Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

A House Is Not A Home

Previously on Raising Kanan
I don't seem that much
older than you, do I?
Mom, is this milk still good?
Shit! Corinne!
Miss Thomas, I'm Corinne Ashford.
There's something you should know.
Do not have sexual relations
with a man as one does with a woman.
I'm Detective Malcolm Howard.
I need to talk to you
about Detective Shannon Burke.
Come on in.
Anyone finds out I shared this
with you, Shannon,
I'm out of a job.
So Howard had
a 17-year-old female informant
back in the '70s?
How do you know Kanan Stark?
Turns out One-Eyed Jack
wasn't no snitch after all.
And his mom, she ain't buyin'
that he died by his own hand.
You told me Scrap was a snitch.
I made a mistake.
That's my number.
I hope you stay in touch.
I'd love to hear from you.
I'd love to be heard.
Got a rat problem.
If I do this, it's outside my family.
My father doesn't know about this.
Oh, fuck.
This motherfucker figured
he'd hide out until his shit got better.
Thought that slug he was carrying
was just gonna make peace with him
ease the fuck up.
But that ain't how it works.
Once you start bleeding, it's
damn near impossible to stop.
I'm dying.
Because in this game
shit like that don't ever get better.
It only get worse.
And it stay getting worse
until it can't get no worse no more.
I can't find my keys.
Where'd you put 'em?
It's Kanan Stark mother. Open up.
Open up or I'ma shoot this shit open.
Stay away from my son.
This right here is a warning,
and you only get one of them.
I have no idea
what you're talking about
Shut the fuck up.
I talked to your daughter.
She told me all your shit.
And I asked around about you.
Turns out Kanan ain't the first
young boy you been messin' with.
But he about to be the last.
Like I said, I don't know
what you're talking
I heard what you said.
But do you hear what I'm sayin'?
'Cause next time you see me,
I ain't gon' be sayin' shit.
Go to school.
Only thing I heard is Marco got killed
on some home invasion bullshit
in Westchester.
Smash and grab gone wrong.
But we know better than that.
Don't we, Marvin?
See, you had that nigga
on some work for you.
Fuck kinda business I got
with the Italians?
The kind that got that nigga killed.
You know, it ain't Marco
you need to be worried about anyway.
I mean, like, for real,
he dead, he gone.
It's his partner you need
to be worried about.
That's what's gonna really hurt you.
Papers said he got hit too.
Probably dead.
Probably dead.
Nigga, you know like I know.
Until that body shows up, he ain't dead.
And if he ain't dead
he still talkin'.
You about to be
in a world of shit, my nigga.
Kanan? Scrappy's mother.
Man, you can't just roll up
on people like that.
I have way you came up here,
I thought you was
I'm sorry about Scrappy.
He was a good brother.
He said the same about you.
I need you to talk
to your mother, Kanan.
My boy didn't kill himself.
You know it like I do.
And I believe your mama know it too.
But she lettin' that shit stand
with no kind of answer to nobody?
These motherfuckers
who took my son from me?
Out here living their lives,
with not a care in the fuckin' world?
That shit don't sit right with me.
And it shouldn't with Raq neither.
Scrappy was family.
My mother loved him.
Then why isn't she out there
findin' the niggas who shot him?
'Cause the police says
Scrappy's the one
that pulled that trigger.
Fuck what the police say.
Someone put a bullet in my son's head.
Talk to your mother.
Tell her to do somethin'.
'Cause if she don't
I will.
Who is it?
It's Laverne.
What's up?
I'm missin' school for this.
This is more important
than school, baby.
We all wanna talk to you.
Yo, where the fuck is my song?
You took my money,
but I ain't get my spins yet.
I'm late for a meeting with my boss.
I need to get to work, brother.
When you playin' our track?
It's all about that timing, baby.
Gotta whet they appetite
before we serve 'em they meal.
Yo, where Crown at, man?
Crown's on vacation.
You workin' with me now.
It's all good, baby.
DJ Mo can roll with anyone.
I only ask 'cause Crown knows
how this shit work.
This your new artist right here?
Maybe she can come upstairs
and, uh, make her pitch
all personally and shit.
