Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

War & Ice Cream


[TOMMY] Previously on Force
I know that somebody
in the Flynn organization
shot Liliana, and when I
find out who it is, they dead.
When they thought I was out cold,
I heard them talking
about the drop they got.
They're fucking dead!
[TOMMY] Right now, we just let
these motherfuckers
fight each other
while we expand our territory.
We just gotta figure out
how to move all this weight.
One of our opioid batches
was processed incorrectly.
We can foist these on the South Side.
I need you, Victor.
- Only if Claud's out.
- Fine.
I'm back working with my father again.
I'm gonna take Walter down
from the inside.
You gave Vic my project?
I fucking kill for you,
and all you do is spit on me
every chance you get.
If you can get support from CPD,
I might be able to give you
your task force.
[STACY] I just need CPD
to get the commander to lobby with them.
I'm not getting in the middle
of you and my boss.
If you make a move on Tommy over Chewy,
I won't be able to keep a lid on.
We got to press pause
on that Tommy shit.
So that's it.
Tommy fuckin' Egan
is not the priority right now.
- What the fuck?!
- Help! Help!
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have To jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Ah, motherfucker!
[DIAMOND] Yo, what happened?
[TOMMY] Fuck does it look like happened?
Somebody tried to take me out!
I don't-you-you just
I don't know who!
I didn't ask him to identify hisself
while he was in the middle
of fuckin' unloadin'
his clip into the side of my car.
It's definitely Treason.
They knew exactly who I was
and where to find me.
That don't mean it was them, right?
- Yes, it do!
- [DIAMOND] Maybe the Serbs
- figured shit out.
- The what?
- All right.
- Or Miguel did it.
We need to unload the shit
we stole from him quick.
Well, I'm already working on it.
Yo, D. A little girl got hit.
- Is she dead?
- It didn't look good.
These motherfuckers
don't even know how to shoot.
It was definitely somebody
in Jenard's crew.
It was payback for Chewy.
Otherwise, they would have come
for you too.
Tommy, I told you,
smoking Chewy
would start an all-out war.
You did.
Let me talk to Jenard.
I'll talk to him.
Now only if you give me your word
you won't escalate shit.
Oh, I can be diplomatic.
You have my word.

Man, what the fuck you want?
The fuck you think I want?
I don't fuckin' know, nigga.
Yeah, right. Like you or one
of your punk-ass crew
didn't try to take a shot
at me last night?
Look what you fucking did to my ride!
Oh, shit.
You ain't got control of your people.
You don't know shit about me
and my people, white boy.
What I do know is that you told Diamond
that you put a fucking lid
on payback for Chewy.
I also know a little girl is now dead.
That's right, Jenard.
And as fucked up as that shit is,
it's also bad for business.
[JENARD] Yo, well you should
have thought about that shit
before you popped Chewy.
You know what you should
be thinking about right now?
How you gonna get
the motherfucker that did this,
because if you don't get him,
then I'ma have to do it.
And if I got to do it
you next.
[KENDRA] Everything okay?
[DIAMOND] Just business stuff.
Oh, that's how you want
to play it, mystery man?
I just don't like to mix
my business with pleasure.
Unless you trying to get in the mix.
Depends on what we baking.
It involves moving product in the joint.
You want help moving drugs
in Southville?
Today, Southville.
Tomorrow, Joliet.
[SCOFFS] Hold up.
So that's what this
has been about, business?
- No.
What, you thought
you would come up in here,
a former prisoner,
and dickmetize me
into moving drugs for you?
Look, I wasn't even thinking about drugs
when we started this.
You know what? Just forget I asked.
I'm just playin' with you.
What kind of weight we talking?
Hold up. You with it?
Yeah, for a price.
And by that, I mean a big price.
Mm. Hmm.
Okay, but so you got the people?
You know how to do it?
Of course I do, nigga.
Now let's talk numbers.
But first
Let me dickmetize you.

