Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

The Devil's in the Details


[TOMMY] Previously on Force
If Da doesn't fulfill
his agreement with Dublin,
everything we have will be lost.
Yeah, I wanna report a drug deal.
He's got a briefcase full of opioids.
[WALTER] You think you can fuck me over?
I'm the one getting fucked over.
Your bad batch in '06
killed five people.
I pulled that off the streets
as soon as I knew it was cut toxic.
You know the name Kiki Watkins?
I know you can't take care of
your sister on a cop's salary.
[DIAMOND] Seems to me that no matter
where we started,
we on that same side now.
I'm here because of what you did.
[PERSON] Come on!
- [TOMMY] Oh, fuck!
[PERSON] Help!
[DIFRANCO] He killed a little girl.
You're gonna get your task force.
[JP] Good night, Darnell.

I'm the guy that's gonna make sure
that you get outta here safe.
How's that sound?
You came here to do a deal!
- Fuck it.
All right, Tony,
get her the fuck outta here.
Nigga Lil K took a shot at Tommy.
You know where he hidin'?
You can't make a move on him, J.
And why the fuck not?
You gonna have a mutiny on your hands.
- Lost two keys.
- Two keys?
- How the fuck did that happen?
- Rojas.
[TOMMY] That motherfucker
you put in a wheelchair?
I thought you said
you had COs in your pocket.
[DIAMOND] Yeah, looks like he does too.

See you soon.
[PERSON] I thought that bread
was for Miguel.
What we gonna do now?
You know what you should be
thinking about right now?
How you gonna get
the motherfucker that did this.
Because if you don't get him,
then I'ma have to do it.
And if I gotta do it,
you next.
Huh? Did Tommy see
your bitch ass, nigga?
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have To jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪


What the fuck? What the fuck?
What the fuck? What the fuck?

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

[DIFRANCO] Wendell Kingston, aka Lil K,
was found strangled to death
near Heroin Highway.
He had a ruptured carotid
and a crushed trachea.
Obvious signs of a struggle.
As of now, we have
no suspects or witnesses.
Personal. Intentional. Brutal.
Possible retaliation for taking
a shot at Tommy Egan.
Lil K was our prime suspect in that.
Maybe Lil K's grandmother will talk now.
[DIFRANCO] Nah, not likely.
I questioned her again
when she ID'd his body.
She knows something, but she's afraid,
which means we need to find
someone else who's gonna talk.
But first
I want eyes on him.
Vargas, you and your team
are on Tommy Egan.
I want a fucking thesis.
I wanna know where he eats,
when he shits.
I want audio and video of everything.
The rest of us,
we're setting up buy and busts
in CBI territory on 67th.
The goal is mid-level dealers and up.
We want the wolves, not the pups.
Clear? All right, then.
Let's go, people.
Get to work. Come on.
Now we're gonna get these motherfuckers.
[MIREYA] Hey, Tommy.
Hey yourself. You look great.
Ready for the ride of your life?
- In this?
What happened to your Mustang?
That's a long story.
You know, I was gonna
get that door for you.
Um, I can get my own door.
Wouldn't wanna confuse this
with a date or anything, you know.
- I see what you did there.
- Mm-hmm.
Buckle up.

You gonna be like Mario Andretti
in these streets when we done.
- Sheesh.
You got a lot to learn, Ms. Chicago.
[PAULIE] What do you want me to do?
[WALTER] Dublin's gonna have Doyle
sniffing around every corner in Chicago.
Now he smells my blood in the air.
Well, let me talk to him,
explain what happened, buy us some time.
Do I look like a beggar to you?
I stand on my own two feet,
not on my knees!
I pay what I owe.
You say nothing to him.
You understand me?
Raise the rent on everyone we protect.
And if they push back?
I ain't asking for permission
or your opinion.
Do as I say. Follow my orders.
That's it.

Which one is Diamond?
[PERSON] Over there. That's him.
Are you Diamond?
[DIAMOND] Uh, yeah.
I'm Gianna, Leon's mom.
[DIAMOND] It's David.
Nice to meet you, Gianna.
What's up, Leon?
Are you serious about
teaching my son how to box?
'Cause buying him new sneakers
and comic books is costing me a fortune.
[DIAMOND] Yeah, I'm serious.
Bring him over
to WestSide Stoppers Boxing,
say 4:00 p.m.
He'll be there. Right, Leon?
Thank you. I appreciate the help.
You're welcome.
Giving up that, uh, government name, eh?
I would, too, for a booty like that.

