Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e02 Episode Script



Previously on Raising Kanan
Your own people coming for you.
Watch your back, Detective.
[KANAN] Your partner's
gon' fuck us all up.
Don't matter she a cop or not, man.
- She know the score.
- If something happens to me,
it's not gonna be what it looks like.
So what do you think Howard's planning?
- [RAQ] With all due respect,
this isn't how business
is done, Joaquin.
I trust Juliana's business sense.
[RAQ] She's still angry with me
for getting with 'Nique
after he grabbed her little ass up.
That's what this shit is about.
I put down Scrap, nigga.
You didn't have the heart for it.
You wanna know something, Lou?
I fucked that shit up.
Scrap wasn't no snitch.
But when I say that I'm out,
she say she owns me?
Man, fuck Raq!
As more wrongfully imprisoned
men are released this week,
Detective Sacristano was found guilty
of manufacturing evidence
against at least ten men.
Police fuck with us,
we stay a step ahead.
At least that's how I did it.
Business change.
Sometimes you gotta change
with the shit.
[JUKEBOX] That was my song,
and you stole it.
- It ain't even like that, Juke.
- [JUKEBOX] What's it like then?
What about the military?
With your grades,
you might be able to sign up
for an officer candidate position.
Sal's comin'.
No doubt about it.
There's gon' be some blood
in our streets.
You fucked it all up, Sally.
The cops are fuckin' everywhere.
Your cleaning days are over.
[KANAN] No, Fame. Fuck all that, man.
I'm never going home again.
You ever catch feelings for me, Raq?
- They say most romances start
at the office,
heads bumpin' into each other
at the water cooler and whatnot.
I'm just wonderin'
if you ever favor me like that.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
Heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em Done shot ♪
At the rest of 'em, yeah
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break You're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
Don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
Still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
There'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
Right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
We do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it On this side ♪
I know heartbreaks Setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
You know, I ain't never figured you
for a butter pecan kinda girl.
Well, there's a lot you don't
know about me, 'Nique.
Is that right?
Well, you know I'm willin' to learn.
But Raq like to keep me guessin'.
I mean, we been kicking it
for what, like two weeks now?
And you still won't let a nigga
get comfortable in here.

Well, ain't nobody getting
comfortable in my house
but me and Kanan.
If he ever come around me again.
Why? What's up with you and Kanan?
Don't let me have to take off
my belt for that boy.
- 'Cause I'll do it.
[GROWN KANAN] You know how they say
you gotta have eyes
in the back of your head?
Like you need to see all
the shit just comin' at you
all the time from everywhere?
In real life, in this here game,
don't matter where your eyes at.
If niggas comin' for you,
they comin' for you.
And they might be in front of you
[GUNMAN] Don't even goddamn breathe.
[GROWN KANAN] or they might
be comin' from behind you.
Point is, don't matter
where they comin' from.
If they wanna get to you bad enough,
they gonna get to you.
[UNIQUE] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yo, Raq, what the fuck?
[GROWN KANAN] And don't matter whether
you see 'em comin' or not.
[KIDNAPPER] Let's go.
[PERSON] Okay, you would like to know.
Yeah, I would like to know. Right here.
Take this. This is for you.
Oh, wait. That's mine.
Right here.
Marvin, grab your drink, right?
Grab-grab your drink. All right, look.
Hey, I don't care where you from.
We toast to Southside.
Hey, yo, Southside in the house,
all right?
- Southside.
- [BOTH] Southside!
Fuck Raq.
Hmm? What's this?
We gonna need more drinks, obviously.
Hey, garçon!
More-more drinks, all right?
Chop-chop, nigga.
More alcohol.
I have enough women.


