Power Book IV: Force (2022) s02e10 Episode Script

Power Powder Respect


[VIC] Previously on Force
How the fuck did he know where we was?
I had my eyes out. You notice
anybody following you?
No, no. Not at all.
Where were you supposed to meet Vargas?
Corner of Washington and Keeler.
Are you trying to protect Egan?
You know what this means?
They gonna go scorched earth,
but, man, there was no other way.
It's time for a show of force.
One of my own went down.
This shit is personal now.
Think you all that, don't you?
- What's going on?
Leon? No!
[JENARD] My people found out
who killed Leon.
Named Joseph Little, go by "Mad Dog."
[DIAMOND] That little nigga untouchable,
because he King Kilo nephew.
- Who's this?
- I'm in business with Miguel.
[TOMMY] What's that?
What, that your fantasy place?
[ROBERTO] If you can pay for
the first two drops in advance,
we have a deal.
It's on you to come up
with the money for this deal.
Claudia's making moves.
Her and the Serbs
are about to be in business
with the Marquez Cartel.
Does Claudia got the cash?
[SHANTI] Her new business
partner, Elise, does.
[TOMMY] Wait for my call.
I'll hit you up when it's time
to let you back in,
but for now, least on the streets,
we enemies.
Mirkovic wants his payment.
- I need a couple days.
- Get out of the car.
Next week, right? I'ma get my shit.
I'ma get my shit! Fuck!
- Darnell's alive.
- What are you talking about?
Tommy sent him away
to keep him safe from police.
So you told me he was dead?
[D-MAC] I'll make it right with Tommy.
Just don't go anywhere.
Don't do anything.
[TOMMY] Jenny Su thinks
there's a snitch in CBI.
So how we gonna find out who it is?
- When is this gonna be over?
- Be patient.
I've been patient.
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪
[50 CENT] That paper
That paper, paper ♪
Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪
Them diamonds keep blinking Blinking ♪
We might have to jack that ♪
Now, boy, when That blicky blicky ♪
Come out You get clapped fast ♪
Draw down With the lil' jawn ♪
I'm at you like Pat Pat ♪
Come back When them cameras out ♪
Round your block We'll kick that ♪
Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪
And hit that Hit you back-to-back ♪
Your bitch ass Won't even hit back ♪
You'll be splashin' In fashion ♪
Nigga, you can check The drip ♪
Catch you slippin' We slidin' ♪
You niggas On some different shit ♪
We hit the licks We with the shit ♪
Shh when you get hit ♪
Quiet down ♪
No need for the talkin' ♪
The fuck is that about? ♪
[SINGER] Tougher than a Teflon ♪
All that dope I stepped on ♪
Re-up, get the rest gone ♪
Been that nigga What else you want? ♪
If you want Power, powder, respect ♪
Mm, mm ♪
I want that money
And power and powder ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

Money and powder and power ♪

- I told you.
- I know!
- I told you it was Vic!
- Keep fucking reminding me!
I'm gonna handle it.
You couldn't keep
your eyes off my brother
for two fucking seconds
to see what was happening
right in front of you.
Nobody taking this harder than me.
Tommy, I am,
because I will go to prison for good.
Okay, look, I fucked up, all right?
But I'ma get us out of this mess.
Vic Flynn is a dead man walking.
And the good news is,
the only thing
we got left to do is swoop in,
take care of the Serbs, and
the Chicago pipeline is ours.
Did you forget that the Serbs are
working with the Marquez Cartel now?
[TOMMY] No, I didn't fucking forget.
Ché's never gonna fuck with us
if we bring a cartel war to the city.
We gonna have to work a different angle.
We need to handle our snitch
before we work any fucking angle.
If Ché finds out
there's a federal informant
doing business with him,
he gonna kill us both.
He ain't gonna never find out.
The fuck you mean he not gonna find out?
What I mean is, we gonna become
a connect, and we gonna handle
Vic fucking Flynn while we do it.

A courier delivered this for you.
For me?
Looks like someone's
falling for you hard.
You escaping the drudgery of this place?
No, it's our
it's our first romantic getaway.
You've fallen hard, too,
'cause I have never seen you like this.
What's so special about this guy?
He sees me.
And I see him.
And that's all that matters.

What are we doing meeting up here?

[TOMMY] It's a long way down
from the top, ain't it, Vic?
- What do you mean?
- [TOMMY] We almost there, Vic.
Our coalition stopped bodies
from dropping in the streets
like they was before,
and the result is we are making
more money than ever.
And we never would have been
able to pull this off
if you didn't bring us
your section of the North Side.
[DIAMOND] It's almost too good
to be true.
[CHUCKLES] I have to say,
Flynn, I'm glad you joined us.
Yeah, me too.
Our crews make up
more than half of the game
that is happening here in Chicago.
Heard we lost Garfield Park.
Yeah, I ain't worried about that shit.
- You worried, D?
- Nah.
We gonna get it back
from that showstopping bitch.
Yeah, and anybody fuck with us,
they going down.
[TOMMY] They gonna regret the day
they tried to play us
I promise you that.
CBI getting ready to be
the new connect in Chicago.
We setting up a meet
with Miguel's cartel hookup.
I'll let you know when it's set
'cause we gonna need you there.
Yeah, man, I got you.
I know you got me.
I can trust you.

