Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Crown Vic


[D-MAC] Previously on Force
Seamus, our business is over.
I tell you when our business is over.
And I'm a fucking cop
who can very easily violate your parole.
I'm glad Tommy got your ass
sitting in the house.
Them niggas could've fucking
killed you, D.
[D-MAC] I'll never
get caught slippin' again.
That's Genesis.
[WALTER] Dublin's gonna have Doyle
sniffing around every corner in Chicago.
- Well, lemme talk to him.
- You say nothing to him.
But Walter needs more time.
I will consider your ask.
Lil K dead.
Somebody finna
motherfucking bleed tonight.
Nigga, if you wanna kill
somebody, kill me.
I killed Lil K.
- Motherfuckers!
- Enough!
- We done.
Y'all motherfuckers
gonna choose Greyskull over me?
His name is Colin Judge. We used to party.
And you were there when it happened?
[ALICIA] I saw this guy kill Colin. Vic.
You spoke to Doyle.
Your services are no longer required.
I am not thrilled
about working with the Serbs.
If he gets wind if it,
there's a bullet for each of us.
- Not if we kill him first.
- Let's do it.
Yo, what the fuck? What's going on?
We need information.
You think I would ever work for you?
I could kill your ass right now.
- What the fuck did you just do?
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have To jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

[TOMMY] D-Mac, Calm the fuck down.
[D-MAC] Unc, I thought
he was gonna shoot you.
I ain't know he was a fucking cop.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You did what you thought you had to do.
He dead now.
Ain't no going back.
Which is why
your ass need to listen to me.
What the fuck are we gonna do, Unc?
What are we gonna do?
There ain't no we.
We ain't gonna do shit.
You gonna lay your ass low
until I figure out what the fuck to do.
- A cop?
Gon' put me away for life. Fuck.

Diamond took care of the body.
It's gonna be a'ight.
I'ma go take care of some shit.
Clean this up for me, a'ight?
And stay in this house.

What up, niggas?

[RAHEEM] Man, ain't shit up.
We need product, J.
These niggas beating us to the punch.
Y'all niggas ain't still got
the same shit from last week?
- Nigga.
- Man, that shit been gone.
Damn. A'ight, so okay.
Peep, this what we gonna do, right?
Call that nigga Yo-Yo, right?
Go holla at that nigga Yo-Yo
and tell that nigga
that Jenard said front us two bricks.
We good.
Yo-yo don't fuck with you no more, nigga.
Fuck you talking about Yo-Yo
don't fuck with me no more?
- Since when?
- Since he heard you was
since he heard you was
out here down bad, nigga.
He said he don't fuck
with niggas getting high, so
- Yeah?
- [RAHEEM] He not lyin', man.
Everybody know Miguel
ain't fucking with you.
We can't get shit.
Even Yo-Yo know you owe the Serbs.
Something gotta happen and happen soon.
We gonna need to re-evaluate some shit.
A'ight, look.
I got a plan to fix all this shit.
I just need you two niggas, so please.
I mean, come on, bro. Look.
I need you to stay loyal.
A'ight? Stay loyal, bro.
Can you do that? Stay loyal.
I got you.

Got you.

How you doing, champ?
I been better.
Yeah, Slick called in sick,
so we backed up.
You want the usual?
Nah. I'll just take some coffee.
You been by to see Big Sid?
I heard he in hospice
and he ain't doing well.
Nah. I don't fuck with Sid.
You might want to reconsider that,
since he's dying.
CBI Killa, bitch!
[DIAMOND] Get down, get down!
What y'all doing?
Fuck y'all on now? RD world, bitch!
7-1 T-Block!

