Power Rangers s01e05 Episode Script

A Pressing Engagement

And turn.
Cool! And one more time and turn.
How's everyone feeling? Cheering.
Huh, can't hear you? Cheering.
I still can't hear you.
And turn.
How's everyone doing.
Billy, let me let you in on a little secret.
This is not the way to meet girls.
Ohh! I hate all that kid music.
Music? Alright, I'm going to get back at the power brats with music.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Billy, what happened? Are you okay? Oh! Oh! Oh! My main brain, what's up? Well, I didn't shoot by the rhythmic modulation yet, daunted by the co-ordinating movements of the appendages.
The what? He can't dance.
Right, okay, spin.
And step, and spin.
Hey, you almost knocked me over.
You guys, take a break for a see, okay.
What happened? You didn't step sideways and back right.
I'm sorry, I forget to sign the moves, my fault.
You think it was your fault because your different.
Your a very good dancer.
And even hearing people make mistakes.
Music to get the Power Rangers? Sounds a bit risky.
Finster! Oh, Finster! Yes, oh, Nasty One.
I'm working on a marvelous monster that eats cars and smells like a fish.
Never mind that, make me musical monster that will mesmorise those pathetic Power Rangers and bring them to their kneos, like the Pied Piper only meaner.
Oh, my Queen, that idea is absolute brillance, but musical monsters aren't very reliable, wouldn't you rather have a nice hedgehog monster? Noooo! Either I get my monster or I will turn you into a slug.
Okay, everyone.
Let's do one more song and that's it for today.
I'm sorry.
Alright is everybody ready.
And left, and right, and left.
Look at all the little ballerina's.
Spin and turn.
Not even ballerina's, it's not hard, it's too easy.
You think so, huh? I'd like to see you try it.
One, two, three.
Can you get with these? Or those steps? No problem! Yo, Zack! Piece of cake.
Come here.
Check this out.
Piece of cake.
You can have it, I wasn't hungry anyway.
Okay, that was a great class! We better go, or we'e going to miss the movie.
You better bail fast because nobody tricks me.
Really, it looks like somebody did.
Well, do you have my monster yet? The waiting is putting a strain on my natural beauty.
Yes, I call it the nardy na, he's a wonderfully ugly creature that play's a hypnotic chord.
The plan is to hypnotise a few kids and hold them.
When the Power Rangers show up to resuce them, we'll put them in your power.
Let's get them! This time it had better work, Finster.
Whoa! What a trip.
now! I've got to get this thing to work right.
Just wind it up a bit.
Want to go down to the mall? I heard they're having a really big sale.
Hey, you guys.
Let's go! See you later, Ernie.
Yeah, see you on the flip side.
See ya.
Mind if we stop off home first? I got to tell my mom.
Ha ha ha! Come with me, my pretty's, Rita wants to play.
Come on! You can't resist and neither will the Power Rangers.
Once the Power Rangers hear my magic turn, they'll be totally in my powers, so come my beauties, come and dance and seal the Power Rangers fate.
Follow me.
Follow me.
Rita's waiting.
It seems like she wants something.
Do you understand sign language? No, I don't.
What? What? Help, my friends are in danger.
Come on! We're going to get your friends, we're going to help you.
Okay? Dance, everyone.
Let's celebrate our coming victory, dance for me my beauties for tomorrow you dance for Empress Rita, after we finish off the Power Rangers.
Food, bring me food.
I grow hungry.
Gets a bit, bossy, doesn't he? I just hope this plan works.
Forget the plan, this is a great party.
Dance with the girls, Putties, I want to see a show.
Your dancing with Putties now, but soon you'll be dancing with Power Rangers.
Hey, where's the food? It's cooking, just back off bucko.
I just have to add my secret ingrediant and presto.
I'm so hungry I could eat a bug.
Hey! What a great idea! I was saving this for a special occassion but too bad.
Oh, yeah! That hit the spot.
Now it's time for a snooze.
They should be ready.
There's the hostages, but where's everyone else? Sleeping on the job, I suppose.
I just hate the pathetic pin heads.
Get up! Who told you, you could rest.
The Power Rangers could be there any minute, are you dumbies! Ready? I ought to turn you all into slime.
so get to work, now! Wait a second.
you're not getting out that easy.
Yeah, yeah! Keep your wigs on.
- Hurry! - Hurry! Don't worry, I've got it all under control.
I smell Power Rangers coming.
Someone tie my shoes.
They're all yours.
We're out of here! They're in there? Okay, I want you to hide here and wait for me.
Go behind the bushes, hurry.
Alright, guys.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Power Rangers! Alright, release the girls.
Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! Ready? Uh-oh.
Think you beat him? We'll see about that.
I call on the power of the mighty Dinozord.
- Let's do it! - Right! - Rangers, log on! - Zack here, all systems go! - This is Billy, I'm nominal! - Trini, ready to rock! I just love this part! Let's show him some Megazord Power.
Power up your crystal, we're going to tank mode.
- Power up! - Right, sinc up! Right! I feel a resuce coming on.
Switching to battle mode, now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Listen to my music, fall into my power.
Oh, man! Power up the Megazord.
Strike three, you're out! - Yes! - Right! Totaly cool! Alright, Power Rangers.
Let's go down and get the girls out of the cave and take them home.
You should have seen the Power Rangers.
Kimberly, they were great! So like what happened? Melissa ran for help, it was totaly magic monster hypnotised you and trapped you in the cave.
So, without her and the Power Rangers.
We could have been trapped forever.
Hey, we owe you, big time.
- Thank you! - Yeah! Hey! Let's go and get ice-cream.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Why can't I depend on, you dweeb? This is all your fault.
And yours too, you overgrown blueberry! Why do I keep these fools? I've got to be totaly nuts.
Hey, kids.
Soda's on the house.
- Right! - Yeah! And to the guest of honour.
- To Melissa.
- Right, Melissa.
What? What? You just told her your dog smells.
Ha ha! Good one.
What did she say? She wants to know if you want to damce.
- No.
- Yeah.
Billy, go, Billy.
You know, Zack.
When you do it right, Sign Language is not that hard to learn.
Yeah, man, it's a whole new world of rapping.
There's a lot we can learn from Melissa.
You know, I used to think Melissa's pretty happy in school, then she saved her friends, and now She's a miracle worker.
Captioned by Grantman Brown