Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Here There Be Monsters


[DIAMOND] Previously on Force
This territory is ours.
Jenard gave it to us.
It wasn't his to give.
I want those projects.
- What's wrong with you?
- What?
- Are you on some shit?
- I'm good.
Don't bring me down.
I'm Gianna, Leon's mom.
Are you serious about
teaching my son how to box?
[DIAMOND] Yeah, I'm serious.
[KATE] Where's my grandson?
[TOMMY] He ain't comin' back.
It's not what we wanted to do, okay?
- But it's for the best.
- [KENDALL] Mireya?
[MIREYA] Get off my arm! Don't touch me.
[MIGUEL] Dr. Kendall, put
your hand on the counter.
[VIC] Is everything good on your end?
Yeah, we're all good.
We're set for 9:00.
Okay, good.
Pull the trigger.
Pull the fuckin' trig
[VIC] I was with Dad
when they showed up early.
[DIFRANCO] This is first-degree murder,
life without parole.
Your way out is by working with us.
[VIC] I want her ass in jail.
You're gonna have to infiltrate
CBI and give us Tommy Egan.
I'll help you take him down.
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have To jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪


Can I have a moment alone, please?


You did this.
We didn't have to end up here.
All I ever wanted was
for you to accept me.

Goodbye, Da.

You belong to us now.
You will be available 24/7.
Anyone you meet, anywhere you go,
we need to know about it.
When I tell you to jump,
Vic, you're gonna jump.
Now, if, uh if you lie
to me, this goes away.
Do not fuckin' lie to me,
'cause I have no problem
sitting your ass in MCC
until your murder trial!
You understand me?
Got it.
Look, I'll get eyes on my sister,
make sure you guys have
Your sister is low-hanging fruit, okay?
I want the men running shit.
I wanna know everything
about Tommy fuckin' Egan.
I wanna know what drugs he's pushin',
and I wanna know who he's working with.
I wanna know everything
about Miguel Garcia.
You connect Tommy to Miguel.
And I don't wanna just
arrest these motherfuckers.
I want convictions.
You start by going to Tommy.
Every detail is significant,
so get intel.
And get me his phone number.
I'll be your direct point of contact.

How the fuck am I supposed
to get all that
without him suspecting
that something's going on?
I guess you're just gon' have
to figure that out, Vic.

You stupid.
- Who is it?
- [DIAMOND] It's Diamond.
Oh, yo. Hold up, D.
What's goin' on?
Christmas just came early.
The fuck is thi
are you fuckin' kiddin' me?
- This is real?
- [DIAMOND] Yeah.
[TOMMY] I knew today was
gonna be a good one.
Who had the pleasure?
Now, you know that's a long-ass list.
[LAUGHING] Oh, yo.
Yo the king is dead.
So it's all gonna be up for grabs.
Let's make it ours.
We not gon' be the only ones gunning
for the Flynn territory.
We just need to make sure
we assess the situation.
If Vic Flynn is still alive,
he gonna come to me.

Where you been?
You haven't been answerin' my calls.
Uh, you know, I've just
been out here grindin'.
Tryin' to make my spot, baby.
So you got a side piece?
- Come on.
- Let me smell your dick.
Girl, your ass is crazy.
Relax. Come on.
- Come on, now.
What I need another woman for
when I got you?
[JENARD] Girl, mmm, come here.
[SHANTI] Can't do this right now.
- [JENARD] Why not?
- [SHANTI] I gotta train Kenny.
Lay down, take a shower,
whatever you want.
I'll see you tonight, okay?

