Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

No Loose Ends


[JP] Previously on Force
- Darnell's alive.
- [KATE] Where is he?
[JP] I won't let you in Darnell's life
if you're drinking and using drugs.
Let everyone know the Serbs go hungry.
If he feels left out,
he will not be loyal to you.
You used me to get to Ché?
I know you're involved with Tommy.
Ask Tommy about LaKeisha Grant.
My friend Elise owns a bunch of clubs
in the Viagra Triangle.
Are you in or not?
[SHANTI] We in with Claudia
and the Serbs.
We want to work with you.
[TOMMY] Keep working
with both of them.
Just let me know everything
that Claudia is doing.
[JENNY] When a case has an active CI,
they suddenly put a wall up
around the case.
Are you telling me we got a snitch?
[STACY] Your deal is void
unless you implicate Tommy Egan
in Vargas' death.
I saw Tommy Egan kill Agent Vargas.
There's something you need
to know about Diamond.
You're dealing drugs again.
Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga
What else you want? ♪
If you want
Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking
Blinking ♪
We might have to jack that ♪
Now, boy, when
That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back
When them cameras out ♪
Round your block
We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that
Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass
Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin'
In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas
On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks
We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga
What else you want? ♪
If you want
Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

He a parole officer, so you
know they gonna look for him.
Yeah, but they ain't never
gonna find the body,
so we ain't gotta worry about that,
but we got a bigger problem
on our hands now.
Jenny Su thinks there's a snitch in CBI.
Did she say who it is?
- No, but I think it's Jenard.
- Oh, fuck no.
Now, my brother may be a lot of things,
but a snitch ain't one of 'em.
[TOMMY] Okay, he tried
to kill both of us,
flipped Chewy to Treason,
came after our shit,
but there ain't no way he a snitch?
[DIAMOND] Damn straight.
Jenard all about this life,
and he know snitching is the last straw,
even worse than death.
It could be Vic.
I just watched that motherfucker
kill a fed right in front of me.
He killed his pops.
Nah, man. Vic's solid.
All right.
So how we gonna find out who it is?
We gonna put all these
motherfuckers to a dye test.


[DIFRANCO] Arrest Egan?
You can't be serious.
Why not?
Vic admitted Egan shot Vargas.
Yeah, I know, Stace. I was there.
You didn't give Vic a choice.
[SCOFFS] No one will know.
Doesn't truth matter anymore?
Bobby, we need to make a move
on Egan now
before he kills another one of us.
[DIFRANCO] Don't do that.
Do not use Vargas' death
to justify this fucking bullshit, Stacy.


You know, if you move forward
with this
I'm gonna make myself available
to the defense counsel.
I'm gonna testify about what you did.
[LAUGHS] You're joking.

You're not giving me a choice.
You know what?
You need to get on board with this
or just get out of the way.
What the hell's going on with you, huh?
'Cause I'm starting
not to recognize you anymore.
It's like you don't even care
about doing the right thing.
Look at me.

This case is changing us.
Is that what you want?

Yeah, I guess I got my answer.
I don't care how important it is
to you. If you want to arrest Egan,
you're gonna have to do it by the book.

[DIAMOND] What you need?
Came to see how you're doing.
I heard about that shorty
you been kicking it with.
Well, you know,
that's just how the game goes.
Yeah, but you was close
with him, though, right?
You was teaching him how to box?
Tommy send you?
[JENARD] Hell no, man.
I ain't here for no fucking Tommy.
I'm here 'cause I'm your brother, nigga.
And for real, man. Is you good?
I'm straight.
You know you ain't gotta front
for me, right?
- I said I'm straight.
- [JENARD] All right.


But you know if you need anything,
for real, for real, just hit me up.
I mean, whatever it is, I got you.
You know what?
There is something
I could use your help with.
[JENARD] What?
Find the motherfuckers that killed Leon.
What are you doing eating that?
You know how much sugar's in that?
Mireya, I hope you're taking notes.
I invited Diamond Sampson over.
How come only Diamond?
And I take over everything.
[ABUELITA] Divide and conquer.
With the Serbs cut off,
Ché will have no choice
but to make you
his sole distributor in town.
And then I'm gonna kill Tommy Egan.
And on that day
we're gonna hop on a private
plane and fly to México,
and you're gonna return
as the queen that you are.