One hundred.
Stay close and wait for my call.

[TOMMY] Dead man walking.

The fuck you doing
creeping around my gym?
Can't have nobody seeing us meet
since the streets still think
you left CBI.
I told you I'd be coming around.
Here I am.
You said to wait for your call.
You ain't say shit
about breaking and entering.
You right.
I'll make it quick.
I need you to find out the details
of Claudia and the Serbs' first meet
with the Marquez crew.
Uh-uh. This ain't working for me.
[TOMMY] You ain't saying
that you switching sides
- for real, are you?
- Nah.
But let's be real clear.
I don't work for you.
I work with you.
- Yeah, is that right?
- Yeah, that's right.
You said I'd know what you got planned
when I need to know.
[SCOFFS] I think now it's you
who needs me to know.
So tell me the play you running,
and I'll get you that meeting info.
Are you just playing hardball
'cause I broke into your place?
I'm starting to think
you don't got a plan at all.
Oh, I got a motherfucking plan.
[TOMMY] You ready to take some notes?
Come here. Listen and learn.
Yeah, Tommy got my girl
in danger in these streets,
- and I can't even see her.
The bigger the risk, the bigger reward.
Besides, Tommy gave her a choice,
and she made her decision.
You ever been able to stop
Shanti Showstopper
from doing whatever the hell
she want to do?
Well, you right about that.
- [DIAMOND] A'ight.
- You right.
So you thought more about how
you gonna handle this Mad Dog kid?
He gotta go.
[JENARD] Damn, bro, he only 16.
Yeah, I don't give a damn. So was Leon.
And so was you and I
when the streets got real.
Age ain't nothing but a number
to the streets, bro.
- You know that.
- I hear that.
[DIAMOND] And I can't take a
risk taking the shot right now.
Tommy and I got
some big moves in motion.
Big moves, huh?
What, this about you being a connect?
Damn, J, I'm just happy
that your ass is back in the fold.
We about to be playing
a whole new game right now.
It's gonna be us, CBI,
running Chicago
like we always planned to.
You, me, and Tommy fucking Egan, right?
Do we need him?
Bro, this wouldn't be happening
if it weren't for him
in the first place.
He put the whole thing in motion.
What you mean?
[SIGHS] What I mean is
we ripped off Miguel, man,
and we pinned it on the Serbs.
And now they dropping bodies,
and we moving hella weight on the low.
Shit crazy.
Mm-hmm. But it worked.
We been on top ever since.

Miguel gonna kill both
y'all ass when he find out.
[DIAMOND] Forget Miguel.
The cartel will handle us personally.
[DIAMOND] But ain't nobody
gonna find out.
[DIAMOND] Mm. Look at that.
- Well, you gonna be
- [JENARD] Shit.
[DIAMOND] fly as hell
when you see Shanti again.
[JENARD] Man. Love, bro. Sheesh.
Ooh, shit.
I'm back, baby.

[DIAMOND] It's like a new you.
Tommy's meeting with a rep
for the Estrada Cartel.
It's gonna be
a drugs-and-money exchange.
You can bust him in action.
That's what you wanted, right?
Am I done being a CI?
You have a date and a time
for this meeting?
That's TBD.
Okay, so what about a location?
They haven't set one yet.
Well, we're gonna need that information
before we can let you go, Vic.
You're never gonna stop moving
the fucking goalpost on me, are you?
Vic, this intel's good, okay?
We're real close.
You get us the info for that meeting,
and you're done.
You swear?
After this I'm done? No bullshit?
Listen, pull this off,
and we'll disappear you into WITSEC
within an hour of making the arrest.

[CLAUDIA] Why'd we have to meet here?
What, so you could shove it in my face
that you inherited everything?
It's yours.
What's mine?
The estate, the family business
I'm signing it all over to you.
Fuck Dad.
Okay, what is this?
[VIC] Well, you were born
to rule, right?
It always should have been you.
So I understand why you did it.
Did what?
Why you tried to have me killed.
I didn't try
and have you fucking killed.
Claudia, I get it.
You're smarter than me.
You work harder than me.
You love the work in a way I never have.
And if our father wasn't
such a sexist piece of shit,
he would have left it all to you anyway.
It's bullshit.
And I
I wish I could have told him
that when he was still alive.
Are you in trouble?

I fucking hate this place.
You know that.
I have no good memories here.
I'm leaving Chicago for good.

But I just need one thing
before I go, Claud.
I need closure.

I didn't get any with Gloria,
and I didn't get any with our father.
Now you can have
everything you ever wanted.
You never have to fucking see me again,
but, please, can you just admit
that you knew the assassins were coming
and you didn't tell me?