- Man, somebody call a ambulance!
It's my third four-shift week in a row.
I swear, if Monique is late
for the handoff again,
she'll be in a gurney, not pushing one.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Okay, that's it.
You're ignoring me and you're glowing.
What gives?
Dr. Ken Doll got you that sprung?
- It's nothing, Erica. Really.
- Mm.
Wait, that can't be from Kendall.
He's in surgery.
Who you texting, girl?
[PERSON] There's been a shooting.
Multiple victims coming in.
We need some help here.
It's okay. We got you. You're okay.
Get me an AD now!
[PERSON 2] Start pumping.
[ERICA] Let's move it, people!
Let's go, let's go!
Yo, D. What the fuck man?
I thought you said
you took care of that body.
I did. Ain't nobody gonna find it.
He was a dirty cop, man.
And CPD ain't gonna look for him at all.
Are we seeing the same shit out here?
Because this look like to me
that the cops is up to something, man.
I mean, there's cops up and down
this whole motherfucking block.
Slick's spot got shot up this morning.
- They damn near murdered me.
They came in blasting.
What the fuck?
Who was it?
Jenard's old crew.
One yelled, "7-1 T-Block."
So they must've flipped
to the RDs on 71st and Talman.
Was you planning on telling me?
Man, I needed a minute
to figure this shit out.
Sound like we just need to put a cap
in some RDs' asses
and lock this shit up for good.
The RDs and CBI been beefing since '94
when the first split happened.
We used to be one.
Yeah. So you got a plan?
I was in the joint
with the leader of the RDs,
King Kilo.
Now, we used to talk
about building a coalition
of all of the mobs.
Now, then, it sounded like a fantasy.
But now, that may be
our best bet on moving forward.
Okay, so you got an idea
of how to get in touch
with this King Kilo?
I'll talk to Kendra.
She can make it happen.
All right. I got you.

- [DIAMOND] So Tommy.
- [TOMMY] Yeah?
Yeah, what you end up doing with D-Mac?
Laid down the law on that motherfucker.
Told him to lay low, stay in the crib.
That's it.
That's what you call laying low?


What I tell you, huh?
The fuck I tell your ass?
Let me go, Uncle Tommy! What the fuck?
Why was you talking to the cops?
- I don't
- Fuck did you say to Marshall?
You better not have told him shit!
[JP] Tommy! What the fuck are you doing?
Take your hands off my son!
Get your ass upstairs!
Don't you fucking leave
and don't you fucking talk to nobody!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You don't get to talk to him like that.
I get to talk to him
the fucking way I want.
No, you don't!
Keep your hands off him, too.
That's my son.
Well, your son just made
the biggest motherfucking
mistake of his life.
What mistake, man? What you talking about?
[KATE] What is going on?
Butt out, Ma!
JP, you gotta trust me right now.
The less you know about
this situation, the better.
Just stay here, all right?
Look out for D-Mac.
Make sure that he stay in this house.
As soon as I can tell you anything,
I will, all right?
- Yeah?
How'd it go with Da?
He bought it.
Set a dinner with him for tonight.
You there?
Look, Doyle's over here.
Come to the penthouse,
and we'll go over everything.
- Okay?
- [VIC] Okay, good.
[HARDWICK] Victor Flynn, we need to talk.

[TSENG] Please. Come on, Vic.
We got two eyewitnesses
to you killing Colin Judge.
Why don't you just tell us
who was with you?
Okay, sure.
Yeah, I think it was, um
Mr. Go Fuck Yourself.
Really think about
how you wanna play this.
This is first-degree murder.
Life without parole.
Your way out is by working with us.
I want my lawyer.
Okay, but, we're trying to help here.


Look, I know what you're gonna say,
- but I just need ten more
- [STACY] Mm-mm. Let him go.
I said let him go.
Why would we do that?
- We could charge him
- This isn't a debate, Tseng.
And that wasn't a request.
Let him go.
Tseng's not happy.
He's not wrong, you know.
I don't give a fuck if he's happy or not.
Flynn is the way to get to Egan.
Maybe right now, it's not about Egan.
Tommy Egan is the linchpin
to bringing down all of these gangs.
Now, our surveillance shows
that he and Vic were close.
They'd made money together before.
They'll make money together again.
I don't know, Stace.
You're gonna sacrifice your ethics
for the mayor's office?
It's not about that.
Then what is it about?
It's about doing whatever I have to do
to bring them all down.
Come on, Bobby.
This could be the biggest case
of my career.
So what's your plan?
We're gonna give Vic some rope.
And we're gonna stand back
and watch Vic Flynn hang himself.
He's destined to fuck up. They always do.
And when he does,
we're gonna use that to get to Egan.

