Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

It's a Business, Man

Previously on Raising Kanan
Pack some sweaters and your big coat.
- Why?
- We're going campin'.
We got some action goin' on over here.
Zisa is about to blow the fuck up.
I'll put our girl up against anybody.
You stole my song.
I didn't steal anything.
That song was given to me.
That was my song, and you stole it.
That bitch ass nigga Crown
told you, didn't he?
Look, I know you probably still twisted
over that situation
with Jessica and Crown,
but I ain't even know
they was kickin' it like that
till after she left.
You know, the best salesman,
they the ones who fuckin'
You know, just 'cause
you make gangster music
doesn't make you a gangster.
Look who done came up in the world.
I told Mr. Stevens you were my daughter,
and he wants to see
if we share the same voice.
He doesn't share
nothing personal with me.
Well, you're sleeping with him.
It doesn't really get
more personal than that.
She threatened to call child welfare
and have them take my kid away.
- What you say?
- I mentioned the thing
- about your son.
- What the fuck?
You the heir to this throne, Kanan,
- if you want it.
- I want it, Ma.
- Leave the kid alone.
- Scout's honor.
Drop the gun.
When the block get hot,
niggas get nervous,
fingers get all itchy
and shit on that trigger
always looking over they shoulders
to see if trouble coming.
But the real ones, the shot callers,
they know the trouble always comin'.
So ain't no reason to look,
ain't no reason to be nervous
'cause how the fuck you gonna
be scared a somethin'
that's always there?
That's like being scared
of the fuckin' moon.
The moon ain't going nowhere
nigga, and neither is trouble.
I'ma make this shit short
and sweet for y'all.
We ain't bendin' over for them Italians.
I know who the fuck they are,
but I also know who the fuck
we are and where we headed.
Now, our shit is way bigger than Jersey.
That's just a store.
We a fuckin' business.
And I don't know about you
niggas, but I ain't no punk.
Not in New York,
not Jersey, not nowhere.
So we gonna figure this shit
out with these motherfuckers,
but you could be goddamn sure
that we in Newark to stay.
'Cause when you buildin' like we are,
plantin' our flags in new territories,
ain't no hill too small to die on.
Now, if we let them
body us outta Jersey,
it's gonna be open season
on our shit everywhere.
Look, this shit's gonna get
settled and we gonna be a'ight.
Jersey's just a proof of concept.
We about to be national, brothers.
So get back at it, 'cause we growin',
and growin' muhfuckers need to get fed.
That's it.
Newark ain't nearly
worth all this trouble.
What I just say, Lou?
Lou got a point, though.
Them Jersey niggas are
all about the heron anyway.
You know, just once I wish
I had somebody up in here who
understood what I'm buildin'.
Okay, if you don't think big,
you gonna stay small.
Look, Kanan gettin' back in the mix.
I want him to see every piece of
the business from the ground up.
Need at least one of the men
in this family
to appreciate this damn work.
To see this vision.
can I holler at you right quick?
Yo, give me a minute.
You still fuckin' with this shit?
This what we do, Uncle Lou.
It's what she do.
Been meaning to
mention this for a minute.
It's delicate and shit,
and I don't wanna overstep
and I'm not sure
you'd even wanna fuck with this.
Fuck you got, Worrell? Speak.
So, um
I heard Toni up
in Westchester, you know,
livin' happily ever after and shit.
So who's the sucka she roped?
I heard she skipped town,
showed back at the Limelight one night,
met some rich guy blowing lines,
and then she started blowing him.
Tried and true path for that bitch.
I just want you to know
that I'm down with you
and whatever you doin'.
I'm loyal.
Yeah, well, fools
who tell you they loyal,
they the exact fools
you gotta worry about.
Get the shit out already.
I ain't got all day.
'Nique got connect with them Italians.
He in with the old man's son.
They known each other for a minute.
And I suppose you know this
'cause you and 'Nique
bumped into each other on the A train?
I ran with the nigga for years.
We connect from time to time.
But I work for you.
Just saying 'Nique might be
able to smooth this shit out.
And from where I'm standin',
he owes you.
You ready to order?
Oh, you can give me some time.
I'm waiting for someone else.
So now you see.
Ninety-five percent of what I
do is calmin' these fools down.
- Pshh.