What is this, Stefano?
[STEFANO] Who the fuck is this guy?
He ain't got shit to do with this.
I'm Unique.
Who the fuck are you?
Me? I'm Priceless.
Yeah. Hey, sit him down. Sit him down.
Unique, huh?
Uh-uh, hey, I-I don't suppose
your mother came up with that one, huh?
[LAUGHS] Unique. How 'bout Unique?
How 'bout that, huh?
Hey, guys, you ever notice
the moolies
[LAUGHING] the fuckin' moolies,
they got all the best nicknames, huh?
And us fuckin' Italians,
we get the garbage.
We get bullshit like
"The Chin," "Scarface,"
fuckin' "Joe Bananas."
You know, they call me
"The Big Fish," fish.
But you people [SPEAKING ITALIAN]
you got the fuckin' best ones.
Unique, Fat Cat, the King of Pop.
Hey, hey, yo, yo, yo.
What do you say?
You got a good nickname for me?
This nigga want me to be his
fuckin' daddy and give him a name?
[STEFANO] Sally said you had
a mouth on you.
- [STEFANO] What are you?
What are you?
You two a you two an item?
Comin' through my kitchen door like that
in the middle of the fuckin' night?
You know that's not how shit is done.
Hey, fellas,
give us a couple of minutes, huh?
Hey, and take fuckin'
Ubiquitous here with ya.
Cut her loose.
[UNIQUE] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
You know what?
I actually do got a nickname for you.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
Little Linguini. [LAUGHS]
Little Linguini 'bout to get cooked!
Get the fuck off me!
Comedian, that one.
What the fuck you want?
[SINGER] What you do to me ♪
Mmm ♪
Knocks me off my feet ♪
Knocks me off my feet ♪
What you do to me ♪
Yeah ♪
What is you doin', man?
Uh, I'm sorry, sir.
You just hit the tray.
What? Man, you trying to blame me
'cause you don't know how to do
your fuckin' job?
All you gotta do
is deliver drinks, nigga.
That's it. How hard is that shit?
Hmm? How fuckin' hard is that?
[MARVIN] Yo, Lou, Lou.
- [LOU-LOU] How hard?
- Lou, take it easy.
Accidents happen. Honest mistake.
Honestly, he 'bout to
get his ass beat, Marvin.
Yo. Yo, man, um,
we done, finna saddle up.
Be outta here.
You fucking giving
this motherfucker money?
The girls done ran off.
Night's been over.
[LOU-LOU] Fuck that.
The night's just getting
started, Marvin.
Yo, you strapped?
I told you I ain't doing
that shit no more.
You really are good for nothin' now.
Look, sit tight for a minute.
And don't start no more shit.
[SINGER] What you do to me ♪
What you do to me What you do to me ♪
Yeah ♪
Driving me crazy, whoo ♪

Time for me ♪
Can melt iron with this thing.
Gets up to almost 3,000 degrees
in there.
Press a button.
- And in the blink of an eye,
it'll turn a human body
into a pile a dust.
This furnace made a lotta
my problems disappear.
I need you to get rid
of our friend in Newark.
You know, his-his shit with you is
is just the latest
of Sal's many fuckin' missteps.
Cocksucker's been a problem for years.
It's just the politics
of this thing of ours
prevents us from doing
what needs to be done.
You know, we have a code.
And "Thou shall not whack a boss"
is the first fuckin' commandment.
So you want me to kill Sal
'cause you and your goombahs,
you're too shook
to handle your own business?
You want him dead too.
We're on the same team here.
Thing is,
I ain't shootin' my way outta
problems no more, Stefano.
I'ma sit down with Sal,
we gonna have a conversation,
and then we gonna work it out.
I'm through with the other bullshit.
I'ma tell you like I told my own people.
I'm out the game.
I disagree.
You don't do this for us,
me and the rest of the Five Families
are gonna have to line up next to Sally
and bury you
and your whole fuckin' crew,
and we're gonna start tonight
with you and Unprecedented
or whatever the fuck his name is.
It's simple.
You kill Sal
or we help Sal kill you
and everybody you fuckin' care about.

You and these mafia muhfuckers more
scandalous than any
nigga on the Southside.

Keep talkin'.
Sal's holed up in the family manse
since his little dustup with you,
but he is venturing out
for certain family obligations.
And yours truly has an inside track
on those comings and goings,
you know, the kind of information
that would be invaluable
to someone who was tryin'
to get next to him.
I do this for you,
all my Italian problems, they squashed.
Me and mines, we're free and clear.
Hand to God.
From my lips to his ears.


Yo, how much?
How much what?
Money, man.
How much for a, um
for a gram?
You think I got coke?
Don't you?
Oh, because I'm Black, I
I sell drugs.
I-I swear to God, man.
Listen to me. We, um
yo, we-we both thought that you were
[LAUGHING] you were the guy
that we bought blow from
up here last week.
Oh, so now I just look like
every other nigga
you buy drugs from.
No. No, that's not what he meant.
White boys don't even know
what the fuck they mean.
Just for the hell of it,
let's say I-I did sell that cola.
How much you payin' me?
A couple hundred bucks?
For a gram?
Is that not enough?
Either of you got a pen?
Oh, yeah.

