Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Sleeping Dogs

Previously on Raising Kanan
All I want is for Kanan
to know I'm his father.
Truth is, I don't even know
who Kanan daddy is.
I don't remember shit from that night.
The kid He can't shoot for shit.
That crazy-ass cop.
I thought you said he
didn't remember my face, Mom.
What is this?
- I want you out.
- Where am I gonna go?
I don't have any money.
I don't know, and I don't care!
What you think about hustling
in my mixtapes?
Yo, you like music? You got
to check out his mixtape, man,
Puerto Rican Famous He like
the next LL, for real, right here.
- What you boys selling?
- Mixtapes, man.
All right, the both of you,
up against the wall.
What the fuck are you doing?
The rats are too many.
Call an exterminator, Juliana.
You have all this money sitting here.
Why don't you spend it?
- You remember my mom at all?
- Of course.
She lives in Harlem
Divorced twice, no kids.
Yeah Zisa here
She's the cream of the proverbial crop.
- I propose a single deal.
- Done.
What the fuck?
- I'm moving, Lou.
- You're leaving tomorrow?
I got to look out for myself
because no one else is gonna do it.
I saw Raq today. It scared me.
It scared me for all of us
For me, you, and Jerome.
Raq ain't gonna do nothing
to us, all right?
- Why y'all want to mess with me?
- We know you a hell of an earner.
We got to get the team
back together, man.
I'm on the other shit, 'Nique.
What, you on Raq's dick, nigga?
But y'all giving 40 projects
to Unique's boy instead of me?
I've been down with
y'all niggas since I was 14!
We got you, Scrap.
- You got a snitch.
- Scrap?
He working with us.
Scrap could put us all away forever.
Let's do this, then.
Don't listen to the lowlife!
Everyone a liar in the game
Hey! Put it back.
from the crackhead telling you
he'll get you next time when he coppin'
to the corner boy bullshittin'
about how clean his dope is
to the cop who's skimmin' off his bust.
Everyone's full of shit.
Eighty-nine cents.
The truth is like that fucking J Train.
Shit might be slow, might be late,
might even skip a few stops
along the way
but the truth's comin'
so pay your fuckin' fare, nigga.
Yo, how you livin', B?
My mother ain't here, man.
I know. I saw her leave.
I just wanted to spit at you
right quick.
Get in.
What your mom's told you about me?
Like I told you before,
we don't really talk about you.
What I'm about to tell you
is gonna be the craziest shit
you ever heard
but the realest shit I'ma ever say.
I'm your father, Kanan.
Shit crazy, right?
It made me laugh, too.
Your whole life, you've been thinking
Def Con your daddy, but he ain't.
I am.
Everything that happened
with your mother,
that's for another day,
but I only found out recently myself.
Had I known before
when you was younger, you know,
I-I'd like to say
I would've been there for you
and all of that, but
who knows?
The truth is, all this time,
I ain't been giving a fuck
about nobody but me.
I know this is a lot to take in.
I don't expect you
to say nothing now, but
I want to be in your life, Kanan.
Whatever that means,
whatever that looks like
that's what I want.
I'm supposed to go meet up
with my friends,
and I'm, uh, already running late, so
No doubt. Go link with your peoples.
I'll be around.
Yo, your mom's gonna say I'm crazy.
I'm not.
Whoever said New Jersey America's armpit
is talkin' mad shit about armpits.
Feel just like home to me.
Worrell's cousin live out here.
Told him that the crew
that was running these blocks
just got rolled up by the feds.
Ain't been stepped in yet.
And there's a whole lot of demand,
and we about to be the new supply.
Worrell callin' shots now?
I'm callin' shots.
Worrell, he just looking out,
which is what you supposed to do.
We already up in Baisley's
and the Forties.
We really need to fuck
with Jersey right now?
We tryin' to grow, Marvin, build.
And New York is already spoken for.
The real opportunities
are outside the city.
You makin' big decisions quick.
Maybe we need to take a minute.
My decisions are keeping
you paid and off of Rikers.
I'm just saying
we don't know the players in Jersey.
But we know the game.
Spot gonna be yours, Damon.
Yeah, you gonna be in charge out here.
Now, spread around some cash,
get y'all crewed up,
and then you gonna be up and running.
But for now, we gonna bust out
some work to you
from my lab on the Southside.
Y'all already know
I'm down for whatever bet.
We franchisin', fellas.
Yo, that's my niece right there.
What I tell you?
Fucking told you, right?
