Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e05 Episode Script

Brothers and Keepers


[RAQ] Previously on Raising Kanan
That'll never ♪
The name of the group is Butta.
If they like what they see,
we'll be in a studio within two weeks.
If they don't like you,
Butta is just another baby
that never should've been born.
- To Cafe Vous.
- Cafe Vous.
We made that stage right there
into a proving ground
for a new generation of artists.
Sometimes your boy Mo need
a little extra convincing.
- You workin' with me now.
- DJ Mo can roll with anyone.
- Someone's clocking us.
[KANAN] That's Unique brother.
[RONNIE] 'Nique's plans
bein' made by his dick.
He fucking the competition.
[POP] Look, you don't wanna
wait on 'Nique.
Get up yourself. You know how it's done.
Ain't got funds.
If 'Nique's a problem,
we can figure that out.
Problems always got solutions.
We're not interested.
[FAMOUS] Gimme what you got, nigga!
I miss our group, Marvin.
We could have our own shit, you know?
Keep each other correct and shit.
We're struggling with this
Crown Camacho angle, Detective.
We know that he was payin' people off
to keep this shit quiet.
How's your son enjoying high school?
What you know about my son?
Did a little research on you. [CHUCKLES]
[WEST] If you violate the terms
put forth by the social worker
most likely some sort of curfew
you'll be sent to juvenile court.
They've agreed not to press charges.
Instead, they're going to let
the ACS handle the situation.
[HOWARD] I ain't taking
your calls no more.
You gotta start figuring
this shit out on your own.
Should've took her out back in the day.
Raq done, man.
I thought you was puttin' Ronnie on.
You know the type
of thing Ronnie good for
is real specific.
[RAQ] The shit he bad for
ain't specific at all.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
Heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot At the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break You're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
Don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
Still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
There'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
Right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
We do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it On this side ♪
I know heartbreaks Setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪

Nice ride.
I said nice ride.
[GROWN KANAN] When you
in a spot a nigga want,
just know they steady watchin',
steady hatin',
steady schemin'.

[B-REAL] To the one
On the flamboyant tip ♪
I'll just toss that ham
In the frying pan ♪
[GROWN KANAN] They see
what's yours as theirs,
tell themselves you done took some shit
that rightfully belongs to them.
Motherfuckers want what's theirs.
And they comin' for it.
They comin' for you.
[SEN DOG] Insane in the brain ♪
[B-REAL] Insane in the membrane ♪
[KANAN] Well, did you put
the extra driver
near Washington Square?
It's mad deliveries near NYU.
And don't be on no sleepy shit
neither, nigga.
When that answering service hits you,
you pick up the phone.
Missed calls is missed money, man.
Don't fuck this up, Fame.
What's Famous fuckin' up?
And, uh, what's all that?
It don't look like nothin'.
What it look like?
[RAQ] You in my house, Kanan.
And you ain't goin' nowhere
no time soon.
Now, how it all play out is up to you.
Could be good for you here.
Could be good for us.
Or not.

The fuck, man?
It's the middle of the night.
Shit new.
Real money.
This motherfucker come home
behind a damn miracle,
and he out jackin' fools' rides.
I told you I got you, Ronnie.
Believe it when I see it, nigga.
'Cause I'm not tryin' to post up
with you and Pernessa no more.

I'm flippin' this shit to Early Tyler.


[GERALD] I really appreciate
you doing this,
but I can't help but feel
like I'm wasting your time.
I know you have better shit to do
than listen to my pathetic sob stories.
You know, listening don't
cost me nothin', Gerald.
And I'm happy to do it.
I'm happy to be here for you.
You and me both raisin'
daughters on our own out here.
We got plenty to talk about.
I've told you all about my girls.
Tell me about, um
- [MARVIN] We call her Jukebox.
Real name's Laverne.
In fact, you need to write about her,
'cause she gon' matter.
Juke just got into this girl group.
Outsang, like, a thousand bitches
well, young ladies for the spot.
- I'd love to meet her.
- [MARVIN] For real, I mean,
she might do you good
for your writing entertainment career.
I mean, you discovering
new talent and shit.
How old your daughters again?
Five and seven.
- You in the belly of the beast.
[MARVIN] Them tough ages right there.
That's when they start thinkin'
they know more than you.
And sometimes they do.
You're not wrong that your daughter
could be someone
that readers might care about.
I mean, local girl
from wrong side of the tracks
makes it big that's a story.
I don't live near no tracks.
And me and Juke ain't
on the wrong side of nothin'.
Of course not. Of course not.
I just know that parts
of South Jamaica can be rough.
I mean, there was
a fucking awful murder there
just the other day
suspected drug dealer, I think.
Stabbed to death in his own home.
Police think that, um,
his deaf grandmother
was in the next room the whole time,
didn't hear a thing.
You got a name?
It was unusual. Uh, Arabic.
Alumadeen Tippet.

