Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Chicago Is Heating Up!


[VIC] Previously on Force
- Pull the fucking trig
My father's dead.
My own sister tried to kill me.
So why'd you come back to me, Vic?
I want a new life. I want immunity.
Full fucking immunity.
I want to know everything
about Tommy fucking Egan.
- Who did it?
- I did.
The king is dead.
It's all gonna be up for grabs.
So you got a plan?
I was in the joint
with the leader of the RDs,
King Kilo.
Now, we used to talk about
building a coalition of all the mobs.
That may be our best bet
on moving forward.
[TOMMY] Only contact me on that.
Fuck, are you trying to get me killed?
You're gonna have to trust
that I know what I'm doing.
I came here to support you, Cloudy.
[CLAUDIA] Where do you get
the pills from?
We have to score them
on the street ourselves.
I can double whatever you're making.
I don't want you on my border.
We coming for the North Side.
I dare you to try to stop us.

I thought that you died.
Yeah, but I'm not dead.
I thought I lost you.
[TOMMY] I promise you
I ain't going nowhere.
Fucking white boy think
he gonna run game on us.
No fucking way!
We got to show him who the boss is.
You know what I'm saying?
Set that nigga straight.
We need to put a bullet in him.

Yeah, when the time is right.
[50 CENT'S
[JEREMIH] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All the dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I got to stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have to jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down with a lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashing In fashion ♪
Nigga You can check the drip ♪
Catch you slipping We sliding ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the lick We with the shit ♪
Shh, when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[JEREMIH] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All the dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[BREANA MARIN] Inexplicably ♪

I find myself seeing you
Through new eyes ♪

Countless qualities Mm, mm, mm ♪
Revealing themselves In a new light ♪
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
- Mmm.
[TOMMY] Where you been all my life?
Waiting for you.
[TOMMY] Who the fuck is that?
[MIGUEL] Tommy!
That's my brother.
- [TOMMY] Oh, shit.
- Fuck.
[TOMMY] Fuck. Okay, go. No, no, no.
- Hurry. Hurry. Go to the back.
- Okay. Okay.
[MIGUEL] Open the door, Tommy.
Uh, yeah, yeah. I'm coming.
[MIGUEL] Open the fucking door, Egan.
[TOMMY] I'm coming. I'm coming.
I'm coming right now.

Miguel, what is you doing here?

Everything a'ight?
The Serbs torching the projects
it's not only a problem for you
but a problem for me, too.
You ain't fucking kidding.
That shit's gonna cost us both
a lot of money.
[TOMMY] And it's gonna be hard
to get CBI
not to want to retaliate.
Seems to me that the enemy
of my enemy
is my friend.
Now's the time to send
the Serbs a bigger message.
You know, going body for
body, that only goes so far, but
if you cut off their supply completely,
that's the only way
they ever gonna fucking learn
who really owns this city.
Talk to your boy at the top
of the food chain.
Ché doesn't like unexpected change.
Well, maybe it's time to remind old Ché
just how much weight I'm moving for him
and how much money I'm making him.
There ain't no way the Serbs
are matching that, right?
And he'll know who the better deal is.

Fuck the Serbs.
I'll talk to Ché,
see if there's a play to be made.
Stand down until we speak again.
Of course. You have my word.

I'll see you soon.
[TOMMY] All good. He's gone.
Look, we've been having a lot of fun,
but we can't play pretend forever, okay?
- Whoa.
- If Miguel knew
that I was in here,
we would both be dead.
Ain't nobody gonna touch us, nobody.
Okay? Nobody. Come here.
[WHISPERING] He's dangerous.

[NORMAL VOICE] That doesn't
make me feel any better.

I have to go to work.
you gonna need this.

Thought I forgot about you?
Man, how many of these I got to pass
before y'all stop this nonsense?
Not my call. Talk to your congressman.
Yeah, I will and find out
who getting the kickback
from the government contract
so I can invest,
make that money like them white folks.
You know what I'm saying?
You know, uh, not that I'm surprised,
but I got to, uh, give it to you.
You know, most parolees piss dirty
before their first job interview,
but you've been a model worth following.
That's why I put your name up
to speak at the fundraiser
for all the displaced residents
at the Crimson Projects fire.
Tell your story and inspire
some folks that need help,
you know, getting
on the straight and narrow.
Uh, I can't do that.
I got clients, so that's a no-can-do.
[REEVES] It'd also be a good time
for you to renounce
your CBI affiliation,
you know, publicly.
Seems like you need to be the
one being piss tested, Officer.
Ain't no way I'm gonna do that.
It's a death sentence
if I ever heard of one.
So we good?
Well, your parole review is coming up.
Renouncing would all but guarantee
your early release from parole.
Well, I got clients,
so I need to get ready.
We good here?