It's a nice pen.
This my pager number.
Hit me up next time you partyin'.
Tell your friends too.
Got you covered.
So, uh, you do sell drugs?
Hell yeah, but that doesn't excuse you
stereotyping a nigga like you did.
It's not right, cracker.

[KANAN] Yo, Famous.
Hurry the fuck up, man.
I'm lookin' for something, nigga.
The fuck are you looking for?
[PERSON] Corner of West 113th.
Read on the way. Go, go, go.
Uh-huh. Yep.
Hey, Jevon, hold up! I got a hot one!
Going rush order, 9 West 50 shh.
On 57th, yep.
Okay, understood.
Can you hang on a sec?
All right, uh-huh.
Pickup at Regent, goin' to 9 West, okay?
It's a rush.
All right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I got-I got my best kid on it.
Yeah, he flies. He, uh
the kid flies like a bird.
- Uh-huh.
Yo, who the fuck is that
that just moved into Palomar
and Corinne old crib?
- They slangin'?
- I dunno.
They got young niggas rollin'
through here all the time, though.
Maybe he got some work for us.
Hell no.
That's mad close to the crib, K.
We need the money, Fame.
I ain't trying to go back
to my mother's house.
Detective Shannon Burke
didn't stand for no bullshit.
Forgive me, Father, but you in a room
full of New York cops.
I gotta keep it real.
Uh, like I was sayin',
Shannon didn't tolerate
no bullshit from anybody.
See, she actually had two jobs.
She was a full-time cop,
and then she put in 40 more
hours every week bustin' my balls.
Yeah, Burke clocked in overtime
when it came to giving me shit,
and always asking questions,
second-guessing me,
challenging me all the time.
Drove me crazy.
I can't lie.
Even pissed me off sometimes,
but here's the thing.
She helped me become a better cop,
become a better person,
a better man.
In me, she asked for competence.
In herself, she demanded perfection.
And as hard as she could be
on her old partner,
she was way harder on herself.
Way harder.
And I just wish she knew
I-I wish she could accept
just how damn good she really was
how much she meant to all of us in here.
'Cause maybe if she did that
We wouldn't be sittin' here right now.

[RAQ] I was gonna change
the doors anyway.
Gonna make 'em sliding now.
So they want you
to put the old man down.
[SCOFFS] These meatball motherfuckers
always talk about how they got
a code and rules and shit.
Meanwhile, they just findin' loopholes
to stab each other in the back.
But we do this, though,
we done with them.
Score's settled.
Juliana keep hitting me
about the next re-up.
I gotta let these Colombians
know I'm retired.
They may not wanna see you
hang that jersey up, though.
Fuck them. I don't owe them shit,
especially how they did me
with Traymont.
Um, we have a couple keys
left over from Baisley.
I was wonderin'
if I could piece that shit out
in Manhattan, make a little
something-something for myself.
I'd break you off some of the proceeds.
Look, as long as you not movin'
it around the way, we good.
Do what you want, keep the money.
You gon' earn it all back
on the Sal Boselli work anyway.
Look, soon as Stefano give me
the time and the place,
you gonna have to make
these moves, Marvin.
You can't miss.

That was some awfully nice shit
you had to say about Burke,
especially considering
she tried to end your fuckin' career.
Yeah, believe it or not, Cap,
I ain't everybody cup of tea.
How you holdin' up?
Well, this Sacristano bullshit
keeps getting worse.
Three more convictions
got overturned yesterday.
That brings the total to 13.
I always wondered how Ralph's
clearance rates were so high.
Guess now I know.
That piece a shit cooked the evidence,
and now we got to clean up the mess.
Hey, look,
I don't know why Burke killed herself,
but as you going through her cases,
if you dig up anything dirty on her,
I need to be the first one to know.
I can't have no more bullshit
gettin' into the papers.
Where's IAD on her?
No, nothing too deep yet.
But it's in everyone's best interest,
especially Burke's family,
that we close the file on this
as soon as possible.
I'll keep a lookout.