Sometimes your boy Mo need
a little extra convincing.
Convinced? My shit plays today.
Not once, not twice,
not three, four, five times.
My shit stays on repeat.
Do you understand?
I understand.
I understand. Don't do
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
I understand. Don't do this.
Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay.
- It's okay.
- I'ma play it.
Yeah, it's all right.
You gon' play it. You good.
- You good.
- Okay.
You good.
Go to work, nigga.
- You late.
- Yeah.
Why are all these people here?
Because they care for you.
We all love you.
- God loves you.
- Mm-hmm.
And we wanna help you.
We wanna turn you
into the person you wanna be.
I am the person I wanna be.
But you're not the person
God wants you to be.
My lawyer's out of town right now,
so Abraham's gonna just have
to sit tight for a minute.
The bing ain't that bad, Traymont.
Tell Abraham to think of it
as quiet time.
An opportunity to reevaluate
and reconsider.
I mean, truth is
you both have been flying
a little too close to the sun lately.
Icarus, nigga. Look it up.
I got some shit in front of me
that demands my immediate attention,
so I'ma circle back to you.
Well, Traymont's boy
got caught with a gun.
Wants me and my lawyer to get him out.
But Abraham's gonna have
to sit on ice for a minute.
Give these D.C. niggas a refresher
on the organizational chart.
They don't get these champagne wishes
and caviar dreams without me.
A nigga don't know he needs ya
until he needs ya.
I beg you, Lord,
cast out these vile thoughts
from this young woman!
Vanquish these demons!
Cleanse yourself of all that is unholy!
Release the perversions
that inhabit your soul!
It's okay, baby.
We gonna get through this together.
A man and his wife
were both naked and not ashamed.
Not ashamed because
they lay together in matrimony
and harmony as man and woman!
Oh, wait, wait.
Nobody said anything about
hittin' or nothing like that.
This pain pales in comparison
to an eternity in hell, Sister Kenya.
Is that what you want for your daughter?
Eternal damnation?
God wants to help you,
but He needs to hear your will.
Say the words with me.
Help me, Lord.
Used to get the same question
over and over from every motherfucker
that met Juke down the line.
How she get so cold-blooded?
Ain't never my business to tell.
Weren't one single thing anyway.
But shit like this?
It's gonna hurt
for as long as you livin'.
Just wonderin' if anyone came
through the hospital up there
with a with a gunshot issue
or somethin' like that.
Most likely a white guy. Italian.
He a he a friend.
You know, uh, we We grew up together.
When I say "most likely a white guy,"
I just mean, you know, he mostly white.
He look like, you know
a regular white boy.
I can't give you a name.
I'm tryin' to maintain
that confidentiality and shit.
Yo, whatever, man! Fuck it, then.
I'm just trying to find
my mostly white fuckin' friend
that might've got shot!
Good day, gentlemen.
Uh-huh. All right.
Yo, Cap, you got a minute?
But that never stopped
any of you motherfuckers
from making yourselves comfortable.
If this is about overtime,
it ain't happenin'.
With the budget where it is,
they're not lettin' anybody
clock anything over 40 right now.
It's Burke.
Turns out
she's been reviewin' my records
and talkin' to some of my old contacts.
Why the fuck would she do that?
I'm assuming it's about my shooting,
but I don't even know.
She been marchin'
to the beat of her own drum.
Now, I'm willin' to give her
the benefit of the doubt here
and say she was just trying
to help her partner out, but
don't nobody like someone
diggin' through they old shit, Captain.
Meanwhile, she's stompin'
all over the actual investigation.
Burke's got that overzealous,
new-to-the-job thing goin' on.
She ain't new no more.
And fuckin' with your partner's
old cases, that ain't overzealous.
That's oversteppin'.
Yeah, I'll talk to her.
And frankly
Burke's got enough issues of her own
to contend with right now.
That white girl
from the Upper East Side,
the one who OD'd?
Well, her parents won't leave it alone.
And now the father's in the mix.
He's making noise that Burke herself
is involved in the girl's death.
That Burke's been preying on young girls
and plying them with drugs.
