Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Great Consequence


[TOMMY] Previously on Force
- Where are we on identifying him?
- [TSENG] No name yet.
Next step is to get his prints.
I'ma make whoever killed you pay.
I promise.
Now, most of y'all heard
about me and my brother.
Any CBI loyal to Jenard is an enemy.
Man, fuck that!
You want these drugs or not?
Who the fuck are you?
- He'll fall in line.
- He better.
What do you want, Jenard?
I'ma be a little light on the re-up.
You'll pay me this Friday.
[JENARD] Hey, yo, Chewy!
Fucking with me, you'll make more money.
You speaking my language.
I'm Tyrone Reeves.
I will be your new parole officer.
I run a tight ship.
My family gave you a
shit-ton of money and men.
We just consider that the price of war.
[BRENDAN] This is the price of peace.
That's a big number.
This our block, and you got a
problem with that, you talk to Jenard.
- Get me my territory back.
We're looking for Miguel.
You should've gave me the heads up
that you were bringing in a friend.
Wait in the back with him.
I'm Tommy.
I don't wanna know who you are.
I don't know who you've been
talking to, but I'm decent.
- So you don't want this?
- I want you.
Bootleg Dahlia is already on the street.
[VIC] What the fuck
were you even thinking?
I had to kill her.
This arrangement,
it's not gonna work out for me anymore.
Chewy's workin' with Jenard now.
That fuckin' pussy!
Me and you got a problem?
Hell yeah, I got a problem with you.
It's gon' be like that?
- It's gon' be just like that.
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga ♪
What else you want? ♪
If you want power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
and power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper ♪
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking blinking ♪
We might have to jack that ♪
Now, boy, when that blicky blicky ♪
Come out you get clapped fast ♪
Draw down with the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back when them cameras out ♪
Round your block ♪
We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your
funeral in progress ♪
And hit that ♪
Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' in fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check the drip ♪
Catch you slippin' ♪
We slidin' ♪
You niggas on some different shit ♪
We hit the licks ♪
We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga ♪
What else you want? ♪
If you want power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
and power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Victim took three bullets,
two to the torso, one
to the head, Lieutenant.
Close range?
Yes, sir. Um, no signs of struggle.
Looks to be about 18 or 19.
We're trying to get an ID on him, but
Montez Lee. Goes by Chewy.
What, uh, crew's he with?
Chicago Brothers Incorporated.
And he's a chief.
So this this is a problem.
There any witnesses?
Uh, no, sir. No one's talking.
You know how these people are.
What people, patrolman?
- Hey, come on, man.
- [OFFICER] Take a step back.
Their silence and aversion to us,
it's called a street code.
I get you don't like it,
but you gotta respect it.
The sooner you understand
why the streets move the way they do
and you learn to use
it to your advantage,
the better you're gonna be at your job.
Go. Go find somewhere else to be.

How you doin' tonight?
I ain't no snitch, Lieutenant.
I haven't even asked you anything yet.
But you got that look about you.
I'm just looking for a friend.
I told you, Chicken
Wing ain't no snitch.

You know, it's one-sided friendships
that fuck me every time.
I give so much,
and the other gives so little.
It's a vicious cycle.
Chicken Wing also ain't no dummy.
Chewy was a pancake.
He flipped from CBI?
That's the word. He
went over to Treason.
I guess the CBI boys ain't
take too kindly to that.
[DIFRANCO] Thank you.

