Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Tommy's Back


Previously, on Force
Chicago ain't like New York.
It ain't about boroughs.
It's about blocks.
The Black and Latin crews
on the South and West Side.
Whites up north.
Seems like a wasted shot
for Black and Latin
and white crews not to mix.
It ain't New York. It's a
hard line nobody wants to cross.
I wasn't born within these lines here,
so I ain't gonna stay in them.
You want the top seat, D?
The only way to get that shit
is to take it.
You know this shit gonna cut CBI
straight down the middle, though, right?
When it's all said and done,
they all gonna come to me.
The fuck were you
doing with Miriam Egan?
And who the fuck are you?
I'm her grandson.
I'm her fucking grandson.
I know that JP is your father,
and I'm your uncle.
Who the fuck is this?
It's your son.
What Victor does
it's not women's work.
Victor runs the streets.
You keep us legit.
You got that big fucking
Flynn name, but no distro.
'Cause no one's ever seen
anything like this.
Dahlia was a
once-in-a-lifetime kinda drug.
Welcome to my buzz saw.
You're the only one who knows
how to cook Dahlia.
- I'm not a drug dealer.
- Good thing for you I am.
Could you use your network
and figure out
who the fuck put that hit
out on me last night?
My people can get you anything you need.
- I need an army.
- It's gonna cost you.
Give me a number.
- 1.5 million.
- Done.
This face is not the face
that my son's going to wake up to
every morning, for the rest of his life.
Walter assassinated
three of my men in cold blood.
I saw your old man. He wants her gone.
No, no, no, no
You and me. We stick together.
I'm never trusting Da again.

CBI soldiers that wanna come with me
you let 'em.
We split our territories.
I take everything above Marquette.
We go our separate fucking ways,
or I take that life.

Fuck. Liliana.
We suspect there's a new player in town
on the organized crime scene.
We first saw him
interacting with the Flynns,
but he's been hanging with CBI as well.
So who the hell is he?
It's the only image we have of him.
He's like a ghost.
It's not much.
I want the whole fucking map.
Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
That paper That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have To jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the lick We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
Money and powder and power ♪

Hey, what the fuck
is you grinning about?
Take it easy.
It's just nice to be around
a professional fucking criminal.
- We've been real cool, right?
- Very.
- Ain't got no secrets?
- No, we got each other's back.
You definitely running
your own hustle now, Tommy.
What are you doing, Tommy?
I'm doing what we talked about.
Liliana, I'ma make
these Chicago streets mine.
This whole fucking city.
You gonna let those bastards get away
- with what they did?
- Hell no!
Been two days since they killed me.
Why the Flynns still alive?
I'ma make whoever killed you pay.
I knew I could count on you, Tommy.
Make 'em suffer.
I will.
I promise.

Oh, you ain't shit
without your gun, are you?
What the fuck is this about?
Who killed Liliana?
I don't know who you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
You work for Flynn.
She had a scar on her face. Like this.
Ahh! Stop!
Don't fucking struggle,
or I will cut out
your motherfucking tongue.
I swear to God.
There you go. There you go. Just relax.
Now, tell me:
who killed my fucking friend?
I don't know.
It could have been any of the Flynns.
Where the fuck are the Flynns holed up?

Motherfucker, I swear to God.
I'm gonna ask you one last time.
Where the fuck are the Flynns?
Walter will be at Claudia's place
at two o'clock tomorrow.
He'll be alone.
That wasn't so hard, was it?

Okay. Gotta have your vitamin C.
Okay, okay. Thank you. Thank you.
We good for now.
I got a couple guys
with eyes on the place.
You should be safe here.
You think they'll make a move?
Man, if you even think
they're gonna make a move,
you hit me up straight away, all right?
Never know with these motherfuckers.
They grimy.
You miss her.
Yeah. I do.
I know that somebody
in the Flynn organization
shot Liliana,
and when I find out who it is,
they dead.
- She's good with him.
- Yeah.
It would have been nice
if she was good with me
when I was that age.
Hey, Kate.
- Hmm?
- Hold up.
- What's up?
- You good with him.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- It means you good with him.
Of course I'm good with him.
I am a people person.
He's my grandson, for Christ's sake.
- What? Is you tired?
- Yeah.
You look like shit.
I got something for you.
Yeah. No. I'm I'm, uh
- I'm done with that shit.
- Take the bag.
- Tommy.
- What is wrong with you?
Tommy, I'm not kidding.
I'm staying clean. I'm done.
Keep the bag.
Give it to me.
Fucking Hello?
Yeah, I'll be right there.