I'm thrilled that you're
interested in enlisting,
but there is a process here, Laverne.
It isn't as simple as just
signing on the dotted line.
I just wanna know how soon I can go.
You'll have to take the ASVAB,
which is a standardized test
that measures your aptitude
in science, math, and language.
Don't sweat it, though.
You can't really fail this test.
It just tells us where your strengths
and weaknesses lie
and helps us direct you
to the appropriate branch
of the military.
I need to get outta Queens.
Like I said, it is a process.
After you take the ASVAB,
there is a whole day
of physical and medical evaluations
that determine whether
you can actually enlist.
Is that the shit to see
if I got flat feet or not?
'Cause I heard about that.
My feets is good.
Let's get you signed up
for the test, huh?
And we'll go from there.
[SCOFFS] Y'all up and down
my high school
fiendin' for recruits.
And when you get somebody
that actually wants to sign on,
they gotta take all these tests
and fill out all these forms.
[SUCKS TEETH] You need to get
your shit together, Uncle Sam.
Captain Burke, I'm Adina Foyle.
Gimme a minute.
Sorry, sir.

I know who you are,
and I don't have anything to say to you.
You shouldn't even be here.
There's something you need to know,
- something Shannon
- I don't wanna know any more
about you than I do already.
As far as I'm concerned,
whatever it was that you two were doing
is a big part of why Shannon
did what she did.

All right, who wants it?
- [KID] I'll take that one.
Let me hear it.
Let me hear it. Who wants it?
Okay, okay, boss. Go make some money.
Let's go. All right. Okay.
So I got a pickup over
on the Lower East Side
and then a double goin' up
to Times Square,
and then up to Midtown. Who wants it?
- Ay, knock it out, Primo.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
All right, now I got a local
headed to 88-12 Sutphin,
goin' over to the criminal court.
- Who wants it?
- 88-12 Sutphin?
- Yeah.
- That's a law firm, right?
- Londell and Brooke?
[FAMOUS' NEIGHBOR] Yeah, that's the one.
Pshh. Fuck them, man.
They don't even let us drink
from they water fountain.
[NEIGHBOR] Okay, well,
who wants to make some money
who isn't gonna get their feelings hurt
if they can't use
a fuckin' water cooler?
- Yeah? Come on. Let me hear it.
Let me hear it. Uh-huh.
What about you guys from down the hall?
You guys wanna make some money?
Always hirin'.
For what?
Courier service, my man.
We pick up and deliver anything
that can fit into a messenger bag.
We work all five boroughs.
How much y'all payin'?
60 for, uh, eight hours.
We pay cash.
How many jobs you do a day?
I don't know, uh,
on a slow day, like 10 to 15,
on a crazy, 70, you know?
And then I got 20 more that I can't do
'cause I don't got
the man power, all right?
Jevon, please, will you take this?
How much you make on a run?
I'm not gonna play
20 questions with you,
all right? Let's go. Let's go.
You want the
you want the work or not?
Nah, man. We good.
Thanks, though.
Yo, who you again?
Okay, Hell's Kitchen, who wants it?
Yeah? Let's go, okay, okay.
It's always good to know how
other niggas is makin' money.
Everybody got they hustles, Fame.
100 Grand Avenue, all right? Let's go.
We just gotta find ours.

I'm freezin' my balls off out here.
[PERSON] Sweetie?
He's gonna wear this one
to the ceremony,
and then he's gonna change into this one
- for the reception.
- Yeah, he's gonna look
- handsome.
You don't think the sailor
outfit is a little too much?
- [SAL] No, I like it.
- Feds are here.
- Special Agent Preston Tanner,
This is Agent Resmer.
Yeah. So?
But-but-but the video
of them i-is spectacular.
Oh, and the voice on Laverne.
Uh, have-have you seen it?
Don't know nothin' about no no video.
[JAMES] Oh, well, I-I have it.
I'll let you borrow it.
It-it-it will blow
your socks off, Marvin.
- I've-I've never had my socks
- blown off before, like, ever.
I'm excited
for what that might feel like.
Look who's home.
Mr. Bingham.
How are you?
I'm okay, Laverne.
Uh, h-how are you?
- Good, I-I guess.
Well, why you been keepin'
this guy from me?
[LAUGHS] Talkin', uh, ten minutes
- And we damn near
- best friends already.
- That's-that's right.
Get-gettin' along famously over here.
Yeah, and, uh, you you never told me
your dad was such a-a crack-up.
- [MARVIN] Oh.
- Never knew myself.
Anyway, um, as I was saying
to your dad before you came in,
uh, the reason why I stopped by
is 'cause I heard about
an opportunity that, um,
I thought you might be interested in.
So a-a golfing buddy of mine,
who is in the recording industry,
he, uh, told me about an open audition
for, um, a new girl group.
- Mm.
- Apparently it's
it's gonna be, like, a real cattle call.
Like, hundreds of-of girls
they're expecting to show up.
But I figured with-
with-with your talent
[MARVIN] And good looks.
and your good looks, I [MUMBLES]
you could have a real shot.
Right? So well, here, um,
here-here's my friend's information,
and, um, I-I told him
that you might be calling him.
- No pressure at all.
- Thank you, Mr. Bingham,
but I'm-I'm not singing anymore, so
Since when you stop singin'?
[JAMES] I just-I just thought
I should, um,
give you the information
because 'cause I know
that, uh I know
N-Nicole always, you know,
thought the world
of your voice, and-and, um,
I just-I just know
that she would've wanted me
to to share-share it with you
or tell you about it.
Well, I'll-I'll, um yeah?