- Keepin' they eyes on the prize.
Now, look, your grandmother
she used to say,
"God gave men dicks so they
have somethin' to play with
while they women did all the work."
- Your ma talked like that?
- Boy
you don't know?
Don't let the church noise fool you.
Your grandmotha, she got a mouth on her.
But you not gonna be
like these other brothers.
You gonna be a leader.
A general.
You gonna handle your business.
Thanks for pulling these.
Wasn't a whole lot
of heavy lifting involved.
I found that any lifting at all
seems to be a problem around here.
My, uh
my dad sends his best.
No, he doesn't.
You got me.
Plus, my dad's best is
everybody else's worst anyways.
You said it, I didn't.
What's this gap between '74 and '76?
He take a leave of absence or something?
He could've if he shot someone,
but this file'd be about ten
times thicker if that happened.
Could be undercover work.
That wouldn't go in his
regular employment file.
They keep that information real close.
I didn't know he worked undercover.
More coffee?
We're closed.
I don't think they
here for alterations, Ricardo.
Take a break.
If it isn't the muhfuckin' gang
who couldn't shoot straight.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Matter of fact,
I been meanin' to ask you,
how you miss this big nigga
with a Tec-9?
While his head in between
his bitch's legs
and his back turned towards you?
I thought you was
a professional, Brother Lou.
Wasn't Worrell's time.
You know what?
I got a different theory.
You missed that nigga on purpose.
I mean, it's clear to me.
You just ain't got the heart
for this no more, kid.
Your head's out the game.
I mean, I could smell it on you.
That's your stank-ass breath, nigga.
Look, enough of the bullshit.
I don't know, Raq. This one shaky.
Can't seem to keep
a steady hand no more.
Fuck you, 'Nique.
I got Italian problems, 'Nique.
Now, what the fuck you
doin' out in New Jeruz, Raq?
I got interests out there.
And the Bosellis, they in the way.
And I'm hearin' that
you got connects to them.
Hmm. Well, I'm not sure
how much help I could be.
I mean, I guess you could say
Marco Boselli is a friend.
After all, I did
help him outta some shit
when I was in Queens County,
but ain't like him
and I got bidness or nothin'.
Sound like to me he owe you.
And you owe me.
Add that up, and it looks like we gonna
be takin' a trip out to Jersey together.
No. I ride solo, Raq.
No, we carpoolin', nigga.
It's cool.
As long as I get to sit next to you.
Yo, uh, I know you don't
trust this motherfucker.
No, of course not.
Don't trust that one neither.
We ain't got no choice right now,
'cause if 'Nique's links
to the Italians is legit,
then he our best shot at squashing
this shit without bodies droppin'.
I need you to set-up a parley
with the Bosellis.
Do it somewhere out in the open
so they don't
blast the fuck outta us
before we start talkin'.
It's real convenient
how this shit made 'Nique
useful all of a sudden.
Now you're startin'
to look like my daughter.
Ohh yes.
No more work boots, sweatshirts.
A young woman should
look like a young woman.
Now turn around
so I can get the full effect.
You are stunning.
Here's the green.
All right, try this one on.
This the last one?
The last one at this store.
My job is is high stress, man.
Lots of employees
who all got complaints,
customers who all got complaints.
Then we got these competitors,
Fools who
who always want what we got.
They always on our ass.
Did everyone notice
that Marvin just modified his language?
He was about to say a word,
and he stopped himself because he felt
like maybe it wasn't
the appropriate forum.
Words matter, my friends.
In here and out there.
And sometimes our words
themselves can be angry,
and they can cause others to feel
attacked or defensive.
Yo, I yo, I been
trying to use, you know,
what we been learnin'
from this class at work,
you know, th-the breathing and whatnot,
but it don't always take.
Well, the fact that
you're trying is all that matters.
Just remember, giving in to your anger
is the easy way out.
That is so true.
'Cause I be wantin' to slap
the shit out of a guy.
You remember.
But being angry is just not a good look.
You know, I-I'm openly,
uh, a-attractive.
- Aggressive.
- Something like that.
Thank you, everyone. Great work today.
Great work today, Marvin.
Should we stop and get something to eat?
I know shopping makes me hungry.
Yo, Juke!
Where you been girl?
Been around. Just doin' what I do.
