Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e09 Episode Script


Previously on Raising Kanan
What was he wearing?
In case you ain't noticed,
I'm high as a motherfucking
Georgia pine right now.
Turns out Kanan ain't the first
young boy you been messing with.
Like I said, I don't know
what you're talking
I heard what you said,
but do you hear what I'm saying?
He ain't dead.
And if he ain't dead, he still talking.
We found the person who was with Marco.
It's Dominic.
You and Howard have a complicated past.
You were his informant?
Turns out she's been
reviewing my records.
Don't nobody like someone
digging through they old shit, Cap.
I'm detective Malcolm Howard.
I need to talk to you
about Detective Shannon Burke.
Yeah, come on in.
When you playing our track?
My shit plays today.
Not once, not twice,
not three, four times.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
Don't you see I'm tryna save you?
I was fine without you.
I don't need you. I never needed you.
Nigga, that's a daddy test.
Who the other nigga, M.H.?
Is M.H. Def Con?
Need a place to sleep tonight.
Traymont, I can offer you a
better product at a better price.
I'm a businessman,
and I only fuck with people I know.
Well, you don't know me, but I know you.
And I know you don't wanna fuck
with Cartier Fareed no more.
Trayvon's boy got caught with a gun.
Wants me and my lawyer to get him out.
And reach out
to that nigger queen of Queens
and tell her we need to talk.
Maybe you should have killed her
when you had the fucking shot.
Give me another chance.
You deserve the good stuff.
You know that, right?
Hey, Marvin!
Must be Thanksgiving,
'cause that's a fuckin' turkey, boys!
Ain't no such thing
as a shooter who happy.
Sure, them hitter niggas
might be living and laughing
and bowling strikes,
but inside, they broken,
fucked up in a way
they can't be un-fucked up.
$320 you owe me, Carmine.
Double or nothing next week.
You've been saying that since
we started this shit at $5.
I'm good for the money,
cheating cocksucker.
Goodnight, guys.
And that's 'cause they know.
They knew that all that shit they done
gonna turn back around on 'em.
You a hitter, you gonna get hit.
All right.
You don't wanna
Yeah, I do.
Might be a bullet or a bid
or a motherfucking bus,
but one way or the other,
shooters going out just how they live:
hard as hell.
And what do we say to God
when he takes from us someone
who is so young,
so gifted, so good?
We don't say we understand
because we don't.
And we don't say we believe in you
and your plan for us, God,
because losing Renée is not
part of any plan we believe in.
We just ask
that you care for her, God,
love her as we loved her,
hold her as we held her,
but above all,
protect her
in a way we couldn't.
- You done?
- What the fuck, man?
Ain't nothin' sacred no more?
Damn, can't a nigga
just finish in peace?
Put that shit away, Sam.
Y'all violating my privacy.
This shit is harassment right here.
For real.
You're pissing in the public park.
What part is that private to you, huh?
- Any needles?
- Needles, man.
Let me see what my nigga Clarence Thomas
got to say about all that.
All that right there for real.
I'm sure Clarence pissed in the park
more than a few times.
I paid for all that.
Got a call you shoplifted from Habib's.
Fuck Habib. Habib is full of shit.
Yo, I paid for all that shit
right there.
- Everything.
- Is that right?
You pay for this too?
Nah, nah, nah. Yo, check this out, man.
I'm holding them joints
for a friend, man.
Yeah, I wanna meet your friend
who trusts you to hold his crack.
Listen here, man.
How about I take all that shit
back to Habib, right?
And y'all just let
Let me hold them boulders.
Man, for real, for real.
No harm, no foul, man. Yo, come on, man.
I'ma lose my friend
if I lose them cracks, man.
I'm sure you'll make a
new friend, Sam. You're a friendly guy.
I'll give you a tip, man.
I'll give you a tip that
get you that detec badge, man.
Get you up off this flat-foot shit.
Let me guess.
You know where we can find Jimmy Hoffa.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
I know who shot that cop.
That detec that got caught
right in the park over here?
I know who put him down, man.
Just get in the car, Sam.
Five-O, man. I seen him, man.
I know what he look like, man.
I can point him out to you.