Uh, Marvin, I've taken up
too much of your time,
but thank you for the beer,
and it has been
a, uh, a total pleasure, uh
Pleasure's been mine.

Well, take care, Laverne.
Why wouldn't you give this shit a shot?
I mean, you been wantin'
to do the singing thing
since you came out your moms.
I don't wanna do all that
no more, though.
I'm movin' on.
To what?
I don't know.

[TANNER] Thank you.
Mr. Boselli, I'm one of the lead agents
on an organized crime task force.
By law, I'm obligated to inform you
that we've picked up significant chatter
amongst your colleagues
about an assassination plot
targeting you.
I own a bowling alley.
Who the fuck would want
to assassinate me?
Our intel is rock-solid, Mr. Boselli,
and it's sourced
at the highest of levels.
Your friends want you dead.
So you're tellin' me that the, uh,
the guy who sprays the shoes
and the other asshole
that polishes the fuckin' bowling balls,
they want me dead?
What the fuck did I ever do to them?
I think we both know
that this has nothing to do
with your bowling alley.
If you were to cooperate
with our investigation,
we could discuss
an arrangement between us.
- We're done here.
- I'm offering you
and your family a lifeline.
But it's what we call
an exploding offer.
You have the next 60 seconds to respond
- or the offer's null and void.
- You know where the door is.
Whatever's going to happen to you
is going to happen soon, Mr. Boselli.

We need to talk.

I don't feel safe with him here.
And it's not just me.
Jerome went downstairs last night
to get a glass of water,
and Ronnie was just sitting
there on the couch
in the dark, staring at the TV.
My brother likes to watch
his stories at night, Pernessa.
Always has.
I don't see what the problem is.
The TV wasn't on, 'Nique.
Look, this shit is temporary, Pernessa.
Ronnie gonna be movin' out soon.
'Bout to get both of us some work.
Till then, you and 'Rome good.
Ronnie's just quiet.
- That's all.
We good.
What you think?
Thought you liked trucks.
It's not mine.
It's yours.
Get in.
Give it a test drive.
I ain't even got my license.
I won't tell if you won't.
[SINGER] Ayo, First come the money ♪
Get the money, money ♪
First come the money
Get the money, money ♪
First get the money
Get the money, money ♪
First come the money
Get the money, money ♪
When I was 16, I pushed
Packs to get the dough ♪
Broke the rules ♪

[BAPTISTE] Howard?
Howard, you know Ogden?
[SCOFFS] Queens Narcotics.
What the fuck brings you
to Siberia, Ogden?
You know nobody gives a shit about us.
Dead Italians.
These Feds are all over this thing
like flies on shit,
which means I gotta be a fuckin' fly
on a fly on shit.
[LAUGHS] Ogden's a part
of this Organized Crime Task Force
that's settin' up shop
here at the precinct.
Somebody's movin' up in the world, huh?
Six months till I put in my papers
and move to Tampa.
Now I gotta answer to Eliot Ness
and the fuckin' Untouchables.
These fuckin' feds,
they think they invented
the fuckin' fingerprint.
Whole thing's just
a giant pain in my ass.
Well, if you ever need somebody
to hit you
with them Southside highlights,
my door's always open.
Oh, I'm gonna take you up
on that, Howard,
'cause I could use
all the help I can get.
Ogden and I gotta talk this,
uh, task force shit alone
for a minute.
Just wanted you two to connect.
Do your thing.

How's it handle?
They sayin' that cop killed herself.
Howard's partner.
You think that's really what happened?
As much as they fuck with us,
police fuck with they own heads.

