Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Mind Your Business

Previously on Raising Kanan
We the only game
in town now, Kanan, just us,
and we got shit on lock.
All you have to do
is sign in each session,
and then you can leave.
Either you sit down,
or I can let the court know
that you violated probation.
My child was murdered!
I know powerful people.
So you believe him when he
says he doesn't remember
anything from the night he was shot?
You're Famous' manager all the time.
When are you just gonna be my girl?
Got a job for you.
That shit's waitin' on you
but not for too much longer.
I saw Worrell up the block slingin'.
Yeah, we tried to kill that nigga.
He tried to kill me.
Bring his ass in for a conversation.
And, Scrap, I need you to ease up
on throwin' them dice.
Police! Let me see your hands!
Get 'em up!
I got a CI bellyachin'
in interrogation two.
Couldn't believe my fuckin' ears
when I heard you might
be getting released soon.
When we met, what'd I tell you, huh?
"Don't ask questions."
I need you right now, okay?
Come on, come on.
Jerome, what's up, man?
Come on.
That cop, he don't remember
nothin' from that night.
Brain all twisted up.
Ha ha. That's right.
Like I been sayin',
the biggest mistake any nigga ever make
is gettin' too comfortable,
kicking they feet up,
taking that motherfuckin' victory lap.
'Cause you ain't never safe.
Somebody always out there, watchin'.
And by the time you see him
You know that smoking's bad for you.
it's already too late.
So's the police.
I can't seem to get that shit
out my life neither.
And if memory serves, nigga,
you gave me my first cigarette.
One of my many mistakes.
What you want, Detective?
Can't lie, Raq.
I thought I was dead.
Laying here, bleedin' out.
I thought my shit was done.
And your whole damn life really
does flash before your eyes.
That shit's real.
I didn't like what I saw, Raq.
Not at all.
I made a deal with God.
Let me live, I'll right my wrongs.
The kid
he can't shoot for shit.
Mm, somebody cryin' about Cochise again.
Shit's the best part about you, Kanan.
The part that cares.
Don't ever lose that.
And don't let nobody
take that shit from you either.
Shit just a movie, man. Whatever.
And you, you just a cryin'-ass bitch.
Yeah. Yeah. I'ma fuck you up, Laverne.
I ain't afraid of you, kid, not at all.
You think you got this?
Come on, Juke, do something!
Come on, Juke!
What I want now is what
I've wanted all along
for Kanan to know I'm his father.
Had a gang of admirers back in the day.
Truth is, I don't even know
who Kanan daddy is.
You gotta know the meaning
of the word to use it, Raq.
When I brought Kanan in for that fight,
son was leakin'
and left some blood behind.
I had the lab run that shit on the low.
Paternity match
came back to yours truly.
And you can bullshit me all you want,
but you can't bullshit science, Raquel.
Well, fuck you and your science, nigga.
He ain't built for that road
you got him on.
I saw that in his eyes that night.
The game ain't for him.
Now, I ain't gonna knock Kanan
for poppin' me.
I deserved what happened that night.
Divine justice-type shit.
But I'm way past waitin'
on you to tell him.
That was my big mistake,
trusting that you would tell him for me.
I should have done it from the start,
but I thought it'd be better
if he heard it from you first.
But now I'ma tell him my damn self.
Man-to-man, father to son.
I'm going home.
Somebody tellin', Raq.
You got a snitch.
One-eyed Jack. The gambler.
He workin' with us.
Saw him sittin' with a detective
at the precinct the other night.
- Bullshit.
- Real shit.
And I'm only telling you this 'cause
I'm trying to look out for our son.
'Cause that's what parents do,
protect they kids.
Kanan 'bout to know, Raq.
Kanan 'bout to know.
Where Famous at?
He here, and he about to get
his ass beat by my ma
if he don't get this skeezer
out the house.
But he don't wanna hear me, though.
You his friend. You save his sorry ass.
Yo, Fame.
What the
Watch this.
Wake the fuck up.
- Mh-hmm. Yeah.
- Fuck!
Fucking squeezin' my nipples and shit.
Your sister said your mother's
on the way home.
And she about to have your ass.