You knew him?
Everybody know Deen.
Did he sell drugs
like the police are saying?
Because they're always quick
to paint folks
with that brush.
Yo, I gotta bounce.
Yo, I'll catch up with you later, G.

What happened here?
[BUCKLEY] My old man
was a commercial contractor,
did a bunch of work around the city.
Take it from me
it's gonna cost a fortune
to fix these windows.
I got insurance.
You know, color me nosy,
but I can't help but notice
you got an extensive list
of code violations on your hands here.
Sorry to say, we are obligated
to share that with our friends
at the Department of Buildings.
Do what you gotta do.
Between us chickens, though, I mean,
the last thing we wanna do
is get in the way
of an entrepreneur like yourself
who's breathing new life
into the neighborhood.
We can certainly come around
a little more,
keep an eye out,
make sure your windows stay
where they're supposed to be.
Might even be able to make
those violations go away.
We like to invest in folks
who are investing in the neighborhood.
But like any investment,
we expect to see some sort of return.

I'm good, Officers.
Thank you, though.

You let us know
when you change your mind.
[ROLAND] Until then, I'd keep
your window guy on speed dial.
These vandals like
to come back for more.


Jim Beam?

How many times you gon' play
this record over?
Till I wear it out.
Don't have many other options on hand.
Over the years,
most of my records've been
either stolen or scratched.
Not a lot of choices left.
I'll go grab some from my mom's.
She sure as hell
ain't using them no more.
[LOU-LOU] Mix it up a bit up in here.
You okay, Louis?
stayin' focused.
Look, I'm gonna roll up
on my radio connect,
see if I can get us some free promotion
for the hip-hop night.
Promotion. Oh.
It's been a while
since Cafe Vous has had that.
It's a new day up in here, Shirley.
And this old lady needs a new day.
- I'll get at you later.
- All right.
Come on.
- A'ight, partner.
See ya.
- [PRIMO] Yo, five-O, five-O!
- [FAMOUS] Oh, shit!!
[PERSON] Let's go!
[FAMOUS] Fuck!
- [OFFICER] Get down.
- [FAMOUS] I ain't do shit!
I ain't do shit!
Someone's flush.

Fuck all three of ya, huh?

Deen got put down.
Friend, works at a newspaper told me.
Since when you got friends
at newspapers?
I got friends all over.
Somebody cut that nigga up
in his own house
with his grandmother in the next room.
Well, streets talkin'?
Word just gettin' out now.
So far, nobody's sayin' nothin'.
This shit about to hurt my pocket.
Deen was breaking me off
a lil' somethin'-somethin'
that I was movin' over in Manhattan.
[RAQ] Gotta fix your eyes
somewhere else.
I ain't got nothin' for you.
I told you I'm out.
I'm straight.
I ain't askin' for help.
I can take care of myself.
Well, I wish someone
would take care of me.
Caught up in all this bullshit now.
Empty stores, chasin' rent,
dirty cops smashin' my windows
so they can squeeze me.
This shit is worse than the corner.
Police did all this?
[RAQ] Yeah, and then
they come around here
with they hands out
for protection money.
It's more trouble than it's worth.
I tell you that, um,
I fronted Lou a little money
for him to get some new shit
goin' for that club downtown?
Guess I ain't the only sucker
throwin' good money after bad, then,
'cause ain't no such thing
as frontin' Lou.
Once you give that nigga
anything, it's gone for good.
He puttin' together
a hip-hop night at his spot.
I'm tryin' to get the whole family
to come through and support.
You should be there.
I mean, that's our baby brother
tryin' to do somethin'.
What, that make him special?
Because we all tryin'
to do somethin', Marvin.
Fuck Lou.

Where Fame at?
Where the fuck is Famous at?
Got rolled the fuck up.
Five-O got Fame and the money.
And now Javon say he not
fuckin' with none of this shit
no more 'cause the cops all on us.
This motherfucker Famous, man.
All right.