I can show you who he
It's Horatio. Open up.
I'm done fucking around
with you, Famous.
I can't wait on you no more!
I need this rent.
I told you I'm figuring something out.
Well, you need to figure it out faster.
Like today!
I'm trying. We can't
We can't put together
a payment plan or-or something?
A payment plan?
Famous, you gotta pay
to have a payment plan,
and you ain't been paying!
What if I can get you that studio time
that Crown was trying
to get you for a minute?
You know, before he got caught?
Before that fake-ass Puerto Rock
got fished out the river?
If you could make that happen
And I can't imagine you can
There might be a deal we could make.
But I ain't gonna lie.
I find it real hard to believe
you gonna give me and my girl
free studio time.
I mean, look at you, man.
Yo, you live like shit.
You got two days.
And then you out.
You think Lou could do me a solid?
Come on, man. Why would he do that?
I'm fucked, K.
You are.
There you go.
Congratulations. It's officially yours!
- Thank you.
- It's a beautiful home.
That's my cousin.
He wanted to get a look at the house.
I hope you make a lot
of happy memories here.
Yeah, me too.
If you need anything at all,
just call me.
What are we gonna do?
She has to know that her
and her fucking homies
can't go toe-to-toe with us.
She set up shop in our backyard.
She made you come down on your taste.
She told you she wouldn't
give up her brother for Marco.
Seems to me she been going
toe-to-toe with us all along.
We can't make a move in Queens
without checking with our fuckin' friend
in the fish store out in
fucking Howard Beach first.
And that cocksucker, he always
wants something in return.
She fucking killed Jimmy.
That can't go unanswered.
I known Jimmy since we were stealing
bikes outside St. Lucy's, Dario.
I held his daughter in my arms
at her baptism, for Christ sakes.
This nigger's gonna answer
for what she did.
But there's politics involved.
Queens is a fucking hornet's nest.
And before we do anything else,
I want to know exactly what
the fuck we're up against here.
We're not going through any doors
without knowing
what's on the other side.
Get me Unique.
What do you got?
I'm telling you, man.
I know who pulled the trigger.
He was right outside here the other day.
One count of shoplifting,
one count of possession,
one count of public indecency,
and a dozen counts
of won't shut the fuck up.
Listen here, man.
Why don't you just break me off
one of them vials, man?
Show a nigga some love, man.
I'll make y'all niggas heroes, man.
Hey, Burke.
Sam here says he's got an ID
on Howard's shooter.
Yeah, we already been down
that road with you, Sam.
You fingered Lee Harvey Oswald.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
Nah, Detec. I was fucked up that night,
but I remember now.
Hey, look, why don't you just
get me up off this bullshit?
Everyone remembers something
when they're about to get locked up.
I'm telling you, man.
It was young boy who did it.
And I'ma to tell you like this.
You don't want that
little nigga in the street,
'cause he bought to go from being a pup
to a wolf real fucking quick.
That's my word.
You didn't have shit for us that
night, Sam, so what happened?
Something shake loose in your head?
See, man, I saw that
little nigga out and about
and the shit all came back to me.
Was that before or after
you sucked some smoke
out of that glass dick?
You wanna know what I know, Detec.
I got the answers you need.
- Let's go, Sam.
- Where we going, huh?
- Right here.
- Where the fuck we going?
Get the fuck off of me, man.
Hey look, man, the first song
is getting a little airplay, right?
It's bubblin' a little bit.
I just think that we need
to shift gears for the next one.
The first one was
It was for the clubs,
but this one needs
to be for the bedroom.
Yo, Lou.
Kanan ain't here, Fame.
I know. Back at my crib.
I just wanna know if I can holler at you
about something real quick.
- Hey, I'm working, man.
- I know.
Look, I'm dealing with a situation
that's that's mad urgent right now.
Yo, Z. Take five, baby.
What up, kid?
I was hoping maybe
we could talk in private.
I ain't got time for that.
Cartier is family anyway, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Speak your shit.
Crown was giving my landlord
free studio time
for him and his girl
to help me with my rent.
Now that Crown gone,
my landlord asked me if I could
get her back in here again.
But if I can't,
me and all my shit gonna end up
back on the street again, Lou.