[CROWD] Latisha Palmer!
- [YOUTH] Say her name!
- [CROWD] Latisha Palmer!
[YOUTH] Eight years old.
She got shot coming out of a store.
Her mother just bought her
a Snickers candy bar,
her favorite. I'm tired of being angry.
And I'm tired of being sad.
We need to stop gun violence
in our streets,
and we need to do it now!
It's no accident
that this rally is on this avenue,
where the violence between gang factions
is particularly bad.
Where that nigga K at?
[BRADLEY] In the last year,
we've lost
"Those that'll tell don't know,
and for those that know don't tell."
What the fuck does that shit mean?
Hey. You know, Lil K
did the right thing
Shut yo' goofy ass the fuck up.
Am I talkin' to you, nigga?
A'ight, nigga. Better don't.
Look, if you see that nigga K,
let me know.
[MAYOR BRADLEY] It's time we stop
the violence plaguing our city.
That's why I'm pleased to announce
the formation of a joint
CPD-FBI-DEA task force
run by the U.S. Attorney's Office.
We're going to end
the drug trade.
We're going to find
the people responsible
for devastating our communities.
And we're gonna put them away for good.
That's just too bad ♪
Uh, you do understand
the concept of chores, right?
Yeah. That's when you overpay me
to do stupid stuff
around the crib, right?
Please tell me that your mother
did not pay you to do chores.
Nah, she wasn't around much.
But you know, you weren't
around at all, so
So yeah, well I guess we haven't
talked about that yet,
me not being around, you know?
Do you have any questions
that you want to ask me?
You know what? I do got a few questions.
So I know you're gay
and all or whatever.
But is that a reason
to leave your family?
Oh, I didn't leave my family.
Your mother hid you from me.
I tried really hard to find you.
Tried hard? Dad, we in the same city.
- I'm 16.
How did I find you before you found me?
Look, Darnell, it's
it's complicated, okay?
- And there's a lot of
Come here.
[TOMMY] Hey, man.
Hey, you seen anyone weird around?
No. Why?
[TOMMY] Someone took a shot
at me last night.
- What? You all right?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
Hey, look, you know how to handle this?
- [JP] Yeah, but
- [TOMMY] All right, good.
I need you to keep that around
in case some shit go down.
Unc, where my guns at?
Can I get them back?
[BOTH] No.
Why not? It's a war coming.
I can't be naked in the streets.
Okay, I'ma let you handle
this bullshit right here.
Just do me a favor, man. Be careful.
Keep that piece close.
Uncle Tommy
Dad, I can't get it back?
What did we just say?
Man, that shit fucked up, man.
[JP] D-Mac, wait.
- [D-MAC] Fuck that.
- [JP] D-Mac!
Is CPD actually gonna show up,
or is this a joint task force
in name only?
They'll be here.
Vargas, what do we know
about last night's shooting?
Do we have anything that can tie this
to any of our players?
Eyewitnesses say the target was driving
a vintage blue Mustang.
[STACY] Hmm. Pretty rare car.
Question is, if Tommy Egan
was the target, why?
Maybe it's payback for Chewy
getting shot after flipping
from CBI to Treason.
You're thinking Egan
was Chewy's shooter?
Makes sense.
He's embedded himself
pretty deep into CBI.
Can I talk to you for a minute?

I told you I would not
intervene with my commander
to get you this task force.
Bobby, I need you to calm
I told you it would hurt my career.
And your response to that
is to specifically request
that I get detailed to it?
Bobby, you're
the best person for the job.
You went behind my back.
You planned this.
You didn't even say anything to me.
Okay, that's not true.
It happened in the moment.
Oh, bullshit, Stace.
You play chess while everyone
else is playing checkers.
You're the only one that I can trust.
Oh, come on. Don't do that.
Don't try to make me feel guilty.
You prioritize your case over my job,
hell, our marriage,
because you got your eye on being mayor.
Where you going?
What's done is done.
It'll take me five minutes on the street
to find out who killed that little girl.
We need to bring him in
before CBI takes him out.