They all look good.
I don't know which one to lease.
Why don't you just buy one?
Hmm, I like to take things slow.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Too many choices.
How do I know which one is right for me?
Gotta give it a test drive,
go around the block a few times,
- see if you really connect.
- Mm.
- You'll feel it.
What will I feel?
Like it was made just for you.
But you're gonna wanna see
if you can handle it.
Might be too much for you.
And what if I'm too much for it?
Uh, I don't think that's gonna happen,
but you never know till you try.
[MIREYA] Oh, yeah.
Oh, my God.
What, you like it?
Oh, yes.
Ooh, where we goin'?
[CLICKS TONGUE] To the West Side.
All right, I'm with you,
long as we make it out.
[TOMMY] Forgettin' something?
So why do you love your Mustang so much?
Hmm, that's a good question.
Well, on the outside,
it's slick, fast, hard as fuck.
But on the inside, it's well oiled,
solid, intricate.
And if you take care of it,
it will take care of you.
- Feel me?
- Mm-hmm.
It's very loyal like that.
Well, too bad American cars suck.
Get the fuck outta here!
You're killin' me.
Well, let's see what
your little German ride can do.
I'll be right back.
It seems she really likes that
- [TOMMY] those German cars.
[MIREYA] What?

Tommy, I have to go.
[TOMMY] What happened?

[DIAMOND] Look, this should
have Jenard all caught up.
It's too late.
This doesn't even cover the interest.
Those projects are a lifetime's
worth of money for me.
I want them back.
That's something I can't do.
I'm done playing this game.
I get them back or he dies.

So what, did they steal anything?
It wasn't a robbery.
They were well dressed, Mexicans.
One even had a Audemars Piguet
watch on, for Christ's sake.
And he knew I was a surgeon.
Did you recognize him at all?

[KENDALL] No. No, I didn't.
Mireya, why would somebody
wanna do this to me?
I have no idea.

Thanks for meeting me, Tommy.
Yeah, of course.
I mean, that was some shit
that went down with Walter.
I don't know whether I should
offer you my condolences
or if I should say congratulations.
Who did it?
I did.
Well, congratu-fuckin'-lations then.
That shit ain't easy.
Let me ask you something.
What's the status of his territory?
- It's mine now.
- [TOMMY] No shit.
[VIC] Yeah.
That's why I wanted to see you.
If that offer to join you
and CBI is still good,
I'll bring it with me.
Yesterday's price is not today's price.
A lot happened since then.
- For both of us.
- [TOMMY] Well, you know,
we could just march
up there and take it.
Why start a war when I can walk
you through the front door?
All the infrastructure
is still in place.
I'll hand CBI the keys.

What's in it for you?
I've been wanting to move
something more profitable,
like your powder.
Now's my chance.
We'll go 50/50.
I don't know.
Every time I try working with a Flynn,
I end up dodging bullets.

Look, Tommy, I know we've had
our differences, okay?
And I know I fucked up.
I should have listened to you and left.
If I would have, Gloria
would still be alive.
And, um I have to live with that shit
the rest of my life.
I blamed you, and I was wrong.
You can't take Chicago
without the North Side.
Let me help you.
You know, I still gotta pitch
that shit to Diamond.
[TOMMY] But I'm pretty sure
he'll see the value.
60/40 and you got a deal.
All right.
you gonna kill my sister?
Killing her would be way too easy.
I'm gonna make her suffer.
Is that gonna be a problem?
So where do we stand
in our father's will?
Your father was hemorrhaging money.
Most of what's left, which isn't much,
is going well, it's going
Just say it.
Everything's going to Vic
including the mansion.
I want you to know
I did talk with him about this,
but he was dead set on it.

Yo, man, what you doing here
sitting in the dark?
Hey, give me this.
What the fuck are you doin'?
Yo, JP, take it easy.
What's going on with you?
Talk to me.
You know, the first time
I held Darnell,
I knew that that my life
had been changed forever.
Here was this gorgeous little boy.
But then I also knew
that I was already lying to him
just acting like somebody I wasn't.

Oh, man, I think
about that shit every day.

You know, after I lost him,
or when they took him from me

I told myself that if I
ever got another shot,
then I would never let him go again.

I actually get that chance,
and I do exactly
what I say that I wouldn't.
We did the only thing that we could do.

Man, you know, I, uh I
I haven't heard from Kate.
She's not answerin' my calls.
Eh, consider that shit a blessing.
How can you not give a fuck
when our mom is missing?
'Cause this was my childhood, JP.
She just disappears sometimes.
I don't know where the fuck she at.
Maybe she down
at the casino or some shit.
Don't worry about it. She'll be back.
Yo, man, you wanted in
on this family, right?
This what this family is.