[DIAMOND] That ass.
Ahh! You love this pussy. Yes!
[TOMMY] Hey oh, shit!
- Fuck!
- My bad.
I didn't know it was ass o'clock.
I need to talk to you.
[DIAMOND] Shit, I'll holla at you later.
What's the damn emergency, Tommy? Shit.
Look, that Chewy
situation, I handled it.
And before you get all
"We Are the World" on me,
- it had to be done.
- Hold on. Hold on now, Tommy.
No, we talked about this.
You just can't go make a
move like that without me!
- Do you understand what you just did?
- Yeah, I do.
I made an example of him
for the rest of these motherfuckers
to fall they asses in
line and stay there.
No, what you did is started
a war that's not gon' end
with either side waving
a white fuckin' flag.
This is Chicago, and
there's consequences!
Yeah, well, that shit go both ways!
I'm a fuckin' drug dealer
that don't like to be fucked with.
And if we do this
turn-the-other-cheek bullshit,
then every other crew is gonna think
they can do whatever
the fuck they want to us.
[DIAMOND] There are better
ways to deal with this.
And if you can't see that,
then this shit ain't gon' work!
Ain't gonna what the
fuck is you talkin' about,
"ain't gonna work"? We
out of product, again.
And I bet you if I
looked at all the money
stacked up in that safe right there,
I'd say this shit workin' pretty good.
Now, see, what you need
to be concentratin' on
is exactly that, makin' the money!
Not the beef, not the vengeance,
and not Liliana.
We have to make smart moves,
or we won't be alive to
actually spend this money.
You know, my old partner used to say
that same shit to me all the time.
You right. I feel you.
But, D, that motherfucker had to die.
Yo, listen up.

Chewy dead.
Fuck, man, that was my nigga.
Your brother called that shot?
Nah, Diamond ain't stupid
enough to do no shit like that.
But that motherfucker
Tommy, for sure, for sure.
That white motherfucker done.
Eye for an eye.
Do whatever it take to end his ass.
It's on site, nigga.

Sup, Vic?
What the fuck, Tommy? You following me?
[TOMMY] Followin' you?
Fuck is you talkin' about?
You ain't Waldo, motherfucker.
How you doin'?
How's it look?
Fuckin' pathetic.
But I've been there too.
A couple times, actually.
Hey, let me ask you something.
Why are you still workin' for your
pops after everything he done?
I'm not.
Really? You got out that choke collar?
Claudia out with you too?
My sister's a bitch.
She's doin' her thing. I'm doing mine.
Fuck them motherfuckers.
You're better off.
- Come on, you don't understand. It's
- [TOMMY] No, I do. I do understand.
If there's one thing I know, Vic,
is that some dogs got parasites,
and sometimes, you need
to put that dog down,
even if they your family.
- What are you sayin'?
- [TOMMY] You know what the fuck I'm sayin'.
You could start your own operation.
Or you come work for CBI.
No, I'm good, man. I'm,
uh I'ma figure it out.
All right, I know you didn't
come here to offer me a job.
So what's up?
I need you to tell
me who killed Liliana.
What makes you think I know?
Vic, I know it was somebody
in the Flynn organization.
Sorry, Tommy, I can't help you.
You sure?
Because when I find
the person who did this,
and you know I'm gonna find them,
I'm gonna bury them so deep
under that huge lake you got here.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know.

You wouldn't happen to know
who deaded Dahlia, would you?
No, but if I hear
somethin', I'll let you know.
Paulie here tells me you
have a business opportunity.
One of our opioid batches
was processed incorrectly,
and it came out way too strong,
according to my guys in the white coats.
So now, I'm sitting on
10,000 of these pills
and no return in sight.
And given your line of work
You want us to move a bad batch?
[MICHAEL] Ding, ding, ding.
And what are the side effects?
Let's just say Narcan won't
save them if they overdose.
We can't push these on our own people.
[MICHAEL] I don't care
who you sell 'em to,
as long as we get our money
and it doesn't bite me or the company.

You got nothing to worry about, Michael.
That's what I like to hear.
Let's toast to the occasion.
We can push these on the South Side.
You're gonna need some
help with this, Walter.
Yeah, we got men.
[PAULIE] But you don't have the kids.
You need them, especially Vic,
if you're gonna have any luck
gettin' this set up out South.
[MICHAEL] Here's to more money
and more power.
[BRENDAN] Ah, fuck.

So to what do I owe this gift?
Come on, Brendan, you
know I always liked you.
Nice try, Claudia.
It was fun and, uh, unexpected.
But cut the bullshit.
What do you want from me?
I know you putting out
was a quid pro quo move.
I need to know exactly what deal
my father made with Dublin.
I can't tell you that.
You can,
and you will.
I mean, after what we just did,
I expect you to return the favor.
I think I just did. Twice.
Don't give yourself so much credit.
That was all me.

I can tell you this.
If Walter doesn't switch it up,
start bringing in more money,
let's just say there's not
gonna be a Flynn organization
to squabble with.
Dublin can do that?
They'll chop his fucking head off.


