Power Book III: Raising Kanan (2021) s03e08 Episode Script


Previously on Raising Kanan
Where's 'Nique? What'd you do to him?
You talking that shit,
you better be willing
to pull that trigger.
- It's a lot. It's it feels
- Scary?
If you scared, that means
you in the pocket.
You know there's something
that's happening that's real.
What about that task force bullshit?
What they getting into?
They ain't got nothing on nobody.
What do you know about this asshole?
Do you think he's capable
of the operations at Baisley
and the South Jamaica houses?
It's not outside
the realm of possibility.
That's what you don't understand.
This ain't about what you did.
It's about who you are.
I was just the hammer that you pulled
outta your toolbox
whenever you needed shit
knocked around.
Nobody can make you
something that you not.
At least I'll be there to catch
you when you fall tonight.
I'll see you then.
There is no connection
between the three of you,
just three girls doing their own thing.
That's because we don't know
who the lead is.
You know what, Krystal?
You might not even be wrong.
The story about your daughter
might make a lot of sense for me.
I'd have to interview her and you too.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
I heard about our friend Unique.
'Nique was about his business.
I wanna step into
what he started with you,
take it over.
'Nique's gone, and he ain't coming back.
- Now we do business.
- You want heroin.
Just wondering what kind of things
y'all supply restaurants with.
We only supply Chinese restaurants.
So I don't look like
I could own a Chinese spot?
We wanna fuck with you.
What Ronnie is trying to say,
he's interested in partnering
with you in a trade
that is gonna be a lot more lucrative.
Is there anything I should know?
You're asking me if I know
why Shannon killed herself.
My guess is, it was everything.
Shannon told me
if anything happened to her,
it wouldn't be what it looked like.
But what you saying,
you think it wasn't a suicide?
But Kanan's changing, Aunt Raq.
He ain't the same.
He also kicking it with some old heads,
Bonnie and Clyde and all them.
Ha ha. That's right.
Toughest part of
this shit is when you alone,
when no one else is around,
'cause that's when your head
be talking to you,
telling you you fucked up,
that you ain't shit, won't ever be shit.
I'm sure there is niggas out there,
when they by themselves,
got nothing but good shit
on they minds.
For me, being alone meant
talking to the one nigga
that scared me the most:
I'm here.
I'm right here, Raq.
Who's next?
Who you want me to kill next?
'Cause I'm that killer, yo.
That's what you want me to be.
That's what you made me.
This motherfucker.
You own me.
Come get me, then.
I'm yours.
Shut the fuck up
and get in the house, Lou.
Who next, Raq?
Get in the house and shut the fuck up.
Who next?
My neighbors don't wanna hear your mess.
They need to know who you are.
- They need to know who I am.
- Shh!
They need to know what we do, Raq.
So we straight killers, yo.
- This is what we do.
- Get in the house.
You sure you don't want
nothing besides water?
Just 'cause this nigga's a teetotaler
don't mean you gotta be like him.
I'm good.
Thanks, though.
Your father didn't drink either.
Def Con didn't drink or drug.
And barely fucked with girls.
Your ma the only one I ever knew about.
Yeah, Def didn't have any vices.
Clear mind, level head.
Nigga was formidable.
And respected.
What do you prefer?
To be feared or respected, Kanan?
- Feared.
- He didn't ask you, Urkel.
fear or respect?
What's your preference?
I mean, to me,
that shit's a trick question.
Can't have no real respect without fear.
When you fear a nigga, you respect him.
They're the same fucking thing.
Fear is respect.
Respect is fucking fear.
He's sleeping it off.
Lou a damn tragedy.
He need a program,
someone he can talk to.
Well, talking is exactly
this nigga's problem.
He don't stop talking.
And now he out on my front lawn
in the middle of the night,
screaming he a killer.
Your little brother's gonna
fuck all of us up, Marvin.
I got better. Lou can too.
Yeah, well, not everybody get better.
Not everybody wanna get better.
One more time.
Sometimes I lay My eyes on you ♪
You would be the best dancer
in the group
if you'd just get out your own head.
I suck, Juke.
You don't suck.
I do.
But I appreciate you lying to me.
You don't suck.
For real.
You just
I just suck?
You just a clown, Iesha.
This your ex-girlfriend?
Nicole, yeah.
She real pretty.
So you like white girls.
I liked Nicole.
Why did y'all break up anyway?
We didn't break up.
Nicole died.
I'm so sorry, Juke.
It ain't your fault.