- The fuck outta here.
- I know.
But Burke shouldn't have put her nose
where it didn't belong
in the first place.
And based on what you telling me here,
she hasn't learned her lesson.
All right!
So you just don't go to school no more?
I overslept.
It's been damn near two weeks
since we saw you in class.
- I'll catch up.
- Catch up.
You hear from Crown recently?
Some nigga that own this spot
said he owe him some studio time.
He ain't heard from him.
How the fuck do I not start with this?
Nigga, your moms!
Raq woke me up earlier today.
You crackin' on my moms right now?
Nah, K, she came through
my fucking building earlier.
Tried to break her foot off
in Corinne mother ass.
The fuck is you talkin' about?
Raq pressed Palomar mad hard.
Told her she ever try
to fuck with you ever again,
she was gonna lay her ass out.
And that wasn't no
empty threat neither, nigga.
She pulled out that steel.
- My damn mother.
- Yeah.
Slamming my door
Who is it?
It's Kanan.
I can't talk to you no more, Kanan.
What'd my mother say to you?
She told me to leave you alone,
and that's what I'm gonna to do.
She ain't gonna do shit to you, Palomar.
I knew that was your mom
when I stepped to you like that.
And if I'm being honest
with you and myself,
I think that's what got me
thinkin' about you
in the first place.
But you got too much that
come along with you, Kanan.
Too complicated.
Can't mess with you no more.
She not gonna do nothin',
all right? Let me
Neither are we, baby.
Nah. Ay, Palomar, don't
Palomar, open the door.
Ay, Palomar!
Open the door!
Fuck is you doin'?
What is this, man?
Famous, is you goin' in my shit, man?
I thought it was my bag!
I was gonna get into some homework.
This nigga do homework all of a sudden?
Nigga, that's a daddy test.
It got your initials on it too.
K.S. Kanan Stark. Nigga, that's you.
Who the other nigga, M.H.?
Is M.H. Def Con?
Why you got a daddy test
to find out some shit you already know?
Listen, Teresa's inside.
She was asking after you.
Let me go to her.
I wanna know what the fuck
my kid was doing
with this goddamn dentist.
And I wanna know
who he was working with.
You know, Marco
Marco was always on his own shit, man.
Well, he was workin'
with somebody that night,
because the cops said
there was another guy there.
I wanna know who it was.
And if he's still fucking breathin',
I wanna have a deep,
personal conversation
with this motherfucker.
I'm so sorry, Sal.
Yes, thank you.
You wanna fuck?
Nah, I'm good.
It ain't like those Jamaicans
gonna interrupt us again.
Cartier handled it.
I'm not worried about no Jamaicans.
I'm just not thinkin'
about all that right now.
You know most dudes would,
like, kill to get with me.
I ain't most dudes.
You about to thank me, y'all,
'cause I'm 'bout to introduce you
to a new artist who
gonna make a whole lotta noise
in this here biz.
This right here is Zisa,
and the track's called "Bruise."
You're welcome, peoples.
Oh, now we definitely fuckin'.
You right.
Detective Burke.
A word, please.
Any idea what this is?
Could be about overtime.
Heard he's cuttin'
everyone's hours down.
The door.
Have a seat.
I thought we had an understanding,
Detective Burke.
After all that shit with the
Bingham girl and her family,
I thought I made it clear to you
to keep your head down
and do your fuckin' job.
You did. You made it clear.
Conducting your own
personal investigation
into Malcolm Howard
is the exact opposite
of keeping your head down,
Detective Burke!
Who told you I was doin' that?
I got eyes and ears everywhere.
That's why they call me
Captain Baptiste.
Look, I wasn't
investigating Howard, sir.
I was I was just pitching in
That is it, Detective!
Your first, last, and final warning.
Keep your fuckin' nose out
of everyone else's business.
The bosses are watching you, Burke.
You'd be wise to step
real lightly right now.
Is that all?
Thank you, sir.
Wasn't about overtime.
Yeah, that's him. Abraham Drew.
From Maryland, right?
Weapons possession?
Yeah, he the one.
Look, I need that shit handled.
I gotta go.