[VARGAS] If flexing was a meme,
this would be it.
- Panty drop is sure to follow.
Who do you think the girl is?
Judging by his Kool-Aid smile,
let's hope his kryptonite.
We need a close-up of her we can use.
[TOMMY] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Takes a minute, but you gonna get it.
Wouldn't this be easier
if it was an automatic?
It would be easier,
but it wouldn't be as much fun.
Look, you learn how to drive a stick,
you can drive anything.
No. This is pointless.
Kendall's right.
I shouldn't drive at all.
People are gonna die
with me on the road.
Why we gotta mention him?
He knows me.
Look, I'm sorry I wasted your time.
You ain't waste my time, all right?
And I may not know you like Kendall,
but I know you enough to know
that you gonna get this.
I made you a promise.
I always keep my promises.
So let's take a breath together.
Now let go of all that negative
dark-cloud shit, okay?
Foot on the clutch.
Put it in first.
There you go, little bit of gas
and off the clutch, same time.
[MIREYA] Whoo!
[TOMMY] There you go, and you in gear.
- Okay.
- [TOMMY] Look at that!
Yo, you feel that?
You feel that vibration
- underneath your seat?
- [MIREYA] Uh-huh.
[TOMMY] All right, That's the heartbeat.
- Listen to her.
- Okay.
She gonna tell you what she want.
With a stick shift, it's all about
touch, grip,
- communication, acceleration.
You still teaching me
how to switch gears?
Y-yeah. Of course I am.
The devil's in the details.
Little more gas, and put it in second.
[MIREYA] Okay.
[TOMMY] Well, that was pretty flawless.
See, I told you you was gonna get this.
- [MIREYA] Okay.
- [TOMMY] There you go.
You can slow down a little bit
if you want.
- Nah.
- No, no? You okay? All right.
All right, I guess
the parking lot portion
of this is over with.
Where are you taking me? Where we going?
[MIREYA] Going for a ride! Whoo!
[MIREYA] Whoo!
[TOMMY] I like the sound of that.
[VARGAS] Get in. Get in.
- Hurry up. Come on.
Do you think he made you?
No. I don't think we woke up the baby.
I think we just had a breakthrough.
[LAUGHS] How's this for Ario Fandretti?
Gonna do this, you better do this.
[TOMMY] You really racing
this fucking train!
Step on it!
You crazy.
[JENARD] Come on. Hurry up.
We gotta get this shit
on the streets, bro.
Baby powder?
This shit thinner
than toilet paper, my nigga.
Would you shut the fuck up
and put the shit in the bags, bro?
Look, you get me some more young uns?
I need some hustlers, bro.
Working on it.
CBI paying more, selling cheaper.
Come on, nigga, say less about CBI
and more about the bodies
we need to move this shit.
Any word on Lil K?
No. Fuck you asking for?
I just thought you might've caught up
with the nigga or somethin'.
Nah. Mm-mm.
You know, that nigga dodging me
like I'm his baby mama
or somethin', you know?

What happened to your neck?
Nigga, you worried about the wrong shit.
What you need to be worried about
is having yo' ass outside
in the motherfucking streets today,
pressing these niggas hard as fuck.
A'ight? I need you to lock in, bro.
You hear me? I need everybody.
Everybody, just lock the fuck in.
Can you do that? Damn.

[TOMMY] So, uh, you learned
how to drive real fast.
[MIREYA] I might have
exaggerated a little bit
when I said I can't drive.
I've been behind the wheel
once or twice.
- Oh. See, that makes sense.
- Yeah.
But still, you racing that train,
that shit was amazing.
Hey, they say you're only
as good as your teacher, so
Thank you for that.
This is some first-time shit for me.
You know, I ain't never been
to a zoo before.
Mm. Keep hanging out with me,
there's gonna be a lot of first times.
Yeah? That a promise?
It's a fact.
- [PERSON] Come on, throw it.
- [CHILD] I got it.
Yo, get it. Get it.
- [MIREYA] Oh.
- Come on.
[MIREYA] Look at those cuties.
Kids, huh?
They in your future?
Why do you ask?
Well, I see the way
you be eyeing them little ones.
I'm a nurse. I'm attentive by nature.
[TOMMY] Huh.
What about you?
I don't think
they're in the cards for me.
Hey, thank you for today.
I had the best time.
Uh, you know what? So did I.
And you were right.
You kept your promise.
I can drive or at least drive
a little bit better
than what I used to.
Well, I always keep my promises.