You say "I'm sorry"
when somebody tells you
that they lost somebody
that they cared about.
You cared about Nicole.
Thanks for telling me.
Wanted you to know, I guess.
I got Ma coming over
in the morning to babysit him,
make sure he don't get
into no more stupidness
till we can figure out
what to do with him.
So look.
Kanan fucking with Ronnie
on some business,
and I need to know what it is.
- Where you hear that?
- Don't matter where I heard it.
What matter is what his
dumb ass is getting into.
Kanan been moving around some reefer.
I've known for a minute.
Nickel and dime type shit.
Ain't nothing to worry about.
Ronnie ain't wasting his time
on no reefer.
And neither is Snaps and Pop.
They fucking with Kanan too?
Yeah, that's what I'm hearing.
I thought they was done,
kicking off they shoes,
relaxing they feet and all that.
Shit, well, I thought
I was done too, nigga.
But somehow this shit got a way
of grabbing you back.
Now I got Quân all over me on some shit.
So I gotta go fuck with him,
which means that you gotta find
out what Kanan getting into.
On it.
You gotta trust me on Lou.
He need our help, that's all.
You think I'm hard-hearted,
don't you, Marvin?
Maybe I am.
Maybe all this shit is on me.
Maybe I brought it on myself.
Chickens coming home to roost.
But unlike most these fools out here,
I take responsibility
for the calls that I make.
And I keep telling your brother
that's what it mean
to be in the top spot.
Means taking all the fucking blame
and getting none of the credit.
And I'm a'ight with that.
Always have been.
But what I can't accept is that
nobody up in this motherfucker
wanna look in the mirror but me.
My whole life now
about lookin' in the mirror.
You like who lookin' back at you?
I'm-I'm starting to.
Yeah, well, Lou don't like
who looking back at him.
And no matter what he think,
that ain't on me.
That's all him.
Can't nobody save a nigga from himself.
So I'm asking,
you ever had a real girlfriend,
somebody that you steady fucked with?
- What was her name?
- Don't remember.
How you had a steady girlfriend
and you can't remember her damn name?
You asked me if I ever fucked
with a bitch on the regular,
not if I remembered her name.
Raq know you fuckin' with this work?
Look, I don't know what she know.
And I don't really care neither.
Your moms' competition out here, Kanan.
She's getting her product
from an Italian-Vietnamese connect.
Your mother is good at this work.
So am I.
I do have a life of my own, Raquel.
My days of cleaning up after
you and your brothers is done.
Don't remember you doing
too much cleaning, Ma.
- Where is he?
- He's still asleep.
But when he get up,
you need to sit with him,
make sure he don't go nowhere.
He gotta stay put.
You got something for me?
Look after your son.
- Special delivery.
- Got it.
My people will load and unload
my work onto your trucks.
You don't have to touch it.
All you gotta do is make a little space.
Our trucks are usually
half empty anyways.
Space won't be an issue.
This is exciting!
Yeah, and depending
on how the business is moving,
if we have to make some extra runs,
I'll cover
all the additional labor costs,
hit you off real generous
per mile on the trucks.
This can save us
from the layoffs, Terry.
It's exactly what we need.
What deal is Hong getting?
His deal ain't your deal.
I want Hong's deal.
We don't have to be pigs about this.
That offer that's been made,
it's more than generous.
My brother does not speak
for our business.
Any and all negotiations
will be with me.
I own half this business.
And I will be heard. I will be known!
David is a drug addict.
He is not in his right mind.
I'm right here, Terry!
Sit down, David.
We don't need
one of your temper tantrums.
I own as much of this company as you!
And you will not be speaking
to me like that!
I want Hong's deal.
Don't ignore me, Terry!
I'm going to tell Mom about this.
And she's gonna tell you
you're going to have to listen to me!
Sound like you about to be
in trouble with your mother.
She's been dead for ten years.
My brother has a gypsy
who takes his money
and tells him that she can
communicate with our mother
from beyond the grave.
I made my offer.
It is what it is.
You just get back to me
and let me know your decision.
I've made my decision.
I'll let the girl out front know
that you need some help
cleaning up in here.
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Someone had to play the fool ♪
And I was running blind ♪
I lost myself in your games ♪
And I can't blame nobody but me ♪
Nobody ♪
I was head over heels in this love ♪
Everything that I need
And more in someone ♪
But you left me in the rain ♪
Now you're gone ♪
I've got no more tears
I've cried the last one ♪
But you weren't here
When I needed someone ♪
But you left me in the rain ♪
Now you're gone ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Now you're gone ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
And you know I needed someone ♪
You know I needed someone ♪
- Someone I ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
You think we need to go again?
