Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e04 Episode Script

In Sheep's Clothing


[GROWN KANAN] Previously
on Raising Kanan
[LOU-LOU] Crown Camacho's
check-writing days is done.
[RAQ] Put it all on Crown, everything.
The Feds is gonna dig deep.
Shit, for all we know,
they already watchin' you.
[DEALER] You got our money or not?
Only reason this motherfucker's
still breathin'
is 'cause he said you were good for it.
[MARVIN] Yo, Gerald, where you stay at?
I don't take nothin' from her no more,
especially not her fuckin' money.
You let Raq in this crib again,
I'm fucking you up.
[RECRUITER] I'm thrilled that
you're interested in enlisting,
but there is a process.
I need to get out of Queens now.
I might have this audition comin' up.
It's for a girl group.
I could use your help
gettin' ready for it.
[LOU-LOU] Ain't even no question.
And you gonna run the table
on all them little bitches.
- Break a leg, Polo girl.
- Uncle Lou not here?
- Fuck Lou.
This about you and you alone.
Yeah, but he has
the track I'm singin' to.
- [LOU-LOU] Fuck.
My bad, Juke.
A girl like me ♪
[ORGANIZER] Thank you. That's enough.
So you want to use my drivers
to deliver weed?
[KANAN] Me and Famous'll handle
all the calls
and get your boys the packages.
Now I gotta sit my ass
out there all day?
This weed's 'bout to make you
three times what Paul is payin', Jevon.
You need any help
with findin' performers
or fuckin' with promotion, I'm your guy.
Well, truth be told,
I could use help all over.
Raq makin' money off your back.
She different now, man.
[STUART] My client is motivated to sell.
Any offer I make
is gonna be straight cash.
Where is 'Nique?
Maybe he got himself a side piece.
Fuck you, Ronnie.
[RAQ] I don't want
no drama around me, 'Nique.
And you around me now.
I ain't tryin' to have no mess
comin' along with you.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
Heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot At the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break You're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
Don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
Still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
There'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
Right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
We do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it On this side ♪
I know heartbreaks Setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
- [PERSON] Hey, watch it!
[PERSON] You don't really think
you're gonna get away, do you?
[PERSON] We haven't spotted them yet,
but they're somewhere in the
immediate vicinity.
Go, go, go, go ♪
[MC REN] 100 miles and runnin' ♪
MC Ren, I hold the gun and ♪
You want me to kill a
Motherfucker, and it's done ♪
Since I'm stereotyped
To kill and destruct ♪
Is one of the main reasons
I don't give a fuck ♪
Chances are Usually not good ♪
'Cause I freeze
With my hands on a hot hood ♪
And gettin' jacked
By the you-know-who ♪
When in a black and white
The capacity is two ♪
We're not alone
We're three more brothers ♪
I mean street brothers
Not wearin' medallions ♪
Because we're not
Stupid motherfuckers ♪


- [GROWN KANAN] Speed overrated.
- Don't move. Don't move!
[GROWN KANAN] Everyone
tryin' to be the fastest.
But you move too fast,
you make mistakes.
And you don't time to fix them fuck-ups.
'Cause you movin' quicker
than you should already.
Speed don't mean shit,
if you don't know where
the fuck you goin'.
[EAZY-E] Stop, stop, stop, stop ♪
[STUART] Seeing as you've chosen
not to be represented
by your own broker,
I just want make sure
that you understand
that you are purchasing this
property as is, Ms. Thomas.
Any and all issues that were revealed
in the inspection
are your responsibility.
I know.
We good.
- It's official, then.
You are the proud owner
of Southside Plaza.
I will get you these papers
within a week.
- Congratulations.
- Hmm. Thank you.