Yeah? What's up with the gear?
switchin' it up
a little bit, that's all.
That ain't no lil' switch.
You payin' for shit now?
I'm Laverne's mother.
Laverne? Who the fuck Laverne?
What's your name, young man?
I'll get wit' you later, Juke.
Yo, we out. Hey, who knew Juke fine?
Friend of yours?
- Just a guy I know.
- Oh.
I think I'm hungry after all.
So what happened to being in Jersey?
He told me there's a
pizza place he likes out here.
- Pizza?
- Mm-hmm.
Have you heard from Unique at all?
Left word a few times.
Ain't hear shit back.
Fix is in, niggas. Get ready.
Speaking of
I never have
the same conversation twice,
but when Unique asked me
to do it as a favor to him,
I couldn't refuse.
He's a close friend of the family.
- Yeah, ours too.
- Yeah.
Prince among men, this one, huh?
This drama between you
and me has gotten out of hand.
Look, the only reason you and The Pips
are still breathin'
is because Jimmy here told me
what happened in the Catskills.
That's not how we conduct ourselves.
We don't fuck with kids.
Not yours or anyone else's.
And now that our friend
is vouching for you,
I've decided to do
something I never do
Revisit settled business. Walk wit' me.
Come on, join us.
Unique was tellin' me that, uh,
the two of you have tangled in the past?
Yeah, I was telling Sal that, uh,
we were competitors at a point.
Now we work together.
Something like that.
Yo, let me ask this.
You live near Eddie Murphy in Jersey?
Yo, Lou, w-what's Eddie's spot
out there called again?
I mean, Eddie's so rich,
his house got a name and shit.
I mean, like, he birthed the muhfucker.
- What's it called?
- Bubble Hill.
Bubble Hill.
Yo, man, I drove by there
a few times just to peep it.
Shit's bananas. I ain't even know
they let niggas live
in a area like that.
They do if you Eddie Murphy.
Yeah, well, I don't live in Jersey.
I'm in Westchester.
I'm willing to carve off
a few points in my interest
in your business in Newark.
There will be no negotiation,
though, Raquel.
I appreciate you workin'
with me, Mr. Boselli.
We good?
One amendment to our agreement.
Unique gonna run
the operation in Newark.
I want someone there I know and trust.
No Unique, no deal.
Well, like I said
'Nique family.
Ah. Let's go to Totonno's.
You and Worrell
cooked this whole shit up.
His cousin out in Jersey,
your connects to these pizza niggas.
Vito Corleone here forcin' you
on me and my business?
Shit just a happy accident, Raq.
There ain't nothin' happy about it.
It's a long game, 'Nique.
Ain't about who startin'.
It's about who finishes.
I ain't gonna lie.
Feel like I just hit
the buzzer beater, though.
Excuse me.
We're going to Totonno's.
They expectin' you at the bodega.
Damn. How much in here?
Yo, the brown bag guy
don't ask questions.
He just move shit
from one spot to another.
I'm supposed to be learnin', Ready.
And I'm teachin', nigga.
They waitin' on you
at the bodega, brown bag guy.
You wanna stop
with this brown bag guy shit.
I'll catch y'all later.
Yo, I had some fine biddies
come to the crib last weekend.
On some Benetton United
Colors of the world shit too.
- Pshh
- White, Asian.
Even had some Indian bitch
pull up to the spot.
But you and your moms gonna be
too busy huntin' bears
in the fucking forest.
Famous, when you goin' home, man?
The fuck I'm going back home for?
I got my own shit.
You're not listening to me.
Fly-ass necklace, Famous.
That's why it's on my neck, nigga.
- Not no more, it ain't.
- Hey, man.
Get the fuck outta here, Freddy.
You know this shit ain't right.
I don't give a fuck about you,
your family or nothin', Kanan.
That's right. I'm that nigga.
The nigga you need to be scared of.
So you gonna die for that rope?
Run the rest of his shit. Grab that bag.
Hey, hey. What the fuck?
Tellin' you, Freddy,
you fuckin' up, man.
Been hearin' that my whole life.
But I'm still out here perpetratin'
and gettin' this money.
That's how shit works, my niggas.
Street math. Don't take it personal.
I mean, my shit
was gold-plated anyway, K.
Nigga, the money was in that bag.
Raq's money?
