Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

What Happens In The Catskills

Previously on Raising Kanan
I asked around.
You're some kind of drug dealer.
Make a mil off this nigga.
What the hell is that smell?
Rats dead in the wall or some shit.
I got this track that you'll love, girl.
- Is this a joke?
- Just relax.
I am relaxed.
Get the fuck out!
Nothin' come into Newark
without Sal Boselli getting his piece.
We in a world of shit.
Ain't nobody gonna tell me
where I can or I can't do business.
Set up a meeting with
these pizza motherfuckers.
So you're the little broad
creating all these big problems.
Andrea, I got a son, you know?
Ma, why did you want me
to kill that cop?
You put that gun in my hand
and then told me it was for family.
Hey, yo!
Around the way,
most of the wildness happened
when the sun went down.
It's dark,
so you can't see niggas
scheming and plotting.
But early morning's when shit is real.
Motherfuckers picking up the pieces
of what happened the night before
and figuring out
how they gonna make it
through another day.
Yo, let me get four.
We closed, man. Come back later.
Oh, come on, man.
Give me my cracks, man.
I said we closed.
Yo, I'm fiendin', Marvin.
Man, come on, man. Give me four.
Yo, you fiendin'
'cause you a fiend, nigga.
- Come back later.
- What the fuck is up?
Man, what kind of crack house is closed?
Fuck, y'all keeping
banker's hours up in here now?
Come on, give me
my motherfuckin' rock, man.
Please, man.
Hold on to your money.
My brother.
Yo, man, let the rest of them know
we doing inventory this morning.
We'll be up later.
All right.
Yo, what's up with that outfit?
I'm doin' some cleaning, nigga.
A clean crack house?
I ain't never thought of that.
Yo, get the fuck out of here, man.
Yo, I'm gone, baby.
Yo, yo, and remember,
tell all them other baseheads,
we ain't open for business right now.
Yo, I'm out, man.
Peace. Appreciate you, brother.
Foul nigga.
In the light of day,
you see all them sins
even the work we thought
we stashed and buried.
And that shit ain't cute, nigga.
That shit ain't cute at all.
What's up, Ma?
So you remember
when High Post took us camping?
You woke me up to talk about camping?
Ma, you hated camping.
No, I didn't hate it.
I just I had to get used to it.
You loved it.
You got your damn Davy Crockett on.
Pack some sweaters and your big coat.
Gets cold up there at night.
It gets cold up where?
Catskills, baby. We're going camping.
What? Why?
Is Juke going?
Nah, she gon' stay here.
Ma, I
I told Famous I was gonna
help him with his music.
Ah, Famous, he gonna be a'ight.
He can handle his own business.
We gon' be on our mother-son tip.
Look at these fucking people.
How they live. Animale.
You know what animale is? That's them.
- Animale.
- Yeah.
I got a colored family just moved in
down the block from me.
They got two sons same age
as my daughter, nice people.
I don't bother them,
they don't bother me.
And what would you do
if your daughter came home
with one of their, uh,
licorice-looking sons
and said, "We're going steady"?
I don't know how I'd feel, Dominic.
I haven't given it much thought.
How you'd feel?
Knock that little nigger's teeth out,
that's how you'd feel.
Oh, we got some action
going on over here.
Why don't you pay fucking attention?
Who's this guy beboppin' along?
Okay, look at the gold chain.
Nigger rich.
Juke, you up?
Are you not coming camping with us?
Your moms just wants it
to be the two of you.
And I'm cool with that.
And I'm not.
Shit not cool between me
and her right now, Juke.
I don't know, shit just
don't feel right between us.
And I did that shit
you did with your mother.
I looked that cop right in his eye.
Shit felt way too familiar.
What if he telling the truth
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
He's a fuckin' lying-ass cop, Kanan.
And that's what cops do. They lie.
He's just fucking with your
head so he can get at Raq.
Fuck that cop.
Don't listen to him.