Right there, that's my niece, man.
You know, I-I helped to produce
the music and all that,
but the vocals and the lyrics,
I mean, that's all her.
I mean, God damn, I felt all that.
For real. Your words was hittin'.
Your vocals are strong as hell.
But the look, uh
You supposed to look like a
bitch that niggas want to fuck with.
Is you buggin', nigga?
When I close my eyes,
it's like I'm loving you.
I open my eyes, and I'm like,
"Who is this girl looking like
she in New Edition?"
Who the fuck is you talkin' to?
That is my niece, nigga.
Watch your fucking mouth.
How you look is just
as important as how you sound.
Nigga, don't tell me Zisa bein'
a dime and all sexy and shit
wasn't the reason you wanted
to sign her in the first place.
Shit matters.
Juke ain't Zisa, and Zisa ain't Juke.
Hey, Juke, um
Crown ain't all the way wrong.
You beautiful.
You got to tap into that beauty, right?
And put it out there
so everybody else can see it.
This is who I am, Uncle Lou.
This is me.
What you see, that's who I am.
That's what I'm saying.
You, you beautiful.
I'm telling you that we should
share that with the world.
That's all.
Uh-huh, okay, so what
y'all are telling me is
y'all want me walking around
looking like a hoochie?
- Pretty much.
- Fuck out of here with
It's not about you being no hoochie.
All I'm saying is I want you to maximize
what you already have, that's all.
It ain't that wasn't
I'll get at you later.
Juke, Juke, you know
that's not what I meant.
That's I-I It came out wrong.
Y-you're beautiful is what I'm
I'm just sayin' you
She's a kid.
You watch how you talk to her.
Don't matter how old she is.
She want it,
she got to know what it takes.
And so do you.
You know about a lot of shit,
don't you, Crown?
I think I know enough, nigga.
Like where my girl
can find a job in Cali, right?
Jessica asked me, so I was
just lookin' out for her,
like I would do for you or anybody.
Don't be hatin' on a nigga
'cause he a little generous.
Now, why would I hate
on you for being generous
when you give me so many
other reasons to hate on you?
I'm not angry.
I just
feel dead,
like I can't feel anything
or care about anything.
Could it be
that the medication you're on
is not only suppressing your anger
but also dulling your other feelings?
It may be that your doctor
just needs to adjust your medication.
What about you, Marvin? Hmm?
You have anything you want
to share with the group today?
I'm good.
I tell you whether you're good or not.
And then I tell the judge.
That's how this works.
Fine, whatever.
say some say somebody
talkin' shit to me,
up in my face, stank-ass breath on me.
My reaction is to put
a foot up they ass.
That's what I do.
That's what I've always done.
I won't lie. Shit works for me.
Makes my teeth white.
That's called open aggression.
Me or the nigga talking shit?
Then that's me, then
Open and aggressive.
When you feel unregulated like that,
one of the techniques that we talk about
to regain control of yourself
and the situation
is breathing.
Remember, everybody, breathe,
get regulated,
and then calmly, quietly, and peacefully
address this individual
and de-escalate the situation.
Breathe with me, everyone, okay?
Breath in.
Let it all go.
Let it all go.
You late, nigga.
My mother had me doing some
cleaning and shit around the crib.
I'm here now, so what's up?
Raq must be all fucked up about Scrap.
And why would she be
all fucked up about Scrap?
'Cause Scrap dead, man.
Cops found him in
some broke-down building
up on Rockaway Boulevard.
He killed hisself.
I thought you knew all this.
Get the fuck out of here, man.
What are you talkin' about?
Scrap wouldn't do no shit like that.
That's not even possible.
I saw his whole family
roll up to his mother house, K.
Scrappy gone.
Maybe losing a eye really did
get to this nigga, you know?
Thought he liked that shit, man.
Said it kept niggas shook.
It it had 'em scared.
Look, I already went up in this spot.
It's wack as hell.
Fucking toilet in the kitchen,
but it ain't no real kitchen anyway.
Don't even matter
'cause it's still a spot
I can't fucking afford.
Scrappy can get caught up
behind them dice games
and cards and shit.
But that nigga made more in a day
than motherfuckers make in a whole year.
Now, how my mom put
the word out to my whole fam
not to help me with nothing neither?
Look, I can't sleep at the Y again, K.
Some old drunk motherfucker
tried to slide in my bed.
Yo, look, I'm not tryin' to be,
like, insensitive or nothin',
but can we focus on a nigga
that's still breathing
and alive and don't got a place to stay?