First day on the job
and I'm already out here getting taxed.
This nigga's got me lookin'
like a straight fuckin' clown.
That's a'ight though.
We're gonna go get that shit back.
I don't know. Freddy don't play, K.
I mean, maybe he right
about all this shit.
It's just the way the world works.
Hey, we got took.
The shit happens to everybody.
Not to me.
Not no more.
So even if I take a loss
on a piece here and there,
it still cleans my money.
Just like the one I just bought, right?
I mean, if it never appreciates,
I'm okay with that.
I won't be cryin' in my champagne.
Hey, I'm gonna need a hand
loading that painting into your car.
Well, there's your hand, bitch.
What you want, another one?
Now, when I paid for this shit,
packing was included.
So you get that motherfucker,
and you take it down to my car
right now and never interrupt me again.
Well, there is a small step
between insubordination
and insurrection.
Now, you always gotta keep
the people who work for you
in check, Raq.
So where the shit
you cleaning come from?
New York is all spoken for,
Jersey mad crowded too.
Ah, Tri-State is way too competitive.
It's just too much supply.
That's why the margins
are always gettin' squeezed.
No, I look to greener pastures,
places where the market
isn't so glutted.
D.C., Baltimore,
They have nowhere near
the access to product
that heads have here,
and that's why they're
willing to pay multiple
on what you get in New York.
See, down there, I'm what they
call vertically integrated.
Not only am I the supplier,
but my people handle distribution.
Catchin' every piece of the business.
So I got a whole network of niggas
who will pay whatever the price I set.
It's turnkey like a motherfucker.
I am a one-man monopoly.
Uh it's loaded.
My man.
Shall we?
You ever not in the studio?
Ain't shit out there for me.
I'm out there.
Cartier's pissed he hasn't
heard the song on the radio yet.
He ain't the only one.
He said if he doesn't hear it soon,
he's taking me somewhere else.
Tell Cartier I'm on that shit.
Keep his radio on and his ears open.
How come you never told me that
that song you gave me was your niece's?
She stepped to me outside
my parents' house.
She was crazy upset.
She sing it better than me?
It ain't about better.
Y'all sing it differently.
When I sing, I imagine
I'm singing to someone.
Just me and somebody.
Alone. And I'm singing to him.
Who you singin' to, Zisa?
Who you think, Lou?
The fuck, man?
You ain't got a knife around here?
A bat? Nothin'?
I don't cook and I don't play baseball.
I'm sorry. I'm not that Spanish, nigga.
Matter of fact,
think I know who got somethin'.
What you need a knife for?
Just gettin' our cook on
in Fame's spot, Corinne.
Y'all don't look like no chefs to me.
Who the hell are chefs
supposed to look like?
Not you.
And what you just need a knife?
What about spoons and spatulas
and all that other shit?
Oh, so Corrine's a chef, now?
Look, you got a couple of
knives we could use or not?
Oh, so now it's two.
You don't ever get in the way of a man
who wants to put in work in the kitchen.
I think I have exactly
what you need, Kanan.
Follow me.
See? Your mother know what's up.
When niggas wanna sauté, grill and shit,
you learn how to step out the damn way.
Shut up, Famous.
Sounded to me like this
might be just what you need
for whatever you two cookin'.
It gets real hot in that kitchen, Kanan.
I wouldn't want you to get burned, baby.
Oh, fuck!
It's time to do that street math, nigga.
Hope your punk-ass know how to subtract.
Grab that shit.
Grab the bag.
Make sure the money is in there.
- We good?
- Soon soon as we peeped
that shit,
we was gonna give it back, man.
That ain't the business we in.
That ain't the kind of trouble
we looking for.
It's too late for that, Freddy.
- You done found it.
- No.
Shit, K!
Yo, yo, K, yo. Nigga, let's go!
We gotta go. Let's go.
Let's fucking go.
You went hard on that nigga.
Yeah, that way the motherfucker
thinking about getting payback,
he remember what the fuck we do.
Nigga, what you do.
- Shit, the five-O!
- Fuck!
- Hey!
- Fuck!
- Stop right there!
- Ow
Don't fuckin' run!
What the shit!
I ain't do shit. Fuck. I ain't do shit.
Ten-thirty four assault in progress.
PBSQ responding.
Let's go.