Yo, yo, yo, I hear you.
I'll figure it out.
- We'll get you some shit.
- Just
the studio won't stay in business long
if we keep bartering recording time
for your rent, my brother.
Oh, no, no,
I'm not talking about a barter.
I'm just talking about a little trade.
A barter is a trade, young hustler.
Look here, are you familiar
with the expression
"You give a man a fish,
you feed him for a day.
"If you teach him how to fish,
you'll feed him for his lifetime"?
See, a lot of people like to think
it's from the Bible, but it's not.
It's actually a quote from a great
Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.
It's as true today as it was
thousands of years ago when he said it.
You see, if you give somebody something,
they just come back for more.
But you teach them how
to get that shit themselves,
you've given them a skill set
that will last them
for the rest of their days.
I was just talking about
studio time for my landlord
No, no, no, no, no! What you about to do
is get yourself a rod.
Throw some bait on that hook,
cast that shit out in the water,
my young Latin brother.
You're about to be a fisherman.
Lou, what
And you'll never go hungry again.
I'm about to be homeless!
I don't do charity, Lou.
And now that we in business
together, neither do you.
Hey, yo, what uh
what happened to that shit
about you being a silent partner?
Yeah, well
money talks, my nigga.
Let's get back to work.
Z, you ready?
Been ready.
Thanks for doing those, baby.
Didn't get a chance to do 'em
before I left this morning.
No problem.
Your father told me about
what happened with you and Kenya.
I'm sorry.
I mean, she's the one
who left me in the first place,
so why I ever thought it
would be different?
Well, you want to be loved.
We all wanna be loved.
I mean, and people can change, Juke.
They can get better.
If they want to.
Seen Kanan at all?
Little bit.
He's still over at Fame's.
He talk to you about me?
Juke don't betray nobody confidence.
That's why we love you so much.
'Cause we trust you with the
shit that we can't tell nobody else.
Not havin' Kanan here has been a lot.
Feel like I'm reachin' out for somethin'
that I can't quite get to.
And it hurts.
Everything I've done, I've done for him.
I don't care what nobody
gotta say about it
'cause it's real easy
to judge shit from the outside.
To look in on somebody else life
and point out where they fucking up.
But when you in it?
When you gotta make
life-or-death decisions for your child?
You alone.
Ain't nowhere to turn.
Ain't nobody there
to tell you what to do,
so you do what you think is right.
You gonna do whatever you gotta do
to protect your child, Juke.
Even if it means risking everything.
'Cause, you know,
this shit ain't a short game.
We ain't playin' for tomorrow
or next week or next month.
The calls you make for your baby today
gonna still be hittin' hard
20 years from now.
Short-term loss
turn into a long-term gain.
That's the hustle. That's the work.
I'm sorry.
Any of that make any sense?
It does.
Sometimes it don't make no sense to me.
Didn't know you was Muslim.
Trying to get back into it.
- As-Salaam-Alaikum.
- Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.
Figured since you ain't want
heads from the Southside
seein' you with me,
meetin' somewhere out the hood
would be better.
No doubt.
So how's everything with your moms?
Can't really call it.
I'm stayin' at my friend's crib.
I don't know what I can
and can't say to you, Kanan.
This right here,
it's all still new to me.
Uncharted waters.
I don't wanna overstep
but I don't wanna play you
to the left, either.
If you got something
to say to me, just say it.
'Cause I
I don't know what to ask.
I know you my father, man.
I been knowing, a'ight?
I ain't need no test
to confirm nothing for me.
Just, the thing is, with knowing,
now I gotta make sense
of all this other shit and
Damn, I'm sorry.
Should I not curse here?
It's best if you don't.
Like I said, I'm trying
to get back involved,
so I'm sure Allah is keeping
a pretty close eye on me.
Make sure I'm on
the righteous tip and all that.
Look, all I'm saying is,
as much as this changes things
between you and me,
it changes things between me and her
a whole lot more.
Did she always know
that you was my father?
I don't know.
I'm not gonna speak for your moms.
That would be unfair to you and her.
Unfair to her?
Are you you serious right now?
How you how you talking
about being unfair to her
when that night at the park
- I don't
- She was the one
I don't want to talk about that ever.
