Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

If Y'Don't Know, Now Y'Know


Previously on Raising Kanan
Give me what you got, nigga.
You ain't gonna do shit, Famous.
[DJ MO CRAZE] This right here is Zisa,
and the track's called "Bruise."
I can't have Raq touching this label.
Assuming Crown Camacho's
dancing days are over,
I want half of his half.
Cartier ain't the type to just
let people walk away from him.
[RAQ] You and me reach an
agreement, I'll handle Cartier.
[COREY] So when you gonna
give me those digits?
- We not like that.
- Well, not yet we not.
[KENYA] Don't you see
I'm trying to save you?
Fucked up shit happen
to fucked up people,
and I'm fucked up.
So I'm sorry. I'ma try to do good now.
We said no more secrets, Kanan.
We did.
There something you wanna say to me,
you should probably say it.
I know you my father, man.
And I been knowin'.
If I do this, it's outside my family.
- Aah!
Oh, fuck.
His name was Marco Boselli,
Sal's son.
We found the person who was with Marco.
It's Dominic.
I'm a big believer
in balance and karma, Raq.
So I'm telling you,
your brother has to go.
- Hey, Marvin.
I think that Howard and Raquel Thomas
slept together when she was
underage, and Kanan Stark is his kid.
The thing that I can't
figure out is how this all
tracks back to the shooting.
Sam here says he's got an ID
on Howard's shooter.
Yeah, we already been down
that road with you, Sam.
I was fucked up that night,
but I remember now.
You need to get on this bus
and never come back.
If I see you again,
I gotta put you down.
[GROWN KANAN] Never got into dope.
Never wanted nothin' or nobody
controllin' me but me.
Ain't no pipe gonna tell me what to do.
When them drugs get ahold of you,
they grab you
by your motherfuckin' throat
and take everything you got
until there ain't nothin' left
but what you holdin'
in your grimy-ass hand,
and you still keep smokin',
'cause that shit your whole damn life.
Tryin' to do right
up in this motherfucker.
Look what you made me do.
Yo, Marv, man, I'm about
to get on that bus, man.
I got my ticket and my
motherfuckin' snacks right here
I couldn't have been any clearer, nigga.
I said go, and don't never come back.
Listen, I'm goin', Marv.
For real, you ain't gonna
never see Sam never again.
I'm just gonna be a rumor
on these fuckin' streets, man.
I'll be a damn ghost out here.
That bus done came and went, nigga.
We've passed that. Time to move on.
Yo, let me get this last hit then.

You ain't know I was an accountant.
Downtown fuckin' with them
Price Waterhouse niggas.
I have my CPA and all that.
Ain't that some shit?
Motherfuckers trusted Sam
with they money.
Had me countin' that shit,
addin' it up and all that.
I even had my own motherfuckin'
cubicle out this bitch.
Took one hit of this crack rock, though,
all that shit went up in smoke,
and here the fuck we are.
- And here we are.
- [SAM] Yo, Marv
sometimes in life,
you turn that corner,
and you can't go back again.

[GROWN KANAN] Everybody talk
about them crossroads
down south where you sell
your soul to the devil.
Fuck that.
I seen the devil posted up
on Guy Brewer,
and that nigga ain't buyin'.
He sellin'.
You pay him that dime,
he take your soul,
and he ain't givin' the shit back.
It's his and his for good.

[UNIQUE] You a wild girl, Raquel Thomas.
I'm about my business, 'Nique.
It's all these other niggas
out here wilin'.
Sal Boselli is comin' for you.
And I bet you told him where to find me.
Now, you know I ain't the
kind of nigga to go tellin'.
It's not who I am.
Sal's comin'. No doubt about it.
There's gonna be some blood
in our streets.
[RAQ] Our streets and their streets.
I ain't never been afraid of that.
It is what it is.
soon as this Jersey shit
is over and done with,
I'ma be worldwide.
New markets, new opportunities,
new money.
I could use heads
who know how this shit work.
You want me to hustle for you?
I mean, you already hustlin' for me.
I'm offerin' you something bigger.
This right here's the ground floor,
and we ain't goin' nowhere but up.
[UNIQUE] Know what?
I'ma have to pass, though, baby,
respectfully and whatnot.
You know, just I ain't built
to be nobody's employee.
Know what I'm saying?
Besides, me and Worrell,
we about to move on
to greener pastures and shit anyway,
set up our own shingle, so to speak.
Shit, you know how we do.
Well, as long as your business
don't bump into mine,
'cause my elbows
is real sharp these days.
You know, they broke the mold
when they made you, baby.
You ever catch feelings for me, Raq?
This nigga talkin' crazy.
They say most romances start
at the office,
heads bumpin' into each other
at the water cooler and whatnot.
I'm just wonderin'
if you ever favor me like that.
We ain't got no water cooler,
and the last time I checked, you and me,
we was tryin' to kill
each other for a hot second.
Well, you know what they say.
It's a thin line.
Stay up, though, baby.

