see you around the way.
Yeah, you can see me,
but can you catch me?
Come on, Ma.
So, before we begin,
I like to focus on getting present
and focusing on the breath
by breathing in
holding it, and releasing.
Do I sign in or some shit?
Right there.
Um, excuse me.
- And you are?
- Marvin Thomas.
Oh. Hi, Marvin.
I'm Renée, the therapist
who runs this class.
Oh, well, nice to meet you, Miss Renée.
Where you going, Marvin?
Yo, I signed in. I'm s I'm straight.
You signed in, and now you go sit
with the rest of the group
for our first class.
Probably just a little misunderstanding.
Uh, my lawyer told me
as long as I sign in,
then I'm I'm good.
Good, as in you can leave?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, your lawyer
told you wrong, friend.
Either you sit down
in one of these chairs,
or I can let the court know
that you violated
the terms of your probation,
and they'll find another place
for you to sit.
And I can promise you
that the spot the judge
is gonna find for you to sit
won't be as comfortable
as one of these chairs here.
Yo, you for real?
Realer than real, brother.
I got to call my lawyer, then.
You do that,
but, first, sit your ass down.
So, like I said,
everyone breathing in together
collectively as a group,
holding it,
and exhaling any negativity.
Really coming together and
being focused in this moment.
[ZISA] Ahh, ahh, ahh ♪
Ahh, ahh, ahh ♪
You might never had a love Like this ♪
Who know
How to put it down like this ♪
You won't find Another love nowhere ♪
Promise you That can't no one ♪
Compare ♪
You know I'm the only one
You're thinking of ♪
You know I'm the one
That's got that sass ♪
Oh ♪
Anything you ask I'll give you more ♪
I'll give you more, babe ♪
What you waiting for, babe? ♪
You and I ♪
You and I could be More than friends ♪
You and I ♪
Together till the very end ♪
'Cause you know what it is ♪
Boy, I handle my biz ♪
You and I ♪
She ain't no joke, right, Juke?
[ZISA] You and I ♪
What you think Lou would do
if he knew about us?
Kill you.
He can't run the studio without me.
He knows it.
He's finding artists,
workin' behind the board.
Lou's a quick learner.
It ain't about what you know, girl.
It's about who you know,
and he ain't got my Rolodex.
What'd your friend from L.A. say?
He got a job for you.
Junior-level manager
Be managing the younger talent.
- Mm.
- That shit's waiting on you,
but not for too much longer.
So, if you want it
better get your fine ass out to Cali.
I should just do it.
It's not like I got shit
keeping me here.
You got this.
[SINGER] And have a change of mind ♪
Takin' the bumps And the bruises ♪
And all the things
Of a two-time loser ♪
Tryin' to hold on Faith is gone ♪
It's just another sad ♪
Oh, it's the bedtime glass of milk.
I've been doing it
since you got out your crib.
Thank you.
How you doin'?
Feel like I lost track of you.
Like, I used to always know
what you was thinking,
but now that you older,
not so much anymore.
Why you got to grow up, hmm?
Why can't you just stay my baby?
You know, sometimes
I don't even know
what I'm thinking myself.
Talk to me, Kanan.
You can say anything to me, always.
I don't want to disappoint you.
Well, I mean, if you honest,
you'll never disappoint me.
Tell me what you thinkin'.
Let me in.
I thought I was cut out for it
for what you and
Uncle Marvin and Uncle Lou do.
I mean, I'm your son.
I'm Def Con's son.
Y'all both did it,
so I thought I would, too.
But maybe not.
Maybe I was supposed
to do something else
to be someone else.
Doing what I did that night
looking that cop in the face
messed with my head,
like, nightmares and shit.
And, yeah, I know I was all
over you about putting me on
and getting me started
in the business, but
shit, I'm starting to think
I was wrong.
I don't think I'm up for any of this.
I can't protect you the way
that I thought I could, Ma.
You're not supposed to protect
your mother, Kanan.
I'm supposed to protect you.
And I didn't.
I put you in harm's way.
And that's on me.
That's always gonna be on me.
I'm sorry.
Everything I'm doing
I mean, I'm doing for you, Kanan
for us.
And if you're not happy,
if you don't feel safe,
then I'm I'm doing
all this for nothing.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Mom, you should probably
go get that phone.
Niggas say you
only do two days in the pen
The day you go in
and the day you come out.
Ask me, that's just some shit
somebody who never been
to the joint said.
As far as I'm concerned,
you do every fucking day in there.
You do the days,
but you can't let the days do you.
When you come out, you got
to be the same nigga you was
when you went in
only harder
'cause while your life
got stopped for your bid,
everybody outside kept moving
and they ain't checking for you.
They ain't give a fuck about you.
So you got to show 'em you still here,
you still matter.
You need to remind them.
Make 'em remember you
so they never forget again.
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