Shit. Maybe being alone
with Raq will be good for you.
You can finally tell her
how you been feeling.
Oh, you think I'm just gonna
tell her what I'm thinking?
Hell no.
Wh-what you doing?
Look, you gotta get dressed, Kanan.
- We gotta go.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm coming now, Mom.
Hey, you gonna be a'ight?
- You sure?
- Yeah.
All right.
- Come on, Kanan. Let's go.
- Yeah, Mom. I'm coming.
- Let's go, Kanan. Come on.
- Yeah, Mom.
I'ma be right down.
Yo, I heard the poison ivy's a bitch.
You be itching, and you got
poisoned water and shit.
- Mosquitoes.
- Whatever, man.
Yo, it's a hit, man.
I'll put our girl up against anybody.
Yo, I'm talking Pebbles,
shit, Tracie Spencer, even Michel'le.
She gon' win.
She look good too, huh, Crown? Tell him.
Look, excuse my friend Lou here.
He's getting a little ahead of himself.
Lou's my money guy.
You know how they get sometimes.
They like to just dabble into the A&R.
B-but-but look, he's right,
everything he's saying,
because Zisa is about
to blow the fuck up.
And all we trying to do is get you
to introduce her to the world.
You know, there-there might be something
I can do with your girl here but, uh,
you know, my spins
are worth somethin', Crown.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, I know.
- Yeah?
- I know.
Look, let's step outside, just
talk a little bit, you and I.
Have a snack, money guy.
Nah, at first, it took
Nah, it took me everything in my power
not to fucking laugh
in that nigga face in there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I don't like him either.
Simple as that.
Yo, throw that shit in the back seat.
Who car is this?
Ours for the weekend.
Ain't want no dirt to get on
my truck on these muddy roads.
Let me put this stuff in the trunk.
I told you,
put the shit in the back seat.
Something wrong with your ears.
What's the point in having a trunk
if you're not gonna use it?
Back seat, here we go.
Is that too much to ask?
What's the whole point
of the whole trunk, then?
Can you not slam the door, please?
You roll your eyes any harder,
you gonna look possessed.
I sprayed the hell
out that nigga with that Lysol.
Put the pine trees all on him
and through the car.
Smell like Christmas come soon
up in there.
Yo, you sure you wanna be heading up
to the mountains right now?
I mean, with all the shit
we got going on in Jersey?
I need to be with my son.
No more runs out to Jersey
until I get back.
I'll deal with the motherfuckers then.
It's gonna be a'ight.
We could just shut it down for good.
It ain't like we even
set up shop anyway.
Look, we shut it down there,
they gon' come
for our shit here, Marvin.
Them niggas are sharks.
Okay, the minute they smell
blood in the water,
they start circling.
Y'all travel safe.
Need to work on your light touch, Lou.
The fuck?
Learn how to finesse a nigga.
You know, the best salesmen,
they the ones who sell you shit
without noticing you spent
any of your fucking
Is that a light
enough touch for you, nigga?
Get your fucking hands off me.
You know, I'm sick and tired
of you fucking putting
your hands on me, Lou.
What you gon' do about it, Crown?
You know, just 'cause
you make gangsta music
doesn't make you a gangsta.
Don't you ever pull that
unless you plan on using it, B.
Who said I ain't gon' use it?
Me, nigga.
So you ever hear from Davina?
Cousin of hers told me
she wound up in South Carolina.
Guess she got some family
she with down there.
I liked her.
You kickin' it with anybody else?
Not really.
"Not really" sound like
you got somebody,
like Kanan got his eye on someone.
A'ight, it's
it's just a little shorty
that live in Famous' building.
Well, look, it don't gotta
be nothing more than fun.
You a kid.
Supposed to be having fun.
Can I turn the radio back on now?
Break out those umbrellas,
because we have a 70%
chance of rain tomorrow.
It's gonna be partly cloudy tonight
with scattered showers
and humidity at 87%.