Yo, what the fuck are you doing here?
[DIAMOND] I'm here to see my brother.
You lost?
I need to talk to J.
Yeah, then you know what you need to do.

[DIAMOND] It's on my right hip.
Go on 'head.
Oh, yeah, and tell your boy
I got a full clip with his name on it,
right from Lil K.
[CHUCKLES] The fuck you doin' here, bro?
Stop you from doin'
somethin' else stupid.
Man, get the fuck outta
here with that shit, man.
If you make a move on
Tommy over that Chewy shit,
I won't be able to keep a lid on him.
You think I'm scared of Tommy goof ass?
You should be.
Nigga, it's called business.
Well, was it business
when you sent Blaxton
to the barbershop
after your own brother?
Or when you took a shot at Tommy
and you clipped his nephew instead.
That was business?
One day, you gon' realize
that you should've picked me
and not that motherfuckin' white boy.
I'm choosing the bank!
Bloodshed is expensive.
So was you sayin' that same shit
when you sent the Serbs my way?
'Cause I'm confused.
I thought we both agreed on that.
See, that's your problem, J.
You wanna blame everyone else
for the bullshit in your life.
You made that deal.
You a grown-ass man.
But don't you start a war
that you don't have a
shot in hell at winning.

Didn't imagine you an early starter.
I imagine you don't wanna hear
about the family business right now,
but I thought I should
tell you your options.
My options?
Like what? Working with you?
Waiting for you to
make another dick move?
The day of our expansion is here.
We're gonna sell our
pills on the South Side.
- With the split with CBI
- You know, from what I heard,
Tommy and Diamond are
doing better than us.
Yeah, but Jenard's business is shit.
There's a void there,
and we're gonna fill it with our pills.
That's gonna put us right back on track.
Most people over there,
they munch opioids like candies
Why don't you try getting your head
out your fucking arse,
see the big picture?
Ask Claudia.
If I wanted to work with your sister,
I'd be talking to her.
Yeah, right.
I actually think she's a better fit.
Besides, she's the one behind Dahlia.
Working with Tommy to
get it off the ground.
Let her help you.

I have other plans for her.
Okay, so tell me this.
Why is it so important that
you and I work together?
Isn't it fuckin' obvious? You're my son.
My blood is pumping through this heart.
Do you understand what that means?
You don't fuckin' understand.
Do you really think that
Tommy, Jenard, and Diamond
are gonna let us waltz in
onto their turf like it's 1925
so you can crown yourself
king of the goddamn South Side?
When I plant the Flynn flag
over Jenard's territory,
his people will fall
like flies one by one.
And then I'll take out Egan and his boy.
Seems like you really got
it figured out, don't you?
You want a war.
You don't need me.
You need a pawn, and I'm not it.

How many clients you get in
that chair a month, old man?
Oh, I got my regulars.
- [DIAMOND] Like who?
- I ain't seen anyone in that chair but you.
[JESSE] Folks have been comin' to me
since you was walkin'
around in soggy Pull-Ups.
I am an institution.
You old like one.
- Oh.
Mr. Sampson.
[DIAMOND] Take a seat. I'll
be with you in a second.
[REEVES] Take your time.
I'm not going anywhere.
Mr. Reeves.
I'll see you next week, brother.
[REEVES] Nice place you got here.
Looks like you've been
doing some renovations.
- A few.
- Is it usually this busy?
Yeah, we do all right.
[REEVES] What time did
you open up this morning?
7:00 a.m., just like the sign says.
'Scuse me.
I got an appointment with you at noon.
- I'll be right with you.
- [TOMMY] Yeah, no.
See, the thing is, is I can't be
late for my meeting later, so
Oh, I can take care of that, Eminem.
Yeah, yeah. I never heard that before.
No, I'm good, Pops.
As you can see, I have a-a
client I need to get to.
[REEVES] Correction.
You have a urine sample
you have to get to.

Okay, then.