And I knew, and I didn't tell you.

So you killed Dad
and you tried to kill me, too?

Vic, wait.
[VIC] Stop. I got what I needed.
Everything you ever wanted
is yours now, Claud.

The fuck are you doing back here?
I've been back for days.
Where the fuck you been?
JP said I could stay here.
Oh, yeah? He did, huh?
Listen, Ma, you can dip
in and out of my life
like you always done.
I don't give a fuck, truly,
but you can't do that shit to him.
I was doing pretty good until
you sent my grandson away.
Who told you that?
JP told me he's alive, by the way.
I can't believe you let me
think he was dead.
Fucking JP.
- I couldn't trust you, Ma.
I told you to keep him in this house,
and you sent him on an errand.
Who made you the boss of everyone?
[TOMMY] Because you ain't
no fucking boss.
You're as much a fuckup as I am!
Well, who made me that way?
Whose fault is that?
Oh, yeah, you want to play
the blame game?
'Cause I will fucking win!
Just stay the fuck away
from D-Mac, Ma, all right?
He's better off where he is.
You mean that military school
you sent him to?
Laugh's on you. He broke out.
Where the fuck is he, Ma?
I don't know. Ask JP.
He killed a fucking cop!
Oh, no.
And if you don't want D-Mac
to spend the rest of his life in prison,
you will stay the fuck away from him.
I let you believe that he was dead, Ma,
because I just thought you was
gonna make everything worse.
And you did
because that's what you do.


Did you get rid of Nuñez's body?
Parts that were left.
Rat piece of shit.
[NACI] That motherfucker
got what he deserved.
The Serbs are the reason she's dead.
I had a chance
to take them out, and I failed.
And the only reason
I got revenge on Nuñez
is because of Tommy fucking Egan.

[NACI] Jefe

abuela never trusted that guero.
If there's one thing
I can do for abuelita
it's to finally kill that motherfucker.
Egan's too dangerous to be left alive.
- Bro
Damn, nigga, you still crashing?
Ain't your dad talked to Tommy
or some shit?
- [D-MAC] Hell, no.
Man, every day he say the same shit.
[DEEP VOICE] "I'm sorry, son.
Today wasn't the moment.
I'll talk to him soon."
Man, that's just bullshit, bro.
He's just a pussy.
You know what it is for real?
He really just don't want me
back in CBI.
[SCOFFS] This motherfucker
think I'ma hide forever, man.
Fuck that hiding shit, man.
[MARSHALL] Would you chill the fuck out?
I'm cool.
I got something
that'll calm your ass down.

[D-MAC] Yeah!
Don't go killing another
fucking cop with that one.
Hey, don't say shit about that
no more, a'ight?
If Tommy knew I told you I killed a cop,
he'd never let me back in CBI.
[MARSHALL] I don't get it.
I don't get why you want
back in the game so bad.
Don't get too gangsta if you thinking
about getting back in CBI.
They all about decorum and shit now.
What the fuck is you talking about?
They got a coalition now
protocols for everything.
You know that motherfucker Mad Dog?
Diamond want that nigga dead,
but his uncle the head of RDs,
so Diamond ain't doing shit about it.
He can't hit back without
fucking up they new shit.
That's good to know.
What the fuck is you doing?
[D-MAC] Look, we ain't gonna
never talk about it again,
so this is the last time,
but I helped Tommy
when I killed that cop.
And I don't give a shit
if he admit it or not.
But this time
this time I'ma help Diamond.
[MARSHALL] Are you tweaking?
Did you not just hear
anything I fucking said?
No one from CBI can hit back.
Good thing I ain't CBI.

I can't believe
I've never been here before.
[CLAUDIA] It was my father's rule
family and business associates only.
[ELISE] Ah, no wonder
you hated him so much.
You know, you're right, actually.
You know, I always hated him
for holding me back
from the family business.
But he controlled
every aspect of my life.
I never really realized it
until he was gone, but
he made sure I had everything
except whatever
I actually really wanted.
I'll give you what you want, Claudy.

You want this?

[JHENÉ] Baby, while we're young ♪
- [ELISE] Do you want this?
[JHENÉ] I think we should
Do something crazy ♪

[ELISE] Do you want to be here?
[JHENÉ] Like say, "Fuck everyone" ♪
[CLAUDIA] Wait, stop. Sorry.
[ELISE] You okay?
[JHENÉ] And just run away ♪
[CLAUDIA] I'm fucking great.
But I want it here.