Hey, you hungry?
You wanna get some food?
Yeah. I'm always hungry.
- Me too.
- [MIREYA] Are you?
Yeah! Listen, let's go to
the swankiest joint in Chicago.
Biggest steaks they got.
[MIREYA] I'm simple.
I'd go for some good Mexican food.
Yeah, I like Mexican food.
best Mexican food in all of Chicago.
So good. It's cheap.
[TOMMY] I can do cheap,
long as it's good.
Ten bucks gets you everything you need.
It's like a Mexican Happy Meal.
- I love me a Happy Meal.
Hey, listen,
I'ma go restroom real quick.
Then we chow afterwards. That cool?
Yeah, go ahead.
I'll meet you outside the gate.
All right.

Hey, yo, man, you got a problem with me?
I'm with Rojas, motherfucker.
Yo, son, we have a deal with Rojas.
You need to check in
before you get yourself hurt.
Fuck you, and fuck your deal.


[WHISPERING] It's okay. It's okay.
[TOMMY] Hey.
Hey, I, uh, got a call about my nephew.
I just gotta go check on him.
- Well, I can come with you.
- No, no, no.
But I'll-I'll drop you off on the way.
Can we, uh can we
pick this up tonight?
- Yeah. Sure.
- [TOMMY] All right. All right.
Yeah. Come on.
Treason and Jenard's beefing
like a bunch of little bitches.
But Tommy and Diamond?
Man, they bossin' the fuck up.
Making us some
high-value-ass niggas, bro.
CBI winning, and Tommy got me
behind a computer screen
like some Silicon Valley-ass nigga, man.
I mean, what the fuck I look like?
You're my brother, so I gotta
keep it above with you.
- What up?
- I'm glad Tommy got yo' ass
- sitting in the house.
- Tch.
No, bro. Listen to me.
Them niggas could have
fucking killed you, D.
You get that?
And I ain't ready for that
That's love, bro, but let me
keep it above wit' you.
I don't never get caught slipping again.
Fuck you talking about, nigga?
Look, check it out.
[D-MAC] You see this right here?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Fuck you 'posed to come, nigga.
You shoulda had that bitch
on you the first time.
I'll never get caught without it again.
Damn. I ain't get caught
liking no shorty
in them muh-fucking red shorts.
[D-MAC] Let's see. Let's see.
Hey, yo.
Can we come?
[PERSON] Look, this is a girls' trip,
unless you got some money on it.
[D-MAC] Damn. That's Genesis.
Look, I definitely gotta let
Tommy get me back in the game.
Genesis don't fuck with broke niggas.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Then what the fuck do you want, Claud?
I have a deal that will get us
- out from under Da
- Permanently.
- Jesus.
You never fucking learn, do you?
And being a housecat has its benefits.
Like the relationships I've nurtured.
One in particular agreed to give me
all the Oxy, Zannie,
and Adderall I can unload.
I just need your help with distribution.
We tried that, and you fucked me,
so it's gonna be a no for me, kitten.
You know, I wonder
if you'd be so Team Walter
if you know what
he was doing behind your back.
[VIC] Oh, fuck off. I've got him
right where I want him, okay?
I'm the inside man now,
- dismantling him
One brick at a time.
He'll never see me coming.
I'm done being Walter's bitch,
and I won't be yours either.
He's gonna pay
for what he did to Gloria.
[CLAUDIA] Obviously, you haven't been
by Gloria's bar lately.
Swing by. See what Daddy's been doing
while you've been dismantling him.
What the fuck are you talking about?
He's playing you for a fool.
Wake the fuck up!

You haven't returned my texts.
- I'm not somebody you ignore.
Seamus, our business is over
I tell you when our business is over.
My sister had a setback.
I need 50,000 more for medical fees.
I'm sorry for yo' sister,
but I ain't got that kinda bank.
You're a drug dealer,
and I'm a fuckin' cop
who can very easily violate your parole.
Putting together that amount of money's
gonna take some time.
Tonight, or you're gonna
have more problems
than you need.
Don't make me come find you again.
[TOMMY] Hey, what the fuck
was that piece of shit cop
doing in here?
Was he asking you about a body?
No. No, man. Wh-what you on right now?
Oh, I ain't on nothin'.
I'm just asking you a question.
What the fuck was that
motherfucker doing in here?
He heard about free Sundays,
and now he's pressurin' me
to offer my service
for some police event.
Oh, come on now. That's some bullshit.
But he bad for business.
Just told him
I was gonna think about it.
Why you specifically?
There's gotta be a hundred
barbershops in this hood.
And ain't he Walter Flynn's bitch?
I can't call it.
But why you asking about a body?
'Cause I had to cut a guy up today.
- You did handle it though?
- Oh, yeah.
I did as best as I could,
under the circumstances.
It was one of Rojas' guys.
I clocked the ink on his neck.
It seems like not everybody happy
with our new arrangement with them.
The hell with that. I'ma handle it.
I'ma get baby girl to make
the message crystal clear.
Bet. Yeah. You rap with what's-her-name.
When you got some answers, come see me.
And watch your back.

