Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e07 Episode Script

Where All Are Guilty


Previously on Raising Kanan
[UNIQUE] Fiends come in,
ask for the special.
Richard and Sunny here
serve that shit up.
- This gon' be your spot.
- Fuck you.
[RAQ] Call a damn plumber.
[VALENTINA] Calling the plumber's
- the landlord's job.
What the fuck do I know
about being a damn landlord?
It ain't me.
Are you pregnant?
Have you ever been pregnant?
Do you plan on becoming pregnant?
- No.
- You don't want to show up
to basic training
with a baby in your belly.
[SCOFFS] That's not gonna happen.
[FAMOUS] I know how that gun
got in your bag, K.
It was your moms.
[KANAN] You didn't do shit?
You got five minutes to pack your shit
and get the fuck outta here, man.
But what about all the shit
you did to cover it up, Malcolm?
You had Sam killed.
I know it was you.
And if you did that, who knows
[BAPTISTE] I don't know
why Burke killed herself.
But it's in everyone's best interest,
especially Burke's family,
that we close the file on this
as soon as possible.
Captain Burke, I'm Adina Foyle.
There's something you need to know.
Whatever it was that you two were doing
is a big part of why Shannon
did what she did.
So I've been talkin' to Ogden,
over in Narcotics?
Turns out, he's gonna
hang 'em up soon.
And you want his job.
Let me make some calls.
- Thanks, Cap.
- I'm the big dog, nigga.
Takin' out Deen
and runnin' your fuckin' mouth
to Pernessa
ain't no big-dog shit.
That's bitch shit.

[STEFANO] You know, I heard
about our friend Unique.
I'm sorry.
I wanna step
into what he started with you,
- take it over.
- Let's give it
the old college try.
Now that you're back in,
there's only one way out.
The name of the group is Butta.
If they like what they see,
we'll be in a studio within two weeks.
If they don't like you,
Butta is just another baby
that never should've been born.
- Yo.
- Cut the music.
Iesha, this my cousin.
- Kanan.
- Iesha.
Don't be a dick to this girl.
And we in this group together.
Hey, you are fuckin' up
my business, Kanan.
What if I told the cops about
what you're doin' here, huh?
Bet that'd change things
pretty fuckin' fast.
You on that nickel and dime
shit right now.
But together we can make real money.
Snaps and me, we don't deal
with the day-to-day.
We just put some money up.
- You want heroin.
- [POP] We talkin' 'bout
different work, shit that's got
a higher upside
and's easier to move.
I miss our group, Marvin.
We could have our own shit, you know?
Keep each other correct and shit.
How old your daughters again?
[GERALD] Five and seven.
A story about your daughter
might make a lot of sense for me.
- My boy didn't kill himself.
Someone put a bullet
in my son's head.
[LOU-LOU] Scrap didn't deserve
how we did him, man.