[CLEARLY] Mireya. No, you stay.
I'm gonna need my insulin shot
in a few hours.
Oh, I just got a text from work.
It's an emergency, so, um
[MIGUEL] Hey, wait.

- Adíos.
- [ABUELITA] Adíos.

[MIRKOVIC] My expansion
is ongoing, never stops.
This club is my latest addition.
Yet here you sit,
looking for another supplier.
You wanted to plant a flag in Chicago.
I know the city, the people.
If you supply us, I can guarantee
you'll make more
than you ever did in Detroit.
I'd advise you
not to make any guarantees
you're not prepared to back up.
Consequences could be dire.
[CLAUDIA] Oh, we don't have
a problem with that.
[ROBERTO] Well, well.
And who is this?
I'm Mirkovic's new business partner.
I run pill distribution on all the
north and west sides of Chicago.

Claudia Flynn.
Claudia's been a surprising new asset
Roberto Ortega.
- I'm enchanted.
I doubled Mirkovic's profit
in the last month
by creating a whole new market
in all the high-end clubs across town.
Including this one.
So I'd rather you be impressed,
not enchanted.
- Can I not be both?
- [CLAUDIA] You can be.
- But it won't get you anywhere.
I like the challenge.
[MIRKOVIC] Claudia is very busy.
You may go now. I can handle the rest.
I like her. She can stay.

Let's get down to business.
If you can pay for the first two drops
in advance, we have a deal.

We'll have the money at the first drop.
You heard what I said about guarantees?
'Cause if you were not
to follow through,
let's just say you would
no longer appear so enchanting.
I'm not worried.

Then I look forward to doing business.

- [MIRKOVIC] You have no idea
what you've gotten yourself into.
[CLAUDIA] You forced your way
into my Viagra Triangle operation,
and now you're using
Elise's club for your meetings.
This is only fair.

You want in?
It's on you to come up
with the money for this deal.
All of it.
Or you lose my protection.
It's only fair.

[TOMMY] A'ight, y'all! Listen up!
Put your burners in here.
You're getting new ones today.
The old ones go in the trash.
What? Fuck that.
I can't keep giving my bitch
a new number, man.
She gonna swear she got
demoted to the ho phone.
- Come on, Tommy.
Can't do it.
- Silly motherfucker, man.
- [TOMMY] Okay.
[DIAMOND] Hey, I'ma keep it 100
with y'all.
Shit getting serious out there,
and the feds are onto us.
They got eyes and ears everywhere.
That's why we need you flipping
these burners like burgers.
You getting a new phone today
and then another one tomorrow.
[DIAMOND] And then another one
the day after that too.
Marshall, start passing
these phones out.
[DIAMOND] You still got
a problem with that?
Hell no, nigga.
Should've started with that shit.
Hey, Bones.
Let's get these bricks on the street.
[BONES] Say less.
A'ight, man. Two each.
Hey, yo. Jenard ain't the snitch.

We'll see.
Don't worry, ain't nobody
making no moves without proof.
How these burners supposed to lead us
to the snitch, anyway?
Your girl Jenny Su,
she got connections
at the phone companies,
so we're gonna give them a list
of the burner phone numbers,
and if the feds get a warrant
on any of them, they'll flag it.
- I hope that shit work.
- [TOMMY] Yeah, me too.
- Keep me posted.
- [TOMMY] Will do.
Yo, Vic! Let's move.

Got it.
[TSENG] What's that?
A warrant from Judge Stone
to bug Tommy Egan's loft.
Wait, I thought Vic figured him
as Vargas' shooter.
Shouldn't that be enough
to arrest him?
Mm, I think we should
dot our Is and cross our Ts.
I need you to figure out a way
to infiltrate his loft.