So what do we got?
The Flynns have dug in
after the shootouts.
Vic and Claudia haven't been
to the family house,
and there's some kind of
internal fighting happening in CBI.
And where are we on identifying him?
No name yet.
We got some clear pictures, but
- No match in IPS?
- No.
Next step is to get his prints.
Okay, I'm not trying
to question your skills here,
but how difficult can it be
to get a fingerprint?
Let's just say
he's surveillance conscious.
Got eyes in the back of his head.
- Is there a huge rush?
- Yeah.
I got Chicago PD breathing down my neck,
and they don't want to waste
the manpower on shootouts
if we're gonna swoop in
and take the case.
Well, I'd rather we do it right
than to rush it.
You can do both.
Get me a name by the end of the week.

I appreciate everybody for coming out.
I do.
I know things have been crazy
these last few weeks,
but that ends tonight.
Now, most of y'all heard
about me and my brother.
That motherfucker been in the streets
making moves against his own blood.
- A fuck-ass nigga, man.
- He dead to me.
I don't fuck with him no more,
and neither should you.
That nigga's dead to me, a'ight?
Hey, if this fool
make a move on any of us,
we take him out, right?
If Diamond or one
of them CBI niggas step foot
on any of our streets,
kill the motherfuckers.
No questions asked.
- On sight.
- Let's go.
It's a green light on these niggas.
From now on, we Treason.
We don't fuck with any CBI nigga
associated with my brother.
That go for on the streets
and in the county.
Man, fuck all of them niggas.
- Hell, yeah.
- That's right.
Damn right. That's right.
Now let's get rich
and bury these niggas.

We about to unite and make this money.
Hell, yeah.
Hey, D, you already know
what the fuck going on.
Any CBI loyal to Jenard is an enemy.
Facts, nigga.
And things about
to change with our family
streetwise, financial-wise, everything.
Yo, what that mean to us, though, D?
That means territory is changing,
so everything north
of Marquette is CBI territory.
- What about Chatham?
- Yo, we out of Chatham.
That's our biggest play right there, D.
- Come on.
- Man, fuck that!
Chewy, be cool.
So we just supposed
to stay off our old blocks
and stop fucking with Jenard?
How we gonna eat, big bro?
Why is this white boy
sitting in the dark
like Casper the Friendly Ghost?
Nah. I ain't no Ghost.
I can be friendly, though,
or I can make your life fucking hell.
It's up to you.
Who the fuck are you?
He's Tommy,
and he's running shit with me.
Any of y'all got a problem with that?
- It's cool with me.
- All right then.
Well, let's make some money.
Now, you was getting your shit
for 34 a key from Jenard.
- How the fuck he know that?
- But not no more.
Now, you only gonna pay 31,
and this shit ain't been stepped on
like that bullshit that
you was dealing with before.
That's what's up.
So if you fucking with us,
then come get some.
It's all good this way.
- A'ight.
- Good guy.
You see, D?
These motherfuckers is gonna be
stacking paper for us.
Hell, yeah.
Come on. Step up.
Here's two.
Hey, yo, D. Check it out, man.
What you doing, taking orders
from this white boy?
Slavery ended a long time ago, big bro.
That's my partner.
If you got a problem with that,
then you should fucking leave.
Chewy, you want these drugs or not?
This my shit.
Y'all didn't bring no bag?
Well, you know what?
Then this one's on me.
Stay the fuck away from Chatham.

He'll fall in line.
Yeah. He better.

Hey, Jenard.
Let me holla at you for a second.
Come on.