Yo, if you gonna keep campin' out here,
I'ma need you to start kickin' in.
I scraped together what I could
to last us, like, another week,
but it's lookin' mad shaky after that.
Yeah, I hear you, brother.
Thing is, my pockets
not exactly fat lately neither.
Yo, what you think about
gettin' back on the corner?
And sellin' what, nigga?
That ass?
I could get us work, Fame.
Your ass gotta be down for the crime.
50-60 pieces like we had before
ain't gonna pay these bills, nigga.
We need more than that.
I got it.
And Raq just gonna give you that shit?
I don't need her to give me nothin'.
That shit is mine.
Shit been mine.

What the fuck?
Let me get in that booth.
I thought we were taking a
couple weeks off 'cause of Cartier.
I only said that 'cause
my parents got all scared
that him getting shot had something
to do with this music business.
But I told them Cartier
made enemies everywhere,
and nobody's getting murdered
because of a fuckin' song.
I made a beat for myself.
[LOU-LOU] Check you out.
I'm a artist, Lou,
a creator.

You better recognize.
Get in there.
Let's do this.

What's up, y'all?
Yo, I gotta get these shoes for work.
I'ma hit you.

So you thought you could just
play me like that,
you snitch-ass motherfucker?
You crazy fuckin' bitch!
That date was a setup
you, my moms, and the church cooked up.
Sister Kenya asked me to do it.
Said she was worried about
the choices you was making.
Wanted me to see if you like niggas,
and I told her you just a dyke-ass bitch
that's too ugly to get with me anyway
Got a dyke-ass bitch for you right here.
Come on.


Can I get with you now, nigga? Hmm?
Bitch, can I get with you now?
[OFFICER] Hey, enough! Grab her!

We all good, man.
Shit, we was just kickin' it.

Tell 'em, Corey, that's just
how we do. We just friends, man.
That's my guy.
I was just showin' him some love.
She jumped me, man.
That bitch sucker punched me
from behind.
Pussy-ass nigga saw me coming
and didn't do shit about it,
bitch-ass motherfucker.


[PERSON] Shit.
Aye, listen up.
I'm looking for Sam.
Any of you seen him around?
I'll get a wagon in here and
haul all you in. Anyone seen Sam?
[PERSON] Man, fuck Sam.
You seen him recently?
Yeah, man.
That nigga pockets
was all fat the other day.
He ain't wanna share
none of that love with nobody,
greedy-ass motherfucker.
Where's Sam been smokin'?
House at 107 and Inwood.
They be actin' all saditty
over there and shit,
'cause they spot got a heater.
Gotta know you before they let
you in the door and shit.
Man, fuck all them,
and like I said, fuck Sam.
You got an exact address?
[PERSON] Yeah.
1600 Smoke Spot Way, bitch.
Home of the fuckin' Fiend family.
Motherfuckin' cop
that don't know what
a crack house look like?
Fuck outta here.
Thanks for the help.
[PERSON] Fuck you, Five-O.