- Infiltrate.
- [STACY] Mm-hmm.
All right, well, you should see this.
There's one camera
covering the entry door,
one facing east, one pointing west,
one at the back of the building.
Oh, and of course
he's got one for his Mustang.
And he's got more on his rooftop.
- W-when were these taken?
- Yesterday. It's new.
Egan's loft is like
a fucking fortress now.
[HARDWICK] And he's got his own
high-security setup.
We already looked into it.
It's off the grid.
It'll take some time
to figure out how to hack it.
Mm-mm. We don't have time.
I want that bug in there now.

He can plant it.
That could work.
Yeah, I don't know.
It's risky.

Let's get him in there now.

What do you want, Diamond?
he, um
left these at the gym.
Look, Gianna, I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, 'cause this ain't none

The fuck you doing talking to
the man who got our son killed?

You know what? It's fine.

Take care of yourself, all right?
Might as well say your final goodbyes.
He ain't gonna be around much longer.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
You'll find out.
What's wrong?
Who's LaKeisha Grant?

Who the fuck told you that name?
I'm asking the questions here.
She in New York?
You still love her?
LaKeisha was
LaKeisha was the girl
that I was gonna marry,
but, uh,
she wasn't made for this life.

She dead.

- [MIREYA] I'm sorry.
- Yeah, me too.

[MIREYA] The U.S. Attorney
showed up to my house
and warned me about you.
Yeah, she said to ask you
about LaKeisha Grant.

Listen, I heard Miguel
talking about you today.
Oh, yeah? What'd he say?
That he's gonna take over everything
and then he's gonna kill you.
I'd like to see him try.
He know I'm coming for his spot,
and him and Ché cutting out the Serbs
that shit was just the beginning.
But fuck all that.
These questions about LaKeisha,
what you doing?
You testing me?
I don't know. Maybe unconsciously.
On some level, I always knew
that I'd have to choose
between you and Miguel.

Oh, wow. All right.
That's what you're doing right now?
You're choosing?

If he wants you dead
fuck him.
I want you alive.
I want you with me.
My brother has never seen me
for who I am, Tommy, but you do.
I'm never letting that go.
I do see you, baby. You know that?


Take it. It's okay.
It's probably important.

- Diamond's here.

I'll teach Mireya the recipe.

[BARTENDER] Here you go.

[MIGUEL] Diamond.
Been a long time since we had
a chance to catch up.
We made a lot of money lately,
a lot of money.
Tell me something.
How the fuck you been?
Great, actually, you know,
since you gave us better prices.
I'm satisfied with our new deal.
I've been looking at the numbers,
and it makes be believe
in what we do again.
I mean, Chicago's made us.
You know, for better or worse.
No doubt.

I can't say the same thing
about your outsider.

How committed are you to him?

Why you ask?
'Cause I think it's time for a merger
of CBI and Insane Princes.

I just don't see a place for Egan.
So I think you need to make a decision.
You really need him?

Where's Nuñez?
He's supposed to drive me.
I don't know. You want me to call him?
[DIAMOND] What the fuck?

- Ama! Ama!
- Miguel, no!
Fuck! Ama!
Get your fucking hands off me.
Fuck! Let me get her out!
Let me get

You met with the Marquez cartel?
Who's the Marquez cartel?
How the fuck did you do that?
Cartel rep was meeting
with Mirkovic at the club.
I just sat down.
And before you give me shit
for not calling you or something,
there was an opportunity,
so I took it.
I ain't mad at it.
I'm doing this, Shanti,
with or without you,
so you can keep moving
just pills with me,
or you can bow out altogether.
you can leave CBI
and move powder with me
and this new cartel.
It's your call.
What's the buy-in?
[CLAUDIA] That's the only catch.
We need to come up
with all the money in advance
for the first two buy-ins.
Mirkovic ain't throwing in?
Nope, that was the price of admission.
- It's non-negotiable.
Where we gonna get the money?
I know you don't have that kind of cash.
[ELISE] She might not.
- I do.
Don't get in over your head, Becky.
You don't know jack shit
about me, bitch.
Don't call me Becky.

My mother's got plenty of friends
I can borrow the money from.
I'll just say it's for an investment.
I can have the cash tomorrow.