What the fuck you gettin'
into now, Kanan?
[KANAN] Yeah,
it's just one of my friends
got caught up with some weed.
It's bullshit, man.
You know how they do us.
What's your friend's shit
got to do with you?
Kid ain't got no family.
I tried to go get him,
but they said I need
a parent or a guardian.
And I ain't neither. I ain't
even know this little nigga.
Just tell them you his uncle.
They not even checkin' nothin'.
[LOU-LOU] What's his name again?
Jevon Baltazar.
Look, I don't know
what shit you doin', Kanan,
but I can tell it ain't good.
I'm just tryin' to help out
a friend, Uncle Lou.
[LOU-LOU] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[BUCKLEY] Well, Stuart told us
you just, uh, closed on the property.
[RAQ] I did.
Sure you're gonna have
a lot of success here.
I'm Officer Buckley.
This is my partner, Officer Roland.
Raquel Thomas.
You're on our beat now, Raquel.
So we wanted to introduce ourselves
and let you know that we're here
and always at your disposal.
This-this can be a tough neighborhood.
Ah, there's vandalism.
There's property damage, break-ins.
It's all par for the course.
[ROLAND] And we're the first
line of defense against all that.
Sometimes we can even stop
those things from happenin'
before they happen.
[BUCKLEY] Which is why
it's so important for us
to have a good and mutually
beneficial relationship
with local business owners
like yourself.
I'll keep that in mind.
How's your son enjoyin' high school?
What you know about my son?
Oh, when Stuart told us that
you were buyin' the property,
we did a little research on you.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, it's nothin'
that we wouldn't do
for any of the folks that we
serve and protect in the area.
You know, Officer Roland and I,
we, uh, coach a football team
for some of the kids
in the neighborhood.
If your son's ever interested,
we'd love to have him on board.
My son, he don't play football.
And if you don't mind, I gotta go deal
with the property I just bought.
- Got a lot of work to do.
- Of course.
Hey, you call us
if there's ever any issues.

Oh, and, uh, once again,
Now, there is nothing better
than having new energy
in the neighborhood.



[PERSON] I didn't expect it, you know.

What's the word, Pop?

Look at sexy-ass Urkel
up in this motherfucker.
Mm, mm, I heard you got out.
Mm. Aw.
Damn, son, you got them prison muscles.
They look good on you.
I always did like them
strong-silent-type niggas.
Of which I'm neither
beggin' the obvious question,
what the fuck are you doin' with me?
Wish I knew.
Well Yeah.
You don't look too much worse
for the wear.


My brother.
Come. Sit down.

- Yeah.
- Yes.
[UNIQUE] It's a new business, Quân.
Gonna take a little minute
get the word out,
especially being that we ain't got
no visibility out on these streets.
My wife's cousin is tellin' me
that there's no business at all.
Man, your cousin need
to settle the fuck down, man.
Rome wasn't built in no day.
We gotta build that awareness.
Same time, we gotta be smart about it,
'cause too much attention
attracts the wrong kind of attention.
Listen, Quân, if you
and your cousin ain't happy,
we could dead this shit right here
and I'll get my work somewhere else.
I'll give you some time.
See, I run my shit just like
your cousin run theirs.
Someone got a problem with the food,
they get at the cook.
I'm the chef
around this motherfucker, man.
And my kitchen run real hot, too.
So it's best everybody stay
the fuck up out my shit.

I have always found Unique to be, uh
- reasonable and tho
Reasonable and thoughtful.
And if he is sayin' to sit tight
while he's figurin' out some things,
I would suggest
that you give him time
to fashion a plan.
'Nique's plan's bein' made by his dick.
He fuckin' the competition.
Who's your brother fine ass smashin'?
- Shit.
Ah, this business makes
for strange bedfellows, right, baby?
Oh, we heard Raq
ain't in the game no more,
she shut all her shit down.
You ain't in the game no more neither.
So how the fuck you know what Raq doin'?
[POP] Because heads
come in here every day
to kiss the fuckin' ring.
They tell us they business
because of who the fuck we are
and what we done out here.
That's the very reason
why your socially maladjusted ass
is here askin' for counsel, nigga.
Look, you don't wanna wait on 'Nique.
Get up yourself. You know how it's done.
Ain't got funds.
And this monosyllabic
motherfucker come in here
with his hand out, huh?
I made you money back in the day, Snaps.
- Yeah?
- No, we gave you money
back in the day, Urkel.
And the shit worked out for you.
You know what, Ronnie? Why not?
We have made money in the past together.
And more than that, Pop and I believe
in assisting the recently rehabilitated
get back on their feet, don't we, baby?
[SIGHING] Shit. If you say so.
[SNAPS] So we will make
a small investment
in your burgeoning enterprise.
the lion's share's gonna come
from other sources.
So you givin' me the money?
[POP] Some money, nigga.
You gotta get other fools
to throw in, too.
[SNAPS] And just so that we're clear,
we expect a regular return
on our investment, my brother.