Nigga, nigga, what the fuck
are you doing?
Ain't no girl gon' be able
to get that in.
Oh, shit.
She would if I was fucking her.
You know what I'm saying?
- My bad, player.
Yo, what's up, T?
Yo, Big Smurf,
I need you to find Jenard.
[BIG SMURF] And when I do?
Just keep eyes on that motherfucker.
He's supposed to take out
one of his crew.
I need to know who it is,
and when it's done.
Say less.
All right.
I gotta talk to you.
No, Ma, no.
I got too much shit going on.
Only gonna take two minutes.
No, oh. Ma, I got nothing here,
but if you go to the barber shop,
Diamond will hook you up.
Look, will you just
sit down for a second?
I got something important
I need to tell.
I'm fuckin' serious, Ma!
I had such a fuckin' rough night,
- you wouldn't believe it
- Tommy, I wanna make amends.
You know, AA.
The-the-the-the ninth step.
We make amends to the people
that we've hurt.
Shit, I didn't know,
but this ought to be good.
I wasn't the perfect mother.
And I'm sorry.
[TOMMY] That's it?
You got a whole fuckin'
notebook full of shit,
and that's what you come up with?
Why the fuck do you have to do that?
- Do what?
- Make this hard for me.
Hard for you? What the fuck
did you think was gonna happen?
That you was just gonna
come in here and say,
"I'm sorry, Tommy.
I wasn't the perfect mother."
And I was gonna say,
"No, Ma, you was great."
And then we was gonna hug it out?
You don't think I was a great mother?
Jesus Christ, Ma!
Ain't that the fuckin' reason you here?
Oh, you tell me what I did wrong.
Let me think about that for a second.
There was that time
when I was six years old
and you disappeared for a fuckin' week,
and I had to fuckin' steal food
from poor Mrs. Jenkins next door.
Wow. You had that handy. Okay.
Well, how about when we went
to Coney Island
that time when I was nine?
Remember, I asked you for months
for black raspberry ice cream
from Coney's Cones?
No, we couldn't get any
because you fuckin' spent
all the money getting high
on the way there.
Or how about when I was 13 years
Oh, you got a list?
Okay. Hey, Ma.
I got so much pressing shit to do.
But thank you. Good talk.
Here you go.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll say this.
You gave yourself a purpose
and a legitimate reason
to stay out of prison.
I'm encouraged by what you have here.
Uh, thank you, sir.
Hey, I catch you later, fool.

And hurry back.
Don't be bullshitting out there, boy.
This hair ain't gonna sweep itself up.
Uh, and don't forget my scratch-offs.

Yes, sir.
[JESSE JAMES] Ooh, that boy
ain't got the sense
God gave a billy goat. [LAUGHS]
But he's fam.
Promised my niece I'd give him a job.
Keep him out the gangs. You know.
Sometimes it's all it takes,
doing what you can.
You could take a cue
from your colleague here, Sampson.
Deepen your connection to the community.
Maybe give some free haircuts.
You should really seriously consider it.
Okay. I definitely will.

See you soon, Mr. Sampson.
Twice, I've had to postpone this meeting
because your sister
changed the passwords
on the dialysis accounts.
She's just trying to get your attention.
She tied up my money.
What, she out of her goddamn mind?
Tommy leaking Dahlia
was a huge loss for her.
It was her only shot in the game,
and it blew up in her face.
Plus, she had all
of her money sunk into it.
[WALTER] You think Egan knows
that she's the one
that killed the wee sidekick?
[VICTOR] No, but I think he suspects it.
That probably explains
why he wants to meet.
He reached out to you?
When are you meeting him?
Don't you worry about Egan.
I'll handle him.
I need you with your head on straight.
I'm fine.
What's the big deal
with this meet later anyways?
It'll help me get Dublin off my back.
I thought you handled them.
Everything in life has a price,
Victor boy.
And this deal will help me pay it.

[SHANTI] Ay, nice.
One. One-two.
Good. Good. Hold on.
Hey, Slim, give him four more rounds.
What's up?
That nigga Lil K took a shot at Tommy
after I fuckin' told him not to.
- That's what's up.
- Shit.
Did he get him?
That's besides
the fuckin' point, Shanti.
Where the nigga at?
You know where he hidin'?
You can't make a move on him, J.
Yo, why the fuck not, huh?
Look, my word got to mean something.
I hear that.
But niggas is emotional
about a white boy taking out Chewy.
The way they see it, he gotta pay,
and Lil K was in the right.
If you take Lil K out now,
you will have a mutiny on your hands.
So I'm just fucked either way.
Nah, fuck that, a'ight?
And fuck you for taking
that nigga's side.
I'm not taking his side. Damn!
Where he at, Shanti?
Probably at his grandmama's house.
She stay over there
off Adams and Kilpatrick.
Be careful, J.