[VIC] Hey.
Hey. Hey, who the fuck are you?
Are you in charge here?
There was a fucking photograph
on that wall.
- Did you fuck with it?
- [PERSON] Hold it.
- Someone better produce
- Hold-hold it.
- Gloria's photograph right now!
- Relax. Relax, man.
You're scaring the ladies.
Now, who the hell is Gloria?
Look, man, I don't know dick
about any picture, all right?
You gotta get the fuck outta
here before I call the cops.
Hey, fuck you! Fuck this place.
- And fuck Walter!
- [DANCER] Oh, shit! Crazy.
- [PATRON] Yo, yo, man
- What's up, Uncle Tommy?
- Yo, where's Kate?
Um with JP.
I think they went
to the track or something.
[TOMMY] No shit.
I thought her amends with him
didn't go so good.
Ah, I think they just
ignoring that shit.
Like they trauma bonded, you know.
I ain't sure what that shit
mean exactly,
but it sound about right.
Why ain't you go with them?
You're her favorite now.
She probably would have
bought you somethin' nice.
No, no. Fuck that. I want my own shit.
Want my own money.
Real money. I want my old life back.
Damn. Like, I'm smart. I'm family.
I feel like I shoulda been
put on before Marshall.
You wasting my talents, Unc.
This game got you shot, D-Mac.
You remember that shit?
You almost died twice!
You got all this other
opportunity in your brain.
Explore that shit.
Naw, fuck that, Unc.
If CBI not gonna plug me,
I'ma just go to Treason.

[TOMMY] If I see
if I even hear
that you out on them corners hustling
I might have to kill you myself.
Find something else to do with
your time, D-Mac, and be smart.
Don't test your Uncle Tommy.
[SINGER] We ain't gon' fight
Our way out of no bullets ♪
Hey, stay on the car. Don't move.