It's my fault, you know?
It's my fault that
That your son's dead.
He not here no more,
and it's my fault.
I'm so fuckin' sorry.
[RILEYY] I'm a hustler, baby
I'm a hustler, baby ♪
[50 CENT] Yeah, I know
Heartbreaks, setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Make money
Make, make, make money ♪
When shit hit the fan
We'll take money, Southside ♪
Beef with the best of 'em ♪
Done shot
At the rest of 'em, yeah ♪
Checks, I'm collectin' 'em ♪
Check, boy I'm finessin' 'em ♪
Bag Supreme
Boy, you fuck around ♪
Put a big bag on your head ♪
Before the weather break
You're dead ♪
Let's get to it, they
Don't do it like we do it ♪
Nah, cop it, whip it
Bag it, flip it ♪
Re-up, we up G'd up, what up? ♪
Runnin' round this bitch
Still not givin' a fuck, hey ♪
When it come to that paper
There'll be no complications ♪
Ha ha. That's right.
Put a hole in a nigga
Right in front of you ♪
Your heartbeat pacin' ♪
And it's all right ♪
[50 CENT] That's how
We do it on this side ♪
Niggas get to it On this side ♪
I know heartbreaks Setbacks ♪
Bitch, if I crap out
I'm sure I'ma get back ♪
I been through the ups and
Downs, you know I get around ♪
So to me
It's all a part of the game ♪
If I ain't the coke man
Or the dope man ♪
I'm almost for sure, man
I got to take it ♪
No need to say shit
I'm gon' take it ♪
Robberies turned homicide
It's nothin' to play with ♪
Hey, hey ♪
Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Lord, I've ♪
Really been real stressed ♪
Down and out ♪
Eight-letter word for loose.
Ends with the letter S.
Your moms. [CHUCKLES]
I don't know ♪
Where I can go
To let these ghosts ♪
Careless. Careless.
My grandma's passed ♪
My brother's gone ♪
I never ever at once
Felt so alone ♪
I know you're supposed to be
My steering wheel ♪
Not just my spare tire ♪
Yo, what the fuck?
Yo, yo, yo, yo. What is this, man?
Who the fuck are you?
[GROWN KANAN] A lot of fools
think they can do this work.
[GROWN KANAN] Think this hustle
just like anything else.
[PAUL] You want money?
Just tell me what you want.
I can take care [GROANS]
[GROWN KANAN] But this ain't
business as usual, nigga.
Forget All that hurts me ♪
And it ain't for everybody.
Understand your plans ♪
- Take me to another place ♪
- Home ♪
- Take me to another land ♪
- Home ♪
Make me forget
All that hurts me ♪
Let me understand Your plan ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Tennessee ♪
- Tennessee, whoo, yeah ♪
- Tennessee ♪
Tennessee ♪
Word, I got you.
Man, Primo round the corner right now.
[PAUL] Fuck! Shit. Yo!
I gotta go.
Yo. Yo, Kanan.
J-Just you gotta tell them
that I'm cool, okay?
They-they-they don't need
to hurt me anymore, all right?
But you not cool, though, Paul.
That's Ronnie, my new partner.
Ronnie don't like
that shit you was talkin'
'bout goin' to the police.
Don't like that shit at all.
The fuck you doin' here?
M-my bad. I c-I can just
come back another time.
[RONNIE] Where you goin'?
Um, y'all look busy.
So I was just gon' leave.
You ain't gotta leave.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I-I-I was never gonna call
the police, man.
I-I was just sayin' it
'cause I was frustrated.
Sayin' it worse than doin' it.
I won't-I won't say it, then, man.
I promise.
I won't-I won't even think it.
Get up.
You pissed yourself.
We gotta get you cleaned up.
Give you all some privacy.
Nah, I'm right behind you.

I just came to get the rest of my shit
'cause I-I couldn't get it before.
I gotta go make sure
Ronnie don't kill this nigga.
Just get your shit and be gone
before I get back.
Nothin' changes on your end.
Same numbers, same setup.
You just fuckin' with me now
instead of 'Nique.
Thank you.
I think I'll pass.
The one location Unique was runnin'
was already more trouble
than it was worth.
He had talked about expanding,
but he couldn't get the pieces in place,
especially transportation.
Moving this product
around the city undetected
isn't as easy as it seems.
Now that Unique is dead,
that deal is too.
I appreciate your interest.
I can build this business.
I've done it before. I'll do it again.
I wouldn't be here to run work
outta one shop.
That's not worth my time.
I got big ideas, larger plans.
The fishmonger told me who you are
and what you've done.
But you need to understand that this
is a different business
than the one you were in.
I'm not some beaner importing product
in the bellies of young girls.
This is a sophisticated operation here.
It's a different ball game.
You got the ball, I got the players.
You aren't the only team.
But my team wins.
Okay. Why not?
What do I really have to lose?
I'll give you two months
to build your operation
into something
that generates real money.
If you don't get there, we're done.
No consignment, no excuses.
- [QUÂN] You pay on delivery.
You get me the work, I'll get you paid.
What's in the bag?
It's my shit.
I'm-I'm movin' back to my moms'.
What's wrong with livin' here?
Nothin' at all.
Um, she just-she just
misses me, that's it.
What she miss about you?
The fuck so good about you
that your moms miss you?
I mean, I'm her son?
I'm my moms' son.
She don't miss me.
I don't know why my mom misses me, then.
I guess you just gon'
have to ask her that.
Maybe she miss your voice.
Kanan says you talk a lot.
You for real? You said that shit?
- Look, I
- Nobody likes talkin'
'cept maybe your moms.
I don't talk.
I don't talk to nobody.
I'm I-I promise.
You-you don't gotta worry
about that shit at all. I
I look worried to you, nigga?
[RONNIE] You sayin' I look shook?

