Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e03 Episode Script

Open For Business


[RAQ] Previously on Raising Kanan
Crazy that you out, man.
[RONNIE] Before I went in,
we had niggas
out on these corners
gettin' paid.
Raq makin' money off your back.
Bitch got you out in New Jersey
makin' a nickel on $500.
Cheers, Marvin.
I think we both learned a lot here.
I might have this audition comin' up.
You're doin' it. You're doin' it.
I mean and you're gonna win.
It's what you do.
[PAUL] So you want to use
my drivers to deliver weed?
I got the connect. You got the couriers.
This is my life. She put down your boy.
D-Wiz? She tell you
she had me do it?
She just wants it
to fuck with me forever.
Let me make this shit real simple.
I own you, nigga.
I know you and your peoples
got y'all hands on the heron.
Maybe I could tap in with you,
and we could make some moves together.
We have partners
that you would need to talk to.
The more I know, the less I know.
All I'm sayin' is, something happens to
me, it's not gonna
be what it looks like.
I know it was you.
- Captain Burke.
- I'm Adina Foyle.
- I don't want to know
any more about you than I already do.
I need you to get rid
of our friend in Newark.
I do this for you, all my Italian
problems, they squashed.
[BOUNCER] Whoa, whoa. No jeans, man.
Whoa, whoa, what's goin' on, man?
[BOUNCER] Shit changed
since you went in, convict.
Get up to speed.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
Heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money
Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot
At the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme
Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break
You're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
Don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it
Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
Still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
There'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
Right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
We do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it On this side ♪
I know heartbreaks Setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
- Man, VIP got crazy.
- [PERSON] Mm-hmm.
Ten bag, you had to fight
to get 'em out.
- Same time next week?
- I got you.
[RONNIE] Anybody rockin' Lee's tonight?
- I know you?
- [RONNIE] Don't matter.
I know you.

Gonna get me some Girbauds
for next time.
What you think?


Federal agent, show me your hands!
don't do nothin' stupid.

Don't tell me, my fucking goldfish
stuck up another 7-Eleven.
These cocksuckers just won't
stay out of trouble.
What do you know
about Sal Boselli gettin' hit, Stefano?
Only that it was a terrible tragedy
and, uh and an unspeakable loss
for those of us who knew and loved him.
[FITZGERALD] Looks like
he's got three of them.
[STEFANO] Three of what?
What the fuck's he talkin' about?
We got a tip about you selling
red arowanas.
They're an endangered species,
and selling them is a violation
of the Lacey Act.
How long did it take you to come up
with that happy horseshit?
I don't even know
what a red fuckin' Pocahontas
- looks like.
- Red arowana.
And we're not sure
what it looks like either,
which is why we're gonna bring you in
until we can get this all sorted out.
As I live and breathe
with this bullshit.
The good news is,
thanks to your friend here,
we've got ourselves a gun charge, too.
I once heard fish grow
to the size of their tanks.
Fish in a small bowl stays small.
But you put that same fish
in a big bowl,
he gonna bulk the fuck up.
He gonna fill that motherfucker.
You give a nigga space,
he gonna take it.
It's all about movin'
to that bigger bowl
and spreadin' your shit out,
makin' it yours.
And in this game,
the bowl ain't a place.
That shit is a state of mind.
So you gotta always be
askin' yourself,
you a little fish or a big fish?
[KANAN] Yo, Famous.
- Wake the fuck up, man.
What'd I tell you about wakin'
me up before lunch?
Nigga, I've reached out to Semrad.
He's expectin' us, like, now. Let's go.
I already told you, K,
I ain't feelin' that whole weed thing.
I don't shit where I eat, man.
I don't even know
what the hell that mean.
Get the fuck up. We 'bout to be out.
[FAMOUS] Ten more minutes.
Ten more minutes, nigga. Damn.
Fuck it.
What you gotta do ♪
My ♪
Wild, sweet love ♪
Knowin' maybe ♪
That I'll never ♪
Kiss your sweet lips again ♪
Yeah ♪

[LAUGHING, CHEERING] Yo, that's my girl.
You killin' it, baby.
Blowin' the doors off in here.
You already done gone platinum.
How'd that feel towards the end?
It felt good.
Uh, I think I'll come in a little big
on that last riff, though.
We gonna go up in that audition
with a fully mixed track
so nobody can fuck it up.
[MARVIN] Oh, yo.
Um, what if you
what if you started when the beat drop?
I heard that, got my feet movin'.
Let's go from the top again.