What y'all think?
We good.
We go again, we only gonna mess up.
Only gonna make you angry.
You right, Jukebox.
And you're also Butta's lead.
Just because she said that bullshit?
Because she knows when to say something
and when not to, which is something
you could stand to learn, Krystal.
An-and just so we're clear,
uh, this is not carved in stone.
If I feel like Jukebox isn't
holding up her end of the deal
or if I feel like someone else is making
a better case to be the lead,
I won't hesitate to make that change.
Everything needs to be
earned here every day.
But y'all are showing me something.
Tomorrow's the last rehearsal
before this show.
Let's make it count.
Everybody what?
On time, on beat, and on task.
Good work, girls.
Ooh, I told you!
I told you.
You did it, Juke.
You the one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let me get that door
for you, Ms. Thomas.
Shut up.
If you say so, Ms. Thomas.
So, Ms. Thomas, tell us how it feels
to be the lead singer
of R&B supergroup Butta.
Feels like I'ma beat your ass
if you don't get your hand out my face.
What's up?
Fuck outta here.
Guess Kanan got over me real quick.
Fuck this boy. I'm about to smack
- the taste outta his mouth.
- It's not worth it, Juke.
It's not.
Why would I care about them
when I got you?
What's in the bag?
I ain't robbing you, motherfucker.
I just wanna see what you moving.
You not gonna tell me?
I respect it.
Give me that shit.
Fuck is in here?
Y'all fucking with that "hair-on"?
I only make deliveries.
Tell that shit to the judge then, nigga.
That bag will get you one to nine.
I made all that for you.
You better eat it.
Grown man needs his mama
to come watch over him.
That ain't sorry, I don't know what is.
I ain't ask you to do shit.
Your sister said you can't leave.
All right, I'ma tell Raq
I tried to stop you.
Mr. Bingham.
Captain Patrick Burke with the NYPD.
I know who you are, Captain Burke,
and I also know that you're retired.
Either way, I was hoping
maybe you and I could talk.
As fathers, Mr. Bingham,
fathers who both lost their daughters
and are trying to understand
what the hell happened.
I don't know what we have to talk about,
but, come on in.
Thank you.
One of my people
bought this out in Queens.
Said it was delivered
to him by a courier.
You've got competition.
My Italian partners and I
can't be seen as weak.
You need to make an example
of whoever this is
so no one else challenges us
in the future.
They'll be handled.
And what about your expansion?
You're still buying
the same amount Unique did.
I'm still getting the pieces in place.
We agreed that if you couldn't increase
your product demands in a couple months,
we'd end our arrangement.
And now you have someone else
stepping into your territory.
That's not encouraging.
I'll be all right.
I'ma take this with me.
Shannon would never
take advantage of anyone
or give them drugs.
She was a good person.
Better than me.
Better than just about anybody I know.
I'll be honest with you, Captain Burke.
Even when my wife was
banging down the mayor's door,
I was still skeptical
about Detective Burke's involvement
with what happened to Nicole.
But then that other police
officer came to speak with me,
and he suggested that maybe
she was complicit after all.
And who was that?
He asked me not to say.
It was Malcolm Howard.
What's the 411? ♪
I thought the streets was ill ♪
Until I shot that gun ♪
Wakin' up in cold sweats ♪
I can't get no rest ♪
I'm jumpin' out my sleep ♪
I can barely catch my breath ♪
Look who the cat dragged in.
Give this to Fame when he come by.
Tell him he should be proud of it.
Why can't you give it to him yourself?
What's going on with you, Louis?
I gotta go.
Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
Sometimes it's worse.
And he didn't say where he was going?
Yo, my sister here. I'ma talk to her.
I appreciate you calling, though.
Somebody moving on us, Marvin,
and we need to move them the fuck out.
That shit's Kanan's.
That's the work
he and Ronnie been running.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Well, where he getting the work from?
I don't know. And Lou in the wind.
Just heard from the lady
down at the club
that he stopped through
right quick, then bounced.
She said he doesn't seem right.
Look, I told Ma
not to let him go nowhere.
You know she never been good
for following directions.
All right, fuck it.
Fuck Ma, fuck Lou, fuck all of that,
'cause we got more pressing
shit right now.
Quân wants me to make
an example of the competition,
which just happens to be my fucking son.