[UNIQUE] So this how this shit work:
fiends come in, ask for the special.
Richard and Sunny here
serve that shit up,
and no one the wiser.
Clockwork, nigga.
In and out.
You trust these yellow motherfuckers?
I mean, they about they money
just like us.
They ain't nothin' like me.
Check it out, man.
You see this whole operation here?
Under the radar.
Police ain't even thinkin' 'bout them.
No shit, ain't no business
comin' through.
Shit new, Ronnie.
All we gotta do is tell
motherfuckers we here.
Put that bug in they ear, so to speak.
I'm thinkin'
this gonna be your spot.
Let you run this right here.

Fuck you.


You asked for work. I bring you work.
Nigga, ain't no work in there.
[SUCKS TEETH] You hear about Deen, man?
Fuck Deen gotta do
with your broke-ass business?
You're always focused
on the wrong thing, 'Nique.
Raq took all we had
and left you with this bullshit.
And you smilin'
'cause you got your head stuck
between her legs.
She turned you out, nigga.

You my brother, and I got love for you.
So I ain't gonna check you
like I would anybody
who would even think that shit about me.
Nobody check me, 'Nique.
I'ma tell you one last time, Ronnie
Raq out the game.
She ain't involved here.
It's just us, man.
Lane wide fuckin' open.

I know you got other work.
Money gotta be comin' in some way.

This is it.
This is what we got.
This ain't shit.

[SINGERS] is you ♪
I'm runnin' with you ♪
[SINGER] I wanna be there
By your side ♪
Watch your spacing, girl.
[SINGER] Tell all the fellas ♪
It's just you and me tonight ♪
I need your body ♪
You all over the place, Iesha.
[SINGER] Mine ♪
I've been craving
A little quality time ♪
[SINGERS] I can't stay away ♪
My mind is made ♪
All I want is you ♪
I'm rollin' ♪
- Yo.
- [KRYSTAL] Cut the track.
Cut the music.
Cut the music!
[SINGER] My mind is made ♪
You keep fucking up the same shit.
I'm gonna get it.
I'm just a little dizzy, that's all.
You good?
Sounds like you sayin'
you can't keep up.
No. I'm okay now.
I got this.
Dizzy don't got nothin' to do
with stayin' out my way.
[CHARITY] Krystal not wrong.
You stay messin' up
the formation, Iesha.
It's still early.
Won't be nothin' to replace you.
Let's take it from the top,
without music this time.
Five, six, seven, eight.
[GARCIA] Freddy Williams.
I don't know him.
Well, you two went to the same school.
Yeah. He, like, a grade above me.
So you do know him.
Just 'cause I seen the nigga around?
I don't know him.
You ever been to Freddy's house?
I don't know where that nigga live.
Then tell me how we got
this incident report
placing you there.

It's just a few days
prior to the shooting.
Southside ain't even that big.
And a few days prior ain't even close
to being there on the day.
You know the area.
You frequent the neighborhood.
I don't frequent shit.

Ms. Thomas, I'm Laura Walsh,
the county social worker.
I'm here for your
and Kanan's home visit.
[RAQ] Kanan's not here yet.
Where is he?
Boy got a crew of friends
I can hardly keep track of.
It's after his mandated curfew.
When do you expect him to be back?
Teenagers you know how they do.
I'll wait until he returns, then.
Of course.
Come in.

[KANAN] If you get rolled on
- Mm-hmm.
- [KANAN] toss your shit.
You can go back for the bag.
But if you get caught
with nothin' on you,
they gotta cut you loose.
What if we don't have time to toss it?
Or what if they see that shit?
How 'bout just don't
get caught, then, motherfucker?
Sound good?
A'ight man.
You Raq's boy?
It's Kanan.
Who put you on, Kanan?
Look, I ain't have time
for this bullshit.
[RONNIE] You workin' for 'Nique?
I work for me.
Ain't no lil' nigga like you
movin' that heroin on his own.
Who guaranteein' your package?
Who said shit about heroin?

You better leave all that
how you found it.
What are you lookin' for?
[LOU-LOU] Got a new spot in Manhattan.
- Lil' music café.
[LOU-LOU] Need some records to play.
Music ain't never done
nothin' for your father.
I don't know how you think
it's gon' be any different for you.
You know, someone's gotta start
thinkin' about me, Lou-Lou.
Your sister don't send nothin'
my way no more,
your brother doin'
whatever it is he does,
and you hell-bent on goin' broke.
Who gon' take care of your mother?
You gonna chase these
pipe dreams to the grave
just like your father.