- Hey.
- Can I help you?
[SAL] Here to see Stefano.
Come on.
They're all right, Giorgio.
Stay here.
- Hey, Sal.
- [SAL] Hey.
- How are you?
- Good.
Good to see you.
[LAUGHS] I swear to God you got taller.
Is that possible?
You still growin', you cocksucker?
Or did I just get shorter?
That's what it is. I knew it.
Fuck me. I'm shrinkin', huh?
Jesus Christ.
You keep gettin' more handsome,
though, Stefano.
Hey, Sally, take it easy with that
That greasy Jersey bullshit of yours.
I'm not fallin' for it.
I got outta the shower this morning,
caught myself in the mirror.
Marone a mi,
my balls look ten years younger
than my fuckin' face.
Hey, uh, on a much more
serious note, I, uh
I was terribly saddened to hear
about the loss of your son.
I-I mean, it's it's unbearable.
Well, his mother and I, we're gonna
miss him for the rest of our lives.
[STEFANO] Of course you will.
No child should predecease their parent.
I appreciate the kind words.
I'll pass them along to Teresa.
[STEFANO] Please do.
[SAL] So, uh, I got an issue
in your neck of the woods here, Stefano,
and it could get a little hairy,
but before I got loud, I want to
make sure I checked in with you first.
She visited me.
- Who?
- The Tootsie Roll from Jamaica.
- She came here?
- [STEFANO] Uh-huh.
Fuckin' stones on her.
Please accept my apologies
for the bother.
I didn't want this
to become a concern of yours.
Yeah, well, little too late
for that, right, Sally?
All right, look, she told me
about your disagreement,
and I'm gonna tell you what I told her.
I don't want nothin' to do
with the fuckin' moolies.
All right,
this is your problem, not mine.
Our garbage goes out to Jersey,
not the other way around.
You deal with this quickly
and completely,
and then, Sally, do me a favor.
Stay the fuck on your side of the river.
You won't hear about it again.

Oh, hey, Sal. [CHUCKLES]
Eh, you know, your dark friend,
she did manage to buy herself
a 29-gallon tank,
couple of bags of bettas,
oscars, and some swordtails.
Let me get the biggest tank you got.
That a boy, that a boy.
Hey, Giorgio!
Show Mr. Boselli the Aqua Dream, eh?
Marone a mi, 394 gallons.
I mean, it's so big you could
race fuckin' Flipper in the thing.
- [STEFANO] Yeah.
- Okay.
- [STEFANO] Okay.

[ICE CUBE] Just wakin' up
In the morning ♪
Gotta thank God ♪
I don't know
But today seems kinda odd ♪
No barking from the dog no smog ♪
And Mama cooked a breakfast
With no hog ♪
I got my grub on but didn't pig out ♪
Finally got a call
From a girl I wanna dig out ♪
The fuck is you doin', Kanan?
Gettin' work.
Gettin' work? Is that what you call it?
'Cause to me, it look like you stealin',
and I know it ain't the first
time you done it neither.
We had a light count a while back.
I'm thinkin' that was you.
How the hell I'm gonna steal
from myself, Marvin?
This shit belong to me.
Your moms gonna need to know.
I don't give a fuck what she knows.

You're good.
Were you here at the time?
Did you see or hear anything?
Like what?
Mr. Ventura,
there was a kid shot to death
just a few feet away from where
I'm standing right now.
If you were here,
you would've heard something.
I guess I don't remember.
'Cause that's easy to forget,
someone gettin' shot right
outside your fuckin' door.
If anything happens to come to you,
reach out.

So 'Nique, he ain't know nothin',
and I ain't tell him shit.
That nigga 'Nique
only care about 'Nique.
- [LOU-LOU] Mm-hmm.
- I mean,
I can't blame him for that.
Look, I just wanted to know
if he was throwin' in
with these salami motherfuckers.
I got some shooters comin' in
to help y'all put in this work tonight,
and I got assurances from the don
out at the fish shop in Howard Beach
that he ain't gonna be steppin' in.
So ain't no cavalry gonna be
comin' in to back these fools.
No 'Nique, no other
macaroni motherfuckers.
It's just gonna be us and them,
straight up.
Look, I ain't even gonna lie.
All right, it's gonna get worse
before it get better.
That's the rhythm and flow of this shit.
It always has been.
You know, it ain't always
gonna be predictable.
There gonna be some twists and turns,
but once we show these
motherfuckers who we are,
ain't nobody gonna fuck with us,
not here, not there, not anywhere.
Look, in the big picture,
this shit ain't even
a bump in the road, fellas.
It's a lane change, that's all.
My foot is still on the fuckin' gas.