Hey, yo.
So, uh, we gotta press
pause on that Tommy shit.
The fuck you talkin' 'bout, J?
Yo, I ain't pressin' pause
on a motherfuckin' thing
You heard what the
fuck I just said, nigga.
Now, y'all know I wanted
this motherfucker dead
since jump, right?
But right now just ain't
the motherfuckin' time.
So that's it?
He killed one of our niggas, and
you just expect for me to be cool, G?
Nigga, bodies is dropping.
We ain't got no paper.
The Serbs got they fuckin' hand out.
Miguel breathing down my goddamn neck.
Tommy fuckin' Egan is not
the priority right now.
Gettin' money is!
So I need you insubordinate-ass niggas
to fall the fuck back.
I'll tell you when to make a move.
Man, fuck this.

You sure about this, J?
I'll figure it out.

Your mother would've loved this view.
What do you want?
You should be happy.
I've finally got a business
opportunity for you.
I want you to lead my
next pharmaceutical deal,
moving opioids on the South Side.
You've never given me a shot like this.
Why now?
I spoke to your brother,
and he told me all about
your Dahlia experiment.
And you're not upset?
'Cause now you're prepared.
And I want you in the driver's seat
for this deal.
No more boot work.
- I want you to run things your way.
Let me guess: Vic is
too sauced to function?
I'm not gonna lie to you.
I wanted Victor in
this too. The family
He's not good for us right now.
He's losing his fucking shit.
Need you to reach out to him.
- The boy's hurt
- He's not ready.
He needs to mourn Gloria.
He needs his sister.
I'll talk to him.

- No white boys allowed.
Well, good thing the
boys in the bag is green.
Tommy Egan.
[TOMMY] How'd you know my name?
Julio's boy from Queens.
Says, "What's up?"
Oh, yeah?
What's up, boss? I got a
little somethin' for you.


Make sure no one's coming our way.
- Get your ass up.
Thank you.
Well, there's no task force.
I just got off the phone.
- It wasn't approved.
- [VARGAS] What?
How the hell are we
supposed to have a shot
at taking down Egan
without a united front?
[HARDWICK] You'd think they'd
be jumping at the chance
- to prove Chicago can do what New York couldn't.
- Right.
You want me to call my
buddy at the mayor's office?
Thanks. I'll handle it.
Are you sure?
The mayor could put in
the word in Washington.
I got my own people in D.C., Tseng.
I said I'll handle it.

A guy who's got nothing to lose,
nothing to live for
could be mad dangerous to have around.
Valuable too.
- [MATEO] Everything set, primo?
- [FLOREZ] The drop is tomorrow.
The van will be on Kedzie
under 290, 2:00 p.m.
I told you you were gonna die soon.
What is you talkin' about?
I just did this to see you again.
And somehow, you manage to still flirt,
even though you're in pain.
- I'm not in pain.
Yeah, you are.
You got pretty eyes.
Yeah, well, so do you.

No, no, no, no, I am
not going there with you.
What are you talkin'
about? Go where with me?
I'm just sayin', from where I'm sitting,
you look like a angel.
Listen, if you knew
what was good for you,
you would stay far away.
Trust me.
Okay, you're gonna be fine
This time, at least.
Whatever you say, Doc.
Careful, guero. This isn't New York.
Yeah, he's all yours.
Let's go, Egan.
Yeah, I'm coming. I'm coming.
[MIGUEL] Those Serbs are gonna pay.
Your help today didn't go unnoticed.
Our situation with the Serbs
has become, uh, challenging.
Is that over territory?
Everything in this city is.
Yeah, I see that.
Hey, yo, earlier, your boy
brought up Julio from New York.
How y'all know about him?
I got eyes everywhere, guero.

Yo, I like that whip, Abuela.
That's some real OG Snoop
Doggy Dogg-type shit.
Ragtop to boot?
All right then. See you later, jefe.


Jesus, when was the
last time you showered?
How'd you find me?
I'm just doing my sisterly duty,
checking in on you.
I'm fine. You can go now.
Vic, I know you're going
through a tough time right now,
but this really isn't a good
look for you or the family.
[SCOFFS] Family?
Since when do you care
about the fuckin' family?
If Dad doesn't fulfill
his agreement with Dublin,
everything we have will be lost,
everything that's owed to us.
How could you possibly know that?
Did Doyle tell you that?
Ooh, Claud.
Don't tell me you're fuckin'
Brendan Doyle for information.
You have no idea what I'm
willing to do to get what I want.
Do you even hear yourself right now?
Look, I'm going to do
what needs to be done.
I'm going to help Dad rebuild
in order to protect us.
He's gonna play you, again.
Look, I'm just trying to protect you.
- From him, from them, from
- Protect me?
Protect me like you protected Gloria?
All you do is run away, and
you couldn't even do that right.
Fuck you, Claud.