Music ain't what killed my father.

He never this late.
You know how boys are.
We just moved,
and he just wanted to hang out
with his friends
from the old neighborhood.
Kanan brought a firearm into his school.
Spending time with the same friends
that most likely encouraged
his poor decision-making
in the past is the last thing
your son should be doing now.
Kanan needs to make new friends
closer to home.
This is a nice neighborhood
with good schools.
[RAQ] We just gonna finish out
the year at Arts & Science,
and then we're gonna get into all that.
- [LAURA] Mm.
- I'm so sorry about today.
- [LAURA] Mm-hmm.
[RAQ] I don't know
what he could be doin'.
Ms. Thomas, I understand
you're experiencing
a lot of changes right now.
But we both have the same job
to do here
keeping your son safe
and on the right path.

I'm gonna let this slide just this once.
But if your son isn't home
for future visits,
he will be removed from your care
and your case'll be handed over
to family court,
which is an altogether
different kettle of fish.
He gon' be here next time. No doubt.
Uh, when can we expect you back?
When my schedule permits.

[SIGHS] This bitch is draggin' us down.
At a certain point,
this becomes a waste of my time, Iesha.
And I don't have time to waste.
Shit went rough.
How you feelin'?
Just tryin' to figure it out, you know?
I do.
Uh, if you want, I could help you out.
For real?
Thought you was hatin' on me
like Krystal.
Tss, nah.
Not at all.
[IESHA] I need all the help I can get.
Thanks, Juke.

[OGDEN] Dagos dropped
all across South Jamaica.
Feds are looking for a reason why.
I thought this was all falling
at the feet of the Camacho kid.
His name wasn't on that studio
that got hit.
He sold his piece.
And they can't put him at Baisley
or the Forties in any real way.
You know how it goes. No one's talking.
No one saw anything.
This task force
they're just throwing shit
up against the wall right now,
pressin' hard against all the players
to see if anyone's story changes.
Which means I gotta deal
with these bureau assholes
until something sticks.
I'll ask around, see if somebody talks.
[OGDEN] Anything you can do.
Sooner these fed pricks go back
to their fuckin' sandbox, the better.

Felt like you had somethin'
else to say to me the other day.
Your feeling was wrong.
My cousin and I have nothing
to say to you or your brother.
I ain't Unique.
You're his brother.
It's the same.
It's not.
We have bad history, Unique and me.
I don't respect him.
I don't trust him.
And there's nothing for us to talk about
as long as you're his brother.
Unique always gonna be my brother.
But that don't mean we the same.

I thought my husband was always
going to be my husband.
But one day, he was gone.
Wasn't my husband anymore.
'Nique ain't goin' nowhere.

Maybe that's up to you.
My brother ain't goin' nowhere.

Yeah, I'ma have somebody in
over in an second, man.
They just let you out just like that?
They was just fuckin' with me,
tryin' to shake a nigga down,
see what he spill.
Usual shit.
A'ight, well, what about the money?
They holdin' that shit.
We ain't gettin' that back.
Knew I couldn't trust yo' ass
with this shit, man.
Are you serious?
'Cause when shit went left with Jevon,
I see you was right there to
bail that nigga out, but not me.
We supposed to be brothers, K.
Cops come get me, you don't
even check to see if I'm good.
You here, Fame.
So you good.
It was me that put Freddy down, K.
I was tryin' to roll on his
I was tryin' to do what he do
to everybody else to him.
And shit got real fuckin'
stupid real fuckin' fast.
That's what the fuckin' cops
was talkin' to me about.
That's why I was there.
You ain't say nothin'.
But this shit got me shook, K.
Not the cops. Fuck them niggas.
It what I did.
I mean, I killed the nigga, man.
Me. What the fuck was I thinkin'?
You thinkin' you never speak
on that shit again, Fame
not to me, not to nobody.
You bury this shit with you, nigga.
That's just how it gotta be.
Can't have your stupidness
fuckin' up my business right now, man
Mo Craze, my man.

Lou Thomas.
It's been a minute.
I need you to put that on the airwaves.
Get it bubblin' in these streets.
Course, my brother.
Anything you need.
Thought you'd say that.
Good lookin' out.
[RAPPER] I put in work
Like morning chores ♪
I don't care what it is ♪

Yo, yo, yo, I got the hottest
invitation in Manhattan.
And you know Mo Craze got your back.