That's what you sayin'?
'Cause I can show you
what shook feel like.
I'm not sayin' that.
I'm just-I'm just sayin' I don't talk
and I-I'm not that type of person.
I never have. I
K, could you tell him that shit, please?
Fame keep shit close, mostly.
If he don't, I'll fuck him up myself.

I'll hit at y'all later.
[TANNER] So Marvin Thomas.
Ogden over at Queens Narcotics
gave us some information on this guy
but nothing really beyond his record.
Does the neighborhood have
a point of view on him?
In what way?
I could give you a better road map
if I knew where you guys were headed.
Like I keep telling you,
there's only so much I can say.
We have to keep our work close
because it touches on so many
different investigations and suspects.
You know I'm up for Ogden's job.
[TANNER] And once you have it,
I will drop my pants for you, Howard.
Until then,
the information flow between us
is a one-way proposition.
So, back to one Marvin Thomas.
Marvin hungry. Always has been.
Got a reputation around the way
for bein' a tough guy.
Don't take no shit off of nobody.
I hadn't heard nothin' about him havin'
Italian connects, but it tracks.
The Mob has hands
all over the drug trade.
So makes sense they would bump into him.
So you think he's capable
of the operations
at Baisley and the South Jamaica houses?
It's not outside the realm
of possibility.
You know who you should talk to?
Detective Peng over there.
He knows these streets as well
as anyone. Let me get him for you.
[TANNER] Looks like he's
in the middle of something.
Nah, that's just this neighborhood broad
always complainin' 'bout
parking tickets. Give me a second.
I know now for sure.
I heard it from someone who was there.
[HOWARD] Yo, Peng, let me
holler at you right quick.
[PENG] Excuse me for a second.
Tanner from the task force,
he wants to talk to you.
- Really? Right now?
- [HOWARD] Yeah.
Look, I'll handle her, but you owe me.
Thanks, Howard.
Detective Howard here
is gonna hear you out.
He's gonna take notes
and tell me everything you say.
Wait, where are you going?
You need to know what I know!
[HOWARD] You can tell me.
I promise I'm a good listener.
But I know Peng.
Now you gonna get to know me.
Tell me what's on your mind.
Let me see if I can help.
I'm here about a murder.
The murder of my son.

I'm all ears.

What the fuck?
Yo, um
yo, what y'all doin'? Y'all
You okay?
You okay?
Our dad told us to wait here.
How long ago?
He said he'd come get us
when it was time to come in.
No, man, you're
y'all two gonna freeze out here.
Get you two inside.
What the fuck, Gerald?
H-hey, Marvin.
It's good to see you, man.
So to what do I owe this pleasure?
- And who told you all this?
- I can't say.
You have a witness
to the murder of your son
but you can't tell me who it is?
You know how this works, Detective.
If people knew I was talkin'
But it's just me and you in here.
And I assume you want us to investigate
whatever it is you think you know.
Lou Thomas. He the one who told me.

Hold on, hold on, so you sayin'
Lou Thomas was there
when your son got shot?
It sounded like it, yeah.
Uh, what does "it sounded like it" mean?
He was either there, or he wasn't.
Look, we gotta get
our ducks in a row here
for you and your son's sake.
This-this is a big deal.
Can't have no mistakes, no oversights.
Look, Lou was a little
all over the place
when he was talkin' with me.
He might have had a drink
before he came over.
So he was drunk.
Confessions and statements
by drunk folks
don't hold up in court.
He told me my son was murdered.
I'm just sayin',
based on what you've given me
a drunk guy tellin' you that he knows
about the commission of a crime
that's not a whole lot.
My boy didn't kill himself.

I'll look into it.
But don't talk to nobody else
- about it.
- Mm.
[HOWARD] Not even no other police.
Last thing I want
is you speakin' on this
around the way and, like you said,
people get it in they head
that you snitchin'.
Because that's when bad things happen.