[SINGERS] Check, check ♪

You can have it,
I hope you like God ♪
What do we got here, huh?
What do we got?
Fuckin' cops everywhere.
[DIFRANCO] On your knees.
[SINGER] Check, check ♪
[PAULIE] I appreciate
you taking the time.
We're family, Paulie.
Maybe not by blood. By loyalty and time.
[BRENDAN] What's this?
An ask.
Speak your piece.
He would never ask,
but Walter needs more time.
And it's on me that he needs this time.
Walter's financial troubles
are not on you.
He was chosen to be the arm in Chicago.
He bears that responsibility alone.
Heavy is the crown.
I have a son a little older than you.
He's a drug addict.
Lives on the streets.
Worries his mother sick.
I've all but given up on him.
I've failed him, as a father,
and now I've failed Walter.
And I'm not his blood,
but he hasn't given up on me,
so I'm making an ask.
It means "family."
I respect you for coming to me.
I will consider your ask.
Thank you, Brendan.
[DIFRANCO] You guys are
supposed to be on Egan.
What are you doing here?
[VARGAS] That's Egan with Mireya Garcia.
Miguel's little sister.
Miguel head of the Insane Princes?
Exactly. And she resides
in the "look, but don't touch"
area code.
[STACY] This is excellent work, you two.
Looks like Tommy Egan
just made his first mistake.
- Hey, sorry to interrupt.
- Boss, I need a minute.
- [DIFRANCO] Marcus can it wait?
I don't think it should.
That couple we grabbed, up in the BMW,
the ones coppin'?
Woman told me she had info on a murder,
so I pulled the case file.
Turns out the guy's
a DJ and a drug dealer
connected to the crew
that we're looking at.
His name is Colin Judge.
We used to party.
And you were there when it happened?
Listen, I'll tell you guys everything
if you just let me
and my boyfriend walk.
There's no way I can go to jail.
If your info checks out
we'll make the charge go away.
He was a mobbed-up white guy.
I've seen him around Colin before.
Nick something or
No Vic.
And there was
another white guy with him.
[D-MAC] Hey, Genesis.
Damn, you did get your hair did, huh?
Why would I care?
You ghosted me, remember?
I was young.
But, hey, what's up now though?
You tryin' to hit this?
Come check it out.
Uh, absolutely not.
Girl, he was in my science class,
and he dropped out.
He's a loser.
Look, no. I'm good.
Besides, I don't fuck
with my brain cells.
How about this? Look
come with me to see a movie tonight.
We can see whatever you want.
- Whatever I want?
- Whatever you want, mama.
Well, you know I don't
fuck with messy dreads,
so you gonna have to go ahead
and get a fresh lineup and a fade first.
- A fade?
- A fade. Yes.
It's okay. My number the same.
Hey. I'ma hit your line, all right?
[FRIEND] Girl.
[GENESIS] It's okay.
[DIAMOND] Come on. Up. Down.
Come on.
Man, you supposed to be
teaching me how to fight.
What is this "wax on, wax off"
stuff gonna help me with?
Boy, stand up. I'll show you.
Hurry up. Now, bounce on your toes.
Come on, and watch me. Jab.
There you go. Jab. Jab.
Yeah. That's good.
Snap when you jab. Now try this.
Jab, jab, straight right. Left hook.
Come on. Get into it. Again!
Bounce. Again. Keep going.
- Let's go.
Come on, on them toes. On them toes.
Keep it going. Keep it up!
There you go. On your feet.
Snap it!
Now see, that's what that
"wax on, wax off" is for.
Why you start boxing?
Look like Darkseid.
At first
it was a necessity.
I had a dad that was mean
as a rattlesnake.
I was a lot like you. Misunderstood.
A bright light in a grimy city.
So I could either let
my father snatch my soul
or fight for my spirit.
I found a gym
and I just fell in love
with the science of boxing.
See, it's not just about size
or-or-or speed and power.
It teaches you other things too.
Like what?
Like how to read people.
See they background
without even speaking to them.
Anticipate their moves.
Nonverbal clues.
Look I gotta bounce.
All right?
So same time next week,
and practice yo' moves.
The Blacks and the Mexicans
no longer feel like the minority.
It took them a while to catch up,
but the way I see it, we join forces.
We maintain our position.
That's why you're here
to get me to go in with Walter Flynn
on his little OxyContin business.
More like Percocets, Zannies, Adderall,
and a few far more addicting ones
that are still in the trial stages.
The Flynns are on their way out.
Everybody knows it, except you.
Walter's in deep with Ireland,
and no one boards a sinking ship.
Such a waste of a lovely dress.
You know, I didn't take you
for a rumors guy, Mirkovic.
The Flynns are fine.
But here's a little truth.
CBI already has the South Side,
and Jenard and Diamond
are closer than ever.
Oh, come on. You didn't really
believe that they split, do you?
I heard that they're running
a shell game
with the Crimson Projects,
as they expand.
And now that they've added Tommy Egan
seems that they've taken over
the drug supply in the prisons, as well.
And losing all that territory
must cost a fortune.
Losing all that profit
can't make your boss happy.
The little princess did her homework.
Tell Daddy to give you a gold star,
but I will never work with Walter Flynn.
[CLAUDIA] You won't be.
I'm bringing you this deal on my own.
You see, my father's
old country ways blind him
to lucrative opportunities.
The question is, do yours?
This is a one-time offer.
If I leave, tomorrow's price doubles,
and I'm not racist like my father.
I'll take it to anyone.
What a large set of balls
you have under that dress.
You have no idea.
[SHANTI] Why are you here? What's up?
Just came to pick up
today's drop, you know.
Save you a trip.
My crew's been saying
sales have been slow.
Don't sweat it. My territory
always pulls through.
Got two kids on every corner.
My guys are saying that
Saying what? What they say?
Nothing. It's humid.
I'll have something for you tonight.
What's going on, J?
Tell me.
I killed Lil K.
Nigga, you can't be fucking serious.
That shit is gonna have repercussions
and fuck up everybody's money!
Hey, okay. Well, greater powers
dictated that the job be done.
Nah. That's your ego talking.
I need yo' head thinking.
You see? Nah. Hell no. That shit?
That's what the fuck we not gon' do.
A'ight? I ain't tell you that
so you can come for me.
Look, Shanti,
you either ride with me
or you don't, baby.
A'ight? But you gotta
make up your mind right now.
What's it gonna be?

You right, king. That's my fear talking.
Big risk. Big reward.
I'm here for it.
And I'm here for you, okay?
Are you on something?
- What?
[SCOFFS] Yeah. Lack of sleep.
J, if you doing some shit,
you can tell me.
- Yo' ass is crazy, man.
- A'ight?
- Hmm.
- Relax.
- Okay.
I gotta go meet with a connect, a'ight?
- Yeah.
- I'll just grab that shit
- from you later.
- Yeah.
- We good?
- Yeah. We good.

[WALTER] That's to start.
There's more comin'.
How are you, Walter?
Never better.
See, when a man faces death,
he gains perspective.
But when a man's facing down
our friends in Dublin
he finds his soul.
Place looks great. [CLEARS THROAT]
Honestly, I didn't think
you had it in you.
Old dog and all.
Age is a concept for weaker men
trying to justify their station in life.
I'm pushing more pills right now
than I have ever done,
washed more money,
and there's so much more to come.
Called expansion, son.
Let me introduce you to something.
Sweetheart, come here,
and bring a friend.