That low-pressure system
is moving through the area
pretty fast, but it's gonna come
I wanted to meet
with you outside of the group
because it's obvious
you're not comfortable
talking in front of the others.
I'm a private person.
Don't need nobody in my business.
But you must understand
that your business
is my business.
And you are making it really hard for me
to conduct my business, Marvin,
because you won't say
anything in the group.
And that's bad for business,
yours and mine.
If I go to the judge
and tell him that you're not holding up
your end of the deal,
he'll throw you inside.
And I promise you,
you'll be sitting in that cell
thinking back on that coffee right here
and asking yourself, "Why
the hell didn't I just talk?"
What the fuck you want
from me, Ms. Renée?
I show up every week.
I sit there and I listen
to all that bullshit.
What else you want me to do?
Well, first off,
you can not refer
to the therapy we're doing
as "bullshit."
That'd be a good start.
And secondly, you can
you can tell me something
about you that I don't know.
Something that matters.
You know, something that,
when you say it out loud,
makes you feel
a little bit uncomfortable.
Maybe even a little bit vulnerable.
I have a daughter.
I am aware.
She's a teenager, correct?
Whatever the fuck she is,
she won't talk to me no more.
That must be hard for you.
I'm a fucked-up father.
I did some shit she never
gonna forgive me for.
Shit that she shouldn't
probably forgive me for.
Not no sick shit, though,
I mean, or-or nothing like that.
I ain't a sick motherfucker.
I'm just, um
I'm just
I'm just a dumb motherfucker.
Got him for the whole week.
I can't wait.
Good afternoon. How can I help you?
Yeah, we got a reservation.
Oh, certainly. Just need to see your ID.
We in the one with the firepit.
Yes, okay, I have you for one night
in one of our creekside cabins.
Hey, y'all got any bear repellant here?
It's mainly black bears around here,
and they're pretty docile,
more scared of you than you are of them.
Just stay away
from the blueberry patches.
Yo, I ain't even know bear
repellant was a real thing.
Well, it's real.
I'm Kanan.
Thank you, Ms. Jones.
Let me see that knife right there.
What else can I use
to keep them away from me
while I'm out here?
Stab 'em with something,
they'll run away.
For real, Hannah.
We surrounded by the trees.
They could come out of anywhere.
You stole my song.
Excuse me?
Bitch, you either dumb
or fucking stupid.
"Bruised," I wrote it.
I didn't steal anything.
That song was given to me.
How do you even know where I live?
Crown told me.
Who gave you my shit?
Who you think?
And he never even told me it was yours.
I don't need to steal
anyone else's music.
I got my own.
Look who done came up in the world.
Still got them legs.
Toni, you forgot a bag.
Oh, Shelley. Thank you.
Roll down your window, sir.
May I help you with something, Officer?
That's what I was about to ask you.
I'm good.
Just, uh, eating these chips.
You wanna get down?
That's kind of you.
I'm trying to cut back.
Gotta be honest with you,
I make it my business to try to
get to know everybody in town.
Well, I can't say I recognize you.
Yeah, I appreciate
that honesty, Officer.
And you're right.
A brother can't afford
any real estate out here.
Just been driving all day.
Wanted to stop, rest a minute,
and enjoy a snack.
Fair enough, friend.
I encourage you to finish up your snack
and be on your way,
because we like to keep
these parking spots available
for folks who are actually
gonna do some shopping.
O-of course!
I mean, don't wanna get in the way
of the rich getting richer.
Just got a few left,
and then I'ma be out.
You have a great day.
You do the same, Officer.
Bitch ass.
Want me get the stuff out of the trunk?
No, there ain't nothing in there,
just some flashlights and some bug shit.
You just take the rest
of these bags into the cabin.
We a long way from the Southside.
Come on, baby. Let's go camping.
You gave her my song.
That was my song, and you stole it.
It ain't even like that, Juke.
What's it like, then?