[KATE] Hey.
You haven't said a peep all afternoon.
You wanna tell Grandma what's going on?
Does it have anything to do with what
you and Uncle Tommy
were talking about earlier?
It's nothing.
Ooh, I know that look.
It's a girl, isn't it?
Come on. You can tell Grandma.
Come on. What's her name?
A'ight, her name is Genesis.
- Pretty.
- Oh, my God, Grandma.
She is fine. I mean, like,
I've been liking her for a long time.
She was gonna give me another chance,
'cause I already messed it up.
Now she thinks I stood her up.
Oh, so why don't you go talk to her?
I would, but Uncle Tommy
won't let me leave.
It's like I'm locked here.
I can't go nowhere.
I tell you what, angel.
Here's a 20, yeah?
Why don't you go down to the grocery
and pick up Grandma a pack of Newports?
Take as long as you need.
Uncle Tommy has a problem,
I'll handle him.
- [D-MAC] You sure?
- Yep.
[LAUGHING] Thank you, Grandma.
Ah, this is what I needed. Okay, okay.
Bet, bet, bet. Bet, bet.
Oh, and buy a pack of Trojans!
You can take one if you need.
[CHUCKLES] I got you.
[SINGER] Came to see us
But we sold out ♪
I came to win, We came to win ♪
Hard with the Benz,
I'll run with the shit ♪
You know I'm the kid,
Let's break and get rich ♪
I'm drillin', Yeah, I'm drillin ♪
You probably see I'm drillin' it ♪
D-drillin' it, D-drillin' it ♪
I'm feelin' it, I feel it ♪

[SINGER] Try for the day, Gone win ♪
Shook up, Call his nigga Kim ♪
[BIG SMURF] Nigga!
This ain't your motherfucking
hood no more.
[RAPPER] Well, watch me represent ♪
This my house But pay me rent ♪
I'm drillin' it I'm drillin' it ♪
D-drillin it D-drillin' it ♪
I'm feeling it
F-feeling it, f-feeling it ♪
I'm killin' it K-killin' it, man ♪
I'm killin' it ♪

Jenard? What up, dog?
Uh-huh. Lower that shit.
- [MANNY] Fuck you doing, nigga?
- [JENARD] Put it there, man.
Matter of fact, let me get that.
What's up?
You gon' do this shit to me?
Where the motherfucking stash at?
What you talking about, J?
[JENARD] Open the motherfucker.
Stop playing with me, man.
I look like I'm fucking with you?
Where the motherfucking stash at, bitch?
The fuck wrong with you, man?
[JENARD PANTING] Open that shit.
All right, all right, all right.
Be cool, man.
Yeah. Uh-huh.
Okay, okay.
Yep. That chain, too.
Nah, J.
You know my daddy gave me this chain.
Manny, run that shit.
I can't believe this shit.

Special delivery, niggas. Uh-huh.

Got something for you.
[RAPPER] Yeah, they see me shinin' ♪
That's why They actin' shady ♪
- [JENARD] My nigga.
- [SHOOTA] Huh?
All that shit you was talking.
Especially you.
Huh? What's up?
Bruh, my nigga back.
Back down like
motherfucking SmackDown, baby.
- Yes, sir?
- Yes, sir.
Now what's that shit
you was talking about?
About Miguel not fucking with me?
- It's from Miguel?
You motherfucking right it is.
That's why you can't be listening
to them gossiping-ass niggas, you hear me?
All y'all niggas.
Talk too much.
[RAHEEM] Yo, that's Manny chain.
Fuck you talking about, man?
Nigga, this my shit.
Come on.
- Let's put this shit together.
- A'ight.
- Ha ha, we back, baby.
- Yeah, baby.
Sorry I'm late.
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
Let's get this shit in motion.
We already have.
Meet Big Red.
Deadliest assassin in Dublin.
He's gonna get the job done.
Yeah, we've heard that before.
That was the Four Horsemen, not me.
And who the fuck are you?
I'm the fucking apocalypse.
He's gonna be leading the team.
Dinner is at 8:00.
keep your father occupied
until the team arrives at 9:00.
Get him nice and drunk if you can.
- Shouldn't be hard.
- [CLAUDIA] Listen.
You need to excuse yourself
a few minutes before 9:00
so you have time to get out.
Then you're gonna meet with me
for an alibi.
I'll be waiting outside
of Finn McGhee's pub, okay?
Yeah, I got it.
What about Uncle Paulie?
He won't be there.
Dad fired him.