Executed, both of 'em.
Execution feels like a stretch to me.
They're crackheads, Burke.
They most likely died
over crackhead stuff.
Sam was gonna go on the record
about your shooting.
He already did.
He didn't have anything to say.
Well, he remembered something
the other day.
Said he bumped into the shooter
around the neighborhood,
and it knocked something open
in his head.
I liked Sam.
Hell, over the years,
he gave me some solid intel,
but he wasn't what anyone would describe
as a reliable witness.
What you gettin' at anyway?
Sam catchin' these slugs
is connected to my shooting?
I don't know. You tell me.
Is it connected?
You gotta stop
with this bullshit, Burke.

[RAQ] Hey, are you guys hungry?
- Y'all want something to eat?
- Nah, nah, we good.
Yo, I'll get with you later.
- Yo, you a'ight?
- Nah.
Not at all.
Remember when your little brother
used to be that nigga we could count on?
Still is, though.
Just don't want nobody
to get hurt, that's all.
Since when you start takin' up for him?
Kid done left you holdin'
the bag more than anybody.
He ain't hesitate when a motherfucker
took a shot at me, though.
Kanan came through Baisley today
to grab up a bunch of work.
Called him out on it.
Told him I was gonna dime him
out to you. He ain't give a fuck.
Just kept goin'.
How much he take?
Couple G-packs.
Look, I'ma deal with Kanan.
All right, you just focus
on the business at hand.
Show these Italians
that we not fuckin' around.


Laverne Thomas.
You been DAT'd.
By who?
How the fuck would I know?

When I'm gettin' sprung?
I guess when someone actually
gives a fuck about you.

[BURKE] Laverne.
Of course, it's you.
What can I say?
I guess I'm your guardian angel.
White cop's my guardian angel.
That shit don't sit right.
Bet you it sits better
than that holding cell.
Look, Laverne, I've helped you
out of some jams,
like this one, for example.
Now I need you to return the favor.
I need you to tell me something.
Is Detective Howard
your cousin, Kanan's, father?
So, the white detective's
my guardian angel,
and the Black one's Kanan's daddy.
You got it figured all the way out.
Is Howard Kanan's father, Laverne?
Kanan's daddy's Def Con.
That's why his last name is Stark.
Look, maybe you have
helped me out with some shit,
and I do owe you one,
so let me help you right here.
Your own people comin' for you.
Watch your back, Detective.
I don't know what that means.
That means maybe the niggas
you've been ridin' with
ain't checkin' for you
the way you think they are.
Maybe you got a target on you
like all the rest of us
out in these streets,
and that's all I can say.

Thanks for the assist up there.
Don't mention it.


- There he is.
- All right, all right.
How you doin'?
I took Washington and the points.
Fuckin' game goes to OT.
Knicks win by 11.
That's five in a row for them.
Startin' to think they might
be for real after all.
[KANAN] No shorts.
Got that work. What's up?
No shorts. No shorts.

Cop and move, nigga.
- 'Sup?
- What's up?
Yo, I thought your mama wanted
everybody off the corners.
Well, fuck my mother.
I ain't worried about her,
and you not neither.
Let's get back to this money.
How many, man?
That way.
Sorry for the delay.
Took me a minute to find the paperwork.
Like I said, it's not often
that someone comes
into our bank and says
that they have too much money
in their account.
I'm not sayin' it's wrong.
I just wanna know where it came from.
Uh, your former partner, Mr. Camacho,
sold 15% of his share of your business
to an outside investor.
You're looking at the amendment
to the bylaws of the corporation
that Mr. Camacho and this
investor signed and notarized.
Now, the agreement that
was struck between the parties
specified that in the event
of Mr. Camacho's death
or incapacitation,
his portion of the company
would be offered to this investor
for purchase at the current valuation.
The proceeds of said purchase would go
to Mr. Camacho's mother
after the requisite fees
and taxes were subtracted.
You'll see there
that the buyer's name is
Raquel Thomas.
And Ms. Thomas now owns
Mr. Camacho's share
of Bulletproof Records.
Occurs to me you two share a last name.
Any relation?