So they kill theyselves?
Like Scrap?
Yeah, like Scrap.
The car is nice.
But if I wanna ride,
I'll buy it myself.
If I was you, I'd hold on
to that thing real tight, man.
'Cause that right hand
of yours ain't shit.
Sticks and stones, Giorgio.
Sticks and stones.
if it isn't Unusual himself, huh?
To what do we owe this this pleasure?
Mr. Linguini,
how you livin'?
I see you muhfuckers take
that sleepin' with the fishes
shit seriously, huh?
Like these joints right here.
What's these?
Those are mandarinfish.
Very rare.
Very pricey.
You know, they-they only mate at sunset.
Females all group together on a reef,
do this fuckin' crazy dance.
Inspires the males to court them.
Of course the-the females
favor the biggest and strongest males.
- So just like in real life?
Guy like me wouldn't stand
a chance on that fuckin' reef.
[UNIQUE] You do all right, Linguini.
You got that sauce about you.
You know the females can smell
that from a mile away.
And you know, I am a
a hell of a conversationalist,
and that goes a long way
on land and sea.
You know, not for nothing, but, uh,
after the tone and tenor
of our first meeting,
I'm just a little surprised
to see you comin' through my door.
What can I say, man?
Business is business.
And I'm about makin' money, not friends.
Man after my own heart.
You know, I can respect anyone
who can let bygones be bygones.
Listen, man.
Can I bend your ear alone?
Hey, Giorgio, just steppin' out back.
Watch the phones.
Come on.

Have a seat.
[UNIQUE] So listen.
I'm very eager to get back
to work, Stefano.
I know you and your peoples
got y'all hands
on that heroin faucet,
and I was wonderin, '
maybe I could tap in with you
and we could make some moves together.
Raq know you're here?
Raq's done. She's out.
This part of the game
don't concern her no more.
I mean, at least
that's what she told me.
Yeah, that's what she told me too.
Sounded like bullshit to me.
You believe her?
Whether I believe her
or you believe her,
I think the question is more so
whether she believe herself.
I guess we'll let time decide.
Hey, look.
I appreciate your moxie.
You know what I mean?
Comin' here with humility
and grace and wantin'
to do business together.
I like that.
But, uh, you know,
this faucet, as you call it,
you know, it's not run
and maintained by us alone.
We have partners
that you would need to talk to.
Then they would have to
give you a thumbs-up
before we could move forward.
[UNIQUE] If you could just be so kind
and point me in the right direction,
that'd be greatly appreciated.
'Cause just like you,
I'm one hell of a conversationalist.
Uh, that you are, Unique.
That you are.
I need me onea these scooters.
[SINGER] With the tears, the cheers ♪
What's a dream The time is near ♪
My game face kicks lace ♪
I could be a scootin' type
of nigga right?
[SINGER] Can't stop grindin' ♪

Back against the wall
I done seen it all ♪
Stumbled, took some falls
Making all these scars ♪

[FAMOUS] Shit'd be a good look for me.
[SINGER] On my way to the top ♪
Through big lights and fog,
Cameras ♪

What're you doin' here by yourself?
[SAL] Remember when I, uh,
I taught Marco to ride a bike?
[TERESA] He got goin' so fast
down that hill.
He flew across the street
and straight into the DeFazios' pool.
Kid learned how to ride a bike
and swim on the same day.
And we've had a helluva ride, huh, T?
Wouldn't wanna do it
with anyone but you.
What's goin' on, Sal?
What did the FBI say to you?
Ah, nah, nothing, the usual bullshit.
They're just they're just hasslin' me
'cause they got nothing better
to do with their time.
You gotta promise me something, Sal.
That no matter what,
we are not gonna miss
that christening this weekend.
We have to cherish the grandson
that Marco left behind for us.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Even if we didn't approve of the puttana
he chose to be the mother.
Claudia's not so bad.
You're right.
[QUIETLY] She's awful.
Well, not everybody
could be as lucky as me.
Stop. You're embarrassing me.
Hey, hey, hey. You're embarrassed?
I'm the one should be embarrassed,
embarrassed that I got so lucky
as to land the prettiest girl
in Paterson.