This bitch gotta go!
I'm gone for three months,
and I come back, you out here
smashing white girls
and getting all high and shit?
Three months is a long time, man.
Nigga's been maturin' and shit.
Maturin' and shit.
You hear your brother?
Whatever the fuck your name is. Yo!
You don't even know what her name is?
Nah, we didn't get to all that.
Oh, shit, nigga, look like
you got into a hell of a lot.
You're a disaster, Famous,
a fuckin' embarrassment.
Don't matter now, though.
Better start packing your shit!
- Shit! No, fuck!
- Whoa.
What a bastard you are, Shawn.
I told you I don't want whores
in my house!
She's not a ho, Ma. She's from NYU.
NYU are all hos.
She got locked out of her dorm,
and I was-I was trying to help her,
make sure she wouldn't
sleep on the street.
I'm tired of your lies!
I ain't lying, Ma.
And you are also a thief
because I know you stole that money
out of my purse to buy your drugs.
Ma, you trippin' now.
I ain't even do that!
You know what?
I want you out!
- What?
- Out!
Go find another place
to bring your putas!
Where am I gonna go?
I don't have any money.
I don't know, and I don't care!
I just want you gone, Shawn!
You're gonna kick your own son
out just like that?
For real, Ma?
No second chances, no nothing?
Ma. Ma!
Ms. Fig.
One thing that all of us
who struggle with anger
have in common are triggers.
Could be someone
cutting you off in traffic.
Could be someone standing
too close to us on the subway.
Could be someone interrupting us
or-or talking over us.
So tell me, what are your triggers, hmm?
I don't like being ignored.
When people don't listen to me
or hear me, I get angry.
Feeling unseen.
Is there anyone else here who gets angry
when they don't feel heard
or acknowledged?
You're not alone, Gerald.
Anybody else wanna share
what triggers their anger?
When people lie, I get pissed.
Too pissed, even if it's my kids.
No one likes it
when someone lies to them.
But the challenge here
isn't the anger itself
but, rather, the intensity of the anger.
Everybody hear that?
Anger is not the problem.
Everyone gets angry.
It's how we manage it
that's our challenge.
And what about you, Marvin?
What are your triggers?
Yes, Marvin, you.
I'm straight. Ain't got no triggers.
I'm good.
You wouldn't be sitting here
with the rest of us
if you were good.
I'm ignoring you, Joe
'cause I know you love that shit.
Fuck you.
Still ignoring you, motherfucker.
And I ain't seein' you.
I'll kick your ass right here,
right fucking now!
I wish you'd try.
All right, all right, that's enough.
Let's not lose our heads here.
Or our hair.
Sit down, Gerald.
Yeah, sit down, G.
I'm gonna let you slide today
but you are not off the hook,
not by a long shot.
So getting back to what triggers us
Hey, you seen Kanan?
Mm he over at Famous'.
Well, if you see him before me,
you let him know I'm looking for him.
Trying to keep better track
of your cousin
now that he's home.
If I see him, I'll tell him.
All right. Thank you, baby.
do you
you remember my mom at all?
Of course.
What you remember about her?
Well, Kenya was a hell of a good singer,
just like you.
And she gave you that gift.
And then she bounced.
Look it's a lot, Juke,
being somebody's mother.
I mean
you bring a baby into this world, and
then it's all on you.
Fathers matter.
I mean, I'm not saying
they don't, but
mothers, we create life.
And that shit
is a lot of responsibility,
and it ain't for everybody.
Not everybody up for the job.
So that's why my mom left me.
She wasn't feeling cut out for the job.
I mean
look, I ain't ever
talked to her about it.
But yeah, um
I mean, I think she knew
that she wasn't cut out
to be a mother.
Figured it was best
if she got out the mix.
I almost understand that.
Maybe even respect it a little bit.
I can't.
I can't neither.
She missed out,
'cause you're incredible.
And I love you.
Come here.
See you later.
For months now, I have tried very hard
to come up with a rational explanation
for why you instructed those officers
to free the person
who murdered my daughter.
I'm sorry for your loss,
Mrs. Bingham. I really am.
But Laverne Thomas
did not murder your daughter.