Look, I'ma handle all this with Kanan,
but you gotta start
figuring out the trucks,
'cause none of this shit can wait.
Ask me, tracking down Lou
should be the priority.
- He hurting.
- Yeah, and that right there
is exactly your brother's
problem, Marvin.
He a fucking distraction
from the business at hand.
Lou needs us.
No, what he need is to shut the fuck up.
He do that, we good.
Meanwhile, you need to keep your eyes
on the fucking prize.
You so busy worried
about every other motherfucker
that you ain't even thinking
about yourself.
You still like getting paid, right?
Well, I'm trying to help you
help you, nigga.
Let's get this money.
I'm coming home
right after work, Shareta.
I'll call you when I leave.
I love you too.
She loves me when I'm at work.
Soon as I get home, it's like I ran over
her favorite fucking puppy.
That's why I don't have
a wife or a dog.
So listen.
Feds would have my ass if they knew
I was sharing this with you,
but I figure you're gonna be
sitting in this seat soon enough,
so you should be fully informed
of what's headed your way.
Marvin Thomas is checking off
a whole lot of boxes
in this investigation.
We have him linked to the Boselli crew,
and tenants at Baisley and the Forties
placed him in both locations.
So you're gonna need
to hit the ground running
when you take over here.
If I were you, I'd start
shaking the trees out there,
seeing what else
you can get on this guy.
These feds, they want this shit
to be over and done with.
And believe me, you want the same.
Good looking out, Ogden.
NYPD against the world, Howard.
Yo, uh, Lou around?
Famous, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, Lou's not here.
But, uh he left this for you.
That's your song and it's good.
It's really good.
Thank you.
Well, um, do you know
when Lou will be back?
Uh, sounds like he's gonna
be gone for a while.
Well, how long's a while?
Well, Lou's figuring some things out,
and that's gonna take
as long as it takes,
but, uh, I think we're talking days,
maybe even weeks.
For real?
I appreciate you passing me this.
I'm a fan of yours, Famous.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Yo, um,
you think I could I don't know
use the studio while Lou's gone?
Maybe record some shit?
Y-you it's-it's not really
my equipment to loan out.
But, you know, I'm-I'm betting that Lou
would want you to keep honing
your craft while he's gone.
Why not?
But nothing in this world
is free, my friend.
So we're gonna make
a fair trade, you and me.
You can use the studio,
but you're gonna have
to help me out around here.
Doing what?
Dishes, cleaning up,
moving stuff around.
by "word," you mean
we have an agreement?
No doubt.
All right.
Does your cousin ever ask about me?
Me and Juke ain't really
speaking right now.
I just wouldn't ever want her
to come between us.
I mean, me and her aren't friends.
Who the fuck is that?
You're making my job harder, Kanan,
and that's not something you wanna do.
Your mother called me to say
that you're not living at home.
I couldn't have been clearer:
the only thing standing
between you and a stint in a boys' home
is your strict adherence to
the guidelines you agreed to.
I'm still living at home.
I just spend time here
every once in a while.
And I fell asleep a couple times
and didn't make it back to the crib.
That's all.
You've got 24 hours to return home.
If you're not there by then,
the next time you see me,
I'll be accompanied by the police,
who will place you under arrest.
What was that?
That's my mother's bullshit.
Just like always.
Put it all on Pot o' Gold
in the third at Aqueduct.
Pot o' Gold?
That's the slowest horse on here.
Shit, that horse is the very
definition of also-ran.
But you always supposed
to place bets on the horses
with precious metals in they name.
And what the fuck is a also-ran?
Also-ran are horses that don't do shit.
Now, they got horses
that win, place, or show,
and then they got
everyone else, also-rans.
Hmm, sounds like all them other bitches
you was fucking with before me.
- Uh, okay, touché.
- Mm.
Speaking of thoroughbreds
Raquel Thomas in the house.
Pull up a chair.
Look at you, all grown and sexy, girl.
Shit, I remember you in pigtails,
jumping rope in front
of your parents' house.
I need y'all to step away from my son.
Kanan just trying
to show out for his mama.
He ain't about that work.
He need to be left alone.
My wife and I were never blessed
with having children of our own,
but we are certainly sympathetic
to the complicated relationship
between a parent and child.
Kanan's a good boy.
I know what he is,
and I know what he isn't.
And this shit with y'all, it ain't him.
Now, I don't know where you're getting
your information from, because
he's just an associate of an associate.
And, you know, he's barely
an acquaintance of ours.