Look, man,
don't be so hard on yourself.
We did the right thing.

Even after death,
Walter fucked me again!
And Dublin stabbed us in the back.
They pulled out.
Vic, I need that money more than you do.
Well, let's call it reparations
for you trying to kill me.
What the fuck are you talking about?
You're my brother.
Why would I try and kill you?
It was Brendan!
The men and the territory
are all mine now.
I'm taking everything.
You-you can't do that.
[VIC] It's already done.
I have the contact to move the pills.
Yeah, I think I'm done with pills.
And you're fuckin' dead to me.
I'm with Tommy and CBI now,
moving powder.
So you can stay the fuck away from me.
You know Tommy's gonna
come for me, right?
I guess you better get ready then.
I'm pulling the Flynn
bodyguards off you too.
You're on your own, Claudia.

[DIAMOND] Jesus.
- Yo!
[DIAMOND] What the hell you doin'?
[CRYING] I'm I'm fucked up, bro.
I'm fucked up.
You need to get yourself together, J.
You too.
Is there any more?
Is there more?
- No, no.

You tell me, how am I supposed
to convince Tommy
to let you back in and you
out here on this shit
like some damn hype?
I'm sorry, D.
Bro, I'm so-I'm sorry, D. I'm sorry.
Ain't no more sorrys, Jenard.
Clean yourself up!
Come on, D, I'm sorry.

We have a problem.
My brother is teaming up
with CBI and Tommy Egan.
They're coming into our territory.
We cannot let that happen.
I'm gonna need a few bodies
as well for protection.
I don't know who's more trouble,
you Flynns or Tommy.
You better be worth it.
All right, I'll give you
a couple of guys
to protect you from Tommy Egan.
Sorry to hear about your father.
Don't be.

Where the hell have you been?
I'm fuckin' dying here!
Hurry up!
I need my insulin.
Why did you do it?
Dr. Kendall?
I know that it was you.
I did what needed to be done,
like I always do.
You're welcome, by the way.
Now stop fucking around!
No, no, no, no, no, I'm not
one of your possessions,
Miguel, like these cabrones
you have surrounding you.
Did you even think
about what this could do to my career?
Your career?
This, what you do here for me,
that's your career.
Everything else is bullshit,
Grow the fuck up, Mireya,
and stop pretending
you're not just like me!
I am nothing like you!
Goddamn it, Mireya!
I ain't got time for this shit!
Give me my fucking shot!
You need me.
I don't need you.
Stay the fuck out of my business.
Do it yourself.

You help him.
- [DIAMOND] It's jab, jab, hook.
- [LEON] Yeah.
[DIAMOND] You gotta put
your whole body into it.
And you need to work on your footwork.
But that jab gettin' nasty.
May have to book you
a title shot or somethin'.
Keep it up.
I will.
Hit the showers, champ.
All right. Thanks.
That's good. Take five.
I'll be right back, okay?
What's up, D?
How's the kid?
Oh, he's getting better.
Hey, uh, let me talk
to you about somethin'.
Jenard has a problem, a bad one.
I know.
You know?
I can spot a hype from a mile away,
so if the nigga's right in front of me,
it ain't hard to tell.
It could be good for him
to get back into CBI.
You can make that happen?
I mean, even if he's clean,
it's gon' be a tough sell
to Tommy, but
shit, I gotta try.
I could really use your help.
I know you both want my territory.

Tell Tommy if Jenard's back in,
y'all get me and Garfield Park.

You handle the white boy.
I'll get Jenard straight.
- Bet.
- All right.
[DIAMOND] Sounds good.

No, I was in great shape
back when I was doing my Tae Bo videos.
- Ooh.
- Ma.
Stop, please.
[DIAMOND] You know,
you still are in great shape.
Hmm, thank you.
Yeah. Well, you know, Gianna,
if you're not busy next week,
- maybe we should just go hang
[PERSON] What the fuck
is goin' on in here?
Jamal, look, you're home early.
Um, David, this is Jamal, Leon's father.
Hey, what's up?
- David is just
- I don't give a fuck
who this nigga is.
Why is he standing in my kitchen?
He's been teaching Leon how to box.
My son don't need
another man to teach him shit.