I'm sorry for your loss.
Deen was a good brother.

[UNIQUE] I ain't see you
in a lil' minute.
Almost forgot how good you look.
You even bringing that heat
to a homegoin'.
There's too many ears around
for you to be talkin' like that.

[RAQ] Take a bold nigga to hit Deen.
[UNIQUE] Yeah.
I know just the nigga who bold enough.

Ronnie out here wilin'.
Damn bull in a china shop.
Somebody gonna have to pay
for all the shit he breakin', 'Nique.

Where 'Nique?
Ronnie, what you even doin' here?
Didn't your brother give you some work?

He probably out fuckin' Raq.
What the fuck are you talkin' about?
Ronnie, what the fuck
you just say to me?
Ronnie, I'm talkin' to you.
Ronnie, I'm fuckin' talking to you.
What did you just say?
- Ronnie!

[RAQ] Couldn't find
your way home last night?
The social worker came by.
You missed her.
You were supposed to be here.
She gonna come again.
And unless your ass
wanna be in a boys' home,
you're gonna be in this house
the next time she roll through.

Ignoring me ain't gonna
go well for you, Kanan.
Promise you that.

What if Krystal right and I'm just
slowin' y'all down?
Fuck Krystal.
Don't let that girl get in your head.
[IESHA] Yeah, but I'm not dumb.
Like, I know I'm not like you or her.
I'm just regular.
You wouldn't be here if you was regular.
Yeah, but you heard N'Kiyah.
I'm the girl next door,
the ordinary girl,
the regular girl.
You and Krystal the special ones.
- Special?
- [IESHA] Mm-hmm.
I'm the damn tomboy.
I walk around in Tims and Polo shirts.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, but you make
all that look good.
And you got that voice, Juke.
I mean, you got talent
that I don't have,
that I won't ever have.
Own it.
You sound like my friend Nicole.
Well, if we both sayin'
the same thing about you,
then it must be true.
I'ma have to meet this Nicole
so we can talk some sense
into you together.
She was my girlfriend.

So y'all still together or
Didn't work out.

You sneaky.
- How we gonna go
from talkin' about you
to talkin' about me?

- Look, we ain't gonna get
any better just sittin' around.
- Let's do this.
- [IESHA] All right.
[UNIQUE] Appreciate it, baby.
[PERNESSA] So it was Raq you fuckin'?
Fuck is you talkin' about?
Ronnie told me.
So that's why you ain't been around?
'Cause you laid up in Raq's bed?

You got everything you need
around here, right?
You and Rome, y'all got
everything you need, right?
What the fuck does that
have to do with anything?
Everything you could have
fuckin' asked for!
And you worried
'bout other fuckin' bitches?
Raq ain't other bitches, 'Nique.
She shot your shit
with my baby in the car.
She the reason you almost went to jail
for shootin' a fuckin' cop!
'Nique, what is wrong with you?
How you put your dick in that, 'Nique?
[UNIQUE] Fuck is Ronnie?
- [PERNESSA] Fuck.
[IESHA SIGHS] Thanks again.
Just makin' sure
you don't trip me up out there.
[SCOFFS] You just make sure you keep
them big-ass boots up out my way.
- [JUKEBOX] Tss.
Uh, I'm hittin' up this thing
at my uncle's new club tonight.
Open mic or somethin'.
You should come through.
[IESHA] So your uncle got a club?
[JUKEBOX] He does.
[CHUCKLES] Yo, that's cool.
Um, you're not embarrassed
I'ma trip and fall
down the stairs or somethin' like that?
- Stairs everywhere.
At least I'll be there to catch
you when you fall tonight.
A'ight, well, just hit me later
with the details,
and I'll see you then.
Y-your girl don't need a ride?
She good.
I-I mean, 'cause there's
plenty of room up in here,
and gas don't cost that much.
She a dime, though, Juke.
You got your good taste from me.
[CHUCKLES] It ain't even like that.
It's cool. I mean,
you-you-you don't gotta
hide nothin' from me.
- We just friends.
- Friends. Right.
I mean How many of us have them? ♪
Shut up.
[MARVIN] Yeah.
[WHODINI] Friends ♪
How many of us have them? ♪
[MARVIN] Whatever you say.
[WHODINI] Friends ♪
Before we go any further ♪
Camacho kid was always runnin'
the halls at Baisley,
spreadin' money around to everybody.
Was he alone?
[DEMO] Seen him with a few
white boys here and there.
[TANNER] Mm, and did you ever
witness him selling narcotics
or around other individuals
selling narcotics?
[DEMO SCOFFS] Seriously?
You ever been to Baisley?
Ain't nobody ever see
or hear shit up in there.
That's how we stay alive, man.
Only reason why I'm talkin' to y'all
is 'cause I owe Howard for gettin' me
out of some shit back in the day.
And what about Raquel Thomas?
It's our understanding
that she was part of the record label
that Mr. Camacho owned for a while.
Did you ever see them together?
What the fuck Raq gotta do with Baisley?
Is-is-is that what people call her?
Look, I told y'all all I'ma tell you.
You motherfuckers gonna have to do
the rest of the work your damn self.
Excuse me for a moment.