I love you, Teresa.
More and more every day.
I love you too, Sally.
[PERSON] What you doin'?
Yo, got a delivery. Buzz me in.
[PERSON] Motherfucker,
you woke up my baby!
Yo, Lou!
- [LOU-LOU] What's up?
- [MARVIN] You sleepin'?
Nappin'. Why you bangin' on my door?
Yo, I need your help tonight.
Not puttin' nobody down,
just need you to be a lookout.
This for Raq?
Can't fuck with it. Good luck.

That's not gon' happen.
Came here to tell you myself,
I'm out the game.
This is hard to believe.
Our business together is done.
Well, we can very easily find
out if you have a new supplier.
[RAQ] If I had a new supply,
I'd tell you,
'cause I sure as hell
ain't scared of you.
I used to buy Newports from.
You speak Spanish.
My cousin and I wish you luck
and success
in whatever you choose to do next.
Our door is always open.
We'll be happy,
to see you, if you change your mind.
Well, if you see me again,
it ain't gonna be about happy.

[SINGER] Mama told me
I could be a doctor ♪
- Or the mayor ♪
- What up, 'Nique?
Y'all good, man.
[SINGER] The neighborhood baker ♪
- Tell Mama I'm sorry ♪
- What's up?
Whoa, whoa. No jeans, man.
He let us in.
I don't give a fuck what he did.
He pay me to maintain the dress code.
- Fuckin' Lees ain't cuttin' it.
- Whoa, what's going on, man?
He with me. All right?
He just got out.
You know what I'm sayin'?
His style ain't caught
all the way up yet.
Come on, Ronnie. Let's go.
Shit changed since you went in, convict.
Get up to speed.
Ronnie, come on, man.

What's up, ladies?
Wanna do some drinks?

I gotchu.

[NAS] Malcolm X
Catchin' the jungle fever ♪
King poetic, too much flavor
I'm major ♪
Atlanta ain't Brave-r
I pull a number like a pager ♪
'Cause I'm a ace
When I face the bass ♪
40-side is the place
That is givin' me grace ♪
Now wait, another dose
And you might be dead ♪
And I'm a Nike-head ♪
I wear chains That excite the feds ♪
And ain't a damn thing Gonna change ♪
Was born to gain
Nas, why did you do it? ♪
You know you got The mad-phat fluid ♪
When you rhyme It's halftime ♪
It's halftime ♪
Get off!

[NAS] Ayo, it's halftime ♪

Good, man?
Loosen up.
You just got out.
Have some fun for once, Ronnie.
This ain't me.
What you mean this ain't you?
A beautiful vibe, beautiful women.
Most niggas get they sentence flipped,
they wanna celebrate, man.
I'm not most niggas.
[NAS] In your stereo sets
Nas'll catch wreck ♪
I used to hustle ♪
Now all I do is relax And strive ♪
When I was young
I was a fan of The Jackson 5 ♪
I drop jewels, wear jewels
Hope to never run it ♪
With more kicks than a baby
In a mother's stomach ♪

[PAUL] Okay.
I mean, I-I'm genuinely confused.
Uh, you-you want me to work for you?
Is that right?
I want us to go into business together.
[LAUGHING] Okay. I mean, uh,
you're in high school, my man, so
That don't mean
I don't know how to get paid.
Look, I'll throw in a bonus
for every delivery you make for me.
Okay, so you wanna use my drivers
to deliver weed around the city?
And you-you're gonna pay me to do it?
I got the connect. You got the couriers.
Me and Famous'll handle all the calls
and get your boys the packages.
They drop 'em off, you charge me.
It ain't even no risk for you.
- All upside.
- [PAUL] Okay.
We would still have to negotiate
my bonus number, right?
And you'd have to pay my guys.
[KANAN] That's fine.
We gonna be makin' double
what they bringin' in
now anyway, maybe even triple.
I need to think about it.
Look, don't take too long.
'Cause you not the only muhfucker
in New York with niggas on bikes.
There's my niece. [EXHALES]
Get in here, girl. Come on.
You know, I can't lie.
I was a little surprised
you came through.
You wanna sit down, or
The last time I messed with you
on this music shit,
you fucked me over.
Straight stole my song.
- And I'm tellin' you now
- [LOU-LOU] Look.
'Fore we even get into all that
I'm sorry about your moms, Juke.
Always thought
that Kenya was good peoples.
She just had her own shit.
It happens like that sometime.
And on your song

you were right.
I messed up.
Not even just with you.
There's a whole lot
I wish I could take back,
that I could do over again.
But what I did to you was ill.
And I'm sorry for it.
Really and truly.
I fucked up, and I hurt you,
and it's all on me.