You know what? [LAUGHS]

I'm just gon' head out, a'ight?

Thank you for the lemonade.
[JAMAL] Get the fuck outta my house!
I can't believe you got the nerve
to have this motherfucker in my house!
[GIANNA] Everything is fine.
[JAMAL] Everything ain't fuckin' fine!
I can't believe this is what
the fuck you doin' here.
[GIANNA] He's just teaching Leon.

I was in Aspen when I found
out about your father,
and I hopped right on my mother's PJ.
I'm here for you, whatever you need.
That's very thoughtful, Elise.
Thank you.
Uh, I guess what I need is
to not think about my problems
right now.
Tell me everything about you.
I came here to support you, Cloudy.
I remember the first time
you called me that.
[ELISE] Yeah.
You seemed so serious and sad,
like there were dark clouds
over your head.
I was like, "I wanna be the one
who can make her smile."
I hated hiding the fact that I had
the biggest crush on you.
Ah, the oppression of boarding school.
I'm so glad we had each other.
Me too.
What have things been like around here?
Aside from, you know?
Um, huh,
it was good for a moment,
game-changing good.
But it didn't work out, so
Cloudy, I am taking you out tonight.
I know an exclusive, private strip club.
Let's go have us some fun.
Get dressed, slutty.
I'll be back to pick you up in an hour.
So's all we gotta do is let Vic
in with us,
and he'll just hand it all over.
No bullets required.
See, you was supposed
to be gathering intel,
not making a deal.
And I'm not trying to do
no business with a Flynn.
Hey, man, come on. Vic ain't no threat.
I'll handle him. And if he even thinks
about trying some slick shit,
I'll just dump him in a trash can
on top of his sister.
We gonna make millions
pushing our weight up North.
And we get to plant our flag.
All right.
Well, if we do this, we definitely
gon' need more bodies.
Yeah, you right about that.
I wanna bring Jenard back in.
The fuck is you talkin' about?
That's crazy!
Hell no. I ain't good with that.
Hey, come on, man. He family. He blood.
[TOMMY] Come on, man. I know that he's
your fuckin' brother,
but he tried to kill both of us.
Do you remember that?
But bringing Jenard back to CBI,
we get Shanti Showstopper
and Garfield Park.
You shoulda led with that.
Where's Jenard head at?
He good.
Ready to get back to work, man.
No more bullshit.
And I paid his debt off with Miguel.
Hmm, okay.
we let Jenard back in
and he fuck up one time, he dead.

I'm good with that.
And just one more thing.
I tried to pay Jenard's debt
off with Mirkovic,
but his foreign ass refused
to take the money.
- Oh, that ain't good.
- [DIAMOND] No, it's not good.
The fact that we moving up north
so we gon' have to move carefully.
I'll talk to Mirkovic.
Don't worry. I'll be diplomatic.
Vic's gonna show me
the lay of the land tonight.
Hey, is there anything else
I need to know about Jenard?


[SHANTI] Wake the fuck up!
This shit gotta stop.
[JENARD] Hey, baby.
You look good than a motherfucker.
You beautiful, boo.
look at your mouth, you know?
Look, I'm a lucky-ass man
Motherfucker, I know
you stole my necklace.
This what you do with it?
[SCOFFS] Stole your necklace?
Come on, man. Shanti, ain't nobody stole
your little cheap-ass necklace, man.
Come on, love.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
See, that's what the problem is, babe.
You understand?
The problem is, you just don't get it.
You don't understand.
Yeah, I do understand.
My man would not steal shit from me
unless he was on some shit.
Shanti, relax, okay?
You-you-you gon' blow my high, baby.
- Fuck your high!
- Oh, my God!
Shanti. Okay.
You're not doing this
to us, motherfucker!
I'm not gon' stand by and watch you die!
What the fuck! Okay.
You think you're the only one in pain?
Okay, just stop! Stop!
Snap out of this shit
and wake the fuck up!
I don't fuck with losers, J!
And you're not no fuckin' loser!
Remember who you are.
You're a king!
You were born to lead!
Look at me.

Diamond can get you back at CBI,
but you gotta get clean.