I'm gonna go grab the rest
of your tapes.
Come on, man.
Even I know my tapes ain't selling.
That's exactly why we gonna
sell 'em different this time.
I don't even know what that means,
but fuck it, I'm down.
How in the fuck my mother
ain't tell me about Scrap?
I don't know.
Juliana, it's Raq.
Where you at?
And why the store closed up?
Hit me.
Juliana? You here?
Hell, no.
I'm workin', Raq.
Excellent work, everyone.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for your
share today beautiful.
I'm gonna keep pressing you,
and I'm not gonna stop.
And now you know
I'm I'm what you call, um,
open and attractive.
Openly aggressive.
Right, right.
So, um, I guess we'll see how
You know, how it go.
You press on an openly
aggressive motherfucker
like me.
Ah, family.
I mean, same shit, though.
Work, family, ain't no difference.
Right, well, remember
your breathing, Marvin.
You know I got you, Miss Renée.
This ain't just
your world, little nigga.
Watch where the fuck you going.
Hey, hey, hey, hold that shit,
hold that shit!
Put your hand in the door, motherfucker!
- My bad, man!
- Ah.
Punk-ass bitch.
Elevator finally working.
I still can't fuck with it.
That wasn't no jumbo, man.
That shit was straight dust.
Didn't even feel it.
Yo, you done?
Keep it movin'.
Man, fuck y'all.
'Nique knew what a jumbo was,
and it wasn't it
this pieced-up bullshit!
Raq kid.
It's Raq.
- What's up, man?
- What up?
Yo, where Marvin at?
- He at his angry-nigga class.
- Which only makes him angrier.
Yeah, I forgot about that.
Damn, if she ain't here,
I'll catch y'all later.
If you do see Marvin,
let him know I came looking for Raq.
Door's open. Move out the fucking way.
Boss is here.
Get out.
I done paged your brother
three times, and still nothing.
Lou fucking around
behind them ones and twos.
All our shit is gone, Marvin.
Juliana gone with it.
And whoever did it
took the security tapes,
so there ain't shit for us to see.
Mami done taxed us.
Bitch took all our money
and bounce back home to El Colombo
or wherever the fuck she from.
Nah, she know we in business
with her cousin.
Robbin' from us
is like robbin' from Joaquin.
Yo, we got that big re-up in two days
for Baisley, Forties, and Jersey.
If we ain't got the money to cover it,
shit gonna get stupid.
Maybe we should let
Joaquin know about it now.
Juliana fucked us, Joaquin,
he probably know already.
And if he don't know,
the last thing we want to do
is tell him that his cousin got
grabbed up along with our loot.
And it ain't even about that.
If it was just about the money,
they wouldn't have grabbed up
Juliana, but they did.
Whoever did this shit
they want us to come looking for 'em.
Nah, ain't nobody wild enough
to fuck with us like this
just to have us come look for 'em.
Nah, I know just the wild nigga
who would do some shit like this.
So do you.
Yo, how the fuck
we just throwing my shits away?
I thought the point was to sell them
and hustle up this rent money.
Didn't we try that before, nigga?
Remember? Didn't work.
So we gonna flip it this time,
and your ass is gonna get paid.
My shits was live, man.
I don't give a fuck what nobody say.
Your mother would've never let us drink
out of anything but glasses.
Yeah, just screaming
down at us right now,
"Use the tumblers. Use the tumblers."
- Miss you, Eleanor.
- Love you, Mom.
I heard your partner got
out of the hospital.
But he still can't remember
a fucking thing
about what happened to him.
Yeah, that's what he's saying.
But who knows?
I'm not following you, Shannon.
he keeps a hell of a lot
of stuff to himself,
and there's been some moments
where I wonder
if he's holding shit back
from me about what happened.
You don't ever wonder about your partner
and he don't ever wonder about you.
Your lives depend
on the trust you two share.
That's how it works.
That's how it's always worked.
Yes, sir.
Come get that Famous shit,
go-straight-to-your-head shit,
get that hot, hot, hot shit.
Looks like sales are pickin' up.
What can I say, man?
Fame is spittin' that realness.
Word gettin' out.
"Fame is spittin' that realness."
Let me get Famous. Two times.
Get that Hollywood. It feel so good.
Now, that's a hit.
It's good. I mean, the shit is catchy.
It it might even be some kind of hit,
but not for this girl,
not for this kind of talent.
No, Zisa needs something bigger,
somethin' with some feeling to it.