When you retired like us,
them monthly checks matter.

I'm lookin' for, um, Gerald.
[PERSON] Yeah, yeah. Don't
worry, I got you, I promise.
[MARVIN] Somebody like they caffeine.
Look who it is.
Nothin' else in there, right?
I keep it clean at work.
I was turning my house upside down
looking for this stuff
before you called me.
Forgot to give it back to you
when I drove you home.
[GERALD] Probably better
that you held onto it anyway.
Way that night was going,
who knows
what would have happened to it?
Or me. [SIGHS]
I wanna thank you, Marvin,
again, for what you did for me,
for being there.
I didn't have
anywhere else to turn, and
I knew you wouldn't judge me.
We friends, man.
Ain't never no judgment.
You in a tight spot, just hit me.
That's how friendship work.
So, uh
you, uh [CHUCKLES]
you a reporter or some shit?
I'm an editor.
Mainly write about culture,
entertainment, and the arts.
Yo, fuck you know
about entertainment, Gerald?
Dress like a-a damn banker.
[GERALD CHUCKLES] Vestige of my dad.
Told me any real job requires
a coat and tie.
Stuck with me.
Entertainment, though?
You? You for real?
Yo, you wouldn't even know
the difference
between Ronnie Isley and Ronnie Reagan.
Ronnie Reagan sings the hell
out of "Between the Sheets."
Just because I don't have any hair
doesn't mean I can't let it down.
Yo, look, man
it ain't my place,
and I don't get
into nobody else's business
'cause we all got demons.
some demons bigger than others.
I miss our group, Marvin.
I miss Renée.
Ah, me too.
I mean, I know all that
was for my other problem.
But also, it helped with this one.
I felt less alone.
I felt like someone heard me.
We could
we could have our own shit, you know?
Just me and you.
I mean, keep each other
correct and shit.
What you think about that?
I mean, if you'd be willing
- to stick with me through all
- Yo, fuck willin'.
I wanna do it.
Shit, I get as much out of it as you.
I sincerely doubt that.
Man, get in here. Bring it in, man.
- [GERALD] Thank you, Marvin.
- Doggone it.
[TANNER] Detective Howard.
Special Agent Tanner.
You know Detective Ogden,
Queens Narcotics.
No doubt. What can I help you guys with?
You got a minute?
We're struggling with this
Crown Camacho angle, Detective.
I'd love to hear your take.
He was everywhere, always.
I'm still tryin' to wrap my head
around how much work
he had in these streets
more than I even knew.
So you were unaware of the operations
at the Baisley Projects
and South Jamaica Houses?
No fuckin' clue.
Of course, now we know
that he was payin' people off
to keep his shit quiet.
That's how it always is.
The most successful hustlers
the one's makin' the most money,
they move real quiet.
All I heard is he was a music guy.
Music is the new crack.
All these drug dealers,
they take their drug money,
they start a label,
they try to find the next Run-D.M.C.
I mean, just the fact
that Crown was fuckin' with the music,
tells you he was into all
kinds of other shit, man.
All this hangin' on a guy
they fished out of the Hudson
just seems real easy.
Sometimes shit seems easy because it is.
You have any other
operating theories or suspects?
Thoughts more than theories.
we appreciate your help, Detective.
By the way, where are they
with your shooting?
Any progress?
It's kind of like Ogden was sayin'
- more thoughts than theories.
- Hmm.
Seems to be a recurring theme
in South Jamaica.

Catch you later.

