Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

No Love Lost

Previously on Raising Kanan
I got a CI bellyaching
in interrogation two
that I gotta go deal with.
- You got a snitch.
- Scrap?
- He working with us.
- Bullshit.
Real shit.
What happened that night,
the night you had me
take Kanan out of state?
What happened that night
is, I was protecting my son.
He came to my store.
He comes and he goes as he pleases.
It's just a move in this game
we playin'.
It's no hard feelings. Just business.
You may wanna keep it down.
You and, uh, your sister
wanna come inside, Corrine?
Fly-ass necklace, Famous.
That's why it's on my neck, nigga.
Not no more, it ain't.
Get the fuck outta here, Freddy.
- Grab that bag.
- Hey! Hey!
This might be just what you need
for whatever you two are cookin'.
Everything is in here.
Your mans made sure of that.
Good lookin' out.
What's this?
The answers to questions
you still might have.
We will develop, produce,
and release a track for Zisa.
Single deal's for suckers, yo.
Marvin, what are your triggers?
I will kick your ass right here
right fucking now!
You live near Eddie Murphy in Jersey?
I'm in Westchester. Scarsdale.
Bad enough you left.
Then you just show up
after all the real work's been done
and think you can collect a damn check.
I just want a relationship
with my daughter.
She killed our daughter!
Joe, she's a murderer!
Laverne, you shouldn't be here.
She loved your daughter, you know.
You know how you
throw some shit in the water
and it send out them waves all over?
That's how this game is.
Do one thing, and the shit spreads.
You start all them waves,
and they goin' in places
you can't reach,
touchin' shit you can't even see.
They makin' their way,
splashin' up everywhere.
A whole lot of niggas
gonna get wet because of you,
more than you know at first.
But you gonna find out.
That's for damn sure.
Nicole would've hated it here.
She had bad hay fever.
The pollen from the trees and the grass
would've made her miserable.
She was a city girl.
Don't worry. Linda's not here. Uh
we're divorcing, actually.
If I'm honest with myself,
it was probably going to happen
when Nicole went off to college.
Linda and I see the world
very differently.
Nicole's death
just hastened
the inevitable, I guess.
I miss her so much.
Me too.
You know, Laverne, uh
I'm glad that
she knew what it felt like
to be in love.
I'm glad that you were in her life.
Mr. Bingham, I think
there's something that
No, there's nothing else
that I need to know.
There's nothing else I wanna know.
You made
my daughter happy.
That's all any parent
wants for their child.
Oh, thank you.
Nicole cared about you,
so I care about you.
If there is ever anything
that you need, Laverne,
anything at all
y-you know where to find me.
I'll let you two spend some time alone.
You don't have to go.
Oh, I'm-I'm here almost every day.
I'm sure she, uh, wants a break from me.
Hey, by the way, whatever
happened, uh, to that tape
of-of you and Nicole singing together?
I have turned her room upside down,
and I can't seem to find it.
I don't know what happened to it.
Linda probably threw it away.
Be well, Laverne.
While the rest of the crew
continue to tear it up on their own,
Ralph got a few things to say himself.
And tee on that sensitive tip
with this one.
Is this nigga ever gonna play our track?
You supposed to be fuckin' me,
not listening to the radio.
A man like you ♪
Someone who can love me ♪
Yeah, just like that.
- Wah gwaan?
- Where Crown at?
Who the fuck are you,
and what are you doing
in my fuckin' studio?
Boy, this Crown studio.
Where the boy, then?
This mine and Crown's.
- He not here.
- Where is he, then?
Do I look like that nigga's keeper?
Who the fuck are you?
Bumboclaat, boy.
We have some business with him.
Crown business ain't my
Ain't my business.
You now just say
you share this place with him,
so his business are your business.
And if we don't see him soon,
your business become our business.
Oh, it don't work like that.
we represent Linton Manley.