[TOEJAM] Whoa!
[KANAN] When somebody want that smoke,
they gonna page me.
I have messengers all over the city.
And I'm gonna send the closest one
to that customer.
That's it. Door to fuckin' door.
I already got door-to-door.
Except mine's easier.
They come to my door.
I don't go nowhere,
and I make all the money.
[KANAN] This delivery shit
is a premium service, though, Semrad.
- And that means
premium pricing.
So, even with me takin' a cut,
you'll be makin' more bank
with way less risk.
Ain't gonna be no motherfuckers
linin' up in your hallway
or smokin' up outside,
which I know seems
convenient to you, but
ain't gonna feel like that
when the neighbors
start complainin' to the police.
What about your boy Famous?
Is he a part of this?
'Cause I ain't fuckin'
with him he's sloppy.
[ROMERO] Famous came through
the other day,
smoked up and ate my entire box
of Cap'n Crunch.
[SEMRAD] How many times I gotta tell you
to just play the game, Romero?
He ain't wrong, though.
Famous ain't about shit.
You gonna be dealin' with me
and only me.
A'ight, then.
Let's give this shit a whirl,
see what you got.
But if I don't like the way it works,
I'm not gonna hesitate
to dead the shit.
Semrad, if you like gettin' paid
you gonna love how this shit work.

[LAWYER] Unless Mr. Marchetti's
being charged with something,
- he has nothing to say.
All right? The fish in question
were saratogas, not arowanas,
so the Lacey Act violation
doesn't hold water,
which means the gun charge,
which comes
from the same poisonous tree,
is also null and void.
Well, you win some, you lose some.
Special Agent Andrew Higson,
Mr. Marchetti.
I'm the guy that invited you
and all your friends
to this get-together.
You should be aware
that we're putting down stakes
in Queens, Stefano.
Seems like there's a lot goin' on
in your neck of the woods
these days.
And we know everything
that happens out there
comes back to you
Camacho, the dope,
all the dead Boselli guys
in the projects.
We're gonna find out
what exactly went down
with Sal and who hit him
because we know you know.
Yeah, like you knew a fuckin'
saratoga was an arowana.
- [LAWYER] Let's go, Stefano.
We're done here.
Agent Tanner, you know, uh,
I'm a small-business owner.
I trade in exotic fish.
And I think the fact
that the FBI sees fit
to harass a modest merchant like myself
is everything that's wrong
with this country.
I'll see you around the campus, Stefano.
- [STEFANO] Yeah, yeah.
He trades in exotic fish, Preston.
Yeah. He trades in bullshit.
[HOWARD] Federal task force
opened up shop in my precinct.
They lookin' into all
the New York crime families.
Bein' that you just redecorated
your old crib
with a bunch of dead Italians,
South Jamaica's ground zero
for the investigation.
I'm out.
[HOWARD] You ain't out
till they say you out.
NYPD might have bought
that shit about Crown,
but the Feds is gonna dig deep.
Shit, for all we know,
they already watchin' you.
You got any loose ends out there,
you better tie 'em up real tight.
[SCOFFS] Your ends a whole lot
looser than mine, Detective.
That dead partner of yours
all tied off yet?
She killed herself.
And it was a real fuckin' tragedy.
The whole department's mourning.
Show some goddamn respect.

Look, other day I saw Kanan
out there with some cats.
- Ain't look kosher to me.
- Who?
[HOWARD] Some fools I ain't seen before.
And we can't have Kanan
out here fuckin' up.
He get in trouble,
get on the Feds' radar,
they get to sniffin' around,
and bring down the whole house of cards.
Kanan ain't no fool.
We straight.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm sure you gonna get
past it soon, though.