Hadn't heard from you
in a minute, Walter.
I was starting to think you backed out.
You don't trust me?
Walter, if this happens,
I think we'll both be very happy.
But trust is a fragile thing
in our line of business.
Oh, no. Trust is everything.
See, I'm Walter fuckin' Flynn
for a reason.
I've owned this city for 30 long years,
and not once have I ever
reneged on a deal, ever.
- Have you?
- No, I haven't.
And I am confident you
and your son will find
this opportunity to be very lucrative.
Good. Fuckin' marvelous.
Pay the man.
No need to count it. It's all there.
Yeah, thanks. I'll be in touch with you
with the details of our courier drop.
You still planning
to move it on South Side?
Damn fuckin' right I am.
That shit will sell
like fuckin' fireworks
on the 4th of July over there.
And no one will give a shit
if a bunch of monkeys drop dead, right?
Excuse me.
Is there a problem?
[WALTER] Nah. We got no problem.
Is there, Victor son?
No. No, there's no problem.
South Side's the obvious
place to unload it.
Here's to making money.
- To making more money.
- [VICTOR] To making money.

Ah, let me guess.
You want us to help you find
those motherfuckers
that pulled that hit on your truck.
I already found 'em.
[MATEO] No! No! Please, no!
Please, Miguel, no! Don't kill me!
I didn't do shit!
No no!
Miguel, no!
No jefe, no! No!
[MIGUEL] The Insane Princes
are a family.
Is it not?
So my heart is broken.
My family has betrayed me,
sold me out to the Serbs
for a higher price.
Do you think I'm fuckin' stupid, Florez?
You two are the only ones
who knew the details
of the drop in advance.
Watch your grip, guero.
[MATEO] Aah!
Due respect, Miguel,
what the fuck does this
got to do with us?
I just wanted you to see what
happens to those who betray me.
Now get the fuck out.
[FLOREZ] Por favor, no.
Jefe, no. No, no!
No! Aah!
[TOMMY] Now that shit was bananas.
[DIAMOND] You think he knows?
Listen, he just froze
two of his own soldados
and let us walk the fuck out of there.
- Naw. He don't know.
- No, he got a suspect,
or he wouldn't have called us in.
Man, we got to slow our roll.
Nah, we need to speed our roll up.
If you worried, we should be
moving product in Southville
as fast as possible.
You already got the wheels
in motion with what's her name.
[DIAMOND] With Kendra.
But if Miguel got people on the inside
and he presses to find out who
bringing the extra product
He already got the two guys
that he think done it.
We good.
Not if this shit with Jenard
blows out into an all-out war.
Now that hit they put on you, man,
got the homies fired up right now.
And plus, I just heard
that the Feds
are announcing a Task Force.
Would you look at this
- ridiculous tank?
Oh yo, Big Smurf say Jenard on the move.
He better be looking for that cocksucker
that took a shot at me. Kick the tires.
- Do you hear what I'm saying?
- Would you relax?
The Feds always got a Task Force.
When your little bro
takes out his renegade Treason,
we can tell our guys to stand down.
- And what you gonna be doin'?
- Meet with Walter.
See if I can get him
to step in his own shit
and give up Liliana's shooter.
[SINGER] Right now, I'm on they ass ♪
And I don't plan On lettin' up ♪
We probably Would be poppin' shit ♪
If nobody was mad at us ♪
Can I use the restroom?
[SINGER] Cuban 'round my
Neck, look like my opps ♪
When they be linkin' up ♪
Ayy, I'm in Cali now ♪
Nah, I'm in NYC ♪
On the way to MIA, Where you from? ♪
But I'm from Tennessee ♪
Livin' in the suburbs now ♪
I still got ratchet Tendencies ♪
- Hurry up.
- [SINGER] I still be ♪
Drinkin' Hennessey ♪
My yellow bumpin' ass ♪
I'm feelin' Like a speed bump ♪
All these labels watchin' ♪
Lookin' at me like I need help ♪
My cousin in a toxic
Situation, need to free her ♪
See me at the top, a ho
Can't pay me shit to meet up ♪
Bills paid, check,
Edges slayed, check ♪
Bitches hatin', yup,
Do it faze me? Uh-uh ♪
Pussy clean, yup,
You shop on Shein, yup ♪
They makin' memes On the gang ♪
You got 99 problems
And the biggest one is me ♪
You got all these lil' Bitches ♪
And the biggest one is me ♪
Keep a mug up on my face ♪
I know they tryin' to get The tea ♪
I don't be fucked up
'Bout nothin' 'cause ♪
I be smokin' weed ♪

So, you got anything
you want me to tell your mama?
[INMATE] Yeah.
I need more commissary money
and Ramen noodles.