Well seems we were wrong,
and honestly,
I fucking hate admitting it.
To you and Paulie.
He's a good man.
Dropped off an envelope earlier
trying to buy you more time.
Fell on his sword.
Honorable. Loyal.

[MIGUEL] You missed your re-up.
You're not cheating on me, are you?
Nah. You know I'm as loyal as they come.
Then explain the delay.
You see, I'm not a patient man.
I'm a businessman.
CBI ain't paying they part.
The Serbs taxin' me for it. That's it.
Familia. Loyalty. Trust and stupidity
it's all led you right here.
Come on, Jefe. Look, I just need a day.
A'ight? Two at most.
On God, I'ma pay you.
[MIGUEL] I wanna believe you,
Jenard, I really do.
Fuck! Get the fuck off!
You're more afraid of the
fucking Serbs than me, culero?
Maybe if I cut out your
left eye, you'll see right.
I ain't trying to disrespect
you, jefe, okay?
All I'm saying is maybe
me and you work together
and take these motherfuckers out.
- [MIGUEL] Ha ha ha ha.
- Huh?
Shut the fuck up.
I'm like a fucking spider, Jenard.
I hide my web in plain sight,
but my prey's
too fucking stupid to see it
- until it's too late.
- [PERSON] Patron.
I was just playing.
Have a sense of humor, fucker.
Put it in the glove compartment.
You're a drug dealer. Be discreet.
That was nothing to you, wasn't it?
You blink, and you make that, don't you?
While I'm up and around doing
God's work, you just take.
Ain't nothin' easy 'bout this shit.
I want 25,000 more,
and I want it by tonight.
Not gonna happen.
Better fucking happen.
Text me when you have it,
or your ass goes back to jail.

[ALICIA] That's the one.
This is him. He was there.
You sure?
Yeah. I'm sure.
I recognize the tattoo. That's him.
He's the one that killed Colin.
You saw him do it?
- Well
- [STACY] If you didn't see him
do it, Alicia, then there is no deal.
We need an eye witness to the murder.
I saw this guy kill Colin.
Okay. Good job, Alicia.
Now, do you, uh,
do you recognize anyone else?
You mentioned that he wasn't alone.
No? You don't recognize anyone else?
I really only recognize Vic.
Ask Fat Tony.
He might recognize the other guy.
- And who's Fat Tony?
- That's Colin's bodyguard.
He was there with me too.
Hey, how you handle snitches
here in Chicago?
'Cause in New York, we bury 'em.
If I was a snitch, I'd put
a bullet in my own mouth.
You know me!
I wanna believe you,
but that's the second time
I seen you with that motherfuckin' cop.
Now, you got into his ride
with somethin'.
You got outta his ride with nothin'.
Did you give him something on me?
- Hell no.
- Make it make sense.
I lied to you earlier.
I thought it was handled,
and this pig's shaking me down for drugs
that hit the streets years ago
that messed up his sister.
Been paying him since I got out.
Well, you ain't paying him no more.
Set up a meet.
I got an idea how to deal with this pig.
Here. Take that.
- What's this?
- It's insurance.
Burners. We got enemies eyeing us.
Cops clockin' us.
We need to mix shit up on every level.
Pass 'em out. Let everybody know
that they gonna be rotatin' daily.
Bet. I'm on it. And hey.
That's my bad how I handled Seamus.
And the guys that got picked
up today in that sting?
They soldiers. They ain't gon' say shit.
I'm glad to see
you still paying attention.
Still, talk to your lawyer.
Find out if we in the cops' crosshairs
or if they just fishing.
Oh, and Rojas is handled.
Straightened his people out.
Shouldn't be a problem no more.
That fucking kid. For no reason.
Anything good?
Yeah. It's all good.
Just let me know the second
you got that meetin' set up.
[GREYSKULL] What up? What up?
What, y'all niggas can't speak?
What up?
Got a call from Lil K grandmother.
She say he ain't been home.
What the fuck that got to do with me?
I was with him last night
when you hit him up
for that ride, nigga.
I ain't gonna even cap wit' you, bro.
That lil nigga ain't never hit me back.
The whole time.
I had to call my bitch come scoop me.
[GREYSKULL] So where you think he at?
[JENARD] Shit. Don't know.
Probably crawled up in some pussy.
Fell asleep. You know how that shit be.
We all guilty-a that shit.
Musta been a good night.
[JENARD] Musta been.
What the fuck
y'all got going on up in here?
You on that shit, motherfucker?
- That's funny?
That's the reason you got us out here
looking all fucking crazy!
You stepped on the fucking product.
[JENARD] So what? So the fuck what?
So what, motherfucker?
That mean you out here
playing with my name, my reputation,
and my motherfucking money.
Lil K dead.
What? What, 4?
[C4] Bro, his cousin just posted it.
She said they left his body
by the E-way.
Bro, they strangled him to death!
Shee damn.
This shit don't move y'all niggas?
Y'all just gonna keep counting money?
- Nah.
- [WORKER] It's crazy, bro.
- It's crazy.
[WORKER] Shit. Damn.
Nah, on God, somebody finnin'
motherfuckin' bleed tonight!
Come on, bro. You gotta
grow the fuck up, a'ight?
It can't be no blood on
the streets not right now.
Bro, what the fuck is you talking about?
Put the motherfucking gun down.
Nigga, I ain't letting shit slide!
We spinning e'ry block tonight!
[JENARD] You was just talking
'bout losing money, right?
Ain't that what
the fuck this shit about?
The fucking money?
If you spin the block,
what the fuck you think gonna happen?
Think, nigga. It ain't gonna be
no fuckin' money!
Fuck money.
Do I look like I give a fuck?
He was one of our soldiers.
And brother we ain't askin'
for permission, nigga.
Oh, you ain't asking for permission?
Let's get the fuck outta here.
- [PERSON] Come on man.