- Hello.
- [PERSON] Hi.
I'm looking
for John Patrick Gibbs.
[PERSON] Mr. Gibbs,
this is Michelle Jones
from Great Shores Youth Academy.
I'm calling about your son, Darnell.
- Is everything okay?
[MICHELLE] Darnell
assaulted another student.
He assaulted someone?
[MICHELLE] There was a fight.
Mr. Gibbs,
Darnell left the facility.
W-what do you mean, he left?
I mean he broke out and left.
We've been looking for him
all day, and we can't find him.
He hasn't returned.
We have no idea where he is.
[RAPPER] I ain't skip a beat ♪
Eyes on my token ♪
- [JENARD] Fuck.
[SHANTI] I've been thinking.
You sure Diamond's solid?
'Cause if he's fucked up
in the head over that kid,
we could use it.
Nah, his head in the game.
He just want me to find
that kid who killed Leon,
so I put my guys on him.
We straight.
That's smart, king.
Get in good with him.

Look, you know
there's a version of this
where we only get rid of Tommy.
- What you mean?
- [JENARD] Just sayin'.
You know,
we keep Diamond in the mix.
That way, it's the three of us
running shit.
- Fuck you talking 'bout?
- [JENARD] Come on, now.
Babe, I'm just saying, okay?
It might be a mistake
to push Diamond out.
This quick? I don't know.
Shit, he been good to us, babe.
Bro been solid.
I mean, shit,
he even let me back in CBI,
- so
- I got you back in!
And I gave up my territory to do it!
- Oh.
- Don't go fucking soft on me.
Look, ain't nobody fucking
getting soft on you, Shanti.
Damn, girl!
The fuck is wrong with you?
Why you always coming at me like that?

Uh, all I'm saying, babe, is,
shit, there's value
to keeping Diamond around.
The fuck?
You ain't the only motherfucker
thinking strategically, okay?

Let's put a pin in it.

We got other issues, anyway.
What's up?
[SHANTI] Claudia and the Serbs
got into business
with the Marquez cartel.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- [SHANTI] Yeah.
She want me to leave CBI
and join up with them.
[JENARD] Oh, shit.
That bitch making moves fast too.
I don't know, babe.
Look like we might've chose
the wrong horse.
Nah, we chose the right horse.
A'ight. So what's the play, then?

[SHANTI] We hobble her,
make sure she don't finish the race.

[JENARD] I'm with that.

I hear Miguel's car went up
like the Great Chicago Fire.

It's light.
He's still alive.
But his grandmother's dead.
She was a vicious bitch,
and without her, Miguel's weak.
[BANGS ON TABLE] The vicious bitch
wasn't the fucking target.

Once Miguel's dead,
you'll get the rest.

What we got?
Claudia's making moves.
Her and the Serbs are about to be
in business with the Marquez cartel.
And those motherfucking Serbs.
No wonder Mirkovic
went after Garcia again.
Does Claudia got the cash?
Her new business partner Elise does.
As soon as she's
with the Marquez cartel,
she becomes untouchable.
Got me thinking
maybe it's time we cut
that bitch off at the knees.
Nah. Not yet.
Tell her you're in.
What's the play?
- Need-to-know basis.
- Nah, fuck that shit.
I'm not gonna risk fucking up
my name in the streets
pushing powder for CBI
and Claudia at the same time
if I'm operating in the dark.

Then don't move powder for us no more.

Tell everybody you out of CBI.
Losing Garfield Park
for a little bit's gonna hurt,
but we'll take the hit.
Hey, still a lot of moving parts.
I'll loop you in when the time is right.
But here just for you.

Wait for my call.
I'll hit you up when it's time
to let you back in.
But for now
At least on the streets, we enemies.

Okay. That's my new number.
- [STACY] Good.
We need you to put a bug
in Tommy's loft.