You and me, we ain't about
what's already happened.
It's done.
There's nothing you can do about it.
We need to be focused on where we going.
Not where we been.
Let me drive you to the train.
I know who did it and they
still put me in this fucking box
like I'm some fucking dog.
I know shit!
I know shit you need to know!
Hey okay.
Just get me the motherfuck outta here
- and I'll solve it!
- Take it easy.
- Take it easy.
- I swear I will!
Take it easy, Sam. Take it easy.
- You gonna get me outta here?
- Maybe.
I need to hear what you think
you remember first.
- Then I'll see.
- I seen him, Detec.
Seen who?
The little nigga was on the stairs
talking to the same
fucking cop he wet up.
You're you're talking about Howard?
The kid who shot Howard was with Howard?
That's what I'm saying, Co-dumbo.
Who is the kid, Sam?
I don't know this motherfucker's name.
He running around with this
other little motherfucker.
Some Latin nigga.
They call the nigga Famous or some shit.
That's what they saying!
I don't know him!
He don't look like nobody to me!
Okay, you might actually
have something here, Sam,
but I gotta go run it up the flagpole.
I'll circle back on you in a few, okay?
You told me you was gonna
get me outta here.
Get me outta here! Fuck you, bitch!
Sounds like the natives
are getting restless.
He's jonesing.
I told her who shot that fucking cop
and she said she
was gonna get me outta here!
Get me the fuck up outta here!
Get me outta here!
What is it, Burke?
I got a stack of DD-5s
a mile high to go over.
If I had a witness who came in
whose testimony
didn't match his original statement
Use whatever matches the evidence.
And any other witness statements
you might have,
but warn the ADA he's not reliable.
What's this about?
It's a cold case. Long shot.
Just make sure you're not messin'
in someone else's rice bowl, Burke.
I don't even like rice, Captain.
Let me talk to Salinas
in Internal Affairs.
Don't know how you got this shit done
when Cartier couldn't,
but I appreciate it.
It's called the power of will, Traymont.
When I want something done,
shit gets done.
That's how I run my business,
how I live my life.
And I take care of my own.
My pockets fat, everybody pockets fat.
Ain't no such thing as winnin'
unless we all winnin'.
Cartier ain't the type to just
let people walk away from him.
All that smooth talk and happy bullshit
is just a cover
for one mean, angry nigga.
You and me reach an agreement,
I'll handle Cartier.
Uh-uh, we ain't got no agreement
until Cartier is handled.
Mr. Drew is free to go.
My man here a fucking genius.
Thank you for your kind words,
but it's less about my genius
and more about the state's negligence.
There were four people in that vehicle,
and the weapon was tucked
into the back seat.
They're gonna struggle to establish
the constructive possession
of the firearm, and they know it.
No more guns, Mr. Drew.
At least not here
in the state of New York.
I heard what you said.
I'll be in touch.
I think
that bitch's blood
may run colder than Cartier's.
And that's truly saying some shit.
Turns out today's your lucky day.
Got some hard cases coming through,
and we need cell space.
What the fuck does that mean?
It means those rocks you were carrying
and Hershey bars you boosted
ain't worth the time or space
you take up.
More important skels
need a place to land.
Sammy gets to run.
It was a Snickers, motherfucker.
I don't fuck with Hershey's.
Fucking harassment,
invasion of a nigga privacy.
I shouldn't have been in this
motherfucker in the first place.
You're always fucking with a nigga.
Fuck that. Shit make me sick.
I gotta go.
Whoa. What the hell you doing?
I need him to stay here.
Got bigger fish on the hook.
Sam's been sprung.
Well, I'm questioning him
on some other shit.
I need him to sit tight for a minute.
I'm doing what I was told to do, Burke.
You got a problem with it,
take it up with the captain.
Okay. Let me walk him out, at least.
Be my guest. Sam's smelling pretty ripe.
Yo, you heard him.
You ain't keeping me in here, Detec.
- Fuck that.
- I know, Sam.
I just wanna talk to you
about what you saw.
Fuck you need to talk to me for?
What the fuck is Burke doing with Sam?
I think they're dating.
