Power Rangers s01e01 Episode Script

Day of the Dumpster

Ah! After 10,000 years, I'm free.
It's time to conquer earth.
Alpha, Rita's escaped.
Recruit a team of teenages with attitudes.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # - Hey, look at that.
- Let's go.
- What do you think it is? - It looks like a giant space dumpster.
Let's open her up.
- What's that? - Who cares? Let's get out of here! ( cackling ) All right! We're out! Rita, wake up, wake up.
We're free! - Ahh! - Oh-uh.
Morning breath.
Let me get you a mint.
Oh, it's good to be free after 10,000 years.
Here, your Evilness, let me help you.
Ohh, you made me in a puddle you little.
- Get out of my way, monkey face! - Ahh! Ha ha ha ha! Don't leave.
You'll miss my coming out party.
That's when I destroy the nearest planet.
( sinister laughter ) WOMAN: # Angel Grove Radio # D.
: It's a stupendous saturday in Angel Grove.
And a big hello goes out to Ernie and the kids at Angel Grove Youth Center Gym - and Juice Bar.
- Keep those fruit shakes flowing, Ernie.
( hip-hop music playing ) Ha ha.
- Nice recovery, Zack.
- Thanks for teaching me, Jason.
JASON: No problem.
( clapping hands ) That was awesome, Kimberly.
Thanks, Trini.
- Hey, fellas.
- Yo, Billy, what's up? Well, I think I'm mentally and physically prepared for my first karate class.
- Oh, no.
Look who's here.
- KIMBERLY: Bulk and Skull.
Hi, girls.
about that double date we talked about Yeah.
Ha ha ha! What about it? Sorry, guys.
What's the matter? We're not good enough for you? - Leave us alone, Bulk.
- Oh, yeah? Make me.
Make me.
- Him.
make him.
- Hey, you heard what she said.
Oh, what do you know? The dancer wants to be a fighter.
It's OK, Zack.
We can handle these 2.
- Oh, really? - Let's show 'em some karate move, Skull.
- Hyah! - Whoa! Oh! ( kids laughing ) You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class.
Oop! - Ah ha ha.
Yes, I like it.
- Whew.
Finster, start making Putty Patrollers.
- Yes, my queen.
- I'll lead them down and make the earth yours, Empress.
Ha! And one 2 block, 3 punch, 4 and continue.
( speaking japanese ) Look, try this.
- I'm just not good at this.
- Billy, don't worry.
I mean, even I was a beginner once.
( speaking japanese ) All right, class, what is it that Martial Arts helps us to develop? - Billy? - Courage, kindness, intergrity, fitness, - loyalty, and discipline.
- That's good.
You memorized that very quickly, Billy.
BULK: Hey! Geek! Heh heh heh heh.
Teach us how to beat people up.
Yeah! Qwaah! Wah wah wah waah! Raaah! Martial Arts was not developed to hurt others.
We did not sign up for a geeky karate class.
OK, Bulk.
Maybe you're ready for some more advanced training techniques.
- Oh.
- Try this.
Side kick.
( Bulk shouts ) Anything you can do, I can do better, baby.
Waaaeeeyah! Tornado kick.
Waaaeeeyah! Ooh! ( kids laughing ) Class dismissed.
JASON: Billy, I'm telling you, for your first lesson, you did really well.
- I did? - Yeah.
We were watching you.
I don't know if I've got what it takes.
It's all a state of mind, Billy.
You don't need to be strong for Martial Arts.
- Yeah, man, it's all up here.
- ERNIE: Hey, guys.
- TRINI: Hey, Ernie.
- Who ordered the spinach juice? Oh, no! It's an earthquake! Everybody stay calm! ERNIE: Sorry, Bulk.
( screaming ) - ZACK: Aw, man! - KIM: Oh! Something tells me this is no earthquake.
Danger! Danger! It's the big one! I know it! - We'll all be destroyed! - Calm down, Alpha.
It's Rita.
She's escaped, and she's attacking the planet.
Ay yi yi! What do we do? Teleport to us 5 overbearing and overemotional humans.
- No, not, that not teenagers! - That's correct, Alpha.
I was afraid of that.
Oh, my gosh! What happening? - This is too weird.
- Hold on! Whoa! Isn't exactly the mall, is it? This place is magnificment.
JASON: I don't get it.
How'd we end up here? I just wanna know where "here" is.
Well, maybe the answer's in these controls.
No! No, don't touch that! Whoa! BILLY: Wow.
A fully sentient, multifunctional automation.
Never seen anything like it.
Welcome, humans.
KIM: Uh-oh.
So who are you? Like, what are you? I am Zordon, an interdimensional being caught in a time warp.
And my name is Alpha-5.
Excuse me, but will, like, somebody come back to earth and pick me up? - Because I am totally confused.
- It's quite simple, my dear.
This planet is under attack, and I have brought you here to save it.
- Oh, Yeah.
- Ah.
A nonbeliever.
Look behind you at the Viewing Globe.
Your doubts will be answered in the images you see.
This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic sorceress who is bent on controlling the universe.
With her henchmen and Putty Patrollers, she's plans to conquer earth.
What does all of this have to do with us? You've been chosen to form an elite team to battle Rita.
Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs? Behold, the key to your power.
- Whoa.
What are these? - Those are your Power Morphins.
When in danger, raise them to the sky calling the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into a fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers.
- Morph? - Metamorphosis.
- That means "to change.