This girl is not just a singer.
She is a virtuoso, an artiste.
I like the song.
I think it's cool.
Do you not get my pages,
or you just ignore them?
Fairest creatures, we desire increase.
That thereby beauty's rose
shall never die.
That's Shakespeare's first sonnet.
Cartier Fareed.
I know who you are.
Raquel Thomas, Lou's sister,
who's about to put a foot in his ass.
Well, you are nothing short
of a revelation,
Raquel Thomas.
We need to talk, now.
Well, I'm hoping this
is just a short prologue
to a far longer story for us.
Look, my bad. I'm doing shit right now.
Nah, Lou, don't, not now.
I don't want to hear
your usual bullshit.
All of that shit in there
is bought and paid for by me.
So you you cashin'
the checks I write,
but you not takin' my calls?
You a nosy little motherfucker,
huh, Macho Man?
We been hit, Lou.
All our shit got grabbed up
at the bodega,
and we can't find Juliana.
And this is about to be the
biggest re-up we've ever had.
And all our work for Baisley,
Forties, and Jersey,
and we ain't got the money to cover it.
Joaquin will front that shit
on consignment.
We done showed and proved
for that nigga, right?
You really think that he gonna
front us with his cousin gone?
Hell, no.
And even if he did, the last
place we'd ever want to be
is owin' money to them Colombians.
I ain't goin' out like that.
Nah, this Unique.
This is what this nigga do.
When he wants my attention,
he fucks with my world.
Yo, 'Nique would have to be
crazy out his fucking mind
to fuck with the stash Come on.
Look, I'm goin' to talk to Worrell.
I need you to get on the block
and see what they sayin'.
- All right.
- It's time to work, Lou.
Real work.
I'm on it.
Yo, your customers
are pissing in the stairwell
and smoking up in the elevator.
Not that there's never any room
for me in that shit anyway
with all your people going in and out.
I'll look into it.
You don't need to look into it.
I just told you what the fuck it is.
Yo, step off or roll off
or whatever the fuck
it is you do, nigga,
'cause you mad close on me right now.
Fuck you.
Look, everybody getting
a little something-something
for their patience and accommodations.
You took our money, you know our deal.
Your money ain't nearly enough
to cover me
waitin' on the elevator
for 45 minutes every day
'cause that motherfucker always
too crowded.
All right?
Yo, I'm gonna say it again.
You need to back the fuck up.
You serious?
You think I'm scared of you, nigga?
I got shot seven times,
and I'm still puttin' fools
on they back.
Be the next nigga.
I hear you.
I hear you and understand.
I'm sorry for your troubles, brother.
I'll deal with it.
Yeah, you will.
Yo, everybody
get the fuck off the elevator.
My man here got places to be.
Let's go. Come on.
I got you.
Demo, nigga. Better recognize.
Openly and aggressive
That's that's me.
The breathing helps with the
Oh, shit!
Somebody's feeling better.
Back from the dead.
My God.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
I had cancer, and you lightin'
up coal in my fucking face?
I'm sorry. You're right.
That is fucked up.
Oh, shit, I'm late.
Got to pick up my son.
He's a teenager now, right?
A mean-ager.
No, that's what we call 'em,
'cause when they turn 16,
they forget
that they ever even liked you.
Let me ask you somethin'.
How does he feel about what you do?
What do I do?
You know, your line of work.
My son thinks that I'm
a barber that does house calls.
I got the scissors
and robes and everything.
Wow, that's good.
I bet you he got it figured out, though.
You know, these kids ain't dumb.
It ain't like he gonna
bring it up to you
or nothing like that,
'cause that's a fucked-up conversation
to have with your own moms.
Maybe you're right, Malcolm.
Maybe he does know.
Maybe my son knows that, yeah,
Mommy turns tricks.
Wait, wait, wait,
I didn't mean it like
But you know what else he knows?
My son knows that I would die for him,
that I would lay down my life for his,
and at the end of the day,
that's all he needs to know
'cause that's all that really matters.
- What'd you hear?
- Nothin'.
I went by the shop and his girl's.
Nobody around right now.
I really don't know if this is 'Nique.
I mean
just trying to stay alive.
And fucking with you
seem like the worst shit for his health.
One of the reasons I brought you on
is 'cause I ain't want
no problems with your man.
But now that he fucking with my shit,
it makes you seem
a whole lot less useful, son.
Move like your life depend
on finding this nigga
'cause it does.
Nah, no way.
I don't believe that shit at all.