Then it's settled. [INHALES DEEPLY]
Nine o'clock.
He dies tonight.

Mail call.

Kilo, what up?
What's up, Diamond?
- Been a minute.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, it has.
Life on the outside treating you right?
Yeah, you know. I can't complain.
Why you hitting me up?
You know what we used
to talk about on the inside?
The coalition?
I wanna make it happen.
What you got in mind?
I'ma tell my guys
no more violence or bloodshed.
If someone comes for one of us,
then they gotta answer to all of us.
We work together, get better
prices for everybody.
Now is the time, bro.
So let's make this shit happen.
I'm in.
But I want half the business in the joint.
Hey, what he say?
He said he down to do it.
Fuck, yeah.
But he want half our distro in the joint.
Fuck, no.
[DIAMOND] Yo, you hung up on him!
This shit is serious, man!
We can't keep going to war.
We gotta be allowed
to handle our business.
Gotta be a better way than
sucking the tit of King Kilo.
Tommy, you gotta use your head
and think things through.
All right, listen.
Let me just make these drops.
Gimme a minute. Let me clear my head.
One more thing.
I know D-Mac is your nephew
but you gon' have to
figure something out
or I will.
We can't have him runnin'
his mouth in these streets.

I know.
And I'ma handle it.

She was practically my age,
and her father's in Mexico.
And his name is Felipe, just like mine.
Mireya, there is nothing else you can do.
What is it?
Life is too short.
And so random. It's just all over so fast.
Mireya, we see this every day.
It's time to be an adult, okay?
You got other patients
waiting for you out there.
Let's not waste our time here, okay?
Yeah, let's not waste our time.
Do you love me?
- Mireya, what is this about?
- Do you love me?
Answer my question. Do you love me?
Yeah, that's exactly what I thought.
'Cause you know what?
The truth is [CHUCKLES]
I don't love you, either.
And you're right. Life is way too short.
Wait, Mireya.
[KENDALL] Mireya, wait! I'm not done. Hey.
Get off my arm. Don't touch me like that.
[KENDALL] You owe me an explanation.
[MIREYA] I don't owe you shit.
Why are you so angry with me?
I'm not angry at you.
I'm angry at myself
for wasting both of our time.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I am not doing this
with you anymore.

What happened?
Nothing. He's an asshole. Let's go.
- Want me to talk to him?
- [MIREYA] No.
Please just get in the car and drive.

Let's have a celebration fuck.
Celebrate when it's over.
I want you now.


I love when you're aggressive.


What are you thinking?
Just thinking about my first move
when I'm running the Flynn organization.
[BRENDAN SIGHS] That's never gonna happen.

they're old school, darlin'.
It's still gonna be Vic
once your father's gone.
Dublin wants to deal with him, not you.
As long as your brother's alive,
you'll never be queen.

[JESSE JAMES] Hey, there, youngblood.
You know they got Big Sid over there
at, uh, Garfield Park in hospice, right?
Yeah, I don't give a damn, Jesse.
Lookie here, Chally Wally.
As men, we go through what we go through.
But this is Big Sid.
You guys got history.
He deserves a goodbye.

Yo, Shanti. It's Diamond.

[SHANTI] Do more than jab, Benny!