Y'all hit up that Russian Tea Room yet?
The only fish Abraham fuck with
is that Filet-O-Fish.
This a low-rent nigga over here.
I like my shit fried.
My brother Marvin and I are here
to kick this shit the fuck off.
With Cartier out the way, Abraham here
free and clear of that gun charge,
ain't nothin' else stoppin' us.
Now you tell me
how big a package you need,
and I'll get that shit to you
before the end of the week.
Fuck was that?
What's going on?
We don't need your package. We good.
Fuck you mean, you good?
How the fuck you good without me?
I cleared the decks for this shit.
I put the whole shit together.
The point of gettin' rid of Cartier
was to cut out the middle man,
and that's all you'd be in this deal,
just someone else
in between us and the dope,
takin' money out of our pockets.
We don't need that. We good.
We don't need you.
And we heard you got problems
with the Italians anyway.
We don't wanna get
in the middle of all that.
[RAQ] Yeah, where the fuck
you hear that?
Who talkin' to you about the Italians?
They went around us.
Y'all motherfuckers done
cut your own deal with Joaquin.

This is for Cartier and for
gettin' Abraham up off that case.
- We even.
- [RAQ] Nah.
We ain't even until I fuck you
the way you just fucked me, nigga.

And my meat is way bigger than yours.

Good luck.

I don't know what that cop's doin',
but I do know that none
of what he said is true.
This is why you wanted to meet?
I know you're scared, Laverne.
I know the police can be intimidating
and corrupt and unfair,
especially in communities like yours.
That's exactly why I need you
to help me make certain
that Detective Burke doesn't do
what she did to Nicole
to another young girl.
She exploited you both.
She plied you with drugs.
Drugs that
drugs that killed my daughter.
Detective Burke didn't do
anything to Nicole and me.
And she didn't give her those drugs.
Nicole found those rocks in my bag.
She took 'em without me knowing,
and she smoked 'em.
I don't believe you, Laverne.
I know that-that you are
so terrified of the police,
and that you would rather lie
and implicate yourself
rather than confront them.
I will protect you.
I will make sure they don't do
anything to you.
I don't wanna say it any more
than you wanna hear it, Mr. Bingham,
but I'm telling you the truth.
Nicole got that shit from me.

And I can't be a part
of lyin' on that cop.

I am so sorry, Mr. Bingham,
about Nicole, about everything.


No shorts. No shorts.
You've gotta be shittin' me.
[PERSON] Five-O!
Let's go, man!
You and I need to talk.
Well, I don't talk to police, so
Then I'll talk.

And you'll listen.

[GRUNTS] Really?


I need to talk to him.

That was my deal, Joaquin.
I brought it in, I set it up,
and you just gonna cut me out?
It was me.
Your friends came to the store
to talk to me,
and we discovered that there is a way
to work together without you,
which is better for everyone.
Yeah, well, it doesn't
work better for me.
With all due respect, this isn't
how business is done, Joaquin.
We don't sell out our business partners.
I know you know how this shit work.
You need to check your cousin.

I trust Juliana's business sense.
Yeah, well, this isn't business.
All right, she's still angry with me
for gettin' with 'Nique after
he grabbed her lil' ass up.
That's what this shit is about.

I can find another connect.
Then find one.
Yo, we done here.

Let's bounce before we say or
do somethin' we gonna regret.
You should listen to your brother.
You know, you fightin' above
your weight class, Juliana.
When you punchin' up, it ain't
about whether you can throw.
It's how you take.

[BURKE] So this is where you shot him?
This is where you shot Howard,
your father?
What the fuck
are you talkin' about, Five-O?
I know everything, Kanan.
Look, I don't know what you
think you know, but you don't.
Howard was workin' as an undercover
when he met your mom.
She worked as an informant for him,
and then their relationship
became something else,
and then you came along.
Come on, Def Con is my father.
- Everybody know that.
- [BURKE] Everybody thinks that.
But you and I know better,
and so do your mother and Howard.
Is that why you shot him,
because you found out
he was your father?
Because I know it's not
a good look to be a cop's kid.
It's even worse
when your mom was a snitch.
Yo, certain lines
that never get crossed,
not even by Five-O,
so for you to say some shit like that
Fuck it.
You just talkin' shit,
like all of you do,
tryin' to get in a nigga head
and make him cop to some shit
that ain't even real.
Fine. Up against the fence.
- I'm arresting you
- [KANAN] The fuck?
for possession and sale.
What? Shit!
Yo, I ain't even got shit on me.
Then I'll flake you.
What the this is bullshit!
Then tell me what I wanna know.

Now you fucked up, Kanan.

[BURKE] Kanan!
You can run, but I know
where to find you, Kanan!