That bitch-ass nigga Crown
told you, didn't he?
It doesn't matter who the fuck told me.
I would've figured it out anyway.
I should've asked you.
And I would've said no.
You know, part of this music shit, Juke,
is knowing what material
goes with which artist.
That song you wrote was beautiful.
But too beautiful for me.
Hey, you know that's not what I meant.
All right?
Look, I thought it might
make a cool song for Zisa,
so I just let her take a swing at it.
She knocked it out the park.
She did.
I didn't expect it.
It's just what happened.
I'm sorry, Juke.
I should've asked you.
I fucked up.
But, you know, ain't nothing
wrong with getting
a songwriting credit out there, though.
Publishing money is real money.
- F
- Hey, Juke.
My God, it's not that kind
of thing between us!
He doesn't share
nothing personal with me.
Well, you're sleeping with him.
It doesn't really get
more personal than that.
Look, I'm gonna make things
real simple for you, Andrea.
Either you start sharing
some shit with me,
or I'm gonna call Child Welfare
and let them know
that you're tricking
and you got a young son.
Shouldn't come as a shock to you
that they frown on mothers who are pros.
In my experience,
those kids go into foster care
faster than you can say half-and-half.
He's one of the quiet ones.
Does what he needs to do,
and then I leave.
Has he mentioned anything
to you about the shooting?
Just that he thought he was gonna die
and he's trying to clean himself up now,
live a healthier life
for him and his son.
His son?
Yeah, he told me that he has a son.
Just found out about him
not so long ago himself.
Didn't say much except
for that the kid's a teenager.
Didn't even tell me his name.
Some good living right here.
You and me sitting by the campfire,
eating some hot dogs.
You like it up here?
It ain't like I'm into
bird-watching or nothing,
so what I got to do out here?
Okay, there's much more to do out here
than just watch some birds, Kanan.
Like what, Ma?
Like hiking.
Hiking is just another word for walking,
and I can do that at home.
Okay, well, what about swimming?
They got lakes and ponds and shit.
I'm not jumping in that dirty-ass water.
It's cold up here anyway.
Well, then what about hunting?
Everybody out here hunt.
I mean, I got us a knife.
Who am I, Ram-bro?
You stupid.
I'ma go get another soda from the store.
You got some money?
Kid's heading out.
She's alone by the fire.
Go keep an eye on him,
and make sure that he doesn't
come back until I'm done.
Hey, Jimmy, let me hit her.
Show Sal I can get my hands dirty.
Just make sure that
the kid doesn't surprise me.
Let me do it.
How you livin', Hannah?
I thought you forgot about me.
How could I forget about you?
You supposed to save me
from all the bears out here.
Yeah, no bear's gonna get you
on my watch, Kanan.
Good. I'm counting on that.
So where's your mom?
Back at the cabin
thinking she Daniel Boone or some shit.
So you've got some time?
Hell yeah.
Kanan Stark, if you creeping up
on me to scare me
Kanan, look, I know it's you,
and this shit ain't even
close to being funny.
- Excuse us.
- Motherf
I'm so sorry.
We didn't mean to scare you.
No. It's all good.
Thought you was my son messing with me.
We were wondering if you might have
any extra kindling we can use.
Toby and I are having some
trouble getting our fire going,
and it's a little dark to be
wandering around the woods.
You can take all you need.
Thank you so much.
Uh, we'll bring you more tomorrow.
It's all good.
Just have my son go out
and get some more,
make him useful.
Tell me about it.
Speaking of my kid,
where is that boy?
Look, y'all have a good night.
You do the same. And thanks again.
Yeah, no problem.
This is from my friend's backyard.
It's pretty good for homegrown.
You get good weed in the city?
It's a'ight.
You ever smoke dope
from Humboldt County?
Humboldt's, like,
this place in California
that's supposed to have
the best weed ever.
No, I ain't really much
of a weed head myself.