Set up your shots, Preston.
Keep your hands up.
[JENARD] Shanti!
What up, girl?
Well, I'm finally ready to talk business.
Got it together, you know?
What's up?
[SHANTI] What's wrong with you?
- What?
- Are you on some shit?
Bro, there you go with that shit again.
Stop, all right? No, I'm not. I'm good.
Don't bring me down, all right?
Please. But what's up?
[SHANTI] Big Sid is
at Garfield Park hospice.
You need to see him. He's dying, J.

[SHANTI] J, come here.

You ain't doing me any favors
by being here.
Didn't say I was.
I don't want that shit.
Jenard know that I'm here?
Yeah, he know.
He just ain't here.
So why you here?
You're my father. That's why.
You know, I never really wanted
to be a father.
Yeah, that makes sense,
'cause you never really were.
[SIGHS] I deserve that.
It's your mother.
Your mother always wanted kids.
You know, they say if you
can't father the children,
then you shouldn't fuck the woman.
You know, you always
got something to say.
Thinking you better than everybody else.
You a low-down corner boy.
Always have been, always will be.
Always looking out for yourself.
Yeah, well, I had to,
because my bitch-ass daddy ran off.
If you think I'm gonna say sorry
for all the shit I did,
you come to the wrong place.
I'm not that man.
Look, man. I don't need your apology.
[BIG SID] I wasn't gonna!
You know you ain't shit.
The only good you ever done
is take care of your brother.
And for 15 years,
you couldn't even do that.
It's your fault that Jenard's in the game.
Boy, you just like me.
You're no good.
Never have been, never was, never will be.
And as soon as you recognize that,
better off you'll be.
You know the only way
that I'ma be better off
is when we put your punk ass
in the fucking grave.
I just came to make sure
you was really on your way out
and see it with my own two eyes
and realize
that dreams do come true.
You're dying.
And I don't have
a goddamn feeling about it.
- [NURSE] Clear the room.
Try to relax, sir.
- Here's some oxygen.
- Get the fuck out!
[NURSE] Take some deep breaths.
[BIG SID] You hear me? Get the fuck out.
The timeline's being pushed up
a half an hour
because of the fog.
8:30, not 9:00.
Make sure Vic gets out of there in time.
Big Red has orders to kill anyone
still at the house when they arrive.
I'll handle my brother.
- All right.
[DOYLE SIGHS] All right.

[WALTER] How you doing there, boy?
Um, I thought it was just us.
He came, he apologized for his fuckup.
What am I gonna do?
[CHUCKLING] Hey, kid. How you doin'?
Come on, sit.
[VIC] Uncle Paulie, hey.
Hey, listen, um [CLEARS THROAT]
Tonight's a celebration, right?
Why don't you run back to the house
and grab that special scotch
you like so much?
[WALTER] Oh, no, no, no, no. Come on.
We're all gonna sit down like gentlemen,
eat, drink, talk.
There's plenty of whisky here, son.
Patty, bring me a bottle of Blue.
Come on, boy. Sit.
Let's talk.
Uh, yeah.
I'm gonna take a piss,
I'll be right back.

Hey, are you there?
Yeah, so is fucking Paulie.
Can you get him out?
Uh, I think so, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Is everything good on your end?
Yeah. We're all good. We're set for 9:00.
Okay, good. I gotta go.
- Kate!
- [JP] She went to a meeting.
- What the fuck, man?
- [JP] Hey.
What the fuck is going on, man?
If Darnell's in some kind of trouble,
then I need to be the first nigga to know,
not the last.
Now tell me what the fuck is going on.
Darnell killed a cop.
- A what?
- Yeah, yeah. Cop.
Fucking shot him right in the face.
And now he's out there in them streets
that's flooded with more cops!
See, man? This is because of you.
You, Tommy!
No matter what Darnell did,
you started this!
Are you fuckin' serious?
JP, D-Mac chose this life.
But he keep choosing it.
And now, he fucked up.
Oh, he fucked up good.
If I don't take care of this,
that means that you,
all that work, me, my fucking life,
Kate, Herman, your father
over with if I don't take care of this.

I need to end this.

[JP] Fuck are you doing?