" - As Power Rangers, You will have access to a universe of power and will command a fleet of fighting force machines called "Zords.
" I don't get it.
Jason, bold and powerful, you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.
Zachary, you are clever and brave.
You shall command the Mastodon Dinozord.
Kimberly, graceful and small, the Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours.
Billy, patient and wise, you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord.
Trini, fearless and agile, the Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord - will be under your command.
- Observe the Viewing Globe.
Just as the 5 of you work together, so do your zords.
When you need help, you need only to turn to the Power of the Dinozords, which will come together to form the Mighty Megazord.
Power Morphers? Megazords? Uh-uh.
This is just too weird for me.
I tell you what, - it's been real, but I gotta go.
- Yeah.
See ya.
- ZACK: Y'all coming? Jason? - What? - ZACK: Let's go, man.
- Yeah.
Very well, then.
Let the Power protect you.
Well, now that didn't go very well, did it? Ay yi yi.
KIM: Great.
He could've sent us back into town.
Zordon, I'm surprise.
Teenagers? So you think you can stop me, do you? Finster, hurry up with those Putty Patrollers! Yes, youe evil badness.
I'm holding the last ones now.
Those Putties will make space dust out of those kids.
FINSTER: And the beauty is if they don't, we can always make more.
Now, into the monster-matic they go.
( steam whistle blowing ) Now, my Putties, prepare to get those teenagers! Ha ha ha ha ha! Guys, we shouldn't have left.
I mean, he chose us to save the world.
I say we do it.
Do you really think we can? Hey, guys.
I mean, you don't even know what you're talking about.
We were talking to a giant floating head.
Those stupid teenagers don't know who they're messing with! Ah! Get the Putties! It's time.
- Ha ha! - All right.
Take that! Bah! - Everybody down! - What was that? Hey.
What-- Look out! Aah! Let go of me! - Right.
- These 2 are mine.
Wait! Whoa! Whoa! Uhh! Oh! Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! ( warbling ) - This day is too weird.
- What do we do now? Zordon said these Power Morphins would give us power.
Let's do it.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceraptops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - Power Rangers! - Zordon, they've done it! They made the metamorphosis! Good.
Teleport them to Angel Grove City.
- Rita just sent down Goldar.
- Right away, Zordon.
- We're teleporting again.
- Where are we going? We're gonna save the world.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # - All right.
Let's do it! - Hyah! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin Power Rangers # Finster, those stupid Putties are getting beaten by a bunch of pimple-faced nitwits! They're pathetic! How about making Goldar big with your wand? Oh, I always have to do everything myself! - Finster, I'll deal with your later! - Oh, dear.
Magic wand make my Goldar grow! Aah! Aah! - ZACK: Cool it, man! - Ha ha ha ha! - Look at him.
That dude's huge.
- Ah ha ha! - Back off, fang face.
- The good guys are here.
- Get off our planet.
- Because we're the Power Rangers.
- And we're not backing down.
Hyah! - Aah! Dinozord Power! ( Roaring ) ( Trumpets ) ( Roars ) I'll get him.
All right! Log on.
- Let's go it.
- Going up.
- Zack here.
This is kickin'.
- This is Billy.
All systems go.
- Trini here.
Ready to rock.
- Hey, nice stereo.
- Aah! - Megazord power on.
Trini here.
This is amazing.
I seen to know how to drive this thing.
Hey, I do, too.
It's almost like second nature to me.
- All right, guys, let's go get them.
- ALL: Right! ALL: Aah! You and your weapons are no match for me.
All right, guys, let's see what this baby can do.
- Yeah! Zap him again.
- Aah! Power on.
Let's send this guy back where the came from.
- BOTH: Right! - BOTH: Right! All right, guys, power it up.
Activating Megazord Battle Mode.
COMPUTER: Megazord sequence activated and initiated.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # COMPUTER: Megazord Activated.
Aah! Aah! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # Aah! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # Jason, that blow didn't even phase him.
Man! - Aah! - He's coming at us.
- Aah! - ALL: Aah! - Aah! - Look out.
Aah! Aah! Aah! - ALL: Uhh! - You fools are dead.
Power Sword.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # Ah, this isn't over.
I'll be back.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # - We did it! - I can't believe they beat us! This is all your fault.
You should've helped.
- Goldar, you failed.
- It won't happen again, Empress.
Shut up.
I've got a headache.
- It was amazing.
- I couldn't believe it.
ZORDON: Congratulations on a job well-done.
Now that you've become Power Rangers, you must follow 3 basic rules or lost the protection of the power.
First, never use your power for personal gain, second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you, and finally, keep your identity secret.
No one may know you are a Power Rangers.
- Uh, wait a second.
- Yes? What is it? I'm not sure we're all up to this.
I mean we were pretty lucky this time.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
The 5 of you have come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as there has ever been.
- No way.
Really? - You've been through an extraordinary experience together.
You need each other now, - and the world needs you.
- Yeah.
All right, I'm in.
- Me, too.
- Count on me.
- Affirmative.
- I don't know, you guys.
I mean, the outfits are cool and everything, but my hair gets all tangled up inside the helmets.
- I don't think I can do it.
- Oh, no.
- Kimberly, no.
- Not! - KIM: Ha ha! Got you.
- Circuit overload.
Circuit overload.
I-- I-- I-- I-- I-- I-- Don't blow a fuse.
I was just kidding.
- I-- I-- Oh, humor-- what a concept.
- Aw.
Let's do it.
ALL: Power Rangers! Captioned by Grantman Brown