Yeah, your bredren Crown
borrow 50,000 from him,
and he put this place up as collateral.
So if we don't get our paper soon,
it's Linton Manley's studio.
You need to finish.
Fine. Fuck you then, Lou.
Fucking Crown.
Sh oh, sh
There you go.
Pizza good as hell, right?
Fuck the pizza.
You said you had business.
Food brings different cultures
together, Capone.
I- I'm tryin' to build these bridges
over some cheese and sauce.
This fuckin' guy.
You got work or not?
Got a rat problem by where you rest at.
Now, I'd handle it myself,
but my Black ass show up out there,
alarms start ringin'.
People start runnin'.
Whereas a pasty-faced
motherfucker like yourself
fit right the fuck in.
How much?
All right, listen.
If I do this, it's outside my family.
All right? My father
doesn't know about this.
That's on you, brother.
All right.
I'll think about it.
But don't call me again.
I'll find you.
Noticed you killed that slice,
by the way.
I told you, we bondin'
over this mozzarella.
Caviar is like money.
- Hmm.
- You grow into it.
At first, you don't get it.
You don't know
the right way to enjoy it.
But as soon as you figure
that thing out,
can't get enough of it.
Well, when it comes to money,
I'm all the way grown.
But I don't know if I'm grown
enough for this shit.
You can do way better
than this old man, girl.
Oh, Boris, when you start letting
the help mingle with the diners?
Traymont Stinson,
Fort Washington Stinsons.
You two know each other?
Traymont, you trackin' me?
'Cause according to my calendar,
we ain't supposed to meet till later on.
- Well, you know this my spot.
- Psh!
Traymont was used to bustin' up
crabs with a damn hammer
down in Baltimore when we first
started workin' together.
I civilized this cretin motherfucker.
Nigga, I been on this shit
since way before you, Cartier.
Hell, I turned you on to it.
We at the Hilton later?
Pierre. Got a suite.
- Abraham with you?
- You know damn well
Abraham only fuck with the
Holiday Inn. That fool cheap.
Caviar at the Russian Tea Room?
Suite at The Pierre?
Seems to me I'm makin' you
too much money.
I make my own money, Cartier.
You keep tellin' yourself that.
Now, get the fuck out of my face
so I can enjoy my motherfuckin'
beluga and Stoli, nigga.
Traymont sits over my distro
in Maryland and D.C.
I own that motherfucker.
Yeah, I don't think he agree with that.
Without me
he ain't got shit to sell
but his mama.
Ain't you the one who said
insubordination leads to insurrection?
Or is that just some shit you talk?
I love you here ♪
Can I come in?
Baby ♪
You let my love fly freely ♪
I want you in my life
For all time ♪
I-I-I-I-I-I'm ♪
Just wanted to give this back to you.
I hope it kept you safe.
Did what it needed to do.
Nothing else can compare ♪
When I feel the magic of you ♪
Where Corinne at?
Um uh, she's out with her friends.
Well, I catch her later, then.
I'm glad you're safe.
I gave you my pistol,
so I felt responsible for you, Kanan.
And I wouldn't be able
to live with myself
if you would've got hurt.
Uh, yeah, I'm, uh I'm good.
Light my life ♪
You a whole lot better than good, baby.
Say tonight will be ♪
Just the start ♪
Mm. Wait, wait, wait. No.
You-you Corinne's mother.
I'm a woman
first and foremost.
For all time ♪
For real?
I-I-I-I-I-I'm ♪
Caught up in the rapture of love ♪
Do not have sexual relations
with both a woman and her daughter.
Do not take your wife's sister
as a rival wife
and have sexual relations with her
while your wife is living.
Do not have sexual relations
with your neighbor's wife
and defile yourself with her.
Leviticus 18 gives us
a whole list of rules
for our bedroom activities.
And these are not suggestions,
my brothers and sisters.