You couldn't see a piece of green grass
without dropping your drawers
and having a shite.
- Remember, though?
- Is that right?
You were there!
[CHUCKLING] Well-it was-how old was he?
He's fucking-he's a little kid.
Fuck was that?

[PAULIE] Looks like Dublin's callin'.
[WALTER] These fucks.
We best go and say hello.

[PAULIE] Who the fuck sanctioned this?
That Doyle prick.
I guarantee it.
Gimme two clips.
You keep your head down, son. Hear me?
Let's go to work, son.

[VIC] Uncle Paulie, wait.
[WALTER] I'll check the north door.
Are you really gonna follow him out there
after everything he's done to you?
Course I am.
Even if it costs you your life?
A thousand times over, and gladly.
For him or for you.
Don't you get it, Vic?
We're family.






- Uhh
[KILLER 2] Uhh
Ah, you fuck!


She did this!

- Your sister!
- No, you did this!
This is all because of you!
First, you killed Gloria,
and now fucking Paulie!
This is on you, old man!
This is on you.
Paulie saw her
with that prick Doyle.
And now you?
Are you going to betray me as well?
You fucking disgrace.
I should've stayed working
with your sister,
'cause she's got fucking heart.

You pathetic piece of shit.
You think you know everything,
Da, don't you?
Claudia didn't betray you alone.
We did it together.

You have your mother's eyes.
Beautiful boy.
Pull the trigger.
Pull the fucking trig
[RAPPER] Yeah, trigger man ♪
Trigger bang ♪
Literally ♪
I'm many things ♪
No bitch in me ♪
Ain't no bitch in here ♪
This is really me ♪
If I pick it up ♪
I gotta squeeze ♪
You gotta go ♪
I gotta breathe ♪
Don't wanna run ♪
For any plea ♪
A friend of them Ain't a friend of me ♪

Let me get a jab.
White boy just grabbed the last two.
[JENARD] Nah. Hell no. Fuck that.
Look. Come on, motherfucker.
Look, just give me a goddamn bag, a'ight?
I'm sick, nigga.
Can't do it, homie.
We on the re-up right now.
Come through in about an a hour.
Hey, yo. White boy.
[USER] What's up?
Lemme holler at you right quick.
Sell me a couple of them bags.
Nah, dog. I ain't got nothing for you.
[JENARD] Oh, Come on, man.
Nigga, I'm sick. Okay?
What you want for the bag?

Good looking out.

Oh, shit. Yeah.

Here, man.
Yeah, good looking out.
- There you go, bro.
[JENARD] There we go.
[USER] Man, it's that motherfucking kill
right here, bro.
You like the Crown Vic?
It's comfortable, right?
Back seat like a king-size bed.
Boy, I had this bitch up in here last week
I picked up at the Admiral.
Ass was fatter than a mother
Yo, you wasted it.
I said you wastin' the dope, bro!
You know how much motherfucking
higher you'll get like this?
Bro, you might as well throw that shit
in the fuckin' trash, G-ball!
I don't fuck with needles, you know?
That's that white people shit.
Bro, look at me.
I got you.
Tch. Man, check this shit out, though.
No, no, no way. The fuck you doing?
[USER] Oh, shit.
You got a motherfuckin'
clean slate, player.
[JENARD] Oh, shit.
- What?
- [USER] Three
- What?
- Two
- Wait, wait, wait.
- One.
Blast off, motherfucker.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, dog.
My motherfucking turn, Jack.
Oh, I still got some dope left
- in this bitch.
[KENDALL] I have money.
Shut the fuck up and move.
[KENDALL] What? Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, w okay.
We just wanna talk. That's it.
Hey! Ah
Hey, hey, listen to me.
You like-you like-
you like nice watches, huh?
I've got a Rolex. You want it?
- Really?
- [KENDALL] Yeah.
Mm, show me.
Not like that.
Put your hand on the counter, palm down.
Come on.

"Medical Excellency. Dr. Kendall."
Did you win this?
It's fucking nice.
[CRYING] What did I do?
Is that the hand you operate with?
[MIGUEL] Put your other hand
on the counter.