That's why we can't work together.
You're just like him.
Everyone's safe, jefa.
Isn't that why you're here?
His name is Tommy Egan.
He's a part of CBI now.
Doing a hell of a job.
I'll gut him like a fish
before I put my trust in him.
Mira, abue, he did save my life today.
The Serbs are fuckin' up
our business right now.
We gotta hit them hard and fast.
Set up a meeting with El Ché.
You hungry?

Stacy, I am running
late. I don't have
I just need five minutes of your time.
- I can give you two.
- Okay.
Listen, I was hoping,
because of your position with
the Department of Justice,
that you could help with my request
for a task force to investigate
our suspect from NYC,
Tommy Egan.
I really don't think
there's much I can do.
I still don't understand
why it was denied.
Is this because of my issue
with the police department?
That doesn't help.
But the new attorney general
also has a different agenda.
And it doesn't include
undermining community policing.
What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Now, how does a task force
created to get criminals
out of the neighborhood
undermine community policing?
Because the civilians start to feel
like they're the ones
under surveillance.
Lori. Lori.
If Tommy Egan is as
connected as he appears to be,
this investigation can blow the roof
off of the organizations that have had
this city by the balls for years.
And it could give us a straight line
to the Mexican cartel.

If you can prove that Tommy Egan
is connected to the cartel
and if you can get support from CPD,
I might be able to convince the AG
to give you your task force.
Can you do that, Stacy?
We all know CPD is
not gonna support this,
not with me attached.
You need their buy-in,
or it's not gonna happen.

One, one, two, three.
Then this nigga had the
nerve to step in my face
about some shit he caused.
Don't forget to lead with your hip.
Rotate your hip. Let
your hand follow through.
Mm-hmm. Then his dense-ass wondering
why our niggas keep switching
crews every other day.
What type of shit is that? It's simple!
- Niggas don't wanna work for pussies.
- Watch it.
You know what I meant.
This Treason shit is fucked, Shanti.
And your man is losing.

Miguel and the Serbs is beefin',
and we need to capitalize on that shit.
Man, you saw it. My PO is on my ass.
If we do anything, we need
to have a bulletproof plan.
[TOMMY] That's the thing.
When they thought I was out cold,
I heard them talkin' about
the drop they got tomorrow.
Do you know what 290 is?
Yeah, Eisenhower up on the West Side.
It's basically a open-air
marketplace for heroin and fentanyl.
That's perfect. They
won't even see us comin'.
the hell does that mean?
[COCO] Hey, boo. How you doin'?
You wanna party?
What's back here?
You want a blowjob?
Who doesn't want a blowjob?
- [CASHIER] What are you doing in there?
- Don't stop.
- [CASHIER] Open the door!
You making the fuck nasty in there!
You dirty!
- Open up!
Okay, I call police! Fuck you! I
I will do what I want,
when I want, with
whoever the fuck I want.
- You understand?
- Our Father
who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
- Thy kingdom come
- Oh, shut up! Open the fuckin' register.
Hurry up! Empty it, now!

You know what? Give her 50.

Open the window and throw out the keys.
We can talk about this.
Step out of the car,
slowly, with your hands up.
[VIC] All right.
Hey, fellas,
I'm pretty sure we could just
have a conversation about this.
Stop moving.
Wait, you know who I am?
I'm Victor fuckin' Flynn.
You guys are probably on
my goddamn family payroll.
Sir, stop moving.
All right, what's it gonna
take for you two to fuck off?
- Taser! Taser! Taser!



[RAHEEM] Yo, some foreign
motherfucker out here to see you.
- You hear me, J?
- [JENARD] Yeah, I fuckin' hear you.
Let 'em in.