And that's what I said, Juke.
This nigga's crazy.
I don't know. You think I still
need to ask her anyway, though?
You gonna ask Raq
about being with that cop
like that?
Shit, you right.
What the fuck was I thinking?
Did he say anything about what went down
between y'all that night?
He doesn't remember,
'cause that would've been the first shit
to come out of his mouth,
so that's good.
I don't know, Juke. I
You two been by the bodega today?
Seen Juliana?
- No.
- Nah.
What y'all talkin' about?
We was just, um, you know
I'ma go get ready for bed.
See you tomorrow.
- Night, Aunt Raq.
- Mm-hmm. Night, baby.
What's goin' on?
It's the cop.
Pulled up on me today.
He said he my father.
This fool.
He was talking
that same craziness to me.
I mean, I thought it was momentary,
that he was gonna snap out of it.
Well, he's still saying it, Ma.
You his son, Juke his daughter,
and your uncle Lou-Lou
- That's his twin brother.
- I'm just saying.
He said he was coming back
around to talk about it
Yeah, you ain't gonna tell him nothing.
Let him spit all this shit,
and you keep your mouth shut.
He police. You don't talk to no police.
And he didn't say anything
Look, his head is all messed up, Kanan.
He don't know what's real
and what isn't.
Look, you just keep letting me
know when he step to you
and what he says when he do.
And if he get any stupider,
I'm gonna get in the middle of it.
That's part of the reason why
I asked you to do what you did.
Howard, he's always been unstable
and unpredictable and shit.
Never know what wildness
he gonna say or do.
Look, you just need
to keep your head down.
He gonna forget about you.
That's how he do.
I heard about Scrappy.
I meant to talk to you about that,
but I got distracted.
That don't make no kind of sense, Mom.
Scrappy killin' hisself?
It don't ever make no sense, Kanan.
It's hard to understand
how somebody could just get
to a point where they
don't want to live anymore.
Look, everybody got their shit, Kanan,
and everybody deal with it different.
Scrap made his decision.
And it hurts for all of us
he left, but it was his call.
It's what he wanted.
So let's just remember him
for who he was
how he wanted us to.
Thanks for coming.
When I called, I-I wasn't sure
Yeah, you broke my heart.
But that doesn't mean
I never want to see you again.
I always want to see you, Shannon.
That's the problem.
How's your mom?
M.S. isn't a disease that gets better.
I'm having to pay out of pocket
for a home health aide
and put ramps in her home,
some of her meds.
I'm so sorry, Adina.
Is there anything I can do to help?
If you got 50 grand
burning a hole in your pocket,
I could put it to some good use.
But you didn't hit me up
to talk about my mom.
No, it's my, uh It's my partner.
- I heard Howard's on the mend.
- Yeah, he's doing better.
You know, he's taking
better care of himself.
He stopped smoking. He's eating right.
He's nicer to me
than he's ever been before.
What's the problem, then?
'Cause Howard's always
been a world-class dick.
Him being nicer sounds like a
dramatic change for the better.
He's got secrets, Adina,
a lot of them.
We all have secrets.
In fact, if memory serves, I was yours.
That was the issue.
He says he doesn't remember
anything about the shooting,
but I don't know if I believe him.
It feels like there's more there,
but whenever I try digging,
he gets pissed at me
and tells me to leave it alone.
I remember working with him
on this Subway Slasher
task force back in the day.
Howard's got a lot of pride.
He has a tough time
letting people help him,
especially women.
But I get it. You're his partner.
You're supposed to look out for him.
At least someone understands.
I always understood you.
Yeah, I know you did.
Nobody's seen 'Nique.
Sometimes obvious shit
is obvious 'cause it's right.
Juliana hit us herself.
It's Juke.
She good.
She been good, Marvin.
Yeah, she, uh
She ever ask about me?
I fucked it all up, Lou.
Yeah, you did.
We got to go find our shit.
I'll circle back with you later.
- Hey.
- No.
Keep sitting on Juliana's crib.
And call me if you see
You hear anything.
All that shit we sold,
I still can't afford a place.
We gonna have to hit them corners.
Ah, I don't think we'll be able
to grab some more work for a little bit.
Niggas is definitely
gonna start noticing.
- What's up, fellas?
- What's up?
Raq home?
Yeah, she inside.
Lookin' at cribs?
Yeah, man. Fuckin' mom kicked me out.
I'm sleepin' at the goddamn Y.
Famous all homeless and shit.
Now, that's what you need to be
writing some rhymes about.