No, fuck that!
That is not
th-th-that's not gonna be
fucking possible. I
Then you need to make it possible.
[VIC] Okay, look.
I think Tommy knows something.
Why? What makes you say that?
It's-it's just a gut feeling,
that's all.
Okay, a gut feeling is not
enough to pull the plug, Vic.
Look, I-I wore the fucking wire, right?
I did everything
you're asking me to do, and I
The wire didn't have enough
information on it to arrest Tommy.
We need a location
and a time for a buy, okay?
We need to catch him
with money and product
and the cartel.

This can be planted anywhere.
In a cabinet, under a table, in a vase.

I know you're anxious.
I don't blame you.
We got your back.


Oh, I met with Shanti.
Something seems a little off about her.
You still trust her?
I'm not sure.
She's a boxer, so she moves around a lot
- and hard to predict.
- [TOMMY] Mm.
Did you give her a burner?
Damn fucking right I did.
Well, has Jenny gotten back to you
about any information
from the phone companies?
Not yet.

My condolences, Miguel.
My sympathies to you both.
Your grandmother
was a great woman.
Thank you for coming.
You remember my sister, Mireya.
Oh, yeah.
It's nice to see you again.

I'm so sorry.

Hold up. Hold up.
Ché. Excuse me, Ché? Ché.
I just wanted to introduce you
to my business partner, Diamond.
Our condolences for your loss.
And with your blessing,
we would like to be the ones
to take Mirkovic the fuck out.
That motherfucker gotta pay
for what he done.
Your partner's a bold guy.
But look around.
We're all mourning Abuelita.
Business can wait, okay?
Unfortunately, we out of time.
Mirkovic is about to get in bed
with the Marquez cartel.
We gotta make a move
before the ink is dry
on that agreement.

You're overstepping, Egan.
This is a personal family matter.
Mirkovic is Miguel's kill.
I've already given the green light.
But I respect your hustle
and your information, truly.
But know your place.

my sympathy.

[DIAMOND] Damn it, Tommy.
That was totally out of line, man.
It could've blown up in our faces.
[TOMMY] Except it didn't.
And now we know
that Ché wants Mirkovic out.
You know what? Maybe we do that for him.
Ché just said that Mirkovic
is Miguel's kill.
[TOMMY] I know. I heard him.
What if we fuck up Miguel's play?
Why would we do that?
I thought the idea
was so that Mirkovic and Miguel
destroy each other.
Yeah, but if Miguel takes out Mirkovic,
Ché's gonna give him
the Serbs' territory.
So sabotage Miguel's plan
and-and make him look bad
and then what?
We take Mirkovic off the board,
and then we ask Ché for everything.
Man, that's risky as fuck, man.
And Ché is not gonna be happy
that we disobeyed him.
But it ain't gonna look like that.
It's gonna look like
we did what Miguel couldn't.
Well, how we gonna
pull that off, though?
No idea, but I'm guessing
whoever put that bomb in Miguel's ride
had some inside help.
Finding that motherfucker
would be a start.

David Sampson?
Who are you?
And do you have a warrant for all this?
I'm with Illinois DOC, Parole Division,
and I don't need one.
- [OFFICER] Ma'am?
- [LAWSON] Search downstairs.
Your parole officer, Tyrone Reeves,
never got home a couple days ago.
According to his paperwork,
he was coming here
the day he disappeared.
So where is he?
Look, ma'am, I have no idea.
I mean, he did come see me. We talked.
He left.
Why the late-night visit?

He thought I was dealing drugs again.
Someone gave him some bad info.
So let me get this straight.
Reeves recommends you
for early release from parole,
thought you were dealing drugs again,
he comes to confront you about it,
but coincidentally disappeared?
I don't know what to tell you, ma'am.
I told him it wasn't true.
He searched the place
and didn't find anything.
He left.
Can anyone else back up your story?
I can.
And who are you?
Jenard Sampson, ma'am.
David's brother.
And I was here.
It went down exactly
the way he said it did.
It's all clear downstairs.
There's a safe, but it's open and empty.


You hear from Reeves
you call me.
I will do.
Let's go.