What's goin' on?
Nothin'. What's goin' on with you?
I thought someone was robbin' the spot.
Why would I rob my own house?
Of course.
My bad.
Yo, just so I know,
when you say, "my own house,"
that mean you, uh
that mean you livin' here again?
I got tired of sleepin' on that
lumpy-ass bed at Aunt Raq's, so
Yeah, that shit was my
was my bed the whole time
I was growin' up.
No wonder you're such an asshole.
That might be it.
Um, I gotta do a run.
You wanna, um
you wanna hit Lamont's after?
Okay. Yeah.
By the way, um,
where's LT?
Um, I wasn't around enough for him.
Mutt got lonely and anxious and shit
and ate three pair of my gators.
Took him upstate to a breeder
who linked him up with a bitch
LT found a girlfriend and
and a family and a big-ass yard.
[SCOFFS] Good for LT.
That was nice of you.
We, um
we-we gotta take care
of each other, Juke.

We all we got.

So when were you gonna tell me?
I can't do this with you tonight, Lou.
Now, you know I just got back
from the bank, right?
Let's do the same shit again.
What you got?
You up in my label.
[RAQ] I been in the label.
Your piece was always my piece.
Now I got Crown piece too.
We keep havin' the same conversation,
but you don't wanna hear me.
Everything you have
is something that I gave you.
You hear what I'm sayin', baby brother?
You don't own shit.
You're rentin' from me, Lou.
I've bought and I've sold you
a hundred times over, son,
but you just too up
in your own shit to see it.
Was I up in my own shit last night
when I lit up them Jersey motherfuckers?
Or was I up in my shit when
you had me hit Kanan's boy?
Because I for damn sure
wasn't up in my shit
when we put down Scrap!
No, no, no, I put down Scrap, nigga.
You didn't have the heart for it.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
You wanna know something, Lou?
I fucked that shit up.
Scrap wasn't no snitch.
It was his damn mama.
Yeah, hittin' him like that
was a mistake,
and I gotta live with that, Lou.
I gotta accept that loss,
and I gotta move the fuck on.
Could you do that? Huh?
Could you carry that, nigga?
Because that's the job.
That's what I do,
because if I don't do that,
y'all don't eat.

[LAUGHS] We keep doin' this, Lou,
goin' over the same shit,
talkin' the same talk.
Then you're gonna You're-you're done,
and you're gonna walk away.
It's just noise, Lou.
Shit that you say
to make yourself believe
something gonna happen
that ain't never gonna happen.
You ain't goin' nowhere,
'cause there ain't nowhere
for you to go.
You know, I keep waitin'
for you to figure it out, Lou,
to see what's as obvious as the nose
on your motherfuckin' face,
but you ain't never gonna see it,
so I'm gonna have to say it
out loud for you,
so we can stop havin' these
fuckin' talks, 'cause I'm tired.
So let me make it plain. Hmm?
Let me make this shit real simple.
I own you, nigga.

Wait, wait, wait.
So you pushed her over and bounced?
She was gonna run me in on some bullshit
so she could keep pressing me
about what happened
between you and my mother
back in the day.
She know everything, man.
She don't know everything.
If she knew everything,
she would've never stepped
to you like that.
She thinks she know shit.
She just tryin' to make sure she right
before she run with it.
Yeah, well, I'm runnin'.
I got the most shit
to run from right now.
you, me, and your moms,
we all gotta talk face-to-face.
We gotta get our story straight,
come up with a plan.
No more bullshit.

[BURKE] All I'm sayin' is that
if something happens to me,
it's not gonna be what it looks like.
Howard's settin' me up.
And you're thinkin' all this
because of something
a fuckin' high school girl said to you?
She knows things, Adina,
and most of the time, she's right.

So what do you think Howard's planning?
I don't fuckin' know.
The more I know, the less I know.

[ZISA] Ooh, there you are.
I've been waitin' on you.
Need to get back in the booth.
I ain't workin' up in here,
not tonight, not ever again.
I'm grabbin' up my shit,
and I ain't never comin' back.
Bulletproof Records can burn
to the fuckin' ground far as I care.
What's happenin', Lou?
Same shit that's always happenin'.
My sister.