She gave Nicole the drugs.
She showed her how to use them,
which is no different
than pointing a loaded gun
at my daughter's head
and pulling the trigger.
Look, I reviewed the case file,
and there's no evidence that suggests
that Laverne Thomas provided the drugs
that killed Nicole Bingham.
What does the mayor say?
Does he have an opinion on this?
Well, I-I'm not here today
to speak for the mayor.
He told me that you and your husband
are acquaintances of his,
and he asked me simply
to observe these proceedings.
I want her fired.
She should not be a police officer.
Our officers often have
informal arrangements
with the people in
the neighborhoods they police,
but I can assure you that
no officer in this department
would protect a suspect in a murder.
As far as I'm concerned,
you all have my daughter's
blood on your hands.
Thanks for having my back, Captain.
I'm looking out for the
department, Burke, not you.
You should never have
stuck your nose in this mess.
From where I'm sitting,
looks to me like you fucked this all up.
Yo, whoever's
speaking this shit got it wrong.
Wasn't Scrappy in that precinct.
Yeah, well, how many
one-eyed motherfuckers
walkin' around South Jamaica, Lou?
Early Tyler uncle got one eye.
Lost the other shit
in a fight out in Ozone Park.
Yeah, well, Early Tyler uncle
100 years old, in a wheelchair,
and can't feel
the left side of his face.
Actually, that shit's starting
to come back to life a little bit.
Saw him at the barber a few weeks back.
Lip was moving a little bit
on the left side.
Scrap ain't no snitch.
You know, a lot of niggas get caught
behind them cards and dice,
make bets they can't cover.
I told him to stay away from that shit.
Scrap bled for us, Raq.
He lost his fuckin' eye for us.
Maybe that's why he pissed off
behind that shit.
Look, we not making no decisions yet.
We gonna need to know more.
Marvin, you talk to Scrappy.
Feel him out.
See what he gotta say.
Told my mama
I'm meeting with you all, so
if I don't walk outta here,
she gonna know it was you.
Well, if we wanted you dead,
you'd be gone already, nigga.
Sit the fuck down.
I mean, fuck it, like,
I'll sleep in-
in the-in the-in the bathroom.
Just throw a blanket in the tub, like
We already got Juke at the house.
Like I-like I said, man,
if it was up to just me,
hell yeah, you could
come stay at the crib.
But my mother not going for that shit.
She only want family
staying at the spot.
Man, I need to get
some fuckin' money, man,
try and stay in a room for a minute.
What you think about
hustlin' up my mixtapes,
sellin' them shits?
Famous, them shits didn't move before.
Why the fuck would they move now?
My lyricism was ahead of its time, okay?
Heads need to catch the fuck up.
And you think they all caught up now?
I'm not tryin' to sleep
on the fuckin' train, a'ight?
All I got to my name
is a bag of funky-ass clothes
and a gang of mixtapes
that we might be able to sell,
unless you got a better idea.
All right, then.
So why y'all wanna fuck with me?
And why would I wanna fuck with y'all?
Southside ours, Worrell.
I mean, you might be doing
a half day's business
a couple times a week
on one of them tired corners,
but that's about as good
as it's gonna get for you, son.
I mean, you just-you just
picking up our scraps.
But maybe you thinking that now
that 'Nique out the joint,
he gonna pick up
where he left off, right?
That shit gonna get better?
Nah, son.
Your man radioactive.
'Nique shit deader than dead.
Deen ain't gonna sell to him.
Nobody gonna fuck with him.
You steady starving, nigga.
But you still ain't even answer
my first question.
Why y'all wanna mess with me?
'Cause we got a lot of history
between us,
and ain't none of it good.
History's the past, Worrell.
We here talking about the future.
We know you a hell of an earner,
that you on your business,
and we feel like
you could add some value
to what we trying to do.
And you hungry-ass niggas
all runnin' around roughshod out there,
bumpin' into each other,
breakin' shit
That noise bring police.
And police bad for everybody business.
You gonna be under Lou at our new spot
over at the Forties.
And you good with that?
We ain't datin', nigga.
We workin'.
I said it before, but now that I'm here,
these shits really feel
like they been warmed over.