I'm sorry about your girl.
Zisa didn't deserve to go out like that.
None of us deserve
any of this shit, Juke.
uh, I might have
this audition comin' up.
It's for a girl group.
I been goin' back and forth
on whether or not
I'm gonna do it, but
Y-you're doin' it.
You're doin' it.
I mean, and you're gonna win.
It's what you do.
Ain't even no question.
And you gonna run a table
on all them lil' bitches.
If I do decide to do it
I could use your help gettin'
ready for it.
All right, a girl-girl group.
Got it.
So Juke is on a En Vogue tip.
Let's do this.
Let me hear what you thinkin'.

Oh, yeah.
[ADINA] I appreciate you
meeting with me.
Just trying to make sure
another promising detective
doesn't throw her career away
like our friend just did.
I know nobody in the department
wants to talk about her,
but I need you to know
Shannon told me she
Ah, Foyle, I'ma stop you right there
because, to be honest,
even speaking Burke's name
out loud is a fuckin' felony right now.
Inappropriate relationships
with minors, drugs,
tryin' to deflect her own dirt
onto her partner.
Now her bullshit is gonna keep IAD busy
for the next 18 months.
There's no real proof of any of that.
In a situation like this,
it's not about the fire, Foyle.
It's about the smoke.
And Burke had so much smoke around her
she couldn't see her own hand
in front of her fuckin' face.
Let Burke rest in peace,
for her sake and for yours.

[FACTS OF LIFE] You got the time ♪

I got the time ♪

You got the feeling ♪

I'm gonna make it All right ♪

Watch where you're headed ♪
Oh, you better watch ♪
Watch where you go ♪
- Hi.
- Yeah ♪
You got attention, baby Yes ♪
But you gonna let it show
Show, show, show ♪
I'm climbing uphill ♪
Lord, I got you
While I'm climbing uphill ♪
You know I've got your life ♪
Uphill, baby Lord, have mercy ♪
You have asked to have
your child baptized.
In doing so, you are accepting
the responsibility
of training him in the practice
of the faith.
It will be your duty to bring him up
to keep God's commandments.

[FACTS OF LIFE] I got the time ♪

- You got the beat ♪
- Shit.

To move on down the line ♪
Yo, take us over to the other side.

[FACTS OF LIFE] You won't
stay you loved him ♪
No, no, no ♪
And you won't share Your heart ♪
No, no ♪
You keep your self imprisoned ♪
- Baby, yes, sir ♪
Don't want no, no part ♪
Hey, yeah ♪
But I'm climbing uphill ♪
Lord, I've got you
Now I'm climbing uphill ♪
You know I got your back ♪
Uphill, baby Lord, have mercy ♪
I have got to find ♪
I have got to find myself
Some peace of mind ♪
Peace of mind ♪
I have got to find myself ♪
Some peace of mind Peace of mind ♪

Well ♪
[GROWN KANAN] You put in
this kinda work,
you gotta make peace with the fact
that you most likely ain't
gon' see your kids grow.

And even if you do,
you gon' take mad losses along the way.
A lot of sad singin'
and flower bringin'.
- [TERESA] He's sleepin'.
- [SAL] Yeah.
[TERESA] I know what I wanna do.
Let's do some photos on this step.
- Okay.
- Let's do photos.
[GROWN KANAN] You lucky
enough to go gray up in this muhfucker.
You gon' bury damn near every friend
you ever had,
every nigga you ever ran with.
Truth is, though,
when it's your turn to go,
whenever and however you go,
you gonna be alone.
Just gonna be you and your god.
You all by yourself when
you take that last breath.
In your own head.
Dyin's some lonely-ass shit.
But bein' alive ain't
no team sport either.
We all doin' this shit
out here on our own.
Go, go, go!

[FACTS OF LIFE] I'm climbing uphill ♪
Lord, I've got you
While I'm climbing uphill ♪
to tell ourselves different
[FACTS OF LIFE] Uphill baby
Lord have mercy ♪
[GROWN KANAN] but we just lyin'.
I have got to find myself ♪
Some peace of mind ♪
I have got to find myself
Some peace of mind ♪
We die just how we lived
[FACTS OF LIFE] I got the time ♪
[GROWN KANAN] alone as hell.
[FACTS OF LIFE] You got the need ♪

To move on down the line ♪
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