Hey, man. Why you tripping?
Why you sweating the people so hard?
Nigga, we low on product,
blocks, and bodies, a'ight?
Low-key, it's gonna be hard for us
to make this bag for the re-up.
- That shit ain't good.
- Hell no, it ain't.
That's why we need
to lean into these niggas.
We sell this shit fast,
else we gonna have
some serious fucking problems
on our hands
with Miguel
and them Insane Prince niggas.
You know that crazy-ass Mexican
don't fuck around.
You collect from the other heads.
I think I got an idea
that'll help us out.
- Heard.
- Mm?
My nigga.
I need to go handle
that Liliana/Flynn situation.
Maybe it's smarter to wait a minute.
She was my friend. I owe her.
Now, promise me you not making no moves
without telling me first.
Listen, either you in this
fight with me, or you out.
I can't make any moves
with you right now
because my Black ass
gotta go see my parole officer.
Ain't he on the CBI payroll?
Hey, well, they fired his ass,
and now I got reassigned some new guy,
so I gotta feel him out
to see if I can pay him off.
Well, handle your shit.
Man, don't make no moves
while you still heated.
We can think about this,
and then we can make a move.
Look, deal with
your suit-and-tie bullshit
and hit me later.
Uh, I got a meet set up
with Garcia about the re-up.
Ooh. I want in on that.
- Fam, he don't know you.
- That's the point.
If we gonna be partners,
I need to meet the connect.
Hit me later.
Dublin sent you
a number of men to fight
but none of 'em made it back alive.
You can understand why they're unhappy.
Yeah, sure I can,
when all the Troubles
were going on in the north,
my family gave you
a shit-ton of money and men,
all for the cause,
and we never saw a penny back.
You've always been very loyal to us.
We just consider that the price of war.
I'm hoping that you can extend to me
and my family the same grace
that we've shown you.
And we can put all that shite behind us.
What about this Tommy Egan situation?
Tommy fucking Egan.
I'm going to get rid of him myself.
It'll take me a minute,
but it'll get done.
And I need to know there'll be
no more retaliations
against my family.

You mentioned the price of war.

This is the price of peace.
That's a big number for an old friend.
You were friends
with my father not me.
- Yeah.
- It's non-negotiable,
and, uh, it's due
at the end of the month.

Thanks for the drink.
Always good seeing you.

You're gonna fucking pay.

Mr. Sampson.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I am Tyrone Reeves.
I will be your new parole officer.
Okay. Uh
If you don't mind me asking, um,
what happened to Mr. Haynes?
Mr. Haynes was fired
for being on the CBI payroll,
but maybe you knew about that already.
Nah, I I didn't know.
Well, you do now.
But things will be different
with me, Mr. Sampson,
because I run a tight ship.
And I see here that you were late
for your last two meetings
with Mr. Haynes.
Well, you know,
I own a barbershop, and
I'm not interested in your excuses.
There is no good reason for being late
for a meeting with your parole officer.
I actually want this
to work out for you,
Mr. Sampson.
I do, and I believe
that we are not defined
by our biggest mistake.
But if the good Lord sees fit
to give you a second chance in life,
and you choose to squander it,
just throw it away?
That's on you.
Oh, there will be random drug tests,
random visits to your home,
updates on work search,
and it is so important
that you do not communicate
with other felons.
If you break any of these rules
any infraction I will have
no choice but to report you.
Your parole will be revoked,
and you will be put back in prison.

Wanna order in?
Already getting a delivery.
Fucking Walter.
Neither of you returned my calls.
Is this your secret hideout?
No invitation for your father?
Shouldn't you be hiding too?
There's more targets
on your back than ours.
- I took care of that.
- Yeah?
What, we're supposed to believe you?
Believe me. You know it's true, son.
I take care of everything.
Always have, and I always will,
because you are my children.
Everything I've done is to protect you.
Not everything.
I know you think
I'm responsible for taking away
the most important thing in your life.
One day you'll see,
I did it for what's best
for you and your sister.
Yeah, what about Dublin, huh,
with the fucking bodies?
You can't erase every spot
of blood you splash.
I spoke with Brendan Doyle.
He owes me something from the past.
We made a deal. No more bloodshed.
There's not gonna be any retribution?
Like I said,
I take care of everything,
and I always will.
Okay, well, that's fucking great
that you took care of Dublin,
but Tommy is still gonna make a move
to avenge Liliana's death,
and his first move will be me
when he finds out I put a bullet in her
to save your ass.
We best kill him before he finds out.
I like that idea.
We need to be united,
and we need to be ready.
What are you saying then? What's next?
You'll find out soon enough.
I'm working on something.
Yeah, you're gonna need to give
us a little more than that.

You'll know what you need
to know when I tell you.
Answer my calls.
I'd hate for youse two
to end up alone and in danger.
He's such a bullshit artist.
He thinks we're really gonna trust him?
After everything he's done?
Maybe we should just
let him think we do.
We never discussed what
our new partnership
would look like.