[RAQ] Kanan! You in there?
Oh, shit. Oh, sh
[RAQ] I can hear somebody
in there open up.
[FAMOUS] Damn it.
Good morning.
- Where Kanan?
Um, bounced while I was still asleep.
Right, you know who he with?
Uh, dude from school, I think.
Who he been kickin' with, Famous?
'Cause I'm hearin'
he got some new friends
and that they the wrong kind of friends.
Kanan got new friends?
I shit, I didn't know that.
Hey, I-I should get new friends.
All I got's the old, tired ones.
[RAQ] What's all this?
Um, people leave their shit
here all the time, you know?
Really, um
[RAQ] Well, um
to give you both this.
That's mad nice of you.
If you and Kanan need anything,
you come to me, got it?
I got it.
What the fuck?

When the police on you,
you stare straight ahead.
When the Feds fuckin'
with you, though,
you lookin' over your shoulder.


[RONNIE] You late.
Had to handle some shit for Jerome, man.
Still late.
Why aren't we up and runnin'
and makin' this money yet?
[UNIQUE] Tryin' to get this workout in,
first thing this nigga
wanna talk is business.
Like I said before, Ronnie,
still gettin'
some shit together right now.
- Gonna take a little minute.
While you take your minute,
Raq eatin' our fuckin' lunch.
[UNIQUE] Listen, man
you ain't gotta worry about Raq no more.
She done, out the way.

[RONNIE] If Raq breathin', she hustlin'.
Should've took her out back in the day.
Never too late for that, though.

[JUKEBOX] Oh, I've always
Known you'd go ♪
And do what you gotta do ♪
- Hey.
[RAQ] Could hear you singin'
from outside.
Them other girls
should just stay the hell home
'cause they don't stand a chance.
[JUKEBOX] My dad told you
about the audition?
[RAQ] Mm-hmm.
Now, you know I can't let you
get up on that stage
without something special from me.

Aunt Raq, it's beautiful.
Let me see it on you.


It's gonna go perfect
with them earrings you got on.
I love it.
Gonna look like the superstar
that you are.
- Thank you.
- [RAQ] Of course.
Now, you gonna let me know how it goes?
Don't let me have to hear it
from your father,
'cause you know I can't get
- no straight story outta him.
- I love you.
- [JUKEBOX] I love you, too.
[RAQ] Mm.
Ah, by the way,
you know anything about what
Kanan gettin' into over at Famous'?
Uh, I ain't seen Kanan in a minute.
Been so focused on gettin'
ready for my audition.
Of course.
But if he is gettin' into some shit,
you know I need to know
about it, Juke.
No doubt.

They gonna hear you tomorrow,
and they gonna forget
about everybody else.
- Promise you that.

We doin' this shit.
Round up Paul's crew,
get this motherfuckin' show on the road.
This seems stupid to me.
All these police everywhere right now.
I don't know.
What the fuck is up with you?
I figure out a way to get us paid,
and all you do is shit on it.
Meanwhile, you sit
around all day,
get high, and eat Semrad kid
Cap'n Crunch.
Romero's snitch-ass told you
That little motherfucker
wouldn't last a minute on these streets.
And neither are you with your broke ass.
Famous, if you ain't got money,
you ain't got shit, man.
Your moms brought this through.
Said we need anything, she got us.
We don't got to hustle no more.
Raq lookin' out, K.
Uh, you let my mother in the crib
and took money from her?
I No, uh
I don't take nothin' from her no more,
especially not her fuckin' money.
You let Raq in this crib again,
I'm fuckin' you up, nigga.
You hear me?
We fuckin' with Semrad on this,
and we not talkin' about it again.


[GAMBLER] Oh, yeah!