That's all I got, man.
Y'all delinquents
robbin' my fucking place?
Nah, man. What's up, Uncle Lou?
What's good?
Fame's mother actually
kicked him out the crib.
And he came up here 'cause he think
he might be able to sell
the rest of these tapes,
get some rent money up.
Obviously, he gonna
give you your cut too.
Yo, fuck it.
It's yours.
I already, uh,
wrote the shit off anyway.
Yo, come here.
You need some new flows, man.
Just like I told your sister,
stop smoking weed.
Put something on paper.
You bring me something good, then
I'll put you back in the studio.
- Word?
- Word is bond.
No doubt.
Peace, Nephew.
Thanks again, Unc.
I put down the traps and the poison,
but the rats are too many.
Guess I got rat problems
all over right about now.
Throw out the shit that's been eaten,
and put some more traps down.
I would have to change them
ten times a day.
Call an exterminator, Juliana.
You have all this money sitting here.
Why don't you spend it?
Now, I save my money to buy a home
for my family in my country, and
you save your money to be eaten by rats?
Get an exterminator out here.
Bro, these are jumbos.
Make 'em look like jumbos.
How you livin', Scrap?
Large as fuck, nigga.
Moving this weight, makin' this money.
Couldn't raise you last night.
Had a pickup.
I was, uh, helpin' my peoples
out in Corona
put some shit up on the walls.
Yo, who the fuck trusting
your one eye to hang up something?
Motherfucker got paintings
up all crooked
and-and-and-and twisted and shit.
You should've called the new guy,
Worrell, to help you out last night.
I'm sure that nigga's always available.
Word travel fast, yeah?
Especially when heads hear your peoples
gettin' in the bed with the same nigga
who cost you half your fuckin' eyes.
Somebody's feelings
gettin' hurt out here.
Ain't about feelings, Marvin.
Shit was bad enough when Kanan came in.
But I made peace with that.
That's Raq's kid, and, hell,
I actually like the little nigga.
But y'all givin' Forty Projects
to Unique's boy instead of me?
I been down with y'all niggas
since I was 14!
Looking out, baggin',
soldiering, hustlin', cookin'.
Whatever needed to get done,
I done done it!
You know what?
On the real
it ain't easy
hangin' pictures with one eye.
Fact, it ain't easy tyin' my shoes,
seein' street signs,
or doing damn near anything
with one fuckin' eye.
I gave that shit up for y'all niggas
and still came back swingin'.
But here I am passed
the fuck over for 'Nique's guy?
So who you hangin' pictures for
out in Corona?
Yo, didn't even know
you had peoples out there.
My cousin Ebony. Fuck does it matter?
Don't matter.
Y'all doing me wrong, Marvin,
and you know this.
Yo, we got you, Scrap.
Don't even trip.
Four bedrooms, three full baths.
Colonial on a quiet street in Hollis.
It's a steal at that price.
What about Forest Hills,
Douglaston, Little Neck?
I think you'll find those
neighborhoods are pricier.
What, it look like I can't afford them?
Oh, of course not, no.
Sometimes buyers don't understand
they need to have strong credit
to secure preapproval
for a mortgage from a lender.
- I'm paying cash.
- Oh, wonderful!
Uh, but just to be clear,
you'll still need proof of income,
your last two years'
tax returns, at least,
and bank statements.
I got all that.
You just make sure
that you find me a spot
in one of them pricier neighborhoods
you're talking about.
You, uh, Miss Ebony, right?
Who asking?
New handyman in the area.
Your neighbors up the block was sayin'
you might got some work that need doin'.
Sayin' you got your cousin or somethin'
hangin' pictures and shit.
I don't talk to my neighbors,
and I don't talk to no cousins neither,
so who the hell are you?
'Cause you don't look like
no handyman to me.
Where your tools and your work belt?
I don't walk around
with that heavy shit on me.
I'm just saying that, you know,
maybe you-you have some gutters
that need cleanin'
or lines that need flushin'
or paintings that need hanging.
Last shit I put up on my wall
was a Thriller poster.
That was 1982.
Well, if you get a poster
for the new MJ record,
let me know.