- [OFFICER 1] All right, guys.
- [OFFICER 2] Outside.
What the fuck was that just about?
I killed my PO the other night.
Hold on. What?
He stumbled into some shit.
It had to be done.

thank you for the alibi.
[JENARD] Yeah.
I got you, brother.
You know I got you.
But, um, listen, yeah.
My people found out who killed Leon.
Name Joseph Little.
Go by Mad Dog or some shit.
Now, he ain't affiliated,
but the little nigga only 16.
Shit, I don't give a damn.
Bring him here to me.
[DIAMOND] And I need you
to do something else.
- What's up?
- [DIAMOND] I found out
who told my PO
that I'm back in the game.

I need to handle that.

[TOMMY] I need you
to do something for me.
Stay here with me.
I just got a feeling that somebody
in your brother's crew
is working for the Serbs.

A traitor?
I mean, think about it.
How the fuck somebody
get a bomb inside Miguel's car?
At least here, I can keep
an eye on you, keep you safe.
Tommy, you can't keep me safe.
I haven't been safe
since the day I was born.
I've already accepted that.
Yeah, well, I could try.

Those are the security codes
to my place.

He's the one
who was driving Miguel's car.

- [DIAMOND] Get your ass on.
- [DIAMOND] Shut the fuck up.
- [JAMAL] Fuck you!
[JENARD] You got your dog, huh?
[DIAMOND] Mm-hmm.
You told my parole officer
about me, huh?
[JAMAL] Okay!
I told him your bitch ass
was back in CBI.
You got my fucking son killed!
[JAMAL] Nigga.
Nah, nah.
Fuck off me.
You did that.

[JAMAL] Oh, fuck you Diamond!
Oh, nigga off on him. Let's go.
[JAMAL] Get the fuck off me.
- [JENARD] Hell yeah.
- [DIAMOND] Stand up!

You want to know the last thing
that Leon said to me, hmm?
He said you always told him
that he wasn't enough
to amount to anything
'cause you couldn't see
past your punk-ass self!
Motherfucking piece of shit!
I didn't mean to! I didn't mean to!
Yeah, too little, too late!

Jenard, get off me!

Bitch-ass nigga!


[TOMMY] Damn, kid.
- You got here quick.
- [VIC] Yeah.
I was just about to take a piss.
Um, yeah, you didn't say
what you wanted, though.
Give me a second.

Ooh, that's better.

[VIC] So what's up?
I'll tell you in the ride.
You know what? One more thing.

What's that for?
You'll see.

[MARSHALL] Why the fuck
you riding me so hard, huh?
Nigga, you suck, nigga.
- I don't fucking suck, nigga.
[JP] Marshall, open the door.
- Marshall!
Bro, that's your fucking pops, bro.
[JP] Marshall,
I know Darnell is in there.
Open the door!

Oh! [CHUCKLES] What are you doing?
You scared the shit out of me.
- Are you okay?
- I'm good. I'm good.
Man, what did you do?
What did I do?
I got bruises all over my body
from that place!
And they was trying
to cut off my dreads!
Look, if you came here
to tell me to go back,
you can forget about it. I'm not going.
All right, Darnell, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have let Tommy
do what he did.
No, fuck that! You did that shit!
- You did that!
- You right.
I'm your father, and I should not have
You not my father!
A'ight? Real fathers
don't abandon they kids
I don't blame you for being angry.
I should have pushed back.
I should have fought for you. I'm sorry.
Man, stop apologizing to me
and just fight for your son!
You can do that?
[JP] Yeah, I will.
No, y-you're right. You're right.
I'll make it right with Tommy.
Okay, uh, just don't go anywhere.
Okay? D-don't do anything.
I'll deal with Tommy.


I ever tell you how much
I fucking hate rats?
The rodent kind or the snitch kind?
The snitch kind.
- Yeah, we all hate those.
- [TOMMY] Oh, yeah.
But I mean I really fucking hate 'em.
There just ain't no torture
that's evil and sadistic
enough for them.
Am I right?

Yeah, definitely.

- Hey, is that Miguel's guy?
- [TOMMY] Yup.
Yeah, but that's Mirkovic's restaurant.
Fucking Judas.