Looks like everything's
where it's supposed to be.
I have to ask you a couple questions
before we take a blood sample.
Are you pregnant?
Have you ever been pregnant?
Do you plan on becoming pregnant?
Are you or have you been
sexually active?
- [DOCTOR] You sure?
- I'm sure.
You don't want to show up
to basic training
with a baby in your belly.
[SCOFFS] That's not gonna happen.
Mm, if you say so.
- I say so. [SCOFFS]

You messin' with other girls? Hmm?
I mean, you gone all the time now,
and I don't even know where you go.
Yo, P, I'm just tryin' to enjoy
this sandwich, all right?
And I'm just tryin' to know
if you fuckin' other girls.
Look, all you need to know
is I'm takin' care of you and our son.
'Nique, that's not enough.
[UNIQUE] Fuckin' never enough.
Can't deal with this shit.
[PERNESSA] Who you fuckin', 'Nique?
Let her do your laundry, then.
Yeah, let her polish your damn chains.
Let her take care of your
crazy, punk-ass brother!
- [KANAN] You down in Flushing.
- [PERSON] All right, man.
- This is my last delivery
- [RAQ] Kanan.
I'll talk to y'all later.
Who that?
My friends.
Your friends got pagers and bikes now?
They do what they do.
So what you want, Ma?
[RAQ] Only hear about you now.
Don't really see you no more.
Just wanted to put eyes on you
for a minute.
- Here I am.
Now I gotta get back to school.
- [GUARD] Yep.
- All right. You're good.

Yeah, let me see your backpack.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
let's get ready for your next number.
It is
- N-3-1.
All right, let's try again.
And the next one is
N-4-5 has got to be a winner.
Set her up for me.
Got you. Come on, Grandma.
[BINGO CALLER] And the next is I-29.
Why you darkenin' my doorstep, Ronnie?
I need work, Deen.
[BINGO CALLER] Who's gonna be
a winner tonight?
Who's got it?
- Next number is
- B-2, B-2.
- You come to the wrong place.
Not only am I out of
the business of South Jamaica,
but if your last name is Mathis,
you're what I like to call
persona non grata.
Simply put, I don't fuck
with you and your brother.
- Does Unique know you're here?
- Ain't about him.
I got a little bit of money,
and I need this work.
You're not gonna find it here.
[BINGO CALLER] That table?
I'm not the nigga you say no to.
- [BINGO CALLER] All right
And I'm not the nigga
you put your hands on.
You don't run me, Ronnie.
I run you.
And I will run yo' ass
into the fucking ground.
So you supply my brother
but you play me to the left?
All your brother work
comes from some Colombians
up in Washington Heights
Nariños, Raq's connect,
nothin' to do with me.
Like I said,
I have no business on the Southside.
And I definitely have
no business with you.

Get his ass outta here.
Let's go.
[BINGO CALLER] Good one.
- G-48.
- Let's go.

I'll get it.
Glad to see you answer your door,
'cause you sure as hell
don't answer your phone.
Congratulations, Jukebox.
I made the group?
Now, I know I ain't drive
all the way out to Queens
to tell you you not in it,
so, yes, you made it.
Yes. Yes, yes. Oh, come-come in.
[FAMOUS] What you need?
Ah, I'll-I'll send one of my best guys.
- I'll get him to you soon.
Yeah, word. Word.
God damn it. This phone don't
ever stop fuckin' ringin'.
Barely got time to page these niggas.
We gonna need a switchboard
or somethin'.
Yeah, we gonna get a answering service.
- God damn.
Yo. Yo, what you need?
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
- [KANAN] Shit.
[FAMOUS] Yeah, I got you.
- Hold on!
[KANAN] Yo. What

- [PAUL] Hey, hey.
I'm losin' drivers, man.
They're either not takin' jobs from me
and just workin' for you,
or they're bouncin' altogether
because they don't want nothin' to do
- with this fuckin' weed shit.
- [KANAN] Yo.
What the fuck is
Look, you said that you were
gonna make me more money
más, mucho más but I am losing money
because I don't have
any fucking couriers
to run my actual fucking business.
All right, let me get you somethin'
to help you out with that.