[JHENÉ] Telling everybody
You're mine, and I like it ♪
[CLAUDIA] Yes, I fucking want this.
[JHENÉ] No, you know
I cannot hide it ♪
'Cause I am so excited ♪
That I finally decided On you ♪
'Cause it's been
Another perfect day with ya ♪
Wanna lay with ya ♪
Spend the night with ya ♪
And spend my life with ya ♪
All right ♪
I've been having a lot of fun
staying at your place.
[TOMMY] Oh, yeah?
Every day 'bout to be like this
in Barcelona.
When are we gonna go?
I just got one more piece
of business to take care of.
Soon as I pull that off, we outta here.
- Oh, shit.
- [TOMMY] What?
[MIREYA GROANS] I'm gonna be late.
- For what?
- [MIREYA] Work.
[MIREYA] You know, I wouldn't mind
if those tickets to our quick getaway
to Barcelona were one-way.
We could take siestas forever,
and we wouldn't have to worry
about people seeing us together.
[SIGHS] I ain't gonna lie
that shit sound great.
And I'll go anywhere with you, but
I'm always gonna come back here.
You gotta know that
about me by now, right?
These streets are where I belong.
I know.
And yo,
you choosing me over your brother
that shit is big.
Well, you met my family.
I've always been an outsider with them.
Choosing you over choosing them
that's the best choice for me.
I've never been so comfortable
with anybody in my life.

I love you, Tommy.


- [KATE] Aah! Don't shoot.
- Oh, Jesus Christ, Ma.
All right, Tommy.
You ain't staying.
Listen, I just wanted to tell you
that you were right and I'm sorry.
What am I right about?
Your Tommy's mom, right?
Yeah, we met at the hospital
when your grandson was there.
You fucking a nurse?
She saved D-Mac's life, Ma.
Does she know what you do for a living?
- Yes, I do.
you better run while you can.
He gets good little girls
like you killed.
Oh, you mean like LaKeisha Grant?
Yeah, Tommy's already told me about her.
Listen, I grew up in the life.
None of this is new to me.
I can handle myself.
But, thank you for the concern, Ma.

[KATE] That's interesting.
The fuck is you bringing up
the past for?
Come on, I just don't want
to see you making
- the same mistake
- What mistake?
[KATE] over and over again.
You know I am the only girl
that ever stayed in your life.
You know what? This whole amends,
- "I'm sorry" bullshit
- [KATE] Yeah.
it ain't for you, Ma,
but you know what is for you?
I got it right here.
A little test baggie.
- No, no, no. No.
- [TOMMY] Yeah, yeah.
Little pure cocaine for your
pure bullshit come here.
[KATE] Tommy, I'm through
with that shit.
What are you doing?
Look, I just honey, no.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- I came 'cause
Get out, Ma. I don't need to hear it.
- I didn't think I was right
- [TOMMY] Don't come back.
Come on!
- [MAD DOG] Holla at me later.
- [PERSON] For sure.
[RAPPER] Few niggas cray ♪
It's all in your head ♪
Show only this dread ♪
Be all in your head ♪
Women they spray ♪
You niggas fat ♪
You niggas broke ♪
Now you niggas bad ♪
[D-MAC] Hey, yo. Hey, bro!
Hey, gang, check it out.
You Mad Dog, right?
- [MAD DOG] Who asking?
- Man, this from Diamond.

Mirkovic, I see you've met
my partners
Shanti Page and Elise Hamilton.
You know how I feel
about being summoned, Claudia.
You have ten seconds
to make it worth my time.
I can do it in five.
How soon can Roberto meet?
He's ready when we are.
Well, then give him a call.
We have the buy-in money,
and we can't wait to sit down with him.
Just you.
Goran will be handling business
for me elsewhere.
And much as I would enjoy this company,
I won't be outnumbered.
Silent partner's fine with me.
Nah, this some bullshit.
This motherfucker don't know
the word "partner"?
Maybe you don't speak English that well.
[CLAUDIA] Stand down, Shanti.
It's not a problem. It'll just be me.
We can't do it at my restaurant.
- It's
undergoing renovation.
I've got the perfect location.
Let's hear it.

[DIAMOND] Now, what the fuck
are you doing here?
Tommy said he got rid of you.
He did, but I'm back.
He ain't say nothing
about you coming back.
- 'Cause he don't know I'm here.
- He gonna know now.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
All right, let me show you something.
- [DIAMOND] What you do?
- Look, I killed him for you.
Now, I know you couldn't take revenge
without fucking up
CBI business, so I slid on him.
You know what the fuck you did?
Look, I did this shit for you, a'ight?
I wanna be back in the game!
CBI's in my blood!
Man, come on, man, I just wanna be cool!
You better cool your little ass down.
Now, anyone see you?
No. I don't Shit, I don't think so.
You just caused a big fucking
problem for me and for CBI!
We need King Kilo and the RDs.

It would have been a bigger
problem if you would have slid.
Man, he was killing the innocent.
You weren't gonna let that shit slide.
So I slid for you.
What we gonna do about King Kilo?
"What we gonna do"?

- Fuck you want?
I'm not here for a business
opportunity this time.
Well, listen, I just gotta warn you,
I got cameras everywhere,
and I ain't the only one watching.
Oh, shit, this bitch
switched to your side?
And I know a winner when I see one.
You should have killed me
when you had the chance, Tommy.
I'm untouchable now.
"Untouchable"? I killed more
Serbs than this in my lifetime.
I wouldn't be getting
so cocky, I was you.
I have the Marquez Cartel behind me now.
You come for me, you come for them.
I'm done looking over my shoulder.
Go ahead. Let your guard down.
Make my job easier.
Claudia, you gotta be lucky
every day of your life.
I only gotta be lucky once.
Good thing I'm Irish, then.