For real.
Yo, check this out.
I've been hookin' up this brother
with free studio time for his girl,
and I know they got
some buildings around the way.
Let me talk to him,
see if he want to hook you up,
- show you some love.
- Word?
I ain't promise you nothing,
but I could for sure ask.
I mean, I can pay you somethin',
not a lot, but, like,
I got this cash that me and K
hustled up, man, like
Like I said, I'ma ask.
These ain't exactly
your Jamaica Estates, though.
Psh. It's better than getting
my dick grabbed at the Y.
You saved my life, brother,
Like, come come here. Come here.
Thank you.
That's real man shit right there.
I told your sister
I was gonna look out for you.
Oh, but you is
You a man of your word,
my brother, and I'ma tell her that,
if I ever speak to her ass again.
Y'all a trip.
All right, now.
That is my nigga.
Let me see that.
- Lou ain't here.
- I ain't here for Lou.
Look, I ain't got time
for you right now, Crown.
I think I got a solution
to a problem we both havin'
with Lou.
You and me better off if Lou
wasn't in the music business.
I'm listening.
What if I sold you part of the label
for damn near nothing?
Let you wash all the money
you want through it.
In return, let's get Lou out
the studio, back on the street.
That's where he belong.
Hello? All right, well,
I'ma meet you there, then.
I ain't got time for you right
now, Crown you got to go.
Oh, but Lou will kill me
if he knew I stepped to you like this.
Lou ain't gonna know shit.
How we know this
motherfucker not setting us up?
Maybe you and 'Nique taxed our shit.
'Nique called me,
said he want to talk to Raq.
I'm with y'all now.
I ain't in business with him no more.
There's better ways to get to talking
than grabbing up all our shit
and our connect's cousin.
You here, though.
And I bet you ready to talk.
We ready.
But I ain't promising
all we gonna do is talk.
Let's go.
You through the door first, nigga.
Good to see you, too, Raq.
You must really want to die, 'Nique.
I missed the hell out of you, girl.
I just want to talk. That's it.
You ever heard
of pickin' up a phone, nigga?
You know I got to
make you work for it, baby.
Besides, I knew you knew it was me,
being that we be
on the same page like that.
I don't know what book
you reading from, nigga,
but it ain't looking like you
gonna live happily ever after.
If you want your money,
you'll hear me out.
If not
do what the fuck you will, then.
But Worrell's just a messenger.
I'm the motherfuckin' message.
You know, it was cute back there
what you did framing me for Howard.
Don't matter I ain't do it.
I can't even put up a fuckin'
lemonade stand on the block
without them trying to put me back in.
So you all salty 'cause you got beat?
That's what the fuck this is?
Take the loss like a fuckin' man.
I ain't even gonna front, Raq.
My business is done.
My name ain't even got the same weight
on these streets no more.
You won.
For real, you did it.
But now I just want to be left
the fuck alone.
All right? That's it.
You see what I did here.
So you know I can still touch you, baby.
You know I can still
make problems for you
and these fucking Colombians.
I just want my family safe.
Peace for me and mines, Raq.
Nigga want peace, so he rob us.
Fuck kind of peace is that?
The real kind, nigga,
the kind that got a price on it.
Go post up somewhere else that
ain't the Southside, 'Nique.
Big world, nigga.
Everywhere got a corner.
And everywhere got a Unique,
maybe even a Raq.
Southside home.
That's all a nigga know.
Besides, I'm retired now, y'all.
Jersey in the rafters.
I just want to live my life now.
If we put him down,
everyone gonna know it was us,
including five-O.
Yo, this motherfucker tried to kill you.
And we tried to kill him.
It ain't personal for me, Marv.
Personal for you, 'Nique?
Never was, brother.
Never was.
Give me your gat.
You got your peace, 'Nique.
Now give me my fuckin' money.
What up, B?
Yo, what your mom's talking about?
Oh, let me guess.
I done lost my damn mind. I got amnesia.
I don't know what's real and what's not.
But see, I ain't crazy.
I remember everything.
You little motherfucker, you shot me.
And I took that bullet from you,
and now I'ma take one for you.
I ain't telling nobody about
what happened in the park.
I wouldn't do that to my son.
Remember when I said the truth
was like that J train?
I was wrong about that.
The truth is more like
that Metro-North shit
fast, heavy
pulling a lot of weight.
And that shit pick up speed, too.
That's the truth coming for you, nigga.
And it hit hard, and it hit fast,
so look the fuck out.
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