Okay, I mean, you know, this is
Okay, I mean, you know,
this doesn't solve my problem.
I understand.
But it'll hold you over for now, right?
We gettin' more drivers.
And we'll talk to the boys
about they hours with you.
I hear you, and I understand.
[FAMOUS] I'll give you one
of my best guys.
Okay, just listen to me, all right?
I can't have you fuckin' up
my real work, Kanan,
because, you know, like,
after you're gone,
I still need a job.
I ain't goin' nowhere, Paul.
- Okay.
- [FAMOUS] Hello?
- Okay.
- [FAMOUS] Yeah, where you at?
A half? A'ight.
Yeah, I got that.
Thirty minutes?
A'ight, word.

We have an experienced team in place
to help train, style,
and market the girls.
There's a formula for success here
and I know what it is.
Listen, my daughter gonna be
exactly who she is, though.
I mean, Juke gonna be Juke.
I don't care what your people say.
She ain't changin' for no one.
[N'KIYAH] Oh, we want Jukebox
to be herself
right down to her name.
We got three girls
a diva, a girl next door,
and Jukebox, our tomboy.
[MARVIN] Y'all really got
this shit down to a science.
Well, what you think, Juke?
[EXHALES DEEPLY] I-I think yeah.

Whatever, man. I'll catch you later.
- A'ight, nigga. Later.
- A'ight. You know this.


I am officially on fuckin' vacation.
- Mm-mm-mm.
Borderline famous
No, I'm not nameless ♪
F-A-M-O-U-S ♪
Ain't no way You gon' tame this ♪
Yeah, I like that. Like that.
I don't see No competition, sick ♪
I'm the type that make
The doctor listen, bitch ♪
- Who is it?
- Raq.
K-Kanan's not here.
I ain't playin' with you today, Famous.
- Open up the fuckin' door.
- Shit.
Kanan said not to let you in the
What you doin' in here?
- Writing.
- Mm-hmm.
And smokin'.
That's comin' from the neighbor's place.
Yeah, well, it looks like you neighbor
forgot his blunt in your crib.
Kanan told me not to let you
come up in here again.
Miss Raq!
You don't see nothin',
you don't know nothin',
and you ain't sayin' nothin'.
Don't wanna get in the middle
of family business, papito.
- Fuck.
Oh, shit.
There she go. That's
Yo, Juke 'bout to get
all TLC up in here.
Keep that shit to yourself.
Fuck all that. I want everybody to know.
My cousin 'bout to blow the fuck up.
- Okay.
So, obviously, my dad told you.
Marvin plannin' a parade
down Jamaica Avenue right now.
Yo, fuck this pizza shit.
You goin' home.
You gonna put some nice shit on.
I'm takin' you to B. Smith's.
Okay, where did you get
the money for B. Smith's?
I already made the reservation, Juke.
We gonna be late.
How you payin' for it, Kanan?
I been savin' up for
a rainy day and a celebration.
This is it.
So go home. Come on, change clothes.
You don't need to do all this.
[KANAN] Ah, Juke, how often
does good shit like this happen to us?
How many times do people like us
get blessings like these?
We celebratin'.
I want people to see.
I want people to know that we got shit
to be happy about
over here in Southside, too.

How much time I got?

[KANAN] Gotta hurry, girl.

Guess Juke ain't need me
at the audition anyway.
She probably better off without me.
When you give a kid
your word on somethin',
you follow through.
You don't fake like you did.
If you say you gonna do
somethin', you do it.
You know, the last thing I ever wanna do
is hurt my niece or disappoint her.
It ain't worth goin' into the specifics.
Just know that I know that I fucked up.
And I feel fucked up about it.
Yo, Lou,
yo, man, she turnt that shit out.
She killed it! She murdered it!
See? Talent always wins, baby. Yeah.
Yo, and that work you did with her,
it made a difference.
I mean, I gave you shit,
but turns out you might know
a little somethin' about this
music thing after all.
I hate to admit that. I really do.
Yeah, I know you do.
You got some time tonight?
I hope you not thinkin'
you gonna turn me into a singer, too,
'cause you remember my solo on
"Peace Be Still" back in eighth grade.
Nigga, I just got my hearing
back from that shit.
Nah, I-I-I got this thing
I want you to see in Manhattan.
Maybe we could work together,
make some money.
You know I'm always up for makin' money.
Let me change these clothes up.
We can get on.
Yeah, uh, you might want to hit
that shower, too.
Oh, yeah, that drunk-tank stink
stay on a nigga.
Yeah, that's-that's why you
that's why you shower it off.
Fuck you, Paco Rabanne.