[DIAMOND] Someone recognized D-Mac,
and now word on the street is,
CBI took out King Kilo's nephew.
- Kilo know yet?
- Kendra don't think so.
But it's only a matter of time
before he get word back in prison,
and then we gonna be
back at war with the RDs
because Kilo gonna find out
that D-Mac is Tommy's nephew.
Shit. [SCOFFS]
Yeah, bro, but you need the RDs, a'ight?
Now, Ché ain't gonna let
CBI be the connect
if y'all niggas at war
it ain't gonna work.
Yeah, I know.
And Tommy gonna lose his shit
when he find out.
[JENARD] Bro, fuck Tommy, bro.
He ain't gotta know shit about this.
Well, he gonna hear about it
soon enough.
Maybe he ain't got to.
Why don't you just talk
to Kilo yourself?
You just forget that I can't
go back to Southville?
- You right.
- I'm a former inmate, bro.
- Right. Right.
- And even if I could go back,
I don't even know what
I could say to fix this shit.
I do.
- No, hold on, bro. No.
- No, no, no. For real.
I-I can fix this for you.
I'ma handle it, D.
Right on. What you thinking?
What if I go talk to Kilo, right?
I'll go talk to him, and I'll tell him
that we'll deliver D-Mac
to him, nigga, dead or alive.
This you?
- Damn, bro.
- For now, nigga. I mean, shit.
- Nigga, don't judge me.
[DIAMOND] You handle that.
[JENARD] Bro, stop looking
at my damn car like that.
It's a classic.
This is a classic automobile.
[TOMMY] Hey, man, you want a beer?
- No, I'm good.
You set a location yet for the meet?
I called you here 'cause I couldn't risk
putting all this information
on our burners.
But, yeah.
Our meet with Ché is set.
- When?
- Twelve p.m. tomorrow.
New spot, though.
Now it's at 2500 West Howard.
But, Vic, I want you there with me.
This shit goes down with us together.
Fuck, yeah. I'm all-in.
We all set, then.
Everything about to change.
Sure is.

We fucking got him.

We can set up a raid,
take them all down.
Why are they doing a deal
on the Far North Side?
The address is practically
in fucking Evanston.
Why does it matter?
Because that location
doesn't fit the profile at all.
Egan's whole MO is to shake
things up, keep things moving.
Stace, I think we need more intel
before we organize a raid.
This does not feel right.
Bobby, we don't have time for that.
This is it.
Gather the team.
[JP] Darnell?
- What are you doing here, man?
Tommy could have been here.
[KATE] I had no idea what they
were gonna do to you.
Man, I'm leaving
this fucking place, a'ight?
I'm getting my stuff, and I'm
getting the fuck out of here.
[KATE] What are you talking about?
This is your home.
No, it's not. I'm done with this family.
I'm tired of all of y'all
trying to make me
be something that I'm not.
I ain't even got no fucking
family, a'ight, bitch?
The streets is my family!
- Darnell!
- It's D-Mac!
And I'm done with this hiding shit.
You were supposed to talk
to Tommy, and you didn't.
You break every fucking promise
that you make!
Look, D-Mac, baby
Why the fuck you always talking to me
like I'm a nine-years-old kid
or something?
All right, you got dementia
or something, lady?
You don't even fucking know me,
and I sure as hell
don't fucking know you.
What are you looking for?
What is that, a gun?
- Now, what did I tell you?
- [D-MAC] Man, shut the fuck up.
Look, I'm a gangsta, a'ight?
I kill people.
I caught another body today.
That's what I do.
A'ight? I kill people.
You don't wanna fuck with me
- 'cause I'll kill you, too.
- [JP] Come here.
Get the fuck off me, faggot!
Leave me the fuck alone, a'ight?
[GASPS] Oh, shit, JP.
[JP] Kate
[STACY] Okay, let me get
everyone's attention.
Thanks to our CI,
we're going to be delivering
a history-making RICO case
to the DOJ this time tomorrow.
- [PERSON] All right.
- Good work.
- [HARDWICK] Oh, I hope I get
to cuff that motherfucker
Tommy Egan myself.
Or better yet, he gets
taken out in crossfire.
- Hardwick.
- I don't give a shit.
- He killed Vargas.
- [DIFRANCO] All right, come on.
Let's focus, people.
[STACY] Yeah. I'm gonna go make a call.
Give me a moment.
Hey, Vic, pulled it off.
We're setting up
to raid the meeting tomorrow.
What happens now?
You're gonna go to that meeting
just like Tommy told you.
I thought you said I'd be in WITSEC
once you got info on the meeting?
[STACY] No, see, if you don't show up,
he's gonna think
you're working with us, okay?
It'll be safer if he thinks
you're just in another lockup somewhere.
And when we arrive tomorrow,
we're gonna arrest you
along with everyone else.
And then you'll be
in witness protection.
All this will be over, okay?

