Power Rangers s01e02 Episode Script

Food Fight

Ah! After 10,000 years, I'm free.
It's time to conquer earth.
Alpha, Rita's escaped.
Recruit a team of teenages with attitudes.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # OK, Jase, let's see you do it.
Time to go up and up.
Come on, Jason, you can do it.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Keep going.
- Come on, Jason.
- Jason.
Jason, be careful.
If you slip, you could really hurt yourself.
Yo, man, back off.
You're going to make him nervous.
Nervous? Man, I never get nervous Aah! When I climb.
You should be.
Guys, I'm going to be over there.
- At least it's down to earth.
- You should give it a try.
Are you kidding? Uh-uh.
You'll never catch me climbing anything that high.
See you.
Looks like somebody's got a case of height fright.
ZACK: Yo, Billy, my main brain.
What's up? Hey.
Well, actually, I do have some exciting news to disseminate.
See, I've made a significent break through-- - JASON: Billy, head up! - ( Billy yelling ) ( laughter ) ZACK: Aw, that was great.
That was great.
Maybe y'all should try out for the circus.
- Huh.
- The circus don't take geek clowns.
- Geek clown-- that's great.
- That is so funny.
Why don't you guys just crawl back to the ooze you came from? Oh, that's funny.
Especially coming from a friend of the monkey man here.
Yeah? At least I can make it all the way to the top.
hey, hey, hey, hey, are you saying that Bulk can't do it? ( Bulk laughs ) Yeah, that's what you're saying, all right.
BULK: Step aside and let me show you how it's done.
KIM: Are you sure you know how to work this thing? Well, what do you think I am, stupid? Well, you know what they say-- If the rope fits, climb it.
( laughs ) - KIM: Good.
- Hey, Bulky, I though you were going up.
- ( spits ) - ( spits ) - Raah! - ( laughter ) ( cracking sound ) ( coughs ) Oh, yeah, Bulk, you really showed us this time, didn't you? SKULL: Yeah.
Showed them.
RITA: Ha ha ha ha ha! Those Power Rangers are going to wish they never tangled with me.
I'll trap them in a time warp the same way I did Zordon, and when I'm through, the world is going to be mine.
Ah ha ha ha ha! BILLY: See, I, Uh-- I finally completed a narrow beam transmission module that will allow wave function over an extended interval.
Well? Aren't you all excited? Well, I will be as soon as I figure out what you just said.
He's created a communication device using microwaves.
BILLY: Affirmative.
See? We now have connection to Zordon and Alpha and the Command Center.
This is morphenomenal.
They respond to tactile pressure followed by auditory stimulus.
So what you're saying is that we just touch and talk - Like this.
- ( beep ) Hmm.
The neutrino power grade must've cross-molecular-- Uh-oh.
ALL: Whoa! - KIM: Hey.
- Hey, guys.
It appears my communicators malfunctioned.
Welcome, homeboys, homegirls.
- What brings you to the hood? - Too much TV.
( laughter ) ZORDON: I command your latest invention, Billy.
Not only have you created a communicator, but you've also tapped into the Command Center's teleportation unit.
With proper adjustments, it will allow to teleport here in an emergency.
But until Alpha can reprogram it, it will serve as a 2-way communication link between the Command Center and each other from wherever you are.
Hmm, this is easy.
I just have to reflux the-- Uh-oh.
No! No, no, stop! No, no! Oh! I-I-I-I-I-I! Oh, oh, oh! Hey! Oh, no! Oh! Aah! Aah! No, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, Baboo, is the time device ready, or have you messed it up? I mean, I managed to get it ready, Even though this lunkhead slowed me down.
- Now, that looks OK.
- It's all programed.
It'll fly down to earth and wherever it lands, it'll open up a hole in time.
Finster's monster will trap them in the hole, and they're be gone forever.
RITA: Finster! The time device is ready.
It's time to pick a monster.
The babies.
Which one of the delightfully hideous creatures are we using? Ha ha ha ha ha! Cootchy, cootchy, coo.
Ah, none, my queen.
I'm making a new one named Bones.
- I'm sure he'll be perfect.
- RITA: He'd better be.
He's so gruesome and ugly-- Just what I wanted.
Thank you, my queen.
I'll set the monstermat for full power.
Ah! The Power Rangers will be helpless against him.
( whistle blowing ) What's taking so long? He's going to be overcooked.
- Hey-- ooh! - ( laughs ) I am Bones-- at your service.
perheps I should've set the machine of low.
All right, salad brains, it's time to launch the time device, and I don't want any mistakes.
- I want the Power Rangers gone.
- So you want me to launch it? - Yes! - Of course, my queen.
I just got to pull this lever.
Oh, boy, I hope he knows what he's doing.
Ready fire.
( laughter ) Ooh.
Where is that thing? I can't wait to trap those Power geeks in my time warp.
There it is.
( yelling ) WOMAN: Oh, my god! WOMAN: Oh! No way! ( horns honking ) - Yay! - Ha ha! - Whoo-hoo! - Hooray! - Whoa! - Aah! MAN: Look out! - Extreme audio oscillation.
- What does it indicate? - JASON: What is this? - ZACK: What's the noise? ZORDON: It's Rita.