Wait, where you goin'? What's your name?
You got a card?
What type of handyman drive a Lexus?
I just don't hear it.
Then you ain't listenin'.
This girl is the next, next shit.
She gonna change the game.
- We signing her.
- No. No, we not.
Lou, this a partnership,
a democracy and shit.
That means we-we both
gotta believe in the artist.
What are you listening to?
Seeing as I'm financing
this fuckin' democracy,
my vote counts more than yours, correct?
I guess it
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir!
Cartier "Duns" Fareed.
My man was
a motherfuckin' shooting star.
Big, bright, lit up the fuckin'sky.
Had vision beyond the game
Music, art, uptown, downtown.
His money was so clean,
you could eat off that shit.
Well, if it isn't Lou-Lou Thomas,
the fast-talking pretty nigga
who thinks he can roll up
on my niece at a red light
with all that light-skinned
smoothness of his.
Cartier Fareed is officially
up in the building.
Hey, Zisa, why you ain't
tell me he was your uncle?
I for sure would've kept driving.
I'm not his niece.
Cartier Fareed.
Crown Camacho.
Cartier Fareed
is in that import-export thing.
He's a top-of-the-food-chain-
type motherfucker, huh?
And I'm still hungry.
Now, look here, niggas.
I'ma make this short, sweet,
and nonnegotiable.
I've got this small
music management group
that I've been evolving slowly
but strategically.
A collection
of carefully curated artists
that I can hone, train, and guide.
And Zisa here,
she's the cream of the proverbial crop.
Look, I see you got
a fledgling operation in here,
but it's highly unlikely
that you can give Zisa
the long-term and lucrative
deal that she deserves.
But I know Lou from Lanes
and all the other hot spots that we hit.
I propose
that we do something that will
be equitable for all sides.
A single deal.
Together, we will develop, produce,
and release a track for Zisa.
See how it feels.
Feel each other out.
Test the waters, as it may be.
This nigga done?
I'm done, motherfucker.
You said a single deal, right?
Now, that doesn't guarantee
that Zisa stays on our label
if she blows up.
- Crown Camacho.
- Mh-hmm.
Macho time. You any relation to Hector?
Man, me and that motherfucker, man,
we done had some wild nights.
This ain't got shit to do
with no Hector.
Well, look, man, maybe we could
build somethin' into the deal.
Certain thresholds get cleared,
we'll sign to the label.
What the fuck?
Single deal's for suckers, yo.
I said it's on.
Like Farrakhan.
Yo, I'm tellin' you, you really need
to check out this fix,
Puerto Rican Famous.
I'm no, come on.
- It's hot.
- Hey.
Yo, you like music?
Look, I got this dope MC.
You gotta check out his mixtape, man,
Puerto Rican Famous.
He like the next LL for real right here.
- Nah, I'm good.
- Look, I'll do two for one.
Two for one.
Three for one.
Come on, now. Gimme somethin'.
I like how you wearing that.
How you selling my shit three for one?
Three for one, fucking two for one,
nigga, a hundred for one,
nobody want these shits right now.
Nigga, I moved a tape.
You traded that for a hit off a blunt.
What are you boys sellin'?
Just mixtapes, man.
All right, the both of you,
up against the wall.
What the fuck's a mixtape?
It's music. I'm a fucking rapper.
Hear that? He's a rapper.
Hey, what the fuck are you doing?
And what's your rap name, rapper?
- Famous.
- Famous the rapper
is selling his mixtapes on the corner.
'Cause that's where the best
rappers sell their mixtapes.
Supposed to have a vendor's license
to sell anything on the street.
But seeing as you two
ain't doing much sellin',
we're gonna let you slide.
Good luck with your rap career, Famous.
You told me all I was gonna need to do
was to sign into those classes,
then I could bounce.
This broad tellin' me
I gotta sit through the shit
every fuckin' week.
Uh, some of the instructors
are more willing to play ball
than others.
This one don't give a fuck
about no ball.
I tracked down your friend
who was working
as an informant for the police.
There she is. Toni Deep.
She's engaged to be married to
a dentist out in Westchester.
Your bitch does have
some nice-ass teeth.