What are you thinking?
I told you I'm gonna have
Dahlia back up and running.
Let's make money together.
Protect each other. Fuck him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
If we do this,
we split everything 50/50.
We make all business decisions together.
No surprises. No secrets. No bullshit.
I'm your sister.
I'm gonna head out for a minute.
Will you order us something?
Yeah, man, all of that
sound like a real rough day.
It's gonna take longer
to right Liliana's wrong.
Flynn's fucking bodied up.
You know, I'm still down to work for you
if I can help you with anything.
You don't need my bullshit in your life.
Tommy, I could be real valuable to you.
You already are.
That's why I don't need you in the game.
You saw what happened to D-Mac,
to Darnell.
Tommy, what the hell are you doing?
Follow me.
Let's get into some good trouble.

Yo. Tommy, man. We shouldn't be in here.
They shoot Black people
for shit like this.
Ain't nobody shooting nobody.
What you think of this place?
What's your first thought?
- "It's a nice place," right?
- Yeah, it's nice,
man, but we trespassing.
Ain't nobody trespassing.
What's this?
Place is yours.
- What?
- I borrowed some money,
and the guy said it was
an up-and-coming neighborhood.
You could really make
something of this place.
Was pretty fucking cheap.
Tommy, I don't know what to say.
Ain't nothing to say.
No more rent problems
with that money pit you was at.
JP, you an owner now.
Tommy, I appreciate the move, man,
but you know, I can work it off.
I do-I don't want a handout.
Oh, this ain't no charity.
Listen up, JP. This how this work.
Your son got shot on my watch, a'ight?
I owe you, and you family.
All right. Take take it ease.
Take it ease.
All's you need is a staff,
and I was thinking, you know
Maybe when Darnell feeling
better, he'd come work for you.
You know? Family business.

You know what?
Kate know her way around a bar.
Just install some cameras.
I gotta bounce.

Hey. Looking good, Doc.
Claudia, can I just give you
this breakdown of Dahlia and leave?
- That's not possible.
- I can't do this.
- I'm not built for this life.
- Well, neither was I,
but I figured it out, and so will you.
But I didn't choose
this life for myself.
You did.
You need to accept the fact
that you have no other choice
but to work for me, or you die.
You see, there's no further conversation
to be had.
You're working for me.
I have everything I have ever
worked for riding on this,
so make it fucking happen,
and stop complaining.
I need this on the streets by tomorrow.

What up, Wayne?
How the fuck you rock, man?
Come on. Pick back up, man!
Hey. Yo, Chewy! Check it out.
Yo, I don't know what Jenard want,
but if I say blow, blow that bitch.
You feel me?
Yo, what up, Jenard?
We ain't got no problem, right,
me working with Diamond?
It's just business.
That's what I came to talk
to you about, nigga.
Look, fucking with me,
you'll make more money.
Keep talking, nigga.
500 less whatever you paying
Diamond a brick, a'ight?
And that's just between me and you.
Plus, an extra 10% on top
of whatever you move.
Come home, nigga.
Treason. What up?
26 a brick?
See you?
You speaking my language.
Fuck your brother and his white boy.
Let's make this paper, G.
- My nigga. My nigga.
- Come on.
- You know how we rock it.
- Come on, man. My nigga.
See? I should bust yo' ass
while I'm out here too.
Oh yeah?
You weak as hell.
Hey, come on, now.
- Come on?
- Proviso west.
Show me some shit then.
Christmas tournament.
Don't come round here
showing that on my shit.
Peace out, Chewy.
Hey, don't come out
showing out on my shit, man.
Peace out, Chewy.

What you need?
I'm here to see Jefe.
He stays.

You fuck with the Insane Princes,
you'll die, motherfucker!
Miguel. What's up, man?
Taking care of business.
I heard that.
What do you want, Jenard?
I'ma be a little light on the re-up.

The fuck you mean "a little light?"
I'll have your money next week.
You'll pay me this Friday.
You'll have it.
Good, 'cause I've always liked
doing business with you.
Yo, me and you?
We never had no problems, Jefe.
Let's keep it that way.

Get me my money,
or you end up like that pendejo
screaming in the back room.