I wanna circle back
on this Raquel Thomas.
I-I thought we ruled her out.
[TANNER] I wanna talk to her myself,
make sure we didn't miss something.
Get me her initial statement
and the notes on that
record label and studio.
Here I thought this place
was just like me
past its prime. [CHUCKLES]
You've given both of us a second life.
Hey. Two Jim Beams.
[BARTENDER] Coming right up.

Here you go, hon.
To the new Cafe Vous.
- You know what?
Think I'ma chill tonight.

I'm proud of you, Louis.
Think I'm proud of me too.

Raquel Thomas.
Special Agent Preston Tanner.
I'm in charge of the federal task force
investigating the recent
mob-related shootings
in South Jamaica,
one of which took place at your home.
I'd like you to come in
for a conversation.
Right now?
No better time than the present.
I mean, I was about to meet my family.
I think it'll be best
for everyone involved
if we get this out of the way now.
And to be clear, I don't have a warrant,
so I can't compel you to join me,
but I do think
it's in your best interest
to acquiesce to this request.
I'm gonna have to call my lawyer.
Sure. Whatever you need to do.
You can rock to this
Or be wack if you don't ♪
I got a thousand in place
For every one that won't ♪
Get hip to the sound
'Cause there ain't no fresher ♪
I'm bigger and better
And my rhymes are deafer ♪
I step on the scene
And get all the applause ♪
Guys clockin' me And watchin' me ♪
And droppin' they jaws ♪
- 'Cause I'm fine like wine ♪
- She can fuckin' rap.
[RAPPER] And they know I'm chill ♪
Nights filled With the skill ♪
Give 'em somethin' to feel ♪
And they know I'm real ♪
When it's time To get lyrical ♪
Gettin' better Way past the pinnacle ♪
Never subpar Or close to mediocre ♪
I stay elevatin' Until it's all over ♪
[FAMOUS] Yo, um, I'ma hit the stage.
I'ma-I'ma catch you.
[RAPPER] Until it's all over ♪

I'ma stay elevatin' Until it's all ♪
Ain't no competition ♪
'Cause I'm crushin' 'Em all ♪
Just when they think I'ma fall ♪
What's goin' on with you and your boy?
Nothin'. Chillin'.
[RAPPER] but they move
Too slow ♪
- Iesha, this my cousin.
- Kanan.
[KANAN] It's nice to meet you, Iesha.
Nice to meet you too.
[RAPPER] don't nobody
Wanna miss it ♪
Hey, Juke, let me, uh
let me talk to you real quick?
Yo, be right back.
[RAPPER] over the fact
You can't do it like I do ♪
Just accept it
That they gon' deny you ♪
So once you get On my level ♪
- That you or what?
- [JUKEBOX] Nah.
She a nice girl, though.
Not like these old-ass hood rats
you been messin' with.
Why you gonna go and talk
about Corrine like that?
I'm talkin' about Corrine's moms.
[LAUGHS] Don't be a dick to this girl.
She a friend.
And we in this group together.
I got you.
[JUKEBOX] All you.
[RAPPER] until it's all over ♪

I'ma stay elevatin' Until it's all ♪
[KANAN] What's up?
- Chillin'. How 'bout you?
- [KANAN] Chillin'.
[IESHA SCOFFS] Oh, you makin' fun of me?
[KANAN] Not makin' fun of you.