My boy Famous back at home, though,
that fool can smoke.
that's a cool name.
No doubt.
You're cool.
Nah, that's you.
Fuck do you think you're doing?
You better leave her alone.
No, you leave him alone.
And don't you talk to my son like that.
Look, I was just trying to get
some mosquito stuff in the store,
and I come out here,
and they're doing God knows what.
Let's go, Kanan.
How many times I gotta tell you, Kanan?
How many?
White girls will get you killed.
That's the way it's always been,
and that's the way it's always gonna be.
Stay the fuck away from her.
Hey, if you were my fucking daughter,
I'd lock you in the room for the next
15 fucking years, you know that?
But I'm not your daughter,
and you're a fucking dick.
What is this? What happened?
Some guy and his son showed up
looking for fucking firewood
before I could pop her.
Shit. Let's hit 'em both.
Let's hit 'em both right now,
her and her little nigger.
We don't do kids.
You know it like I do.
It's bad for business,
it's bad for karma,
and it's bad for our fucking heads.
Look, if I didn't stop him,
that fucking monkey
would've raped that girl at the store.
You know what?
Somehow I doubt
that you saved the fucking day, okay?
But hey, Sal hears
you messed with a kid,
he'll have me put a fucking bullet
right between
those fucking eyes of yours
before you could even say "white power."
We will see if we can get
a clean shot at her tomorrow.
Until then, you shut the fuck up.
Wanna get down on some s'mores?
Think I'm just gonna go to bed.
Look, I'm sorry for yelling
at you like that.
I just I got scared is all.
Guy looked like he was ready
to string you up.
Come on. Sit down.
Let's make some s'mores.
Now, make sure
that shit don't catch fire.
All right? Now, you remember
how High Post showed us.
Golden brown.
Post knew how to make some s'mores.
Yeah. He was in the Boy Scouts.
They taught him all of that.
Go ahead.
"Put hair on a dog's back
and bring new life to an old man."
Your grandfather used to say that.
He had a little
bootlegging thing for a while.
Shit tasted like rubbing alcohol.
Bootlegging, prizefighting,
and a jazz musician.
Grandpa used to do everything.
Yeah, he still didn't make enough money
to make your grandmother happy.
I brought you out here to talk to you.
See how you are,
how you feeling
about us,
about you and me and about,
you know, what we do.
Look, you getting to an age
where you're gonna wanna
start making some real money.
Start figuring out
what you want for your life.
Making your mark on this world.
You the heir to this throne, Kanan.
Look, and I know you're not
sure that you wanna be in it.
And I'm I wasn't even sure
I wanted you to be in it.
But it's yours.
And it's waiting for you.
All of it.
If you want it.
You just gotta want it.
I want it, Ma.
I ain't think I did for a minute
but I do.
No secrets between us.
No lies, no side hustles.
We share everything.
- It's you
- And you gonna share everything
with me too.
All you gotta do is ask.
It's you and me.
You know this.
Where's Kanan? Huh?
You really need
to turn them shits down, girl.
They gonna fuck up your ears.
Where's Kanan?
I been paging him. He ain't hit me back.
He's wherever the fuck
he wants to be, man.
You tell him I'm looking for him.
Help me with him.
Grab the shovels
and the rest of this stuff.
Let's get to work.
Yo, don't fucking sleep on me, Lou.
- I still got it.
- What do you want, Famous?
To get back in the lab, Lou!
I been working, I been writing
like you told me.
I got that heat, I got that new shit,
that dope shit, I promise you.
Look, I know you probably still twisted
over that situation
with Jessica and Crown.
But I just need you to know
that I ain't even know
they was kickin' it like that
till after she left.
I knew he was bringing her home late.
You know, her hair would be fucked up,
and I thought it was
'cause of the car ride.
I thought he just drove
with the windows down.
I ain't I ain't I ain't know.
I already knew about that shit, Famous.
I don't care.
Jess gonna do what she do.