[WALTER] Egan.
So what's this about?
You here to apologize for killing
Claudia's designer drug?
Way I hear, you don't want
your daughter in them streets.
So I'm thinking I did you a favor.
Why don't you show your gratitude
by telling me who shot Liliana?
Liliana. That's the wee sidekick's name?
- That's funny.
- Yeah, well, I'm not gonna
fucking tell you that, laddy.
Walter, you tell me who done it,
and then we can broker a peace.
I don't wanna dead
any more of your business.
What, you think 'cause you affected
Claudia's little project,
you can actually put a dent in my shite?
I think I been fuckin'
with your shit pretty good
- since I got to town.
- We're fuckin' done here.
Yeah, you better believe we done.
But let me ask you something.
If it was just one of your soldiers,
I don't get why you give a fuck.
Because maybe that's the way
you deal with one of your own.
It's just not the way I deal with mine.
Interesting choice of words.
"One of your own."
This is bullshit.
Even if you told him who did it,
I wouldn't trust this mope
to keep a peace anyway.
[TOMMY] "Mope"?
That's a New York word, Paulie.
That makes me miss my city.
See, Chicago
this place much more wild.
You fuckin' threatening me?
You take that any way you want, Walter.
But if I was you, I would
just be fucking careful.
- Oh, yeah?
- You take care, laddy.

What the hell?
mother fuck!
Yeah. Bring the car around.
What the fuck was that?
Those ain't our guys.
CBI been flooding the joint, hermano.
We can't get our product in.
That's fuckin' bullshit.
We run the goddamn joint.
I want you to have this shit sewed up.
Handle this shit. Now.

[PAULIE] Fuck's Claudia doing here?
What the fuck is wrong with you,
- breaking into my apartment?
- [PAULIE] Not now, Claudia.
That's no way to talk to your father.
Oh, fine. Are you the asshole
who broke into my safe
and stole all my cash and jewelry?
No one broke into
your apartment, Claudia.
- Fuck off, Paulie.
- [WALTER] All right, so, yeah.
We did break into your apartment
and also canceled your credit cards,
- in case you didn't notice.
- I'm not 16!
One thing you should have
learned growing up in my house
is do not fuck with Daddy's money.
Everything I had was in that safe.
You should have thought
about that before
you changed the passwords
on the dialysis accounts.
Okay, look, maybe we can
take this down a notch, huh?
I just came from a wee chat
with Tommy Egan.
He's this close to figuring out
that you pulled the trigger on Liliana.
Jesus Christ. What did you tell him?
I wouldn't sell my family out,
and not to Tommy fuckin' Egan.
But I'll tell you this, girl,
you fuck with me one more time,
and I'll pull your security.
- Wow.
- Be prepared to take
a few fuckin' punches.