I did what I set out to do.
This is my last visit.
Once I'm into WITSEC
I won't be able to step foot
in Chicago ever again.
I really hope I made you proud.
I love you, Gloria.
Did this all for you.


You got five minutes.
Oh, I'm sorry about your nephew.
Hey, no touching.
[KING KILO] Word is
somebody in CBI killed him.
I'm getting out of prison soon.
And when I do, I'ma kill
every single last one of you.
Respectfully, I know
exactly who it was, a'ight?
[CHUCKLES] And, shit,
he ain't even CBI no more.
It's a little nigga named D-Mac,
and we dropped his ass for good reason.
Little motherfucker been
as much of a problem for us
as he has been for you.
[KING KILO] I hope you ain't lying,
because the RDs been making a killing
since the joining of the coalition.
Look, I can assure you
that both our crews have
nowhere to go but up.
Nigga, We making more money
than we ever have before.
CBI is grateful
to finally be on good terms
with the RDs again.
I felt the same way,
but family comes first.
You right.
A'ight, so I tell you what, then,
you holla at your niggas on the outside.
Shit, they'll tell you that
that nigga D-Mac acted alone.
Tell them that the RDs gonna stay
in this fucking coalition.
It's too much money
to be made, my nigga.
Now, you do that for me,
and I promise you, Kilo,
when you on the outside,
I'll deliver the nigga to you myself.
I don't give a fuck.
We have a deal.

Yo, Vic.
Yeah, I'm on my way to come scoop you.
Listen, man, shit about to go down.
I need you to be outside.
All right? Yeah.

Pinche guero.

I thought Miguel
was playing the long game.
He was gonna take CBI before killing me.
He getting nervous, huh?
You live today,
you're gonna die tomorrow, motherfucker.
Oh, yeah? That's some bullshit,
'cause I'm about to go meet with Ché.
And then I'm taking all Miguel's shit.
Is that right?
That's right.
You know what?
Get up.
Come on, get the fuck up.

I want you to give Miguel
a message for me.
You tell him it's too late.
He can't stop this train.
You're just gonna let me go?
[TOMMY] I guess it's your lucky day.

I'll tell him myself.
- [OFFICER 2] Go, go.

Tommy Egan finally goes down.
Put it up on the big screen.

- [OFFICER] Go, go.
- [OFFICER 2] Move.

[DIFRANCO] There's no Tommy Egan.
It's Claudia Flynn.
It's Marquez. It's a different cartel.
- It's not Egan.
- [HARDWICK] What?
It's the fucking Serbs. What the fuck?

- [DIFRANCO] Freeze! Hands up!
- [PERSON] It's a trap!
[DIFRANCO] Hands in the air, now!


[DIFRANCO] Aim to wound.
We want them alive.
- You hear me?
- Got it.

[DIFRANCO] Mirkovic is down.
Officer down! I need backup!
Officer down!
Marcus. Marcus. Fuck.
- I need backup! Officer down!
- [STACY] Damn it.
[DIFRANCO] No, no, no, no.
[STACY] Rankin is dead.
Where the hell is Vic?
[DIFRANCO] Marcus?
We got a runner!

Yo, I thought the meet was
supposed to be on the North Side.
Yeah, shit went sideways. Plans changed.

You need to get that?
Go ahead. Grab it.
No, no, I'm good.

Tommy, is there something
you wanna tell me?
Is there something you wanna tell me?

Tommy, I want you to know
that you were right.
Yeah? About what?
Claudia did kill Liliana.

[TOMMY] Things never turn out well
for people who fuck with me, Vic.
I didn't fucking do anything!
Claudia Flynn, you're under arrest.

[CLAUDIA] Listen, I'll work
with you, Detective.
Whatever it takes
to get me out of the RICO.
Half of law enforcement's
already on my family's payroll.
Yeah, not this half.
[CLAUDIA] Well, you're not gonna be able
to land a RICO case on me.
I had no idea
what was happening in there.
- They set me up.
- Save it, Claudia.
We got you
on conspiracy to commit murder.
I have no idea what you mean.
Your father's murder and the
attempted murder of your brother.
My brother fucking set this up?
He set me up?
[DIFRANCO] Get in the fucking van.
- [OFFICER] Move it.

[STACY] Whoa, whoa.
Where's Egan? Where the fuck is Egan?
Listen, this may not be the moment
to be fixated on Egan.
We just lost another one of our own.
I am highly fucking aware of that.
I'm also highly fucking aware
that we did not accomplish the goal!
Stacy, why don't you just try
to enjoy this win?
If not for yourself,
do it for Rankin and Vargas.
Hey, don't fucking tell me
what to enjoy!
We set out to do a job
that we did not accomplish.
We got Mirkovic, Claudia,
and the Marquez Cartel!
My standards are fucking higher!
I wanna know
where Tommy fucking Egan is!
I don't have time for games.
What the fuck is this about?
We getting shit done.
Explain yourself. Enough bullshit.
I'm about to. You just watch this, Ché.
It's gonna explain everything for me.