Look, I already know
why you here, a'ight?
I'm workin' on gettin'
that pipeline flowing right.
I just need a little bit more time
to get through my
brother thick-ass skull.
Until that time comes,
you will continue to make payments.
And those don't stop until we have
the Crimson Projects we were promised.
[JENARD] We decent, shorty. Go ahead.
See you soon.

I thought that bread was for Miguel.
What we gon' do now?
[KENDRA] Diamond Sampson.
Turn around. Hands behind your back.
I do somethin' wrong, Officer?
[KENDRA] Don't ask me no questions.
You sure we can't work this out?

Goddamn Tommy and Diamond,
they got to Cousin Buddy before me.
Now they got Gary on lock.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know, man.
[EXHALES] No. Shanti, no.
I ain't takin' no more
handouts from you, a'ight?
It's not a gift. This
is a loan, motherfucker.
I'm betting on you. You win, I win.
Simple as that.
I ain't cookin', so what
do you want for dinner?
- [JENARD] Mm-hmm.
Bon appétit then. Shit.
[JENARD] Yes, ma'am.
I think you earned it.
- [JENARD] Huh?
[SHANTI] I hope you hungry, nigga.
How'd you know I was here?
That's what happens when you
throw the Flynn name around.
Whatever. I'm going home.
Hey. This is nonsense, Victor.
Look at you. You're a wreck.
You need to come back to the family.
It's not that simple.
What is it you want?
Is it an apology?
"Sorry"? Is that what you need to hear?
I'm sorry I've been such
a shitty fucking father.
And Gloria
I fucked up.
I can never fix that
or the pain that you're feeling.
Just face-to-face right now,
I'm telling you I need you.
I need you, Victor.
I don't have much longer.
I need you to be your own
man, have your own legacy.
- Me too.
- So come back.
Only if Claud's out.
Something happen with
you and your sister?
I'm not working with
her on this one, okay?
You want me, she's gotta go.
What about all this mess?
I'll take care of it.
Come on.
I'm enjoying this little
thing we got goin' on.
Yeah, sounded like it, CO.
You never made them
sounds back in Southville.
You weren't doin' moves
like that either, inmate.

You still not fuckin' with this?
I'm still me.
Ready for round two?
I gotta get to my business.
I'll hit you up later.
Did you lose it already, fuckhead?
[TOMMY] I got a light,
you Serbian prick.
Get the bodies.

Part one of our job's done.
- Let's go. Hustle.
- ♪

[DIAMOND] Yo, we in business.
Bingo, motherfucker.
- Tommy?
- You know what happens now, right?
That works.
You good?
You gave Vic my project? What the fuck?
Jesus. Take a fucking Xanax, girl.
How can you reward
him for armed robbery?
A mom-and-pop shop at that.
You know what?
Your brother is having
a hard time right now,
so cut him some slack.
[CLAUDIA] I deserve this, not him.
He doesn't even have any fucking balls!
No, Claudia, you don't
have any fucking balls.
Maybe you're the man to
whoever you take to your bed,
but you're not a man,
and you never will be.
Believe me, I have
no desire to be a man.
I just want what's mine.
I fucking kill for this family, for you,
and all you do is spit on
me every chance you get.
I guess it's my fault for
falling for it again, right?


They're all dead.
They're fucking dead!
We just lit a stick of dynamite.
Yeah, we motherfuckin' did.
[DIAMOND] Doesn't all
this death bother you?
[TOMMY] Yeah, sometimes.
I wake up every day ready to die.
We all know what we signed up for.
And I never shot a motherfucker
that didn't deserve it.
But is it worth it, though?
When we get to the top
of the top, it will be.
See, so there it is. The master plan.
World domination.
[DIAMOND] You think it's that
easy to get close to the cartel?
Miguel isn't just gon'
invite us to the table.
And Ché, he represents
the Estrada cartel.
And he ain't no punk bitch.
You let me handle all that.
Right now, we just let these
motherfuckers fight each other
while we expand our
territory, build our shit up.
And then when nobody's
looking, we slide right on in.
We just gotta figure out
how to move all this weight.
[JENARD] Gratitude, shorty.
I could've never paid
Miguel without you.
I hate being on that motherfucker's
short leash, you know?
Won't be for long.
My crew and my territory
will always ride for you.
I ain't never had no chick
come through for me
the way you did today.
Clearly, you've been fuckin'
the wrong type of bitches.
Man, you ain't wrong.
Look, I don't wanna
kill the vibe, but
- [JENARD] Then don't.
- I'm serious, J.
What's up?
Your crew doesn't trust you.
Look, I know it ain't easy,
but you gotta get your shit together.