But if you ask me,
he's way out of her league.
Overheard him telling Burke
he knows who shot you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
He was already brought in for that.
He didn't have shit.
Oh, but now he's saying
he remembers someone,
because as we all know,
crackheads have
some great fucking memories.
Burke's an idiot.
Hey, I need to get you on the record
about that shooting.
And why the fuck would I do that?
I'm out. I don't need you no more.
You saw a cop get shot, Sam.
That's a big fucking deal.
That's why I'ma hold on to it
for the next time I need it.
There's more where that came from.
You do right by me,
I'll do right by you.
Well, since you put it that way,
I might be convinced to speak
my truth out loud for you.
Where can I find you later?
Listen. I'm a basehead, a'ight?
There's three spots you could find me:
the dope spot, the smoke spot,
or the mope spot.
I'll catch you on the flip.
How was the funeral?
You know.
A lot of crying
over shit that can't change.
You cry?
Shit, I don't know.
I had sunglasses on.
I've seen you cry before.
There's nothing wrong with crying.
I done a lot of bad shit, Juke.
And I always been thinking
that I do good shit too.
That in the end, the good shit
gonna balance out the bad
that I'm playin' even
in this motherfucker.
Shit not nearly even.
Not at all.
Yo, fucked up shit
happen to fucked up people.
And I'm fucked up.
So I'm sorry
For the shit I done,
for the shit I didn't do.
And I'm I'ma
I'ma try to do good now.
For you.
For everyone.
You can't do good for me
or nobody else
until you do good for you.
Workin' on that, girl.
Workin' on me.
Goddamn, Raq.
What is it, baby?
You know what this is.
You know who I am.
I am not a man who waits
for what he wants.
Well, it's not about you waiting.
It's about when I'm ready.
I have a proposal for you.
I want to buy into your operation.
For a 50% stake in your organization.
That would guarantee your package.
I will help fund your expansion
into other markets.
I will assist you
into moving your profits
into legitimate businesses.
You doing all this
just 'cause you wanna fuck me?
Nah, I don't pay for that, baby.
Well, I thought you said that
it was too competitive up here,
that the margins were too thin.
Now I'm focusing on market share.
See, if you control enough of the pie
You start fucking
with the economics of scale.
Then we can drive the deal
with our friends in South America.
We might not be able to control revenue,
but we can control our own cost.
I'm trying to drive mine down.
You're full of surprises, huh?
I know what I want.
And I want what I know.
What I offered her
wasn't just reasonable.
It was generous.
Her brother for my son?
Not a fair trade at all.
Losing a child is like
losing a fucking limb.
But I was willing to compromise
because I wouldn't even want
her to feel this pain.
Hell, I wouldn't wish this
on my worst enemy.
Look, I gots no love for Marvin Thomas.
I mean, then nigga
took shots at me and my son.
But with all due respect, Sal,
Marco fucked up the job, man.
Kind of tough putting
your kid's fuckup on Marvin.
He went around me, too, Marco.
That's not how business is done.
Well, he couldn't have went around you
if Marco wasn't down for the crime, man.
That's all I'm saying.
My son vouched for you.
He said you were a friend,
and I've treated you as such,
but now you're gonna take up
for this fuckin' moolie.
I need you to tell me
about Raq's operation.
How many soldiers,
what kind of firepower they got, huh?
Where they're working out from.
I need to know what it
looks like from top to bottom.
So you and Raq shit
is just you and Raq shit.
Don't got nothin' to do with me, man.
It wasn't just me and Raq shit
when you asked me
to squeeze her in Newark.
And it wasn't just me and Raq shit
when you had me hit her trucks.
That was business.
You got paid off all of that, man.
The fuck do I get for stepping
in between your beef with her?
You get my gratitude,
and that is fuckin' priceless.
Look, man.
I dime Raq out to you,
that makes me a fucking snitch.
I ain't going out like that, man.
No one's ever gonna know.
I'll know.
You disappoint me, Unique.
And I don't handle disappointment well.
They'll show you to your car.
Thank you.
Appreciate you covering for me.
All right, man. You know I got you.
I don't know what the fuck I'ma do, K.
I get kicked out this spot,
I'm out on the street again.