We ain't got business with Kanan.
Y'all fucking with Ronnie.
Ronnie and Kanan, they working together.
We fronted that awkward-ass
nigga some money, that's all.
I ain't jumping rope no more.
Fuck's that mean?
Mean that I ain't playing games.
Now I know y'all not gon' tell
me who's supplying him,
and I ain't even asking.
But I'm just telling you to
stay the fuck away from Kanan.
Now, look, I'm the biggest believer
in that "it takes a village
to raise a child" shit.
But Pop and I,
we ain't in Kanan's village.
And you ain't in our league, Raq.
Well, you see me sitting here.
You don't see who's standing behind me.
Who you talking about?
Pop got that dago
motherfucker his first taste
of some Black pussy
back when you was still
fucking with double Dutch.
And them guineas,
they love them
some Black girls, always have.
Probably why he fucking
with you in the first place,
'cause you definitely his type.
Now, Stefano is only standing by you
until we tell him to sit the fuck down.
So now, you see, you're functioning
from a flawed premise.
Somehow it got in your head
that, uh, we answer to you,
that Pop and me
are like that gaggle of niggas
you got out there working,
who need you to get paid.
But Pop and me
been paid and stayed paid.
You're forgetting that that track,
the one that you hustling from,
the very place of your fucking business,
we paved with our blood,
sweat, and tears.
But you come swishing up in here
with your Gucci this and Chanel that
and that good Indian hair
and you think all that
gonna move us in some way?
That shit is just some spoils of wars
that we fought a long time ago, girl,
treasures from castles we stormed.
Understand, when you're talking to us,
you're talking to the ancestors,
the forefathers, and the forebearers
all at the same fucking time.
We made the game, Raquel.
You know, everybody, they always claim
that they invented this shit.
They was the first
through the fucking door.
But you see, the motherfuckers
who really matter,
they the last to leave,
the niggas who turn out the lights.
You got no business fucking with my son.
Stay away from him.
Our shit with Ronnie worth all this?
This just stopped being about Ronnie
the moment that she
came strolling in here,
telling us what to do.
This shit is about us now.
And nobody fucks with us.
He's drunk.
Let's get him. Come on.
You all right, man?
Looks like you've been drinking.
Looks like you need to shut the fuck up.
Yeah, we'll be on our way
soon as you give us
that wallet and watch.
Come on.
What, you gonna cut me, nigga?
Yeah, I'm thinking about it, yeah.
Come on, then.
Do it.
The fuck you waiting on?
Do the damn thing.
Yo, what the fuck? You need
inspiration or something?
Come on!
Where you going? Let's go!
Fuck me up!
Bitch-ass motherfuckers.
Can't even roll a nigga right.
That's her.
She ain't gonna bother you no more.
You Jukebox, right?
Who the fuck are you?
You ain't making rehearsal today.
Hell nah, bitch.
This is uncomfortable for me, Pernessa.
You know, you and me, we got into it.
But we good.
We straight.
And that's how I like shit
to stand in my life.
I ain't the one to circle back,
not in my business,
not in my life, but
this is about my son.
So it's different.
And I ain't got nowhere to turn but you.
Ronnie is messing with Kanan.
And that's a real problem for me.
I need to find out where they
getting they work from.
Look, I get that you trying
to protect your son,
but I'm trying to protect mines too.
And the best way for me to do that
is to stay as far away
from Ronnie as possible.
And I don't think about him.
I don't want him thinking about me.
I mean, Ronnie got his own life now.
He's got his girl.
We I mean
this has nothing to do
with me and my son,
which is how I want it.
Ronnie got a girl?
I mean, I don't know if they're
official or whatever,
but, um,
that bitch from the bodega
was at my house with him
the other day, and they
was getting into something,
which is nasty.
How long that been going on?
You know what? I'm sorry.
I gotta go pick up Jerome.
I don't got nothing else to say to you.
Stay safe.
Y'all start warming up.
I could sit in for Jukebox
until she gets here
if she gets here.
She'll be here.
We'll give her two more minutes.
I know all her steps and verses.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Sorry, train was late.
Don't wanna hear it.
No excuses!
What the hell happened to you?
Tripped and fell.
Take your places.
Your punk-ass friends
went home with some lumps.
They ain't shit,
and neither are you.
Yo, you okay?
I'm straight.
Cue the track.
Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Ooh, ooh ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Da, da, da ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
- Oh, oh ♪
- Ooh, ooh, ah, ooh ♪
Who are you?