Just in case you were lying.

Nice watch, Doc.
Fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck!

- What's good, little nigga?
- What up, bro?
[BIG SMURF] Let me
holler at you for a second.
[D-MAC] What's up, man? Hey, hey!
- What the fuck is you doing?
- Let's go! Come on!
Hey, get off of me!
- Boy, fucking relax.
- Nigga, fuck that!
[BIG SMURF] Hey, don't fight back!
[D-MAC] Get the fuck off me, man!
[SINGER] Wanna get it done,
I could show you how ♪
- Is that them?
- Yeah.
It's done.
How do we tell Kate?
We don't tell Kate shit.
She's got a right to know.
I don't think that I can keep it a secret.
JP, I need you to listen to me.
For your own good.
Whatever you do
you cannot tell Kate.
She'll fuck everything up.
You understand me?

[CLAUDIA] Something's wrong.
Why aren't you guys calling us back?
I can't reach anyone.
What the hell happened over there?

Jesus. What happened?
Did it-did-is it done?
I was with Dad when they showed up early.
The hit was moved up a half hour.
Yeah, well, nobody told me.

You didn't tell my brother
that the time changed?
- He could've died!
I told you.
I fucking told her

He betrayed us.
He lied. He didn't tell me.

Thanks for looking out for me.
[SOFTLY] Of course.

You're still here?
You are, too.
Us Sampson men don't give up easy.
I know that you mad at me
'cause I left your mother and you kids.
But honestly,
it was the right thing to do.
These streets
called my name.
And I couldn't say no.
Imagine what your life
would've been like if I stayed.
He ain't as tough as you.
[BIG SID] Your brother.
I was always tougher on you,
but it's because I knew you could take it.
You were the strong one, David.
That's why I didn't
that's why I didn't like you.
You didn't need me.
You'd always be fine on your own.

You know they don't call me that no more.
I done heard.
They call you Diamond now.
Guess you good under pressure.
Oh oh, shit.
Do me a favor.
Watch out for your brother.

[TOMMY] I got here as
soon as I could. A'ight?
I had my hands busy all day.
It ain't nothing.
We were never close.
But still, he your old man.
How's he doing?
- Not good.
- Fuck.
I'm sorry.
What's crackin'? What's going on?
Well, that fucking pickup went sideways.
I mean, I couldn't do shit
with all them cops around.
that ain't all.
When I was gone
D-Mac, I took care of it.
You said he had to go, and
[SIGHS] He gone.
Well, look, man. That's all you.
You started this shit
when you decided to kill Chewy.
I've been thinking.
Let's move on that King Kilo deal.
You right. We losing way too much money.
Let's get that coalition in motion.
I just got one condition, though.
We supply the drugs.
Yeah, I like that.
All right.
I'll put the call in to Kilo,
and I'll hit you once the deal is done.
All right. And listen.
You need anything,
why don't you give me a call?
A'ight? I'm around. I got you.
All right.
Oh, Tommy. It's you. [SCOFFS]
Another flawless greeting, Ma.
You should work for Hallmark.
I can't get a hold of Darnell.
He won't return my texts
and my phone calls,
and it's just not like him.
Yeah? Well
I'd get real used to that if I was you.
Wait a minute.
What, you know something?
Well, I know that
he deliberately disobeyed me.
And that you helped him.
Hey, hey. Tommy, Tommy.
Look me in the eyes.
Where is he? Where's my grandson?
He's gone.
[KATE] Gone?
When is he coming back?
He ain't coming back.
You-you-you don't
No, no, you couldn't have.
[SOBBING] Oh, no.
- You monster!
- [TOMMY] Ma
[SCREAMING] What have you done?
Hey, hey, what the fuck are you doing, Ma?
Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate!
That's enough, Kate. That's enough, Kate.
- Fucking crazy bitch.
- It had to be done, okay?
You knew about this and you
didn't do anything to stop it?
It's not what we wanted to do, okay?
- But it's for the best.
- [KATE CRYING] Animals.
I raised animals.
You didn't raise us, Kate.
Animals or not, we raised ourselves.
[SOBBING] I'm not
I'm not gonna let this pass.
I am gonna
Do nothing.
You ain't gonna do nothin', Ma.
Otherwise, I might have to do
something else I don't wanna do.