The Italians didn't tell me
you were young.
Same for you, man.
But unlike you,
I have my crew behind me.
Someone painted the walls
with your people out in Newark.
You're alone.
Well, as you can see, I'm still here.
And I ain't goin' nowhere.
You see,
when shit get real for me,
I don't run.
I don't get on no raft or no inner tube,
whatever the fuck it is
you floated here on.
I stay in my fuckin' war.
I stand, and I fight.
Here's how it works.
My people in southeast Asia
put the heroin on boats.
It gets unloaded in Canada.
Then the Italians
truck it down to New York.
From there, it gets disbursed
through local distributors.
Up until now,
we've kept it close
only work with people we know.
But the fishmonger vouched for you,
and that counts for something.
We'll start you with a small
package, see how you do.
You'll use my cousin's Chinese
restaurant for distribution.
It's in your neighborhood.
While I appreciate the look
I'll find my own spot.
You either sell
out of my cousin's restaurant,
or you don't sell at all.
Why the fuck you need me
if you could go to your cousin?
My cousin's Chinese
and I don't fuck with the Chinese.
What you mean you don't fuck
with the Chinese, man?
All you people is from the same
cradle of civilization.
I don't understand.
Chinese think they're better
than the rest of us,
act like they own the fucking place
and everyone else is just renting.
Motherfuck the Chinese.
So how you got a Chinese cousin, then?
'Cause I have a Chinese wife.

Can't help who we love.
Ain't that the damn truth.
So this restaurant guy
is your wife's cousin.
She's been on my ass to help him.
It's one thing to be married
to a Chinese,
another thing altogether
to be in business with one.
are we good?
Fuck it.
I've been feelin' that
sweet and sour lately anyway.
Most of their food's shit.
Wouldn't feed it to my fuckin' dog.
They got a couple soups I like, though.


- [RONNIE] You get my shit?
Where is 'Nique?
Weren't you just at the gym with him?
I was at the gym with him,
but I'm not with him now.
So I don't know where the fuck he is.
Maybe he got himself
a side piece.
Maybe that's where he at.
Fuck you, Ronnie.


[BAPTISTE] What can I do
for you, Detective?
We overrun, Cap.
[SCOFFS] Who you tellin'?
This morning was a goddamn circus.
All these reporters
tryin' to bust in
because they thought
these Mob guys
that got rounded up got brought here.
The Feds keepin' you
in the loop on all that?
[BAPTISTE] What do you think?
I'm a piece of furniture to them
somethin' they move around
to get where they're goin',
unless they need something,
that is,
in which case they sit down
a get way too comfortable.
Meanwhile, between Sacristano's
never-ending pile of shit
and Burke's fuckin' skeletons,
I'm buried over here.
Whoa, whoa.
I thought IAD was easin' off of Burke.
They're tryin'.
Last thing the department needs
is more bad PR.
But Detective Foyle won't stop
pressin' the issue.
- She's makin' a lot of noise.
- Foyle?
[BAPTISTE] Burke's special friend
from the Five-Eight
you know her?
She's on a mission
to exonerate Burke,
and she's keepin' this thing
on IAD's front burners
until she does.
Burke's gone.
It don't even matter no more.
Tell that to Foyle.

I ♪
Know I loved you better ♪
Than your own kin did ♪
Than your own kin did ♪
Yeah ♪
[YOUNG MC] This here's a jam
For all the fellas ♪
Tryin' to do
What those ladies tell us ♪
Get shot down
'Cause you're overzealous ♪
[MARVIN] How you livin', John?
[YOUNG MC] Okay, smarty ♪
[MARVIN] What's good, Craig?
[YOUNG MC] A chick walks by
You wish you could sex her ♪
But you standin'
On the wall ♪
Yo. You finish that track for Juke yet?
Oh, that been finished.
That audition is about to be
off the hook, man.
Hey, these Wall Street
motherfuckers is a'ight.
They paper a'ight.
They slick.
Probably even slicker than us.
Who the fuck paged me 911?

Who this?

- Mm.
- [MARVIN] Yo, I'ma bounce.
We just got here.
Got some shit I gotta handle.
Catch you tomorrow.
Yo, man, don't get
into nothin' stupid tonight.
All I'm doin' tonight
is livin' and let live.