So Vic Flynn's intel checks out.
The Crimson Projects hit
was Serbian payback,
but nothing connects it to Tommy Egan
except for his affiliation with CBI.
It's circumstantial at best.
I know Flynn is holding back on us.
[DIFRANCO] He's a wild card.
Usually guys like him, we know exactly
what's motivating them, you know?
We're just gonna have to go
full-court press on his ass, then.
This case would take years
to put together without him.
- Uh, Lori Lewis
from the DOJ's office is here
to see you.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah
- Good morning, Stacy.
- Morning.
If we could, I don't have much time.
Yes, of course. Detective.
[LORI] I'm gonna be curt, Stacy.
What the fuck is going on in this city?
Civilian housing projects
are being burned down,
innocent bystanders shot on the street,
never mind the millions
of dollars that we have given
I can assure you that that
money has been used properly.
I don't give a fuck about the money.
I need something to report
to the Attorney General.
Have you gotten anywhere?
I am happy to report
that because of the work
of our task force,
we now have a high-level CI
working directly with Tommy Egan.
The new player in town?
- [STACY] Yes, mm-hmm.
- Good.
He's quietly connected himself
with some of the biggest
drug lords in the city.
This CI has firsthand testimony
that can land
the RICO investigation on Egan
as the head of the organization.
And you know
that all drug roads in Chicago
lead to the Estrada Cartel.
Imagine how that will look
for the party.
Well, just remember, Ms. Marks,
results talk,
and bullshit means you have
to get a new fucking job.