Don't let me stop y'all.
Just act like I ain't here.
What is this? What are you doing?
Just grabbing some memories
for your wife.
Keepsakes and shit.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Mm-hmm.
You're working with him?
He pays more than you.
You need to treat
that young girl better, man.
What do you want?
My sister and I
wanna work with you, Terry.
But if I don't agree to your terms,
you'll tell my wife.
Oh, I ain't gonna tell her shit.
I'm just gonna show her some stuff.
I don't know that
what you are saying is true.
I bet you do, though.
I bet if you really think
about it, you really do.
I'm guessing that all of a sudden,
Juliana is affording nicer shit.
And I'm guessing that you and her
ain't connected like you was before.
Taking phone calls
she don't want you to hear,
pushing back on you in ways
that she didn't used to.
She going around you, Joaquin.
Cut her own deal.
She did it to me,
and now she done it to you.
I hated Gabriel.
Her husband.
But after he was gone,
Juliana changed, hmm.
In ways I didn't expect.
She ain't changed.
This who she always been.
She just needed her man out the way
so that she could be her real self.
I'll have to confirm what you
are saying with my own people
before I would give you my approval.
Do what you gotta do.
Then I'ma do what I gotta do.
So Bulletproof Records.
You don't need to know about that.
It's part of Jukebox's story, Marvin.
She recorded a song on that label,
and Bulletproof was also owned
or at least partially owned
by your family.
Let's move on, Gerald.
Did you know about
the alleged connection
between Bulletproof Records and, um
and the Mafia?
Where you hear that?
I have a friend on the NYPD
who told me there might
have been a relationship
between Bulletproof Records
and organized crime.
Are you talking to the police about me?
You out your damn mind?
You told me you write
about entertainment and arts.
What's any of that got to do
with the NYPD?
It doesn't have anything
to do with the police.
It's just that in the course
of my research on Jukebox,
I dug up some of the stuff
about the record label
and the attack on your family.
This piece is a profile
on your daughter.
Her family and her experiences
are important background.
I'm just doing my job.
Them questions ain't your job.
You gotta stay
between the lines, you know?
You all over the place,
just like your daddy.
You remind me of myself
when I signed up:
nervous but raring to go.
You're gonna do great.
You're gonna be great.
I'll be in touch, huh?
Well, well, well,
if it isn't Private Thomas.
You got a minute, Sergeant Healey?
Of course.
Let me guess:
cold feet?
What if I wanted to back out?
You signed a contract,
which means you made a commitment.
The armed forces take
commitments very seriously.
What happened to you wanting
to get out of New York
as soon as possible?
I'm not for sure backing out.
I just wanted to know if I could.
Mm, like everything else,
getting out is a lot harder
than getting in.
It's something we need
to really discuss.
You made a promise to the
United States of America, Laverne.
I know you don't wanna break
a promise to your country.
My country broke
a whole lot of promises to me.
It promised you freedom,
and it's delivered on that promise.
I'll get at you later, Sergeant Healey.
Ooh, I'm gonna get to the castle first.
This is gonna be the first time
that I've ever won.
You're not gonna win, because
you stink at "Candy Land."
Hey, we gotta take a quick break, okay?
I'm gonna be right back.
The card is one orange.
Tell us something good
about Marvin Thomas, Gerald.
Tell us something
that helps our investigation.
Or you're gonna be playing
board games with your kids
in the visitors' room at Sing Sing.
You always gonna be
that scared little bitch
selling loosies
at the corner store to me.
Don't matter how much you paid.
You still that mousy-ass broad
who got knocked around by her man
and needed me to save her.
My cousin will have your head.
Joaquin knows I'm here.
I have money.
I can pay you.
Fuck you and your money, Juliana.
This shit between you and me
is way bigger than dollars and cents.
This right here
is about knowing that I win
every fucking day.
That nobody beat me.
Thing is,
I do lose sometimes, though.
Everybody does.
But when I do
I live in that shit.
I hold it.
I take it with me everywhere I go.
Tss, I damn near love it
because I wanna feel it.
I wanna know it.
See, I wanna do all of that
so I can get better
at this shit, Juliana.
See, I learn from my mistakes, Juliana,
so that when I come back
because I always come back
I know how to correct what I fucked up
the first time around.
And that's all this is.
A correction.
Revenge ain't about business.
Revenge don't move work,
don't get you paid.
Ain't no good reason for it,
except that it feels right,
it feels good.
And that shit is reason enough for me.
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