[MARVIN] What the fuck is this, man?
You in here gettin' high
on this fuckin' shit
and them kids outside in the cold?
How long was they in the car?
Few minutes. A half hour.
A couple hours at the most.
You gonna hurt somebody,
somebody who ain't you.
- I'm gonna make some lunch.
- You need any help?
I don't, mi amor, but thank you.
I got you.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm, uh I'm
Yeah, I'm good.
I was scared, Shawn.
I didn't know what else to do.
That's why I told you to leave.
You were right, though.
I was actin' like a clown and
[SIGHS] I'm not gonna do that again.
And I'm not gonna tell you
to leave again.
I got into a lot of stupid shit, Ma.

Some shit I wish I never did and
I can't undo it.

Don't think about that now.
You're home.
- I love you, Ma.
- I love you too.

They'll be performing
to a prerecorded track,
so we'll need playback.
And send me the stage specs
so I can take a look.
Thank you.
Guess who just got a gig
at the Garden State Mall
openin' up for Shanice?
Congratulations, ladies.
We're movin' in the right direction.
I want shots of each
of the girls out in front
so I can see how they look.
Make the camera love you, ladies
and maybe I will too.
[CECE PENISTON] I'm so fed up
Time to get up, baby ♪
[PHOTOGRAPHER] Well, I guess
you're front first.
I thought that what we had ♪
Would never end ♪
Let's do this.
- Nice.
But now it's too late ♪
[PHOTOGRAPHER] Keep goin'.
Just like that.
Your stupid-ass little brother
went to Scrap mom's house drunk
and spilled the whole shit.
And then she came to the precinct.
Lucky for yo' ass,
I got in between that shit.
Is there anything you don't fuck up?
This ain't on me. This my brother.
It's your peoples. It's your fuck-up.
[RAQ] Look, the only reason
you even care
is 'cause the shit tracks back to you
and your fuck-up on Scrap.
Don't you never forget I can
burn your shit down
to the ground, Detective.
I'll handle Lou.
What about that task force bullshit?
What they gettin' into?
They ain't got nothin' on nobody.
No suspects at all.
- [MARVIN] Thank you.
- [ALICE] Thank you.
[MARVIN] Guess what I have.
Found some cookies for dessert.
- Y'all can eat 'em upstairs.
Share 'em with your sister.
These ain't all for you.
Thanks, Uncle Marvin.
You did your homework, right?
We don't have any.
What kind of school
doesn't have homework?
[MARVIN] Must be in the Bronx.
There's really no amount
of gratitude I can express
that will adequately articulate
my appreciation
for what you've done here.
Look, I don't even know
what the fuck all that means.
But what if I didn't
roll through when I did, G?
Them kids might still be out there.
Or what if they came across
some other dude first,
some sick motherfucker in a van?
I'm a disaster, Marvin.
I don't know what else to say.
Where they mother at, man?
She need to take 'em,
'cause this shit here
ain't workin' for nobody.
Their mother is around the corner
or around the world
or whistling around the
fuckin' graveyard for all I know.
Haven't seen her in over a year.
And she's worse than me.
She turned me on to this shit,
and then she left me
when I tried to kick.
You ain't got no other family?
No one willing to help.
Burned all those bridges
a while ago.
Turns out, your family's
not too keen on helping you
when you steal from them.

[MARVIN] You really are
a fuckin' mess, G.
[GERALD] I'm all too aware.