Where the fuck you at?
Yo, tryin' to get my bake on
Half of the day gone ♪
She hit me number one
Had to hit up a pay phone ♪
Parka is the coat ♪
Went out walkin' In the snow ♪
And we know The jacket's tapped ♪
So we both talkin' in code ♪
Shorty is a crackpot
But I hit the jackpot ♪
I fence the pot To work for ♪
Every single crack spot ♪
Yo, shit dope. Congratulations, brother.
[RAPPER] that's my kind
Of freak ♪
You know, I couldn't have
made it happen without you.
- Appreciate it.
- [MARVIN] Always.
Yo, um yo, Raq here yet?
She said she wanted
to, uh, come through.
Don't need Raq here.
Yo, she just wanted to support.
[LOU-LOU] Don't need her support.
Don't need shit from her.
Just wanna be left
the fuck alone, Marvin.

[RAPPER 1] the other one
A pussycat ♪
[RAPPER 2] She'll never
Be my girlfriend ♪
I just call shorty practice ♪
When I'm freakin' you It screams ♪
And squeaky springs
From the mattress ♪
[TANNER] So tell me about
this studio and record label.
- You're part owner?
- [RAQ] Silent partner.
I put in some money
to help out my brother.
You own a majority stake.
Where are you going with this,
Agent Tanner?
Sizable pieces of the business
passed through multiple hands
in a relatively brief period of time.
Ultimately, the greater part of
the company ended up in yours.
I'm trying to understand
what happened exactly.
Business is what happened.
There was an opportunity
to increase my stake,
so that's what I did.
For me and my brother.
We invested as a family.
Unless you have my client here
for something more
than investment strategy,
I think she's gonna continue on
with her business elsewhere.

Doin' a buck fifty
I be meetin' you later ♪
Cuts so dubbed ♪
You thought I used a crossfader ♪
Stay out my way ♪
Or you gon' meet That lightsaber ♪
Or you could stand in line ♪
For a fresh cut taper ♪
Borderline famous ♪
No, I'm not nameless ♪
F-A-M-O-U-S ♪
No, you can't tame this ♪
Sixty-four Impala
Y'all are the lamest ♪
This is gonna be ♪
On all your rappers' girls'
Playlists ♪
Yeah, I don't see No competition ♪
Sick, I'm the type
That make the doctor listen ♪
Duckin' one time
Never had no pot to piss in ♪
Play wi' me, that's
How you end up missin' ♪
Bitch, when I kick rhymes
I come correct ♪
Droppin' science
Check out my intellect ♪
I'm a mack, I'm the one
Your ladies select ♪
I drop dimes
I don't care who it affects ♪
So where you at? F ♪
Where you at? A ♪
Where you at? M ♪
Where you at? O ♪
Where you at? U ♪
Where you at? S ♪
I'm back and I'm givin'
Niggas a heart attack ♪
- Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] F ♪
- Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] A ♪
- [FAMOUS] Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] M ♪
- [FAMOUS] Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] O ♪
- Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] U ♪
- Where you at? ♪
- [ALL] S ♪
I'm back and I'm givin'
Niggas a heart attack ♪


They think they smell something,
but they're realizing
it's just their own stench.
There's no there there,
and they know it.
Feel very confident
that you won't have to worry
about the FBI or this
so-called task force anymore.
This dog simply don't hunt.
[RAQ] Mm.

[UNIQUE] This my life
you fuckin' with, man.
My world, Ronnie!
And you fuckin' pissin' over it
like some puppy
who ain't been broke yet.
I'm the big dog, nigga.
That's what you don't get.
Takin' out Deen
and runnin' your fuckin' mouth
to Pernessa
ain't no big-dog shit.
That's bitch shit.
You soft, 'Nique.
You all right losin'
everything I left you
long as you think
you lookin' pretty doin' it.
You a damn clown.

What? What?

[GROWN KANAN] Sometimes when
there ain't shit left to say,
you gotta let your hands talk for you.

'Cause ain't nothin' get confused
when you speakin'
in them left and rights.
And pretty soon,
it take on its own life.
I'm the big dog now!
And don't you ever fuckin' forget it.
[GROWN KANAN] You forget
all about who you beefin' with
in the first place,
and you don't even recognize
who eatin' all them punches
across from you.


[GROWN KANAN] Thing is, though,
once you throw that shit

ain't no takin' it back.

[GROWN KANAN] Get to a point
where you ain't fightin'
about nothin' but who gonna be
standin' at the end.
And that's when shit gets dangerous.
That's when friend turn on friend.
Family turn on family.
Brother turn on brother.


[PERSON] My man. Hey, what's happenin'?
[GROWN KANAN] That's when kings fall.
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