[UNIQUE] What's up, baby?
What, you lookin' for someone else?
Just makin' sure there ain't
nobody there that don't belong.
Thought you said that shit
with the Italians was dead?
Hmm. Well, it ain't
the Italians I'm checkin' for.
[UNIQUE] You found out
this white neighborhood
done turned you white, baby.
Hmm. Nah, ain't nobody
turnin' me into nothin'.
Remember that.
[UNIQUE] We'll see about that.
Oh, we will.
[SINGER] You know
They left me drownin' ♪
Please, baby, I'm beggin' ♪
For you to stay at home ♪
Tonight ♪
Let's start our love again ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
We can be more
Than just friends ♪
[SINGER] It is go ♪


What can I get you?
Where'd you get this record?
Uh, the record store?
That's my father on the horn
Elijah Thomas.
E Train was your father?
What you know
about Elijah "E Train" Thomas,
white lady?
I tended bar at a jazz club uptown
30 years ago.
I knew all the musicians
that came through.
Your dad was one of those musicians.
Shirley Beaumont.
Lou Thomas.
Of all the gin joints
in all the towns in all the world,
Eli Thomas' boy walks into mine.
How 'bout that?
What are you havin', Lou?
Whatever single malt
you got back there, Shirley.
- [SHIRLEY] Yeah?
- Up.


I'm sorry about what happened
to your dad.
Nothin' happened to him.
Did it to himself.
Gave up on livin'
just like he did music and boxing
and everything else he fuckin' tried.


Crib still look empty, baby.
Lotta space to fill in.
- It's on my list, Bob Vila.
You know, it's been a lot goin' on.
- Gotta figure out
how to wash all this money
I got left over.
Shit just collectin' dust
in a storage unit.
You could definitely spread
some of that around in here.
[RAQ GROANS] Not enough.
Gotta make a bigger move
with that money.
While you make a bigger move on that,
I'm gonna make a bigger move on you.

Do what you gonna do, then, boy.

Who the fuck are you?
Marvin. Who the fuck are you?
Where's our money, man?
Let me see my mans first.
A'ight. Come on back.
- Ta-da!
Goddamn, Gerald.
I fucked up, Marvin.
I fucked up bad.
[CHUCKLES] Whoa, whoa.
You got our money or not?
Only reason this motherfucker's
still breathing
is 'cause he said you were good for it.
- How much?
- Five.
He told me three on the phone.
[DEALER] You gonna believe him?
He doesn't even know
what his own fuckin' name is.

Pleasure doing business with you.
Let's go.

[SIGHS] All right.
We gettin' the fuck outta here.



Yo, Gerald, where you stay at?

Yo, G.



So your mans at the fish spot
put me on with his dope connect.
You ain't waste a minute, huh?
Right back at it.
Seize the motherfuckin' day, right?
Watch your back with them Italians.
They slippery as hell.
Raq worried about me?
I don't want no drama around me, 'Nique,
and you around me now,
and I ain't tryin' to have
no mess comin' along with you.
I'm around you.
[CLICKS TONGUE] You around me.
Ain't that some shit?




[SINGER 1] Caught in a twist
With no head ♪
Piggity pow ♪
Guess who's on niggity now ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Got the whole damn ♪
Crickety crowd Like we wiggity wow ♪
[SINGER 2] I freakity freak the funk ♪
I'm known for pimpin' ♪
I diggity make more dough ♪
Than that nigga Homer Simpson ♪
[SINGER 1] On a mission to rock it ♪
[SINGER 2] I'm flippin' the profit ♪
[SINGER 1] Two for the consumers ♪
Once they listen Then they cop it ♪
[SINGER 2] The language
That I'm speakin' as an MC ♪
You're throwin' 'em back fast.
[LOU-LOU] This a bar, right?
Throwin' 'em back
is what you do in a bar.