Yo, Marv here.
Knuckle up, put 'em up ♪
You ain't tough
Guard your grill, knuckle up ♪
I give 'em much business an Aspirin ♪
Damn, I love a glass chin ♪
What are you askin' for mercy? ♪
I'm laughin' huh, you know
The game, you know the name ♪
Give me the day's mathematics.
[NAUGHTY BY NATURE] You know the Vin ♪
And you know the yreach ♪
There's no sleeping ♪
No nodding, no restin' ♪
Hey, no snoozin' ♪
No dozin', no effin' ♪
Shit! I paid for three,
and you only gave me two, man.
- I gave you three.
- Two!
You just too fucked up.
You can't count that high.
The fuck he doin' back up here, man?
Yo, get him the fuck outta here, son.
You heard him. You gotta go!
Close the fuckin' door.
Yo, you ever notice
how all these crackheads
be some sorry-ass old niggas?
I try not to notice crackheads, man.
[UNIQUE] The fuck
I'm talkin' about, man.
These niggas be
the neighborhood punch line.
Young niggas clownin'
the fuck out of them.
Nobody wanna be a basehead, man.
Shit's a bad fuckin' look.
Which means this shit just might
be gettin' played out, Worrell.
Only old heads fuckin' with it.
Crack dyin'.
Business is changing, man.
We gotta change with it.
- Let's go.
- I got this shit.
- Roll the dice, bro.
- I got this shit.
- Roll the dice.
- Yeah, here we go. Here we go.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
That's what I'm talkin' about, baby.
Give me my fuckin' money.
We ain't even close to done
yet, motherfucker.
Yeah, whatever, nigga.
- You up.
- Yo!
You niggas can't see
I'm tryin' to do this count?
Shut the fuck up!

["DECEMBER, 1963"

[VALLI] Oh, what a night ♪
Yo, somebody at the fuckin' door.
[VALLI] What a very special
Time for me ♪
Yo, this nigga forgot his damn keys.

Oh, shit
Greetings from Sal Boselli.
[VALLI] You know I didn't
Even know her name ♪
I was never Gonna be the same ♪
What a lady, what a night ♪

Oh, I ♪
I got a funny feeling
When she walked ♪
- In the room ♪

- Ah!
[VALLI] Hypnotizing mesmerizing me ♪
- [UNIQUE] Fuck!
[VALLI] She was everything
I dreamed she'd be ♪
Sweet surrender what a night ♪

- Yo, get down!
[VALLI] I felt the rush like
A rolling bolt of thunder ♪
Spinning my head around
And taking my body under ♪
Oh, what a night ♪

[VALLI] Got a funny feeling
When she walked ♪
Yo, throw everything down the chute.
[VALLI] In the room ♪
- And my ♪
[VALLI] Oh, what a night ♪
[VALLI] Why'd it take so long
To see the light? ♪
Seemed so wrong
But now it seems so right ♪
What a lady, what a night ♪

Look. Me and Ready gonna cover you.
Go for the back stairs.

[VALLI] I felt the rush like
A rolling bolt of thunder ♪
Spinning my head around
And taking my body under ♪
Oh, what a night
Doo, doo, doo, doo-doo ♪
- [VALLI] Oh, what a night ♪
Doo, doo, doo, doo-doo
Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo ♪
Oh, what a night
Doo, doo, doo, doo-doo ♪
I hit him. He ain't goin' nowhere.
Oh, what a night
Doo, doo, doo, doo-doo ♪
Doo, doo, doo, doo Oh, what a night ♪


Yo, open the door.
Open the fucking door. It's Marvin.

Yo, over here. Yo.
Come on, son. I got you.
Come on.
He's not here.
Come on. We'll check the floor below.

[KENYA] Raquel.
Look, I know this is probably awkward,
or maybe even inappropriate,
but I, um
I figured I'd talk to you
mother to mother.
Yesterday, Laverne assaulted
Wait, where are my guys?
They just let you
walk up here like this?

Get down!


You should've stayed where you belong.
Just do what the fuck
you came here to do.

[GROWN KANAN] The game fuck up
a whole lot of shit,
turn friends into enemies
and enemies into friends.
But one thing you can't
change is where you from.
That shit run thick
like the blood in your veins.
It's like that DNA in you.
Tells you who you are,
who you gonna be,
and how you about to move
through the fuckin' world.
And not nothin' or nobody
can never change that.

[GROWN KANAN] Me and mines,
we're from Southside Jamaica,
Queens, nigga.
You heard?
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