These are orders, mandates,
When Leviticus 18 says,
"Do not have sexual relations with a man
as one does with a woman;
that is detestable,"
that is God telling us that these
so-called alternative lifestyles
we keep hearing about
are nothing more than wickedness,
nothing more than plain, old-fashioned
hellacious sin.
And there's nothing
alternative about that.
Yo, get the fuck out the way.
Yo, y'all got these niggas
out here loiterin'?
Yo, we not selling right now.
Where they at?
Yo, you got a line of customers
waitin' to get fed
and you countin'?
This all y'all got all day?
We just sent a bag out two hours ago.
- The fuck you doin' Lou?
- I'm runnin' shit.
Hey man, gimme that.
How much you takin'?
Yo, man, this shit
need to be added the fuck up.
You can't take the money
till it's been counted.
Look, I got it all
in my head, all right?
Yo, Marv,
with this nigga Worrell
out of Newark now,
we tryin' to get these books right.
And just pullin' out cash uncounted
like that, it's gonna fuck us up.
So, uh, whatever you do,
don't marry your husband's brother.
And don't mess with
your wife's sister neither.
Why? You got a sister?
You a clown.
So when you gonna give me those digits?
Hadn't thought about it.
I have.
Let me take you to a movie,
just kick it.
I'll share some popcorn
with you, a soda,
some Milk Duds, maybe.
We not sharin' a soda.
We not like that.
Well, not yet, we not.
We gonna get there, girl.
Just let me get that number, Laverne.
We can come back
and just let the committee
take care of everything else
that we need.
Go on.
Hey yo, Garcia, what's up with that?
Her kid killed himself.
But she's not buyin' it.
She's been coming
to the precinct every week
and leanin' hard on Peng
to open an investigation.
Peng wasn't on the kid's suicide.
She's Peng's CI.
She's been workin' with him
for almost a year now.
- I thought the kid was the CI.
- Nah.
She's got some, uh, card game
that has her hearin'
all the neighborhood 411.
Peng has us look the other way
on the game,
and she gives him what she hears.
Raq here?
How you been?
That's good, you know.
That's-that's real good.
I guess just let your aunt know
I was looking for her, then.
yo, when was you gonna
tell me about your moms?
I wasn't.
- Who told you?
- Don't matter.
What matter is, she left.
Left the both of us and kept goin'.
Kenya ain't your mother.
She just some broad
that dropped a baby and ran.
And you think you did
any better than that?
I think I fucked up plenty.
But I was here.
I was here and never stopped tryin'.
Look, I'm tryin'
to get into this soup, man.
She wasn't there for you before.
She ain't gonna be here for you now.
Kenya is on her own shit.
Always has been.
Mm, you're lookin' a little worse
for wear since I saw you earlier.
Yeah, fucked myself up
getting' out the shower.
With all Cartier
pullin' from your share,
you takin' a bath.
So I ain't gonna mince no words
or waste your time.
I can offer you more work
for less cash and headache
than you got with Cartier.
And I know that headache
is real right now, bro.
Who the fuck are you exactly?
I mean, we just met three hours ago
on some caviar and vodka,
and now you tryin' to be
my business partner?
I can offer you better product
at a better price.
That's all you need to know
about me right now.
Look, I'm a businessman, girl.
And I only fuck with people I know.
I don't know you.
You got some big balls, though.
Hell of a risk,
steppin' to me like this.
How you know I won't just
dime you out to Cartier?
Well, you don't know me, but I know you.
And I know you don't wanna fuck
with Cartier Fareed no more.
See, I'm here because I add value.
And in this game,
that's all that matters.
So if you a businessman
like you say you are,
I'ma be hearing from you real soon.
- Gerardi's don't miss.
- This is some good pizza.
Now, tell me about them grades.
Had to shut me up there.
All right, look.
Grades are what they are, all right?
Keepin' shit movin'.
Mm, grades are what you make them.