- Can I help you, Detective?
- I'm looking for Lil K.
- I don't know who you mean.
- [DIFRANCO] Wendell.
- I'm looking for Wendell.
- He's not here.
I want to help him, Ms. Kingston.
I ain't fall off
the turnip truck yesterday.
What do you think he's done?
He took a shot at some
very dangerous people.
If you know where Wendell is,
I can protect him.
You and I both know
protecting little Black boys
ain't what y'all do in these streets.
But I'll pass on the message.
Good afternoon.
- [JP] Hey, hey.
- Hey.
What are you up to?
- Is that my shirt?
- Yeah.
Making a cake for D-Mac.
Does he even like baseball?
Well, he told me he liked the Bears.
That's football.
Oh, fuck.
Well, it's the thought that counts.
Hey, JP.
Um, I want to talk to you.
I want to make amends
for leaving you.
I'm sorry.
What? You don't accept my apology?
No, it's-it's just, uh
Why did you leave me?
Oh, honey.
It wasn't because I didn't love you.
I was only 14
You were only 16 when you had Tommy.
- Well, that's different.
- Why? Because I'm Black?
I-I didn't leave you
just because you're Black.
But partially because I'm Black?
I don't like the way this is going.
I am not a racist. I am a fucking ally.
You know, if you were too young
and-and couldn't handle raising
a Black baby, just say that.
Oh, you make it sound so simple.
It wasn't. It was complicated.
Yeah. Uh, you know what?
Just-just forget it.
Oh, come on, JP.
Nigga, I thought I told you
to press pause
on that Tommy shit, huh?
It was the wrong fuckin' call.
Nigga, you disobeyed a direct order.
And on top of that, you ain't
even hit the motherfucker.
Your stupid ass killed a little girl.
Now the Feds on our ass.
Give me one reason
why I shouldn't
whack your goofy ass right now.
Come on.
You boys want some Toll House cookies?
Yes, ma'am. Ooh-whee.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- These good.
- Have some more.
You kill my grandson,
you best be ready
to shoot his grandma too,
'cause with that cauliflower ear,
you ain't gonna be hard
to pick out of a lineup.
Nigga, when I say jump, I swear to God,
all you better fuckin' say
is "How high, Jenard?"
You feel me?
Thanks for the cookies, ma'am.
- Yo, we got a problem.
- What now?
Cellblocks got raided at the 'Ville.
- We lost 2 keys.
- 2 keys?!
How the fuck did that happen?
- Rojas.
- That motherfucker
- you put in a wheelchair?
- Mm-hmm.
I thought you said
you had COs in your pocket.
Yeah. Looks like he does too.
Well, let's set up a meet.
You going to Southville?
How about we get him a new lawyer?
You know anybody that ain't afraid
to get their hands dirty?
Yeah, I know a girl from round the way.
- I'll put it in motion.
- All right.
What's up with Jenard?
Big Smurf said he was about
to fuckin' make a move
on one of his boys, a guy named Lil K.
But he got interrupted.
I'll give him a few more hours.
Motherfucker doesn't get it done,
- I'ma do that shit myself.
- And the meet with Walter?
Claudia killed Liliana.
- He admitted that?
- Not directly, but he really
didn't want to give up the shooter.
You just can't kill Claudia
over a guess.
This ain't no fuckin' guess.
I feel that shit in my bones.
Dude, you need to confirm that shit
- before you pull up on her.
- A'ight, fine.
- I'll look that bitch in the eye
and see what she got to say.
- Hi, I'm Kate.
- Hi, Kate.
I'm a-a alcoholic and an addict.
I- I've been uh, ten days
sober yesterday.
Thank you. Thank you. And I
you know, I feel like
I'm coming out of a fog,
you know, not being drunk
or high all the time,
which is great.
But it's also really fuckin' hard,
'cause I'm
I'm starting to get some clarity and
and what's clear
is that I was a really
bad mother.
Uh, really, truly bad.
I abandoned one baby, and I was
really shitty to the other.
And I, uh
I tried to make amends
with them this week,
which, uh, didn't go so good.
Um, the one I left was is Black,
and I was so young.
My fuckin' mother kept talking about
how hard our lives are gonna be
because he was Black, and I just
couldn't do it.
How am I supposed to tell him that?
And I, uh
I don't know what to do
with all these feelings,
because what I used to do
is drink and use over them.
So, uh, yeah,
that's what I got.
- [GUIDE] Thank you for sharing.
- 911. What's your emergency?
Yeah, I want to report
a drug dealer on Washington,
west of Morgan.
He's wearing gray pants, a blue shirt,
and he's got a briefcase
full of opioids.
[911 OPERATOR] All right,
we'll get to it right now.
Hey, Pop. It's me.
Listen, we got a huge fuckin' problem.
[TOMMY] Thanks for meeting me.
[CLAUDIA] What do you want?
[TOMMY] Claudia, you know what I want.
I want to know who shot Liliana.
[CLAUDIA] I have no fucking idea.
[TOMMY] Oh, yeah? Maybe it was
one of these lunkheads.
This guy was there.
How about I just kill him,
we call it a day.
[CLAUDIA] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're good.