I mean, they hurt, but
she left the skin on there.
She lives in Harlem.
Moved back here about three
years ago from Los Angeles.
Divorced twice, no kids.
That's where she live?
You owe me.
Well, try as I might,
I don't remember shit from that night.
Nothin' at all.
Yeah, and we got nothing on our end.
The blood on the jacket
we took off of Kadeem Mathis,
street name Unique,
didn't match you or him.
And believe it or not,
his story checks out, you know?
We got him on camera
at the McDonald's drive-through
at the time of the shooting.
We're not done with him yet.
We still think he knows more
than he's letting on,
but at this point, we can't
even classify him as a lead.
Yeah, but we will make his life
miserable nonetheless.
You know why?
Because I don't need a reason. Fuck him.
Right now, all we got is some crackhead
who was high as a fucking kite
who thinks he remembers seeing a kid
but can't give us any real description.
We're not giving up, though.
Not even close.
We just wanted to let you know
where things stand.
I appreciate that.
Wish I could help, fellas.
Thank you.
We'll keep you posted.
All right.
That guy's my fuckin' hero.
A fucking NYPD Hall of Famer
right there, huh?
What's up, Ma?
My fault, I ain't even
see you back there.
Where you been?
Me and Famous had a day.
It probably ain't a bad idea
for you to let me know where you are,
'cause I'm your mother.
I get worried.
Yeah, I got it.
I just wanna make sure that you safe.
What's wrong, Ma?
It's nothin'.
Somethin' is up.
A'ight, I know you not just
trying to know where I'm at
on some straight motherly concern.
Talk to me. What's up?
Just that crazy-ass cop.
Somehow, someway,
his brain got all twisted up, and
he talkin' some crazy-ass nonsense,
some shit that don't even make no sense.
And it's possible that he might
step to you talkin' that shit.
I just wanna give you a heads-up.
Look, now, he might not
say anything to you at all,
so it's not even worth
getting into right now.
But just know that if he does
that it's just a crazy police
who got his head all dented.
I thought you said
he didn't even remember
what happened that night.
Thought you said he didn't
remember my face, Ma.
- What is this?
- He don't know
what he remembers
or what he forgot, Kanan.
You're good, baby.
I got you.
We good.
No. What I said was
that he could stay here a night
when he got out, that's all.
I'm not keeping Jerome
from his daddy, Ma.
A father provides.
A father works.
A father take care of their own.
What's he doing but sitting around here
taking up space, eating my food?
You know, I don't remember
you complainin'
back when I was payin' your rent,
buyin' your cars, huh?
Sendin' you and your broke-ass
church friends to AC
every weekend, huh?
But I was a provider then, right?
I saw Raq today
at the bodega on Sutphin.
What Raq talkin' about?
She not talkin' about anything, 'Nique.
She was just
I mean, she just stared at me.
It scared me
for all of us
For me, you, and Jerome.
Raq ain't gonna do nothin'
to us, a'ight?
How do you know?
I can't say 100-100%
that Scrap bullshittin'
but I checked out
his cousin in Corona,
and it sure as hell didn't sound like
he was out there hangin' shit.
So he lyin'.
If we ain't for sure,
we don't move on him.
I got somebody on the inside
who say they saw Scrap
up in the precinct talkin'.
That shit alone is enough
to make the call, Lou.
Then why send Marvin to talk to him
and do all that undercover bullshit?
'Cause I wanna be sure, Lou.
Marvin ain't sure.
Right, Marvin?
Like I said, don't put this shit on me.
I told you what I told you.
I won't fuck with it. Hell no.
Okay, well, if the shit is true,
Scrap could put us all away forever.
Lose everything, including
your fucking precious music.
Tell you one thing.
I ain't doin' it.
I ain't swingin' this time.
B1. B1.
Nigga, I'm here to see Deen, nigga.
Fuck is you?
Deen don't meet with nobody
but friends and family.
And you neither, nigga.
Well, he gonna wanna see me.
How you gonna do that
with my motherfucking pistol
in your mouth, huh?
Hey, hey, hey.
That's not necessary, Efrem.
Get off me, little-ass nigga.