That starts now.
Can you beat this shit?

It's me or the drugs.
You choose.

[SINGER] Say my name boy ♪
Let me know That you want it baby ♪
Get me to say My name boy ♪
I want you to watch.
[SINGER] Say my name boy ♪
Say my, say my, Say my name ♪
Shivers down your spine ♪
While I graze my nails
Down your back ♪

Baby say it's mine ♪
Say it's mine ♪
You know I like that
Angle from the back ♪
Arch and fine on repeat ♪
Face to face In the sheets ♪
Bring it right back to me ♪
Listen to what I want you To do ♪
I want you to Say my name boy ♪
Say my name ♪
I can pull it down ♪
And make you love it baby ♪
Say my name boy ♪
Let me know That you want it baby ♪
Where do you get the pills from?
You a cop?
[SINGER] Say my name boy ♪
Say my, say my, Say my name ♪
Say name ♪
We have to score them
on the street ourselves
so we can resell them in here.
Customers can't bring anything in.
I can double whatever you're making.
You interested?
[SINGER] Ooh ♪
Baby say it's love ♪
Say my name boy ♪
[TOMMY] That was a great
fuckin' night moving product.
We shoulda joined forces earlier.
Yeah, I told you the North Side
was gon' be a money maker for you.
You did.
Hey, look, that club we just left
it's one of many, all right?
We got ten other places
ready to move what we got.
Yeah? I gotta talk to Mirkovic
before we start moving
to avoid any hiccups.
Here, take that.
He's still got his panties in a bunch
over the Crimson Projects.
- Crimson Projects?
- Yeah, used to be his.
Now they ours.
Well, look, when you talk
to your connect
about moving up here, I wanna be there.
Me and Diamond will handle it.
And here. Before I forget, take this.
Only contact me on that.
My number's in there.
I'll hit you later.

Good work today.

Why ain't you hit me back, Mireya?

You know what?

[RECEIVER] Your call has been
forwarded to an automatic
What the fuck did I do?

Hey, what the fuck, motherfucker?
Are you trying to get me killed?
You need to back the fuck off!
I can't do that.
Tommy's so fuckin' paranoid, all right?
He's gonna spot you.
And when he does,
I'm a fucking dead man!
This is the deal, Vic.
You're gonna have to trust
that I know what I'm doing.
Now go home. Get some sleep.

Fuck is this shit?
A comic book.
I know it's a fuckin' comic book, nigga!
You like this pussy shit?
Your mom said you lettin'
niggas steal your shit.
I'm not letting them.
Then how?
You afraid to fight,
stand up for yourself?
How the fuck are you my son?
Yo, you want this?
Then take it from me.
I'll give you a free shot.
Hit me, and you can have it back.
Don't be a pussy!
Fuckin' hit me!
I ain't raisin' no faggot!
Hit me!
Oh, you gon' cry, huh?
Did I hurt your feelings?
Don't nobody give a fuck
about your feelings.
Why do you hate me so much?
Hate you?
You'd know it if I hated you.
I'm trying to make you a man!
Come here!

You better toughen the fuck up,
or niggas gon' be stealing your shit
for the rest of your life!


Don't tell me what the fuck to do.
Fuck is wrong with you?
Yeah, don't be looking
up in the fucking sky.

[CLAUDIA] I have access
to exclusive, members-only strip clubs
where the strippers are the only ones
who can get the pills in.
It's untapped,
and I'll be their connect.
I want you to work with me.
I supply the product.
Your crew handles distro.
Mm, wow.
You know, it seem like just
yesterday, I was in your spot.
And what was it you said to me?
- I remember.
You said, "I got my hands full."
[LAUGHS] So I'm gettin' back with CBI.
And we got a lot of shit goin' on.
So, no.
I got my hands full.
Sounds like CBI is becoming
one big happy family.

Good luck with that.

I already told your partner.
It's too late.
Look, you not taking the bag
means you're gonna make a move.
I ain't no fool.
But I gotta tell you,
Mirko, it's a bad idea.
I cannot allow you
to come to the North Side.
Walter was just pushing pills
in this territory.
Now, I'ma be running powder.
You was never there.
Nothing changes for you.
Help me with the math here.
I don't trust you.
You're a pirate.
You don't understand boundaries.
I don't want you on my border.