You killed her, didn't you?
There were a million bullets
flying that night, Tommy.
I mean, have you even considered
it might have been friendly fire?
Why don't you just admit
that you did it?
You'll feel better.
Maybe you had to do it.
It was you or her.
See, I'd understand that.
I just need to know, Claudia,
so I can stop thinking about it.
I fuckin' knew it was you.
Go ahead.
You won't make it very far.
It wasn't me.
You can keep saying that.
[WHISPERING] But I know it was you.
And as soon as I can confirm it
you dead.
And you won't even see it coming.
I promise. So you sleep tight.
Who the fuck are you?
I'm Jenny Su. Your lawyer.
Diamond Sampson sent me.
Oh, he sending me hos now?
- Mm.
- I like lawyer pussy.
Or do you got some baggies
up your snatch?
I'm here with an offer.
Diamond would like you
to team up with CBI.
You get your products from him
instead of the Serbs
- at a much better price.
- Let me tell you something.
Diamond Sampson put me
in this damn chair,
so I'm don't give a fuck
if he got $5 keys
all that sweet lawyer
pussy in the world,
'cause it wouldn't be enough.
I'll never fuck with CBI.
- Oh.
- You got that?
Thank you, sir, for the cut.
Call me David.
Keep those speeches up like that,
I'll be calling you sir soon enough.
And where'd you learn how to
move a crowd like that anyways?
You're like a
a young Barack out there.
I don't know. Just instinct, I guess.
Well, it's pretty brave to get up there
in front of all those people.
- Was you nervous?
- Not really.
I just need people to know
what it's really like
growing up on the South Side.
I mean, I'm only 13,
and a lot of my friends
are dead or in jail already.
I've been to more funerals
than I have birthday parties.
Well, you look good enough
for the White House.
Thank you, sir.
- David.
- [DIAMOND] Yeah.
Good luck.
Hey, check it out.
You think you better than me, nigga?
- What?
- You at the
at that fuckin' rally
talkin' shit about the hood
like a fuckin' snitch.
Man, leave me alone!
Run them fuckin' Js.
Nigga, you better raise up!
The hell was that? What was that?
- It's nothing.
- Leon, you can't let people
put they hands on you like that.
Now why ain't you fight back
or something?
I know you not about that violence,
but you have to learn
to protect yourself.
You at least know how
to throw a punch, though?
All right.
Looks like we got something to work on.
Come on.
I'ma take you home.
Wendell Kingston? Detective DiFranco.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
- [WENDALL] Nah, man, you can't.
- Hello again.
I can either air all your business out
in front of your grandmother
or you can give me two minutes.
Grandma, you can go inside
and cash your check.
- I'll be in in a minute.
- You sure, baby?
Tommy Egan is a stone-cold killer.
He's not gonna just put
a bullet in your head.
He's gonna make you suffer.
Yeah, I have no idea
what you talking about.
Hey, we got two eyewitnesses
to you being the shooter,
and we recovered two bullets,
one of which has your prints on it.
So, I don't know, you want
to eat life without parole,
or you want to help us
bring down CBI and Tommy Egan?
So you want me to snitch?
You killed an eight-year-old girl.
I want to see you rot in a prison cell,
but I'll settle for you saving yourself.
You don't got no eyewitnesses, do you?
Or no prints.
Because if you did, I'd already
be in handcuffs by now.
- I mean
- Exactly.
Hey, my guy, you don't help yourself,
you're gonna be dead by tomorrow.
Get your Dude, get your
My grandson under arrest, Detective?
Or is he free to leave?
He's free to go.
What the hell we doing in here?
Oh, look here. What's this?
You pushing drugs, Rojas?
Come on. You can't do me like this.
Here's how I see it, inmate.
With this, you lose a year of good time,
plus, you get hit
with another drug case.
- This is fuckin' bullshit.
- And you do a year in a hole,
which means you get
shipped off to Pontiac Max.
We send you there,
this wheelchair is gonna be
the least of your worries.
Or let me guess I can play
ball with Diamond Sampson.
You do that, this never happened.
You make a lot of fuckin' money
and everybody eats.
This ain't a hard decision.
Okay then.

Mirkovic wants his payment.
Look, I need a couple days, all right?
- Get out of the car.
- Man, I ain't getting the fuck
out of my car.
Come on, man. Fuck.