[JP] I found these in the trash.
Oh, yeah. Um [SIGHS]
those were from before.
You don't have to lie to me.
I am not lying.
It's okay. I'm not gonna kick you out.
Can, uh can you sit for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
[JP] I just wanted
to tell you that
I accept your amends.
You were a girl when you let me go.
[KATE] Yeah?
I was a grown man
when I let Darnell's mother
keep him from me
and when I let Tommy take him
to that place.
I, uh
I wasn't there for him
I have to live with that.
Oh, honey. Come on.
Come here.
You're a good, good man.

[JP] Thank you.

Darnell is back.
He is? Where is he?
He's safe,
but you can't go see him.
Yeah, well, I'll talk to Tommy.
No, I will.

Now, can you promise me
that you will not try and see Darnell?

- Kate.
- [KATE] Yeah, yeah.
- I promise.
- Okay.
- What? It's gonna be okay.
- Yeah.
[KATE] It's gonna be okay.
I think it will.

[TOMMY] Come on.
Speak, motherfucker.
- Now-now, I know
[TOMMY] that Miguel
got a plan to attack Mirkovic.
What is it?
[TOMMY] I will say I respect you
for keeping your mouth shut.
'Cause I'm with you.
Ain't nobody like a traitor.
But we know that you working
for Mirkovic,
I gotta ask
why are you protecting him
from Miguel's hit?
You trying to play both sides?
Not with your dick.
Hey, Vic,
- hand me that knife.
I ain't never told you this, but
I really like this tattoo.
I'm serious.
Maybe I should cut it off
like they did to my boy
before they killed him.
That shit looked like it hurt.
Seven p.m., Mirkovic's restaurant.
Miguel is sending his men
to kill the Serbs.
[VIC] It's 6:58.
Fuck. Call Mirkovic.
[GRUNTS] Do it. Come on.
Call him!
- Do it!
- Only one guy fits.
Like, you couldn't take a bigger cut?
It means we're gonna need more guys.

Come on. Let's get in there.
Get the fuck out of there.
- Now!



Cover me! I know a way out!

- You okay?
- I'll live.

- [MIRKOVIC] Let's go!
- [PERSON] Hurry!
[MIRKOVIC] Let's go!

- Hey, Louis.
- Hey, over here.
[PERSON] Miguel!
[MIGUEL] Open it.

- [PERSON] It's jammed.
- Fuck! Go find him! Now!

[MIRKOVIC] Go, go, go!

I have a prezzie for you.
What is it?
Something that's going
to turn you sunny.

[CLAUDIA] You have no idea
how much this means to me.
I mean, for so long, that
brass ring has felt
just out of my reach.
Not anymore.
Come here.

This is your moment.
Shanti left CBI
because she believes in you,
so show Roberto that he can
trust you more than the Serbs.
Then push Mirkovic out
and snatch that ring for yourself.

Why would you do this for me?

I'm in love with you.

I've been in love with you
since I kissed you in seventh grade.

And I want to make you happy.


You fucked up, Miguel.
We had a small window
to get revenge for Abuelita,
and you blew it.
And now the Marquez cartel is in Chicago
and the fucking Serbs are untouchable.
We can't afford a cartel war!
And can I remind you, hmm,
cutting off the Serbs,
that was your shitty idea.
- [TOMMY] Hey, jefe!
- Hey, what the fuck, Egan?
- [TOMMY] Got a present for you.
Better stand on your feet, motherfucker.
You ain't gonna like this.
Your fucking boy right here
is a fucking snitch.
He's the one
that planted the bomb
that killed your Abuelita.
Get down, motherfucker!
[CHÉ] And you know this how?
[TOMMY] I keep tabs on Mirkovic,
and this slimy motherfucker right here,
he was having a meeting with the enemy.
I brought you in.
I know this is one of them
personal family ma
He's all yours.