Nigga, if you wanna
kill somebody, kill me.
I killed Lil K.
What the fuck you just say?
That nigga broke rank! He broke code.
He had to go.
It's rules to this shit.
You must have forgot.
There's rules to slap all motherfuckers.
- Nah, nigga!
Now, watch it, nigga!
What's up, nigga?
Man, y'all dab that shit! We family.
- We done.
- [JENARD] What?
Hold on. Done?
Nigga, this shit for life.
Ain't no done.
The fuck is wrong wit' you?
Ah, this shit y'all got
going on up in here.
This shit Treason-ist.
Man, fuck Treason!
We out.
You out. Okay.
[LAUGHS] Really?
TJ, C4.
Okay. That's how it is?
Y'all motherfuckers gonna
choose Greyskull over me?
Me? I'm Treason! You hear that shit!
I'm Treason!
This my motherfuckin' movie, nigga!
I'm the motherfucking star!
Anybody got a problem with that shit?
Paulie, Paulie, Paulie.
- Paulie!
- Walter.
What's wrong?
Let me see that.
You stabbed me in
the fucking back, didn't you?
You spoke to Doyle.
[PAULIE] I didn't see
another way to keep us afloat.
I-I did what I thought was
right for you and the family.
You did what you
thought was right for Paulie.
You always wanted
a fucking taste of power.
The stench of jealousy has been
seeping outta you for years.
The only fucking reason
I ever gave you a job
was 'cause of my wife.
God rest her soul.
She begged me.
"My sister's husband
hasn't worked in a year.
Give him a job."
I said no. He's no Irishman.
He's just a wee fuckin' Polack,
but he's my brother-in-law.
So tell you what.
If he keeps his mouth shut
and does exactly as I say,
then we're good.
You forget your fuckin' job.
"Protect my family.
"Protect the business.
Whatever it takes."
Remember that, Walter?
You're fucking drunk. This is fucked up!
All you did
was shit all over my reputation
and ruin my fucking name.
Only reason you're still breathin'
is because of my children.
Your services are no longer required.

Fuck you, Paulie.
[VIC] I can't believe
what he fucking did.
He doesn't care
about anyone but himself.
[CLAUDIA] No. He doesn't, and I knew,
once you saw what he did
to Gloria's bar,
you'd reconsider my offer.
Trust me. I'm not thrilled
about working with the Serbs.
But don't let that
minor detail get in our way.
We're gonna make cash.
Let's use them, just like they'd use us.
It's gonna take all I got
to not turn the lights off
on those motherfuckers.
Good. Keep that energy.
The Serbs always have an angle.
I plan to.
On Mom's eyes, they're gonna pay.
[CLAUDIA] On Mom's eyes, they will,
but right now, we need them,
and that won't always be the case.
You still sound exactly like him.
I am nothing like our father,
because when the time is right,
I'll actually help you
shoot their toxic,
misogynistic asses.
If Walter gets wind of this
Us working with the Serbs,
moving pills under his nose.
He won't.
I'm the point person.
And I might have mentioned
that Walter is ill,
and that he's not to be bothered
with the day-to-day
of this business deal.
Okay. That's smart.
But he's been checking
and double checking,
ever since that shit
went down with Weller.
I'm telling you, if he gets wind of it,
there's a bullet for each of us.
Not if we kill him first.