Where Pa?
He gone.
What you mean?
No, man. Come on.
He gone.
[CHUCKLING] No, man. Come on.
Come on, D.

It's gonna be okay.
How it's okay, D?
- It's gonna be all right, J.
- Come on. How?
Nigga, Pop's gone.
What he say?

He said he love you, J.
More than anyone.
He said he was sorry
for everything that he did.
He said he never meant to hurt you.
And he wished that we could
he wished that he could've
spent more time with us.
Said you was his favorite.

The fuck are we doing, D?
Huh? Like, the fuck we been doing, man?
I don't know.
But it ain't right.
I ain't never mean to
I know.
But you know, you was kinda
Damn it, J, I know.
I got you.
It'd be great to have you back in CBI.
[RAPPER] Yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Whoo! ♪
Drank me a fifth Like it's juice ♪
Speak on my name I'm confused ♪
Catch me a body or two ♪
Yes, life, this is death
Pick and choose ♪
This is life, this is death
Pick and choose ♪
This is life, this is
Death, pick and choose ♪
I'm a king, Even I'm the Grim Reaper ♪
Let me turn you boys
To forever sleepers ♪
Got the death of heater
Call it holy fever ♪
Send you boys To the holy keeper ♪
Already know and I won't live long ♪
Shoot it out We can die here ♪
Don't have no fear I am the fear ♪
Take your bitch For a whole year ♪
Don't mind dancing With the devil ♪
My mind twisted Not level ♪
Your lifeline's On schedule ♪
Brought a back end Got a shovel ♪
Who gonna die today? ♪
Keep testing me Little bitch ♪
Take you on a ride today ♪
But my killer stay, Y'all go ♪
On the clutch Fingers stay swole ♪
When we hit You'll never know ♪
Tell them "Kill, don't leave nothing" ♪
That yo' bodies Don't mean nothing ♪
If I see yo' ass In public ♪
We gon' make it Look like a mugging ♪
[D-MAC] Where the fuck am I at?
All these cows and horses and shit?
Man, this shit not for me, man.
What the fuck?
Y'all finna kill me or something?

[TOMMY] I want you to listen
to me real carefully, D-Mac.
I'm doing this for your own fucking good.
What the fuck are you talking about,
Uncle Tommy?
W-w-what do you mean?
[TOMMY] I'm protecting you.
You fucked up, D-Mac.
You fucked up real good.
What I-I didn't do shit, Uncle Tommy.
You tweakin'!
This is not my life, Uncle Tommy
Listen to me.
You gonna stay there
until I think it's cool
that you come home.
That's what happens
when you fuck up that bad.
And don't think about
no fucking going home,
making no moves.
I got eyes on you night and day.
[D-MAC] Unc, Unc!
Man, what now?
That's on you.
Let's go.

[D-MAC] Man, this is some bullshit.
I don't fuck with cows.
There's somebody here to see you.
I wanna talk.

[STACY] Have a seat.
Let me know what I have to do.
- Well, um
What the fuck?
[VIC] I barely escaped with my life.
My father's dead.
My own sister tried to kill me.
So why'd you come back to me, Vic?
I want a new life.
I want out of this fucking game.
I lost the only person
I ever loved to this life.
And I promised her that I would get out.
So I plan on keeping my promise.
I want immunity.
Full fucking immunity.
Look, my sister
she keeps the books.
She's the brains behind
the whole fucking operation.
You can have her.
I want her ass in jail.
Death is too easy.
She's gotta suffer.
She betrayed me.
You can have whatever you want on her.
[STACY] Okay.
You'll give us your sister. [CHUCKLES]
But that's just the start.
See, if you want full immunity,
you're gonna have to infiltrate CBI
and give us everything.
Especially Tommy Egan.

I'll do it.
I'll help you take him down.
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