[BIVENS] Engineering?
You know, work with machines?
Psychological operations?
What's that?
It's kind of like communications.
You get trained to deal with people
in unique situations.
Maybe. [SIGHS]
Technology? You like science?
There's also transportation.
when y'all came to my school,
you said you'd help us pick a career
and train us and all that
so we could get good jobs later.
Sign me up for that.
That's why I came over
in the first place,
to show you what Juke look like
for your story.
But then I get here and find you
and your life all fucked up.
Man, fuck it. Give me that.
Shit don't matter no way.
Only thing that matters is,
is those little girls upstairs.
You need to clean the fuck up, Gerald.
[GERALD] I wanna do better, Marvin.
But I don't know
if I can do it on my own.
You ain't doin' it on your own, though.
I'm here.
[FAMOUS] What's the 411? ♪
What's the 411? ♪
I thought the streets was ill ♪
Until I shot that gun ♪
Wakin' up in cold sweats ♪
I can't get no rest ♪
I'm jumpin' out my sleep ♪
I can barely catch my breath ♪
Havin' flashbacks
When I put them bullets ♪
[SHIRLEY] Ooh, I like this.
It's moving.
Emotionally, I mean.
It got a homey stressed ♪
I just tried to get
The dope ♪
'Cause it's the damn truth.
[FAMOUS] Now I'm left
With the regrets ♪
I'm stuck with the effects ♪
- I'm livin' with a murder ♪
[FAMOUS] Fuck, I really
Might confess ♪
What if they got evidence? ♪
What if they spoke
to residents? ♪
It's messing with ♪
[MARVIN] Uh, my bad for bein' late.
I was caught up on some shit.
We gonna have a conversation
with these restaurant fools
'cause we need to get this work movin'.
- But this shit with Lou
- I know.
I damn near dropped my phone
when you told me.
Police is on ice for a minute,
but it won't stay like that for long.
Scrap mama gonna start talkin' louder.
How many other people you think
he speakin' with, Marvin, hmm?
If that nigga Howard
hadn't been there
Look, your brother need
to make this shit right.
- Because if he don't
- I get it. I'm on it.


Let's do this.

After whatever happened to Unique,
my wife and I don't think
we want to do this anymore.
All that with 'Nique
ain't got nothin' to do
- with this work here.
- How do you know?
They still have not found him.
[MARVIN] Because me and my sister
know what business look like.
And whatever happened
to 'Nique wasn't business.
You gonna keep doin'
what you been doin'.
Ain't no backin' out now.
This makes us nervous.
This shit like Book of the Month club.
You can't cancel your membership
just 'cause you don't like
readin' no more.
You signed on. Ain't no signin' off.
And like Quân told y'all,
we your new partners now.
Ain't nothin' changed.
But this one spot, it ain't enough.
We need to get bigger,
which is why we need to know
if y'all own any other shops.
We don't even own this one.
We just manage it.
[RICHARD] My uncle owns
the Golden Pavilion
and 20 other restaurants
in Queens and Brooklyn.
Your uncle let you do
our work outta here?
He likes the extra income.
God bless America.
So where he at?
And how we gonna meet him?
You can meet him right now, if you like.
That's him right there,
eating the number 37.
Yo, fuck outta here.
Number 37 my favorite too.

Must've ate somethin' bad.
Seem like you eat somethin' bad a lot.
And what's that supposed to mean?
I'm workin' on it, Juke.

I kind of like we got
the black and green on.
It's great minds think alike.
- [KRYSTAL] It's my color.
[KANAN] What's up, Iesha?
Hey, we, uh
you know, we gotta get goin'.
The movie start in, like, 30 minutes.
[JUKEBOX] Ain't seen you around.
Guess you been busy
with them old-ass new friends
of yours from that party. [CHUCKLES]
Y'all gonna ride down to AC this weekend
and play them slots?
Those ain't my friends, Juke.
They just associates.
This nigga got associates now.
[IESHA] I mean,
they all seemed cool to me.
[CHUCKLES] What was their names again?
- Snaps and
- Pop. Snaps and Pop.
They used to stick up banks
until they started sellin' dope.
They teachin' you to be
a bank robber, Kanan?
They don't even do
that shit no more, Juke.
Yeah, I mean, they, like,
a hundred years old.
Hey, we gotta bounce.
- Come on.
- [IESHA] Later, Juke.

My cousin with Iesha
You mean Pukebox? [CHUCKLES]
You Jukebox. She Pukebox.
Stay the fuck away from him, Krystal.

- Fuck you.
- Mm.

[RAQ] My business is like yours.
I find somethin' that works
and I repeat that shit.
Set it up in other spots
and get that market share.
I usually fuck with forks,
but I was tryin' to impress.
Market share means nothing
without profit.
Okay, word. Now, look at that.
That's what the fuck
I'm talkin' 'bout.
This work is all profit
for you and your family.
Ain't no cost to you.
We just usin' your space.
Space that you payin' for already.
Variable incomes can be
far more lucrative than fixed.
I want a percentage of your business.
We will share in success and failure.
That's a conversation I might
be willing to have with you.
After you show me them
locations you talkin' 'bout.

Every restaurant I own.
Do they have the number 37
at all those spots?
Not always the number 37, but yes.
That's what the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout.
[RAQ] We gonna check these out,
and then we'll circle back on you.