Thanks for having me.
- What's so urgent?
- I got an opportunity for you.
What the fuck is so funny?
What you laughing for?
I don't know.
It's just, whenever someone
brings me an opportunity,
I wind up paying for it.
I mean, but you want in
on the drug game in the streets, right?
What do you want?
Bankroll my new shit, okay?
We can be partners, a'ight?
Actual partners. 50/50.
We split everything.
Not interested.
Got my hands full.
You can let yourself out.
You're making a big mistake.
Let me do all the talking.
Hey, look.
You in the wrong hood, white boy.
Suburbs are that way.
We looking for Miguel.
Let him know Diamond's here.
What's up with this white boy?
He good. He's with me.
Yeah? Well, I ain't
never seen him before.

Are you fucking deaf?
We're here to see your boss
about business.
Now, go do your fucking job.
Sí, señor.
Put your gun away.
Have some boys do the rounds.
Make sure we don't have any
other uninvited company.
I was wondering
when you were gonna show up.
Come inside.
Go tell the guys on the roof
to be on the lookout.
Diamond, you should
have gave me the heads-up
that you were bringing in a friend.
It can be very dangerous
for strange faces in little village.
That's my bad.
I just wanted to see you face-to-face,
to share some news.
You here to beg me for an extension?
- Extension?
- You gonna be light on cash?
Nah, nothing like that.
You're not like
your little brother, Jenard?
We don't fuck with each other no more.
Hmm, so the rumors
in the streets are true.
I don't do rumors, but yeah, they are.
Look, Diamond, you can kill
each other, for all I care.
Just don't fuck with my money.
So you don't have cash flow problems?
- No, we actually
- You know what?
We want double the product.
Who are you?
I'm the new business partner. Tommy.
Tommy. Hmm.
Well, Tommy, I need to talk
to Diamond alone.
- I understand.
- Wait in the back güero.
Okay. Yeah, yeah. I'm going.
Where's the back?

Stay here. Tocas nada.
What does that mean?
- Don't touch nothing.
- All right, all right.

You scared me.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
So, uh, I ask you something?
How you say "model" in Spanish?
Oh, my God.
Please do not start that shit with me.
- Start what?
- Seriously.
You don't want any of this. Trust me.
Look at this. We just met.
You already telling me
what I want and what I don't want?
Uh, you know,
take it easy there, mamacita.
Hey, I'm Tommy.
I don't want to know who you are.
Why you don't want to know me?
- Because you're one of those.
- One of what?
Un güero who just flirt
with literally any woman that they meet.
That fucking word again.
What's it mean? "Güero."?
I keep hearing it.
Of course.
So you beefing with the Serbs, huh?
We're direct competitors.
We run opposing pipelines.
There's always gonna be beef.
Ain't nothing you can't handle.
You're goddamn right.
Look, just make sure this Tommy
guy's not gonna be a problem.
Okay, white boy won't be a problem.
I'll make sure nothing pops off.
You better, 'cause if you don't,
might just cost you your life.
- You live here?
- Uh, no.
No? You Miguel's girl?
Mireya, your brother
wants to see you now.
Ah. Okay. Nice to meet you.
Man, she off-limits.
- Huh?
- Mireya. She off-limits.
What you talking about?
Man, stay away from her.
The graveyard is packed with guys
that made the same mistake.
Diamond, Diamond, Diamond.
Pussy the last thing on my mind.
I'm all about stacking that paper
and ruining Flynn lives, a'ight?
Man, come on.
All right. Damn.

Move your feet!
Keep your fucking hands up.
Protect your face.
Come on, now, Darrell.
Set up your shots.
See? That's what I'm talking 'bout.
You gonna keep getting hit
till you set him up.
Stay active!
Yes. That's it!
Don't let him back you into the corner.
Come on! Move!

Like that.
All right, y'all. Take ten.
So we good?
I already told your brother
I'm staying put.
I'm not fucking with that nigga
and that white man.
All my boys ride for you.
Here's your money.
I'm with you.
You know, you a badass bitch.
You know that?
For real.
Hey, if you know some dudes
trying to make some extra paper,
send 'em my way, a'ight?
I'm always looking out for you, J.
I'ma I'ma get up out of here.
I'ma holler at you, Shanti.
You should get in the ring
with me sometime.
Oh, yeah? Us get in the ring with you?
Get in the ring with you, and do what?
I don't want to hurt you, baby.
Well, we both know
you ain't about to hurt me.
I'ma holler at you, Shanti.
Bye, J.