She sent a device to open a time trap, and the Putty Patrol is gathering outside of town.
Find out what they are up to while I analyze the time device.
JASON: We're out of here.
( Putty Patrol chattering ) I don't get it.
What are they doing out here? I don't know, but we better stay here and keep an eye on them.
Um, I don't believe that's a viable option.
ZACK: What are you talking about? This is perfect camouflage.
- It was, about 10 seconds ago.
- Guys, we got to morph.
Zordon said to take care of things on our own before we use our powers.
Come on.
BILLY: Uh Uh-oh.
JASON: Billy, Trini, pull some away and spread them out.
- BILLY: Let's split up.
- BILLY: You go that way.
- TRINI: Right.
( gasps ) Billy! Billy, come back! You'll fall! Billy, you're too high! Whoa! - Alpha.
- I'm afraid but I can do this.
Billy needs me.
My Power Morpher.
( gasps ) ( echoes ) Help! - BILLY: Help! - ( sighs ) I can't do it but I have to.
( Putty Patrol chattering ) ZACK: Back off! Uhh! Hey, dirt bag! Leave him alone.
Come on.
- Aah! - ( crash ) That was truly morphitudinous, Trini.
Thanks, Billy.
What about them? They're in trouble.
We've got ot get down there and help them.
Let's go.
- KIM: Hey! Uhh! - Aah! Uhh! Aah! JASON: Form a human chanin now! - Zack.
- Ready.
- Locked on.
- Go.
Let's do it.
Ha! All right, Bones, go do your stuff.
ZORDAN: Congratulations, Power Rangers.
You've done a superb job dealing with the Putties.
And special congratulations to you, Trini, for overcoming your fear in the face of an emergency.
- ( alarm sounds ) - Hold your positions, everyone.
Our scanners have picked up a new threat.
Rita has sent a creature named Bones down to the amusement park.
He can fire energy bolts out of his eyes and jump long distances and even make himself disappear.
He probably controls the time device as well, so get moving, Power Rangers.
It's Morphin' Time.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannonsaurus! - Uhh! - Eee! - Aah! - Hi-yaah! - Hi-yaah! - Hi-yaah! ALL: Power Rangers! Here, let me help you, get ahead.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha! - JASON: Whoa! - Into the time warp, all of you.
ALL: Whoa! - JASON: Uhh! - BONES: Ha ha ha ha ha! BOTH: Ouch! ZACK: This is weird, man.
KIM: How strange.
- Man, what is this place? Look out! - ALL: Aah! - JASON: Blade Blasters up.
- ALL: Hi-yaah! Heh heh heh! Wowee! - Aah! - This ought to do it.
- Oh, this place is weird.
- Oh, boy.
Heh heh! - KIM: Hi-yaah! Haah! - SQUATT: Now to blow up the time devive - and trap them here.
- Come on, Squatt, hurry up.
You did bring the matches, didn't you? - I told you not to forget them.
- Oh, let me see that.
Right there.
Oh, now just hold it steady, so I can light it.
Oh, boy.
Now we're going to get it.
Ohh! Yay! Jason, look.
- Aah! Stop! - Aah! ALL: Whoa! Aah! Aah! Come on, let's blast him.
- All right! - Yeah! ( laughs ) We need to destroy his head.
Uhh! - Trini, catch.
- Uhh! Look out! - ( screaming ) - Yaah! Yaah! Yaah! Yaah! - So long, bonehead.
- Aah! RITA: I'm not through yet.
Moon dust, soft and planet, send to earth a giant.
( laughs ) Aah! - Yay! - Yippee! ZACK: Hey, Jason! - BOTH: Whoa! - Put me down, you big ox! Let's get out of here! ALL: Aah! - Uhh! - Uhh! Aah! BILLY: Whoa! Uhh! Aah! Man, I've had about enough of you.
Let me go! - ( strains ) - Aah! Whoa! ALL: Aah! Zordon, we need Dinozord Power now! ( roaring ) All right.
Now, that's what I call power.
Let's kick some giant.
Hi-yaah! Aah! Morphin! Dinozord power on.
Aah! Aah! ( roars ) Ohh! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # How am I doing, Zack? # Go, Go, Power Rangers # Morphenomenal! Yeah.
# Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # - Aah! - Time to chill this dude out.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # ( roaring ) # Go, Go, Power Rangers # Aah! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # - JASON: Yeah! - Uhh! Oh, I've got such a headache.
Somebody bring me an aspirin! Yeah, I'm telling you, I heard it on the radio.
from this zombie guy, and they call themselves the Power Rangers.
- ( laughs ) - Uh, speaking of which, our communicators are fully functional again, thanks to Zordon and Alpha.
So, like, we can teleport and communicate to the Command Center? - Affirmative.
- Oh, this is so nineties.
Ha ha ha! Oh, Trini, I really wanted to express my gratitude in helping me out today.
The way you climbed those rocks was morphenomenal.
I guess what they say is true-- You really don't know what you can do until you're forced to do it.
I hope I can be that confident the next time.
BOTH: Aah! ZACK: Aah! Girl, looks like you've definitely overcame your fear of heights.
( laughter ) TRINI: Zack.
Captioned by Grantman Brown