You better hope
that this CI was worth it,
otherwise the DOJ will pull the plug
for the party.
[RAHEEM] Look, I've been loyal
to him, too.
But Jenard off his game.
You think I bet on the wrong King?
I think you bet on the wrong brother,
and that's a problem 'cause
you ain't seeing shit straight
and everybody talkin' about it.
What are they saying?
They saying that nigga laying pipe
got you twisted
and off your game as well.
I hate to say it, Shanti
but Jenard bad for business,
yours and mine.
You think who I let in my bed
is clouding my judgment?
I think I been knowing you long enough
to know when a nigga dick
got you "dickmatized."
Nigga, even if I miss a step,
you supposed to be there to cover me.
But instead, your bitch ass
is cackling with the birds
- behind my back
[SHANTI] simping like hos.
You know I demand loyalty
and, above all, respect.
And any motherfucker that violates that
will cease to exist, you understand?
Yeah, I got you.
- Good.
'Cause the next time
you let one of these motherfuckers
talk about me and disrespect
the moves I make,
it'll be your last mistake.
Day one or not, Raheem,
betray me or Jenard again,
and I won't hesitate
to send your broken body home
to your nana in a pine box.
I'm that bitch.
Best believe, just like
you ain't seen me coming,
neither will my opps see me coming.
I'm smarter than you.
[SCOFFS] I'm smarter than all y'all.
Remember that.
Man, what the hell are we doing here?
[TOMMY] Right, got to keep
our operation moving,
keep the Feds from seeing any patterns.
This is the last place
they expecting us to be.
All right, now, first things first
that Serb hit put a major dent
into our cash flow
and how we moving weight.
So now we got to take that product
to a new side of town, a'ight?
[JENARD] So we ain't gonna get
the Serbs back?
- Nah.
- [PERSON] What?
- [PERSON 2] Oh, bro.
- Look, it's been days, a'ight?
The crew they just itching
to put a bullet in a nigga.
Now, I don't know about y'all,
but 130K a day is enough
to kill a motherfucker over,
if you ask me.
Not if it means losing bodies,
which means us losing management,
which means us losing our way
of collecting.
We ain't got nothing to collect!
They burnt the shit down.
Look, trading shots right now
is not worth it.
The Serbs are not gonna back down,
so we got to move different.
Hey, look, man, all this some bullshit.
We ain't come up in here
to hear y'all arguing
about all y'all business.
This how you take care
of shit in public?
Nah, man. Kilo ain't about that.
Man, shut the fuck up before
I take care of you in public.
- Bitch, come make me sit down.
- [TOMMY] No, no, no, no!
We ain't doing that.
We ain't doing that, now.
- This is motherfucking point
of a coalition.
You see this right here?
This can't happen.
Now, we all get on the same page
so nobody fucking up nobody else's shit?
Man, we got trifling-ass niggas
- in every one of these crews.
- I know.
They ain't gonna follow orders.
If any one of you motherfuckers
step out of line,
you take us all down.
If you can't handle your men,
then you're out.
And then you get no product,
and you get no backup.
- That's why we here.
- That's right. Now look around.
We got all of the South,
the North, Southville,
county lockups, Garfield Park,
all here repping, a'ight?
And we moving in unison.
We moving as one.
So we can't let every little
fight trip us up right now.
It's too much to gain.
We hear you. Where we going next?
Next we headed to the West Side,
but this time we're gonna unite
the entire West Side.
Now, Garcia's crew
they're holding down
Brighton Park, Little Village,
and North Lawndale.
Showstopper, she got Garfield Park,
West Garfield Park, parts of Austin,
so now we need Humboldt Park.
And that means we gonna pay
a little visit to the DSDs.
Now, other than the Insane Princes,
they got the most clout.
And if we get them on board,
every other motherfucking crew
in this city gonna fall
in line, all right?
Gather up your peoples,
get your shit together,
and let's do this motherfucker.
Hey, look what about the Serbs?
It's gonna be handled.
As long as nobody retaliate,
that shit getting taken care of
all the way at the top.
You feel me?
So what?
Your pops get killed, and your
sister kicked you out the family?
Got you working for Tommy again?
Nah, she wishes
she was the reason I'm here.
- Fuck her.
- Yeah, that bitch is crazy.
Yeah, is that why you answered the door
when she came knocking?
Oh, okay, so you keeping real
tabs on motherfuckers, huh?
I ain't gonna lie she came to me
with some little wack-ass shit,
but I passed.
It's funny, though.
She really out here trying
to replace old Scarface, huh?
Yeah, that's all she ever
wanted not me, though.
Hey, look, man,
Tommy's got something good
going for all of us,
making money for everybody.
Getting on his good side might be worth
whatever grudge you're holding.
Get the fuck out of here
with that "We Are the World"
bullshit, man.
All right, don't listen to me.
You got a line on DSD?
Mm-hmm. That's Chavo Cardenas.
He's the shot caller.
We didn't cross paths too much,
but we came up at the same time.
He'll answer when I call.
Good shit, D.
So what is that you were saying
about the Serbs being handled?
I got a little visit
from Miguel this morning.
I convinced his ass
that getting the Serbs cut off
from their connect
was the best way of getting back at 'em.
Damn, that's a good move,
as long as Ché allows it, though.
[TOMMY] It's the best thing
that we fucking could do for ourselves.
Look, the Serbs know that we
be gonna be coming back for them,
but they ain't expecting
Miguel to do it.
Surprise, motherfuckers!
- Garcia do all the work for us,
and we just keep expanding.
[SHANTI] Name's Shanti.
- Thanks for seeing me.
- Why are you here?
Because I'm the bitch
you should be working with.
- That hustle you tried
to sell Jenard, it ain't his style.
No disrespect, but I don't even
fucking know you.
You really need my credentials?
- I do.
- [SHANTI] How about this?
You got pills to move.
I got the bodies you need to move 'em.
These clubs are exclusive.
You think because
it's a members-only joint
I don't know the owner?
Her name's Jenny Benson.
And one call from me with
a promise to cut her a slice,
and it's my girls that
could be moving your product
through the place.
Now do you know me?
I'll take that scotch by the way.
I'm not stupid.
Tommy wants me dead,
and you showing up here is
quite convenient, don't you think?
I'm from Garfield Park.
I do what I want.
Neither Tommy or Jenard know I'm here.
Look, we need each other,
'cause if I had the pill connect,
I would not be here talking to you.
And if you had the distro
you wouldn't be listening to me.
So we gonna work this hustle or what?
You supply. I distribute.
Deal is 60/40, split my way.
Bitch, bye.
You know what?
Why are we pretending like
we have dicks to measure?
I supply the product.
You stay clean from CBI.
Oh, this is just ours
not a man in sight.
That's my final offer.
All right, I can fuck with that.
Bring all the product you got.
My girls don't fuck around.
[STACY] I want everything
on Flynn right now
a wire, a handler, 24-7 watch,
whatever is gonna make
his white ass push out
a nice little shiny diamond for us.
I hear you.
I wouldn't crowd him right now.
I just think
I already know what you think, Tseng.
The point is, he's obviously
getting his loyalties crossed.
This motherfucker's
not getting the message,
and I'm not gonna lose my job over that.
- [DIFRANCO] If I may?
- Please.
Any additional eyes or heat
will likely spook Egan.
I mean, this guy's been at it
a long time.
He'll sniff a rat the moment
we give him a chance.
Agreed. I mean, the guy's
evaded federal prosecution
at every level,
and he's shaken our
surveillance multiple times.
I think you have Vic Flynn
exactly where you want him.
Well, I refuse to let Vic Flynn
think he's in control.
So you bring him to me.
I want to look him in his eyes.
[SINGER] Bad bitch Ooh, Catalina ♪
Have I helped you make a lot of money?
- Yes, of course.
- [CHÉ] Mm.
There'd be no me without you.
I owe you everything.
Then why the fuck do I keep hearing
about this bullshit
between you and the serbios?
Attacking and fighting
and fucking up the business?
Recently, I've been moving
triple their weight,
making you triple what they can.
And I promise
The Serbs are a dying breed.
Cut 'em off.
Let 'em starve to death.
They fucking deserve it.
Why the request to meet here?
People tend to be on their best behavior
in a public place.
For 20 years
the Serbian people have profited wealth
from Estrada and its kind people.
Our kindness is being
being taken for granted.
Kindness is only a fantasy
where I come from.
So is restraint where I am from.
But I manage to find it.
Burning a building full
of customers is unacceptable
in our business.
It invites unwanted attention.
You will end this war with Miguel.
Miguel is the one who needs to end it.
He tortured one of my men.
He's stealing my territories,
working with every
garbage-collecting dealer
in town, including Tommy Egan.
I refuse to let anyone take what is mine
or be told how to protect my interests.
You would have nothing to fight for
were it not for Estrada family.
He knew that true humility
comes from having nothing.
I will teach you that lesson.
I'm going to cut off your supply
until you're so hungry
that you're on your knees,
begging to get my product back
into your hands
or you can get on your knees
and beg me right now.
I don't kneel.
Okay. Till you beg, let everyone know
the Serbs go hungry from now on.