[BUGSY ON SCREEN] Would you just
wait for me, please?
[IESHA] It's too fast, Kanan.
[KANAN SIGHS] It's my bad.
I-I just
I just really like you a lot,
that's all.
And I like you too.
You like me too?
- [KANAN] Mm.
All right, I'm goin' home.
What? No, no, no.
Iesha, l-l-look, look. I won't
do it again, a'ight? It's my fault.
Nah, I need to go home.
Well, fuck it, then.
A'ight, whatever. Go.
So you not gonna take me home?
I'ma sit and watch
the rest of this movie.
You know how to take a train.
That's real messed up, Kanan.
[KANAN] Whatever.


You done lost your fucking mind
this time, Lou.
No. My mind right where
I left it at, big bro.
Yo y-yo. Yo! Yo!
[MARVIN] You wanna kill yourself?
Do it, nigga.
But you ain't takin'
the rest of us with you.
Yo, fuck that mean, man? Ease up.
I ain't even do nothin'.
You almost
you on some more Raq bullshit.
Nah, this your bullshit.
You the one went to Scrap's moms.
Fuck you talkin' 'bout?
Your drunk ass stumbled
into Scrap's moms' crib
and told her what went down.
Fuck you.
Nah, you done fucked us first, nigga.
She went to the police, Lou.
She dropped your fuckin' name,
sayin' you told her
what happened.
If she went to the police,
how come I ain't down there right now?
Raq got her mans inside.
Well, I-I don't remember
even goin' there.
[MARVIN] Well, you did.
And you got real chatty, nigga.
Now you gotta clean all this shit up.


I want you to feel good.
And I want you to make me feel good.
Why you here?
[PERNESSA] Because I live here, Ronnie.
You stayin' with your mother.
I'm just gettin' some things for Jerome.
Why-why is the lady
from the bodega here?
Get your shit and go.
This is still 'Nique's and my house.
Get your shit
and go.

It's not good for people
to see us together.
Pernessa ain't nothin' to worry about.
[SCOFFS] She doesn't like you.

I don't give a fuck.
You should.
Enemies are dangerous,
especially when they're family.



[HOWARD] Captain Burke.
[PATRICK] Detective Howard.
How you holdin' up, sir?
Every day's the same.
And then every night
I remember some new fuckin' regret.
Some memory of something
I fucked up with my daughter
that I can't fix.
I hear you.
Everything there?

[PATRICK] Far as I can tell.
Hey, listen, if I can ever do anything,
just let me know.
I will.

I got some paperwork to get to.
Yeah. Go do your job.
I'm fine. Thank you.

- [RAQ] Hey.
- [RAQ] How are you?
- Good. How can I help you?
[RAQ] Just wonderin' what kind of things
y'all supply restaurants with.
Uh, equipment, cookware, tableware,
janitorial supplies, and
other stuff.
Who are you?
[RAQ] I'm sorry.
Uh, my name is Raquel Thomas,
and I might be gettin' into
the restaurant business myself,
so I was just doin' a little research.
You the owner?
My brother and I own this company,
but we only supply Chinese restaurants.
- We cannot help you.
So I don't look like
I could own a Chinese spot?
We're very busy.
Well, I'll let you
get back to work, then.
Thanks for your time.
Y'all have a good day.
Hey, what's up, Cap?
You wanted to see me?
I hope you don't think
it's okay to show up late
over at, uh, Queens Narcotics.
- I got it?
You're on the one-yard line.
All you need to do now is walk it in.
Congratulations, unofficially.
So that means there's still
a hoop I gotta get through.
Relax. The paperwork's in.
As far as the department's
concerned, it's done.
These feds and this task force
gotta run an enhanced background check,
talk to a few folks who know you.
It's a formality.
Makes 'em feel important.
Unless you're a serial killer,
you should be fine.
As long as they don't talk
to any of Howard's old girlfriends,
- he'll be okay.

[PERSON] Who you lookin' for?
The fuck outta my way, man.
He asked you who you lookin' for.
And I ain't fuckin' talkin' to you.
Get the fuck off me!
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Kanan cousin.

Punk-ass mu'fuckers.