I ain't going back
to no fucking shelter.
Look, I got a couple
hundred bucks I can get you.
Thank you. For real.
You always got a nigga back, but
my problem's a little bigger
than that right now.
- You know?
- Pick up for Freddy.
That's right, motherfucker.
You don't want none of this.
Yo, I'm broke as shit,
but somehow that nigga is always paid.
You grimy like Freddy,
you can stay paid too.
Who the fuck want to live
like that cruddy nigga?
No doubt.
- Still good?
- Still great.
So what do you think
my next move is on Howard?
The next move is no move.
You need to leave this alone.
Digging up dirt on your partner ain't
gonna win you any fans in the precinct.
I don't need fans.
I think you do.
I think that's what this is about.
You're still trying to prove yourself.
Prove to everybody that you belong
and you didn't just get this job
because of your family.
But I did just get this job
because of my family.
And you're still a good cop.
Everyone knows it.
Everyone but you, that is.
You're real police, baby.
Yeah, and real police know
when something doesn't feel right.
And all of this shit with Howard
feels wrong.
I just don't want it
to blow back up on me.
I don't want to get caught up
in his bullshit.
Any chance we could stop
talking about Howard,
focus on us instead?
Who's Howard?
You know, just so you know,
I appreciate you putting
that Italian motherfucker down
for me, Lou, especially 'cause I know
you really not tryna fuck
with this kind of work no more.
I'll drop any nigga trying
to take shots at my brother.
Word up.
So you here with us, Lou?
'Cause shit is about
to get hairy as hell,
and we ain't looking
for no part-time help.
We need motherfuckers who puttin' in
them full fucking days.
I'm here.
Any word on who took out Crown?
That nigga owed everybody money.
It could have been anyone.
Look, I got peoples coming in
from Newburgh, Syracuse, and Rochester
to back us up here.
Soon as we get our head count right,
we gonna move on Bosellis.
Hey, look, I'm down. I'm here.
I just gotta say them
Italians is more deep than us.
Money, guns, bodies.
They got more of all that.
We can't beat 'em.
But we don't need to beat 'em.
We just need to make 'em bleed.
Okay, these Jersey motherfuckers,
they ain't no real mafia.
They just some damn benchwarmers
who answer to the big dogs
here in New York.
They ain't got no heart.
Now, how you think it's gonna look
when New York find out Sal Boselli
getting bodied
by some niggas from Queens?
That's a black eye for the whole gang.
Now, in the meantime,
I'm gonna need an assist
on some old accounts that need settling.
I know you still getting your
head right, but it's time-sensitive.
No, we gotta cash a nigga out.
That crackhead motherfucker Sam.
Do you know what time it is?
Yeah. I need your mother gat.
- Go home, Famous.
- No.
I need that gun, Corrine.
For what?
It ain't so I can smash
your moms like Kanan did.
Fuck you.
Come on.
I got niggas gunnin' for me, Corinne.
I need that shit for my protection.
Why the fuck you even protecting
your mom shit anyway?
Fuck her.
Hold on.
You get in any trouble with that,
I'm gonna say you stole it.
I'll get this back to you
in a couple days, all right?
I know now that you and Nicole
were being manipulated
by that police officer,
that she was taking advantage
of the both of you.
And I just want to make sure that
that doesn't that
to anyone else ever again.
Who's he?
I'm Detective Edward Salinas
from the Internal Affairs
Division at the NYPD,
but I wanna be clear
I'm not here in any official capacity
and this conversation
is completely off the record.
Mr. Bingham just thought
that you might be able
to flesh out what we already
know about Detective Burke.
I don't know what you're talking about.
When you called me, I thought
you just wanted to talk about Nicole.
Uh, we do.
I-I just recently learned, though,
that that this Detective Burke
has been having an inappropriate
relationship with you and Nicole
and that it might've involved
her giving Nicole
the drugs that killed her.
- Who told you that?
- Doesn't matter.
What matters is
whether it's true or not.
I don't talk to the police.
And I sure as hell don't talk to
the police about the police, so
Lloyd. No, he he's not
Laverne, Laverne!
Damn it.
Okay. She she's just scared.