Hey, babe.
[MIREYA] Is everything okay?
Situation is handled.
I still want you to stay here
for a little bit, though,
just until shit's settled down.
I'm about to make some moves
that is gonna level us up,
give us some breathing room.
- Breathing room?
- [TOMMY] Yeah.
Well, I have been thinking
of a contingency plan.
What's that?
Barcelona? What,
that's your fantasy place?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- Why?
I mean, the weather, the siestas,
the matadors.
And they speak Spanish there, you know?
What, you got a little thing
for matadors?
[MIREYA] Oh, yeah. A huge thing.
[TOMMY] Oh, a huge thing, huh?
What situation
do you think he's handled?
Ah, it could be the explosion
at Garcia's place
or the shoot-out
at Mirkovic's restaurant.
We got this bug now,
so we'll find out soon enough.
Tech's recording it for us.
You remember our first case together?
All those late nights
on the Green Dragons wiretap?
How could I forget?
Listening to those motherfuckers
just tighten the noose
around their own necks,
being so close to having what we needed,
we could just taste it.
- [DIFRANCO] Yeah, yeah.
Mm, yeah, yeah.
Legal and ethical
can be hot.
You were right about Vic.
I'm sorry I put you in that position.
I don't give a fuck about that
right now.
[SZA] Ooh
Better day than yesterday ♪
Ooh, I just take it
Day by day ♪
Ooh, oh
Never hearing what they say ♪
Ooh, ooh I just do it my way ♪
All I got
Is these broken clocks ♪
I ain't got no time ♪
Just burnin' daylight ♪
Still love
And it's still love ♪
And it's still love ♪
It's still love Still love ♪
[SZA] Still love
It's still love ♪
[SZA] Nothin' but love
For you ♪
Nothin' but love ♪

What's up? You good?
I had my parole board hearing.

I got early release.

I'm a free man. [CHUCKLES]
What? Nigga, never.
Bro! For real? That's huge, bro.
- For real.
- Yeah.
Now you ain't gotta worry
about that no mo'.
It's all about CBI.
Yeah, it's no doubt, no doubt.
Yeah, come on.

Hey, but, um,
forgot to tell you Miguel
shot up Mirkovic's restaurant
last night.
[DIAMOND] Yeah, I heard.
Tommy have something to do with that?
Yeah, well, he said he was
gonna mess with Miguel's plan,
so probably.
I don't know,
but it seem like that white boy
been making all kind
of solo moves lately.
You don't think so?
Well, I've been distracted,
so he been holding it down.

I mean, or he taking advantage, bro.

I-I'm just saying, D.

Tommy look ahead.
And I'm your brother, nigga.
I got your back.

I'm glad you're back in the fold, J.

So what's up with Mad Dog?
Yeah, see, we actually do
got a problem with that shit,
'cause that little nigga
untouchable, bro.
Hold on, I thought you said
he wasn't in the game.
Technically, he ain't.
So why should I give a fuck?
Because he related
to one of the major players
in your coalition
you and Tommy fucking
put together, all right?
So if you take him out,
then that player drop out
and now all this shit messed up.
So who is it, J?
King Kilo nephew.

[JENNY] I ran the list
of phone numbers you gave me.
- [TOMMY] Right.
- One of them came back hot.
[TOMMY] Fuck.
Feds got a warrant on it?
- Yeah.
- Was it
This one here.
That's the one you gave Shanti?
[TOMMY] Yeah.

No, it's this one here.

No fucking way.
Check that shit again.

That's the one, Tommy.

I need to borrow your car.
[STACY] So this Nuñez
is the one who blew up
Miguel Garcia's grandmother?
[VIC] He planted the bomb
in the car, yeah.
He's working for the Serbs.
And you know this how?
Because Tommy and I
grabbed him off the street
and Tommy fucking tortured him.
- Nuñez admitted it.
- Hmm.
So Miguel retaliated against Mirkovic
with the restaurant shooting.
- Yeah.
- That's good shit, Vic.
[SIGHS] What about the bug
in Tommy's apartment?
It's up and running.
Yeah, we're getting what we need.
When is this gonna be over?
When do I get a fucking WITSEC?
Just gotta get Tommy in the same room
with a cartel player.
Okay? We gotta catch him red-handed.
Be patient. Be patient.
I've been patient.


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