It's about moving
toward something, Kanan,
you know, settin' goals for yourself,
achieving them, surpassing them.
Uh, I got goals for myself.
Yeah, just 'cause you tryin'
to score don't mean they goals.
I'm moving toward something, okay?
So, uh, speaking of movin',
that's actually why I reached out.
I got a job offer in North Carolina.
They want me to be
the transport planner there.
Damn. Sound important.
Probably just gonna be
figuring out bus routes,
but, this is a good opportunity for me.
Wow, that's
Just doin' it, huh?
Gettin' up outta Southside?
I know you're not really kickin' it
with my moms like that no more, so
We're better as friends.
You gonna be the one that tell
your friend you leaving?
No, I'm thinkin' it might be
better for our friendship
if I just left.
You and me both know you
wouldn't have even told me this
if you ain't want her to know, Symph.
You're too smart for your own good.
And you know this.
One-seventeen Squad to Central.
Central. Go ahead.
Fifteen a rolling New York.
Sam, Zebra, Victor 378.
The seller is thrilled with your offer,
but the homeowners' association
are real sticklers
when it comes to proof of income.
I'm payin' cash.
What else they need to know?
It's about you maintaining the property,
being able to afford
any mandated improvements.
Neighborhoods like this one
have covenants and bylaws
that require the homeowner
follow strict guidelines
when maintaining the property,
everything from the
height of your bushes
to the frequency
of when your grass is cut.
Tell 'em I own a record label
and a lawn mower.
I'll get 'em everything they need.
Oh, fuck.
License and registration.
My license is in my pocket,
and my registration's in the glove box.
Go ahead.
What'd I do?
I don't know yet.
That sounds unconstitutional,
but not unusual.
You were stopped here
at a checkpoint last summer
in South Jamaica
on a night when a cop was shot.
What were you doing here?
For real? That's why you pulled me over?
They were stoppin' everyone that night.
Why were you here?
Shit, I don't even remember.
I think I was looking
for gas or somethin'
after droppin' a friend off
at the airport.
How do you know Kanan Stark?
Better question is,
how do you know Kanan Stark?
I don't answer you. You answer me.
Kanan is a student of mine.
He was in a class I taught
up at City College.
- Kanan Stark's in high school.
- It was an after-school thing.
You seem to know
a whole lot about Kanan.
You also have a relationship
with his mother?
You gonna arrest me or something?
'Cause it feels like these questions
are going to a place
they shouldn't be going,
and I don't really feel
comfortable answering them.
Have you ever met Kanan's father?
Okay, I'm not answering you anymore.
You wanna give me a ticket
or something, go ahead,
but I'm done answering these questions.
Wait here.
What, am I gonna leave
when you got my ID?
Can I help you?
Need to get this fixed.
All right. What
All right, I need to respool it,
untangle it,
rerecord it to another tape.
- How much?
- Twenty.
All right.
Very good. Come back tomorrow.
Pretty sure I told you,
bigger than Miami and Jers.
But just wanted to let you know
you's on my mind and e'ything.
But you know I'm on the clock.
'Bout to get back
to this business, a'ight?
I'ma see you later, baby, a'ight?
Proud love from up above.
What it do, baby?
You know, I don't know why niggas
be shittin' on New Jersey.
I like it out here.
Feels like vacation.
Paid vacation at that.
You talk to Raq about movin' on the crew
in that other building?
You see, Raq just an investor.
Out here, we think for ourselves.
She see it different.
I don't give a fuck
how she see it, my nigga.
Neither should you.
I mean, just think about it, right?
Why you think she moved you from
the Forties out here to New Jersey?
Raq ain't stupid, my nigga.
She want all her problems in one place.
You and me, we those problems.
She just bidin' her time right now
till she figure out
what she gonna do with us, man.
See, that's why we gonna
make our own plans
and our own moves, a'ight?
'Cause I ain't goin' out
like that again.
And neither is you, my nigga.