The mac and cheese is 20 damn dollars.
For $20, that shit
better change my life.
Whatever. Fuck that.
You changin' your life all on your own.
I always knew it'd happen
for you like this.
For real.
Shit, that's why
I used to scream and cry
like a little bitch
whenever you went over
your friends' house when we was young.
I always just knew somebody else
was gonna figure out how great you are,
take you away from me forever.

Nobody's takin' me away from you, Kanan.

I'm proud of you, girl.

Love you.
I love you, too.


Deen said Ronnie came through.
My brother lookin'
for his own work. Hmm.
And Ronnie must've talked
a whole lotta shit
for Deen to hit me about it,
'cause Deen ain't got no love for me.
I thought you was puttin' Ronnie on?
I ain't find nothin' for him yet.
You know, the type of thing
Ronnie good for
is real specific.
And the shit he bad for
ain't specific at all.

[SHIRLEY] Like I told your brother,
I was a big E-Train fan
just like every other warm-blooded woman
that crossed his path.
Except our moms.
Dad never could get her to join
that particular fan club.
Yeah, but we ain't sure
Moms is warm-blooded.
[SCOFFS] Yo, um, so Lou
was talkin' to me
about puttin' some money into the spot,
you know, and-and bringin' it
up to date,
blowin' it up a little bit.
Oh. Well, we hadn't talked
about that, but
certainly, I'm open to the conversation.
[LOU-LOU] I'm just thinkin'
that some of the things
that need changin'
might need some investment.
[MARVIN] And I don't know shit
about the business,
but I trust my baby brother,
and I think he might have
an idea of what to do here.
I'll be equally honest with you both.
At most
I figure I've got about
two years left doin' this.
I am too old and tired
to be breakin' up fights
and throwin' drunks out the door.
I would like nothing more
than to work
with some young guys like you
who can reimagine it and-and rebuild it
and take it over when I'm gone.


I can't lie, though, it
it ain't much to look at right now.
I'll have you know
that that stage has been graced
by everyone from Lou Reed
to Herbie Hancock
to Mose Allison.
Yeah, and I'll have you know that
uh, I don't know who the fuck
any of them are.
Herbie Hancock fucked with "Rockit,"
the instrumental joint you like?
With the with the
uh, with the robots and shit.
- Ah.
- [LOU-LOU] Plus, there's
there's also, uh, a space in the back
where I could set up a studio,
get some of these acts on wax.
Fuck it. I'm in.
Let's do the damn thing.
Café Vous.
- [LOU-LOU] To Café Vous.
- [SHIRLEY] Café Vous.
[RONNIE] Need to talk to them
right quick.
- Yo! I'm Unique's brother.
Let him through.
Your brother's
not a popular person here.
What's your name?
- Ronnie.
- [JULIANA] What do you want?
I wanna make you some money.
We're not interested.
[RONNIE] Don't know what my brother did,
and it don't matter.
If 'Nique's a problem,
we can figure that out.
Problems always got solutions.
Good luck to you.
Time to go.
I ain't 'Nique.
[JOAQUIN] Juliana

Kanan comin' home soon.
You two work it out?
I'm tryin'.


I can't have no wildness
around me and my son, 'Nique.
I told him I was out,
so I guess I gotta be out.
What I'm tellin' you is,
you know, you and me, we in
we in different places right now.
And it don't feel good to say, but
I think we gotta pump
the brakes, press pause.
I get it.
I mean, we just kickin' it
anyway, right?
Nothin' more, nothin' less.

That's what I'm sayin'.

I guess we good, then.
We always gonna be good.
Gonna remind you of that
next time we beefin' over blocks.
Them days is over for me.
I don't know if you sayin' that
for you or for me.
You know, I can't tell neither.

One last time, then.
Shall we?