Think of the good times, too, please.
[HECKLER] What the fuck
kind of open mic is this?
Fuckin' call that singing?
What kind of bullshit is this?
Shiggety shit, fuckety fuck.
Get some real musicians up there.
Yo, why don't you respect
the performers on the stage?
Or me and you 'bout to have
a real problem.
How 'bout you respect me, asshole?
And get out of my fuckety-fuckin' face.
- [BOUNCER] That's enough.
- [PERSON] Hey, hey.

- Been a while, Adina.
[HOWARD] Just wanted to check on you.
We didn't speak at the memorial, and
I know from when we worked together,
you and Shannon were tight.
Look, whatever she said
or thought about me,
I cared about her.
She thought I was into some shit,
and I ain't gonna lie
some of what she was talkin' was real.
Wasn't her business. Ain't yours either.
But she was my partner,
for Christ's sake.
I always had her back.
And I'm angry at how
the department treated her.
They fucked her over.
They didn't have her back.
This whole IAD shit
it's been a witch hunt since day one.
Shannon told me
if anything happened to her,
it wouldn't be what it looked like.
Wouldn't be what it looked like?
It looked like she was really unhappy.
And the rest of us,
the people who cared about her,
we missed all the warning signs.

But what you sayin'?
You think it wasn't a suicide?
I don't know what to think.
Adina, you know as well as I do
that Shannon never believed she
was even cut out for the job
for all sorts of reasons,
and that shit
that shit got to her head,
got to her heart.
And I should've stepped in.
I should've gotten her help.
I'ma blame myself for not doing that
for the rest of my life.
Shannon wasn't in a good place.

She wasn't.
And that's why I don't want
anyone's final memories of Shannon Burke
to be a fucking IAD investigation.
They gotta shut that shit down
so she can rest in peace.
It's the least we can do for her.

Like I said, I just wanted
to check on you.
If you ever want to talk, I'm here.

[KANAN] You on Lynbrook and Oceanside.
Forest Hills and Flushing.
You gonna take JFK and Rockaway.
Now, look, school y'all selves
on these streets, a'ight?
Parks, tunnels, alleys, all that.
That way, five-O run up on you,
you know how to lose them.
What you got in that bag
should last a day.
If you need the re-up,
memorize where Semrad crib at,
'cause we not puttin' that on paper.
[JEVON] Re-up?
Man, I make my own hours with Paul.
Now I gotta sit
my ass out there all day?
This weed 'bout to make you
three times what Paul is payin', Jevon.
And we ain't even touched
Manhattan yet, man.
That's where the white money's at.
[PERSON] That's what's up.
We good?
[KANAN] A'ight.
[RAPPER] Sunup to sundown ♪
Never put the gun down ♪
Yo, Valentina, come on.
- [VALENTINA] I'm sorry.
- Get this shit done.
I ain't got all day.
Sorry. I'm sorry. It's our landlord.
He been tryin' to sell
this place for over a year now.
But don't nobody want this shithole.
So he keeps increasing the rent.
And he's desperate.
His wife caught him running around.
- She takin' all his money.

You heard from Uncle Lou?
I saw him last night. He'll be here.


What you need?
Where you stay at?
- A'ight.

Goddamn, this just all happened now?
I can barely keep up with this shit.
We gonna need more delivery boys.

We changin' the fuckin' game, nigga.

[D-WIZ] Yo, Lou,
that shit was bananas.
- [SCRAPPY] Not too bad.
- Not too bad at all.
- [SCRAPPY] That's how I do.

[OFFICER] Get your ass in there.

[GROANS] Fuck.


- [UNIQUE] What's up?
- Order?
Actually lookin' for Richard and Sunny.
They here?
Mom, Dad.
[UNIQUE] You know, I got a kid, too
small boy.
Yours makin' mine
look real lazy, though.
Maybe it's time I put him to work.
What the fuck is y'all talkin'
'bout back there?
Is there some kind of problem?
Let me come out from here.