I thought I warned you
not to target the Serbs.
You've risked a war between the
Marquez and Estrada Cartels.
CBI fingerprints ain't on this.
And yours ain't neither,
or the Estrada Cartel's.
The Serbs were the Marquez Cartel's
only customers in Chicago.
Now that they off the board,
Estrada is the city's only supplier.
Miguel been beefing with
the Serbs since I got here.
The only reason
that you ain't losing money
is because CBI been busy
building up this coalition right here.
We got half of Chicago's organizations
all under one roof.
We've been doing Miguel's job for him.
If you put Diamond and me
in charge of the distribution
that Miguel and Mirkovic used to run
Ché, I can only promise you,
you will not regret that.
Miguel will continue to be
the Estrada's pipeline.
Now with the Serbs off the picture,
he'll fall in line.
But I'm happy to appoint CBI
as the Serbs' successors.
- Sound good to me.
We gonna make you a lot of money.
- Now, I like the sound of that.
- I like the sound of that, too.
Hey, Jenard, get Ché another drink.
I got it.
No, it's cool.
I got it.

You take care of Vic?
I sure fucking did.

Diamond, Tommy

I'm setting up a meeting
between you and Miguel.
Gracias, jefe.
Thank you.

- This should be interesting.
- Very.


He fucking got away.
Egan played us, and Vic did, too.
[DIFRANCO] We got major cartel players,
just like you promised.
- The DOJ will be happy.
It's a huge win for you.
It's a huge win for Egan.
He made me look like a goddamn amateur.
You should have listened to me, Stacy.
I told you something was off
about this, right?
And for Christ's sakes,
I didn't only lose a detective.
I lost a friend.
Can you acknowledge that?
Rankin would still be alive
if you'd let me arrest Egan
when I wanted to.
Are you fucking kidding me?

You're gonna be a fantastic politician.
[CHÉ] Tommy and Diamond have succeeded
where you failed, Miguel.
They took the Serbs off the board.
Now that part of the board is theirs.
CBI and Insane Princes
need to play nice.
Now a little healthy competition
is good for my business.
But there will be
no more retaliatory bullshit
like you did with the Serbs, Miguel.
I expect things to run smoothly
from now on
and for everyone to behave as gentlemen.

Why didn't you bring your boy Naci?
He was the first person
to ever call me guero.
I like him. Where he at?
He couldn't make it.
Sorry to hear that.


[CLAUDIA] We need to find out
who did this to us.
I'm sure my brother and Tommy
are in on the setup.
[SHANTI] I told you I know
a winner when I see one.
What the fuck are you talking about?
You better watch
how you speak to me, Claudia,
'cause from where I'm sitting,
you the one who needs me.
Are you gonna play me?
Were you in on this from the start?
Answer me.
[TOMMY] Hey, Claudia.

I got a very special gift
for you from Liliana.
Fancy-ass bitch.


Good work, cousin.
Hate to say it, but you a real one.
I'm all-in with you now.
Appreciate that,
but we gonna have to play
like we still beefing
in the streets a little longer.
I thought that was 'cause of Claudia?
- Bitch is dead.
- [TOMMY] Yeah.
But I got one more piece
for you to play.
[SHANTI] Okay, tell me, what's up?
- Yo, JP?
We making you some money
tonight at the bridge.
Ma, what the fuck?
Jesus Christ, did you do all that coke?

Tommy, please help me.

[JP] Is that you, Tommy?
Oh, my God. What the hell is going on?
Tommy, what are you doing?
What are you just standing there for?
Kate? Kate? Kate, what did you do?
Tommy, call 911!

[SHANTI] This motherfucking
Serb ain't ready for this.

Feel good in that motherfucker,
don't it?
Get your motherfucking ass
out of my car, nigga.
[SHANTI] No. You don't want to do that.
That fake-ass Versace shirt on.
Slap the shit out your ugly ass.
Yeah, baby.
Yeah, what'd I tell you
'bout them red guts?
Rub that shit, girl. Rub the leather.
I was just doing my job.
There is no need for violence.
Oh. Well, in that case
Shut the fuck up.
- Stupid-ass nigga.
Bitch ass

Excuse me.
Excuse me, excu excuse me. Excuse me.
Did you just see a Black guy
come in here about my size
with a white lady,
maybe early 60s, red hair?
They would have been
in the same ambulance.
Uh, they're in the ICU down the hall.
[TOMMY] Oh, thank you so much.
Oh, and, uh, also, can you please tell
Mireya Garcia that we're here?
- She come meet us? She a nurse.
- Mireya didn't come in tonight.