Not everybody can have what they want.
We coming for the North Side.
And I dare you to try to stop us.

Fuck, this shit's good.
[LAUGHS] Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
Not here.
Come on, nobody will see us.
Lunch is almost over.
You know what? That's all right.
This my new girlfriend.
She white. [LAUGHS]
You don't love that woman
at home, and you hate the boy.
You should just leave 'em alone.
Who the fuck you supposed to be?
You ain't nothin' but a bitch-ass nigga!

Leave them alone!
If you don't, nigga, I will kill you.

Stay gone.
Are you sad that your father is dead?
I'd rather have nothing
than to be dealing with him.
And who's taking over his empire?
You or Vic?
Well, it should be me,
but those old Irish fuckers used me.
And Vic betrayed me.
Walter wasn't the real problem.
They were never gonna let
a woman take over.
And after all the horrible things
men have done to me, like my father,
I'm so lucky to have
you back in my life.
I've never felt as safe
as I have with you.
And I might be on the bottom now,
but for the first time,
I'm doing things on my own.
I'm free.

I'm sorry.
Can we take this slow?
I just want this to
Let's go at your speed.
Thank you.
[ELISE] Yeah.
[DIAMOND] Yo, look, this is
about expansion.
More is gon' be better.
CBI is stronger together, a'ight?
Yeah, I'm good with that.
But one more strike from you,
one, and that's it, kid.
For good.
A'ight, look, bro.
A'ight, shit got outta hand
with me and D.
I know.
But I wasn't thinkin' straight.
But now, I see how you move,
and I respect your hustle, my nigga.

So I apologize.
Okay, I hear that.
Family can make you do some crazy shit.
Welcome back, J.

We're gonna release her.
And this is her prescription.
[TOMMY] Hey, Mireya.
Mireya, let me holla at you a second.
Tommy, I cannot talk right now.
I'm very busy.
Hold up. Hold up.
- You need to go.
- No, just one-one second.
No, hold on. Listen, why ain't you been
hittin' me back?
What happened? What's changed?
So when Miguel thought
that my boyfr Dr. Kendall
was putting his hands
on me, so that psycho
broke his fucking hands.
Good. Was he touching you?
What? No, no, no! Of course not.
Okay, well, that sucks
for that motherfucker,
but what the fuck
that got to do with me?
Tommy, do you know what
Miguel is gonna do to you
if he finds out about us?
I-I-I can't be responsible for something
happening to I can't do this.
Mireya, I appreciate your concern,
but I'm a big boy.
I can take care of myself.
You ain't gotta worry about me.
Shit. Just give me one second,
one motherfuckin' second,
please, please.
Yo, this better be fucking
Yeah, I'm-I'm-I'm on my way.
Hey, look, I'm sorry. I gotta go.
But I'm not done with this conversation.
I'll be back.


Bet you gonna hit that number.
Bet you gonna hit that number.

- Oh, shit.
- [PERSON] Serbs, yo!
The fuckin' Serbians!
[SERB] We're taking
the Crimson Projects back!
Get inside! Get inside!

[RESIDENT] Die, you motherfucker!


[PERSON] Fuck y'all!
I can't believe
what happened to Dr. Kendall.
What's going on with you two?
We're not together anymore.
Is it because of that guy
you've been texting?
No. I'm not doing that anymore either.
We need some help over here!
Mass shooting at the Crimson Projects.
Female, 55, estimated 80%
TBSA, mostly full thickness.
GCS of 3T.
We gave here 500 ccs of LR,
intubated her in the field.
She's one of the lucky ones.
Some have burns and bullet wounds.
Gang war at the Crimson Projects.
Someone set it on fire.
[PARAMEDIC] We have a 25-year-old male.
Substantial burns on his chest.
He's having trouble breathing.
[MIREYA] Smurf W-was Tommy with you?



So what do you have for me, Flynn?
I got my men tailing Claudia,
so I know
she's working with the Serbs.
She met with Jenard Sampson.
I don't give a shit about your sister!
What did you get on Egan?
Did you get his phone number?