Yeah. Go ahead.
You're a grown-ass man with
your big boy pants.
You're a diabetic now.
Deal with it.
Hey, what did you
talk about with Garcia?
He asked about you.
Yeah? What'd you say?
What I didn't say is how you borrowed
a shit-ton of money from me
and didn't say why.
What I did say is that you're crazy.
You're violent. You're a worker.
I can trust you.
I told him we were partners.
I'm gonna ask you something.
You ever get tired of being
at the bottom of the top?
What you talking about, Tommy?
Why we gotta go through Garcia?
We should be dealing
directly with the cartel.
Come on now. Slow your roll.
No, man. Fuck all that bullshit.
We should be the connect
here in Chicago.
What's standing in our way?
Just the two biggest
connects in Chicago:
the Serbs and Miguel.
If we want to become
the biggest connects,
then that means those
two motherfuckers have to die.
That shit could happen.
Chicago is a violent city.
You feel me? Crime is up.
Yeah. Crime is always up.
- Things just got harder for us.
- What happened?
Claudia has Dahlia back up and running.
Bitch turned that shit around
faster than I thought.
Bones just hit me up.
Dahlia in the streets can make it harder
for us to make our pay.
Not for long.
Hey, JP, I need you to do me a solid.
Claudia, what the fuck did you do?
I thought we were in this together.
Why you fucking playing me?
W-hang well, hang on.
What are you accusing me of?
The Dahlia breakdown.
It's all over the internet.
Every single fucking ingredient.
What the hell are you talking about?
Go online. See for yourself.

- How you feeling, kid?
- Man.
Bored as hell being
cooped up in the crib all day.
I'm tired of it. I'm trying to heal
and get back on the streets,
like, yesterday.
You lost your damn mind?
You don't need to be in them streets.
You're not my fucking father, Tommy.
No. I ain't your fucking father,
but he's right there in the other room.
You want me to go get him
and tell him that you trying
to get yourself killed
for real this time?
You know what? Fuck this dumbass phone
and listen to me
when I'm talking to you.
Hey. Hold on. Wait. That dumbass phone
is how we do business nowadays, Unc.
Are you even on ShortShot?
Hell no.
Man, look.
Y'all niggas is moving
hella product in the streets
on social media.
Check it out.
Well, he got some moves.
Fuck the moves. Look at the emojis.
Snowman. Racecar.
White heart. Green heart. #1.
What he's saying
is he moving coke on 84th
and Racine, on the northwest corner.
Are you fucking with me?
Nah. This is for real, unc.
Yo' people getting left behind
if you ain't putting 'em on this shit.
Cut me in. I can get it set up for you.
Oh, you think you real slick, don't you?
Come on, Unc. I'm in the crib.
I ain't doing shit.
I'm fucked up.
It's "unc" now?
You know what? A'ight.
You could do. On one condition.
You do it from this couch,
in this house.
Earn your keep.
A'ight. Bet.
All right. I'll text you some info.
I got you.
Good luck, Uncle Tommy.
You screwed me over!
I didn't do anything.
Yeah, you did.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What, do you think I'm some dumb bitch?
I didn't do anything. I swear!
That's a lie.
People are already making it.
Bootleg Dahlia is already on the street.
It's worthless now.
Nobody wants what everyone else has.
You have eliminated
Dahlia's potential for profit
and ruined everything
I have ever fucking worked for.
Claudia, stop.
You do not have to do this.
You're useless to me now.

It's gonna be a hot day in Chicago.
WXOU Radio.