[RECORDING] Your call has been forwarded
to an automatic voice-message system.
- Hey, babe.
Uh, yeah, you didn't come
into work today.
This went straight to your voice mail.
Listen, my mother is
in the hospital, and I, uh

She might not make it, so, uh,
could you just give me a call back?

How's she doing?
She okay?
She almost died.
And it's your fault.
She came to the house upset
after a fight with you.
All she wanted to do was tell you
that she was gonna be better.
You know, work the steps.
And you just gave her more drugs.
What are these for?
That's the keys to the bar.
I'm done with it.
You can keep running game through there.
I don't want anything to do with it
or you.
You know, Herman was right, man,
he told me not to mess with you.
He said you would
only complicate my life.
I said, "Nah, Tommy's my brother."
You're not my brother.

Just stay the fuck away from us.
Everything and everyone
that you touch, you ruin.

- We did it.
CBI runs the city.
It's open bar all night tonight,
'cause y'all deserve that shit.
We got a lot to celebrate.
And we couldn't have done it
without each and every one of y'all.
- [PERSON 1] Yeah!
- [PERSON 2] Let's go.
- [DIAMOND] CBI for life.
Now the only thing we got left
to do is take out Miguel.
I thought you was gonna push
back harder with Ché today.
Eh, the best way
to take something from somebody
is make him want to give it to you.
I'm slowing my roll,
just like you wanted.
Bones and Raheem,
they still not back yet.
Man, you think something is up?
I mean, how long does it take
to dump a body?
[TOMMY] They ain't dumping a body.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Hey, come on, man,
shouldn't we be at the meet?
Damn, boy, didn't I tell
your ass already?
Some shit went sideways.
The order is to wait here.
We've been waiting for fucking hours.
Ché didn't want the money and product
coming through one place.
Like he said, some shit
went down with the spot.
Now shut the fuck up, man.
That's all we know.
Get out of my face.


[STACY] You fucking played me.
[WHISPERING] What are you talking about?
I don't know what the fuck is going on.
- Don't bullshit me, Vic.
- [VIC] I'm not.
Tommy dropped me at this warehouse
with some of the guys from CBI.
He told me to lay low.
I've been waiting for
the all-clear that you got him.
Well, I didn't fucking get him, okay?
We went to the address
that Tommy told you,
and he wasn't there.
Oh, okay, some shit went down.
He had to change locations.
[STACY] No, he didn't change
locations, okay?
It was a setup. We got the Serbs.
And we got your fucking sister.
And we both know that's who
you really wanted us
to arrest anyway.
I had nothing to do with this.

Fuck, you know what this means, right?
Tommy fucking made me.
He must have known the bug
was there the whole time.
You mean you really didn't know?
Why the fuck do you think
I took your call?

- I'm a dead man.
- [STACY] Stay put, Vic.
We're on our way.

We need officers now.
We need to get to Vic Flynn
before they fucking kill him!
Man, the plan was to kill Vic.
What you keeping loose ends around for?
You ever have an informant
inside the FBI?
That shit seemed to me
like it could be real useful.
Vic is gonna know
that you made him, man.
I'm planning on that, and then
I'm gonna flip the script
on all them motherfuckers.
I want Vic sweating bullets
until I switch things up.
Diamond, we own him.
Let's play this right.
Tommy, I can't play it any kind of way
if I don't know
what the fuck is going on.
As soon as we agree upon a plan,
you go up and you do something crazier.
It's almost like,
you know, you gotta stay
one step ahead of me, calling the shots.
If I see an opportunity, I'ma take it.
You really think you'd be
a connect right now without me?
Nah. I don't.
But without me backing you up,
you'll be dead.
You just gonna have to trust me.
I just made the biggest deal
in CBI history.
You know, you might want to stop
busting my balls a little bit, a'ight?
Well, while I'm thinking about that,
just understand
that we just closed that deal,
me and you.
So don't forget that shit, man.
It's not always about you, Tommy.

Shit, babe, we on top of the world.
Now that CBI's the connect,
there's so much more for us to take.
white boy eating out my hands.
[JENARD] Yeah, well
his ass ain't gonna be here
that much longer.
[JENARD] Yeah, man, shit feel good.
Miguel don't know it was us
that sent this, right?
Oh, hell, nah. Nigga ain't got a clue.
Babe, our fingerprints
ain't nowhere on this shit.
We good.
We good, babe.
[SHANTI] Miguel gonna take
Tommy out for us.
Oh, hell, yeah. That's the plan.
All we gotta do is sit back,
grab some popcorn,
and watch the motherfucking show.
[CHUCKLES] I love when you get
to talking like that, girl.
I love you, girl.
- Love you, too.
- Mm.
Hey, babe.
Where you been?
I been looking for you all day.
[MIGUEL] Barcelona, eh, Tommy?
[TOMMY] Miguel.
If you fucking hurt her
Listen, we're competitors now.
Ché's made that very clear.
But I just want you to know
that I always play by the rules.
But you're never gonna see Mireya again.
[TOMMY] Where the fuck is she, Miguel?

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