Claud, I hate him too, but he's our dad.
[CLAUDIA] You're already killing him.
You said it yourself.
Except for your way
is slow and methodical.
My way is swift and absolute.
You didn't listen to Gloria,
and it was too late.
Listen to me now.
We do it together. We do it right.
And we're free to live our own lives.
I don't know.
You remember how he used
to make Mom suffer?
He ordered Gloria's death.
His endless succession games,
playing us against each other
is that the kind of father
that deserves mercy?
Hasn't he controlled us enough?
Hurt us enough?
Walter doesn't love us.
He only loves using us
for his own benefit,
and now he's in trouble with Dublin.
He's wounded.
You don't give a wolf time to heal,
or else you find him snarling
over you while you sleep.
Let's do it.
Let's kill him.
[LAUGHS] Tommy.
It's exactly what I wanted.
It's your favorite, right?
You listened.
Hey, come on. Let's dig in.

You planned that too?
that was not me.
To learning how to drive.
[LAUGHS] To surviving.
[LAUGHS] Salud.

Damn, Pops.
Man, you like Kendrick on
the keys, man. That was genius.
[JP] You know, the same gift
is inside of you.
The only thing
you have to do is nurture it.
I don't know shit about music.
Math is my thing.
- But music is also math.
- [D-MAC] No, it's not.
Music makes you
feel things, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
- It-it means something.
It's like love.
[JP] Oh, look at you. [CHUCKLES]
Well, you know, I could teach you.
It ain't nothing but rhythm and harmony.
Tch. I guess I used to practice
on that keyboard
you left me when I was a shorty.

I used to play for hours,
just hoping it'd bring you back.
I barely know a lick of it now.
Well, I'm here now, son.
Hey, actually, I gotta dip.
Oh, yeah? Where you going?
- I got a date.
- [JP] Uh-oh.
Gotta get freshened up,
you know what I mean?
Gotta make sure I'm looking
right for shorty.
- I got her waitin'.
- [JP] Hey.
Have a good time.
[D-MAC] Hey, thanks, Pops.
I appreciate this.
This'll come in handy.
[JP] Have a good time.
[JENNY] Your instincts are correct.
- You should be concerned.
- How bad is it?
A taskforce has been assembled,
and CBI is at the top
of their target list.
Well, how they get on me so fast?
That's all I know, and I
burned a favor to get that.
You need to keep your hands clean.
Let the others do the dirty work,
and it wouldn't hurt to have
a friend in the CPD.
Stay ahead of things.
Oh. Oh, my gosh. I love this song.
- You sure?
- Uh-huh. Vamos.
All right, but all I got
is this funky little two-step.
Okay. Now, it's time for me
to teach you something.
All right. Yeah.
Mmm. Just imagining.
Your rhythm that's nice.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
It could be my family.
Of course. Check it.
I hate to do this to you, but
it's some shit that I gotta handle.
Is it your family?
Go. I understand.
I'm gonna make this up to you.
Now I have something to look forward to.
[TOMMY] Stay as long as you want.
There's your 50,000,
but this shit ends here.
[SEAMUS] I'll tell you
when this shit ends,
and this shit has just begun.
[TOMMY] Nah.
It ain't gonna be like that.
[SEAMUS] Yo, what the fuck?
What's goin' on?
What are you trying to pull?
Oh, we ain't trying to pull nothin'.
We here to talk about business.
We here to negotiate.
I don't negotiate with drug
dealers or people I don't know.
Well, Seamus, I'm Tommy.
Now that we know each other,
we can talk about why you here.
Hey, look, we will
handle our business later.
This isn't fucking NATO.
Nah. We're gonna finish
our business tonight.
Way I see it, you could leave
with that $50,000.
Hell. 200,000.
- Or?
- [DIAMOND] Or you can
work for us.
We need information,
and not that bullshit
that we can find on Google.
Yeah. Everything that
the cops know about us.
What, do you think I would
ever work for you?
I could kill your ass right
now, burn this place down,
and nobody would even piss on you,
'cause you're pieces of shit.
Take it easy there, Night King.
We all businessmen.
You ain't gotta talk
about canceling Christmas.
Oh, you deserve to die.
What the fuck did you just do?
I had your back, Uncle Tommy!
He was gonna shoot you!
[TOMMY] You just killed a fucking cop.
Look, D-Mac, D-Mac, relax. Relax.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.
Come here. Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
There you go. There you go.
- Shit.
- [TOMMY] It's gonna be okay.
Just breathe. Breathe, D-Mac.
What the hell we gonna do now?
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