Really lost my shit without you, Glo.
You know, you'd kick my ass
if you were here right now.

Remember when you, uh
you said how fucked up it is
that my loyalty is
the reason you love me?
I'm back working with my father again.
But it it's not what you think.
I didn't want you watching
from up there thinking
that I'd let you down again.
This time, my loyalty is to you.
I only should've been loyal to you.
I'm gonna take Walter
down from the inside.
That fucker would love to
go out in a blaze of glory,
but I'm not gonna give him that.
I'm gonna destroy everything he's built
and rip his fuckin' heart out.

'Cause that's what he did to mine.
[RAPPER] Time, t-time
for some jackin' ♪
It's time, t-time for some jackin' ♪
Come on, man, we
supposed to be brothers ♪
What you tryna kick knowledge? ♪
I ain't never been to college ♪
Damn, fuck ketchup.
[SIGHS] Tisha, baby girl, help me out.
Thank you.
[RAPPER] Black bag
whippin' down MLK Boulevard ♪
[MOTHER] Roy, come on!
- Watch out!
[TOMMY] What the fuck?
[MOTHER] Help! Somebody,
help! Help! Help, somebody!
Hey. Hey, baby. Hey,
hey, wake up. Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up. Mommy's
here. Mommy's here. Wake up!
Help! Help! Help! My baby!
[STACY] Everything okay?
ID'd the body I caught.
Might be on your radar. Chewy.
CBI, right?
He flipped to Treason.
Wait, is that a new crew?
CBI has apparently split in half.
This is exactly why I need
your office on the task force.
You're able to get that
street-level information in real time.
It takes my team a-a week
to hear about shit like that.
Just go to the superintendent.
I did.
He's not gonna be helpful with this,
unless you were able
to get the commander to lobby with him.
- Absolutely not.
- Why not?
I'm not getting in the
middle of you and my boss.
I'm already gettin' enough heat,
thanks to your civil rights
investigation into the department, right?
But but this can take down
all the players in the city.
It could take down the cartel.
I just need CPD to be
Stace, you can't declare war on CPD
and then expect them to be your ally.
I'm not doing it.
yeah, I'll I'll be
there in ten minutes.
All right.
[STACY] What's goin' on?
I need to take you home.
[REPORTER] In yet another testament
to this city's struggle
with gun violence
Hey, Marcus. What do we got?
Eight-year-old Latisha Palmer.
Took a stray walking
home with her family.
This goddamn fuckin' city.
The superintendent on his way?
He's already here.

Yeah, Stace, they killed a little girl.
Superintendent Bonds is down here now.
It's not a good look for
him or the department.
You're gonna get your task force.

[RAPPER] On go ♪
En garde ♪
On go ♪
En garde ♪
I had enough of this shit ♪
I'm leveling up in this bitch ♪
Rollies is up in the sky ♪
My bezel is up in this bitch ♪
You niggas must wanna die ♪
All of that bluffin' and shit ♪
If nothing else we gonna ride ♪
For all of that frontin' you did ♪
They wishin' a nigga demise ♪
I wish you niggas would rise ♪
I put you niggas on ice ♪
If I send them niggas the slide ♪
I'm out here raising the price ♪
It's 30 and up for the pot ♪
And I'll make you pay with your life ♪
And you niggas must've forgot ♪
All of the work that I put in ♪
I made it pop when you couldn't ♪
I was right there when you wasn't ♪
You feeling the way? ♪
Well, you should ♪
Said I'll be good when I take that ♪
Knew in my heart that I would ♪
Thanks to you niggas I'm up now ♪
Tell all my haters to look ♪
All that I needed to come up ♪
Y'all need a reason to run up ♪
I'm running down for no reason ♪
Maybe the reason I'm one up ♪
Lord, my body all done up ♪
Bustin' and still at a oner ♪
She overlookin' the boss ♪
En garde ♪
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