Takin' the bus wasn't so bad.
When the last time you took the bus?
Let's go inside. I'ma give you the tour.
It's ours.
It's all ours.
This is yours, more like it.
I'm fine where we at.
Southside good enough for me.
Well, now we gonna be
better than good enough.
This us.
It's the payoff.
It's what all that work is for.
Why you go talk
to Corinne mom like that?
What you expect me to do?
Your girlfriend
Or your ex-girlfriend,
she told me all of the shit
you been gettin' into
with her moms.
What you think, I was just supposed
to stand by and let that happen?
You could've came
and talked to me first.
I don't have to talk to you, Kanan.
You a child.
And she a grown-ass woman.
And if she gonna do shit like that,
she gonna hear from me, your mother.
That's how it works.
And you ain't the first boy
she done that to, by the way.
She ain't do nothin' to me
I ain't wanna do.
You feel that way now,
but you might not feel that way later.
How you know how it feel?
I don't have to know how it feel
to know that it ain't right, Kanan.
But maybe you do know how it feel.
I don't know what you talkin' about,
but I don't like the way you sayin' it.
Scrap mother rolled up on me today.
Said she ain't believe
he killed hisself.
She think somebody else did it.
That you ain't doin' nothin' about it.
She a mother who lost her son
to his own hand
'cause he ain't wanna be here no more.
And she ain't know about it.
So she tryin' to blame somebody
'cause the truth hurts.
Truth hurts. Right.
I'ma go stay with Fame for a while.
Clear my head.
Clear your head of what?
So this all 'cause I stepped
to a fuckin' rapist bitch?
This about way more than that,
and you know it.
When I brought you back in,
we said no more secrets, Kanan.
No more lies.
We did.
Well, there something
you wanna say to me,
you should probably say it.
Don't dance around it, boy.
House is nice.
We get the sons we deserve.
To Marco.
To Marco.
Vito, again.
We found the person who was with Marco.
It's Dominic.
Of course it fuckin' is.
Mm, that motherfucker!
You take me to this cocksucker
right now.
I told him to stay the fuck away.
Yo, um, what you doin' with that?
It's all the shit she gave me.
Where the fuck you at, Fame?
Damn, man!
Doctors said, I lost
another fuckin' drop of blood,
I'd be gone.
Fini. Kaput.
Just one more drop.
Even now, they say my vitals
are really weak.
Yeah, you're
a fuckin' champion, Dominic.
I gotta tell you how sorry I am, Sal.
Marco was a good kid.
I mean, a little hot-headed at times,
but he had a heart of gold on him.
Appreciate the kind words.
So, uh
what were you two doin' there, Dominic?
What was the job?
He did not tell me
you wasn't involved, Sal.
If I knew beforehand
that it wasn't sanctioned
by you, I'd never
Your loyalty's never been in question.
You know I'd die for you, Sal.
I know. I know you would.
Why were you there?
It was a hit on a girl.
Marco said it'd be a breeze.
Who ordered the work, Dominic?
Who wanted the girl hit?
Who do you think?
If I knew, I wouldn't be
standing here, motherfucker!
It was that nigger bitch's
brother with the beard
and that wooly fuckin' pillow
on top of that
sooty fuckin' head of his.
I-I told you we should've
killed that girl up in the woods.
Look, Sal, when I get out of here,
I'm gonna be ready to get back to work.
So let me make this right for you.
I'm your guy.
You just focus on getting better.
We'll figure out, uh, all the rest
when you're back on your feet again.
Hey, Sal.
Please, my condolences to
That piece of fuckin' shit in there
doesn't see the sun come up.
He's dead by fuckin' dawn!
And reach out to that
nigger queen of Queens
and tell her we need to talk,
just the two of us.
Maybe you should've killed her
when you had the fuckin' shot.
Give me another chance.
I need a place to sleep tonight.
Dr. Tierney, 2292.
There she go.
Yo. Kenya!
Kenya, I told you
to leave her the fuck alone.
She my daughter, Marvin.
You don't even know her.
I know she sinnin'.
I know she going to hell
if she don't change.
The fuck you know about sinnin', Kenya?