This nigga must've forgot
who the fuck I am, man.
Ain't nobody's forgotten you, 'Nique.
We'd just rather not remember.
You gonna need
some bigger soldiers, Deen.
Fit this nigga in my pocket.
Look, I'll hit you with a 30% premium
when I'm back up on top,
which won't be long.
I'm already sizin' up corners out here.
You're not a safe investment, 'Nique.
Not now or anytime
in the near distant future.
Look, I ain't shoot that cop, man.
That's-that's why they let me out,
'cause they ain't got shit on me.
And yet, according to my sources,
NYPD continues to consider you
a person of interest.
Well, maybe they interested in me
'cause I'm an interesting
motherfucker, Deen.
But I definitely ain't pop that pig.
G48, G48, 48.
It's G48, Grandma.
Raq and her Colombian supplier
have cornered the market
in your old stomping grounds.
There's no room for competition
Not for me or for you.
I'm only competition if I don't win.
But I'm gonna win, Deen.
Oh, my gosh, 63.
I just need the assist, a'ight?
I'm a little fucked up right now.
But I ain't never asked you
for a favor like this.
Desperation doesn't suit you, 'Nique.
Let's go.
- You makin' a mistake, Deen.
- Let's go.
The fuck off me.
You fuckin' up, Deen!
You fuckin' up, man!
Hey. Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm moving, Lou.
To LA.
Crown got me a job at
a management company out there.
LA, Crown? What the fuck
is you talkin' 'bout?
I'm goin' tomorrow.
Crown got you a job in Los Angeles
and you're leaving tomorrow?
You know, I wasn't even planning
on telling you about this
because I knew we was
gonna fight about it,
and I'm just so done fighting wit' you.
But I thought it'd be mad fucked up
if I just left, so I'm telling you now.
This motherfucker Crown.
It's not on Crown, Lou.
I asked him to help me.
He didn't just do it on his own,
so don't blame him.
You bouncin' on Fame too?
Famous is gonna do whatever he gonna do.
He don't need my help anymore anyway.
Yeah, maybe because he figured out
that you was gonna
kick his ass to the curb
soon as you got your shot
at being all Beverly Hills and shit.
I gotta look out for myself
because no one else is gonna do it.
Get the fuck out my studio.
Look what they did to me, man.
Look at what they did to us.
I was gonna call you
right when I got out, but
I figured I'd get
some things in order first.
Deen ain't fuckin'
with me right now, man.
Feel like I'm lookin' in
from the outside.
Look, I need you back
on my team, Worrell.
Strength in numbers, my nigga.
Come on, we gotta get
the team back together, man.
I'm onto other shit, 'Nique.
Different opportunity.
Can't ride with you this time.
What, you on Raq's dick, nigga?
Ain't nothin' left for you
on the Southside, man.
it's time to go.
I decide when I wanna go, Worrell.
Ain't nobody forcin' me
off these blocks
Not the police, not Raq,
damn sure not you, nigga.
I'm here.
I ain't going nowhere.
Well, I ain't going nowhere
wit' you
I'll be back to visit soon.
No. There's nothing here
for you or anybody else.
You go there to Los Angeles,
and you stay there.
My love, watch out for earthquakes.
Promise me you won't
give up on your music?
Think I'ma give up 'cause you leaving?
Man, fuck that.
Started this shit without you.
I'ma blow up without you.
Good. I want you to blow up.
I love you.
Where to, miss?
Uh, JFK, terminal two.
She on the way to the airport, huh?
Who gives a fuck?
I knew you niggas would come
correct and do what's right.
And you know I'ma have that new lab
runnin' like goddamn clockwork,
'cause that's how I do.
Yo, that's it?
That's-that's the new spot?
And we gonna be feedin' Baisley
and the Forties from here.
Yeah, word.
Yo, let's do this, then.
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Takin' care of your man
with a new job and big raise?
I ain't gonna let you down either.
This spot is gonna be putting
out that good work.
I likes.
I likes.
Mm. Got room to breathe in here.
Yeah, not bad.
Not too bad. Not too bad at all.
Sometime there ain't shit to say.
Ain't no lesson to learn.
So let me just shut the fuck up.
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