Look, bro, listen to me, a'ight?
Let Mirkovic know that I'm good.
I got him next week, all right?
Next week, right, I'ma get my shit.
I'ma get my shit.
Fuck! Fuck, nigga!
Answer my question, and you can live.
Turn around slow. Slow!
Was it Claudia
that shot my friend that night?
- I know you was there.
- Fuck off!
Damn it shit! Gah
Just tell me who it was.
You can come work for me.
I'll pay you three times
what they was paying you.
Don't make me shoot you
in your good leg.
I don't know shit, and even if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.
Oh, I admire your loyalty.
- What happened to your whip?
- None of your fuckin' business.
What, you got something
to say, nigga? Speak.
I mean, you the one always talkin' about
don't get high on your own supply, so
- Pull over.
- Yo, chill, G,
- I didn't mean no dis
- Nigga, pull the fuck over.
Why you ain't tell me you got
questioned by that detective?
'Cause it was nothing to tell.
He ain't have shit, and I knew it.
- That easy?
- Yeah, that fuckin' easy.
You ain't make a deal with him?
The fuck is you talking about?
You ain't wearing
no fuckin' wire, is you, man?
- What the fuck is you
- You ain't wearing no fuckin
Why you in here talkin' 'bout my supply,
trying to get me to muh-fuckin'
say I sell drugs, nigga?
- What the fuck is up? Huh?
- Get the fuck up off me, man!
You the one letting outsiders
in and then killing our guys.
A'ight? You ain't got a bag,
you ain't got a pot to piss in,
and now you got your
motherfucking hands on me?
Get your hands off me, bro.
Nigga, what the fuck
you just say to me, huh?
Huh? What's up?
Boom, nigga! What up? Huh?
What's up, huh?
Nigga, what? Mm-mm.
Let it go, nigga. What's up, huh?
What's up? Come on, nigga. Hell no!
What's up? Come here, nigga.
- Jenard, chill, bro.
- No, nigga.
You chill, bitch.
Yeah. No. Fuckin' pussy.
I told you not to do that shit, nigga.
Huh? Did Tommy see you pop that nigga?
Okay. Okay.
Let's get this together.
Let's get this together.

Get the fuck outta here.
[KATE] Hmm. Hmm.
Hey, Ma. Come on.
- Get up.
- Oh, God, I fell asleep.
Yeah, yeah, come on, come on.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
Thanks for the ice cream.
[TOMMY] Come on, go to bed.
[KATE] Okay. I'm up.
Walter, I appreciate the invite.
I know we can find a solution.
There's only one solution.
You give me my money back.
- But my courier got arrested.
- That's not our fuckin' fault.
I gave you money,
but I don't have any product.
I shouldn't be the only one
losing a fortune here.
How about we split our losses
and we go our separate ways?
Sounds like he's trying to fuck us.
I'll give you back half the money.
Like a gentleman.
Yeah, fucking white collar
You think you can fuck me over?
Fuck you. I'm the one
getting fucked over.
You fucking simpleton!
You see what you've done?!
- He was bad for business.
- Now we never see our money.
And you just fucking
screwed me with Dublin.
He insulted us.
Don't you think that's worth
all the fuckin' money?
Clean up, you fuckin' shite!
Darnell, you asked me
before how you found me
before I found you.
I owe you an explanation.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
Everybody deserves the truth.
You deserve the truth.
When your mom and me split,
I was still ashamed of who I was.
So when she told me
that you would be better off
not having a father who was gay,
part of me believed her.
I should have tried harder to find you.
And I really,
really regret that I didn't.
I'm sorry. And I hope
that you can forgive me.
I hope that we can
start over.
Well, then bring it in, man.
I love you, son.
Good night, Darnell.
Don't stay up too late now.
Good night.
That another girl from around the way?
It's nobody.
Hey, let me ask you a question.
Do you think dude's little hand bits
just melted like snowflakes?
You got some fuckin' balls
calling another meeting with me.
Well, Miguel, I think
you'll find this meet
- mutually beneficial.
- We're ready for another re-up.
- We want a lot more product.
- [MIGUEL] Help me understand.
On the last re-up, you asked
for double the product.
- That's right.
- Which you paid off
immediately. And now you want more?
- Yeah.
- Even after CBI split in two?
How the fuck are you moving
so much product?
We got a new business venture
in what you might call
an untapped market for us.
- Southville Prison.
- The Serbs have Southville.
- Not no more, they don't.
- How did you manage that?
[DIAMOND] That prison is the one place
that I know better than the South Side.
Huh. How much product do you need?
We want double
than what we had last time.
And we'll take even more than that
if you give us a discount for bulk.

Not today, guero.
But I'll think about it.
[DIFRANCO] Goddamn son of a
Fuck me.
Yo, what you want? Blow? Or that H?
Let me get two bags of the hairon.

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