Is it sinnin' when you decide
to abandon your own daughter?
Is it sinnin' when you decide
that chasin' some ballplayer dick
is more important
than your child and her father?
Don't you see I'm trying to save you?
Trying to give you a better life?
I know this isn't who you are.
I know you wanna go to heaven.
Heaven's just some garbage
that they sell to you
about where you go when you dead
so you swallow they shit
while you still alive.
I ain't swallowin' shit.
Especially not your shit!
I was fine without you.
I don't need you. I never needed you.
I love you, Laverne.
I love you. Please.
You don't.
Laverne! Laverne!
Yo. Time to wake up, B.
Damn. I forgot I was here.
I ain't know what you like to eat,
but this is all I got,
so this what you havin'.
That'll work.
Thanks, man.
You seemed real shook last night.
I ain't wanna interrogate you
or none of that,
but this shit right here
hell of a surprise.
I mean, I ain't had nowhere else to go.
What's up with your moms' crib?
She there.
Yo, I, uh, appreciate you
for lettin' me stay here last night.
You got a back door
or somethin' I could go out of?
I don't really
need nobody seeing me
walk out your front.
Yeah, there's one out back
by the kitchen.
If you want 'em to stay crisp,
don't put 'em in the refrigerator.
Well, if you're here
to talk to me about anything
other than apples,
you best keep to steppin'.
So, uh, you and Howard
have a complicated past.
You knew him
when you were younger, right?
Back when he was an undercover?
You were his informant.
You know, the only good thing
about that head of yours, Detective,
is the hair you got on top of it.
And that stringy-ass mess,
it ain't even all that either.
Go sell your bullshit somewhere else,
'cause all I'm buyin' today
is apples and pie crusts.
You all right?
Not really.
Look, um, I know
I know there's still a lot that
you and me gotta figure out,
but I just wanted to say
- that maybe if we
- I can't.
I can't.
Not today.
I get it.
And another time, that can happen,
but it ain't gonna be today.
It was enough for me that you
called me Dad back there.
- I-I'll talk to you later.
- I'll hit you.
That's not that's not
what I meant to say.
What I meant to say is that
that I'll call you.
Yo, words words matter, you know.
Uh, and and
And how you say 'em matters.
I mean, the tone
and and body language,
that that shit matters too.
I mean, 'cause 'cause a nigga
can seem angry when he's not,
but don't seem like he's angry
when he really is.
Yo, this anger thing
is a motherfucker, Juke,
but but but I'm on it.
I know you are.
This dumb, slow-witted motherfucker
gonna say, "I'll hit you."
Goddamn, Marvin.
Where you goin'?
Famous crib.
That's a lot of shit you packin'.
Could be a while.
I can't trust her no more, Juke.
And it's not just one thing.
It's everything.
Gotten to the point now I don't
know what's bullshit and what ain't.
So it all just feel like bullshit to me.
You said it yourself that night, Juke.
She had me doin' something
I had no business doin'.
And even now, I'm startin' to realize
maybe it was about
some other shit anyway.
Shit I ain't know at that time.
Shit I wish I ain't know now.
I still don't know what
the fuck it all mean, Juke.
About her. About me.
About anything.
Raq love you, Kanan.
But sometimes it feel
like she use that love
to do a whole lot of ill shit.
It's like she think that all
the fucked-up shit she doin'
gonna be fine if she tell herself
she doin' it for me.
I gotta get the fuck out of there, man.
I gotta get away from her
and figure this shit out.
If I can figure this shit out.
Fame livin' like a damn
crackhead over there, though.
That is not a tidy nigga.
That's better than here.
you need to make sure
you pack some extra drawers.
'Cause your ass don't even know
how to do laundry.
So Sal wanna meet me alone?
That's what his mans said.
Well, you the fuckin' Mafia whisperer.
What he want, nigga?
Ask him.
We don we don't know
for sure-for sure,
if if that's even what it's about.
Nigga, yes, we do.
Fuck you do, Marvin?
You heard about the shit in Scarsdale?
What I care about Scarsdale?
If I ain't got no business there,
I don't fuck with it.