No problem. No problem, hmm?
So let's talk about addin'
some shit to the menu, then.
I'll be right back.
I got you.
[JUKEBOX] Excuse me.
Everything already signed,
sealed, and delivered, bitches.
I'm just tryin' to see
which one of you hos
is gonna be my backups.
But lucky for y'all
there's two more spots.
Want one?
Break a leg, Polo girl.
[MARVIN] Juke!
Uncle Lou not here?
Look, fuck Lou.
This about you and you alone.
Yeah, but he has
the track I'm singin' to.
You don't need no track
when you got that voice.
- Jukebox Thomas?
- Right here.
Jukebox? That's your name?
[MARVIN] Look, remember
the work you put in
you've been puttin' in.
It's all you, baby. Always been all you.
Louis Thomas?

You dried out?

[PERSON] Jukebox Thomas?
Kiss my ass, Lou.

[PERSON] Do you have
any accompaniment, Miss Thomas?
Whenever you're ready, then.
Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
Man ♪
I can understand ♪
How it might be ♪
Kinda hard ♪
For you to love A girl like me ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
[PERSON] Thank you. That's enough.

You tore it up, girl.
I only sang for, like, 30 seconds.
'Cause you're that good.
'C-'cause they heard
what they they need to hear.
- You a shoo-in, Juke.
- [JUKEBOX] I don't know.
[MARVIN] Well, if they don't pick you,
then I might have to do
some gangster shit.
[LAUGHING] Shut up, Dad.


As-salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Where you been, Brother Malcolm?
We been missing you around here.
You joinin' us today?
I want to, but I can't.
I just got a call.
Next time, then.
- Salaam, Brother Malcolm.
- Salaam.


We're not open yet.
Well, if it isn't
Sugar Ray Robinson himself.
Bell's rung, Ray. Fight's over.
Owe you an apology.
Felt like that fool
was disrespecting your spot.
Guess I ended up
doin' that myself.
I fucked up.
I just came by to say I'm sorry.
You know what, Sugar Ray?
It wasn't the worst thing
havin' somebody put
that asshole in his place.
I deal with guys like that
every night.
But they walk all over me.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Not last night, though.
You made sure of that.
By the way,
I saw how your eyes were glued
to those performers.
You got that music bug,
just like your dad.
Those MCs that were up there
what's their story?
Uh, I couldn't tell you.
Uh, rap isn't exactly my genre.
You know somethin'.
They were pretty good.
And they came here to spit.
[SHIRLEY] They're not the only ones.
For some reason, I'm the destination
for a lot of these kids.
'Cause you let 'em do they
thing they appreciate that.
Hey, if you need any help, like, with
dealin' with punk-ass audiences
or findin' performers
or fuckin' with promotion,
I'm your guy.
Well, truth be told,
I could use help all over.
I-I've been runnin' this place
myself for the last 15 years,
but, really, it's it's
been runnin' me.
I mean, you already got
heads comin' through
with no marketing at all.
Imagine if we made
that stage right there
into a proving ground for
a new generation of artists.
They can come, make they bones,
stake they claim.
Well, my door's open to you, Sugar Ray.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, if you've got some ideas
on how to reinvent this old dive,
I am all ears.
But no more fisticuffs.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
[STUART] Like we discussed
over the phone,
my client is motivated to sell
but only at the right price.
As you can see, it's a great property
in a great location.
Any offer I make
is gonna be straight cash,
and it ain't gonna be negotiable.
One number we either got
a deal, or we don't.

She doesn't look like
a criminal mastermind to me.
But I wouldn't mind fuckin' her
just to make sure.


Thing about these fish
is that they
always gotta be movin'.
Can't stop for nobody or nothin'.
They not movin',
they sink to the bottom
or even worse, they a mark.
Yo, s-someone's clockin' us.

That's Unique brother.
Let his ass out
'cause of that dirty cop.
- What the fuck he want with us?
He givin' them ill vibes.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
[FAMOUS] Come on.
[GROWN KANAN] 'Cause somebody
always watchin',
always on that hunt.
And if you stayin' in one place,
you real easy to find.

This shit is real simple
move or die.

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