Come on, man, you can't be
pullin' up on us like that.
What it do, man?
You know we gangsters, baby.
Merry Christmas. That's for you.
My man.
I see you killin' it out here, huh?
Shit, we ain't killed nothin' just yet.
We still markin' motherfuckers out here.
Time tickin' on these New Jersey
niggas, though, I'll tell you that.
Hey, what do you know
about the older brother?
Martin or Marvin
or whatever the fuck his name is?
Fuck Marvin.
He wants to do some business together.
Is he good for the money?
Far as I know, Marvin pay what he owe.
Why, what you two gettin' into together?
Ah, you know, just takin' care of
a little problem he's got near me.
Nothin' to write home about.
- Word up.
- All right.
I'll catch you homeboys later.
No doubt.
Them two niggas workin' together?
Hide the women and the children, man.
Anyone finds out I shared this
with you, Shannon, I'm out of a job.
So these are his informants?
To maintain confidentiality,
an identification number
is assigned to each informant
and specifies age and gender.
So Howard had a 17-year-old
female informant back in the '70s?
Yeah, that's what it says.
You gonna talk
to your friend in the sixth
about my nephew and this whole
shoplifting mess?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. I got you.
My cousin Juliana remains unhappy
that you've chosen to work
with the very same man
who took her hostage.
Yeah, I know she is.
And I don't blame her. Don't feel right.
Not to me neither.
Look, I don't trust 'Nique.
I never have. I never will.
He been sharpenin' the knife he gonna
stick in my back since I brought him in.
But he a means to an end.
He the price that I gotta pay
for the work out in Jersey.
New Jersey.
New Jersey's, uh, how you say?
Uh, small potatoes.
It's more headache than it's worth.
No, we showin' and we provin',
layin' the groundwork
to take what we doin' on the Southside
and set our shit up anywhere.
And more than that, walkin' away from
my work out there looks like weakness,
and I can't afford
to look weak right now,
especially since I'm buildin'
our shit out even more.
I ain't tryin' to count no chickens yet,
but I'm makin' moves
to plug into a network
that's gonna take us
down to Maryland and D.C.
We about to be fuckin'
with the eastern seaboard.
You don't need Unique
to build your business.
Look, we gon' handle Unique, Juliana.
But we gotta be smart about it.
Can't be pullin' the trigger on emotion.
Keep us posted on the expansion.
She in there at some table
with a Menudo-lookin' motherfucker
and some other bitch,
kinda bad-lookin', to be honest.
Never seen the guy before,
but don't take too much imaginin'
to figure what's payin' the bills.
Well, I got a pretty fuckin'
wild imagination, Abraham.
So let's find out all the real shit
we need to know about everybody
who was at that table.
What the fuck?
Linton want we for make sure
you and Crown understand the urgency.
And since Crown gone for the moment
I know it wasn't always easy,
and I know it wasn't always fun
but it was worthwhile
and not just for you.
I learned a lot too, so thank you.
And I'm always here
if you need me, so
don't hesitate to reach out.
To all of you, congratulations.
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
Cheers, Marvin.
You-you too, Gerald. We made it.
We did.
You know, I really was gonna
try and kick your ass that day
when you said that you were ignoring me.
Oh, I know.
Mr. Clean was unregulated
like a motherfucker that day.
I think we both learned a lot here.
You a'ight, G.
Between you and me, I always felt like
a bald-headed nigga like you
got every right in the world to be
a little angry, 'cause that's unfair.
- Yeah.
- I mean, your shit is like
yesterday's news.
It's like it's never comin' back, B.
Hey, Marvin, uh
So you made it.
Yeah, I-I did.
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of me too.
I mean, it's the first graduation I
had since I got my gold belt in kung fu.
that's-that's my number.
I-I hope you stay in touch.
I'd love to hear from you.
I'd, uh I'd love to be heard.
It's-it's a good job,
and there aren't many of them
out there right now.