She doesn't
She doesn't trust the police.
Look, Mr. Bingham,
I don't know who gave you this
information about Detective Burke,
because you refuse to tell me,
but I have to say
I promised I wouldn't divulge my source.
Without that girl corroborating
what this source told you,
we don't have shit.
Laverne will come around, okay?
I know she will.
These niggas ain't got no fucking
Yo, what, man? What up?
Yo, how you living, Sam?
I'm livin' large, nigga.
Yo, um, I need you to help me
on some shit.
Fuck kinda help you need from me, man?
Paying in jumbos, brother. Get in.
This nigga made a nigga
a offer he can't refuse, yo.
You know I'ma smoke
that shit first, right?
Give me what you got, nigga!
You tripping.
Open that shit up. We going inside.
Why the fuck would I do that?
'Cause I'ma wet your ass up! That's why!
Oh, you ain't gonna do shit, Famous.
I know it's you, motherfucker.
Bitch-ass voice.
You done started something you
don't even know how to finish.
Come on. Just open that shit up!
Nah, nigga.
That shit ain't happening.
It don't gotta go like this.
Soon as you pulled that shit out,
it was gonna be like this.
You done fucked it all up, Fame.
And you sure it was him?
I dropped off the tape and saw him
when I was walking back up the block.
He walked right up to their door
and started talking to Nicole's dad.
Look, I could talk to him
about it if you want.
Hell, nah.
That police shit is all you, son.
I ain't got nothin' to do with that.
Shit ain't for me neither, Juke.
Ain't like I wanted it.
Aye, you ever thought about
what went down back in the day?
I mean, your moms had to have been
mad young when he stepped to her.
My mother was 16.
That means he had to have been
in his 20s or some shit.
Kind of like you and your girl's moms.
Aye, yo, it's nothing like that shit.
'Cause the last time I checked,
she was a grown-ass woman,
and you still in high school.
Well, it's different when the woman
is the one older in the shit, Juke.
Okay, nigga, you keep
telling yourself that.
It's the same fucking thing.
Aye, you ever thought about
goin' back home at all?
To her?
After this shit?
The fuck I'm gonna say to her, Juke?
"Hey, Ma, remember you sent me
to do that shit in the park?
Forgot to tell me
that nigga was my father?"
At least you have a dad now.
How that havin' a dad shit
been workin' out for you?
Marvin been tryin' to get right.
She ain't gone be able to
make this shit right ever.
Hey, you seen Sam around?
I ain't seen nothin'.
He told me I could find him here.
Then find him, bitch.
Listen to me, man.
You need to get on this bus,
get the fuck outta here,
and never come back.
The Southside ain't safe
for you no more.
Southside ain't never been safe for me.
What's the difference?
Difference now is
I'm comin' for you, nigga.
If I see you again,
I gotta put you down.
But why, Marv? What I do?
I don't know, Sam.
It it don't matter.
Point is, I'm tryin'
to be better, nigga,
do good,
and lettin' you go like this
felt like the right shit to do.
Don't do nothin'
to make me change my mind.
I know givin' cash
to a dope fiend like you
a bad idea.
I'm prayin' you understand
what I'm sayin' to you.
Use this money.
Set yourself up somewhere else.
Fix yourself, Sam.
It ain't never too late.
I'm gonna get on that
straight and narrow, Marv.
For real. You'll see.
I believe in you, brother.
You just need to believe in yourself.
Aye, yo.
Aye, yo, let me off this
motherfuckin' bus, nigga.
It's a short stop at the top.
Don't matter if you a CEO, a baller,
a rapper, or you sling.
You ain't gonna be the best for long.
But you tell yourself
you always gonna be there,
that ain't nobody better than you.
But it ain't even about better.
It's about that nigga
who younger, faster, tougher.
Coming up.
That nigga
who ain't got shit to lose like you do.
See, the thing about the crown, man
is once you wearin' it,
you ain't as hungry no more.
You start feelin' comfortable,
safe, satisfied.
You two don't even trust each other.
We family.
Bitch, fuck you,
and fuck your family.
How's that shit go?
You done fallen,
and you can't get up, nigga.
And when you fall from
that top spot, you down.
You down for good.
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