It's been in the news.
Wait. You mean that home invasion shit?
The dentist. The girl that got shot up?
Girl name was Antoinette or some shit.
Antonia Depner.
That was Toni Deep.
One of the niggas
that busted up in there
got put down too.
They ain't say who it was yet.
His name was Marco Boselli.
Sal's son.
That was his name.
That's who the fuck he was.
Hell, no.
Hey. Drink?
I'm good.
You bowl?
I used to go to some lanes
around the way back in the day.
A guy I used to like fucked with it.
Once I got tired of him,
I got tired of the whole shit.
I was the same way with tennis.
Some broad I liked played,
so I tried to turn
into Rod fuckin' Laver.
I couldn't hit that ball
over the goddamn net
to save my fuckin' life.
Well, what happened with the girl?
I married her.
I was so bad, she felt sorry for me.
Next thing I knew,
we're walkin' down the aisle.
Sometimes we win even when we lose.
And sometimes we just lose.
Your brother's gotta go.
I'm not gonna pretend my son,
Marco, wasn't a fuck-up.
He was,
in almost every aspect
of his short fuckin' life.
But he was my kid,
and what happened to him
can't go unanswered.
Well, my brother,
he didn't kill your son.
He hired him for a job.
Shit went bad. It happens.
There ain't no price
to be paid for that.
Your brother went around me to my son.
If he'd come to me first,
we wouldn't be sittin' here right now.
I'm a big believer in balance
and karma, Raq.
The universe has laws,
and they need to respected.
I could be asking you
to give up your own son.
That'd be real balance.
But I have a heart, and he's just a kid.
So I'm tellin' you
your brother has to go,
which is fair and just
and about as close to balance
as we're gonna get.
With all due respect, my brother,
he ain't gonna pay
for your son's fuck-up.
Universe I'm from, it got laws too.
And on the Southside,
we pay what we owe.
And me and my brother,
we don't owe you shit.
I'm sorry for your loss.
But your loss ain't my loss,
and mine ain't yours.
You want balance, that's balance.
What is it with you? Huh?
Is it because you're this woman
in a man's business
that you gotta be so tough
and mean all the time?
Always trying to prove yourself
to the men around you?
I suffered an unspeakable loss
because of your brother,
and I offer you a reasonable compromise,
but you just spit it back in my face.
And ain't that just like a nigga,
thinkin' a bitch flexin' 'cause of him?
Nah, Sal.
It ain't about you or any man.
I'm flexin' 'cause of me,
'cause of who I am.
It ain't about you and your dick.
I ain't got shit
to prove to you or nobody else.
I'm me.
My sympathies to your family.
And mine to yours.
Had these in his pocket.
This was the only one
that survived the water.
Crown Camacho. Bulletproof Records.
Well, looks like the fat lady's sung
her last fuckin' song for you, Crown.
Get home safe, stay warm.
- Good night.
- Good night. Good night.
Good night, Bianca.
And remember, just because
you aren't yelling
doesn't mean you're not angry.
Okay. Thank you.
Ms. Renée?
Oh! Oh, my God.
You scared me.
I didn't mean to creep up
on you like that.
It was all my fault.
No, no, it-it's fine. I just
I wasn't expecting you,
or anyone for that matter.
It's it's kinda late.
Right. Right, it sure is.
I was hopin', you know,
I could, uh, spit at you right quick
'cause a lot's been happenin'
between, you know, me and my daughter.
I could really use your advice,
you know what I'm sayin'?
Your-your guidance and whatnot.
I'm always here for you, Marvin.
You know this.
I appreciate the hell out of that.
I really do.
So can we, uh, you know,
go somewhere or somethin',
or-you know, to talk?
Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that.
I'm really happy to see you.
I'm really happy to see you too.
And I am touched
that you would reach out
to me like this.
Yo, feel like, before,
you know, you and me talked
only when I had some, you know,
some bad shit happenin'.
So now that I finally got
some good shit
you know, good stuff goin' on,
you know, I wanted you to know.
That means a lot to me
because I wanna know the good stuff.
You deserve the good stuff.
You know that, right?
Hey, Marvin!
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