- [CHUCKLES] Fuck yeah.

You okay, babe?
Yeah, yeah.
[SNIFFS] I'm good.
Just got to hit the block, you know?
Withdrawal's a motherfucker.
Don't let anyone get you
out there, especially Tommy.
- You know I got you.
- [SHANTI] If we gonna do
what we want to do, we need you clean,
We gonna fatten up that pig, and
then we going in for the slaughter.

[JENARD] For sure, for sure.
All right, babe, I'm gone.
[BOTH] Bye.
[SHANTI] Uh-uh.

[SHANTI] Be careful, babe.
I fucks with a Chicago dog,
but not to have the choice
to put ketchup on it
seems un-American.
Well, it's not.
I fucking grew up here, okay?
What's our next move?
Take that.
We switch 'em randomly now,
keep the Feds off our back.
You think they're really that close,
like they're listening to burners?
We staying one step ahead
at all times
'cause they're watching, too.
Gray Ford across the street.
I guess they're too stupid to realize
I'm watching right back.

Catch me if you can, motherfuckers.

- Whew.
Hey, is that Showstopper?
[PERSON] The one and only.
- Ooh.
She stopping the show, all right.
- I know you?
- Not yet.
I'm the new management.
I'm here to collect.
See what Garfield Park
really got to offer.
Oh, well, there's a check exchange
on Madison and Pulaski.
Your pasty ass can collect
whatever the fuck you want out there.
You funny. I like you.
Yo, you really want to do this
here in front of your peoples?
You made the offer
to work with me and CBI.
A deal's a deal,
unless you and your boyfriend
don't want in no more.
Come on.
Hey, champ, towel off.

Make it quick.
[VARGAS] We need to meet tonight.
- Same place.
- No, fuck that, okay?
I can't risk meeting you
in person right now.
- He made you.
- [VARGAS] If you're not there,
you're getting locked up,
and after that,
well, you know what happens
to CIs in prison.

Okay, yeah. Fine. I'll be there.
I'ma be 100 with you, Shanti.
I know you stuck with your boy Jenard,
even if it meant him going back
to corner-boy status,
but do not take that shit as a loss.
For me, loyalty is a virtue,
and I reward that shit all day.
I can respect that.

Still doing pickups, huh?
Everybody busting my balls today.
No, I just needed
to make a quick introduction.
Never let nobody think
they don't got leadership,
not for one second.
Hey, you know what?
You and me are a lot alike.
Oh, no, Victor.
You and me we ain't nothing alike.
I fought for every cent that I got.
Don't think you hit a double,
when you was born on second base.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, I'm gonna go solo
on the rest of the drops today.
[RAHEEM] Man, this shit OC.
Your man's out here
putting syrup on shit
and making you call it pancakes.
Fifteen years you been running
CBI by yourself.
Now we back out here
doing corner-boy shit.
Hey, low-key, that white boy
trying to hold you big-time.
Yo, what the fuck you know, huh?
- Fuck up.
- What Diamond say?
He didn't back your shit up?
That's your blood, right?
All right, nigga, fuck it.
You still got that gun Shoota gave you?
- Yeah.
- It's clean?
Yeah, shorty got it down the block.
All right.
What the fuck you still
standing here for, nigga?
- Go get it.
- All right.
[JENARD] Stupid motherfucker.
Oh, shit, yo, yo, my man.
My man's back. What you looking for?
Pills, powder?
Same as last time, or are you
trying to switch it up?
'Cause, you know, I got rocks, too.
[JENARD] Fuck away from me.
I ain't doing that shit no more.