You got him?
- One seventeen Adam.
- Fuck!
We have one other.
Please notify patrol supervisor.
We're headin' in.
So aside from the Italian craziness
how'd shit go with, uh, with
Kanan up in the woods and all?
You mean other than
these Mafia motherfuckers
trying to kill me, how was shit
around the campfire?
I'm just asking.
I mean, did you two connect at all?
Kanan at a age
where he keeps to himself.
You know, he used to tell me everything.
No secrets.
Now he just got me guessing.
It's like he havin' a whole conversation
about me in his head
and I ain't got no kind of say in it.
At least Kanan having a conversation.
Juke done wrote me off.
I don't even try to
figure into what the fuck she thinking.
Far as she concerned, she an orphan now.
No mama or daddy no more.
there's some shit you need to know.
Before I speak on it,
I need to say my piece.
And I wasn't gonna say nothin'
outta respect for Juke
and I was gonna let y'all handle it.
But how the fuck you knock
around your daughter
like she a nigga from the neighborhood?
What was you thinkin'?
You think Daddy ever put
his hands on me like that?
Hell no.
Look, I helped raise Jukebox.
As far as I'm concerned, she mine too.
So when you put your hands on her,
you put your hands on me.
And you do the shit again,
I'll kill you myself, nigga.
Yeah, I know. I-I
- I fucked up.
- Yeah. You did.
Juke in touch with Kenya.
What the fuck you just say?
Kenya is here, Marvin.
She living up in Harlem.
Juke's mom is is uptown
and she talking to her?
Yeah, she went looking for her mama.
This on you.
She went looking
for what you wasn't givin'.
When you find out?
Other day.
How long this been going on?
Not long.
This bitch Kenya
wanna show up 16 years later
to a party already bought and paid for
so she can blow out
the fucking candles on a cake?
Ma, Ma, we gotta go, a'ight?
Look look look,
they they grabbed Famous.
They threw him in the back of a car.
All right, just take a breath. Breathe.
What what who grabbed up Famous?
Five-O, Ma they took him,
a'ight? We gotta go.
Well, what-what for? What'd he do?
I don't know he probably
had weed in his pocket
or somethin' it don't matter.
We gotta go now.
No, that shit ain't on us.
Famous is my boy, Ma.
I can't leave him in there.
We don't pay to take on
other people's problems.
Famous that's on his family.
Not ours.
Uncle Marv.
What she said.
He's got a son, Adina. A fucking kid.
And he's never mentioned it to anyone.
This pro could be lying.
She gives you something juicy
that gets you to leave her alone.
No, she's not lyin'. I can tell.
And Howard worked undercover,
by the way.
For a couple of years.
So he's used to keeping secrets.
So what if
What if I wanted to stay the night?
Are you asking me if I'm okay with it
or are you asking yourself
if you're okay with it?
I guess both.
I've missed you.
Yeah, I've missed you too.
I can't get hurt again, Shannon.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Ha ha. Ain't seen you in a dress, um
since Easter when you were
two years old.
Yo, K, pass the potatoes, man.
And the salt.
What you tryin' to say
about my potatoes?
I ain't say nothin' about the potatoes.
Said somethin' about the salt.
Uncle Lou, Famous got arrested today.
And Mom just lettin' him sit there.
Look, we already talked about it, Kanan,
and ain't nothin' left to say.
It ain't right to just
let him sit there though.
That's my brother.
Yeah, well, your brother
got a different mother.
So she gonna have to deal with that.
They got me in lock-up ♪
'Cause I pick my Glock up ♪
These niggas get they talk up ♪
They body getting chalked up ♪
Movin' on this rock up ♪
To beam your ass like Spock up ♪
You don't want none a this, nigga.
"Streets Need a Body."
That's you, right?
Shit, yeah.
Yeah, that's me. Shit's dope, right?
I don't listen to that noise.
And I seen a gang a your
tapes in the trash, anyway.
Shit must be garbage.
Um catch it with you later.
Wanna hear about what you been doin'.
Night, Kanan.
The police got the money.
Wait what?
The cops took the money, man.
The shit you was moving from Baisley?
We was on our way down to the bodega
and then outta nowhere,
some fools jacked us.
- Who?
- And it don't matter who.
The point is we got the money back.