Must be my lucky day.
I was in the neighborhood,
and look who I see.
What you doing?
Waiting for the bus.
For real?
What? Your car in the shop?
No, I don't got a car.
Actually, I don't know how to drive.
I think that makes you, like,
the first adult person
I met in Chicago
that don't know how to drive.
Hey, whoa, you don't know me.
You right, but I would like to.
Hmm. Why?
'Cause I'm new here,
and you seem like one of
the nicest people I met, so far.
Where you going?
Work. I'm a nurse up at Tillman.
A nurse. You want a ride?
My car's right around the corner.
Nah. I'm good.
Why don't your brother buy you a car,
or at least, like,
get you a car service?
I mean, he's offered, but nah.
I don't want anything
bought with blood money.
I want a different life.
Blood money.
I feel that.
Look, you can stop trying
to be charming, okay?
You're not ever gonna get it in with me.
I ain't trying to run no game on you.
- Oh, no?
- No. You would know it.
Oh. Okay.
You so mistrusting.
Maybe it's just how I was raised.
Hey, look, for real, you ever
want to learn how to drive,
I'll teach you.
But you're not gonna be
around long enough.
Why you say that?
'Cause you're gonna die soon,
living this life.
That's not a very nice thing
to say to somebody.
Who said I was nice?
You know, if you were smart,
you wouldn't be doing any kind
of work with my brother.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
You're gonna end up a number,
a statistic in a book somewhere
about somebody who died on
the street because of gang war.
You saying you concerned about me?
I'm saying I don't fuck with people
that do business with my brother.
How about that ride?
You jump on that bus, you gonna be late.
Come on. Let's go.

Yo, you should have seened it.
Little man hooked us up
with that cyberbang shit.
Product was flying through the street.
Hell, yeah, I got a bunch
of texts from the fellas
- to re-up early.
- You see?
That's what I'm talking
about, motherfucker.
We drug dealers today,
but we the connect tomorrow,
so Chicago is ours.
Yo. Watch out.
This territory is ours.
Dude, you got that shit all wrong.
Your brother, Jenard, gave it to us.
It wasn't his to give.
Tell your men to vacate.
Ain't nobody going nowhere.
This our block.
These are our corners.
You gonna come for us?
We ready for you,
and you owe me, motherfucker.
How much I paid you for protection
and almost got my head taken off?
You don't want to do this to us.
Oh, no. I wanna do this to you.
I been wanting to do this to you.
We keeping what's ours,
and you got a problem
with that, you talk to Jenard.

This isn't over.
Oh, good thing you got
that ponytail cut.
'Bout to ride your ass out this bitch.
Yeah. He not gonna let this shit go.
I ain't gonna let
this shit go neither.
Fuck that scumbag,
trash bag motherfucker.
Yo, what's up?
What happened? Where you at?
All right. All right.
I'll be right there.
- Yo, what now?
- It's a family thing.
I gotta go. I'll talk to you later.

- Tommy! Tommy!
- Oh. So what happened?
Oh, Tommy. It came out of nowhere.
We were just talking, and suddenly
Jesus, Ma. What came out of what?
His gunshot wound is infected.
- How long y'all been here?
- Almost an hour now.
They haven't even taken our names yet.
These motherfuckers. Hold on a second.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Miss?
My nephew been here over an hour.
He got an infection
in his side, and he's st
Sir, you need to wait
until your number is called.
No. He been waiting. We need
to see somebody right now!
Sir, if you don't sit down,
I'm going to have to call security.
You want to call secur
why don't you call security?
You see what happens,
if you call secu
Hey, hey, hey. What's going on?
Do you know this guy, Mireya?
- Yes. I do.
- My nephew, Mireya
he-he got an infection in his side.
- Okay.
- He ain't doing good.
- He-he's right over here.
- Coming through.
Right here, on the ground.
He's really hot.
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Come with me.
Okay. Okay. Come on. Thank you. Okay.
Come on. Let's get him up.
Come on. We gotta hurry.
We gotta hurry, Ma. Come now.
You gonna be okay, D.
You gonna be all right.
Come on. We gotta hurry.
Thank you. You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
Man, get the fuck off me!
We had a deal.
You're not a man of your word,
but I am a man of my word, Jenard.
I am a man of my word.
Hit him again.
Stop! Stop!
I can fix it, okay? Let me fix it.
The fuck off me.

Why should I trust you, hmm?
I pulled my support for Tommy Egan
so that you could kill him,
but he's still alive.
And now, I have a problem.
You gave me those streets,
yet CBI still feels entitled
to the projects.
No. Uh-uh.
See, let me explain this shit to you.
Me and my brother we split CBI.
That wasn't me making a move.
That was Diamond and Tommy.
I told you, family is your problem.
If I don't get what you promised me,
I will become your endless nightmare.
Are we clear? Hmm?
Get me my territory back.
I want those projects.
I'll make it happen.