[TOMMY] Tell me you got
that shit lined up.
willing to hear us out.
But I got to tell you,
though Chavo
he a sketched-out dude, so be prepared.
Buddy don't play about nothing.
Good, me neither.
Hey, look, I'll catch you later.
Mr. Sampson, cool of you to stop by.
You up on this one?
No man. Thank you.
- So you been practicing?
- Man
- I been trying.
- Hey.
- [DIAMOND] Let me get those.
Thank you.
Check me out. Look what I got.
So everything all right? Y'all good?
Yeah, nothing we can't handle,
right, Mom?
So to what do we owe the surprise?
I'm sure you all heard
about the Crimson fires.
Well, they're doing
a fundraiser to, you know,
help everyone in need, you know,
give 'em food and clothes
and give 'em the essentials,
and they, uh, they asked me to speak,
you know, just to try to help out.
I came by here to invite you all.
So you're doing, like, a speech?
Yeah, uh, yeah, like a speech,
I guess, yeah.
- Man, that's fire.
- That's that's impressive.
And you got the big speech guy
right here.
You got any tips for Mr. Sampson?
Well, I think you should tell
the truth, you know,
because the audience can tell
when you don't believe
what you're saying,
and they won't give you
any love when it's over.
- So, tell the truth, huh?
- Yep.
Hmm, love.
[MICKEY] So I just ran
Into this lame chick ♪
Yeah, that my nigga
Used to hang with ♪
I looked her in the eyes
And she knew ♪
That I was the main chick ♪
Don't even know
What her name is or who ♪
[CLAUDIA] You brought you're A game.
It's the only game I got.
[CLAUDIA] If you don't mind me saying,
you clean up well.
Be a shame if you thought any different.
- And your girls
- Are the shit, right?
[MICKEY] Trying to read
my body language ♪
They gonna make us crazy money.
Oh, this is the most fun
I've had in a long time.
Of course it is.
Every flavor imaginable
is at our beck and call.
Hey, what's my chances
of, um, going to have a little
private show for ourselves?
Upstairs maybe?
For our VIPs.
[ELISE] She's killing me.
[PERSON] Hey, you ladies
needing some company?
Yeah, the action was looking
a little dead over here.
[ELISE] Yo, what the fuck?
Keep quiet, and you won't get hurt.
Big man, little knife.
You're gonna regret this.
[PERSON] Shut the fuck up.
Take off your jewelry now.
Now, huh?

Now, keep your fucking mouth shut,
or we'll follow you home,
and we'll cut your throats.

What the fuck was that?
You've missed multiple meetings,
and you don't seem to want
to update Vargas in person.
I'm starting to feel like
you're no longer on our side.
I've done everything you've asked,
getting as close to Tommy
as he'll let me.
You need to stop hovering
over my shoulder.
- You're gonna get me killed.
- Well, I got news for you, Vic.
You are not running this operation,
so you're gonna do exactly
what we tell you to do
when we tell you to do it.
Is that clear?
[EXHALES SHARPLY] So that's it?
You just brought me here to threaten me?
Tommy's phone we seem
to have lost track of it.
That's 'cause
he switched it out already.
He's a professional.
He knows your tail, switches phones,
moves his money.
Well, I want to know
Tommy's bigger plan.
We already know he's meeting
with all the gangs around the city.
Is he running the show now above CBI?
Sort of.
He's using CBI as an in
to get Black, brown, white,
every color gang there is
working for him
so he can be the main plug in the city.
- It's all business for him.
- Hmm.
It's been his main goal
ever since he got to Chicago.
So who's next on his list?
Division Street Devils.
There's a meet set up for tomorrow.
Get ahold of Tech, Vargas.
We need to get Mr. Flynn
wired up for that meeting.
Oh, no, no fucking way.
I've already told you
I'm done making requests.
[VIC] I don't care what you call it.
If you put a wire on me,
I-I'm gonna get caught.
Don't worry, Vic. It's not 1985 anymore.
The technology is nearly undetectable,
and Agent Vargas will be
a stone's throw away.
So get the job done, Vic.

[SMOKEY] Say, if you
Feel like giving me ♪
A lifetime of devotion ♪
I second that emotion ♪
[JENARD SIGHS] You gonna get
everything you deserve, Tommy.
Let's go, motherfucker.
You gonna get
what you deserve today, boy.

Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Tommy, you motherfucker.
[MUMBLES] You fucking
with little Mireya Garcia?
Tommy, you stupid-ass
- pussy-chasing motherfucker.
Oh, my God.
Tommy, you're gonna fucking die.
Yeah, I got you, motherfucker. [LAUGHS]
- It looks fantastic.
- Yeah.
[SIGHS] I think I need a beer, though.
It's been a long fucking day.
[TOMMY] Okay.
You good?
I mean, we could
do this some other time
when you're feeling better.
- What?
- Here, take that.
I can just tell something's off.
What, something go down
at work or something?
Did something go down at work
or something?
Look, Mireya, I'm from Queens.
I can't play the silent game
for too long,
so why don't we speak now
while we still here?
Miguel being here really scared me.
Okay? It was a reality check.
Maybe we're doing
the wrong thing, Tommy.
I ain't gonna let nothing happen to you.
It's not me that I'm worried
about getting hurt it's you.
I keep telling you I can handle myself.
Yeah, yeah, that's what
my friend Carlos thought,
and Miguel killed him.
Carlos worked with Miguel,
and when Miguel found out
that we were together, he
He killed him, Tommy.
I can't handle losing
somebody else, all right?
Ain't nothing gonna happen to me.
Look, the really smart thing
would be for you and me
to go our separate ways
- and never look back.
- No way.
- Tommy, I mean it.
- Listen
Could you could you please
just stop talking
for one-one second?
Look at all this good food
we got here, huh?
Your favorite.

Wouldn't be the first mistake
I've ever made.
- Good.