That's when Five-O rolled up.
They snatched Famous and
the bag with the money in it.
Your mom count
every fucking penny, Kanan.
Best you give her a heads up
before she do the math.
What the hell? No.
That's why I need to get Famous out
The money get out with him.
You think them dirty-ass cops
gonna give up all that loot?
Hell no. They already
splitting that shit up
between 'em to go pay for some
pussy over at Hunt's Point.
And don't look at me for no assist.
Your mom all up
in Lou-Lou's ass right now,
just how I like it
I need her eyes off me.
She always stand
in your direction, nigga.
So was it true what 'Nique said?
That you missed Worrell
on purpose that night?
I don't know.
I told you I don't wanna do
that type of work no more.
Maybe it got in my head.
Some subconscious type shit.
But I'll tell you that Tec-9 did jam.
Shit real.
Seems like your subconscious
fucking you up
on your other job too.
Your boy came to talk to me.
He said he was looking
for a way to get out
from underneath all y'all's bullshit.
He asked me to help him move you.
Said you wasn't no good
at the music shit.
Ha. That you was just
gettin' in the way.
Why you telling me this, Raq?
Hell if I know.
You know, maybe it's my
subconscious speaking to me,
tellin' me that I should just accept
that you ain't down no more.
That I should just let you go after all.
In fact, maybe it's not my subconscious.
Maybe it's my conscious.
Hi, Marvin.
Bad enough you left.
Even worse
you never looked back.
Then you just show up after
all the real work's been done
and think you can collect a damn check.
I ain't looking for no check.
I just want a relationship
with my daughter.
She stopped being your daughter
the day you up and bounced
to become some bootleg Anita Baker.
She never stopped being my daughter.
And I never stopped bein' her mother.
Ain't nobody need you back here, Kenya.
I should've been here. And I wasn't.
I'm sorry, Marvin.
You left.
Stay gone.
Ain't gonna make more
of this than necessarily.
'Nique gonna be running shit out here.
Now, it's nothing personal.
It's just that's change gotta be made.
This muhfucker?
I don't get it.
Well, you don't need to.
Now, you can either be his lieutenant
or you could find other work.
But we're grateful
for you and your time.
This shit don't feel like grateful.
It ain't about you
and your fucking feelings.
It's business.
Raq, this muhfucker ain't been around.
He don't know how shit work out there.
You reading from the book I wrote, son.
Fuck this and fuck y'all.
Best of luck then, brother.
Fuck you.
You a guest here, nigga.
Don't be puttin' your feet up
on the fucking furniture.
All right, come on.
- Got him?
- Yep.
Let's go.
Can't never say Fame
never did time again, nigga.
Hard time, at that. We good.
Hard time? You was in a holding cell.
It felt hard to me.
Plus, I got some real shit
to rhyme about now.
- Yo.
- What's up?
Everything is in here.
Your mans made sure of that.
Good lookin' out.
Let me holler at you right quick.
Want you to read what's in there.
What's this?
The answers to questions
you still might have.
I'll check it out later.
Hey, yo.
I'm treading lightly 'cause it's
still early in this thing between us.
But when we make a plan
to meet somewhere,
I expect you to show up.
Don't have me sitting
around waiting on your ass.
You right. It's my bad.
We even have a car.
That's my that's my shit right there.
Your man's a clown, by the way.
You should hang out with us.
- Mm-mm.
- Popularity gonna be
through the roof Shit you not.
That's just Famous.
Come on, now.
I got my own fucking crib.
- The fuck is you
- My own crib, nigga.
You just got out, and you over there
tryin' to talk to girls?
You know, it was one thing
when I heard that you was
smashing Jess behind my back.
But I ain't one to let bitches
get in the way of business.
The fuck you know about business, Lou?
You in over your head.
So deep, you don't even know
which way is up, nigga.
You and I know you can't do this shit.
Not without me. Everybody know.
That why you went around me?
To my sister? You want me out the label?
All you are is Raq's baby brother.
That's all you ever gonna be.
Niggas say this shit's all business.
That it's never personal.
Yeah, fuck that.
Sometimes it gets personal.
Real personal.
And when that shit happens,
bodies start droppin'.
Fast and fucking hard.
Uhh uhh
Hurt niggas hurt niggas.
So what we gonna do with him now?
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