- [PERSON] What's up, baby?
- Oh.
What the fuck?
Step to the side.
The machine is broken, man.
A'ight? I ain't even got nothin' on me.
Just my books for school, man.
See? Told you.
[GUARD] You told me what, again?
What the fuck? That ain't mine.
Why is it in your book bag?
Turn around. Put your hands
behind your back.
[KANAN] I'm not puttin'
my hands behind my
Yo! What the Nah, somebody
put that shit in there, man!
Yo! What the fuck, man?
[KRYSTAL] And it leaves me
feeling empty ♪
With this hollow chord ♪
Make it like it was ♪
The way you used to be ♪
When I hungered for your love ♪
Constantly ♪
Boombox, right?
You good with harmony?
'Cause they're gonna want you
- to follow my lead.
- I don't know. Maybe.
- [IESHA] Hey, y'all.
I'm Iesha.
You're Krystal, and you're Jukebox.
I already asked N'Kiyah
who else made it.
Shit. I didn't even think
about anyone else.
Yo, Polo girl.
- Mint girl.
You gotta be kiddin' me
with this, Kanan.
It's not even mine.
You just can't help yourself.
You both can go in
to meet with Dr. West now.
- It's not.
- Mm-hmm.
No, I don't know how it
got in the bag, Dr. West.
I swear to God.
I remember not too long ago
sitting right here
with you and your mother
and encouraging you
to apply to Stuyvesant.
Yeah, I remember that, too.
And look where we are now.
I'm tellin' you,
somebody put that in my bag.
- I'm not lyin' neither.
[WEST] If there's any saving grace here,
and it's not much at all,
it's that the gun
didn't have ammunition.
I'm not trying to explain
anything away at all, Dr. West.
I'm just as disappointed
in my son as you are.
But recently our family
had some violence visit us.
Could be that Kanan was just
tryin' to protect himself.
Ma, it's not mine.
[WEST] I'm aware of this.
And, frankly, it's the reason
why I called you in
rather than simply having
the police take
Kanan into custody.
And I appreciate that, truly.
And I'm sorry about
what happened at your home.
The world's gone mad.
Dr. West, that gun
does not belong to me.
[RAQ] Then whose is it, Kanan, hmm?
I don't know.
It was in your bag.
It can't be anybody else's but yours.
[WEST] By law, I'm obligated
to alert the police
about the seizure of a weapon
on school grounds.
But fortunately for you,
someone in the police department
- is looking out for you.
[WEST] They've agreed
not to press charges.
Instead, they're going to let
the ACS handle the situation.
Praise God.
A social worker will contact you
in the next 24 to 48 hours.
And over the next six months,
they will conduct
random visits with you both
to check not only on Kanan's progress
but also the suitability
of the living conditions
within your home.
If you violate the terms
put forth by the social worker,
most likely some sort of curfew
and a regular, detailed
accounting of your whereabouts,
you'll be sent to juvenile court,
where this weapons charge will be filed.
I wanna be clear, Kanan,
it's not just you who
could face prosecution here.
They could file charges
against your mother.
And I know you don't want that.
So I'm really
into, like, Native Tongues.
- You know them?
- Mm-hmm.
You got Tribe, Jungle Brothers, De La?
I mean, De La Soul is Dead
is, like, my favorite album
- of all time.
There's a lot of tracks on that one.
Yeah, and they all so dope.
[N'KIYAH] All right, ladies,
gather up around me, please.
I'm excited.
And you should be, too.
But make no mistake about it,
you're here to work,
and it's not gonna be easy,
but if you dedicate yourself to it,
if you push yourself farther
than you ever thought you could,
it will be worthwhile.
The name of the group is Butta
- with an A.
Now, we focus-grouped
a number of possible names,
and far and away this one got
the best response.
I don't know if I like it.
And I don't care. [SNAPS FINGERS]
I don't care if you like the name,
if you like me, if you like the weather.
This is not a democracy, ladies.
You do what I tell you to do,
or you go back to where you came from.
As far as you're concerned, I'm God.
There's no one above me, not you
not your parents,
not your boyfriends.
Now, you all may sing
in different voices,
but the only voice in your head is mine.
I'm your north star, your guiding light,
your pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.
I'm everything.
You nothin'.
You nothin' until I tell you
you somethin'.
Now, not long from now,
we'll be showcasin' Butta
to executives
from the biggest record labels
in the industry.
If they like what they see,
we'll be in a studio within two weeks
and out on tour within three months.
If they don't like you,
Butta is just another baby
that never should've been born.
Until then,
today's the first day of your new job.