[SINGER] I love it
When you hit me up ♪
I love that shit ♪
Baby, come over right now ♪
Say you going to sleep In a hour ♪
Nigga, I know when I get there ♪
You just gonna be stepping
In the shower ♪
Do you want me
to get another girl for us?
Oh, hell, yeah.
- Be right back.
- Uh-huh.
[SINGER] Waiting For the breakdown ♪
'Bout to tell These motherfuckers ♪
'Bout the takedown ♪
Puts his hands on me ♪
Oh, what the fuck is this?
This is where you give
my friend her shit back
and apologize nicely for what you did.
Get the fuck out of here, bitch.
That shit it's mine now.
Actually, you know what? Better yet
give me your shit, too.
Okay, you

Nigga, this is my house.
You just visiting.
Give her her shit back
and get the fuck out.
What's so fucking urgent
I can't piss in peace?
We're here to renegotiate.
We need more product
- lower prices.
- You want more shit
and lower prices
after I put myself on the line
to get the Serbs cut off on your behalf?
Oh, on our behalf, jefe.
[MIGUEL] Get the fuck out of here.
[TOMMY] Oh, come on.
Jefe, that move benefited both of us,
and the Serbs deserved that shit.
Speak so everybody can understand,
or stay out of it, muchacho.
[DIAMOND] CBI appreciates
everything you've done, Miguel,
but my guys are heated.
If you give us what we asking for,
then I can keep them busy on the corners
moving the extra weight,
instead of hitting back,
causing us all more problems.
Price is the price.
If your men were disciplined,
they'd listen to you.
If they weren't disciplined,
they wouldn't be moving
the weight that you've been supplying.
[TOMMY] Let's be real, Miguel.
We moving the most weight
that you ever seen.
And that's because me and D here
locked up Southville,
Garfield Park, united with Treason.
We got the Flynn territory
coming our way.
- We already running half?
- More.
More than half of the South Side.
[DIAMOND] And they already looking to us
for their next supply.
And that's because you got
the best product.
With our system, even better prices,
and the Serbs cut off,
you gonna be making mega cash,
and we gonna be doing all the work.
We become a one-stop shop, jefe.
Payments and re-ups, just us.
In order to get this deal done,
I'll be putting my neck
on the line with the cartel
to get you your product.
That means it'll be your necks
on my kitchen table
if you fail me.
We ain't in the failing business.
This isn't a threat.
Diamond, Tommy
this is a fucking promise.
We got him on the hook.
That is, until Miguel
hears about our meeting
- with the DSD.
- What you mean?
Once Miguel knows
that we were trying to supply
all the guys that are getting
they weight from the Serbs,
he gonna realize that we coming
for his spot next.
Once we get custys on lock,
Miguel won't be able to do nothing.
You understand?
We gonna build a train so big,
it can't be stopped.
It just don't feel right right now.
- [DIAMOND] Hold on, hold on.
[TOMMY] What's, up, D? You all right?
I'm just dealing with some shit
with my PO.
He on my ass right now.
I'm not gonna be able to roll with you
to the meet with the DSD.
No, no, no, no, no, you ain't
dropping out on me, are you?
I mean, 'cause that would be
some fucked-up shit right now.
Oh, hell, no, man. No, I'm with it.
It's just that he pressing me
to do this speech at the PJs
and some anti-gang shit.
And my PO review is right around
the corner,
so now I just got to
I feel like I got You know what? Nah.
You know what? I got it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
It's all good.
And you bugging hard, Diamond,
and this really ain't nothing,
all right?
You do your thing.
Get your PO to fucking focus on
some other bullshit right now.
I can handle DSD.
Any fallout from that guy
you fucked up last night?
- He wasn't with anyone, right?
- Nah.
He was just some wannabe player
that worked his way
into the wrong members-only
club on the wrong night,
fucking with the wrong
fucking white girls.
You know, I'm kind of glad he did,
'cause I got to see you in action.
Besides that, everything else was easy.
- [SHANTI] Mm-hmm.
- Just us girls.
You know, I think we can really
own this town if we wanted to,
put the men in their place.
Jenard said you were ambitious.
[CLAUDIA] I'm glad Jenard approves.
I got it from my father, I guess.
what do you think?
Should we make this a long-term thing?
I say we squeeze this hustle
for every ounce it gives us.
- Then we'll talk.
- Okay.
Pleasure doing business, Claudia.

[DIAMOND] Thank you.
I'm David Sampson.
I'd like to thank Parole Officer Reeves
for inviting me to speak to you today.
I spent 15 years locked up in State,
and it gave me a lot of time
to think about how I got there.

You know, the truth is,
I've done a lot of bad things
in life that I am not proud of,
but I did my time, and now
that I got out of prison,
I have a second chance on life,
and I'm not gonna throw it away.
I'm gonna get the most
out of my time here.
Life is short.
I want a future.
I'm not gonna let myself be defined
by my past mistake,
and-and neither should you.
Now, I came here today
to tell you that people can change.
Now, change ain't easy.
Lord knows it hasn't been for me.
Well, don't let the circumstances
that you were born into limit your life.
Fight for the life that you want.
There's a bigger world out there.
You just need to find it.
- Amen! Yes!
- [PERSON] Yes!