So you leavin'?
I couldn't say no.
I mean, you can always say no.
You've said no to me plenty of times.
Oh, when did I ever say no to you?
Don't matter.
You leavin'.
Good luck.
You know I want the best for you.
And I appreciate that.
You know I want the same for you too.
This white lady cop
pulled me over yesterday.
Had all sorts of questions about Kanan
and the night you had me
drive him down South.
Even asked me about Kanan's father.
So what you tell her?
- Nothin'.
- What does nothin' mean?
I mean, your version of nothin'
might be a little different from mine.
All your secrets are safe with me.
I ain't got no secrets.
Take care of yourself, Raq.
I see fire ♪
In the dark ♪
And your touch ♪
Is the spark ♪
So light up the room Baby ♪
I don't seem that much older
than you, do I?
I thought you was Corinne's sister
when I met you, remember?
Everyone thinks I'm younger than I am.
I'm young at heart, Kanan.
So you just the right age for me, baby.
It's okay, girl take your time ♪
Mom, is this milk still good?
Shit! Corinne!
- Kanan?
- Hey.
Look, uh, I-I can explain.
I t-this shit kinda just happened.
You fuckin' whore.
First thing every girl needs to learn
is how to hold on to her man.
Fuck you, you fuckin' bitch!
Corinne! Hey! Shit! Yo, Corinne!
Let her go, baby. She gonna be fine.
She just walked in her room
and saw her boyfriend
in bed with her mother.
How the fuck is she gonna
be all right, Palomar?
Every girl goes through this.
Every you acting like
this is some regular shit
right now, a'ight?
What the fuck about this is regular?
You wanna be regular?
Who wants to be regular, hmm?
Bodies movin' ♪
Side to side ♪
You can feel me in your ♪
And you're certain this nigga
Crown Camacho's gone, right?
'Cause Linton Manley
ain't the type of nigga
to be trifled with.
Crown Camacho's
check-writin' days is done.
And your sister
won't give you the assist?
I can't have Raq touchin' this label.
That's why I came to you.
You get what I'm tryin' to do
with this business.
You're talented.
Exactly how talented
still remains a question to me,
but there's a gift there.
This is business, though.
And business ain't about gifts.
Put some interest on it.
Gimme a due date.
I'll get you that money back.
Assuming Crown Camacho's
dancing days are over,
what happens
to his piece of the company?
Throw his mom some pocket change,
comes to me.
I want half of his half.
You'll still have controlling interest.
I'll just be a silent partner.
You need my help with Linton.
My help ain't free.
One nigga's crisis
is another nigga's opportunity.
Nobody knows that better than you, Lou.
My man.
That's the one.
In and out.
Clean, quiet.
I want none of your bullshit.
Hey, I turned over a new leaf.
After that shit
in the Catskills you'll see.
- You and your dad.
- Listen to me.
This got nothin' to do with my father.
It's my job, not his.
And he don't ever need to know about it.
You hear me?
Yeah, loud and fuckin' clear.
Let's go.
See, girl, that movie's why you don't
hire a babysitter
that look better than you.
I mean, thank God
she had that slow Black guy
who wanted nothin' more
than to protect white bitches
and they kids.
Yo, if I was him,
I would've let ole girl
bring the whole place down.
I mean, they sold his ass out
fast up in there, right?
I mean, they did find those underwear
in his toolbox, though.
I mean, she planted it, but still.
All them stupid white folks
deserve each other.
This was fun, Laverne.
Yeah, you fun.
- You fun too.
- Hey.
Let's do this again sometime.
Oh, and when we have kids,
we ain't hirin' no crazy
white babysitter, a'ight?
No doubt.
Oh, my God, baby!
Ah. I mean
if I had known
that dentists were that good at fucking,
I would've gotten my teeth
cleaned more often.
Well, our job is to notice
the little things.
- Mm. Uh-huh.