[KANAN] Next time, call first,
let me know you comin' through.
Why the fuck would I do that?
Hey, how the group? Y'all choose a lead?
What are you doin', Kanan?
[KANAN] Fuck you mean,
what am I doin'?
I'm doin' what I do.
- I'm livin' this life.
Talk to this fool
and the rest of these niggas that way,
but don't talk that shit to me.
I wiped the snot out your nose, nigga.
I know who the fuck you are.
What you want?
Iesha told me about the movie.
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's like that?
[JUKEBOX] I told you
to be right with her.
I told you if you fuck that shit up,
you'll fuck up this music I'm doin'.
Aw, Butta's a'ight, Juke.
And so is Iesha.
- She's just too damn young.
Probably more your type. [CHUCKLES]
I got shit to do.

None of this shit you doin' with him
make you grown, Kanan.
You still a scared-ass little boy
tryin' to show his mama he a man.

I can talk to her.

You ain't never talkin' to her.
My family ain't got nothin'
to do with you and me.

There she is.
I appreciate you meetin' me, Adina.
I was just down at the precinct
gathering Shannon's things
when I saw this.
I thought you might want to have it.
I'm sorry for how I acted toward you.
And I'm sorry for how I acted
toward Shannon.
But it's too late to make that right.
Look, I know I'll never get
an answer that'll satisfy me.
And I'll never truly understand
why my daughter did what she did.
But I need to at least try.
Is there anything I should know?
Anything she did or said?
You're asking me if I know
why Shannon killed herself?
My guess is, it was everything.
It was me. It was you.
It was the job.
When that girl from
the Upper East Side overdosed
and Shannon got dragged into it
[SCOFFS] it fucked her up.
All of a sudden,
IAD's openin' an investigation into her?
It was unfair and wrong.
She was obsessed with Howard,
convinced he was hiding things.
And I'll tell you
the same thing I told her.
I'm not goin' anywhere
near Howard and all that.
That's got nothin' to do with me.
And that's all I gotta say,
Captain Burke.
We both lost a lot when Shannon died.

I'm sorry for us.
Me too.

This where your moms live?
[PERNESSA] Are you followin' me, Ronnie?
We family.
Whoever did all that at
the tailor shop still out here.
You gotta be careful, Pernessa.
I got shit to do, Ronnie.
Don't want nothin' to happen to you.

You all Jerome got left.

I gotta go.


[JOYCE] Hi, Lou-Lou.
As usual, your timing's fuckin' perfect.
Little early for all that, isn't it?
And it's a little too late
for you to give a fuck.
What you want, Ma?
I need cash.
Your sister's short,
and I got bills to pay.

[LOU-LOU] That's what I got.

Your brother tells me
you part owner of this club,
and this is all you got
to give your mother?

You know, your daddy spent
way too much time
in joints just like this.
And you saw what it did to him.
This ain't what did it to him.

You take care of yourself, Lou-Lou.
You too.

Your mother.
That's what it says on the paperwork.

So he messin' with 'Nique's brother
but you don't know what the work is?
He also kickin' it with some old heads.
Bonnie and Clyde and all them.
Kanan fuckin' with Snaps and Pop?
And Famous moved out.
When? Why?
I don't know. [CHUCKLES]
But Kanan's changin', Aunt Raq.
He ain't the same.


Kind of bold,
you callin' me up like you did.
You don't like bold girls?
Nah, I like 'em just fine.
Then you 'bout to like me a whole lot.
Don't remember bein' here before.
And I definitely don't remember
sayin' all that shit.
And that's why right there, nigga.
That shit fuckin' up your whole life.
This is just a symptom
of somethin' else.
Just like Scrap mom.
No. This shit all on you, Lou.
If Scrap moms the symptom,
you're the fuckin' disease, nigga.




I don't want this.

I'm sorry.

Just fuckin' sorry.


That's that.

Never believed in ghosts.
That's just shit
people tell they kids
to scare 'em
and keep 'em in bed at night.
But memories just like ghosts.
They all the bad you done
and seen and felt and known.

And the thing is,
the more you try
to push that shit back
and wipe it out your brain,
the stronger it gets.
It ain't got nowhere to go,
and it wants you to know
it's there.
So when you at your weakest,
that's when it reminds you
of your worst shit,
of your worst day,
of your worst you.

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