[DIAMOND] Thank you.
- How does it feel, man?
- Well, well, well
- I mean, it feels good.
I guess I did a'ight.
- [GIANNA] Yeah.
- I would say so.
Me and Mom could tell you were
a little bit nervous at first,
but then you got over it.
For real? [CHUCKLES]
He doesn't hold back, does he?
Nope, no idea where he gets it from.
But you did a really great job.
Yeah, well, thank you.
And I appreciate y'all coming out.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go get some shaved
ice. I'll be right back.
Well, you look beautiful today.
[GIANNA] Oh, thank you.
Leon rushed me out the house,
so this is the best that I could do.
I've been meaning to ask you to dinner,
let me treat you the way
a woman should be treated.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Well, my sister already owed me,
and I was gonna
drop Leon off there later.
I can come by after that.
Yeah, that sounds perfect.
[GIANNA] And don't think
I'm dipping out on Jamal.
We haven't been a couple in a minute.
Ma, what flavor you want?
Uh, do they have pineapple?

Make it quick, okay?
I'm on a short fucking leash.
I got you.
This is the wire.
Behind the pendant, there's a mic.
It's got a switch.
Little push up, it's on.
- [VIC] Mm-hmm.
- Down, it's off.
[VIC] All right, give it to me.
What if I get found out?
I'll catch a bullet before you
can do anything about it, right?
Marks would kill me
for telling you this,
but if you got to ditch the wire,
ditch the fucking wire.
It's your call.
It's all worthless if you're dead.
That's reassuring.
Good to know my worth.
You're doing the right thing, you know?
Just the other day,
an innocent girl got killed
because of Tommy Egan
and the business he's doing.
This wire could save innocent lives.
It could even save
my daughter's life someday.
Remember that.
What's this?
It's a tracker.
We need you to put it on Egan's car.

Listen to me.
Your grandfather
was the most dangerous man
in the most dangerous city in Mexico.
Then he did what men seem to do
when they taste their own power.
He got complacent.
He took his eyes off the ball,
so they cut out his eyes.
We're stronger than ever, old lady.
Ché cut off the Serbs.
And whose idea was that?
Don't let what happened to
your grandfather happen to you.
Tommy Egan will come for your spot next.
CBI's growth is making us look great
with the Estrada Cartel.
We're making them more money
than we ever have,
and Egan can't come for my spot.
Never even met Ché.
Ese pendejo Chavo Cardenas
will never work with us.
He's gonna have no choice.
Los serbios are done,
and Ché doesn't know
that Egan's big moves
are the only reason
I can fill that spot.
The Garcias
are about to become
the only connect in Chicago.

[SINGER] I done seen
Too much shit ♪
[VIC] Diamond skipping out on us?
Nah, he had other business
to worry about.
What business is that?
- Fuck.
- Jesus Christ.
They about to jump into my ride.
[SINGER] And all your ops
Gonna have a feast ♪
[TOMMY] Fuck, okay, here we go.

What the fuck?
No, they didn't.
- What you be about, white boy?
I be about to lose my shit.
What the fuck? We here to see Chavo.
He's expecting us.
Diamond from CBI set up the meet.
Shake 'em. Shake 'em up.
Man, this ain't right.
You want to step in with Chavo?
Rules is rules.
Yeah, all right, whatever.

- [TOMMY] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
[CHAVO] Tommy Egan.
Oof, man, your name's
been ringing all over Chicago.
I'm glad we finally get
a chance to meet.
Yeah, same. This here is
Victor Flynn, Northside Irish.
Yeah, I know who you are.
I hope the security protocols
didn't sour the mood.
Maybe I seen Terminator too many times.
We got to make sure
no one comes in here packing.
Yeah, I understand that,
but, uh, I'ma need a new window
for the brick.
Really? [CHUCKLES]
Well, that depends
on what you're here to offer.
I'ma get right to the point.
I'm here to offer
a fully united gang coalition
that's gonna move more product
than Chicago has ever seen.
You must be smoking your own shit.
That's the most absurd thing
I ever heard.
[VIC] It's already in motion.
Irish on the North Side, CBI.
RDs, all of Garfield Park,
we all done shook hands,
and we making money
hand over fist because of it.
Well, that shit ain't gonna last,
'cause someone always
pops their mouth off
to the wrong motherfucker
or fucks someone else's bitch.
That's why working together
is all upside.
If don't nobody ever drop
that beef with anybody,
then the Feds don't stop
showing up on your doorstep,
arresting entire crews
and seizing all your product.
Este cabrón.
That sounds like some kind
of fucking entrapment shit
right there, Chavo.
Hey, man, I'ma need more time.
I just can't ditch my connect.
[TOMMY] Your connect?
Oh, you're talking
about the Serbs, right?
So I guess you ain't heard yet.
The Estrada Cartel
they cut them off completely.
They're bone dry.
So, if you want to eat,
you got no choice but to join us.
We got no choice, huh?
That's right.
And you don't make shit if you're dead,
blanquito cabrón de mierda.
[VIC] What the fuck?
And you don't got no corners
if I'm dead.