- It comes in handy sometimes.
I love you, baby.
I love you too.
I'll be right back.
- Don't you move.
- I'm not going anywhere.
All right.
Shoot him, Dom!
- Marco!
- Shoot him!
Oh, fuck.
Toni. Toni, baby.
That white bitch cop you fuckin' with,
she a problem.
She rolled up on a friend of mine,
asked him questions about Kanan
and Kanan's daddy
and what happened to you
in the park that night.
Burke a dog with a bone.
It ain't gonna be good for us
if she put two and two together.
Two and two might be
more math than she can handle.
She'll be a'ight.
What about your boyfriend?
He know enough to be a problem?
Nah, he don't know what he know.
So he a problem.
Kanan tell you I sprung his boy?
Figueroa. Puerto Rican kid.
I mean, I heard he got out.
Didn't know it was you.
Son came to me.
Puerto Rican kid got knocked with
a bag full of filthy-ass drug money.
I assumed it was yours.
Raquel, if you keep puttin'
Kanan in the crosshairs,
eventually he gonna get hit.
Yeah, well, you handle your business.
I'll handle mine.
Speaking of your business,
turns out, One-Eyed Jack
wasn't no snitch after all.
My bad, yo.
And his moms, she ain't buyin'
that he died by his own hand.
You told me Scrap was a snitch.
I know what I told you.
I made a mistake.
That's easy to do out here,
with everybody lyin' and perpetratin'.
What you gonna do when Kanan
sees all your lies and mistakes, huh?
You ever even come to bed last night?
I know where this shit starts,
but I have no fuckin' idea
where it ends.
The numbers tell the story.
Raquel Thomas?
Raquel Thomas was Howard's CI
back when she was 16,
which was right around the time
that she got pregnant with his son.
Meanwhile Howard has a teenage son,
and he seems real interested
in Kanan Stark.
I think that Howard and Raquel Thomas
slept together when she was underage
and Kanan Stark is his kid.
You're making
some big leaps here, Shannon.
The thing that I can't figure out
is how this all tracks back
to the shooting.
You need to leave this alone.
I'm investigating the shooting of a cop.
You're not investigating
the shooting of a cop.
You are investigating a cop.
A-all of a sudden,
you're Internal Affairs.
And nobody likes Internal Affairs.
Look, my mom fell this morning,
so I gotta go.
Ms. Thomas?
Uh, I'm Corinne Ashford.
I'm a friend of Kanan's.
And I think there's something
you should know.
James Bingham?
I'm Detective Malcolm Howard.
I need to talk to you
about Detective Shannon Burke.
You see, uh, who left this here?
Yeah, uh, come on in.
I live and die for the streets ♪
For the streets, yeah ♪
And this is my heart ♪
This is my city ♪
I live and die for the streets ♪
For the streets, yeah ♪
And this is my heart ♪
This is my city ♪
This is my city ♪
Oh-oh, oh ♪
This is my city ♪
One thing's for sure ♪
Getting dough
Is the only life I know ♪
Never strayed from the code ♪
Fam first, put that on my soul ♪
I'll take mine and yours ♪
- Been here before ♪
- She
If you ain't from around here ♪
she never did anything to deserve it.
It doesn't make sense.
'Cause people come and go ♪
You'll learn the hard way ♪
'Cause you already know ♪
I live and die for the streets ♪
For the streets, yeah ♪
And this is my heart ♪
This is my city ♪
Ain't no such thing as a clean getaway,
not in real life
and definitely not in this fuckin' life.
You can put them niggas on the corner
in your rearview,
might even be able to outrun
the fuckin' law.
But you ain't never gonna beat trouble.
Don't care how fuckin' fast you are
or how fuckin' far you go.
Trouble always gonna catch up to you.
And when it does,
you won't even see that shit at first
'cause it sneak up on you
when you not lookin'.
By the time you see it,
it's too late already.
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