And then this is the prescription
you guys can pick up,
and that's about it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much, baby.
Sure. Thank you, guys.
Have a good night. Okay.
Yeah. Yeah. Thanks.
He's gonna be fine.
He'll stay overnight
to flush his system,
and we'll give him
another round of antibiotics.
Um, has anybody called his mom?
Oh, she ain't in the picture.
This all the family he got.
Oh. Well, he's lucky to have you.
Hey, look, Mireya, sorry about earlier,
and thank you for everything.
Moments like this telling you
everything's gonna be okay
is why I love my job.
See you around, Tommy.
Yeah. I hope so.


What up, Diamond? What you need?
Chewy, man.
He flipped Treason. Tank just hit me up.
Chewy's working with Jenard now.
That fucking pussy.
We can't let that shit slide.
Yeah, but we can't start a war
over one guy flipping.
Fuck is you ta you
ain't gotta do shit,
you don't want to do shit,
but I can't let that shit slide.
This our reputation on the line!
Hold on, Tommy, man. Use your head, bro.
Tommy. Think, bro!
- Oh, Sha
- What was that, J?
Shit, man.
You don't even want to know.
What's good, though, with y'all?
Look, I heard some shit.
I thought you might need this.
That nigga Raheem out here
talking too fucking much again, huh?
Look, it ain't much,
but it's what I got.
I don't know who you've been
talking to, but I'm decent.
That's what's up.
Hmm. Yeah.
So you don't want this?
I want you.
Look, Junior ♪
Do you still get off
At 10, girl what the facts? ♪
I been in the studio The past week ♪
Writing songs about you
They all nasty ♪
Everyone can see What's on my mind ♪
I know you feel a way
About how long it's been ♪
You know I been locked in
Trying to win ♪
All over the world
And now I'm back again ♪
Hoping that tonight You got the time ♪
Girl I got the perfect place To lay ♪
Here at my hollow ♪
Mm ♪
Where I can give it to you
From today until tomorrow ♪
Mm ♪
Baby just admit You wanna play ♪
Dude, what the fuck
were you even thinking?
I had to kill her. I had no choice.
No, no, no. You did have a choice:
to call your fucking brother,
your business partner,
- And you didn't.
- Get out of your ego!
- This isn't about you.
- This is bullshit.
You're already making moves without me.
It's just like being
in business with Dad.
This shit had to be done.
Wake up, and strap on a pair of balls.
Vic, where are you going?
This arrangement it's
not gonna work out
for me anymore, so good luck.
Let me know how that works out for you.
The accountant says
you have a cash flow problem.
You don't have enough to pay Dublin.
That's impossible.
You're hemorrhaging money, Walter.
You could sell some of your assets.
I ain't selling a fucking thing.
Then maybe you could talk to Brendan,
ask for more time.
Brendan Doyle would like nothing more
than to see me fail.
That sneaky fucker.
He's always wanted
to run Chicago on his own,
and now he smells the blood.
If I don't make this money delivery,
he's gonna use this against us.
But you know what?
Like my old man used to say,
if you want peace, prepare for war.

Name's Tommy Egan.
Got a rap sheet that's thicker
than a phone book.
He was a known associate
of a major New York player
who was killed a few months back.
The Southern District
tried to build a case
against both of them for years.
But they couldn't make anything stick?
- Why?
- He's smart.
- He's also dead.
- Come again?
The New York field office
says he was burned to death
when a car they were pursuing crashed.
He looks pretty good for a dead guy.
They tried to argue
with us about that fact.
They said it was impossible.
Well, obviously, he fooled them.
You mean like he faked his own death?
Only someone
with a lot to hide does that.
I'm gonna request a task force.
This guy's affiliated with the Flynns,
the Serbs, CBI, and Garcia.
If we take him down,
maybe we can take 'em all down.
Yeah, I'ma drop that
pack off in, like, 30 minutes.
What's up, Chewy?
Let me call you right back.
Yo, little man.
Me and you got a problem?
Hell, yeah, I got a problem with you.
I roll with Jenard now,
so you can get the fuck out my hood.
- It's gonna be like that?
- It's gonna be just like that
seen The nigga screaming ♪
He a real demon and he
Lookin' like he mean it ♪
Hollows in his chest He stretched ♪
I seen it how he wheezing ♪
Yeah I'm hot like Weezy ♪
Yeah I'm hotter Than the Sun ♪
I got 'em stopping Breathing ♪
All the shit I'm spitting Sick ♪
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