I got to say, I like your style, Egan.
Chicago's been waiting
for someone like you
for a long time.
Fuck the Serbs.
I never liked them anyway.
I just liked them
more than that mamabicho Miguel Garcia.
Motherfucker's on that old-school shit.
Thinks he's better than me
'cause he's Mexican
and I'm Puerto Rican?
You beat Miguel's price.
Fuck that motherfucker.
Let's make some money.

And, uh, I'll get you a new window.
Now, see, that's some
principles I can fuck with.
I appreciate you.
- I'll talk to you soon, Chavo.
- Yeah.
Come on, Vic.
Hey, I know I'm early,
Yeah, you are, but, damn, you look good.
Come on, come in.
- Okay, this is nice.
You know what?
I wouldn't mind staying in tonight.

[SINGER] I want a freak and a lady ♪
Everything in between ♪
It's what I want for me ♪
Ooh, baby ♪
Can you do that for me? ♪
I'm gonna love her forever ♪
Every night and day ♪
[SINGER] I want to know
That wherever we go ♪
I can love you every way ♪

That's why I want a freak And a lady ♪
Everything in between ♪
What do you think of my idea?
The Viagra Triangle? All those
douchebags trying to get laid?
Yeah, I'm not talking about us
partying there.
I'm talking about doing business there.
All those rich, white kids
love spending money on drugs,
so let's put that money in our pockets.
My father always stayed away
from those clubs
because of a deal with one
of his old cronies.
Well, Walter is dead,
and it is a whole new day, boo.
What I'm saying is,
I don't have any footing there.
My mom is a silent partner
in one of the clubs.
We can move drugs there.
It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.
You're interested in the drug game.
I'm interested in you and, yes,
making some of my own money.
Okay. If we do this,
we're gonna need Shanti.
No, Cloudy.
The only thing you need is me.

- Hey, babe.
- [JENARD] What's up, babe?
[SHANTI] Jenard.
I'm right here. What's up?
Oh, yeah, see, I got you, right?
That's cool, but, nah.
I got some serious shit
to talk to you about, girl.
Mm-hmm, mwah. Watch this.
- I do, too.
- [JENARD] What's up?
- Where the fuck you get this?
- Promise me you won't get mad.
- Shanti
- Promise me, Jenard.
A'ight, fine, what's up?
I went to that white bitch
Claudia and took her up
on that hustle she tried
selling you the other day.
After I just got good with D and CBI?
Why the fuck would you do that, Shanti?
You promised me
you weren't gonna get mad.
Man, what the fuck you expect?
If Diamond or motherfucking Tommy
find out you out here messing
around with Claudia Flynn,
what you think they gonna do, babe?
They gonna cut us right the fuck out.
- Then what we gonna have?
- Babe, this is something
that could be ours and ours only.
Your fingerprints are nowhere near this.
And trust me, that Flynn bitch knows
this is too good to fuck up.
I got you, babe. I got you.
You a motherfuck.
But fuck all that.
You want to hear what I got?
Tell me, babe.
Watch this.
Motherfucking Tommy.
This dumbass nigga is fucking
with Mireya Garcia, bro,
Miguel little sister.
Oh, Egan fucked up big-time.
- [CLAPS HANDS] I can't wait.
I swear to God, I'm finna put
this nigga on blast.
I'm putting his business
all in the streets.
- Watch.
- No, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Never interrupt the enemy
when he's making a mistake.
Let Tommy fuck himself up.
We just sit back and watch the show.

[VIC] Good shit today.
You bagged the fucking DSDs.
[TOMMY] Yeah, you know what?
I didn't know if working with
you was gonna be a good thing.
- But it is.
- We make a good team.
Yeah, good work today, champ.
- I'll hit you up tomorrow.
- [TOMMY] All right, bet.


[TOMMY] Fucking Feds.

[VIC] Jesus, why the fuck
we got to meet in person again?
Marks needs an update.
I don't give a fuck what she
needs. This is too
- What the fuck is going on?
- Hey, hey, hey.
[TOMMY] Don't even think about it!
You know this motherfucker?
No, I don't fucking know him.
You know him?
[TOMMY] He a cop.
Is you a fucking snitch?
No, Tommy, I'm not a fucking snitch!
Then what the fuck
was you doing with him?
Fucker rolled up on me!
There's only one way to prove
that you really ain't a snitch.
What you waiting for, Vic?
Put a bullet in him.
Do it!

No, Victor, you don't have to do
[MOE] Yeah, lay it to rest
Or lay him to rest ♪
Level my vest Load up my tool ♪
My level of stress
Done went through the roof ♪
I'm feeling vexed ♪
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