Let's get to work. [SNAPS FINGERS]

[KANAN] Ma, that gun ain't mine.
Why would I ever believe you, Kanan?
You don't live at home no more.
You got new friends,
and we don't even talk.
I can't believe you
because I don't even know you.
Whatever, Ma. I'm goin' home.
[RAQ] And by goin' home,
I know you mean
you comin' back to our home,
the one you and me supposed
to be livin' in together.
Look, you heard what she said
in there just like I did.
I ain't catchin' no case
behind your bullshit.
This shit's not even negotiable.
You comin' home with me,
and there ain't no two ways about it.
Get your ass in the car.
So what Deen talkin' 'bout?
- Deen who?
- Don't fuck with me, Ronnie.
I know you rolled up on him.

I ain't seen that nigga in years.
That's funny,
'cause, you know, Deen told me himself
that you came by lookin' for work.
So, what, you callin' a nigga a liar?

I said what I said.

You know what?
You ain't shit, Ronnie.
You ain't shit.


This on you and nobody else.
But I am happy to have you home.

It's like I was sayin',
we can set the mic up
in the middle of the room
put my boy right here.
We get the right clientele up in here,
we can move a lot of work.
I mean, spot's nasty,
but it's gots potential.
We can't have that shit in here, man.
That's her, not me.
I'm not talkin' about her.
I'm talkin' 'bout me.
I-I-I need to get paid, too.
You gonna get paid off the door
and the drinks
and the artists that we break in here.
I'm asking you
let the club alone.
Don't dirty it up with that shit.
Don't dirty me up.
Cruddy-ass white fools in here
probably ain't got no real money anyway.
But you better be waterin'
them drinks down
somethin' fierce, nigga,
'cause I been watchin' old Shirley,
and she do some deep fuckin' pours.
I'm on it.
[HOWARD] It's only so many times
I can cover for the boy, Raq.
I mean, takin' a gun to school?
- That shit's outrageous.
- He was just scared.
[HOWARD] That's on you.
You brought all this shit into his life.
And the Feds
they still got questions about Crown.
They ain't buyin' it.
So you best believe
they still got eyes on you.
And if they got eyes on you,
they got eyes on Kanan.
They can look all they want.
Ain't got shit to see.
Look, I gotta go make dinner.
You know, you did a good thing,
helpin' your kid out
with that shit at school.
Did I?
Hey, yo, I ain't takin'
your calls no more.
You gotta start figurin'
this shit out on your own.

[ANNOUNCER] in our
Sweep of Champions.
- [DEEN] Hey, Grandma.
[ANNOUNCER] On a Big Sweep before
[DEEN] What you watchin' here?
Ah, favorite show.
[ANNOUNCER] And here they are
competing again.
Do second chances ever pay off?
- Well, we have
- [DEEN] So
they did not have your vanilla.
I got your second best, strawberry.
- Oh.
- [DEEN] Okay?
Crack that for you.
Here you go.
we got the, uh, batteries
for your hearing aid, too.
So I'ma change that out for you.
All right. There we go.
Hey, you gonna miss the funniest part.
[ANNOUNCER] towards
her second shopping list item.
[HOST] Now, at the end of the sweep,
we'll find out how much
Everybody remember,
at the end of the Big Sweep,
the bell will ring,
and you must stop shopping
and head back.
The team whose runner
has swept up the most money
in merchandise and
bonus prizes wins the game

On your mark, get set, go!

Shouldn't have run your mouth, nigga.


[GROWN KANAN] First rule of the street
and everybody know it: Don't stench it.
Don't talk about nothin' that
ain't yours to talk about.
And it ain't even about what you
say though,
it's about what you hear.
I never liked being around no
niggas who talk.
'Cause if they gappin' off about
some other fool's business,
you could be damn sure
they talkin' the same shit
about yours.
Shit real simple,
don't hear nothin', won't be nothin'.
[ANNOUNCER] And that's smart
'cause they really add up.
And Tim's finding a big box
of delicious cheddar cheese.
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