Listen, you privileged little prick.
Do you think that you can outsmart me?
Stop fuckin' around
or you're gonna spend
the rest of your life in jail!
Now, you want full immunity?
Then give me what the fuck I need.

[MIREYA] Tommy!
Oh, shit, Mireya!
Mireya, hold up. I'm coming.
- Hey, what's going on?
- Where have you been?
I texted you! I called you!
- You didn't call me back!
- Okay, I just got home.
I was just about to text you.
Oh, my God, the Projects burned down.
The hospital is full of burn victims.
I thought that you
All right, listen, calm down.
Calm down. I'm
No, no, no, don't fucking
tell me to calm down!
I thought that you died!
Yeah, but I'm not dead.
I'm right here.
Oh, my God, it could have been you.
But it wasn't me.
You could have died.
I didn't die.
You see?
Tommy, what are we doing?
What do you mean?
Hey, come here.
Come on.
It's okay. It's okay.
I thought I lost you.
I promise you, I ain't going nowhere.

[MIREYA] I want you, Tommy.

[SINGER] Oh, when I'm lonely ♪
And I feel ♪
I fuckin' did it, Glo.
I made him pay.
Walter's gone.
I stood up for you, for us,
just like you wanted.
[SINGER] 'Cause you're
The only one I love ♪
Before I go ♪
We've been all done ♪
There's still
something I have to do, though,
something I don't want to.
I know Tommy tried to save us, you know?
But I think to really be free,
to finally get out of this life,
I'm gonna have to take him down.
[SINGER] is to feel
The way I don't ♪
When I'm lonely ♪
Firefly, you're glowing Baby ♪
Light my way in ♪
'Cause you're the only one
I love before I go ♪
[SINGER] It's about that time ♪
Know what I want ♪
All of you just ain't Enough ♪
We got nothing but time ♪
The clocks tickin'
Ooh, I'ma take my time ♪
Start to finish ♪
If you're sure That's what you want ♪
Just take it ♪
Ooh, yeah, I'm good At what I do ♪
Can we go work at it? Right there ♪
Don't slow down Right there ♪
Oh I'm ready baby I'm not scared ♪
It's gonna be a long night ♪
Hope you came prepared ♪
It's about that time ♪
Know what I want ♪
All of you Just ain't enough ♪
We got nothing but time ♪
Ain't no rush ♪
Ain't no ♪
Ain't no rush ♪

How'd it go, babe?
I'm back in CBI, officially.
I knew it.
They don't know what just hit 'em.
Babe, you know Tommy ain't even happy
about me being back good
with Diamond, right?
Who gives a fuck what Tommy wants?
All I'm sayin', babe, is,
we should watch that nigga, a'ight?
'Cause he ain't gon' make
this shit easy for us.
That motherfucker can't
just walk up in here
and turn shit upside down on us.
This is our city!
Diamond got his back.
A'ight, man? He got Diamond's ear.
You're his fucking brother, J!
You gotta show them both
you the fuckin' man.
Make shit happen, or I'm outta here.
I didn't sign up to lose this game.
I am not that bitch.
Step your pussy up!
- You got me, motherfucker?
- Wait, what?
Relax, okay?
I got you.
Fuckin' white boy think
he gonna run game on us.
No fuckin' way!
We gotta' show him who the boss is.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Set that nigga' straight.

You right.
We need to put a bullet in him.
Yeah, when the time is right.

Tired of these white people
stealin' our shit.
I'm fuckin' with the right bitch.

We gon' get close to 'em,
help 'em build CBI back up.
And then
then, when shit is
just where we want it
we gon' take everything from 'em.
We gon' leave
those motherfuckers to starve
and take it all.

Come on.
[HOLLY] She's not like me, Tommy.

[HOLLY] You should think this through.

Everything you touch, you destroy.


please, please, please forgive me.

I didn't mean to hurt you.
You're gonna hurt her too.

No, Holly, I won't.
You don't know this,
but I'm different now.

You can't have both worlds, Tommy.

I have to.
I have to, Holly, because
because I think I love her.

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