Look, but it's not about her, though.
It's about us.
Thing is, if-if I knew,
I would've told you.
You Kanan uncle, that's family.
I would've had your back regardless,
and that's just That's just real.
You bring me some rhymes,
I'll get you back in the booth.
It's not about your sister.
It's not about Crown.
I don't give a fuck
about none of that shit.
It's about the work.
Do the work, you get the time.
You will not be disappointed, brother.
- Thank you so
- Hey.
Go write. Leave me the fuck alone.
I got you. Yo, thank you.
Yes. Got you.
You won't be disappointed, Lou.
You gonna love me.
Yo, you gonna love me again, nigga.
So you Sister Kenya's daughter, right?
She never said you a dime like you are.
Don't you got some praying to do?
I'm praying you gonna
give me them digits.
Yeah, well, that prayer
ain't getting answered, son.
Y'all have to listen to each other.
Listen, I think you should
hear my daughter sing.
Well, let's give her a listen.
I told Mr. Stevens you were my daughter,
and he wants to see
if we share the same voice.
Kenya can blow
the doors off this church.
I just wanna see if her daughter
is blessed in the same way.
My daughter can sing,
and she got something to say,
Mr. Stevens.
And I wanna hear it.
You churchgoing?
Little bit.
You know "Mary, Don't You Weep"?
Let's try it.
Great job.
All right.
So what else she say?
She wanted to know what we talk about,
what you're thinking.
How the fuck you supposed
to know what I'm thinking?
We do have a relationship, Malcolm.
That I pay for in cash,
not conversation.
Man, fuck you.
Like I need this fuckin'
police shit in my life.
She threatened to call Child Welfare
and have them take my kid away.
Andrea, you got a roof over
his head, you keep him fed.
It ain't like you puttin'
cigarettes out on his scalp.
CWB ain't gonna fuck with you.
She, um, had a lot of questions
about the shooting
and what you remember.
What'd you say?
Nothin', 'cause you don't remember.
You say anything else?
I mentioned the thing about your son.
I-I thought that maybe she knew already.
What the fuck?
I'm sorry.
Don't you have a confidentiality clause
in your line of business?
Something that says shut the fuck up?
Not when my kid
is being threatened, Malcolm.
Time for you to go.
Me and you done.
You serious right now?
Get the fuck out.
- Get out of here.
- I oh.
- Shit.
- Malcolm.
If only you knew where
that mouth been at, nigga.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You should take these to the front.
And stay away from the white girl.
Kid's on the move.
Can I trust you
to run interference on him
and not do nothing stupid?
Leave the kid alone.
Scout's honor.
You headed back to the city?
Yeah. Just turning in these keys.
Gonna leave without saying goodbye?
I was hoping
I'd catch you before I left.
Drop the gun.
Sal sent you.
Hey, well, he told you how it had to be,
but you didn't hear him.
I hear fine.
I just don't always listen.
If I kill you,
I'm at war with your boss,
which is bad for business for all of us,
especially you.
But if I let you go,
you're gonna keep coming.
And that's a problem for me.
Hey! Hey!
Help! He's gonna kill Kanan!
Look, there's a deal to be made
between Sal and me,
and we gonna make it.
But for now, me and my son,
we getting the fuck up out of here.
Yeah, what about her?
She ain't gonna say nothing.
Ain't that right?
'Cause if you do,
his people and my people,
we're gonna make quick work
of your people, you understand?
We're going home.
Now, I suggest you collect
whatever's left
of your man here, and you do the same.
What's the matter with you?
Should've shot 'em.
You should've shot 'em both.
Sometimes you got so much shit to say,
you don't say nothing at all.
And then there are times
you don't even gotta say shit
'cause everybody already know.
Who were they?
Don't matter.
They gon' get dealt with.
Either way,
it's better to keep your mouth
closed and your eyes open.
Don't let 'em know
what the fuck you thinking,
especially when you don't
even know yourself.
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